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MKA Thornton Heath NewsletterIssue 1 November 2012“We will only derive the beneficence ofbeing a part of the Ummah when we willtry to walk in the footsteps of the HolyProphet (peace and blessings of Allah beon him). He made it very clear that God’snearness and love cannot be attained byfollowing steps which he did not practice”Hazurs’s (atba) Friday SermonAugust 2012Inside this IssueThe Holy QuranHadithWritings of the Promised Messiah (as)Summary of the Friday SermonRegional ActivitiesLocal ActivitiesPrayer times at Baitus SubhanFajr 06:30Zuhr 13:30Asr 13:30Maghrib 16:30Ishaa 19:30Contacts and FeedbackRegional Nazim Ishaat:Farhan Rashid Majlis:Azhar further details

The Holy Qur’anBut as for those who believe and do good works and believe in that which has been revealedto Muhammad — and it is the truth from their Lord — He removes from them their sins andimproves their condition.(Ch. 47:V.3)HadithAyesha (ra) states:“The Holy Prophet (saw) never beat anyone - neither a woman nor aservant - although he fought in the cause of Allah. If he was ever harmedby anyone, he would not avenge himself. But whenever a sacred place ofAllah was desecrated, he would take revenge for the sake of Allah”.(Muslim)Writings of The Promised Messiah asThe sublime light which was bestowed on man i.e., the mostperfect among them, was not shared by angels nor by stars;nor was it in the moon, nor in the sun, or in the oceans andthe rivers. It was not to be found in rubies or emeralds, nor insapphires, nor in pearls: It was not in any earthly or heavenlyobjects. It was possessed only by the perfect man, menifested inthe most consummate way in the person of our lord and master,Muhammad, the chosen one, the chief of all the prohets, leader ofthose who live (in the sight of Allah). So, that light was bestowedon that man and likewise, to a degree, on all in their several wayswere similiar to him...Sublime grace was possessed in its mostperfect and consummate manifestation by our lord and master,the unletted Prophet, the truthful one, the one whose truth istestified to, Muhammad, the chosen one, peace be on him.(Ayena Kamalat-e-Islam: Roohani Khaza’in, Vol.5, pp.160-162)2

Summary of Friday Sermon16 November 2012, Baitul FutuhExemplary Servants of Islam AhmadiyyatHowever, those who make endeavouring in the cause of God their everything andare ever engaged in paying the dues of God and the dues of mankind to the bestof their abilities, whose objective and goal is the heightening and publication ofthe religion of God and whose standards of high morals are acknowledged by allare the people about whom God and His Messenger(saw) has said that Paradisebecomes binding for them. The glad-tiding of Paradise is also given to those whogive their lives for faith and attain the status of martyrdom.Today it is only the people of the community of the Muhammadan Messiah whotry to spend every minute of their lives for publication of faith, and they do sotill their last breath, or they are martyred for the sake of their faith, targeted by the oppressors for the ‘crime’ ofaccepting the Muhammadan Messiah. Today’s sermon is about two such people; one of them a life-devotee of thecommunity and the other a martyr.Hafiz Jibarel Saeed sahib: He served the community of the Muhammadan Messiah from childhood till his passing awayand took the message of the Holy Prophet(saw) to the world. The message for the publication of which, in accordancewith God’s promise to the Holy Prophet(saw), the Promised Messiah(as) was sent. Hafiz Jibrael sahib was a missionaryand naib Ameer of Ghana. He passed away on 12 November in a hospital in Accra after a month’s illness. Inna lillahewa inna illaihe rajo’oon. His medical reports had been sent here and also to USA because a proper diagnosis had notbeen done in Ghana and further tests were being carried out. Plans were also afoot for him to travel to London orthe USA for treatment, but God’s decree came to pass.Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rt) appointed him as naib Ameer of Ghana for Tabligh and he served in this post till hispassing away. Under his supervision refresher courses were held in the Tarbiyyat centres and Tabligh centres in Ghanawhich were attended by Imams as well as new converts. Hafiz sahib’s great success was that his Tabligh efforts borenumerous fruits and many new Jama’ats were established and many mosques were built.Manzur Ahmad sahib was martyred in Satellite Town, Quetta on 11 November. Ahmadiyyat came in his family throughhis father’s great grandmother who took her Bai’at directly from the Promised Messiah(as). Manzur sahib was bornin Quetta and had a hardware shop there. He was walking to his shop in the morning when two persons on a motorbike approached him. A scuffle ensued and he was fired at by one of the assailants and was martyred on the spot.Inna lillahe wa inna illaihe raji’oon.Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih asked that prayers for Pakistan should be made. Ahmadi martyrs are trying to fulfil theirpledges and their loyalties. May God soon bring that hour when Ahmadis can live in peace there! Muharram startsfrom today and during Muharram they try and make Kerbala for Ahmadis more than at other times. In fact, they killeach other as well.Importance of JummaHuzur (atba) said in this age ofthe Messiah, there are particularblessings linked to Friday. WeAhmadis should make specialeffort as non-compliance of thiscommandment makes us thetarget of admonitionO ye who believe! when the call ismade for Prayer on Friday, hastento the remembrance of Allah, andleave off all business. That is betterfor you, if you only knew.(Ch. 62:V.10)The Holy Prophet (saw) said:“Friday Prayer is obligatory oneach person who believes in Godand on the Day of Judgement,apart from the ailing, the traveller,women, children and slaves. Godwill also not care for one who iscareless about Friday”.3

Farewell Lunch for Kalim Tahir Sahib17-11-20125

Regional Tarbiyyat Forum - How can we achieve success in this life and the next?25-11-20126

Local ActivitiesPoppy Appeal CollectionUpcoming EventsTalim Classes - Every Sunday at Baitus Subhanafter Isha (currently 19:30)Morrison Collection - 16/12/2012Office Bearer Forum - 9/12/2012Thornton Heath khuddam collecting nearOxford Circus station on 29/10/2012Majlis Ansar Sultanul QalamMajlis Ansar Sultanul Qalam MKA UK is a group founded in response to the directives of Hazrat Khalifatul MasihAl-Khamis (atba) to form a body of Khuddam to respond to allegations against Islam and its noble Prophet (pbuh).This group functions under the guidance and supervision of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK. Sultan Al-Qalam wasa title given by Allah to the promised Messiah (as) and means ‘King of the Pen’.Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih Vabta issued an instruction at the recent 2011 National Germany Ijtema that it is hisdesire for every Khadim to become an active member of Majlis Ansar Sultanul Qalam.To become a member visit“By the ink-stand and by the pen and by that which they write. Thou art not, by the grace of thy Lord, a madman.”(Sura Al-Qalam, Chapter 68, Verses 2-3)“Now it is the Jihad with the Pen that has to be waged…it is with the Pen that Islam is being attacked. That is whyit is necessary that the Pen should be used to rebut the attacks.”(The Promised Messiah AS, Malfoozat Vol. 8, pg. 20)Some Useful apps for your Smart PhoneMKA Chanda CalculatorMKA UK Salat AppMKA UK Qaseeda AppMuhammad, The TruthThe Holy Quran Arabic/EnglishMobile Friday SermonsThe 10 Conditions of Bai’atAhmadiyya Islamic News7

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