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NEW RVP - Arbonne

APRIL 2004e oaE Y E O N A R B O N N EDOING ARBONNEFOR THE FUN OF ITI first heard of Arbonne when I was in my late teens. I was aprofessional model and had experienced a terrible reaction to someeye makeup applied to me during a shoot. In my line of work, thismight have had disastrous consequences. Fortunately, a friend ofmine gave me some Arbonne eye cream to use and I noticed avisible improvement. I quickly discovered that many of my modelingfriends were using the Arbonne products and swore by them. Afterlearning they were great for sensitive skin like mine, I decided to usethem as well. The best route for me was to join Arbonne so I couldget my products at the Consultant discount. It wasn’t until one of myfriends started doing Arbonne as a business that I became awarethere was one. She encouraged me to do the business along withher but I remember thinking: Not a chance … ever.Modeling segued into a career in television. For most of my20’s, I was a news anchor and reporter. Being on televisionrequired me to use almost industrial strength makeup. Arbonne wasmy saving grace, the secret weapon I relied on to protect mysensitive skin. In fact, I counted on my Arbonne foundation as a firstline of defense and applied it before applying my heavy It really did not occur to me how much I would miss myArbonne products until the day I ran out of Cleansing Lotion. Whathappened next was a big mistake. I used a store brand bar of soapsince I had run out of cleanser. Shortly after, my skin dried outterribly! Without knowing why exactly, I simply just stoppedusing Arbonne.In the summer of 2003, my doula and sponsor Tracey Gatchelinvited me to a class geared toward information on natural balance.NEW RVPt i f f a n y b u f t o nIndependent Consultant, Regional Vice PresidentTiffany Bufton Nation; Fogelsville, PAI went to the class and found out all about Natural BalancingCreams made by a company I used to be familiar with … Arbonne.This time I was not going to let the Arbonne opportunity slip throughmy fingers. I hopped on board and haven’t looked back since.NVP Linda Parker told me she earned her white Mercedes ina year. The thought of someone giving me a Mercedes was suchfun! So just for the fun of it, I launched my business. Without takingthings too seriously, I started to play a game with myself to see howfast I could earn my Mercedes. I offered everyone I knew theproducts and the discount. Only last November did I begin to takeThe Bufton Bunch:Tiffany withhusband Scott, son Saber anddaughter Isabelle.continued ...ENVP Cecilia Stoll with Tiffany.Saber and Isabelle behind the wheel of Tiffany’s newMercedes.

success strategy:“Some will, some won’t —so what … Next!”my business seriously after hearing ENVP Cecilia Stoll say howwonderful it is to receive her check every month and decide who shewould like to help with it. Up until that point, I had sponsoreddozens of people but didn’t have anyone doing the businessbecause my focus was on the products and the discount, not theopportunity. I made a shift and started expressing the sameenthusiasm about the opportunity as I did the products. Thefollowing month I launched seven business builders and did first stepRegion. My volume went from $10,000 to $32,000 in a monthbecause I got the big picture! Two months later, only seven monthsafter doing my first class, I got something even bigger than the bigpicture … I got the car!The best part about all of this is what the products have doneto improve the quality of life for my family. Our five-year old son hasjust finished a three-year program on chemotherapy while battlingchildhood leukemia. The Arbonne baby products helped with a rashon his face that no other treatment was able to address. One of mybrothers has severe psoriasis and Arbonne is making his conditionmore manageable. Arbonne has great products that work!First of all, I want to thank my upline NVP, Linda Parker, forhelping me get through the tough times and for reminding me thatthe sacrifices were only temporary. Your support, gentle guidanceand belief that I could do it when things didn’t look so promisingkept me going. You’re an example of integrity and your leadershiphas had a profound effect on me. Thank you for all you’ve done tohelp me be a better me! To ENVP Cecilia Stoll: You have anamazing soul! Your training and insight transformed my vision ofwhat I want out of life. No one paints the big picture with Arbonnelike you do. It’s so simple and such fun! Thank you for being so real.To ERVP Tracey Gatchel: I’m so glad you sent me that foot cream!How wonderful it is to share two of my greatest accomplishments inlife with you. As my doula, you shared in the joy of my daughter’sbirth and as my sponsor you were there while I picked up my whiteMercedes. I’ll always treasure the fuzzy dice. To ERVP ElizabethAt Rawhide in Arizona for Rita’s Area Manager Challenge celebration:ERVP Elizabeth Sanchez, President Rita Davenport, Tiffany and ERVPTracey Gatchel.Five generations of Tiffany’s Arbonne family: ENVP Cecilia Stoll, Tiffany, NVP Linda Parker, ERVPTracey Gatchel and ERVP Elizabeth Sanchez.Sanchez: Thank you for answering so many valuable questions forme and for being so helpful. Thank you for your positive energyand love!To my District Managers — Liz Guensch, Kate Petrignani, DebBrown, Lisa Emrick, Robin Tannous, Felicia Wootsick, NancyMiltenberger, Tracey Stokes and Sheri Garrou: Wow, what anincredible group of women you are! I am so blessed to have youin my life and on my team. Thanks for working so hard andenjoying “the game.” I’m the luckiest RVP around.Because family is so important, I want to thank each memberwho has supported me, especially my husband, DM Scott Bufton,for encouraging my drive and for cheering me on to go fast. Yourbrilliant ideas are the backbone of my business. We’ve beenthrough more together in the past seven years than most couplesexperience in a lifetime. Thanks for running beside me. I love you!Success doesn’t come without hard work, but it is so worth itbecause in the process you end up helping so many people. Whenyou get your first “Thank You” or your first hug from someonewhose life you’ve helped improve, then you’ll know you’re doingthe right thing and that’s an unbelievable feeling! Set your goalshigh — you’ll never know what you’re capable of until you try. Frommy direct experience, I must admit … victory is sweet!Tiffany with some members of her team: DM NancyMiltenberger, DM Felicia Wootsick, DM Deb Brown, StephanieLuper and Tiffany.NEW REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENTThe testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.Tiffany and Scott picking up her newML Mercedes-Benz.EYE ON ARBONNE APRIL 2004

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