Baromètre de satisfaction du 1/2/2012 - VisitBrussels
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Baromètre de satisfaction du 1/2/2012 - VisitBrussels

BRUSSELS VISITORS’ SATISFACTION(source: online satisfaction questionnaire BAROMETER01/02/2012 - 31/01/2013© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 1

VISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)FOREWORDThis Visitors' satisfaction 12-month barometer gives some highlights of VisitBrussels’ online satisfaction, which is part of the Quality Scheme for Brussels tourism.The survey is completed on a voluntary basis. Face-to-face interviews are also performed once in a while in touristicareas of Brussels, at random.Therefore, the survey does not at all pretend to be “scientific” or to be a true reflection of what all visitors think orfeel about our destination.Nevertheless, we consider it is a useful tool for our future visitors, Brussels tourism professionals and publicauthorities.Because your appreciation and comments help us to create a world of real hospitality, your participation in thisquestionnaire is very important to us. Thank you for your valuable input!The Visitors’ satisfaction report is updated every month - available on more information, please contact TO SAY ABOUT BRUSSELS? WE WANT TO HEAR IT!TOGETHER, LET’S SHAPE THE QUALITY OF TOMORROW!CONTENTEdition January 2013Overall satisfactionReasons for visiting BrusselsRadioscopyTravelers’ ReviewsP. 3P. 4-6P. 6-8P. 9-44© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 2

VISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)MY OVERALL SATISFACTION© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 3

VISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)MY REASONS FOR VISITING BRUSSELSMy interests Number %Historical and cultural heritage 601 27.54 %Lifestyle 437 20.03 %Attractions & Events 434 19.89 %Friends & Family 302 13.84 %European Institutions 160 7.33 %Business 155 7.10 %Other 93 4.26 %Historical & cultural heritageMy interests Number %Unesco World Heritage (Grand Place,375 24.37 %Horta…)Architecture, Art Nouveau 375 24.37 %Museums in general 289 18.78 %All 177 11.50 %Comic strips 150 9.75 %Surrealism (Magritte) 137 8.90 %Other 36 2.34 %Attractions & EventsMy interests Number %Amusement/theme parks (Atomium, Mini- 184 22.41 %Europe…)Festival/Exhibition 183 22.29 %Music, theatre and other cultural shows 174 21.19 %Seasonal event (Winter Wonders, Flower 168 20.46 %carpet…)All 69 8.40 %Other 43 5.24 %LifestyleMy interests Number %Walking around Brussels, experiencing347 22.09 %Brussels districtsGastronomy & local specialties 288 18.33 %Shopping 221 14.07 %Nightlife 192 12.22 %Brussels Green City 147 9.36 %Art, antiques 112 7.13 %Fashion 107 6.81 %Design 104 6.62 %All 39 2.48 %Other 14 0.89 %© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 4

VISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)MY REASONS FOR VISITING BRUSSELS (cont)Category %History & Culture 27.54 %Lifestyle 20.03 %Attractions & Events 19.89 %Friends & Family 13.84 %European Institutions 7.33 %Business 7.10 %Others 4.26 %Category %History & Culture 30.88 %Attractions & Events 22.20 %Lifestyle 21.83 %Friends & Family 12.03 %European Institutions 7.28 %Business 3.19 %Others 2.60 %Category %Business 30.39 %History & Culture 17.65 %Lifestyle 15.20 %Friends & Family 12.25 %Attractions & Events 12.25 %European Institutions 8.82 %Others 3.43 %Category %Business 24.85 %History & Culture 18.93 %Lifestyle 14.20 %Attractions & Events 14.20 %Friends & Family 12.43 %European Institutions 10.65 %Others 4.73 %Category %History & Culture 29.09 %Attractions & Events 18.18 %European Institutions 14.55 %Lifestyle 14.55 %Friends & Family 12.73 %Business 7.27 %Others 3.64 %© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 5

MY REASONS FOR VISITING BRUSSELS (cont/end)VISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)Category %History & Culture 31.38 %Lifestyle 18.62 %Attractions & Events 17.29 %Friends & Family 13.83 %Business 10.90 %Others 3.99 %European Institutions 3.99 %Category %History & Culture 26.38 %Attractions & Events 21.50 %Friends & Family 18.89 %Lifestyle 18.89 %Business 6.51 %European Institutions 4.23 %Others 3.58 %Category %History & Culture 25.78 %Lifestyle 23.60 %Attractions & Events 19.25 %Friends & Family 15.22 %European Institutions 7.04 %Others 4.97 %Business 4.14 %Category %History & Culture 32.29 %Attractions & Events 20.83 %Friends & Family 17.19 %Lifestyle 14.58 %European Institutions 8.33 %Others 4.17 %Business 2.60 %© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 6

RADIOSCOPYVISITORS’ SATISFACTION INDEXby type of clientsVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)ThemeAll Clients IndividualsLeisureBusiness MICELeisureGroupsDayYoungFamiliesTrippers (< 30)MY OVERALL FEELING 3.27/4 3.31/4 3.10/4 3.04/4 3.37/4 3.24/4 3.30/4 3.20/4 3.29/4QUALITY OF TOURIST INFORMATION/INFORMATION DESKS 3.16/4 3.21/4 3.08/4 3.18/4 3.03/4 3.22/4 3.04/4 3.16/4 3.27/4QUALITY OF ACCOMMODATION 3.26/4 3.25/4 3.27/4 3.17/4 3.26/4 3.38/4 3.16/4 3.34/4MY VISITS (historical heritage, arts, culture, attractions…) 3.18/4 3.20/4 3.09/4 3.07/4 3.19/4 3.15/4 3.18/4 3.12/4 3.31/4QUALITY OF RESTAURANTS 3.18/4 3.22/4 3.00/4 3.00/4 2.95/4 3.13/4 3.06/4 3.19/4 3.26/4QUALITY OF SHOPPING 3.11/4 3.13/4 2.89/4 2.86/4 3.16/4 3.13/4 3.05/4 3.06/4 3.25/4QUALITY OF NIGHTLIFE 3.18/4 3.11/4 2.90/4 2.93/4 3.03/4 3.14/4 3.05/4 3.22/4 3.01/4ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABILITY 2.88/4 2.91/4 2.66/4 2.64/4 2.89/4 2.88/4 2.83/4 2.88/4 2.83/4OTHER IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF MY TRIP 2.84/4 2.89/4 2.64/4 2.73/4 2.88/4 2.79/4 2.71/4 2.79/4 2.84/4Seniors(> 60)MY OVERALL FEELING 3.27/4 3.31/4 3.10/4 3.04/4 3.37/4 3.24/4 3.30/4 3.20/4 3.29/4Overall, my expectations have been fulfilled 3.23/4 3.28/4 3.02/4 3.00/4 3.11/4 3.16/4 3.22/4 3.14/4 3.22/4I look forward to visiting Brussels again 3.27/4 3.26/4 3.18/4 3.10/4 3.42/4 3.30/4 3.31/4 3.18/4 3.33/4I will recommend Brussels to my friends and relatives 3.32/4 3.38/4 3.10/4 3.02/4 3.58/4 3.25/4 3.38/4 3.27/4 3.33/4QUALITY OF TOURIST INFORMATION/INFORMATION3.16/4 3.21/4 3.08/4 3.18/4 3.03/4 3.22/4 3.04/4 3.16/4 3.27/4DESKSTourist information is easy to find and clear 2.93/4 2.96/4 2.88/4 3.03/4 2.75/4 2.97/4 2.92/4 2.90/4 2.87/4Tourist information is up-to-date and reliable 3.09/4 3.15/4 3.00/4 3.12/4 3.12/4 3.08/4 3.07/4 3.04/4 3.13/4Information is available in a language I understand 3.46/4 3.45/4 3.54/4 3.42/4 3.41/4 3.50/4 3.58/4 3.49/4 3.58/4Welcome staff is hospitable and ready to help 3.32/4 3.39/4 3.21/4 3.33/4 3.08/4 3.44/4 3.13/4 3.35/4 3.44/4Staff knows what the city has to offer and is a goodambassador of Brussels tourism3.24/4 3.30/4 3.12/4 3.36/4 3.08/4 3.38/4 2.86/4 3.25/4 3.40/4Welcome staff understands my expectations and gives3.17/4 3.26/4 3.08/4 3.36/4 3.00/4 3.27/4 2.92/4 3.28/4 3.33/4good advice and recommendationsTourist information centres are conveniently located 3.13/4 3.17/4 3.04/4 3.00/4 2.92/4 3.06/4 2.98/4 3.15/4 3.30/4Opening times of tourist information centres 2.93/4 3.03/4 2.75/4 2.83/4 2.90/4 3.08/4 2.88/4 2.81/4 3.14/4QUALITY OF ACCOMMODATION 3.26/4 3.25/4 3.27/4 3.17/4 3.26/4 3.38/4 3.16/4 3.34/4Hospitality and staff professionalism 3.36/4 3.34/4 3.43/4 3.17/4 3.33/4 3.40/4 3.32/4 3.50/4Feeling comfortable 3.31/4 3.28/4 3.31/4 3.32/4 3.33/4 3.41/4 3.24/4 3.37/4Quality of breakfast 3.19/4 3.28/4 3.24/4 2.95/4 3.40/4 3.44/4 2.98/4 3.34/4Quality of lunch/dinner 3.19/4 3.21/4 3.21/4 3.31/4 3.33/4 3.39/4 3.03/4 3.31/4Housekeeping and cleanliness 3.38/4 3.34/4 3.32/4 3.22/4 3.25/4 3.52/4 3.33/4 3.40/4Technology and maintenance 3.11/4 3.04/4 3.15/4 3.09/4 3.09/4 3.36/4 2.93/4 3.19/4Overall experience 3.27/4 3.24/4 3.31/4 3.13/4 3.17/4 3.32/4 3.21/4 3.31/4Value for money 3.24/4 3.26/4 3.19/4 3.18/4 3.17/4 3.24/4 3.22/4 3.29/4MY VISITS (historical heritage, arts, culture, attractions…) 3.18/4 3.20/4 3.09/4 3.07/4 3.19/4 3.15/4 3.18/4 3.12/4 3.31/4Diversity and range of sites and museums 3.30/4 3.34/4 3.17/4 3.15/4 3.35/4 3.28/4 3.33/4 3.18/4 3.50/4Cultural/educational interest 3.30/4 3.33/4 3.15/4 3.25/4 3.41/4 3.24/4 3.32/4 3.23/4 3.42/4Quality of attractions and events 3.23/4 3.26/4 3.02/4 3.14/4 3.12/4 3.18/4 3.30/4 3.19/4 3.29/4Welcome attitude 3.20/4 3.27/4 3.15/4 3.14/4 3.24/4 3.12/4 3.17/4 3.17/4 3.25/4Staff professionalism 3.21/4 3.27/4 3.13/4 3.09/4 3.44/4 3.24/4 3.17/4 3.19/4 3.26/4Organization and maintenance on site 3.10/4 3.14/4 2.92/4 2.86/4 3.00/4 3.06/4 3.10/4 3.11/4 3.03/4Information is available in a language I understand 3.44/4 3.41/4 3.53/4 3.37/4 3.17/4 3.49/4 3.58/4 3.46/4 3.53/4Range and quality of child activities 3.09/4 3.14/4 2.89/4 2.62/4 2.86/4 3.00/4 3.13/4 3.08/4 3.31/4Price 2.80/4 2.77/4 2.96/4 2.83/4 2.50/4 2.75/4 2.63/4 2.72/4 2.99/4Quality of cultural guided tour 3.16/4 3.15/4 3.25/4 3.20/4 3.71/4 3.32/4 3.09/4 3.08/4 3.43/4Quality of City tour by bus (hop on/off) 3.10/4 3.16/4 2.88/4 3.10/4 3.25/4 3.00/4 3.18/4 2.91/4 3.40/4© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 7

RADIOSCOPY (cont/end)VISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)ThemeAll Clients IndividualsLeisureBusiness MICELeisureGroupsDayYoungFamiliesTrippers (< 30)QUALITY OF RESTAURANTS 3.18/4 3.22/4 3.00/4 3.00/4 2.95/4 3.13/4 3.06/4 3.19/4 3.26/4Diversity and range of food/restaurants 3.58/4 3.62/4 3.41/4 3.45/4 3.39/4 3.62/4 3.68/4 3.57/4 3.66/4Welcome attitude in restaurants 3.17/4 3.24/4 2.98/4 2.86/4 2.89/4 3.15/4 3.03/4 3.17/4 3.28/4Staff professionalism 3.13/4 3.18/4 2.88/4 2.86/4 2.94/4 3.12/4 2.97/4 3.12/4 3.25/4Quality and freshness of food served 3.23/4 3.27/4 3.07/4 3.12/4 3.12/4 3.18/4 3.06/4 3.26/4 3.29/4Availability of local products 3.19/4 3.22/4 3.02/4 2.92/4 2.94/4 3.09/4 2.98/4 3.24/4 3.27/4Cleanliness and hygiene 3.07/4 3.12/4 2.86/4 2.95/4 2.82/4 2.94/4 2.91/4 3.10/4 3.13/4Overall experience 3.21/4 3.25/4 2.93/4 2.95/4 2.94/4 3.13/4 3.08/4 3.22/4 3.27/4Value for money 2.87/4 2.88/4 2.84/4 2.88/4 2.56/4 2.82/4 2.76/4 2.84/4 2.94/4Seniors(> 60)QUALITY OF SHOPPING 3.11/4 3.13/4 2.89/4 2.86/4 3.16/4 3.13/4 3.05/4 3.06/4 3.25/4Welcome attitude in shops 3.01/4 3.07/4 2.73/4 2.62/4 2.88/4 3.05/4 2.83/4 2.98/4 3.15/4Diversity and range of shopping opportunities 3.19/4 3.24/4 2.91/4 3.00/4 3.44/4 3.25/4 3.19/4 3.12/4 3.33/4Local food specialties 3.16/4 3.22/4 2.91/4 2.91/4 3.13/4 3.17/4 2.99/4 3.15/4 3.24/4Mode/Fashion 3.14/4 3.13/4 2.89/4 2.92/4 3.38/4 3.20/4 3.18/4 3.13/4 3.21/4Design 3.08/4 3.06/4 2.88/4 2.80/4 2.82/4 3.10/4 3.05/4 2.97/4 3.36/4Art/Antiques 3.24/4 3.20/4 3.06/4 3.00/4 3.50/4 3.29/4 3.14/4 3.20/4 3.42/4Luxury goods 3.24/4 3.23/4 3.14/4 3.00/4 3.29/4 3.16/4 3.20/4 3.14/4 3.36/4Value for money 2.86/4 2.87/4 2.62/4 2.60/4 2.86/4 2.84/4 2.80/4 2.82/4 2.94/4QUALITY OF NIGHTLIFE 3.18/4 3.11/4 2.90/4 2.93/4 3.03/4 3.14/4 3.05/4 3.22/4 3.01/4Bars, Cafés, Clubs… 3.32/4 3.30/4 2.95/4 3.03/4 3.08/4 3.23/4 3.18/4 3.39/4 3.14/4Casinos 2.92/4 2.83/4 2.64/4 2.50/4 2.67/4 2.90/4 2.88/4 2.95/4 2.50/4Shows & Concerts 3.32/4 3.21/4 3.10/4 3.25/4 3.33/4 3.30/4 3.09/4 3.32/4 3.38/4ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABILITY 2.88/4 2.91/4 2.66/4 2.64/4 2.89/4 2.88/4 2.83/4 2.88/4 2.83/4Hospitality of inhabitants and contact with locals 3.19/4 3.22/4 3.00/4 3.00/4 2.87/4 3.06/4 3.15/4 3.18/4 3.31/4Brussels discovery with a local (“Brussels Greeters”) 3.22/4 3.19/4 2.89/4 2.91/4 3.00/4 3.33/4 3.31/4 3.20/4 3.37/4Availability of “soft mobility“ (public transportation, by foot3.18/4 3.23/4 2.94/4 3.00/4 3.06/4 3.16/4 3.03/4 3.25/4 3.07/4or by bike)Availability of “green” hotels 2.90/4 2.98/4 2.65/4 2.56/4 3.00/4 3.00/4 3.07/4 2.82/4 2.79/4Availability of organic (bio) and/or local products in2.85/4 2.90/4 2.66/4 2.60/4 3.00/4 2.97/4 2.72/4 2.88/4 2.80/4restaurants/hotelsAvailability of organic (bio) and ethical shopping 2.89/4 2.89/4 2.82/4 2.71/4 3.22/4 2.86/4 2.86/4 2.93/4 2.86/4Accessibility for the disabled people 2.48/4 2.40/4 2.40/4 2.19/4 2.71/4 2.54/4 2.34/4 2.55/4 2.28/4Cleanliness of public areas 2.60/4 2.65/4 2.15/4 2.20/4 2.42/4 2.61/4 2.57/4 2.65/4 2.49/4Air quality 2.81/4 2.89/4 2.58/4 2.59/4 2.82/4 2.64/4 2.79/4 2.82/4 2.72/4Climate 2.66/4 2.72/4 2.54/4 2.63/4 2.78/4 2.64/4 2.49/4 2.54/4 2.65/4OTHER IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF MY TRIP 2.84/4 2.89/4 2.64/4 2.73/4 2.88/4 2.79/4 2.71/4 2.79/4 2.84/4Arrival/Departure train station 2.99/4 3.05/4 2.89/4 3.03/4 2.64/4 2.96/4 2.86/4 2.95/4 3.07/4Arrival/Departure airport 3.20/4 3.26/4 2.95/4 3.12/4 3.11/4 2.99/4 3.14/4 3.22/4 3.21/4In the City: ease of finding my way around / signposting 2.81/4 2.86/4 2.61/4 2.75/4 3.22/4 2.77/4 2.73/4 2.84/4 2.71/4Quality of public transport (Metro, Tram, Bus, Villo…) 3.01/4 3.04/4 2.86/4 2.95/4 3.20/4 3.00/4 2.94/4 2.99/4 2.87/4Quality of taxi service 2.87/4 2.93/4 2.54/4 2.61/4 2.70/4 2.86/4 2.64/4 2.81/4 2.83/4Staff friendliness in public transport 2.83/4 2.89/4 2.73/4 2.69/4 3.10/4 2.79/4 2.66/4 2.73/4 2.92/4Parking convenience 2.26/4 2.27/4 2.14/4 2.16/4 2.33/4 2.19/4 2.05/4 2.11/4 2.29/4Feeling of safety and security 2.93/4 3.00/4 2.59/4 2.71/4 2.67/4 2.87/4 2.75/4 2.88/4 2.88/4Availability of mobile technologies (WiFi, mobile tourism …) 2.70/4 2.73/4 2.40/4 2.53/4 2.94/4 2.66/4 2.63/4 2.57/4 2.75/4© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 8

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstanceERASMUS la-bas!! -2011 10/12/2012 06/12/2012 40-60 United States Staff at my Hotel were very friendly and had goodknowledge of local nightlife.Would be good to have better information in otherlanguages (English) for public transport. It is notclear where to find the info at some stations. I foundthe Schuman train station really horrible to have touse - completely a mess, no good signage, looks likeit has been in construction but stagnant. Was a realsurprise in comparison to the Luxemburg and otherstations.2010 08/12/2012 02/10/2012 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) ik wou er zelfs alleen op uit trekken dat weet ik niet zo direkt2009 08/12/2012 02/12/2012 40-60 France A L'hôtel - dans le métro - dans les restaurants -Vraiment un accueil exceptionnel, un vrai sourire, del'humour, du talent…-2008 08/12/2012 20/10/2012 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) - -2007 08/12/2012 28/02/2012 > 60 United Kingdom The welcome in restaurants specialising in localdishes. The tri-lingual displays in museums and artgalleries.2006 06/12/2012 24/10/2012 40-60 Germany Special moment in Brussels = mission impossible: Idesperately try since several months every Mondaymorning to get 2 tickets for the tram 'Bruxellicious',without any success. My 'special moment' in Brusselsseems to be totally out of reach. But I'm sure it mightbe great...2005 06/12/2012 15/08/2012 > 60 Canada our whole time was absolutely special. My husbandand I were taking a bit of time off after moving bothsets of parents to care homes. We had a waiter whowent out of his way to provide us with the Brusselsflavour, bringing us tastes of the various specialitiesso we could choose exactly what we wanted. Ourmeal ended up being this huge platter of freshseafood and vegetables, to die for. Totally incredible.The concereige at the hotel gave us our roomimmediately on arrival, sent up a carafe of hot coffeeand baking. I have never felt quite so pampered orcared about. It was lovely in every aspect. And theevenings, sitting on the sidewalks eating pastry andhaving a drink was unbelievable. I love Brussels.The dreadfully slow queues at lunchtime in the BeauxArts museum - grossly understaffed when the generalpublic were pouring in, aggravated by the rain. Theastonishing cost of that museum. The closure of thegalleries which we especially wished to see - 19thand 20th century art.I think the reservation system for the tram'Bruxellicious' needs serious modifications in order toallow visitors to participate. It is discriminating(obviously, there are people who manage to take allthe places without using the official reservationsystem, because all the places are always eiter notavailable either booked out) and VERY frustrating-2004 06/12/2012 28/10/2012 30-40 France la grand place, le musée du jouet, l'atomium, il faudrait peut etre revoir la queue pour les tickets al entrée de l atomium, 2 caisses pas d espace devantla queue fait un serpentin personne ne comprend oucommence la queue2003 05/12/2012 24/11/2012 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) - -2002 05/12/2012 01/11/2012 40-60 France Visite pietonne du quartier de l'atomium, institutionseuropéennes , puis centre historique. Ville agréableen découverte pietonne. Culture et singularitémarquée.2001 05/12/2012 11/11/2012 40-60 Morocco Le vieux quartier, Saint Gilles, Le parc les citations deMarguerite Yourcenar--2000 05/12/2012 17/10/2011 18-30 Brazil - -1999 05/12/2012 24/11/2012 > 60 United States none none1998 05/12/2012 24/02/2012 18-30 France à l'atomium, au musée d'histoire naturelle,notamment et surtout la collection d'iguanodons.certaines attractions étaient fermées en févriernotamment dans le "petit village" autour del'atomium. Nous avons trouvé cela dommage, maiscela ne nous a pas empêcher d'y manger des fritesbelges !!1997 05/12/2012 01/02/2012 18-30 France - -1996 05/12/2012 11/01/2013 > 60 Canada Manger des frites dans la rue Visiter l'atonium -© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 11

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1995 05/12/2012 08/09/2012 > 60 United Kingdom General ambience means we are planning our nextvisit.-1994 05/12/2012 22/09/2011 40-60 United Kingdom - -1993 05/12/2012 09/03/2012 > 60 Belgium (Wallonia) - -1992 05/12/2012 16/11/2012 30-40 Netherlands - -1991 05/12/2012 10/11/2012 18-30 Slovakia Comic strip museum was really great! -1990 03/12/2012 20/08/2012 30-40 United States - -1989 29/11/2012 05/09/2012 18-30 United Kingdom - In the main square day before there was a beerfestival, so it was very messy and all old townsmelled really bad. During that trip I have been inAntwerp and it is impossible to compare these tocities, Antwerp was clean, hospitality was manytimes better that in Brussels. I felt much morewelcome. I strongly will recommend to visit Antwerpfor anyone and I will advise people to skip Brussels.1988 25/11/2012 13/08/2011 40-60 Italy Sorry, I was there more than one year ago, it's quitedifficult to remember details but I loved everything,from food to murales, musuems to restaurants, alsoclimate and people, the energy you can breatharound the city,,,1987 25/11/2012 23/11/2012 40-60 Netherlands Het bezoek aaan het Europees Parlement, hetzogenaaamde parlemantarium afgelopen zaterdag.1986 25/11/2012 11/06/2011 18-30 India Waffle corner near the Parc du Cinquantenaire,Amazing Apple Pie at Panos store in Brussels MidiStation, The variety of beer in Delirium CafeNothing at allHet regenachtige weer.Grand Place was really dirty after midnight.1985 24/11/2012 07/10/2011 > 60 Netherlands restaurant MIM Magritte Museum Openbaar vervoer vanaf centraal station1984 22/11/2012 07/03/2012 18-30 Netherlands - -1983 22/11/2012 14/10/2011 40-60 Russia - -1982 21/11/2012 01/10/2011 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) Découverte du quartier Ste Catherine (fruits demer)et Halles St Gery : très beau quartier : à valoriseret à faire découvrir ! J'ai hâte d'y retourner,sûrement pdt la période des fêtes ! Resto Al Barmaki(rest libanais) trop bon.1981 21/11/2012 29/03/2013 40-60 Germany the breakfast in an old restaurant to a very goodprice:in the hubertus passage. The lunch inretrostyle restaurant in the actinium and the greatlook from up there the nice gentleman-stores withbeautiful shoesJ'avais réservé un resto pour le samedi soir, par tél,après 3 tentatives pdt les heures sensées êtred'ouverture (la Bonne du Curé??), mais une rue pasloin de la Grand'place. Ok pour 2 pers. Arrivés là,resto fermé !!!!! Nous sommes rabattus sur laGrand'place où nous avons mangé en terrasse car,pour un début octobre, il faisait super bon.-1980 21/11/2012 03/04/2012 40-60 Argentina - -1979 21/11/2012 05/09/2012 30-40 Bulgaria - -1978 21/11/2012 20/01/2012 30-40 France - -1977 21/11/2012 12/08/2012 30-40 Netherlands First time I have eat snails was in Brussel. Parking disaster.1976 21/11/2012 30/12/2012 40-60 Slovenia - -1975 21/11/2012 14/05/2012 18-30 Bulgaria - -1974 21/11/2012 05/10/2012 30-40 Other - -1973 20/11/2012 30/09/2012 > 60 Germany - -1972 20/11/2012 27/06/2012 40-60 Spain Arriving at the Atomium by bus in a sunny morning... -1971 20/11/2012 02/06/2012 40-60 United States - -1970 20/11/2012 25/05/2012 30-40 Republic of Ireland Really enjoyed the Horta house and the Magritte -© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 12

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodmuseum. Great nightlife and a lovely city to wanderaround.VISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance-1969 20/11/2012 18/10/2010 40-60 France Great memory of the 10th anniversary congress ofour firm in 2010. Very nice places: - Hotel nearGrand Place - Lunch at Museum Brasserie - Visit andbeer tasting at Brasserie Cantillon - Guided tour ofBrussels cycling - Gala dinner at the Belgian ComicStrip Centre - Conference at the EESC - Dinner atChez Léon1968 20/11/2012 10/07/2012 30-40 Sweden Can't report any. Leaving was good, actually the trainto the airport was good.1967 19/11/2012 01/07/2012 18-30 Germany - free festivals - good restaurants - EU/Internationalatmosphere - Art Noveau1966 18/11/2012 02/11/2012 40-60 France Au musée Royal des beaux-arts. J'ai apprécié lafacilité d'entrer au musée Magritte avec le PassBruxelles. C'est d'ailleurs un principe excellent !-I've travelled in every continent and am very openminded.This was a disgrace in every sense. For awealthy cultured place, my experience of Brussels isinexcusable in this day of easy travel and tripadvisor.Rude people, evil-looking dirty districts in the centreand all over the city, dreadful restaurant experiences(worst of all Ricotta and Parmasan), shocking qualityroads, no greenery (just a broken concrete maze, nocomparison to London or Paris or Budapest or...),utter soul-less.- security for women - dirt/garbage on the streets,étangs d'Ixelles - sometimes opening hours ofbars/restaurants/popular little places (Pl Londres) -emptiness of EU neighbourhood on the weekends -expensive restaurants - less comobinations of barsJ'aurais aimé a possibilité de prendre des guideshumain. Marre des audioguides ! J'ai été déçu par lemusée Magritte, qui à mon avis donne tropd'importance à l'écrit, et pas assez à la peinture.Maison Horta quasiment non visitable. On devraitpouvoir réserver les visites à l'avance.1965 17/11/2012 10/11/2012 18-30 Lithuania - -1964 17/11/2012 14/09/2012 30-40 Lithuania While I was not lucky with service in some shops andcafes, some others have really surprised me withbeing very friendly and helpful. I was helped byfriendly Brussels inhabitants when I needed to findmy way.People told me it has improved, but I unfortunatelyfound Brussels to be dirty and soiled by dogs. I wasalso targeted by pick-pockets when exiting metrostation Louise. And, coming from Lithuania, one ofthe best developed countries when it comes tointernet, I was very disappointed by lack of free ofcharge internet hot-spots in town (even in the airportinternet is paid:(, internet connection hereseems to be slow and breaking down all the time,even though it is not cheap either. Unfortunately,there are also many dark skinned people who do notseem to be women-friendly (or maybe to muchwomen-friendly) so I would not recommend womento walk alone in Brussels in the evening to avoidharassment.1963 15/11/2012 11/10/2012 18-30 Hungary - -1962 15/11/2012 18/08/2012 30-40 France - -1961 15/11/2012 09/11/2012 18-30 United Kingdom Use-it guide for young people - fantastic! FoodArchitecture (but you have to go and hunt it out)Belvue museumTourist information very poor. Fantastic city totallyfailed by poor information and communication. Onone occasion I went to the 'wrong' touristinformation centre near the Grand Place and wasoffered zero help on Brussels, or where I could getinfo. Use-it guide is brilliant, but not always offeredor available from main tourist sights. Poordirections and shockingly poor access for people withdisabilities.1960 15/11/2012 29/09/2012 18-30 France - -1959 15/11/2012 30/08/2012 18-30 France - -1958 14/11/2012 11/08/2012 40-60 Switzerland piQniQ fantastique, tapis de fleurs splendide,gauffres délicieuses,1957 14/11/2012 03/10/2012 18-30 Italy Magritte Museum, Book Museum, Beer Museum.Wonderful!Routes et trottoirs en très très mauvais état, pavésmanquant, difficiles avec des valises et unepoussette....Cleaness. Public places are dirty.© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 13

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1956 14/11/2012 10/09/2012 18-30 Spain So many places and attractions to visit. Manymuseums and historics places: Atomium, GrandPlace, Cinquentenaire Park, historic center, etc.To much garbage at night in the streets, poor nightlife, ugly metro stations1955 08/11/2012 05/11/2012 40-60 Italy - Hop on hop off toujours en retard !!!1954 07/11/2012 01/10/2012 40-60 Austria - -1953 06/11/2012 29/10/2012 30-40 Belgium (Wallonia) Une très bonne soirée au Viage. La qualité et les prixdémocratiques de son restaurant. Une très belleoffre muséale. Un bon accueil dans les bureauxtouristiques.La propreté de pas mal de lieux. Trop d'endroitsutilisés comme urinoirs publics, beaucoup degraffitis.1952 04/11/2012 05/10/2012 18-30 Netherlands - -1951 04/11/2012 05/08/2012 40-60 United Kingdom - Restaurant food not as good As expected1950 03/11/2012 01/11/2012 18-30 Germany The tourismus office helping us to find a differnthotel.1949 03/11/2012 29/10/2012 30-40 Belgium (Flanders) Het hotel zorgde voor glutenvrij brood wat voor mij(ik heb een glutenallergie en glutenvrij ontbijten isniet evident) een grote meerwaarde was.1948 02/11/2012 02/11/2012 30-40 Belgium (Flanders) Gaan eten in een typisch brusselse gelegenheid. (inPré Salé)The hotel was so bad (Boulevard MauriceLemonnier). All rooms in the hotel were incrediblydirty and smelly. The bed clothes were dirty withmake-up stains and hairs on it and as we asked to getclean linen, our request was disregarded. The chairand the carpet were dirty, with dark stains on themand numerous holes. Similarly, the curtains hadnumerous holes and were terribly dirty as well. Therewas filth, dust and numerous disgusting lookingstains (of dubious origin) everywhere including thewardrobe, the window seat and the heater! Thebathroom was far below the hygienic standards ofany public washrooms. The shower curtain wascovered with ugly stains and it was changed in frontof us as we complained. Unfortunately it did not helpsince the shower itself remained horribly dirty. Inaddition, the smell from the bathroom prevails in thebedroom. For the second night, we managed to getanother room, but the other room was not better: Itwas filthy, smelly and noisy. At least, the linenseemed to be without stains. The reception areaseems to be nice, but not let deceive yourself: Therooms are filthy, smelly, dusty and below anyhygienic standards!! The area around the hotel alsoseemed to be dangerous at night.-Het informatiekantoor was vandaag al om 16 ugesloten!! Op welke manier wil je toeristen dan welontvangen!! In geen enkel ander land zou ditmogelijk zijn. Zelfs in Lommel (waar wij wonen) washet kantoor vandaag veel langer open.1947 31/10/2012 10/10/2012 18-30 France - -1946 26/10/2012 26/10/2012 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) - -1945 23/10/2012 05/10/2012 40-60 United Kingdom During weekend we visited many bars includingCirios, mannekin Pis, poechendkeller, Danidbar,Metropole hotel. Loved the cathedral. Really likeCave du Roy for meal in Grand Place. Everyoneeverywhere is so friendly. Looking to go back ASAP>-1944 18/10/2012 29/09/2012 18-30 Belgium (Flanders) - -1943 14/10/2012 13/10/2012 30-40 Belgium (Flanders) every time I don't know the road, many peoplehelped me, they were very kind.Villa Empain - Boghossian Foundation BOZARMagritte Museum (Royal museums of Fine Arts)Natural Sciences Museum Comic Strip MuseumRoyal Museum of Army and Military History City Hallof Brussels1942 10/10/2012 06/10/2012 30-40 Germany - -1941 06/10/2012 04/10/2012 18-30 France - -1940 06/10/2012 05/07/2012 18-30 United States I think our most special moment during our trip wasour trip out to Bosteels Brewery in Buggenhout. We-© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 14

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodtook the 245 bus towards Dendermonde. Thebrewery was great, and when they found out wewere from overseas, they went the extra mile. Theyeven put us back on the train to Brussels. Everyonein Brussels was so helpful, it didn't matter that wedon't speak French or Flemish, though I wish we did.VISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance-1939 05/10/2012 31/07/2012 40-60 United Kingdom - -1938 05/10/2012 14/04/2012 18-30 France - -1937 05/10/2012 02/11/2012 > 60 Portugal To be there with friends local or international, andthe cultural life that is possible to have thereOnly the climate1936 04/10/2012 11/08/2012 40-60 Spain Atomium. Museum of ancient art. Marolles. -1935 04/10/2012 06/03/2011 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Red Tomato on Avenue Louise for my birthday Taxi driver from zaventem with gps but wanted meto direct him to go from the airport to city centre(botanique via schaerbeek)1934 04/10/2012 19/07/2012 30-40 Other Locals were very friendly and nice, ready to help andit was pleasure talking to people in Brussels. Foodwas excellent.Street performer ( Van Gogh) next to Mannekin Piswas rude and almost violent, loud and obnoxious.1933 04/10/2012 01/10/2012 > 60 Sweden - The bus to Brussels airport, number 12, is a real badexperience. The buses are not built for passengerswith big suitcases. There are too few bus tours. A lotof passengers have to stand on a bus tour on thehighway. It isn't safe.1931 28/09/2012 27/09/2012 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) Bezoek aan ongekende weinig toeristische plaatsenzoals Witte Zusters van de Roos van Jericho1930 27/09/2012 24/09/2012 40-60 Switzerland free concert at the bar of the hotel St. Géry drinkinga beer at the Greenwich1929 26/09/2012 10/01/2011 30-40 Republic of Ireland Freezing weather when we visited - one restaurantopened a second room to accommodate our groupand plugged in heaters to try and warm the room up.1926 14/09/2012 14/09/2012 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) Nous sommes des belges qui désiraient en savoir plussur notre capitale et nous le referons surement.1925 14/09/2012 11/09/2012 40-60 Netherlands Special guided tour by Visit Brussels to theVanhaerents Art Collection, Walking round the JardinBotanique1924 14/09/2012 01/01/2012 > 60 Belgium (Flanders) Bruxelles est une ville merveilleuse : multiculturelle,cosmopolite, très agréable sous beaucoup d'aspects(notamment son architecture et son mobilier urbain,sa statuaire, ses parcs), pleine d'activités etd'animations qui apportent la joie de vivre(Ommegang, Meyboom, Tapis de Fleurs, ZinnekeParade ....) et j'en passe. En tant que guide, je merégale de présenter cette superbe ville (et régionaussi) avec tout le coeur voulu à des touristes quisouvent ouvrent des yeux écarquillés devant cettediversité et cette richesse mulltiple( plus de 100musées, quel régal) Cependant, il reste que plein dechoses doivent être réalisées : le manque depropreté de la ville, l'accueil souvent froid de la partprofessionnels du tourisme (hôtels, restaurants,magasins). Quant à la petite criminalité ambiante (ycompris le racolage par des mendiants ou desrestaurateurs de l'Ilot Sacré), cela fait partie deschoses qua l'on voit partout en Europe. Mais, ildevrait y avoir moyen de diminuer l'impact de cespratiques malicieuses, comme le vol à la feite was alles ok-Disappointed with the lack of shops open on aSunday (other than the open flea market) - we werestuck waiting around for hours just to return to theairport. Really need to sort out alternatives forvisitors on a Sunday or publicize what you do haveopen.--A l'issue de cet été qui, j'espère vous a été profitable,je souhaiterais vous faire part de quelquescommentaires émanant de touristes qui m'ont étéconfiés ces derniers mois.Sans parler des éléments positifs qui ont retenul'attention de quelques visiteurs (la beauté desmonuments, la verdure, les beaux parcs ....), il fautnéanmoins retenir quelques points plusproblématiques qui méritent un réelle attention.- La propreté de la ville laisse encore amplement àdésirer. Les rues de l'Ilot Sacré, la Place d'Espagne, leMont des Arts et bien d'autres endroits du centreville sont encore jonchés de détritus jusque tard dansla matinée, parfois des journées entières. La placed'Espagne sent l'urine de jour comme de nuit. On nevoit nulle part, sauf quelques exceptions, des équipesde nettoyage à la parade avant 10 heures du matin.Le dimanche, c'est pire, il n'y a pas de nettoyage dutout. J'étais personnellement aux abords de la garede Bruges ce dernier dimanche à 7h45, on y nettoyaità l'aide de grands aspirateurs et de jets d'eaurafraichissants.Autres endroits de Bruxelles-centre qui sontdésolants : les escaliers de le rue Baron Horta, pointde passage entre le Bozar et le Parc, et les escaliersdu Mont des Arts, le long desquels, entre des boîtesde bières et des restes de sandwiches (pour ne pas© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 15

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstanceparler d'autres types de saletés) poussent desmauvaises herbes peu agréables à la vue. Je puisvous assurer que plus d'un touriste remarque cesgraves lacunes et les réflexions sont multiples (melaissant d'ailleurs bouche bée ou tentant de trouverquelque excuse dilatoire).- Autre point qui a récemment attiré l'attentionnotamment de touristes indiens : les annonces à lagare centrale qui sont diffusées, depuis quelquessemaines, font penser à la "Guerre des Etoiles". Lesvoix féminines d'outre-espace témoignent du"progrès du 21e siècle" et pourraient être prises avecmansuétude si les annonces étaient bien destinées àl'ensemble des voyageurs. En effet, les annoncesquadrilingues pour l'aéroport de Bruxelles Nationalmentionnent ceci dans l'ordre: en Nl "BrusselNationaal Luchthaven" / en F "Aéroport de BruxellesNational" / en D "Brussel Nationaal Luchthaven" / enGB "Brussel Nationaal Luchthaven". Donc, ennéerlandais trois fois sur quatre. Pour lesgermanophones, il ne devrait pas y avoir trop deproblèmes de compréhension; pur les anglophones,par contre, c'est le black out total. A-t-on oublié, à laSNCB, que la plupart des gens, hommes d'affaires,touristes, (par ex : russes, suédois, africains,asiatiques, sud-américains .... ) qui prennent l'avion àBruxelles-National ne comprennent rien de nos deuxlangues nationales et surtout pas le néerlandais.L'anglais est la langue internationale par excellence.Pourquoi ce manque de respect du public? Pourquoiexporter nos querelles linguistiques? C'est toutsauf un service rendu au tourisme bruxellois, belge,flamand et wallon... La capitale de l'Europe méritemieux que ces manifestations à courte vue."Brussels National Airport" est la seule annoncequ'on peut envisager pour tous les touristesinternationaux. Aussi dans les autres gares deBruxelles (Nord et Sud)- Autre point, important pour le tourisme dans lecentre-ville: la gestion chaotique des parkings descars touristiques. Faites la comparaison avec d'autresvilles belges comme Anvers, Bruges qui ont prévu deszones spécifiques pour les cars, puisque protégéespar une barrière. Regardez la rue du Cardinal Mercierremplie de voitures-ventouses imposant aux cars desmanoeuvres comme si on était au centre de Calcutta.Les dispositions prises il y a deux ans, étendant lapossibilité de parking au boulevard Pacheco ne sontpas suffisantes : pas assez de places, d'ailleurssouvent occupées par des voitures privées sans qu'iln'y ait intervention de la police. Le mécontentementdes autocaristes étrangers est général. Certains ontmême décidé de ne plus venir à Bruxelles. Je puisvous assurer, pour l'avoir vécu personnellement(comme bien d'autres collègues), que les remarquesacerbes, voire les débordements verbauxd'autocaristes, n'ont rien pour vous faciliter la viedevant des touristes auxquels nous devons uncommentaire positif sur la ville en général. J'aidemandé à ces autocaristes de réagir officiellement.Réponse : on n'a pas le temps, c'est peine perdue, onne revient quand même plus! Il y a encore bien deschoses à dire et à commenter. Un guide, surtout s'ilexerce une fonction de direction (président del'association) devrait exercer un devoir de réserve.Mais la situation est telle qu'il ne peut plus se taire. Ily va de l'avenir de cette ville qu'il adore, qu'ilprésente avec coeur et enthousiasme. Je dis souventaux touristes qui me sont confiés : Bruxelles estcomme un être humain avec ses joies et sesmalheurs, c'est la fête, c'est l'évolution positive, maisc'est aussi parfois la maladie, voire le cancer. J'aipersonnellement connu cette vilaine maladie il y aquelques années : je me suis soigné. Que Bruxellestente d'en faire autant, pour la plus grandesatisfaction de tous, résidents ou de passage. ClaudeJanssens1923 13/09/2012 03/10/2011 18-30 Bulgaria local festivals and creativity public transport availability and organization could© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 16

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstancebe improved1922 11/09/2012 22/06/2012 18-30 Italy One of the most "special moment" of my trip inBrussels was a evening spent in the historic and mostfamous pub in the city center. The owner was verykind and suggested me some beers and made metaste some of them before choose whant to drink,even if the pub was full of people and he had a lot ofwork. I really appreciate his kindness.The only few disadvantages of a trip to Burssels areabout the food. The hostel provide me a very badbreakfast (but i'm italian and is a usual problemwhen travelling abroad) but even in the city i had alot of problems to find good and healty dishes atslow prices.1921 11/09/2012 04/09/2012 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) - Aankomst in Brussel Zuid, Centraal of Noord:onmiddellijke confrontatie met bedelaars, urinestankis overal aanwezig bij het buitenkomen (minder inCentraal). Bij het buitenkomen van Noord ofZuidstation: geen plannetjes van de omgevingrichting centrum. Zuidstation ligt immers in Sint-Gillis, bij het verlaten van het Noordstation staat aanéén kant een plan van Schaarbeek, aan de anderekant een plan van Sint-Joost. Eten in deBeenhouwersstraat is vragen om moeilijkheden.Aangekondigd menu is 'niet meer beschikbaar' en opde rekening staat ook € 6 voor het gebruik vanbestek, net als in Italië. Legaal? Zaterdagballonnenparade. Leuk, maar de bussen van de MIVBwerden omgeleid. Er hangt dan een klein bordje opeen paal, met de melding dat de bussen aan eenandere halte stoppen. Maar een plannetje kan erblijkbaar niet af. Dus zoek maar waar zich die haltebevindt! Ziet u zich in een andere stad al met bagageen al een heuvel oplopen. Baliepersoneel VisitBrussels op de Grote Markt kent, denk ik, een veel tegroot verloop. Misschien doen ze wat ze kunnen,maar het volstaat niet altijd. Twee musea waar iknaar vroeg, wisten ze niet onmiddellijn zijn. En als zijze gevonden hebben, stellen ze een alternatief voor,want 'dat is toch wel ver, hoor'. Ik heb de betroffenmusea hiervan ingelicht. Ik begrijp hun boosheidvolkomen. Vooral omdat het uiteindelijk nog niet zover was. Is de politie verplicht om er als halve(mislukte) Rambo's uit te zien? Kan het niet zoals invele andere landen, waar er ook mensenpatrouilleren in een mooi uniform, zonder zichtbarewapens? Ik denk dat zo'n mensen sneller de mensengeruststellen dan manschappen in kogelvrij vest,goedkoop petje en indrukwekkend arsenaal om hunmiddel. En tenslotte: vuil, vuil vuil. Overal.1920 10/09/2012 05/09/2012 18-30 Italy j'aime beaucoupe la ville, le comic aussi! je n'ai pas pu voir le parlament parce que ce n'est paspossible le visiter dans le wee-end1918 09/09/2012 01/09/2010 18-30 Germany place lux dirt and bad pavements1917 09/09/2012 13/07/2012 40-60 India waterloo museum made feel very good as the staffwas very helpful and guiding people nicely ineuropean spirit,thanks to staff of waterloo museum.1916 08/09/2012 06/09/2012 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) The atomium, mini europe, avenue louise grandplace, laekenwhile i was in central brussel while visiting souvenirsshop owned by some arab people and theymisbehaved and talk in threating language as if theyare fighting some war. i complained to police(horsemounted)BUT THEY TOOK OUR COMPLAINT INCASUAL MANNER SAYING THAT SOVENIOR SHOPpeople have not harmed physically.well this type ofattiude of police seem worst than bananna rebulic ofcarribean countries.after that people of thatparticular sovenious shop rejoiced against ourcomplaint to police. i feel disgusting and helpless inbrussel capital of eurpean nations.The weather, the streets are dirty during the nightand the toilets in the clubs are not clean.1913 08/09/2012 08/09/2012 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) Bon choix et qualite dans l'HORECA. L insecurite, salete dans les rues.1912 08/09/2012 01/06/2002 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) Facilite de trouver du travail par rapport a certainesregionsLes transports en commun pas efficaces, beaucoupde retard, la signalisation dans la ville pas facile detrouver son chemin1910 08/09/2012 08/09/2012 18-30 France La diversite culturelle Les urinoirs1909 08/09/2012 08/09/2012 > 60 France L accueil des gens, ils sont tres sympas, sentiment debien-être a Bruxelles et de liberté-© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 17

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1908 08/09/2012 01/09/2001 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) - La voie publique n'est pas propre, pas assez de policeen rue, sentiment d insecurité1907 08/09/2012 08/09/2012 40-60 Germany Grand place, the atmosphere, easy to move around The english material is not enough available1906 08/09/2012 08/09/2012 18-30 Chile - The streets are really dirty, just next to very beautifulbuildings, there are ugly constructions, a lot ofbuildings in renovation, in the parcs, the fontainesdon't work, a lot of homeless people1904 08/09/2012 08/09/2012 40-60 United Kingdom Easy to walk around the city, feeling secure, very nicecafés outside city centre -no tourists-, concert of theEU, Royal museum and its restaurant, goodimpression overall.1903 08/09/2012 06/09/2012 30-40 United Kingdom The food is good, some streets and parcs are reallypretty, good range of different cuisines,--1902 08/09/2012 07/09/2012 18-30 Italy L hospitalite des gens, la ville est propre. -1901 08/09/2012 06/09/2012 30-40 United Kingdom Atmosphere in the centre Streets are dirty, feeling unsafe in some parts of thecity1900 08/09/2012 06/09/2012 40-60 United States Grand place, the architecture, the atmosphere in thecenter1899 08/09/2012 07/12/2012 30-40 Belgium (Flanders) Memorial Van Damme is a unique sports experiencewith Belgian & world class athletes. One of the bestathletics events in the world. Something to be veryproud of !Hard to find a free wifiThe organisation around the stadion is a catastrophe.There are no clear signs how to get from parking C tothe stadium, especially for spectators for Tribune 2.They could easily work with colours or clear signs, oreven shuttle buses. People were running in all kind ofdirections to find their entry gate. Could there not becreated a shortcut through the Heyzel palaces ?Police were blocking a two lane road just around acorner, coming from the exit of the highway from thedirection of Groot-Bijgaarden, everyone back to onelane. Along this road were entrance gates for parkingC, all closed. Stewards sent us to the far end of theparking, where there was still much room on thestadium side. In the stadium itself isn't it old schoolto have these high metal fences ?1898 08/09/2012 07/09/2012 30-40 United Kingdom We can notice a general improvment of the city The streets are dirty in some parts of the city1897 08/09/2012 22/08/2012 > 60 France La gentillesse et le sourire des commerçants .Labeauté de l'architecture.La facilité de faire bcp dechoses à pied.Les très bonnes affaires dans lesmagasins de brocante et antiquité.1895 07/09/2012 06/09/2012 40-60 France La population, l'atomium, le musee magritte, minieurope pour les enfants, beaucoup d'espaces vertsMa femme et moi avions un plan de Bruxelles etsommes parfois sortis des "sentiers fléchés". Nousavons eu des soucis plusieurs fois avec des jeunes,probablement d'origine allochtone, crachant, nousdéfiant du regard et faisant des remarquesextrêmement désobligeantes . La saleté des rues(papiers gras,crottes de chien) nous a aussi fortementrefroidis .La ville n est pas tres propre.1893 07/09/2012 06/09/2012 30-40 Germany Atomium, royal palais, grand place, architecture Hard to find inofrmations in german1892 07/09/2012 07/09/2012 30-40 France Les gens sont accueillants, facilite de se deplacer d unendroit interessant a un autre dans la ville, ville ataille humaine-1891 07/09/2012 04/09/2012 30-40 United States Grand place, the architecture -1890 07/09/2012 04/09/2012 > 60 France L architecture, grand place, les expos, les gens sonttres sympathiques-1889 07/09/2012 07/09/2012 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) La fete de la musique, couleur cafe L insecurite, dur de trouver son chemin1888 07/09/2012 05/09/2012 40-60 United Kingdom The architecture, a lot of outdoor restaurants, themulticulturalism, the european institutions,The streets are not clean, the transports are not goodin all the city, some buildings have to be renovate1887 07/09/2012 05/09/2012 30-40 Republic of Ireland Architecture, diversity and quality of restarants. Streets are dirty1886 07/09/2012 28/10/1993 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) - La proprete laisse a desirer et les odeurs danscertains endroits, la securite, les sdf sont de plus en© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 18

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstanceplus nombreux.1885 07/09/2012 02/09/2012 > 60 France La grand place, l'architecture, les gens sont tresaimables, les parcs sont tres sympa et il y a un grandnombre d'activites sympa pour les enfants.Les transports en publics ne sont pas tres efficaces, etil est dur de trouver son chemin dans la ville1884 06/09/2012 04/09/2012 > 60 France Grand place, les specialites locales, avenue louise -1883 06/09/2012 06/09/2012 30-40 Belgium (Wallonia) Le bio est tres accessible et les expos sont de qualité L insecurite generale, Pas assez d'expos1882 06/09/2012 05/09/2012 40-60 Republic of Ireland The atmosphere, Bars and restaurants close early1881 06/09/2012 04/09/2012 30-40 Germany The atmosphere, lot of things happening at the sametime, the eurpoean institutions, the city center isreally nice1880 06/09/2012 06/09/2012 40-60 France La population belge, l evolution postive de la ville engeneral, l'art de vivre.The city looks really poor in some parts and that isstrange when we realize that a lot of money iscoming into Brussels.Diminution de la population belge a Bruxelles1879 06/09/2012 05/09/2012 40-60 France - Le traffic, les batiments tres élevés dans les petitesrues donne un peu l impression d etouffer.1878 06/09/2012 06/09/2012 18-30 United Kingdom Architecture, there are still good local companies,restaurants in Brussels even in the touristic area.1876 06/09/2012 04/09/2012 40-60 France Grand place, art nouveau, les transports sontefficaces, facilité de trouver des hotels.Not very clean (buildings, streets). Around the midistation is very bad.Le côté très touristique du centre (grand place etalentours)1875 06/09/2012 05/09/2012 18-30 France - Les transports sont chers1874 06/09/2012 06/09/2012 18-30 France Musee du palais royal, la gastronomie, sympa a courtterme.1872 06/09/2012 05/09/2012 40-60 France L accueil des habitants, ville a taille humaine, Tresbeaux parcs.Offices de tourisme sont mal indiques, les quartiersautour des gares sont sales et tres glauques, pas malde quartiers devraient etre renoves.Le manque de vieux quartiers, elle a un peu perduson âme1871 06/09/2012 05/09/2012 30-40 France Les gens sont sympa, le musee de la bd -1870 06/09/2012 06/09/2012 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) Ville qui a une histoire, grand place tres belle, grandeville a taille humaine, tout est près.La ville est sale, ville de moins en moins belge,flamande et europeenne.1869 06/09/2012 20/08/1994 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Les concerts, la vie nocturne, les expos de photos Les transports en commun1868 05/09/2012 05/09/2012 40-60 France Le multiculturalisme Hôtel pres de la gare du Luxembourg où le personnelne parle pas du tout francais.1867 05/09/2012 05/09/2012 18-30 France Grand place, les rues alentours, la gastronomie, laville en generalLes gens ne sont pas très ouverts, manque detolerance, le service des transports publics n est pasassez efficace,1865 05/09/2012 01/03/2004 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) La gentillesse des gens -1863 05/09/2012 05/09/2012 18-30 France L accueil des gens, ouverture des gens, ils discutentfacilement.1862 05/09/2012 02/09/2012 > 60 United Kingdom Grand place, the renovation, the shops, there is notourist hassel, nice city, the parlement, a lot ofoutdoor restaurants1860 05/09/2012 03/09/2012 30-40 France Les gens sont tres accueillants, atmosphere calme etsans agressivite-Streets are dirty around the stations and otherplaces, Toilets chargedDifficulte de trouver une carte de Bruxelles. Site pourle tourisme belge pas bien fait.1859 05/09/2012 03/09/2012 18-30 France la Villa lorraine, les brasseries en general. Manque de restaurants, de petites boulangeries oumagasins de nourriture locaux dans la centre.1858 05/09/2012 04/09/2012 40-60 France Ma ville en general, bonne atmosphere, differentsquartiers a decouvrir, les prix sont abordables parrapport a d autres capitales, bon choix, bon rapportqualite/prix.1857 05/09/2012 04/09/2012 18-30 France Bonne impression générale même au dela de mesattentes.--1856 05/09/2012 30/08/2012 > 60 France Les parcs, la verdure, facilite de se deplacer a pied. Certains quartiers de bruxelles sont devenus de "no© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 19

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstanceman's land"1855 05/09/2012 31/08/2012 > 60 France Beaucoup d amelioration de la ville en general. -1854 04/09/2012 02/09/2012 18-30 Germany Map for young travelers, very easy to go around withthe map. Grand place, beer, french frites, waffles.1853 04/09/2012 04/09/2012 18-30 Spain The people, the signposting is good and easy tounderstand,1852 04/09/2012 02/09/2012 18-30 United States The historic places are really beautiful, thearchitecture.1851 04/09/2012 20/08/2012 30-40 Spain Everything very well organised, there are a lot ofparks and green areas, friendly people, and one feelssafety. The chocolate is really excellent and I had theopportunity to taste many types of beer. Thearchitecture is very interesting, I liked very much theGrand Place and its surroundings.We can't visit the parlement, the parlamentariumwasn't interesting-The people are cold, they don't smile, hard to findbrochures in english, free wifi hard to findI almost didn't find anything in Spanish. Almost allthe touristic guides, flyers, trips were in english,french, german. The touristic bus was practicaly theonly one which provided an (audio) guide in spanish,but there is a problem with the earphones: theircable is too short and that makes them veryuncomfortable. I would have also liked it to circulateuntill 20,00h and not to have so high windows in theupper part, as this doesn't allow you to make photosand they can't be done through the window as theseones are dirty because of the dust in the street. Infact there is necesary more cleaning in some of thesebuses (in one of them there was even a spider verycomfortable intalled with its web)1850 04/09/2012 04/09/2012 40-60 Australia The architecture, the buildings The fact that we can smoke in cafe's1848 04/09/2012 20/08/2012 30-40 Spain I was really impressed by the EU Institutions, theclean, safety, order and organisation in Brussels ingeneral and also in the Schuman Area (were ourhotel was), the green attitude of the people. I fall inlove with the Exki restaurants, it was the first time Isaw a chain of bio restaurants and the food wasgreat. Our hotel has also a green attitude and freewi-fi always. I was also impressed to see that all thepeople speak 2-3 foreign languages. I really feltsafety, and loved that high-level atmosfhere createdby the educational level of the people and thepresence of the EU institutions and its functioneers.In the Schuman area there weren't enough signals forthe train station, metro station, etc., so it was prettydificult for us to find them (we had to ask the peopleon the street, taxi drivers, etc.). I also expected moreinformations from the audio guide in the touristicbus and a larger schedule of this one. There weren'tenough restaurants in the Schuman area and the fewones were pretty expensive.1847 04/09/2012 04/09/2012 30-40 India The fashion, the weather and food Not a lot of public wash rooms, more pamphlet inenglish, it s hard to find information in english.1846 04/09/2012 03/09/2012 18-30 United Kingdom Beer, the weather, dali exhibition Hard to find a free wifi even in cafe's1845 04/09/2012 03/09/2012 18-30 Spain The monuments, the atmosphere, the bars, thepeople are very friendly1844 04/09/2012 03/09/2012 18-30 France C est facile de se balader a pied dans le centre d unendroit a l autre tout est proche, les petits bars enarriere-cour. La gastronomie facile, possibilite desnack jusqu a pas d heure.-Fermeture des musees a 17h, c est trop tot, pas letemps de faire deux musees dans l apres midi.1843 04/09/2012 04/09/2012 18-30 United States Food, the hospitality of the taxi driver -1842 04/09/2012 03/09/2012 40-60 Australia Old part of brussels Multiculturalism1841 04/09/2012 03/09/2012 30-40 Canada Nice to walk around, easy to go from one place toanother by foot and it's a beautiful city.Hard to get around by transportation, hard tounderstand the way to use it, the signposting is hardespecially from the central station to the hotel andbad signposting for the tourist offices, they are hardto find.1840 04/09/2012 02/09/2012 40-60 Brazil - -1839 04/09/2012 26/08/2012 40-60 France Les restaurants, le patrimoine, l architecture, Les poubelles dans les rues, et le manque dinformation quant au passage des camions poubelles1838 03/09/2012 28/07/2012 40-60 Netherlands Many good museums - Great food and even betterbeer - Wonderful beautiful city centerVery very dirty train and metro stations(Midi/Bourse/Rogier) - Trash all over the city(cleaning once in 2 weeks ???) - All trash binsoverflowing.... (seemingly never emptied) - Garbagesacs everywhere - Underground stinks like thesewers - Unpleasant!© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 20

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1837 01/09/2012 25/08/2012 40-60 Portugal - Poubelles, pas assez de nettoyage des rues.1836 01/09/2012 27/08/2012 40-60 Sweden The atmosphere, the beer, the festival of belgianbeer, the food-1835 01/09/2012 21/08/2012 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Villo service Trafic jams in the small streets, the center is toocommercial.1834 01/09/2012 30/08/2012 18-30 Colombia Parc de Bruxelles, quartier de l hippodrome, les parcsen general-1833 01/09/2012 30/06/1966 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) Grand place, l atomium, la "tentation" Le manque de civilité des gens en voiture, le nonrespect du code de la route assez general.1832 01/09/2012 01/09/2012 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) Grand place, o'reilly's, l atomium La manque de civilité de certaines personnes.1831 01/09/2012 31/08/2012 40-60 United Kingdom - -1830 01/09/2012 01/09/2012 30-40 Mexico Grand place There are some dirty parts of the city with a lot ofgarbages1829 01/09/2012 29/08/2012 30-40 United States Grand place, waffles, easy to communicate with thepeople because they alls speak well english1828 01/09/2012 31/08/2012 30-40 Canada L'ambiance festive, la biere, et specialites locales,l'amabilité des gens1827 01/09/2012 31/08/2012 30-40 United Kingdom Grand place, the architecture, the waffles, therestaurants in general.1826 01/09/2012 31/08/2012 18-30 Netherlands Waffles, and the smells of waffles in the street, thearchitecture, the gardens, the beauty of the citySignposting in the public transports is really bad--The history information of the buildings is not easy tofind. Not a lot people speak english.1825 01/09/2012 31/08/2012 18-30 Lithuania The architecture. -1824 31/08/2012 15/08/2012 > 60 United Kingdom The carpet was of customarily excellence.Experience at La Barcamoule restaurant [SteCatherine] was very special.1823 31/08/2012 30/08/2012 18-30 France Les produits locaux, le prix de la biere, le centre esttres beau et intéressantAbsolute disappointment with condition and accessof bedroom [subject of separate correspondence].Dur de trouver des informations en espagnol, lesmetros sont sales1822 31/08/2012 31/08/2012 > 60 France Grand place, la ville est propre et agreable. -1821 31/08/2012 29/08/2012 18-30 United Kingdom Atomium (structure and the concept), the botaniquegardens, royal palais (free), grand place is beautiful,beer festival, the weatherBotanique (you have to take more care of it), publictoilets are charged, grand place is congesting becauseof the beer festival, the royal park.1820 31/08/2012 28/08/2012 18-30 Morocco Grand place, Schuman, Atomium -1819 30/08/2012 30/08/2012 40-60 France - Degradation de la securité, la ville n'est pas trespropre, beaucoup de quartiers magnifiques devraientêtre restaurés1818 30/08/2012 06/01/2012 18-30 France Velib, metro Les travaux dans toute la ville1817 30/08/2012 01/09/2001 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Cheap to live here, good night life, food andrestaurants are good.It's not very clean and the public transports are notvery good1814 30/08/2012 29/08/2012 18-30 France La maison Autrique, la restauration L'état d'insalubrité des immeubles autour de laGrand Place1811 30/08/2012 01/09/1960 > 60 Belgium (Brussels) Tapis de fleurs La détérioration des immeubles dans la ville1810 30/08/2012 29/08/2012 30-40 Netherlands Geen. De straten zijn vies - schoonmakers staan tebabbelen met een kruiwagen in plaats van schoon temaken. Neem een voorbeeld aan Amsterdamcentrum, daar worden alle straten 2x daagsschoongemaakt met minder personeel. Politie komtniet uit auto, nergens zie je politie op straat, allen inhun auto zittend. Geeft onveilig gevoel. Spreken ookgeen Nederlands, lijkt het. Overal zwervers enalcolholisten. En veel criminaliteit.1809 30/08/2012 28/08/2012 40-60 United Kingdom Parlementarium, strip performers, food is very good,people very calm and friendly, multiculturalism, noToilets charged, food is expensive© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 21

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodhostilityVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstanceToilets charged, food is expensive1807 30/08/2012 30/08/2012 40-60 United Kingdom Magritte exhibition, christmas fair, No maps of the metro's or hard to find and hard touse the metro's, no free internet? You have to payfor the wifi in the hotels,1806 30/08/2012 30/08/2012 30-40 Finland Multiculturalism, -1805 30/08/2012 29/08/2012 40-60 United Kingdom Grand place -1804 30/08/2012 01/12/2006 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) The atomium, the parc of schuman is really good forhanging out, do some sport, the climate, theenvironement, the interraction of people.Some areas are not really nice and interesting.1803 30/08/2012 27/08/2012 40-60 United Kingdom The food, the beer. The road condition, hard to walk around the state ofit is not good. Hard to go around with the bagsbecause of it.1801 30/08/2012 29/08/2012 40-60 United Kingdom The lifestyle of the people, the restaurants, there is alot of accommodation, the hotels are cheap, the cityhas improved in a fast pace.1800 29/08/2012 29/08/2012 > 60 Germany The taxi driver called the hotel to say that we hadforgotten our bag to give it back.Signposting on the roads, it's really hard to go by carin the city. Signposting in the train station, theindications are too small. Customer care shouldimprove, you don't feel they really want to help you.-1799 29/08/2012 28/08/2012 18-30 Korea - Hard to understand the place names1798 29/08/2012 25/08/2012 30-40 Spain Comision europea ,centro ciudad catedral, Pagar por utilizar los banos1797 29/08/2012 28/08/2012 18-30 France L'ambiance dans le centre ville, -1796 29/08/2012 27/03/2007 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) Music festivals, sunny days, Bois de la Cambre whenit's sunny and there is a lot of peopleAttitude of some people at some hours in the center,the service general is very bad, bad drivers, reallyselfish on the roads1795 29/08/2012 27/08/2012 18-30 Germany Everyone speak really good english, choice of shops Feeling insecure in the city1794 29/08/2012 28/08/2012 30-40 Turkey The city is great in general, the historical places isvery nice, belgian beer, the city is very green, thepark of brussels.1793 29/08/2012 25/08/2012 18-30 Other Grand place, atomium, the whole center is reallynice, good experience in general1792 29/08/2012 29/08/2012 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) Bezoek paleis: open voor publiek, gratis. Zeer leukeexpo voor kids1791 29/08/2012 27/08/2012 40-60 Italy The architecture, the food, the beer, the importanceof the european parlement it brings moreopportunities in relations, jobs,...1790 29/08/2012 27/08/2012 40-60 United Kingdom Easy to walk around because the beautiful places areclosed from each other, grand place, the architecturein the center, good atmosphere and the people arenice, it s a calm city1789 29/08/2012 15/08/2012 40-60 France enjoying grand place with a praline or withstrawberry with chocolate - green parks, like park ducinquantenaire1788 29/08/2012 27/08/2012 18-30 Italy City very beautiful, the architecture, the atmosphere,it exceeds my expectations in general1787 29/08/2012 27/08/2012 > 60 France Les parcs, beaucoup de verdure, ville tres verte, lesmonuments, l'architectureToo many people asking for money, not really cleancompared to other european cities, people not reallypolite, too much diversity of peopleManneken pis, amabilty of the staff in the publictransports is really bad-Very expensive to live here, the streets are dirty.Opening times of the tourist officespublic transport : metro is under developed, notenough frequencies, waiting too long, tram is tooslow. If you need 1 bus/tram + 1 metro you forget it,you have to take a taxi, especially in the evening andin the night - not feeling secure in the city--1786 29/08/2012 28/08/2012 18-30 Argentina The size of the city makes it easier to walk around. Opening times of the tourist offices1785 29/08/2012 24/08/2012 30-40 Spain Grand place, the royal palais and the royal parc Jeanneken pis1784 29/08/2012 27/08/2012 18-30 Japan Grand place, Magritte museum -1783 29/08/2012 23/09/1993 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Facilite de se deplacer dans la ville, a pied, velo ou Sentiment d insecurite.© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 22

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodtransports publics.VISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstanceSentiment d insecurite.1782 29/08/2012 19/08/2012 30-40 China Our hotel, flower carpet, Palais Royal, Gallery Comics museums, Brugge, Maasmechelen Village1781 28/08/2012 19/08/2012 18-30 Poland The atmosphere, the multiculuralism, grand place,the parlementarium, the restaurants are generalyreally good here and the diversity of it.The dirtyness of the streets, the garbages.1780 28/08/2012 14/05/1956 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) Facilite de deplacement, ville tranquille, conviviale, -1779 28/08/2012 22/08/2012 < 18 Spain Beaucoup de verdure, d'espaces verts. Le nombre demaisons, ce qui est rare dans une capitale.Passage du metro jusque gare centrale est tres sale,l'eclairage fonctionne pas bien, l'etat des murs, sol etplafond est dramatique.1778 28/08/2012 28/08/2012 18-30 Turkey Waffles, buildings, the architecture, Hard to find a wifi1777 28/08/2012 27/08/2012 40-60 France La ville de maniere generale, la gastronomie, leshopping, les monuments, des beaux quartiersproches les uns des autres.1776 28/08/2012 28/08/2012 18-30 France Ville propre et belle, il n y a pas de coins laisses pourcompte1775 28/08/2012 26/08/2012 18-30 Poland Very nice architecture, design, everyhing is very niceto look at, city very alive1774 28/08/2012 28/08/2012 40-60 United States Grand Place, the buildings and the architecture, theshops, the cleanliness, the people in the shops reallynice-Rue des Bouchers trop touristique et elle gache lepatrimoine alentour.--1773 28/08/2012 28/08/2012 18-30 United Kingdom Grand place Staff doesn't always speak english1772 28/08/2012 26/08/2012 18-30 Russia People very connectible, very helpful, the attitudewith the tourists is quite good.1771 28/08/2012 28/08/2012 40-60 United Kingdom Architecture, the magritte museum, waffles,multiculturalisme and the atmosphere, more relaxway of lifeThe signposting is really hard, accessibility for thedisabled peopleThe signposting is really bad, hard to find the centerfrom the midi station1770 28/08/2012 26/08/2012 > 60 France Grand place, les gens sont ts accueillants. La signalisation dans la ville est tres mauvaise. Lechangement des noms de lieux est fort troublant.1768 28/08/2012 25/08/2012 18-30 Italy Les promenades nocturnes sont assez sympa, grandplace super belle et le quartier du sablon tresrustique.1767 28/08/2012 26/08/2012 > 60 France Grand Place, l'accueil des gens, les parcs, l'atomium,la restauration est bonne dans l ensemble.Les gens sont froids et l'insecurité est trop presente.La signalisation dans les transports, manque depersonnel dans les transports publics et stations,manque de signalisation dans la ville, dur de trouverles offices de tourisme ou meme de les voir? manqued4indication claire. Dans les trains, manqued4information pour les offres de trains (thalys, ettrain inter-gare).1766 28/08/2012 28/08/2012 > 60 Germany Grand place, galerie Saint Hubert, the old town -1764 28/08/2012 25/08/2012 18-30 Slovakia City very interesting, staff always hospitable, Not enough signposting in english, only in french anddutch, really hard to find the way, climate,1763 28/08/2012 01/01/1965 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) Ville pas chere comparee a certaines ville, vienocturne pas chere, service de sante est bon, lesetudes sont bonnes, concerts.1761 25/08/2012 12/08/2012 18-30 Italy Les gens sont cool, Ils sont calmes, gentils, serviables,pas racistes1759 25/08/2012 25/08/2012 18-30 France Les prix sont plus abordables, l amabilite des gens,gaufres, biereClimat, la securite relative, le peu de melange entreles gens, c est tres gheto, manque de gestion de laville, beaucoup de possibilites mal exploitees. Leterme bruxelliser qui definit, chez les architectes, lefait de demolir quelque chose de tres beau pour enfaire un immeuble tres laid qui montre bien cettemauvaise tendance des bruxellois de gacher leurpatrimoine.Quartiers pas bien, manque de securite parfoisFermeture des musees un peu tot1757 25/08/2012 24/08/2012 30-40 Germany Old centre, old buildings Signposting on the roads, cleanliness of public areasis not good in some places. Prices are high© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 23

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1755 25/08/2012 15/05/2012 18-30 France Te deum et le defilé le 21/07/2012, musee dessciences naturellesLe tapis de fleurs, Coudenberg mal fait, mal organisé.1754 25/08/2012 25/08/2012 30-40 France - Manque de grandes expositions.1752 25/08/2012 25/08/2012 18-30 France La serviabilite des gens en general L'accueil par les neerlandophones dans les magasinsrestaurants, transports... envers les francophones,1751 25/08/2012 25/08/2012 18-30 United Kingdom Waffles, beer, see food, -1748 25/08/2012 28/12/1924 > 60 Belgium (Brussels) Le multiculturalisme, ville vivante, beaucoupd'évènements et activites1747 25/08/2012 23/08/2012 30-40 France L'amabilite des gens, ils parlent tres facilement, ilssont souriants, dans les commerces on peut goutergratuitement sans devoir acheter, les prix sont plusabordables qu'a Paris.Manque de civilité dans les transports en commun,les ghettos, problemes de logement et de travailpour pas mal de gens dans la ville, pas assez d'écoles,manque d'aide a l'integration, et augmentationdemographique de la ville avec les problemes que caentraine.Les heures et dates d'ouverture ne sont pasindiquees1746 25/08/2012 23/08/2012 18-30 China The people are really friendly, and ready to help Hard to find informations in english1745 25/08/2012 05/03/2012 18-30 France Gauffres, la mentalite des gens, l accueil des locaux,le parler belgeLe climat, peu de petits commerces pres yser et dansle centre en general.1744 25/08/2012 13/08/2012 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) - -1742 24/08/2012 18/08/2012 18-30 Republic of Ireland Les folles nuits passees au you night club lesdimanches!!! a garder!Des clubs echangistes pas chelou !!1740 24/08/2012 23/03/1988 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) La ville en general, l ambiance Salete dans la ville, manque de securite1739 24/08/2012 21/08/2012 40-60 Lithuania Architecture of grand place -1734 24/08/2012 22/08/2012 < 18 Netherlands You night club, Delirium Geen fietspaden1733 24/08/2012 22/08/2012 40-60 Portugal Grand place, beaucoup de verdure, Les glaces et lesgauffres,Salete dans la ville1732 24/08/2012 28/11/1993 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Les bars dans le centre, le campus de l ulb, Transports en communs, proprete des espacespublics tres mauvaise, trop de trafic1731 24/08/2012 23/08/2012 > 60 Netherlands Grote markt heel speciaal, architectuur, onderhoudvan de historisch erfgoed, stad heel netjes, dearchitectuur van de winkels en gebouw zijn origineel.Plentjes, marolles, place du jeu de balle, rue blaes.-1730 24/08/2012 24/08/2012 < 18 Belgium (Flanders) Multiculturalism, shopping -1728 24/08/2012 22/08/2012 30-40 United Kingdom Beaux arts museum, green spaces, -1727 24/08/2012 23/08/2012 18-30 France Monuments sont beaux, l architecture. L information touristique est mauvaise, heures douvertures des bureaux d information, signalisationdans la ville tres mauvaise.1726 23/08/2012 01/01/1994 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Brussels summer festival, gay pride MIVB, netheid in de straten, toegankelijkheid voorgehandicapten1725 23/08/2012 01/01/2002 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) Grand place, brote house, museum of chocolate andmuseum of belgian beer, good worth seeing, bestlove capital of europe.People are not hospitable, not clean it s not normalfor a capital of Europe.1724 23/08/2012 21/08/2012 > 60 Spain L ambiance de la journee, les gens sont aimbales, A l'hôtel, ils font des travaux des 8h du matin, lachambre est tres petite et la salle de bain presqueinaccessible , vie nocturne faible pour les personnesde plus de 40 ans1723 23/08/2012 22/08/2012 18-30 Estonia Some views from the buildings are really beautiful The city is not clean1722 23/08/2012 23/08/2012 30-40 Belgium (Flanders) - Steets are really dirty, in the stations there are a lotof bad smells1721 23/08/2012 01/09/1962 > 60 Belgium (Brussels) Grand place -© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 24

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1720 23/08/2012 24/04/2012 30-40 Belgium (Wallonia) Les serres étaient magnifique mais je n'y remettraisplus les pieds !!!!1719 23/08/2012 30/03/2011 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) La vie nocturne, beaucoup de musees, qualite de vieest tres bonne1717 23/08/2012 10/07/2012 40-60 Other The positive atmosphere of the city The people'skindness, hospitality, and helpfulness Availability ofEnglish books (the huge bookstore Waterstone's)Vibrancy of the city at any time of the dayMulticulturalism/multilingualism Shopping variety,hotel staff politeness, Taxi drivers' impeccable andfair behavior. Clean city Excellent hotels andrestaurants, great food selection.Great airportservices.1716 23/08/2012 09/02/2012 18-30 Lithuania Overall, Brussels is one of the most wonderful citiesin Europe - the city is simply gorgeous! I've stayedfew times at this hotel (Centre Ste Catherine), andthe staff always was wonderful and helpful. Ingeneral, people in Brussels (not only staff of hotel orother places but people in general) are very helpfuland incredibly nice. Also, the staff of Godiva shop atthe Grand Place is beyond perfect - there were 2times when me and my friend bought sweets there,and every time we left a shop with so much sunshineinside. One time I got strawberries in chocolate forfree in this shop because I said how much I adoreBrussels, and other time we got one dip ofstrawberries for free as a gift for tourists! This waswonderful.Le 29 avril 2012 un ami m'a conduit au serres delaeken pour me faire plaisir ( je suis handicapées ) onc'est garé dans la rue de la fontaine sainte anne carpas de parking adapté aux personnes à mobilité ...On pensait qu'on pouvait se garer !!! Car rienn'indiquait le contraire ... qu'elle ne fut pas passtupéfaction quand la personne qui m'a accompagném'a annoncé avoir un pv :( qu'on a contesté enexplicant mon handicap ici on vient d'annoncer qu'ilfaut payer !!! Donc je suis dégoutée de cela on m'afait plaisir on m'a conduit et la personne estpénalisée .... Quand je vois dans les autres pays lesmusées etc sont gratuits, ici on doit tout payer et ona même pas une foutue place de parking Donc jesuis dégoutée-N/AThe only thing in Brussels that makes me feel little bitstressed is train station at the airport (arrival point).Every time I have to take a train to go to Brussels cityfrom the National Airport of Belgium and Brussels, Ifeel stressed if I will take the right train. There are nosigns on the train or at the train station which train isgoing to the city center, so I always have to ask for it.That's kind of stressful. Also, I would like to get moreinformation about tourists' services, including thepossibility to rent bike etc. - I didn't even know thatthere is a Tourist Desk at the Grand Place, and I havebeen to Brussels few times already!1715 23/08/2012 23/08/2012 18-30 Poland Beers, architecture -1714 23/08/2012 17/08/2012 > 60 Romania - Salete dans la ville1713 23/08/2012 22/08/2012 40-60 Italy - Dur de trouver les informations, la signalisation estmauvaise dans la ville, les gens sont assez froids, ilstirent la tete.1711 23/08/2012 20/08/2012 40-60 United Kingdom Beer, Waffles, the atmosphere in the center Prices in general, everything is expensive1710 23/08/2012 20/08/2012 40-60 Republic of Ireland Belgian people so friendly, infrastructure is verygood, Weather1708 22/08/2012 20/08/2012 40-60 United Kingdom Buildings, palais, architecture, sablon, localspecialities, chocolate shops1707 22/08/2012 22/08/2012 18-30 Germany Grand place, signposting in the centre is very good,feeling confortable, the atmosphere of the city, clean-No signposting in english, hard to find information ingeneral, people a little bit cold and not really funny,modern buildings spoiling the beautiful ones, staff inBouchers street.Not easy to find a map1705 22/08/2012 01/08/2012 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) Sociabilite des gens Sentiment d'insecurite1704 22/08/2012 22/08/2012 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) Le 21/07/2012, BSF, tapis de fleur, les evenements engeneral1703 22/08/2012 20/08/2012 18-30 Switzerland Diversity of things to see and visit, signposting verygood, easy to find the interesting places, everythingis very close to each other, easy to go from one placeto another.--1702 22/08/2012 19/08/2012 18-30 Israel Delirium, people are nice Toilets charged, bikes not available by credit cards© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 25

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1701 22/08/2012 20/08/2012 18-30 Germany Neighbourhood are very different in the city evenwhen there are closed to each other,parlementarium, Saint catherine place and saintgilles1700 22/08/2012 19/08/2012 > 60 United Kingdom The ambiance, good accomodation, easy to getaround with the transports, general impression ofthe places and people.North station and around a little bit scariing anddurty, the opening times of the parlementarium andthe fact that the guided tours are an obligationSmells in the toilets, they are not always clean.1699 22/08/2012 22/08/2012 18-30 Greece Place du sablon, MIM -1698 22/08/2012 22/08/2012 18-30 United Kingdom Grand place Manneken pis, Mini Europe, signposting not clear orjust not there.1697 22/08/2012 18/04/1993 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Grand place, l'amenagement de la ville. -1696 22/08/2012 20/08/2012 18-30 Canada Grand place and the areas around local specialities Garbage in the streets, the public transports, thesmells in some places1695 22/08/2012 18/08/2012 40-60 Italy - -1694 21/08/2012 21/08/2012 > 60 Belgium (Wallonia) Palais royal, parc royal. -1693 21/08/2012 15/09/2009 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) La vie nocturne, les animations Grand Place, les feuxd artifice du nouvel an.Beaucoup de mendiants.1692 21/08/2012 21/08/2012 40-60 Colombia City in general -1691 21/08/2012 01/01/1960 > 60 Belgium (Brussels) La convivialite des gens dans la ville La salete dans la ville et specialement dans le centre1690 21/08/2012 15/07/2008 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Les espaces verts, ville qui bouge, tres beaupatrimoine, diversite culturelle1689 21/08/2012 17/08/2012 40-60 France Ville agreable, tres vivante et pas trop grande, on nes y sent pas trop perdu, on peut se deplacerrapidement et facilement dans la ville a pied ou entransports publics et facile d aller dans le reste dupays de bruxelles.1688 21/08/2012 21/08/2012 40-60 Canada Grand Place, architecture in general, Palais de Justiceand the areas around very clean and very well kept.Food, beer, chocolateLa ville pourrait bouger un peu plus, la politique destransports n est pas coherente, on pousse les gens ales utiliser mais ils sont chers et le systemes depayement est tres limite (que par monnaie, pasefficace, pas toujours clean), patrimoine mal gere-Cleanless of washrooms, no air conditioning,cleanliness of the city which is very bad. Toiletscharged.1687 21/08/2012 19/08/2012 30-40 France Chocolat et bière, belle ville. -1686 21/08/2012 01/10/2011 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) La sphere culturelle, beaucoup de choses innovanteset creatives, environnement inspirant1683 21/08/2012 03/08/2012 > 60 France La disponibilte des gens, le contact facil avecn'importe qui, la gentillesse. La verdure.Systeme politique avec les bourgemestres quin'agissent que dans leur propre interet et n aide pasa l'amelioration des communes dont ils sontresponsables. Ville absolument pas prevue pour lescyclistes, manque terrible de pistes cyclables.Le ramassage des poubelles: on risque une amendequand on sort les poubelles un peu trop tot, alorsqu'on a parfois pas le choix, les pavés.1682 21/08/2012 21/08/2012 40-60 Canada Lot of history things that look interesting. Really hard to find informations, bank, washrooms,not a lot of signage in English, and bagage1681 21/08/2012 21/08/2012 40-60 United Kingdom Chocolate -1680 21/08/2012 20/08/2012 18-30 France Les petits restaurants, les petites terrasses, les petitsquartiers charmants, les gens sont serviables,l'architecture, les maisons de maitresPas toujours tres propre.1679 21/08/2012 21/08/2012 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) Brussels summer festival Le taratata 2012, les pigeons1678 21/08/2012 21/08/2012 18-30 Netherlands MIM, leuke restaurants en cafe's, architecture, grotemarkt, goed sfeer in de stad.1677 20/08/2012 10/08/2012 40-60 France Très bonne organisation du Brussels Summer Festivalavec le pass qui rend accessible un nombre importantde musées : une vraie réussite pour ce festival mutli-Wachttijd op het zuidstation, een paar restaurantszijn helemaal niet goed, rond de zuidstation tijdensde nacht.-© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 26

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodculturel. Avec en bonus le flower carpet pourclôturer en beauté le séjour.VISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance-1675 18/08/2012 01/09/2010 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) - Les gens pas tres ouverts1674 18/08/2012 18/08/2012 18-30 Brazil - No air conditioner in the citytourbus and in otherplaces, not enough information in the train station(midi)1671 18/08/2012 18/08/2012 > 60 France Les jardins, les espaces verts un peu partout dans laville, l'accueil des gens en general et des gens dansles differents restaurants, magasins et autre.1670 18/08/2012 15/08/2012 18-30 United Kingdom Grand place, flower carpet, prices in the shops, localspecialtiesLes pavésOpening hours and days of some shops andrestaurants1669 18/08/2012 13/08/2012 > 60 United Kingdom - Les transports publics ne sont pas assez reguliers etsouvent en retard, les rues sont tres sales. Les gensqui profitent des services gratuits proposes par laville.1668 18/08/2012 15/07/1972 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) Climat, l'ambiance, la convivialite, lemulticulturalisme1667 18/08/2012 14/08/2012 18-30 France Le calme de la ville, les gens sont zen, plus aimablesqu'à Paris.Le probleme entre les neerlandophones etfrancophones.Amabilite du personnel dans les transports publics.1666 18/08/2012 18/08/2012 < 18 France Multiculturalisme, bon esprit, esprit bon enfant -1665 18/08/2012 15/08/2012 > 60 Germany Place Sainte Catherine, museum in the castel -1664 18/08/2012 18/08/2012 40-60 France Courtoisie des gens, les gens sont serviables, Signalisation dans la ville.1663 18/08/2012 15/08/2012 30-40 Spain La vie nocturne -1662 18/08/2012 23/12/1967 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) - Proprete dans le centre et dans la ville en general,certains quartiers risqués pour une femme touteseule.1660 18/08/2012 18/08/2012 18-30 France Les bars. Le patrimoine culturel, centre ville Le personnel dans certains restaurants (rue desbouchers).1658 18/08/2012 12/08/2012 18-30 France Brussels summer festival, grand place, l'ambiance, lesgens sont sympa.1657 18/08/2012 25/04/2012 > 60 France Visite du musée des beaux arts, des serres royales,city tour, redécouverte des bâtiments crées parVictor Horta,l'éternelle Grand place et les galeriesavoisinantes.1656 17/08/2012 17/08/2012 18-30 Belgium (Flanders) Beaucoup d'evenements gratuits, les sculpturestempotaires dans la rue a certains endroits, lemulticulturalisme.1655 17/08/2012 26/04/2012 > 60 France Toujours 1 plaisir d'aller au musée des beaux arts,City tours (bus rouge) intéressant. Quelques bonsrestaurants près de la place Sainte Catherine.1654 17/08/2012 17/08/2012 30-40 United Kingdom Authentic road, the buildings, art nouveau, cathedraland the churchs in general, food and events are reallygood, good atmosphere1653 17/08/2012 17/08/2012 18-30 Netherlands Exhibitions, number of parks, we can use the bikes, alot of them are available-Notre hôtel ressemble plus à une usine qu'autrechose,le "français" y est très peu parlé, même si c'estune holding américaine, le minimum est d'avoir dupersonnel compétant sachant s'exprimer dans les 2langues + l'anglais bien entendu. Saleté et trous dansles rues, façades des immeubles noires!Ambiance dans les metros, les odeurs dans certainsendroits, toilettes payantes.Cafés du centre ville vieillots et un peu sinistres! Larue Neuve était en plein travaux! Côté "théâtre" pasbeaucoup de choix, on s'y est pris trop tard.--1651 17/08/2012 17/08/2012 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) - Vuiligheid, mensen zijn agressief, te veel mensen nietlegal1650 17/08/2012 17/08/2012 40-60 Italy L'ambiance, les attractions et evenements, Trop cosmopolite1646 17/08/2012 01/02/2012 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Multiculturalism Prejudice1645 17/08/2012 15/08/2012 18-30 United Kingdom Flower carpet, architecture, parks, chocolate, thecalm, culture and exhibitionsDifferent names of the streets (dutch and french).Not a lot of maps in the city. And when you find© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 27

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstancesome they are confusing, attractions are reallyspread out, hard to go from one place to another1640 17/08/2012 17/08/2012 30-40 France - Trop de mixite, insecurite, la mentalite assez fermedes belges1639 16/08/2012 16/08/2012 30-40 Belgium (Flanders) Concerts, boutiques, les specialites etrangeresdisponiblesLe manque de parkings gratuits1635 16/08/2012 11/07/2012 18-30 Spain The atmosphere of the city in general The weather, the service in the bars and restaurantstoo slow and the amability of the staff1634 16/08/2012 15/08/2012 18-30 France Accueil des gens tres bon pour une grande ville, lesgens sont tres aimables et serviables en general.Ville sale, transports publics fort cher encomparaison a d autres grandes villes europeennes,la difference de prix des restaurants dans le centre eten dehors.1633 16/08/2012 13/08/2012 40-60 France Ville ou l on peut circuler a pied agreablement Signalisation dans la ville est pas très bonne, dur detrouver les arrets de metro et de bus, manque dindication quant a la loclisation du musee magritte,dans mes zones touristiques, la qualite desrestaurants est tres mediocre (restaurant au signeblanc a la grand place ne respecte pas lesreservations).1632 16/08/2012 01/09/1999 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) Ville multiculturelle, ville très intéressante au niveauartistique, tout le monde vient d ailleurs donc tout lemonde est chez soi.1631 16/08/2012 16/08/2012 30-40 France Tapis de fleur, diversite des restaurants.Architecture, ville propre1630 16/08/2012 14/07/2012 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Ville cosmopolite, les gens sont ouverts etsympathiques1629 16/08/2012 08/08/2012 40-60 France Les espaces verts, proprete, sentiment d amour deshabitants envers leur ville, gentillesse et disponibilitedes gens.Qualite de l'air, bruit des travaux toujours partout etla poussière et propreté dans les rues et beaucoup devoitures dans la ville.Signalisation dans la ville, dur de trouver son chemin.--1628 16/08/2012 05/11/2005 > 60 France Grand place, l'ambiance en général, la convivialité -1627 16/08/2012 16/08/2012 > 60 Belgium (Flanders) - Une femme d'un cafe gare du midi (en face Eurostar)a frappé une mandiante violemment, prenant le rolede la police, du juge et du bourreau1625 16/08/2012 04/06/2012 18-30 Switzerland Evening night in a bar and helpfull people at thehotel.1624 16/08/2012 16/08/2012 30-40 France Grand place, architecture, ambiance generale de laville, des habitants.Tourism Office where the staff wasn't really helpfulas we arrived at 17h50. We lost quite a lot of time tofind a hotel and spent more money than expected forit. The hotel made a nice gesture though by offeringus breakfast as they understood we were a littledesperate (well, tired...)Un peu petit.1623 16/08/2012 16/08/2012 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) Grote markt Mensen die leven in de straat1622 16/08/2012 13/08/2012 18-30 France Cadre, tranquilité des gens et les prix (pas cher pourune capitale)Grand Place parfois inaccessible a cause du monde,les touristes sont concentres tous au meme endroit.1621 16/08/2012 16/08/2012 40-60 United Kingdom Accessibility is very good -1619 16/08/2012 16/08/2012 18-30 Belgium (Flanders) Veel exposities -1618 16/08/2012 14/08/2012 18-30 Germany The center -1617 16/08/2012 01/01/2008 > 60 Belgium (Brussels) - Si vous aimez le taboulé libanais, n'allez surtout paschez Yasmina, rue Marché aux Fromages: 5€ pour unplat immangeable!1616 15/08/2012 25/07/2012 18-30 Belgium (Flanders) L'ambiance, accueil des gens, ils sont calmes -1615 15/08/2012 28/07/2012 30-40 Other Architecture of the city, the city is clean, thehistorical center-1614 15/08/2012 14/08/2012 18-30 Chile Flower carpet, local specialties, beer! Signposting out of the center, no signposting to say© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 28

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstancewhere is the center, between the midi station andthe center, a lot of the same things in the center(shops), no possibility of using international creditcards.1612 15/08/2012 10/08/2012 40-60 France Les espaces verts et les rues Transports en commun1610 15/08/2012 15/08/2012 18-30 France Architecture, tapis de fleurs Pas tres fleuri1608 15/08/2012 08/08/2012 18-30 France Atomium, Oceade, stade du roi Baudoin, Temps d attente des transoprts1607 15/08/2012 15/08/2012 30-40 Brazil - Distance de l aeroport, hotel pres du parc leopoldsans transport public a proximite. Temperatures enhiver1606 15/08/2012 13/08/2012 40-60 France Centre historique Peu de rehabilitation des batiments, on detruit duvieux beau pour construire du nouveau laid.1605 15/08/2012 15/08/2012 18-30 France - Amabilite du personnel dans les transports publics(trams, bus, metros et trains surtout).1604 15/08/2012 15/08/2012 > 60 United Kingdom Grand place, manneken pis, walking in the center,everything is in a small areaThe streets are not really clean.1603 15/08/2012 01/01/2001 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Specialites locales -1602 15/08/2012 13/08/2012 18-30 France Specialites locales, un peu un Berlin francophone, lesgens sont cool, ambiance dans la ville. Ville belle,quartier Saint Gilles.1600 15/08/2012 14/08/2012 30-40 France Accueil des locaux, ils sont serviables, patrimoineculturel, il y a une amelioration de la ville generale.-Pas assez de toilettes publiques et elles sontpayantes.1599 15/08/2012 12/08/2012 18-30 United Kingdom Local specialities, restaurants -1598 15/08/2012 15/08/2012 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) L art de vivre Insécurité1597 15/08/2012 15/08/2012 18-30 Belgium (Flanders) Evenements sont bien (foire du midi) Les filles dans les vitrines, gare du nord.1596 14/08/2012 05/02/1987 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Les bars Les transports en commun et peu d accessibilite pourles personnes a mobilite reduite1595 14/08/2012 13/08/2012 18-30 France Les musees. Le musee Magritte Le prix des transports1594 14/08/2012 14/08/2012 18-30 France Architecture, l'ambiance generale, les gens Signalisation en voiture. Pas assez d indication pourles lieux1592 14/08/2012 14/08/2012 > 60 France Cote bon enfant a Bruxelles qui reste une ville pastrop grande, facile de faire tout a pied grace a laproximite des sites, convivialite dans les barsSignalisation dans la ville1589 14/08/2012 01/08/2012 18-30 United Kingdom - People not nice in the city1588 14/08/2012 14/08/2012 > 60 Belgium (Wallonia) Ommegang, tapis de fleur Proprete, changement negatif de la ville, securite,manque d'hygiene dans la rue des Bouchers et placeAgora1587 14/08/2012 31/07/2012 40-60 Brazil Grand place, Cinquentenaire Climate1586 14/08/2012 14/08/2012 30-40 Italy The center -1585 14/08/2012 08/08/2012 18-30 France Specialites locales -1584 14/08/2012 01/01/2006 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) Vie estudiantine est bonne a bruxelles. Qualite de viedans bruxelles en general et on en voit meme uneamelioration.1583 14/08/2012 15/02/1983 > 60 Belgium (Brussels) Attractivite de Bruxelles de plus en plus grande auniveau estudiantinL'information est dure a trouver, elle ne vient pas anous, il faut pas mal la chercher.Probleme du logement, le prix. Beaucoup de sdf pourune capitale europeenne, pas assez de logementssociaux.1582 14/08/2012 10/08/2012 18-30 Turkey Center, the architecture -1581 14/08/2012 11/08/2012 18-30 Romania Architecture in the center, Brussels Summer Festival Transports finish around 12 o'clock, it s too early1580 14/08/2012 13/08/2012 18-30 France Ville agreable Mauvaises odeurs dans certaines rues© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 29

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1579 14/08/2012 14/08/2012 40-60 France Centre historique, parlementrium, palais royal,cathedrale, les bd sur les murs dans les rues. Galeriesaint hubert.1578 13/08/2012 04/08/2012 40-60 United Kingdom Great service and welcome at the hotel and greathelp at the Metro station by the staff. Great free triparound the Royal PalaceMusee de la bd manque un peu de dynamisne,bureau d'information dur à trouver à la gare du midi(mal indique), carte de la ville payante.Couldn't hire a Vilo bike unless you were a resident.This would be a great way for tourists to see the cityand they can do this in Paris and London1577 11/08/2012 10/08/2012 18-30 France Musee de la BD, architecture, bars -1576 11/08/2012 11/08/2012 40-60 France Que le centre soit un espace pietons -1575 11/08/2012 11/08/2012 18-30 Portugal The comics strips on the walls in the center -1573 11/08/2012 10/08/2012 18-30 Spain - No information in Spanish1572 11/08/2012 11/08/2012 < 18 Estonia Grand place Restaurants: there are rude1570 11/08/2012 10/08/2012 18-30 France Specialites locales, 21/07/2012 -1569 11/08/2012 11/08/2012 18-30 Belgium (Flanders) De sfeer in de stad Kleine straten1568 11/08/2012 04/09/2008 18-30 Belgium (Flanders) Multiculturalism It s not clean1567 11/08/2012 10/08/2012 18-30 United Kingdom Music festivals, food markets, bars, local specialities,well located compared to the country (in the center),nice see food restaurants, atmosphere, the events,activities, you can walk anywhere1564 11/08/2012 10/08/2012 40-60 United Kingdom Sainte Catherine place, the river, park royal, thechurches, the choir in English in the cathedral, Tintinon the walls in the streets, grafitti's on the walls1563 11/08/2012 01/07/2007 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Atmosphere isn't that buzy, The geography of thecity, gardens at the middle of the houses blockSupermarkets (choice is terrible), not a lot of cyclelines, music in the clubs.Museums beeing closed (Beaux Arts and museums oftransports), manneken pis, problem of information(staff of tourist office didnt know some museumswere closed)Climate1562 11/08/2012 01/07/2008 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) Ville internationale, cosmopolite Climat1559 10/08/2012 10/08/2012 30-40 United Arab Emirates Paleis bezoeken (goed voor kinderen en attractiefbelang), park van brussel (kunst verrassend engrappig)-1558 10/08/2012 10/08/2012 40-60 Netherlands Old buildings, the center , local specialities Miss of patience of the drivers, hard to drive in thecity, signposting and comportement of the drivers1557 10/08/2012 01/04/2012 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) Fete, jeunesse Comportement de certaines personnes (racisme)1556 10/08/2012 09/08/2012 18-30 Denmark Atmosphere in the city, it s cosy, architecture, oldbuildings-1555 10/08/2012 05/04/1967 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) - Bcp de sdf dans la rue. Plus de courtoisie (sensibiliserles gens a la politesse et au savoir vivre)1554 10/08/2012 10/08/2012 18-30 Spain Architecture, specialites locales On ne peut pas payer par carte dansles transportspublics, ni meme avec des billets superieurs a 5 euros1553 10/08/2012 10/08/2012 40-60 Spain Atomium, grand place -1552 10/08/2012 08/08/2012 30-40 United Kingdom The atmosphere in the city, the overall experience. The staff of the public transport should speak a bitenglish.1551 10/08/2012 10/08/2012 30-40 Belgium (Wallonia) Diversite culturelle ( restos, gens,...) Diversite culturelle pas toujours facile a gerer,accessibilite pour les personnes a mobilite reduite estdesastreuse, salete des espaces publics.1549 10/08/2012 10/08/2012 18-30 Czech Republic Buildings in the center, people are nice The reconstruction of a lot of buildings that stop usseeing it. Places too much touristic.1548 10/08/2012 01/03/2012 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Multiculturalism Intimidation of some people in some neighbourhood1546 10/08/2012 10/08/2012 18-30 Belgium (Flanders) Tooneelstuk vn john malkovich, the room isscreening, daensart wijken-1545 09/08/2012 08/08/2012 30-40 France Tapis de fleur, musee magritte, parc du Manque de renouvellement des musees© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 30

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodcinquentenaire, parcs en general, prix de restaurantspour une bonne qualite, aspect un peu village/villede bruxelles, beaucoup de charme.VISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstanceManque de renouvellement des musees1544 09/08/2012 23/06/2012 40-60 Switzerland Le meilleur moment c'est peut-être rare à dire, maisc'est au poste de police ou nous avons annoncé le volde nos vélos. Vraiment très aimable commerarement vu. Bon on a aussi aimé d'autres lieux plus"touristiques", trop nombreux à énumérer ici. Survotre conseil d'un camping, je reviens probablementau début septembre pour voir d'autres choses.1543 09/08/2012 29/06/2012 30-40 Germany classical music during new year, event in the metrostation (concert during april),1542 09/08/2012 06/08/2012 18-30 Italy Delirium, atomium, mini-europe, center, localsspecialities,Je n'ai pas trouvé de parking sécurisé, genrecontainer sécurisé à code, mon hôtel refusant lesvélos dans son propre parking ou un petit coin ou enchambre (vélos emballés)et ne proposant pas desolution. Conseil inexistant. TV en panne durantnotre séjour, fuite d'eau. Dans notre réservationnous avions mentionné notre arrivée en vélos, maisils ont perdus notre numéro de réservation quin'était même pas dans leur système informatique,attente 47 mn devant l'hôtel (une "faune" tournaitsans arrêt autour de notre moyen de transport).No free wifiCharged toilets, no free wifi not even in the trainstation, manneken pis1541 09/08/2012 09/08/2012 30-40 France Parcs, espaces verts Rues sont sales, l information est pas claire dans lestransports, problemes d indication.1540 09/08/2012 09/08/2012 40-60 France Accueil general sympa, amabilite des locaux Difficulte d acces a une wifi1539 09/08/2012 09/08/2012 30-40 Belgium (Flanders) Terrasjes, de sfeer in sommige wijken De sfeer in sommige wijken, straat agressie1538 09/08/2012 01/09/2008 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Vie pas chere, vie simple, vie nocturne -1535 09/08/2012 23/07/2012 18-30 France Centre, architecture, batiment, concerts, theatre Proprete dans la ville, pas assez de choses prevuespour les jeunes (theatre, concerts, il faudrait plusd'artistes jeunes )1534 09/08/2012 15/09/2009 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Ville zen, aussi cool qu une petite ville mais les côtéspratiques d'une grande ville, sans le stress, on peuttoujours trouver des services abordables (concerts,sorties, bars…)1531 09/08/2012 01/08/2006 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) Multiculturalisme et difference entre les quartiers,diversite d'environnements dans la ville, les parcs,foret de Soignes, bois de la CambreTransports en commun (leur rapport qualite prix: peude frequences et prix très élevés)Dur de trouver des services en neerlandais(medecine), saleté dans la ville.1530 09/08/2012 06/08/2012 18-30 France Foire du midi, vie nocturne, Batiments pas tres soignes1529 09/08/2012 09/08/2012 40-60 France Amelioration generale de la ville, magasins pres degare du nord1528 09/08/2012 09/08/2012 18-30 Germany L'ambiance dans la ville, l'architecture dans le centre,gastronomie, les boutiques1527 09/08/2012 06/08/2012 30-40 France Les différents centres commerciaux. Les institutionseuropéennes, les foires pendant l'été.-Ambiance un peu glauque dans certains quartiers, ilsont l'air sales et abandonnésLes informations sur le net pour les hotels sontparfois erronées et sur place ils ne savent pas yremédier, aucune sanction pour la fausse publicité. Ilfaudrait que les autorités responsables enquêtent àce sujet. Heures d'ouverture des magasins et desoffices de tourisme. La salubrité dans la ville.1526 08/08/2012 08/08/2012 18-30 France - Probleme d organisation generale1525 08/08/2012 06/08/2012 18-30 France Grand place, beaucoup de parcs, bandes dessineessur les murs dans la ville.1524 08/08/2012 02/08/2012 30-40 France Musee David et Alice van Buuren, Parlementarium,musee des sciences naturelles1521 08/08/2012 04/08/2012 18-30 Germany Museums, grand place, center, old houses,architecture, multiculturalism1520 08/08/2012 08/08/2012 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) De plus en plus d'espaces verts, l'ambiance engeneral dans la ville, ville vivanteBeaucoup de travaux partout, signalisation, villevieille (peu d'évolution comparé à certaines capitalesd'Europe), certains trams sont archaiques--Pas assez de mixité de nationalites dans les quartiers.Difficulté de trouver du logement, prix des logements1519 08/08/2012 06/08/2012 30-40 France - -© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 31

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1518 08/08/2012 01/05/2004 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) Multiculturalisme, mixite au niveau des commerces Entretien des zones d influence a ameliorer, pourcertains evenements, on ne pense pas a vider lespoubelles assez souvent, dépots clandestins danscertans quartiers pres du centre, manque de securité(petits delis et incivilitéq)1516 08/08/2012 08/08/2012 30-40 United States Consistency in quality of the restauration Trafic, its durty in the streets, signposting1515 08/08/2012 08/08/2012 40-60 France Les marchés, shopping, specialites locales -1514 08/08/2012 08/08/2012 18-30 Belgium (Flanders) Grote markt, jubelpark museum, zuidstation, metroverbindingenOnveiligheid in de stad en metro, manneken pis1513 08/08/2012 06/08/2012 18-30 Italy - Not enough shops1512 08/08/2012 04/08/2012 18-30 Norway Beer is good. -1511 08/08/2012 08/08/2012 40-60 France Amelioration globale de la ville. -1509 08/08/2012 06/08/2012 18-30 United States Hostel Distance between the different attractions and sites1508 08/08/2012 08/08/2012 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) Modernisation en cours. Propreté de la ville en general1505 07/08/2012 07/08/2012 18-30 Belgium (Flanders) Shopping, concerts Probleem met veiligheid1503 07/08/2012 07/08/2012 30-40 Belgium (Flanders) Maisons de maître, architecture, art nouveau Manque de vie des gens, difficulte de se garer1502 07/08/2012 01/09/2002 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) L ambiance de la ville en general, les gens, lemulticulturalisme.Dur de trouver des places dans le centre et parkingstres cher.1501 07/08/2012 07/08/2012 30-40 Belgium (Flanders) - Difficulty to find your way, signposting is not good.1499 07/08/2012 04/08/2012 30-40 France Architecture du MIM et du centre, Mont des Arts Toilettes payantes, dur de trouver une wifi gratuite1498 07/08/2012 07/08/2012 40-60 United Kingdom Center Hard to find information at the station, signposting inthe station.1497 07/08/2012 02/03/1990 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Evenements organises a bruxelles (bruxelles lesbains, BSF,...)Prix des parkings1495 07/08/2012 04/08/2012 40-60 United Kingdom Buildings, architecture, public transports, beers Streets are dirty, toilets charged1494 07/08/2012 05/08/2012 30-40 Spain Grand place, Châtelain place Underground old and dirty, difficulty to find the way1493 07/08/2012 07/08/2012 30-40 Denmark Architecture in the center -1490 07/08/2012 04/08/2012 30-40 United States Diversity of food/restaurants No free toilets, no free wifi in the streets1489 07/08/2012 30/07/2012 40-60 France Architecture, maisons Art Nouveau. -1488 07/08/2012 31/07/2012 18-30 Canada Specialites locales Accueil dans la gare du midi1487 04/08/2012 01/08/2012 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) Transports pas cher et en suffisance, ambiance dansla ville,ville vivanteDifferentes compagnies de transports, l'informationà ce sujet doit être plus claire. Fait de devoir payerdes tickets differents pour chaque compagnie et àdes prix differents.1486 04/08/2012 01/08/2012 > 60 Belgium (Flanders) Grote markt -1485 03/08/2012 01/07/2002 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Quartier historique, beaucoup de centrescommerciaux,facilites d'aller d un endroit touristiqueà un autre, amabilite des gens-1484 03/08/2012 03/08/2012 18-30 Other Local specialities, kindness of the locals -1483 03/08/2012 03/08/2012 40-60 Indonesia Grand place, walking around the center, no cars inthe centerAround stations it s not clean1482 03/08/2012 02/08/2012 18-30 Italy Local specialities, amability of the locals Not enough information in Italian, Spanish andEnglish, prices in general1481 03/08/2012 29/07/2012 30-40 United Kingdom Grand place, local specialities, justice palais -1480 03/08/2012 03/08/2012 18-30 Spain - Manneken pis© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 32

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1479 03/08/2012 01/08/2012 18-30 China Local specialities Not easy to find the way1478 03/08/2012 03/08/2012 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) Multiculturlisme, l'ambiance dans la ville, Oreilly's Racisme1475 03/08/2012 01/03/2004 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Ville propre Problemes d information des evenements1474 03/08/2012 02/08/2012 18-30 Italy Local specialities -1472 03/08/2012 28/07/2012 30-40 Spain Grand place, center of Brussels, local specialities,royal parkCafé's are expensive1469 03/08/2012 21/07/2012 18-30 United States Architecture, parcs, center of the city -1467 02/08/2012 02/08/2012 30-40 United Kingdom Local specialties, amability of the people, mannekenpis, comics strips drawned on the buildingsA lot of homeless people, streets are not clean, hardto find public toilets1466 02/08/2012 02/08/2012 18-30 Korea Grand place, local specialities There are very bad smells in a few places, a lot ofgrabages in the streets and the underground.1465 02/08/2012 20/07/2012 18-30 United Kingdom Grand place, park of the Atomuim -1464 02/08/2012 29/07/2012 30-40 United Kingdom Grand Place, local specialities -1463 02/08/2012 01/09/2010 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Concerts Grand Place: fete de la communauteflamandeAmabilité du personnel dans les transports publics etmagasins1462 02/08/2012 29/07/2012 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) Diversiteit van bezoeken en restaurants -1461 02/08/2012 31/08/2012 40-60 Korea Saint Michel cathedral Not enough signposting (famous places), public areasare not clean, bad smells in a few places1459 02/08/2012 23/12/1969 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) Concerts (abbaye,...), promenade dans le centre,quartier sablon, grand place,...1458 02/08/2012 31/07/2012 18-30 Chile People are kind, multiculturalism, good welcomeattitudeSentiment d'insecurité, agressivité des gensStreets and metro are dirty1457 02/08/2012 02/08/2012 > 60 Belgium (Wallonia) Musee des sciences naturelles, Atomium Manque de securité, ou impression de manque desecurité.1456 02/08/2012 28/07/1994 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) L'ambiance dans le centre ville, nombre d expositions Amabilite de la population, mobilite douce et envoiture compliquée, manque de securité (manque depoliciers) dans certains quartiers.1455 02/08/2012 30/07/2012 18-30 Canada Nombre d activites/visites, ambiance Manque d indications dans la ville1454 02/08/2012 01/08/2012 30-40 Belgium (Wallonia) L ambiance dans la ville, centre ville, ville vivante Amabilite des locaux1453 01/08/2012 01/08/2012 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) Les transports ne sont pas chers et en suffisance,l'ambiance, la ville est vivante.Difference de compagnies de transport et de tickets.Le deplacement pour les touristes est renducomplique de ce fait (stib, de lijn, sncb, tec). Les prixde ces transports ne sont pas ideniques et l'on nepeut pas avoir un seul ticket pour arriver à un endroitsi on utilise différentes compagnies de transport.L'infomation touristique n'est pas suffisammentclaire.1452 29/07/2012 26/07/2012 18-30 Republic of Ireland Place royal, grand place, brusselicious Toilets are not free. Lack of information regardingthe clubs.1451 29/07/2012 07/11/1982 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Concerts et festivals, les parcs, pique-niques Salete dans la ville, mauvais accueil general dans lescommerces.1450 29/07/2012 28/07/2012 18-30 Canada Specialites locales, possibilite de boire dans les rues,facilite d avoir les informations touristiquesManque de securite dans certains quartiers1449 29/07/2012 29/07/2012 30-40 Germany Local specialities Problems of security/honesty in some restaurantscity centre1448 29/07/2012 29/07/2012 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) - -1447 29/07/2012 01/03/1961 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) Bruxelles les bains, la corrida de bruxelles Qualite de l air est tres muvaise et salete dans la ville.1446 29/07/2012 27/07/2012 18-30 Germany - -© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 33

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1445 29/07/2012 01/08/2007 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Brussels summer festival, jazz festival, Evenementsen pleine. Qualite de vie en general est bonneSalete dans les rues, peu de pistes cyclable, peu despaces verts dans le centre.1444 29/07/2012 28/07/2012 40-60 France Cote festif a bruxelles dans le centre ville. Signalisation1442 29/07/2012 27/07/2012 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) Architecture, l ambiance dans la ville. Salete des rues1441 29/07/2012 26/07/2012 18-30 Poland Belgium specialities , easy for bicycles, stronginternational community, bars in generalTourism area, metro is scary1440 29/07/2012 27/07/2012 18-30 Spain Les specialites locales, grand place. -1439 29/07/2012 27/07/2012 40-60 Netherlands Choses prevues pour les aveugles. Groot markt.Quartier matongeProblemes d'hygiene pres de la grand place et presdes restaurants alentours.1438 29/07/2012 28/07/2012 30-40 Netherlands Royal Palace, Grote Market, "Chez leon". Lots of homeless people in the streets1437 29/07/2012 27/07/2012 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) Atomium, architecture, terrasses (eating outside) Streets are durty, problem of security,1436 29/07/2012 28/07/2012 18-30 Netherlands Wafles, lot of shops in rue neuve Shops closed on sunday1435 28/07/2012 26/07/2012 40-60 Germany Friendly and helpful people whenever asking fordirectionsInformation on train connections at airport as well asgare de Luxembourg1434 28/07/2012 07/07/2012 18-30 Spain Delirium -1433 28/07/2012 25/07/2012 40-60 United Kingdom Bars, cycle tour in the woods, easy to walk fromplaces to others, nice restaurants1432 28/07/2012 25/07/2012 18-30 United States Magritte museum, national museum, friendliness ofpeople, center of the city in generalA lot of garbage, durty at some places, the fact thatthere are beautiful places just next to ugly places.Lack of information beside tourist information1431 28/07/2012 28/07/2012 18-30 Netherlands - -1430 28/07/2012 27/07/2012 18-30 Spain - Opening times of shops1429 28/07/2012 03/10/1991 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) - Manque de securite1428 28/07/2012 28/07/2012 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) Activites en ete Rues sales1427 28/07/2012 28/07/2012 < 18 Netherlands J'aime Bruxelles parce que tous les moments que j yai passé sont memorable....-1425 28/07/2012 26/07/2012 40-60 France Grand place, rue neuve Heures d ouverture des magasins1424 28/07/2012 28/07/2012 18-30 France - -1423 28/07/2012 28/07/2012 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) Grand place Toilettes payantes.1422 28/07/2012 16/07/2012 18-30 Canada - -1421 28/07/2012 28/07/2012 18-30 Netherlands - -1420 28/07/2012 28/07/2012 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) Quartier sablon, galerie d art didier claes -1419 28/07/2012 10/09/2007 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) Fete de l environnement Problemes de greve dans les transports publics.1418 28/07/2012 16/04/1995 < 18 Belgium (Brussels) - -1417 27/07/2012 26/07/2012 18-30 Netherlands - -1416 27/07/2012 26/07/2012 40-60 Spain Sphere next to grand place A lot of drunk people in the streets.1415 27/07/2012 25/07/2012 18-30 Hungary Restaurants and bars in the centre -1414 27/07/2012 03/06/1992 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) - -1413 27/07/2012 25/07/2012 18-30 Finland Brusselspubcrawl Streets are durty1412 27/07/2012 01/01/1996 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Poechenenkelder Insecurite dans les transports publics1411 27/07/2012 14/09/1992 18-30 Argentina - -1410 27/07/2012 06/06/2006 18-30 Morocco - -© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 34

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1409 27/07/2012 26/07/2012 < 18 Netherlands Manneken pis, veel winkels, leuk terrasjes Not safe for cycling1407 27/07/2012 27/07/2012 < 18 Poland Parc royal, chocolate shops -1406 27/07/2012 23/05/1988 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Delirium, saint gery, Manque de securite et agressivite des riverains1405 27/07/2012 24/07/2012 30-40 Chile Grand place, atomium Streets are not clean, hard to have WIFI.1404 27/07/2012 27/07/2012 18-30 Netherlands - -1403 26/07/2012 29/04/1993 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Feu d artifice du21/07/2012, parcs en ete Fete de la musique (taratata, trop de monde)1402 26/07/2012 24/07/2012 30-40 Germany - -1401 26/07/2012 01/01/1970 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) Brussels summer festival, fete de l iris, 21/07/2012,gay pride.-1400 26/07/2012 26/07/2012 18-30 Italy - Price of the parking1399 26/07/2012 26/07/2012 18-30 China Grand place Too many thiefs1398 26/07/2012 01/09/2011 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Theatre varda, volter, Manque de securite dans certains quartiers1397 26/07/2012 26/07/2012 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) - -1396 26/07/2012 26/07/2012 18-30 France Les rues sont propres Toilettes payantes.1395 26/07/2012 25/07/2012 30-40 Austria Manneken pis, atomium, Ste Catherine, St michael -1394 26/07/2012 25/07/2012 > 60 Netherlands - -1393 26/07/2012 26/07/2012 18-30 Hungary MIM, maison horta. -1392 26/07/2012 23/07/2012 > 60 Germany Tolle innenstadt -1391 26/07/2012 23/07/2012 18-30 United Kingdom Shopping galerie (galerie saint hubert), grand place,nice atmosphere1389 26/07/2012 18/07/2012 40-60 Australia Magritte Museum was great. Desk staff were veryhelpful with telling us about ticket costs and deals.Lovely museum shop at Musee Royaux des BeauxArtes. National Public Holiday events on Sat 21 Julyin the city were great and really interesting with arange of activities/spectacles. Crowds were very wellbehaved at the evening fireworks and the city wascleaned up very quickly. It was also good that themuseums had reduced entry fees on the 21/7.1388 25/07/2012 25/07/2012 40-60 United Kingdom Atmosphere Grand Place, very green - lots of parks-,except train station we feel safe.A lot of people asking for money and asking withchildrenToo much smoking in public places eg, outsideseating in restaurants mixed with non smoking areas.Smoking also permitted directly outside restaurantdoors and shop doors so that smoke wafted inside.This seems at odds with the city's "green" visionsince smoking is a pollutant. The combined entryprice for tickets to several museums was a good deal(eg, 3 for 15 euros at Musee Royaux des BeauxArtes), but all the same, we don't usually pay to visitmuseums (they are free in London and Sydney wherewe come from). However, we understand that entryfees can help with running costs. Staff in therestaurant at MIM were unhelpful and off hand andthe restaurant was unbearably hot - we could not sitoutside - there was no air conditioning or windowsopen inside to allow some ventilation.Consequently, we left and found a nice cafe insteadnext door to the Magritte Gallery.-1387 25/07/2012 24/07/2012 18-30 France Centre ville -1386 25/07/2012 25/07/2012 18-30 Other - -1385 25/07/2012 25/07/2012 30-40 Brazil Grand place, parc du luxembourg. -1384 25/07/2012 25/07/2012 > 60 Belgium (Wallonia) Qualite des concerts orgnises par des asbl (leurs prixraisonnables), le plaisir de se promener dans la ville.1383 25/07/2012 01/07/2012 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) Couleur cafe, bruxelles les bains, evenements,concerts en general, fete de l iris, 21/07/2012.1381 25/07/2012 23/07/2012 18-30 Poland Place royal, MIM, musee des beaux arts, monts desarts. Palais of justiceNon respect pour les pietons, sentiment d insecurite.Un des deux festivals (bruxelles summer festival oufete dela musique), difficulte d acces a l information,il faut fort chercher pour la trouver.Not enough clean in the city, everything close tooearly.© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 35

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1379 25/07/2012 29/10/1993 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Vie nocturne dans le centre ville. Euroferia1378 25/07/2012 25/07/2012 40-60 France - -1376 25/07/2012 21/07/2012 30-40 United Kingdom Architecture (art nouveau). -1374 23/07/2012 18/07/2012 18-30 Other The national day celebration. Unexpected, I don'treally know in advance. So I change my plan and jointhe crowd.Tram driving seems so thrill and sometime feel toofast when hit the curve.1373 22/07/2012 20/07/2012 40-60 France Calme de la ville en general Manque de securite dans les transports en communs1372 22/07/2012 22/07/2012 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) Grand place Le fait d etre accoste en permanence dans lesrestaurant dans le centre ville.1371 22/07/2012 21/07/2012 40-60 France Fete nationale, mobilisation des forces de l ordrepour la fete. Grand place, feu d artifice.-1370 22/07/2012 21/07/2012 30-40 Belgium (Flanders) - -1369 22/07/2012 21/07/2012 18-30 France Grand place, atomium (taille impressionnante) Manneken pis (trop petit)1367 22/07/2012 26/06/2012 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Accueil des gens, bars en general Police tres stricte sur les emplacements pour segarer, pas d endroits pour dissimuler les sacspoubelle1366 22/07/2012 20/07/2012 40-60 France Musees des beaux arts, hotel de ville, museeMagritteL arnaque dans les commerces touristiques1365 22/07/2012 15/07/2012 40-60 Denmark Mini europe, galerie horta (MOOF) -1364 22/07/2012 21/07/2012 30-40 China Royal Palace -1362 22/07/2012 22/07/2012 30-40 France - -1361 22/07/2012 01/01/2007 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) - Manque de proprete dans la ville, trottoirs mal faits1360 22/07/2012 18/07/2012 40-60 United Kingdom - Signage is poor1359 22/07/2012 22/07/2012 18-30 Belgium (Flanders) Facilite de se retrouver dans la gare du midi -1357 22/07/2012 21/07/2012 30-40 Other Center of brussels Information was not good1354 21/07/2012 02/07/2012 30-40 Belgium (Wallonia) La feria -1352 21/07/2012 21/07/2012 30-40 Belgium (Wallonia) 21/07/2012, fete de la musique, couleur cafe -1351 21/07/2012 01/06/1959 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) - -1350 21/07/2012 21/07/2012 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) Organisation des evenements en general. Securite et proprete dans certains quartiers1348 21/07/2012 21/07/2012 30-40 Belgium (Flanders) Parcours bande dessinees a velo Manque de securite1347 21/07/2012 19/12/1971 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) Sablon -1345 21/07/2012 01/03/2011 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) Atomium pour les enfants ( le parc) Salete dans la ville, musee d halloween (tropcherpour ce que c est et pas prevu pour les enfants)1344 21/07/2012 20/07/2012 > 60 Belgium (Flanders) 21/07/2012, nombre d activites -1343 21/07/2012 20/07/2012 18-30 France L'ouverture des bruxellois -1342 21/07/2012 21/07/2012 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) 21/07/2012, le fait qu on puissecirculer dans la ville apied-1341 21/07/2012 04/07/2012 18-30 Netherlands Belgian National Day Streets are dirty, difficulty to find our way in publictransports, bicyle in the city not safe1340 21/07/2012 21/07/2012 18-30 Belgium (Flanders) - -1339 21/07/2012 20/07/2012 18-30 Australia National Day Belgium 21/07/2012, diversity ofmuseums, number of design galeriesMore informations in english1338 20/07/2012 19/07/2012 18-30 France - -© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 36

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1337 20/07/2012 20/07/2012 40-60 France Galerie de la reine Difficulte de stationnement dans le centre ville.Mauvaise indication pour les stationnement, pas destationnement pour les camping car dans la ville engeneral1336 20/07/2012 21/06/1999 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) City parade, bruxelles les bains, l ancienne belgique,dna, madame moustache.Manque de securite, Heysel (atomium).1335 20/07/2012 20/07/2012 18-30 Republic of Ireland Grand place No informations in spanish1334 20/07/2012 19/07/2012 30-40 Poland Delirium, Grand Place, cathedrals -1333 20/07/2012 19/07/2012 18-30 Luxembourg Delirium, friteland Prix de la biere1332 20/07/2012 19/07/2012 40-60 Italy - -1329 20/07/2012 19/07/2012 30-40 Italy - City not very clean1328 20/07/2012 01/08/2000 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) - Monuments pas assez entretenus1327 20/07/2012 09/07/2012 < 18 France Grand place, monts des arts, parc leopold,cinquentenaire.-1325 20/07/2012 20/07/2012 18-30 Mexico - -1324 20/07/2012 16/07/2012 18-30 France - MIM, travaux dans la ville (deviations toutes enmeme temps), crte etudiante europeenne obligatoiredans certains musees pour avoir les reductionsetudiantes.1323 20/07/2012 30/09/1993 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Brussels summer festival, musee des sciencesnaturellesRetard dans les transports publics (stib), restorationdans lecentre vile (qualite mediocre et prix treseleves), signalisation catastrophique, le potentiel debruxelles n est pas suffisamment mis en avant.1322 20/07/2012 16/07/2012 40-60 Spain - -1321 19/07/2012 18/07/2012 18-30 Brazil - -1320 19/07/2012 19/07/2012 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) - -1319 19/07/2012 18/07/2012 18-30 Finland Number of parcs -1318 19/07/2012 16/07/2012 40-60 France L ensemble du patrimoine, parlement europeen -1317 19/07/2012 14/07/2012 40-60 Other Grand place, atomium, musee des arts anciens,musee des instruments de musique , musee de lhotel de la ville-1316 19/07/2012 19/07/2012 18-30 Netherlands - A good free city map1315 19/07/2012 31/10/2010 < 18 Belgium (Brussels) Mobilite -1313 19/07/2012 19/07/2012 40-60 Brazil Grand place -1312 19/07/2012 19/07/2012 30-40 Spain Mini-Europe very nice for children -1311 19/07/2012 11/07/2012 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) restaurants, expositions -1310 19/07/2012 15/07/2012 30-40 Israel Atomium, mini europe Shops close to early1309 19/07/2012 18/07/2012 18-30 France Grand place, niveau palais de justice, bois de lacambreParking1308 19/07/2012 17/07/2012 18-30 Brazil Waffles Manneken pis size1307 19/07/2012 10/01/1967 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) - -1306 19/07/2012 17/07/2012 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) Nombres d activites -1305 19/07/2012 18/07/2012 40-60 France Concert a l ancienne belgique 2010, musee des beauxarts 2012, les rues, la ville dans le centre.-1304 19/07/2012 18/07/2012 18-30 Canada Life entertainment in the center Cleanliness of the city© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 37

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1303 19/07/2012 18/07/2012 40-60 France - -1302 19/07/2012 19/07/2012 18-30 Austria - -1301 18/07/2012 18/07/2012 30-40 Luxembourg Musee des sciences naturelles -1300 18/07/2012 18/07/2012 18-30 Netherlands Grand place Not free maps1299 18/07/2012 23/08/2006 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Foire du midi juillet 2012, grandplace, botanique,musee de sciences naturelles Promenade verteManneken pis, atomium, little europe1298 18/07/2012 18/07/2012 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) Grote markt gezelligheid van de straatjes -1297 18/07/2012 16/07/2012 18-30 Other - -1296 18/07/2012 18/07/2012 18-30 Germany - -1295 18/07/2012 18/07/2012 > 60 Germany - -1294 18/07/2012 01/09/1992 > 60 Belgium (Brussels) - Manque dunite entre les lieux interessants1293 18/07/2012 15/07/2012 18-30 Germany - -1292 18/07/2012 13/07/2012 18-30 Estonia - -1291 18/07/2012 06/06/2012 40-60 France J'ai suivi la visite ARAU en car "Bruxelles 1900 ArtNouveau" le samedi 7 juin 2012 à 10h. Le guide,Christopher, était excellent, bien qu'il ait dû faire lecommentaire en anglais et en français. Il nous amontré le maximum des bâtiments Art Nouveaupossible dans 3h et ses commentaires mélangeaienthumeur et une connaissance profonde de ce style etde son contexte historique. Mais c'était surtout sonenthousiasme pour sa ville adoptif et pour l'ArtNouveau qui m'a touché, c'était le point d'orgue dema visite. J'ai également mangé très bien aux restos"Intermezzo" place de la Monnaie et "Scheltema" rueaux Dominicains et j'ai gouté et achété de superbesformages chez Langhedries et chocolats chez LaurentGerbaud. Bravo Bruxelles! Je reviendrai!J'ai trouvé la présence des mendiants et sdfs sur laGrande Place et dans les rues avoisinantesdésécurisant et ménaçant. Il manque cruellement detoilettes à Bruxelles! (J'ai une maladie digestive et jedois aller aux toilettes (assis!) aseez fréquemmentdonc les urinoirs ne suffisent pas) J'ai aussi trouvé unpeu bizarre ce pratique de devoir payer Madame Pipimême quand on a consommé un repas ou un boissondans l'établissement. Je me suis fait bouscouléplusieurs fois dans le métro par les gens sans ticketsqui profitaient de mon passage pour passer lesbarrières sans payer et j'étais un peu étonné que lepersonnel du métro tolérait cela.1290 18/07/2012 17/07/2012 18-30 Colombia Beautiful monuments historical places -1289 18/07/2012 13/07/2012 40-60 Romania Thon europ hotel july 2012 No free wifi1288 18/07/2012 15/07/2012 > 60 Netherlands - -1287 18/07/2012 16/07/2012 18-30 Netherlands Grote markt en de waterloolaan en wie weet meer -1286 17/07/2012 01/07/2012 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) Grand-Place, Musée Horta, Quartier Dansaert -1285 15/07/2012 11/07/2011 30-40 Netherlands During traveling friendly and helpfull staff, tourismand public transport information. Local informationby tourism/local areas and information locations inthe center of Brussels.1283 15/07/2012 14/07/2012 18-30 France J’ai passé d’excellents moments à Bruxelles, grâcenotamment à la proximité des curiosités, et à lalisibilité de la carte fournie dans les bureauxd'informations touristiques (vendus 0.50euros). Nepas hésiter à se la procurer (parcours de la BD etcuriosités Art Nouveau indiqués sur la carte à ne pasmanquer pour ceux qui aiment se ballader au hazarddes ruelles!) Une excelllente excursions dans votreville!!Certain times after office times no availableinformation points [close offices after offices hours9am - 5pm. This regarding to the availabillity forvisitors/tourist to have local and tourism informationavailable during visit and after arrival beforedeparting.Mes attentes n’ont malheureusement pas étésatisfaites en raison du temps, mais ça, la ville deBruxelles n'y peut rien!!1282 11/07/2012 09/02/2011 < 18 Egypt - -1281 11/07/2012 19/09/2005 30-40 Italy - -1279 03/07/2012 14/05/2012 30-40 Belgium (Flanders) Top service hotel concierges Airport (departure)1278 03/07/2012 18/02/2012 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) - Gare du Nord : entrée relativement importante dansla ville (quelques hotels à proximité). La sortie vers la© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 38

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstanceville n'est pas propres, ne sent pas bon (urines...), lessans abris y mendient, y dorment, y boivent ... Ungrand effort est à faire à la sortie de cette gare.1277 30/06/2012 25/06/2012 30-40 Belgium (Wallonia) n:a n:a1276 30/06/2012 23/06/2012 40-60 India VISIT TO AUTONIUM INFORMATION DESK AT BRUSSELS CENTRAL STATIONFOR TOURISTS NOT SUFFICIENT1275 27/06/2012 26/06/2012 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) Tout etait parfait et Visit Brussels sont de tres bonsambassadeurs de la ville!1274 22/06/2012 14/06/2012 18-30 Sweden Sitting down at a bar the first day and seeing a photoexhibit on Quebec, where I'm from. It was surprisingand welcoming. The parc between the Palace andParliament, with vibrant active life.--1273 18/06/2012 15/03/2012 40-60 Netherlands lovely city i love only brussels -1272 14/06/2012 12/06/2012 18-30 Germany The tourist information center at Grand Place wasreally helpful and assisted us well in managing timeand suggesting what to do. I am glad I cam acrossthem. :) Provided us with wonderful maps for theyouth which was marvelous. I missed out on theComic Strip walk. And a whole lot of other things. Ipromised myself that I am visiting Brussels again.1271 12/06/2012 05/08/2008 30-40 United States flower carpet, beer, St Michael's - especially the freeorgan concertsNo complaints as such. yet. time was too short tomake such judgement. :)Clarity that Brussels South Airport is actuallyCharleroi.. and is quite far away.1270 06/06/2012 06/12/2011 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) Ah oui savez-vous Sans commentaires1269 05/06/2012 03/05/2012 18-30 United Kingdom - -1268 31/05/2012 19/05/2012 30-40 France Musée Magritte le 19 mai 2012 Place grand sablon,petit sablon (très charmants) fait le 20 mai 2012 LeParc, Les Halles, Grand Place Bar : Le Délirium et Lamort subite Restaurant : Au vieux Saint Martin(Place grand sablon) Découverte par hasard desremparts et des murs BDHôtel Central Park (chambre petite et pas beaucoupde produits à disposition) ne vaut pas un 4 étoiles àmon sens... sinon niveau propreté correct et lerestaurant est très bien.1263 29/05/2012 05/02/1981 30-40 Belgique (Bruxelles) - -1262 29/05/2012 26/05/2012 30-40 Belgique (Wallonie) repas délicieux au restaurant "le Parc" au pied dujardin du cinquantenaire (le 26/05), visite trèsintéressante à Mini Europe (le 26/05), indication descuriosités trés bien faite (il doit être difficile de seperdre à Bruxelles grâce à votre systèmeBRAVO),parcs et jardins superbemententretenus,...FELICITATIONS AUX JARDINNIERS,1261 28/05/2012 05/05/2012 > 60 Allemagne Excellent cultural institutions (Bozar), TooneMarionette theatre Interesting architecture (SalleHenry Le Boeuf) Nice brasserie (Le greenwich)un peu déçue du système hop on hop off(uniquement un parcours disponible à cause des 20kms de Bruxelles (le 27/05) mais vendu au même prix??? un peu déçue par le Jazz Marathon (j'auraispréféré voir un intitulé du style Musique dumonde.... ayant été voir le dernier concert sur la GdPlace... le 26/05), propreté laissant un peu à désireraux alentours des galeries St Hubert surtout dans lespetites rues "non commerçante" dommage de passerd'un certain standing à ..... :(Lots of noise pollution (tourist buses leave theirmotor on while parked, unacceptable) Too muchdog shit on street (especially Place des Barricades)Often difficult for pedestrians to cross street, unsafe !Specially Botanique / Rue Royale crossing1260 27/05/2012 23/05/2012 40-60 Norvège - -1259 26/05/2012 21/05/2012 18-30 Grèce - -1258 25/05/2012 21/05/2012 30-40,30-40Espagne, Espagne - -1257 25/05/2012 21/05/2012 30-40 Espagne - -1256 15/05/2012 09/05/2012 30-40 Royaume-Uni - cigarette litter is particularly bad, there needs to bemore bins provided, streets in some areas are verydirty1255 12/05/2012 02/08/2011 40-60 France Gastronomie : pâtisseries excellentes, grand choix debières, baraques à frites ... Superbe musée MagritteQualité de la brochure Visit Brussel autrement parTrès déçue par le musée de la BD Déçue aussi parl'accueil assez froid .© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 39

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodquartier. Déambuler dans les rues, à la découvertedes murs BD Bruxelles, c'est une ambiance ...VISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstanceTrès déçue par le musée de la BD Déçue aussi parl'accueil assez froid .1254 10/05/2012 28/02/2012 40-60 France j'ai apprécié la brasserie La Mort Subite. La GrandPlace est magnifique surtout la nuit. Lescommerçants sont aimables. Je regrette latechnologie moyenne (les écouteurs) du musée desinstruments de musique. Dans l'ensemble un trèsagréable séjour.-1253 09/05/2012 21/02/2012 > 60 Pays-Bas - -1252 08/05/2012 28/04/2012 40-60 Autre Staff at Tourist information in Town Hall is reallyhelpful (morning of Apr.29) Staff at tourist sites inBrugge and other cities are friendly.1251 06/05/2012 05/05/2012 40-60 Belgique (Wallonie) Ma fille nous a offert une nuitée à l'hôtel Stanhopece week-end (du 05 au 06 mai 2012) et nous avonsété ébloui! De bons moments passés dans notrebelle capitale!1250 04/05/2012 01/10/2011 40-60 Allemagne Grand Place, Comic-Museum, Opera Carmen at LaMonnaieMy staying in Hotel A La Grande Cloche (PlaceRouppe) during Apr.28-30 was not satisfactory. Wefelt cheated. Detailed information will be sent toyour office soon. Staffs in hotel, restaurant and Garedu Midi train station that I met were notprofessional. They miscalculated the bill (not sure ifthat was mistake by intention or not). That made meand my wife feel terribly bad about Brussels.-Visit EU-Parliament, Restaurant near Grand Place1249 04/05/2012 26/03/2012 > 60 Hongrie - -1248 03/05/2012 14/04/2012 30-40 Allemagne visit in the Cantillon Brewerie in the RueGheudestraat 56 was very interessting Atomium andMini Europe where very impressiv the belgischstripcentrum is must see1247 03/05/2012 14/03/2012 40-60 Etats-Unis The front desk staff at our hotel, the ForumCatalonia, were great. They spoke very good Englishand made notes on the free city map showing themain tourist locations and tram stops.1246 03/05/2012 20/02/2011 > 60 France Tous les musées étaient parfaits (bien que le forfait 3jours soit encore un peu cher)BD, Magritte, Voiture,arts africains, palais royaux, musique, Horta,bière...etc-Very few of the tram stations have signage. Wedidn't know what station were were at most times.There were no accouncements on the tram itselfabout the station names.Nous avons renoncé à visiter l'Atomium (cher etmanque d'intérêt)1245 03/05/2012 06/04/2012 30-40 France - -1244 03/05/2012 19/03/2012 18-30 Etats-Unis Atomium and Mini Europe are fantastic! -1243 03/05/2012 03/06/2011 30-40 Royaume-Uni - The first night we were in Brussels, Friday 3 June2011, there was a great deal of upheaval in the citydue to a football match. First, the Grand Place wascovered in rubbish to a degree I was astonished tofind. Then, quite late into the night, there was acolossal amount of noise from football fans. So muchso, we were convinced until we read the news thenext morning that there had been riots overnight.This was disturbing to say the least.1242 03/05/2012 08/03/2012 30-40 Russie Great service in main museums (availability ofaudioguides, stuff is very helpful)1241 03/05/2012 15/03/2012 18-30 Hongrie waffels, chocolate and beer everytime andeverywhere, although I never drink at homeHomeless people begging money in the center of thecityThe city was very dirty, more wastebin would help alot.1240 02/05/2012 23/02/2012 18-30 Arabie Saoudite - -1239 02/05/2012 17/02/2012 18-30 Etats-Unis The Atomium was a marvel and the perfect touch todistinguish from the classical architecture which Ialso loved. The food variety, such as rabbit, alongwith the beer varieties, my favourite La Chouffe,were spectacular.I was reprimanded by a security guard for writingnotes in my little notebook in the Margritte museumbecause my pen was considered a potentially lethalweapon. Yet other people use pens/pencils as well. Ihave never had this happen to me in NYC museumswhere you would think security would be heavier!Also, the signs and some personnel are completelyclueless to help someone who does not speak Frenchor Dutch.© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 40

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1238 30/04/2012 22/12/2011 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) Great atmosphere at the Sablon area. -1237 27/04/2012 18/04/2012 40-60 United States Le Cirio is wonderful alaways -1236 25/04/2012 22/04/2012 30-40 India Great moment at airport…. Not like in India!Exhibition center SEAFOOD ok.1235 23/04/2012 01/03/2012 > 60 Belgium (Brussels) Chaque fois que je termine un "greet", les visiteurssont étonnés par la diversité qu'offre le centre-ville(parcs, musées, et , les endroits cachés (ex: lesjardins d'Egmont, la rue de la Cigogne, la terrasse duCinquantenaire, le Recycl-Art)...), l'architecture(Palais du Vin rue des Tanneurs)1234 22/04/2012 15/04/2012 40-60 Spain I did really feel good at a dinner in restaurantL'Ogenblik.Went to a restaurant next to the hotel, with 5people. But only 3 of us wanted to eat - they refusedto serve only 3, we had to order to 5.Quand on ne connait pas Bruxelles, circuler avec lestransports en commun est vraiment galère...Indications pas très claires et peu de personnes pourdonner des infos. Anecdote: J'ai accueilli 3Allemands pdt 5 jrs à Bxl ( j'étais absente, je leur aiprêté ma maison,). 1er jour, ils achètent une carte 10trajets. Le lendemain, grève gnle à cause du décès del'inspecteur, zéro infos, pas de remboursement,obligés de prendre des taxis, .un peu déçus...).Gare du Nord1233 17/04/2012 06/04/2012 40-60 United Kingdom - The experience was appalling. It was my Mother's87th birthday and I had organised the weekend breakas a treat for her. She has Dementia (mainlyforgetfulness) and was in a wheelchair. To compelsomeone in a wheelchair to wait outside shops andsit outside in cafes (when it's very cold) and have nodisabled toilet access is appalling. Also the lack oflowered pavements meant that, as a female carer, itwas very difficult to get the wheelchair up on to thepavements. Whilst some people where helpful -when they could see that I was struggling to open adoor, say - the majority were not. The ones that didhelp though tended to be from overseas, notBelgium. I won't be visiting again with her and won'tbe recommending it to anyone with mobility issues.For a city that houses the EU, I thought that it wasdisgraceful.1232 16/04/2012 20/12/2011 30-40 Belgium (Flanders) Het doet me altijd goed om in Brussel te komen ikben uit Geel maar als ik in brussel ben is het net of ikkom thuis,ik denk dat ik in een ander leven en ketwas I love BRUSSELS-1231 16/04/2012 13/04/2012 40-60 Germany private meeting with friends streetcar not easy to use - should annouce stationnames!!!1230 09/04/2012 29/06/2011 18-30 Other During the evening, there're lot of bars everywherethe atmosphere and variety of beers makes me feltgood. I love the seafood mussels.1229 06/04/2012 30/05/2011 40-60 United States All of my life, I have wanted to visit Belgium.Everything about Brussels exceeded my expectations,from the fantastic beers to the best handmadechocolates. I am especially thankful for theexemplary service at ComoComo, Mary Chocolatier,and the Coudenberg Museum/archaeological site. Ialso thought people in Brussels spoke much moreunderstandable English to my American ear than thepeople in London! I am planning to return in a fewyears! Thank you!1. The security issues in "Gare du midi" or nearbyMetro. 2. The traveling check is very inconvenientcan't be used in shops and have to bear highprocedures money from the bank exchange to eurocash. The bank which can exchange the travelingcheck in brussels are only two of them reallyunbelievable, besides the security in brussels is notallowed tourist bring the cash with. 3. The shopswhich located in tourism spot, clerk's attitude werereally lousy. If you have asian face they wouldrecognized you as chinese and the following ofserving were really bad. 4. The shops close too early,come on brussels is the center of EU Union, supposethere are lot of tourist and business people, if all theshops, restaurants, bars close that early, what's thespecialty for tourist and businessmen?-1228 06/04/2012 05/03/2012 18-30 Belgium (Flanders) - -© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 41

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1227 06/04/2012 01/04/2011 30-40 India the transport is simply awsome. the weather wasperfect for our good luck. the staff at all themuseums were very kind. every monument wecherished. except the metro adn train stations, all isgreat in this beautiful city.1226 04/04/2012 08/10/2011 40-60 Italy Stay in the Grand Place is very very emotional. Thenthe Atomium is a special and particular experience.I've seen the Heysel Stadium, now Roi Baldwin.Good visit and I feel really good in Belgian Centre forComic Strip Art and in Autoworld, with a lot of Italianancient cars. Metro is good enough.1225 04/04/2012 30/12/2011 30-40 Spain Nous avons bien profité de la Brussels City Card, c'estune très bonne idée.1224 04/04/2012 30/12/2011 30-40 Spain Living the new year's eve there was really great. Weenjoy our visit to Atomium, Autoworld and CBBD.People were kind and they help us to find the placeswe were looking for.1223 04/04/2012 03/01/2012 40-60 Netherlands Het bezoek aan het Magritte Museum, het bezoekaan het stripmuseum en een stadswandeling langsstripafbeeldingen op gebouwen. Verder heb ik eenaantal leuke restaurants en café's gevonden in debuurt van de Beurs en de AB.1222 03/04/2012 09/02/2011 18-30 United States The information booth in the grand place helped mearrive at my hotel easily and navigate the unfamiliarstreets - thank you!1221 03/04/2012 03/03/2012 30-40 Other The City Hall, 4 March 2012 - The guided tour inEnglish at 10 am was fantastic. The guide provided usa lot of data on Brussels and its rich past in aninteresting manner. She was more than helpfull. 3March 2012, arond 10 pm - Fantastic Belgian beer ingreat atmosphere of the Roy d'Espagneestablishment at the Grand Place. 4 March 2012around 6 pm - Very friendly saleswoman in theChocopolis store who really helped me in selectingthe best chocolates for my friends and relatives. 4March 2012 around 7 pm - Restaurant La vigne, RueJourdan - Great sea food with exceptional service.1219 03/04/2012 17/07/2011 40-60 Canada Our overall experience in Brussels was quitefantastic! We saw several museums and tookexcursions to Ghent, Bruges and Amsterdam.Everything was above expectation and made for amemorable trip.very unsafe place adn i recommend all my friends tobe very careful from these thugs arouind the metroand train stations. i was mugged by 2 in thepresence of my wife and kids and i did not realsie tillit was to late- they followed her from midi androbbed us at ribacourt metro station ont heescalator. lost a lot of money which i had justwithdrawn and also the cards. overall i feelbrussels especially the train and metro stations areworse than many places in India. You have tocontrol the moroccan menace. sorry to say this, butif one goes through the mugging you will understandhow it is. next, again i would like to say Indiaatleast the cities fare better in terms of people'sbehaviour. the migrant population here is terrible.they spit everywhere. inside the metros, on thestreets, everywhere. they have no sense ofcleanlisness and hygiene. dont know who isresposible for this. but these will neverovershadow our visit :-)I thought that one day is enough to visit Brussels... Iwas wrong!!!La météo n'est pas douce là, mais on s'y habitue.We found some poor people asking for money,specially in the city center.Mijn hotel lag enigszins afgezonderd van delevendigheid van de stad. Hoewel de kwaliteit van dedienstverlening relatief hoog was (4 sterren), was heteen sfeerloos hotel. De kostprijs van het ontbijt (datik 1x heb gebruikt in het hotel) was misdadig hoog(20 euro) en dat heb ik ter plekke ook aangegeven.I wish the closing times of the weekend-de-la-bierewere more clear - I was so anxious to go every dayduring my trip, but the ticketing booths closed 30minute earlier than the posted signs, which resultedin me completely missing out. so sad!The Royal Art and History Museum - beautifulmuseum, but descriptions are available in Englishonly in several rooms. Unfortunatelly, the audioguide covers only the most important exibits andaccordingly I could not enjoy my visit properly.Working hours of many museums is too short, mostlyfrom 10-17, or even worse, like the Palais of Charlesde Loraine, which I really wanted to visit, but didn'tmanage, because it was open during my visit for onlyfew hours on Saturday, 4 March. Rundownfacades of many buildings in the wider city centre.No complaints!1218 03/04/2012 29/04/2011 > 60 United Kingdom The refurbished Atomium -1217 03/04/2012 01/06/2011 > 60 France Excellents moments sur et autour de la grandPlace,au musée Magritte et au musée de la BD1216 03/04/2012 22/11/2011 > 60 United Kingdom Although I had seen the Atomium in pictures overmany years, it was still a marvelous sight whenspotted on leaving the METRO. The interior was fullof surprises and was well worth the visit.-Unfortunately we had two attacks on our luggageand wallets, both in the METRO once on a train in theevening and the first time when we were leaving theMETRO station to walk to our hotel. Although neitherwas successful, it put a damper on our walks around© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 42

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstancethe city as I was constantly on the look-out fortrouble.1215 03/04/2012 15/01/2011 30-40 France Manneken-Pis museum! -1214 03/04/2012 26/03/2011 18-30 Italy THE BEST PLACE IN BRUSSEL IS THE "ATOMO". THEPUBBLIC TRANSPORT ARE EXCELLENT!1213 03/04/2012 30/12/2011 > 60 Netherlands We have chosen the wrong dates in case of closingthe musea on mondays en festival days. Wecompensate that with food en lovely drinks.1212 03/04/2012 19/01/2012 18-30 New Zealand Visit to the Grand Place was amazing, visiting theParliamentarium building1211 03/04/2012 29/12/2011 30-40 France - manège original en matériaux de récupération, -restaurant sur la grand place, cuisine familiale etambiance chaleureuse, - acceuil à l'hotel trèsagréable,1209 29/03/2012 17/03/2012 18-30 Romania a picknick in Cinquantennaire park on Saturday, the24th of March celebrating St. Patrick's Day aroundthe center on the 17th of March1208 29/03/2012 12/08/2012 40-60 Spain The focus in each cafe, brasserie, restaurant ... Takea good Belgian beer at any place ... Tastemagnificent frites in Flagey ... Find the latest andunknown comic strip mural ... Who are interested inlearning Spanish to assist you in your language ...1207 13/03/2012 03/02/2012 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) Rue marché au charbon : Baroque (non repris survotre site) steelGate (soire Hunkut), soireemensuelle, inconnue de votre site Duquesnoy (ruedusquenoy)--A colleague's phone was stolen in a bar. We tried tocall Amaedus ribs restaurant to make a booking aswe were travelling with a large group, but thenumber on the website did not work and so when wearrived they could not seat us. They then didn't serveus for over 2 du chocolat, grand place. le prix de l'entréem'a paru élevée et la qualité du musée est faible.working hours and interval of metro line 6 (RoiBaudoin - Simionis Elisabeth) on Sunday, the 25th ofMarch around 6AMI am a lover of Brussels, still do not know anythingnegative ...-1206 10/03/2012 25/02/2012 40-60 Luxembourg quality of bars and restaurants and shops very bad service at hotel reception and back-office. 3days after our stay they told us we were no-showand wanted us to pay another night. As there is nocontact other than unprofessional reception we werevery grateful that you could put things right.1205 07/03/2012 29/02/2012 30-40 Denmark The possibility to walk around safely in the park inthe evening - see all the lights 'outside' and hear thecity slow down so to speak1202 01/03/2012 26/02/2012 40-60 Spain It is lovely to walk around the Grand Placeneibourhod. Peaceful!1201 25/02/2012 21/02/2012 40-60 Netherlands Adagio apart hotel is excellent interms of service andhospitality and location1199 21/02/2012 15/03/2010 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Je vis à Bruxelles. J'y apprécie la diversité desactivités culturelles et les animations en tout genre.-Works in process all over!-La conduite des chauffeurs de Taxi et des Bus STIB.1198 19/02/2012 11/02/2012 40-60 Netherlands NA NA1197 14/02/2012 04/02/2012 40-60 South Africa Good transport and restaurants English not spoken by tram operator1196 10/02/2012 24/09/2010 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) I have now had Brussels residency for almost 2 years.The things I love about Brussels are the freshproduce, concerts---really great shows! parks, beer,chocolate (though more variety of chocolate wouldbe nice...enough with the hazelnuts and speculoos ineverything), the summer festivals are incredible. Thetrain availability to other places is exceptional. THeBellVue Museum is exceptional. The Abbey tourswould be great, if they were more accessible. Find away to make Belgium's best more easy to find, moreeasy to get to, and open them on Sundays (like theBellvue) so that people stop LEAVING Brussels on theweekends and have a real reason to stay. Otherwise,we all just go to Amsterdam, Paris, London,anywhere BUT Brussels. Would love more intersetingClubs are very low end and feel cheap, even the'special, dress-sexy' ones (Spirito Martini, ParkSavoy)---ech. Taxi drivers are rude, not safe (wasattacked once, had 2 other friends assaulted, onerobbed, one sexually molested), the public places arefilthy--they stink, they're covered in vomit and urineand dirt, all the time. The pickpockets and drugs andrude immigrants (and I am an immigrant, so I thinkit's ok to say that) are horrible--always begging,aggressively on the metro, in the square, in trainstations and metros and outside restaurants. Theaggressiveness by them in clubs and bars and as taxidrivers and in the cultural/integration classes isunacceptable. They steal metro rides right in front ofSTIB, and no one cares. THey harass train riders, and© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 43

COMMENTS (cont/end)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodthings than the quite dull Atomium and yet anothertirp to Delirium. More jazz----highlight the jazz,highlight the cheese, schedule more chocolatemaking classes and real tours that are interesting.Den Halv Maan tour in Brugge is terrific. ChocolateLine teaches us new flavors and is interesting, worthtelling stories about like, "Remember that time inBelgium when we had all those differentchocolates"? HVISITORS' SATISFACTIONFebruary 2012-January 201312 Months (834 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstanceno one cares. The police do not do their job whenbad things are reported, the taxi drivers rip off thetourists, the Flemish hate the French and theAMericans and everyone else who is not Flemish, andthe French hate the Flemish. Doesn't anyone inBelgium have pride in their country anymore?Doesn't anyone WANT to have a good experiencehere? I pay 57% taxes, and for what? strikes? nosafety? filthy public areas? to be harrassed and havethe police and STIB do nothing about it? We need astronger government, and we need people to enforcethe rules. Please. :) I keep trying to like it here, but Istill, even after 2 years, do not feel welcome. Havinga peeing kid be the symbol of this city isembarrassing---feels like people just don't care andwant to piss on the city. (p.s. thanks for listening) :)1195 09/02/2012 20/01/2012 18-30 United Kingdom - As discussed in an email previously sent to you, I wasshocked by the level of crime in Brussels1192 06/02/2012 24/09/2010 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) These are the happy words I use to describe Brussels:great fresh produce, incredible cheese and wineselections, some beautiful parks, French classesoffered by the commune, GREAT music especially inAntwerp, it's close to Paris and Amsterdam so youcan get OUT of Brussels. Outside Brussels is reallyBelgium's shining jewels---it's beautiful, clean, green,safe, friendly, did I mention clean and safe?1191 01/02/2012 15/10/1999 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) I really appreciate the easyness of puclic transport.You can find the way very nicely. I also like the STIB -webpages.These are the words I would NOT use to describeBrussels: safe, clean, friendly, current, modern, fun,good food, happy people, well-dressed, singlefriendly,welcoming. I have lived here for 2 years,and I came with a happy excited attitude. Now Icount the days until I can leave and tell everyone toavoid this place unless you come for beer festival, Iam that disappointed in Brussels. Antwerp?awesome. SO much better than Brussels. Leuven?Fun. Linden? Gorgeous! Brussels? Full ofpickpocketing, rude and violent taxi drivers andpeople who refuse to 'grow up' with the rest of theworld, clinging to the old ways and stuck inbureaucracy and highest tax rates imaginable. Theweather is awful, the food is too. I have met some ofthe kindest people possible here, but for the mostpart? Brussels is an awful place to live.-© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 44

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