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match reportv old elthamiansOld Elthamians 27 – 26 CRUFCA frustrating afternoon for a below parCambridge team, saw their winning streak cometo an end away against Old Elthamians.Cambridge had won six in a row before OldElthamians narrowly inflicted a 27–26 defeat onthem in a last-kick decider.Cambridge seemed to be off the pace fromthe start, as they repeatedly lost their disciplineat the breakdown, and this lead to Elthamiansnumber ten Tom White, kicking the opening ninepoints from penalties.Old Elthamians then showed they can alsorun the ball, as they managed to touch downfollowing a nice move out to the right and a littlechip over the fullback for the opening try of thegame, and they had earned an early 16–0 lead.Old Elthamians were in full control of thecontest at this stage, but then a moment ofmadness from Tom White. He deliberatelyknocked-on and earned himself a yellowcard, which White verbally disputed. Almostimmediately, the referee put the yellow back inhis pocket and pulled out the red one insteadfor dissent, clearly having heard something hedidn’t approve of.This gave Cambridge the bit of encouragementthat they were desperately needing, nowknowing they would play almost an hour withan extra man.It took them to just before halftime to make itcount though, when the familiar sight of SteveHipwell crashing through tackles broke the line,before he offloaded to Matt Howling running agood support line to put the away side on theboard. The halftime whistle followed JamesStokes’ conversion and the score was 16–7.Cambridge started the second half strugglingto gain any control in the set-pieces, as theyfaltered in the scrum and at the line-outs.The home side took full advantage as theyslotted another penalty, before scoring theirsecond try and making the scoreboard adisappointing one for the Blood and Sand at 24–7.But, something sparked Cambridge intolife, though it seemed it may be a case of toolittle, too late. A superb try from substituteJim Wigglesworth made the score look morerespectable, before a brilliant solo try fromCaptain Stef Liebenberg gave them genuinehope at 24–19.Wigglesworth’s try was all about the winger’spure speed, but Scrum-half Liebenberg’s, was allabout craft. He picked the ball up at the back ofthe ruck, before cutting inside the defensive linewith a little show and go. He was now one-ononewith their full-back, but sold him a perfectdummy before crossing the line.With five minutes left, Cambridge then brokeagain, and Matt Howling grabbed his second tryof the day courtesy of a sweeping move throughthe hands. Remarkably, it now seemed certainthat they would leave with an unlikely victory, asWigglesworth converted to make it 24–26.With only a few minutes left though,Cambridge once again gave away a penaltyfollowing a set piece, and Old Elthamiansregained the lead by 27–26.However, Cambridge won the ball backquickly from the restart and began to recyclethe ball well. Old Elthamians, still a man light,couldn’t cope with the pressure and gave awaya penalty from just in front of the ten metre line.But, Wigglesworth’s kick skewed right of theposts, and the whistle went.On the balance of it, Cambridge probablydidn’t deserve to win this one, but willnevertheless be disappointed to have lost afterputting themselves into a winning position.They will look forward though to their lasthome fixture against Canterbury next Saturday,as they hope to put on a better showing for theVolac Park faithful than here at Old Elthamians.Daniel Wright

goodbye tojj jeffrey & craig newbyIf you’re not already sick and tired of my ramblingsin the paper or on the website, then you mayfinally be after this column.I feel like something of a Red Adair to step in tofill this space, and that really is what I’m doing asregular columnist Dan Wright is unavailable.But I’ve been lucky as there is so much goodmaterial on what is the final home game forCambridge for the 2014/15 season.And it is a time to say goodbye to JJ Jeffrey aschairman and head coach Craig Newby.Both have played huge roles in reshaping theclub since things went a bit off the rails in 2012.JJ has brought a dynamism in his role aschairman, following on from the good work of SteveBowller, and he and the committee have helped torestructure many different facets of the club.It has positioned you, Cambridge, in a positionto move forward.We’ve had regular conversations during his timeas chairman, discussing a wide range of issues,and I must say that phone calls do tend to lasta long time – whether that’s JJ’s fault or mine, I’llleave you to decide.But when we eventually hang up, I’m left withno doubt of his desire for the club to succeed ineverything it does.And that brings me on to Craig...He has a fantastic opportunity to become a fulltimecoach in Japan, a position that really was toogood to turn down.Having spoken to Craig for an article a coupleof weeks ago, though, I realised how difficult adecision it was for him to leave Cambridge.To give you an idea, the piece was approaching900 words – some or maybe most of you will feeloverwritten – but I could quite easily have doubledthat word count.He spoke glowingly about the development ofthe players throughout the season, talking of howleaders have grown into their role at the club andwhat they are capable of achieving next season.It is always fascinating to see the huge impactCraig has had on the squad, and perhaps that issometimes overlooked – everyone loves to watchthe running, flowing rugby, but defence is just asimportant.In that area, he has transformed you and givenyou that collective discipline to provide theplatform to enable the players to produce theeasy-on-the-eye rugby. It is only through individuallapses that the defence is now breached.And that is a great position for Craig to leavethe club, and for you to be able to build on nextseason.As a paper, we are always keen to support theclub, but are not supporters of the club.That helps me see things from a differentperspective – a defeat is not the end of theworld, and a victory does not mean promotion isguaranteed.It seems a long time ago since those trickyfirst few months, but I had always seen enoughin the squad and players to know that it was onlytemporary – even if some of you didn’t believe me!One of the most telling aspects during thatperiod was that there was not one game wherethe players’ shoulders dropped in matches, andfor that they deserve great credit.That positivity has helped bring the clubtogether, and the benefit of a united squad cannotbe underestimated.It will stand the club in great stead as you moveforward next season.A final thought on this campaign has been someof the individual performances.To a man, I have seen considerable growth inso many positions, and it is also about how theycommunicate on the pitch.No longer are you a quiet time, there are somany audible voices during matches, althoughRowland did point out that it is only a good thing ifthe right things are being said – there’s no pleasingsome people!That finally brings me on to today, where thereis such a feast of rugby on offer.I know that it is something that the club aspiresto – a pathway from the under-17s to the first team,and big progress has been made on that front.On that note, if you are still awake, not in needof a strong drink or have even reached the bottomof this column, I hope that there is a fitting homefarewell for both JJ and Craig, and hope to see youall again next season.Mark TaylorRead Mark Taylor in the Cambridge Newsevery day...

Bitter Suite…Unbelievably, it’s the last home game of theseason… There’s still the small matter of Tauntonaway next week, but, in the end, it’s not beentoo bad of a time. We’ve won a lot of matches,lost a few we should have won and almost wonone we didn’t deserve to last week… but moreon that in a few.Whilst I love the pageantry of the last game,the swarms of mini and youth players in theirkit awaiting their Colours, the trepidation andtransition in the junior section as some makethe transition to adult rugby, it always leaves mepretty depressed. But, after a week off, raring togo for next time out.It won’t be too long before pre-season is uponus, new players, a new forwards coach and arefreshed and renewed approach to what couldhave been a pivotal campaign. But with the RFUmoving the goalposts on regionalisation, it’sprobably more imperative than ever to make aconcerted assault on returning to National One.Our neighbours up the road have their workcut out in National 3. Our neighbours up theA1 look set on National 2 North. We may yetbe crossing swords with Bury St Edmunds nextterm and even Cantabs are marching up theLondon leagues with promotion to 2 North Eastwhere they’ll take on Saffron Walden… It’s beena big, big season in many ways and we needto stay ahead of the curve if we’re to stay outin front.A large proportion of this season’s squad havebeen retained, there’s a decent conveyor beltof young talent coming through and we have agreat basis for a tilt at the top. But there’s a wayto go, as evidenced at Old Elthamians last week.I’ve rarely seen a side lose so much set pieceball and score four tries. To lose by a point to 14men didn’t make a great Saturday afternoon outbut it’s a timely service of notice that we havea bit further to go than a six game unbeaten runmight have suggested.Overall though, the many lessons learned thisseason should pay off and it’ll be much strongerBlood & Sand kicking off next term. It’s all relativeof course – others will have strengthened, somewill be weaker, and there’ll be the inevitablesurprise package. But consistency is attainable,and there won’t be the influx of players toincorporate and gel together of the previouscouple of close-seasons. We have the tools fora good-old fashioned barnstormer of a seasonnext time out – and I for one, jaded as I may beat this particular moment, can’t wait.I could tell you about this week’s nightmaretrip to ‘Nam (Cheltenham, anyway…), I couldtell you about the month that’s left in thefootball season and what I expect to happen offthe back of that. I could tell you about what I’mhoping to be doing over the summer, and whennext season rolls around. I could even tell youabout Saturday Summer Sport, some of whichI’ll be presenting, too… but I’m not going to. I’msimply going to thank JJ Jeffery, Rowland, thedeparting Craig, the players, the committee andall of you for an exciting 2014–15.It’s been, as ever, a long hard roller-coasterride. And I’ll be first in the queue when the gatesopen ahead of 2015–16. With, it has to be said,a weather eye on the U18s side – and a hopethat some of the starry-eyed kids that I startedcoaching a dozen or so years ago will make itinto the National Leagues. My involvement withcoaching them ended at U12 level. But thatdoesn’t mean I’m not incredibly proud of whatthey’ve become.Have a wonderful summer, keep listeningand I’m looking forward to seeing many of youout and about in our fair city between now andSeptember. We’ll be back, bigger, better andstronger in a few short months…Steve JacksonBBC Radio Cambridgeshire & The Rugby Paper@Jackolocalrugby on, a try just isn’t enough...

mini&youthsectionSpotlight on...CRUFC Under 12sU12s rugby heralds the end of mini age group rugby beforemoving to 15-a-side rugby on a full sized pitch, and is anopportunity for the players to learn how to use spaceand recycle the ball whilst cementing their basic running,passing and tackling skills.Today is ‘Colours Saturday’ and for U12 players markstheir passage from mini rugby to youth rugby next season,receiving their Club ties on the 1st XV pitch will be a proudmoment for all, but especially for some U12 players whostarted playing rugby together at Cambridge nearly 7 yearsago, aged just 5.This season at Cambridge we have seen an influx of newplayers who have experienced rugby for the first time attheir new Secondary schools and who want to play outsideof school as well. The arrival of new players has been muchless disruptive than was first envisaged as we have playedin mixed experience/ability teams all season, and after aninitial first few weeks training you would be hard pressedto tell the newer players apart from their more experiencedcolleagues.In U12s club rugby we play on half a pitch (43 x 60 metres)with 13 players per team (6 forwards/7 backs) to adaptedage group rules (no handing off and no fly hacking). Thiscan cause difficulties as school rugby at this age, year 7, isgenerally played as 15-a-side on near full sized pitches toU13 rules, and often mixed in with year 8 players, howeverthe players have generally adapted well to playing to oneset of regulations during the week and another on Sundays.Next season will be far simpler as the playing regulationsfrom school to club will be consistent.Tom Blake, captaining the Cambridge team on his 12th birthdayexchanges gifts with the Sanary Ovalie captain.The Cambridge and Sanary Ovalie U12 teams.This season has seen mixed fortunes with the playersgenerally performing well in patches, both individually andas a team, but not quite achieving what their skills and talentsuggest they could. As a fast running, quick recycling agegroup in matches on firm ground and against all but thestrongest opposition the teams are able to quickly rack uptries and in many games accumulate large scores. Howeveron softer ground and against aggressive rucking/maulingteams we struggle to use the ball as effectively and to defendagainst larger, more organised opponents. This has meantthat the season has promised much but we have generallyunderperformed against where we think we should be interms of results. Often just a few missed tackles or handlingmistakes make the difference between reaching tournamentcup finals and an early exit.However on an individual skills basis and in terms ofenjoyment of rugby the players are enjoying themselvesimmensely, we have 40 players in the age group of which acore of 28–30 players are playing regularly and growing intheir rugby ability, all of which bodes well for next season aswe move into youth rugby where the extra space affordedon larger pitches should suit the fast paced, off-loading styleof the team well.A highlight of the season was the tour to Toulon in March2015, with Ex-Cambridge player and local tour organiserTom Whitford, who is also team manager for RC Toulon,we were ensured an excellent time, and so it unfolded.Arriving on a sunny Friday morning the players had time toacclimatise on the beach with some touch rugby against theArchie Creighton is tackledin the act of scoring.Manolo Niembro evades would be tacklers on his way to the line.parents before heading off to a very tough evening fixture at LaSeyne Ecole du Rugby, the final result of 4 tries all was a creditto both teams in a very hard fought match against a strongFrench team who beat Toulon U12s earlier in the season.On the Saturday morning we faced Sanary Ovalie U12sin a very smart stadium, the opposition were much largerthan our players inciting some fear in the ranks, howeveronce the players realised they could exploit the gaps in theopposition defence the tries started to flow and ended 18tries to 0 in a tour try fest, and although the rugby wasn’tas good as the previous evening it was a nice win on tourfor the boys. On Saturday evening the players watched RCToulon beat Brive in a stunning match and electric stadium,witnessing David Smith scoring 4 tries.Then on the Sunday morning Australian and Kiwiinternationals, Drew Mitchell and Carl Hayman, ran theboys through their paces in an hour-long training session,followed by some photo opportunities and lunch beforereturning to the airport and home to reality, what a weekend!Thanks to the parents for bringing the boys to trainingand games, thanks to the club for providing the facilities,pitches and first aid cover and thanks to the Coaches,without whom none of this would happen. Rugby is morethan a sport and these boys are making new friendshipsfor life. We look forward to watching the players progressthrough the age groups and into adult rugby at the club,or maybe beyond, as the Northampton Saints DevelopingPlayer Programme beckons for some.The head of the U12s age group is Joe Niembro, the headcoach is Sam Sandercock who is assisted by Mark Isaacson,Richard Hall, Simon Bray, Simon Strode, Robert Glynnand Iain Booth, emergency aid cover is provided by GeoffChapman and the administration is run by Tim Rodgers. OllyThain was the Toulon Tour organiser.Sam SandercockAlex Howard makes a dash for the line.Mini FestivalThe big event since the last column was our own MiniFestival. There were six age groups from U7 to U12comprising 54 teams (over 700 players) from seven clubs.It was a true festival with only round robin friendlies in eachpool. All players received a medal memento and feedbackfrom all participants was very positive. Participating teamswere: Cambridge, Hertford, North Walsham (on tour andled by ex Cambridge player Mike Crossley), Letchworth,Saffron Walden, Bury St Edmunds, Wendens Ambo andNewmarket. We also provided a BBQ, Hog Roast, hotdrinks, bar, Ice cream van, Tombola & cake stall and abouncy castle.Savills kindly sponsored the medals in memory of JohnFear (ex CRUFC Chairman) and also sponsorship came fromSt Faiths School, The Rural Business Network and CambridgeWater donated 1000 bottles of water (one for every player).Thanks to all those volunteers who made the day possiblefrom: all Mini coaches, referees, Fen Bridge Catering andall parents who helped parking, First Aid and on the cake &Tombola stall. Special thanks should go to David Chapmanwho led the Festival organization once again.Cambridge contain the La SeyneEcole de Rugby team in their own half.And finally, thank you to...As the season comes to a close, I would like to thank allthe volunteers who make M&Y rugby possible at CRUFC,starting with the age group coaches and admins. Thededication and enthusiasm they show means that thenext generation of rugby players are in good hands hereat CRUFC. Thanks must also go to Benoit Vautravers,M&Y registrar, David Chapman and Jessica Watts, fixturesecretaries for minis and youth, respectively, for doingthose arduous jobs that support the whole section. Last butnot least thanks also to Jenna Bickley, Child SafeguardingOfficer, and Heads of Mini and Youth, Ken Seamon and JohnCreighton for their leadership.The whole M&Y section would also like to thank LucyAllard, and her team from Fen Bridge Catering, for herservice providing food with a smile to M&Y this season.I wish everyone a wonderful summer holiday and hopethat you will all be counting the days down until the start ofnext season in September.Paul Barker, Chair M&Y

national league 2 south Cambridge v CanterburyCAMBRIDGE RUFC15 JAMES STOKES Sponsored by14 ALBERT PORTSMOUTH Sponsored by13 COREY HIRCOCK Sponsored by12 MATT GOODE Sponsored by11 JIM WIGGLESWORTH10 BEN PENFOLD Sponsored byCaptain 9 STEF LIEBENBERG Sponsored by1 MATTHEW WORRALL-CLARE Sponsored by2 EAN GRIFFITHS Sponsored by3 TOM JONES Sponsored by4 MARTIN WOLFENDEN Sponsored byK&G NEWBOUND5 OLLIE MARRIOTT Sponsored by Building Contractors6 TOM ELLIS Sponsored by7 SIMON JOHNSON Sponsored by8 STEVE HIPWELL Sponsored byREPLACEMENTS16 GEORGE NAIRN17 JAMES ARMITAGE18 MATT HOWLING Sponsored by19 JACK GREEN Sponsored by20 MIKE GILLICK Sponsored byNational League Two South2014–2015Saturday 18th April 2015Kick-off 3.00pmMatch Sponsors:RefereeTom DavisAssistant RefereesCraig LordJonathan PetzingFourth OfficialKenny IsbisterMan of the Match SponsorMatch Ball SponsorTel: 01223 368771Captain 7CANTERBURY15 MARTYN BEAUMONT14 AIDEN MOSS13 CHARLIE HARDING12 ALEX VEALE11 MASON ROSVALL10 GUY HILTON9 DAN SMART1 JIM GREEN2 NEIL WAKEFIELD3 ALEX WAKE-SMITH4 ROYCE CADMAN5 TOM BURNS6 SAM ROGERSTOM SHERSON8 ADAM CATHCARTREPLACEMENTS16 OLLIE BEST17 TOM ROGERS18 RUAIRI MCLEOD19 GRANT KAY20 RICHARD CORR(Canterbury lineup was provisionalat time of going to print).CRUFC Limited, Volac Park, Grantchester Road Cambridge CB3 9ED Tel: 01223 312437

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national leaguesquadAlbertPortsmouthPosition: CentreSponsored by:JimWigglesworthPosition: Full BackHonours: England CountiesSnrs & U20sOn loan from Bedford BluesLouis RawlingsPosition: Back RowSponsored by:MartinWolfendenPosition: Second RowHonours: ZimbabweSponsored by:Joe ReidPosition: PropMatthewWorrall-ClarePosition: PropSponsored by:Contact us to discuss sponsoring JoeMike StanwayPosition: Wing/Full BackSponsored by:James StokesPosition: Wing/Full BackHonours: England CountiesU20’sSponsored by:

why not joincambridge rugby club?AS A SOCIAL MEMBER:• You receive notices and newsletters.• Will be entitled to a reduced entrance fee on 1st XV Match Days.• You can apply for international tickets including the upcomingQBE internationals starting in August.• You receive £5 off pre-match lunches.• Discounted membership at Impington Village College Sports Centre.• 10% discount on excursions from Grays of Ely.• 10% discount at Granta Punts.• 5% discount at Scotsdales Garden Centre.• Become part of a thriving and vibrant community of like-mindedpeople.MEMBERSHIP: Social Membership AMOUNT: £40.00CONTACT DETAILS:Name:Contact address:Telephone:Mobile:Email:Hand this form with your payment to a member of bar staff or contactthe Membeship Secretary – contact information on the website.For Playing Membership and Family Membership check the websitefor details.

CAMBRIDGE RUGBY CLUBMEMBERSHIP & DEBENTURES2014/15CLUB MEMBERSHIP£120 SeniorPlaying Member£70 StudentPlaying MemberMatch Fees, free entry to home 1st XV games& Club MembershipMatch Fees, free entry to 1st XV games& Club Membership£40 Social member Club Membership& £2 discount for home 1st XV games£140 Season TicketMember£190 Grandstand SeasonTicket MemberClub Membership& Free entry to home 1st XV gameClub Membership & Free entry to home 1st XV games,plus a seat in the grandstand if one is available£50 Junior GrandstandSeason Ticket MemberFree entry & to home 1st XV games plus an Under 16seat in the grandstand for if one is available£50 Vice President Suggested donation(Must be in conjunction with a Membership)£40 Parent Member Club Membership& £2 discount for home 1st XV games£120 ParentGold Member£85 Mini & Youth Player(1st Child)Free entry to home league games & Club Membership(Must be in conjunction with a Junior Membership)Must be in conjunction with a Parent/PlayingMembership£73 Mini & Youth Player(subsequent children)DEBENTURE SEATSDebenture seats are available in the Hill Stand.£500 for 3 years or £750 for 5 yearsIncludes Club membership, entrance to National League 2 Southhome games and a designated seat in the Hill Stand.FOR MORE INFORMATION:Please contact the Hon Secretary at go to the Membership section of the club web site at you can complete your Membership form or purchase a Debenture seat

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fixtures2014–20151ST XV FIXTURESNational League 2 SouthDATE KICK OFF HOME AWAY06 Sep 2014 3pm Cambridge vs Taunton Titans NL 2 South13 Sep 2014 3pm Bishops Stortford vs Cambridge NL 2 South20 Sep 2014 3pm Cambridge vs Redruth NL 2 South27 Sep 2014 3pm Shelford vs Cambridge NL 2 South04 Oct 2014 3pm Cambridge vs Dings Crusaders NL 2 South11 Oct 2014 3pm Henley Hawks vs Cambridge NL 2 South18 Oct 2014 3pm Cambridge vs Dorking NL 2 South25 Oct 2014 3pm Chinnor vs Cambridge NL 2 South01 Nov 2014 2pm Cambridge vs Lydney NL 2 South09 Nov 2014 2.30pm Southend vs Cambridge NL 2 South15 Nov 2014 2pm Cambridge vs Cornish All Blacks NL 2 South22 Nov 2014 2pm Cambridge vs Worthing Raiders NL 2 South29 Nov 2014 2.30pm Clifton vs Cambridge NL 2 South06 Dec 2014 2pm Cambridge vs Old Elthamians NL 2 South13 Dec 2014 3pm Canterbury vs Cambridge NL 2 South20 Dec 2014 2pm Cambridge vs Bishops Stortford NL 2 South27 Dec 2014 – – – – –03 Jan 2015 2pm Redruth vs Cambridge NL 2 South10 Jan 2015 2pm Cambridge vs Shelford NL 2 South17 Jan 2015 2.30pm Dings Crusaders vs Cambridge NL 2 South24 Jan 2015 2pm Cambridge vs Henley Hawks NL 2 South31 Jan 2015 2.15pm Dorking vs Cambridge NL 2 South07 Feb 2015 2pm Cambridge vs Chinnor NL 2 South14 Feb 2015 3pm Lydney vs Cambridge NL 2 South21 Feb 2015 2pm Cambridge vs Southend NL 2 South28 Feb 2015 – – – – –07 Mar 2015 3pm Cornish All Blacks vs Cambridge NL 2 South14 Mar 2015 3pm Worthing Raiders vs Cambridge NL 2 South21 Mar 2015 – – – – –28 Mar 2015 3pm Cambridge vs Clifton NL 2 South04 Apr 2015 – – – – –11 Apr 2015 3pm Old Elthamians vs Cambridge NL 2 South18 Apr 2015 3pm Cambridge vs Canterbury NL 2 South25 Apr 2015 3pm Taunton Titans vs Cambridge NL 2 South

leaguetableNational League 2 SouthClub Pld W D L F A PD TBP LBP Ded Pts Rec %1) Henley Hawks 28 24 1 3 900 497 403 17 2 0 117 83.572) Bishops Stortford 28 18 1 9 875 558 317 20 8 0 102 72.863) Taunton Titans 28 20 0 8 803 552 251 14 6 0 100 71.434) Dorking 28 20 2 6 749 514 235 10 4 0 98 70.005) Worthing Raiders 28 17 0 11 741 565 176 17 5 0 90 64.296) Cambridge 28 16 0 12 689 583 106 15 6 0 85 60.717) Chinnor 28 16 0 12 690 605 85 9 9 0 82 58.578) Old Elthamians 28 12 1 15 668 684 -16 9 9 0 68 48.579) Cornish All Blacks 28 12 2 14 582 534 48 3 10 0 65 46.4310) Redruth 28 12 1 15 542 642 -100 6 6 0 62 44.2911) Canterbury 28 10 2 16 542 660 -118 9 3 0 56 40.0012) Clifton 28 10 0 18 613 782 -169 9 6 0 55 39.2913) Southend Saxons 28 12 0 16 599 737 -138 5 5 5 53 37.8614) Lydney 28 9 1 18 491 830 -339 3 5 0 46 32.8615) Shelford 28 7 0 21 542 860 -318 8 3 5 34 24.2916) Dings Crusaders 28 3 1 24 486 909 -423 5 3 0 22 15.71Today’s FixturesLeague: National League 2 SouthDate Home Away Kick Off18-Apr-2015 Cambridge Canterbury 15:0018-Apr-2015 Chinnor Shelford 15:0018-Apr-2015 Clifton Old Elthamians 14:3018-Apr-2015 Cornish All Blacks Taunton Titans 15:0018-Apr-2015 Dorking Dings Crusaders 15:0018-Apr-2015 Henley Hawks Worthing Raiders 15:0018-Apr-2015 Lydney Redruth 15:0018-Apr-2015 Southend Saxons Bishops Stortford 15:00Cambridge RugbyUnion Football ClubVolac Park, Grantchester RoadCambridge CB3 9EDTel: 01223 312437Club Colours: Blood and SandSponsorship enquiries:email: Hire:email:

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