Form Talysurf Intra

Form Talysurf Intra

Form TalysurfIntra

Form Talysurf IntraFor simultaneous measurement of dimension, form and surface roughness. Curvature, inclination,roughness and waviness all affect the way surfaces interact with other surfaces. Form Talysurf Intradetects and evaluates all elements with just a single traverse across the component.Impressive pedigreeThe original Form Talysurfwas developed in 1984 for theprecision bearing industry.As the first instrument ever tomeasure dimension, form andtexture on curved surfaces, itdemonstrated the ability ofTaylor Hobson engineers tolead instead of follow surfacemeasurment industry trends.Since then the basic premisehas been refined, improvedand expanded to suit otherindustries but like many trulygroundbreaking ideas it hasnever been surpassed.Form Talysurf Intra is surface finishmetrology engineered for the wayyou work...wherever you work.It can be used with the Processor Control Module for completelyportable operation or with a PC to function as a dedicated inspectionstation...or both.Best of all, Intra moves easily from clean room to shop floor and backagain. Even casual operators will be able to maintain high throughputwith reliable results.Now, for the first time, you can have surface finish inspection thatcontrols your manufacturing process without disrupting yourmanufacturing schedule.2

Choosing the right productForm TalysurfIntraSimple roughness parameters like Ra can be checked with our Surtronic series instruments. If you needadvanced analysis, higher levels of accuracy or greater flexibility, Form Talysurf Intra is the perfect choice.It combines industry leading specifications with simplicity of operation for unbeatable practicality and value.Analysis fundamentalsThe measurable elements ofa surface are dimension, form,roughness and waviness. Manyhigh specification componentsrequire analysis of all four.Dimension - the functionalshape of a surface as definedby radius, angle, distance, andthe linear relationship betweenfeatures.Form - deviations from theintended shape of a surface(flat, spherical, tapered, etc.);often caused by machine toolinaccuracies.Roughness - a deliberate,controllable element of thecomponent design producedby the action of the cutting toolor machining process.Waviness - an undesireablemachine tool effect resultingfrom vibration, lack of stiffnessor other instabilities in themachining process.Skidless measuring systemMany roughness checkers useskidded pick-ups to guide thestylus over the workpiece, withthe workpiece itself forming thedatum for measurement.Because the skid also acts asa mechanical filter, removingor altering general form andwaviness characteristics, thecollected data is not suitablefor advanced analysis.Intra is the right choiceFor correct data collection thegauge must pass over thecomponent in a straight linesuch that only the stylus tipcomes in contact with thesurface under test.Vertical stylus movement isrelative to the traverse datum,a reference bar that has beenlapped or precision groundto an extremely high flatnessand straightness tolerance.Form Talysurf Intra is skidlessand can be used for waviness,profile and other parameterssuch as Material Ratio withabsolute confidence in themeasurement results.For your industryForm Talysurf Intra offersexceptional productivity fora wide range of industriesand applications.For your budgetFor general purpose or forsolving a specific applicationproblem, Form Talysurf Intracan be configured to performwithin your budget.For your futureUnlike closed end systemsthat will be obsolete whenyour requirements change,Form Talysurf Intra can beexpanded to meet whateverthe future brings.skidless tracing arms provide access to internalfeatures such as ball tracks and ring grooveshigh resolution skidless pick-up is necessaryfor straightness and waviness measurementsmeasureable form features may be spherical,aspherical, concave, convex, internal or external3

Calibration of the systemJust as the three elements of surface texture function as one, each element of a measuring system is designed tocomplement the others. The specification of one component - no matter how outstanding - is meaningless out ofcontext with the system. Form Talysurf Intra optimizes system performance by means of calibration over a ball.The calibration procedureLike most instruments of thistype, the Form Talysurf stylusmoves in an arcuate manner.A method to linearize datameasured in this way waspioneered by Taylor Hobson.With this method a polynomialis applied to the readings fromthe gauge. The coefficients of thepolynomial are determined bymeans of calibration.The accuracy of this calibrationdirectly affects the accuracy ofradius, form and surface texturemeasurement.To obtain these coefficients,Form Talysurf instruments aretypically calibrated throughthe measurement of a highprecision spherical artifact - amethod of calibration patentedby Taylor Hobson.Verify processor functionsForm Talysurf uses powerfulsoftware to combine the datagenerated by vertical movementof the stylus with data collectedfrom the linear scale and readinghead in the horizontal traverseunit. The result is a grid arrayof as many as 120,000 datapoints, each with unique spatialcharacteristics.Compensate correctly forarcuate stylus motion errorPatented algorithms are appliedthat compensate for arcuatestylus motion error. This erroroccurs because data is collectedin X-Z coordinates even thoughthe stylus arm is moving in an arc.DistanceRadiusAngleAutomatic and powerfulCalibration is programmable andessentially automatic. A positioningstage is used to manually locate thecrest of the ball in the 'Y' axis. Crestingin the 'X' axis, positioning of thetraverse to its start location and theactual measurement are all automatic.The result is a true system calibration;all elements that may influence themeasurement have been checked:• Arcuate stylus motion error• Gauge non-linearity• Stylus tip geometry• Instrument stability• Traverse datum and datalogging• Gauge / stylus mechanicalstiffness• Processor functionsCalibration frequencyCalibration is recommended wheneverthe stylus arm is changed. To simplifythis process all stylus arm configurationdimensions are stored for easy recall.Calibration history regarding operator,artifact and date is automaticallystored and artifacts used for calibrationcan be identified and referenced tocertification date.Linearity and wide range assure accurate measurement of dimension, form and texture4

Correlation of resultsForm TalysurfIntraManufacturers who outsource expect their suppliers to deliver parts that meet specification. You know the partsare good but the instrument your customer uses to inspect them says they are bad. Lack of correlation can occureven when the instruments are configured the same way as to filter, cut-off and length of trace.Different suppliers,different resultsIn the case of mating pieces,one supplier makes part A,another makes B. Both saythe roughness is acceptablebut the end user may find thatneither part meets the spec.Some of the lack of correlationbetween different brands ofinstruments or even betweeninstruments of the same brandcan be partially attributed tothree factors:• speed of traverse• condition of the stylus• gauge linearitySpeed of traverseMost roughness checkers aretime based, collecting data fora fixed period of time instead ofa precise, constant distance.Anything that affects speed oftraverse - wear, dirt, slippage,etc. - affects the quantity andspacing of the collected datapoints which in turn affect themeasurement results.Form Talysurf Intra utilizes aglass scale and reading headto assure that data collectionis accurate and consistent.Every measurement on everyinstrument is calculated fromthe exact same quantity ofidentically spaced data points.Stylus conditionWith many surface measuringsystems, the size, shape andcondition of the stylus tip areassumed to be constant in termsof data processing. In practicethe stylus tip may vary due tomanufacturing tolerance, routinewear or physical damage.During calibration with a FormTalysurf, the stylus is traversedover the spherical artifact tomake contact at all points alongthe radius of the conisphere tipin the measurement direction. Bythis method, the user can detecteffects due to stylus damage ordeviations of size and shape.Gauge linearityIntra is calibrated over a ballto check linearity of the entire1mm gauge range. Most othersystems use a step master oran Ra patch that calibratesonly over a very narrow band.The assumption is that if thegauge is linear over that bandit is linear over the full range.Unless your measurements areall taken within the same verticalposition of the gauge range andnever exceed the amplitude ofthe step height master, the datayou collect may be non-linearwhich will cause incorrect results.calibration over a ball checks stylus condition,gauge range, linearity and processor functionsform errors cause assembly problems, inefficientoperation and premature failure of the componentmeasure dimension, form and texture at once witha single traverse over curved or straight surfaces5

µltra softwareWhen Form Talysurf Intra is used with a PC, our industry leading software takescontrol of all mechanical, administrative, analysis and display functions. µltra isnetwork ready for central data storage and output to network printers. Users willbenefit from ease of use as well as advanced analysis techniques.µltra takes full advantage of Intra’s wide gauge range and its ability to measure curved straight and inclined featureswith a single traverse. This powerful software uses exclusion, removal and zoom tools to let you identify and isolatecomponent features for detailed analysis of dimension, form and texture without re-measuring the part.In this example, the zoom tool is used to isolate an arcuate feature. Next, the radius and, significantly, deviation fromtrue radius will be analyzed via removal of the LS Arc. After removal of the LS Arc, conventional filters can be appliedto determine roughness, waviness, material ratio and more than 95 different surface finish parameters.measuring path for raw profiledetail of radius shown in zoom section6

µltra software optionsForm TalysurfIntraForm Analysis Software - code 112/2843Form error is determined with reference to a best fitconcave or convex circular arc or straight line, with allsurface roughness detail included. Radius, angle andpitch can be calculated and the linear relationship ofsurface features can be determined based on calculatedX and Z co-ordinate positions.Aspheric Form Software - code 112/2845Assessments of form error, surface slope error and tiltin comparison with operator defined design data. Anaspheric, defined in the form of a polynomial expression,is best fitted to the measured profile.After form removal the residuals are calculated and thefollowing parameters can be determined:Fig, Ra, Rt, Smn, Smx, Tilt, Xp, Xt and Xv.contour analysis softwareConic Form Software - code 112/2844Assessment of residual errors after removal of best fitelliptical or hyperbolic forms to provide major and minoraxis values, tilt, and residual surface texture analysis.Contour Analysis - code 112/3170Provides dimensional analysis of geometric featuressuch as radii, angles, length and height. Includes userprogrammed measurement macros, individual featuretolerancing, comparison of DXF files to contour and fittingof geometric elements to unknown contour.dual profile softwareDual Profile - code 112/2846Enables two sets of measurement data to be displayedat once with one set being used as the datum againstwhich the other set is tested. Comparison can be of onemeasured profile to another or to a master profile whichhas been saved as a template. A “difference” profile canbe displayed at the touch of a button and used for furtheranalysis.Gothic Arch Analysis - code 112/3121Of particular benefit to bearing producers, the Gothic Archtool electronically fits the nominal bearing diameter intothe raceway profile and the parameters (radius, radiusoffset, vertex angle and ball clearance) are automaticallycalculated for on-screen display or color printout.Nominal Ball DiameterXr XlZrZl Bearing RaceRlRrAl Arl = Left Arc r = Right ArcX = Offset (Horiz)Z = Offset (Vert)R = RadiusA = Vertex AngleHc = Clearancegothic arch softwareHcGothic Arch Parameters7

Processor Control ModuleComponent inspection shouldn't be more complex than manufacturing. With the Intra Processor Control Module it isn't.A color VGA touch screen panel with simple "one touch" icons will be familiar to anyone who has ever operated amachine tool. Commands are in plain English and arranged in a logical, task oriented sequence. With little or notraining required, the Intra PCM enables every machine operator to inspect parts correctly and efficiently.Intuitive operation improves productivityDesigned for simple set up and instant results, this dedicated control and analysisprocessor minimizes errors and maximizes inspection throughput.No cables requiredThe Processor Control Module(PCM) includes an infra red link(IrDA) to communicate with thetraverse unit. This eliminates thenuisance of connecting cableswhen the Intra is used in portablemode.Mains or battery powerBoth the PCM and the traverseunit operate on mains powersupply via low voltage poweradapter. Also available arerechargeable, high capacitymetal hybride batteries foroperation in remote locations.No installationIntra with the PCM requires noinstallation or special set-upconsiderations. The system willfit on any available table orworkbench anywhere in the shop.Intra will be ready to workimmediately without disruptingnormal workflow.Instant resultsAll measurement results aredisplayed instantly on the highresolution control panel screenand also stored internally in theevent that future re-analysis ordocumentation is desired.Smart media data transferThe PCM has a PCMICA type II slotfor use with an optional PC SmartMedia card. This allows for the transferof measurement results to personalcomputers for storage or extendedanalysis.An optional printer completes thepackage whenever a hard copy ofresults is necessary.Shop floor approvedThoroughly tested in hostile environments,the Intra PCM is designed and intendedto be used on the production floor.8

Expanding capabilityForm TalysurfIntraForm Talysurf Intra includes an inductive gauge which is suitable for most tasks. For contourmeasuring applications we also offer a wide range pick-up.Inductive GaugeThis traditional gauge head leads the industry with a full1mm (0.04in) of range and an outstanding range to resolutionratio of 65,536:1. It has a pivoted and balanced beam to allowmeasurement in any attitude. (standard - code 112/2564)Range / Resolution1.0mm / 16nm (0.04in / 0.64µin)0.2mm / 3.0nm (0.008in / 0.12µin)Right angle attachment -Code 112/2022 (Skidless applications)Code 112/2040 (Skid applications)Stylus stop attachment - code 112/2098Wide range pick-upAvailable as a plug-in accessory, the wide range pick-upprovides 28mm (1.1in) of range with 426nm (17µin) resolution.Suitable for form and contour measurements.Wide range pick-up - code 112/2628Includes three interchangeable stylus arms• Conical tip with 30 º included angle• Ball tip with 0.5mm (0.02in) radius• Chisel tip with 15 º included angleInductive Pick-up Stylus ArmsStandard Stylus Arm - code 112/20098.3mm57.5Recess Stylus Arm - code 112/201114.7mm57.5mmSmall Bore Stylus Arm - code 112/20121.2mm57.5mmChisel Edge Stylus Arm - 2µm x 750µmchisel diamond stylus - code 112/20139.0mm57.5mmwide range pick-up for contour applicationsNote: All stylus arms have 90˚ conisphere diamond styli with2µm nominal radius tips unless otherwise stated.Additional stylus armsThe stylus arms shown on these pages represent just someof the standard configurations. In addition, Taylor Hobson canprovide customized stylus arms for specific applications.Ball Stylus Arm, nominal range 2mm (0.078in)500µm radius sapphire ball stylus - code 112/201016.5mm117.5mm99

AccessoriesAll the accessories you need to begin using Form Talysurf Intra are supplied as standard. However, for moredemanding measuring requirements, we have a range of accessories which may be ordered separately.1 Universal WorktableComplete stage assembly toprovide X, Y, Z, rotary and tiltingpositioning moves. Includesvee block and location platefor mounting to the T slot inthe granite base.code 112/3064X axis Stage AssemblySimple stage assembly withX axis positioning, vee blockand location plate for mountingto the granite base.code 112/3067Manual Column and BaseGranite base 800x400mm(32x16in) with Tee slot andmanual granite column withhand wheel for 350mm (14in)height adjustment.code 112/3116 (cradle mount)code 112/3117 (fixed mount)Leveling FootUsed on granite base 112/3117for leveling the traverse unitcode 137/21572 Ball Joint ViseProvides universal positioningvia 360º rotation and 180º tilt;especially for lightweight orsmall componentscode 112/2695-013 Adjustable WorktableProvides fine adjustment forrotational [+/- 3º] and lateral[+/-10mm (0.4in)] positioningof the workpiece. Work surfacewith T-slot = 120mm x 120mm(4.7in x 4.7in)code 112/16444 Vee Blocks (Pair)For the support of large,cylindrical componentscode 112/1645Ra and 3 Line StandardAn Ra verification patch withstep height standard can besupplied with a Form Talysurfunit for calibration when surfacetexture only is to be analysed.code 112/557.Radius Calibration StandardFor systems using form software,spherical calibration artifactsare a requirement.80mm (3.15in) RadiusA glass artifact for systemsusing a wide range pick-up.code 112/202822mm (0.86in) RadiusA mounted precision ball forsystems using long stylus arms.code 112/184412.5mm (0.49in) RadiusA mounted precision ball forstandard Intra systems.code 112/2062 (standard)5 Ball and Roller UnitSpecial fixture rotates ball orroller over stationary stylus forcircumferential inspection ofsurface finish. Includes set of(4) plates for ball diameters1 - 25mm (0.04 - 0.98in)code 112/3219Roller PlatesSet of (3) for 1 - 16mm(0.04 - 0.63in) diameter rollerscode 112/3248123 4510

1988www.taylor-hobson.comAt Taylor Hobson we don’t sell products - we providesolutions. Whatever our customers’ measuring needs,we will find a solution to meet them.Our reputation for excellence is based on more than100 years of metrology design and manufacturingexperience. Add to this our worldwide coverage, ourafter sales support and our commitment to customercare and you have a company which provides itscustomers with total peace of mind.The Taylor Hobson service:Special applicationsWe have a team of engineers who provide a designservice for dedicated metrology solutions. This caninvolve customising standard Taylor Hobson instrumentsto meet specific requirements or designing uniqueproducts.For details of your local support center phone+44 116 246 3034 or e-mail sales@taylor-hobson.comCenters of ExcellenceOur Centers of Excellence, offer:• product and theory training either at ourlocal training centers or at our customers’ premises• instrument and metrology advice• a trial measurement service to help youdecide which product to buy• lectures and presentationsFor details of your local Center of Excellence phone+44 116 276 3779 or email cofe@taylor-hobson.comAfter sales supportTo ensure that all our products are maintained to thestandards you require, we offer a range of after salesservice packages. They include an on-site calibrationservice, field service and a refit and upgrade service.We also offer an instrument calibration service at ourUKAS laboratory in Leicester.For details of your local support center phone+44 116 246 3135 or email service@taylor-hobson.comTaylor Hobson SA6 avenue de Norvège, Hightec 491953 Courtaboeuf Cedex, FranceTel: +33 160 92 14 14 Fax: +33 160 92 10 20e-mail: contact@taylor-hobson.frTaylor Hobson GmbHPostfach 4827, Kreuzberger Ring 665205 Wiesbaden, GermanyTel: +49 611 973040 Fax: +49 611 97304600e-mail: info@taylor-hobson.deTaylor Hobson S.p.A.S.p. 28 Vigentina 6,20090 Opera, Milan, ItalyTel: +39 0257 606424 Fax: +39 0257 606740e-mail: mail@taylor-hobson.itTaylor Hobson Liaison OfficeAustria and Eastern EuropeAmalienstrasse 68, A-1130 Vienna, AustriaTel: +43 1877 557112 Fax: +43 1877 557116e-mail: thp@vienna.atTaylor Hobson KKNo 31 Kowa Building 19-1, 3-Chome, ShiroganedaiMinato-Ku, Tokyo 108-0071, JapanTel: +81 33473 7001 Fax: +81 33473 7002e-mail: Hobson K INCHungkuk Life Building. 5 th Floor 6-7, Soonae DongPundang-Ku, Seongnam, Kyungki-Do, 463-020, KoreaTel: +82 31 713 1371 Fax: +82 31 713 1372e-mail: thkorea@kornet.netTaylor Hobson China Office20/F, Delta House, 3 On Yiu StreetShatin, New Territories, Hong KongTel: +852 2757 3033 Fax: +852 2757 1767e-mail: talhobhk@netvigator.comTaylor Hobson IncSuite 350, 2100 Golf Road, Rolling Meadows,Illinois 60008-4231, USA.Tel: +1 847 290 8090 Fax: +1 847 290 1430e-mail: sales@taylorhobson.usTaylor Hobson LimitedPO Box 36, 2 New Star Road, Leicester, LE4 9JQ, England.Tel: +44 116 276 3771 Fax: +44 116 246 0579e-mail: sales@taylor-hobson.comInternet: http://www.taylor-hobson.comTAYLOR HOBSONA8248 ISO9001FTS Intra 1E SP 07/03

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