Workman® Personal Fall Limiter

Workman® Personal Fall Limiter

Workman ® Personal Fall Limiter

Workman Personal Fall LimiterWith its solid design and fast-acting brake mechanism, you canbe confident that the Workman Personal Fall Limiter (PFL) will bethere for you when you need it most. The Workman PFL features:PFL Connector Options• A durable, engineered thermoplastic housing to increaseservice life.• Rugged, impact-absorbing protective bumpers for addeddurability.• A field-replaceable lifeline option eliminates down time andreduces cost of ownership.• A lightweight design, starting at 3.5 pounds.• Available in lengths from 6’ to 12’ in 1’ increments.• A 400-pound working capacity.• A constant lock-up rate to prevent the erratic,“jerky”lock-up (like a seat belt) found on some typesof retractables.• No annual factory re-certification required.• An integral load indicator lets you know when it is time toremove the product from service.• SRL connector with integral swivel.• Meets ANSI A10.32, all applicable OSHA standards, andis CSA certified. Units with 36C style snaphooks meetANSI Z359.1.• ATO ordering flexibility allows you to order the exact optionsyou want, and only the options you want.2” Steel Carabiner(R621424)1” Steel Carabiner(10089206)Back D Connector(10089204)1” Aluminum Carabin(SRCA853)All these features and more combine to deliver one of the mostversatile fall protection devices available on the market today.Attaching thesnaphook to theintegral swivelcreates acomfortable,convenientcarrying handle.AL64 Snaphook(10043811)Swivel Carabiner(10021804)LS Swivel Snaphook(10038740)36CSN Snaphook(10091959)Lifeline Connector Options

er2” Aluminum Carabiner(SRCA722)36CL Snaphook(10088291)Workman PFL Ordering InformationAll part numbers below meet applicable OSHA standards and ANSI A10.32.Workman PFLStandardsPart Number Line Length PFL Connection Lifeline Connection ANSI Z359.1 CSA Z259.2.210093348 12' None LI snaphook10093349 12' None LC Snaphook10093350 12' 1" Steel Carabiner LC Snaphook10093351 11' Back D Connector AL64 Snaphook10093352 12' Back D Connector LC Snaphook10093353 12' 1" Steel Carabiner 36C Snaphook X10093354 12' None 36C Snaphook X10093355 10' None LI snaphook X10093356 10' None LC Snaphook X10093357 10' 1" Steel Carabiner LC Snaphook X10093358 10' Back D Connector LC Snaphook XLS Snaphook(SHWS31690)36C Snaphook(10088270)LC Snaphook(10072522)LI Snaphook(10014393)ATO (Assemble-to-Order) Matrix for the Workman Personal Fall LimiterCAOApprovalsLineLengthCSA & OSHA 06 6’ 0ANSI Z359.1 07 7’ 1& OSHA08 8’ 2OSHA & ANSI09 9’ 3A10.3210 10’ 411 11’ 512 12’ 6• ATO orders will shipwithin 5 days of order.PFL ConnectionNoneBack D Connector1” Aluminum Carabiner1” Steel Carabiner2” Aluminum Carabiner2” Steel Carabiner36CL SnaphookA-PFL-Part NumberWorkman PFL Replacement Kits Ordering InformationPart No. Description10093799 Replacement 12' lifeline with LI Snaphook10093812 Replacement 12' lifeline with Swivel Carabiner10093811 Replacement 12' lifeline with 1"Aluminum Carabiner10093800 Replacement 12' lifeline with 1" Steel Carabiner10093813 Replacement 12' lifeline with LS Snaphook10093814 Replacement 12' lifeline with AL64 Snaphook10093815 Replacement 12' lifeline with LC Snaphook10093816 Replacement 12' lifeline with LS Swivel Snaphook10093797 Replacement 12' lifeline with 36C Snaphook10093798 Replacement 12' lifeline with 36CSNSwivel Snaphook0123456789Lifeline ConnectionLI SnaphookSwivel Carabiner1” Aluminum Carabiner1” Steel CarabinerLS SnaphookAL64 SnaphookLC SnaphookLS Swivel Snaphook36C Snaphook36CSN SnaphookPart No. DescriptionReplaceableLifelineN NoY Yes10093819 Replacement 10' lifeline with LI Snaphook10093822 Replacement 10' lifeline with Swivel Carabiner10093821 Replacement 10' lifeline with 1"Aluminum Carabiner10093820 Replacement 10' lifeline with 1" Steel Carabiner10093823 Replacement 10' lifeline with LS Snaphook10093824 Replacement 10' lifeline with AL64 Snaphook10093825 Replacement 10' lifeline with LC Snaphook10093826 Replacement 10' lifeline with LS Swivel Snaphook10093817 Replacement 10' lifeline with 36C Snaphook10093818 Replacement 10' lifeline with 36CSNSwivel Snaphook

Additional Products from MSAWorkman ® Construction HarnessThe Workman Construction Harness offers shoulder pads, an integralbackpad for added comfort during work positioning and a removable,tongue-buckle tool belt. Meets applicable OSHA regulations, ANSIA10.32 and ANSI Z359.1 requirements.Workman ® Energy-Absorbing LanyardsWorkman energy-absorbing lanyards are lightweight with a low-profile body. The shock absorber includes a clear, durableprotective cover over the labels to increase service life and allow for easy inspection.Features• Tear-tape design to keep fall arrest forces below 900 lbf.• Choice of single or twin-leg configurations• Choice of adjustable or tie-back configurations• Meets ANSI A10.32, applicable OSHA regulations, and is certified to CSA Z259.11-05 E4Workman Energy-Absorbing LanyardPart No. 10072472Workman Energy-Absorbing LanyardPart No. 10076124Workman Energy-Absorbing LanyardPart No. 10072473Workman Energy-Absorbing LanyardPart No. 10072475Workman Energy-Absorbing LanyardPart No. 10072474Workman Energy-Absorbing LanyardPart No. 10073708PointGuard Anchorage Connector StrapThe PointGuard Anchorage Connector provides a secure point of attachment for residential and concrete construction applications.When the anchorage connector is no longer needed a worker can simply cut the protruding strap and throw it away.• Quick and easy to install• Economical• Available in 2 models - Residential Construction Meets all applicable OSHA regulations as well as ANSI A10.32 and ANSI Z359.1 Concrete Construction Includes protective sheath Meets all applicable OSHA regulations as well as ANSI A10.32 and ANSI Z359.1• Durable Polyester Webbing with 5,000-pound min i mum breaking strength• 400-pound (181kg) capacityPointGuardResidentialPart No.10042792Note: This Bulletin contains only a general description of theproducts shown. While uses and performance capabilitiesare described, under no circumstances shall the products beused by untrained or unqualified individuals and not until theproduct instructions including any warnings or cautionsprovided have been thoroughly read andunderstood. Only they contain the completeand detailed information concerning properuse and care of these products.ID 2301-77 -MC / July 2008© MSA 2008 Printed in U.S.A.Corporate HeadquartersP.O. Box 426, Pittsburgh, PA 15230 USAPhone 412-967-3000www.MSAnet.comU.S. Customer Service CenterPhone 1-800-MSA-2222Fax 1-800-967-0398MSA CanadaPhone 1-800-672-2222Fax 1-800-967-0398MSA MexicoPhone (52) 55 2122 5770Fax (52) 55 5359 4330MSA InternationalPhone 412-967-3354FAX 412-967-3451PointGuard ConcretePart No. 10042794

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