FOR SCHOOL LUNCHES, RETAIL PRODUCTS, OR YOUR OTHER APPLICATIONS,ADM CAN HELP YOU CREATEMARKET-LEADING MEAT PRODUCTS.WI T H A B R O A Dportfolio ofingredients for a variety ofmeat applications, ADM focuseson helping meat processors meetcustomers’ demands for convenience,taste, nutrition, and economy. Extendyour products and create cost-effectivemeats and analogs with our range ofingredients and services.Our line includes PROTEINS, STARCHES, EMULSIFIERS,SWEETENERS, LACTATES, GUMS, AND MORE FOR THEFUNCTIONALITY AND PERFORMANCE you need inyour formulations.Whether your goal is reducing purge or enhancingtexture, you’ll find what you need at ADM. We haveingredients to improve sliceability, provide a firmerbite, reduce fat, and retain moisture. For your meatapplications, ADM has the answer.Ingredients forCOARSE GROUND MEATSEMULSIFIED MEATSWHOLE MUSCLE MEATS (INJECTED/MARINATED)MEAT ANALOGSComprehensive R&D SupportAlong with ADM’s broad selection of ingredientscomes the expertise of our global R&D network.Drawing on a vast knowledge of meat applications, ourteam of food scientists, technologists, and researchersprovides world-class support, including formulationand technical assistance and nutritional information.In a state-of-the-art meat laboratory and culinaryfacility, we’re using the equipment you use everyday—grinders, injectors, patty formers, sausagestuffers, and more—to design solutions that work inyour plants. Whether you’re developing prototypesfor vegetarian options or minimally extended meatproducts, we’ll work with you to meet your goals.When you’ve found the answer that works for yourbusiness, our sensory testing facilities can providevaluable, objective evaluation to help ensure asuccessful market launch.Reliable SupplyWhen you buy from ADM, you have the confidenceof knowing one of the world’s largest transportationnetworks is delivering your ingredients. Our integratedglobal distribution network, including tractor-trailers,barges, ships, and railcars, works together to ensureyou get the right product at the right time.SURIMI AND SEAFOOD ANALOGS

MeatCoarse Ground MeatsBeef patties, chicken patties, meatballs, taco fillings,pizza toppings, and other coarse ground meats benefitfrom ADM’s high-quality ingredients, like texturedsoy protein concentrates for better texture and flexibility,emulsifiers for improved release, wheat proteinsfor tender meat analogs, and more.Emulsified MeatsLactates to extend shelf life, functional soy proteinconcentrates for slicing without crumbling, sorbitol toprevent excessive browning—ADM’s broad selectionfeatures many ingredients to help make your delicuts, hot dogs, and other emulsified meats first onconsumers’ lists.Whole Muscle MeatsFor your injected and marinated formulations, chooseADM ingredients. You’ll find the right choices—including dextrose to enhance flavor, lactates to helppreserve, and soy protein to hold in moisture,improve sliceability, and reduce shrinkage—to makeyour meats succeed.Meat AnalogsLook to our NutriSoy Next and Soy7 ® meat alternativesfor quality and flexibility in your meatlessapplications. These great-tasting options havetexture similar to real meat and offer the healthbenefits of soy protein. ADM also supplies a fullrange of functional ingredients—protein, binders,emulsifiers, and more—to help you create meatanalogs with the taste, texture, and mouthfeel of meat.Surimi and Seafood AnalogsCreating succulent surimi and seafood analogs takesthe right ingredients. Look to ADM for functionalproteins, oils, and starches, and choose our high-performingsorbitol as your cryoprotectant.

For customers around the world, ADM draws on its resources—its people,products, and market perspective—to help them meet today’s consumerdemands and envision tomorrow’s needs.RESOURCEFUL BY NATURE ADM CORN PROCESSINGPO Box 1470Decatur, IL 62525Toll Free 877-879-6658Fax 217-424-5978service@admworld.comADM NATURAL HEALTH AND NUTRITIONPO Box 1470Decatur, IL 62525Toll Free 800-510-2178Fax 217-451-4510nutrition@admworld.comADM SPECIALTY FOOD INGREDIENTSPO Box 1470Decatur, IL 62525Toll Free 800-637-5843Fax© 2005 Archer Daniels Midland CompanyTM(1M32645 10/05)Printed on recycled 800-637-5843

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