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1 ST QUARTER 2010INSIDENew ANSI Z359 StandardsSite-Kitting Services at PrimusQuality Andrew Productsat Primus Including NewAluminum Cable Ladder TraysNew Primus T-ShirtsThe ValueCab Locomotive RadioCongratulationsfor being ON THE JOBand wearing PrimusGettingInvolvedin theWireless IndustryChris Pleibel walks you throughindustry organizations and talks abouthow getting involved has its benefits

PRIMUS COMMENTARY | WELCOME 2010xààxÜ fromW|tÇx `âxÄÄxÜ? Tower Sales Representativeje had another great year at Primus, starting withthe opening of our new office/warehouse in Morris,Illinois.This would not have been possible without your continuedsupport and loyalty that you have given us over theyears. With our new warehouse, we have been able to increaseour stock as well as provide you with even morecustomer support. We understand the importance of havingthe materials and information you need, when you need it.Our number one goal for 2010 will be to continue to offeryou the best customer service you have come to know andexpect from us.Despite the many changes occurring in our industry today, our philosophy remains constant:we take care of our customers. We may not always have an immediate answer but Iguarantee we will find it for you and help you get what you need. Primus is continually makingimprovements and adding quality vendors to our product line.While many businesses are expecting - even demanding - that you use the internet for ordering,we encourage you to call us and talk with us directly. For the times you prefer to orderonline, Primus will soon make that option available to you.Primus has been a proud sponsor of NATE (National Association of Tower Erectors) formany years. We strongly believe in the safety of climbers and want to be able to offeryou the most current and reliable climbing equipment available in the market today.Being on the NATE Membership committee for the past few years has allowed meto work with an organization that has made a difference in the way we work,climb, and deal with important industry issues.Primus Electronics will be exhibiting at the annual NATE show, February15-18 in Orlando, Florida. If you have plans on attending, please stop by our booth#315; it is always great to see our friends and customers.Again, I would like to thank you for your business and hope you had a safe and happyHoliday season.To an exciting and fulfilling 2010,Diane MuellerTower Sales RepresentativePrimus Electronics, Inc.2PrimeConnection | 1 ST QUARTER 2010

PRIMUS ELECTRONICS1480 E Sand Ridge RoadMorris, IL 60450Phone: (800) 435-1636Fax: (800) 767-7605PRESIDENTMichael JohnsonREGIONAL SALES MANAGERSChris Pleibel - Northeast Regioncell: (610) 745-4491cpleibel@primuselectronics.comRob Menees - Midwest Regioncell: (217) 840-1887site-specific@primuselectronics.comRich Gebhart - Southeast Regioncell: (678) 427-9205rich@primuselectronics.comJack McNutt - Railroad, Midwest Regioncell: (317) 796-0301jack@primuselectronics.comGerry Fritzke - Northwest Regioncell: (360) 921-5945gerryfritzke@comcast.netDiane Mueller - Tower Sales Rep.cell: (217) 840-1887dmueller@aol.comSALES AND MARKETINGTravis Kinney - Inside Sales ManagerShannon O’Connor - Marketing ManagerINSIDE THIS ISSUE4 New ANSI Z359 StandardsQ&A of three new ANSI Z359 Fall ProtectionCode Standards effective Nov. 19, 2009.By Mark Cover, Elk River, Inc.6 Featured Product & CalendarFind out how much you can save with ourfeatured product and where Primus will bethis quarter.7 Site-Kitting Saves You Time & MoneyRead about the many benefits of site-kitting -a free service offered to you by Primus.By Rob Menees, Primus8 Cover Story: Getting InvolvedLearn how to get involved in the industrythrough these organizations and informationsources.By Chris Pleibel, Primus11 Quarterly Special & Cover PhotoCheck out our ‘Buy 3 Get 1 Free’ special andlearn about our cover photo winner: FusionWireless, Inc.12 Quality Andrew Products at PrimusLearn about Andrew’s first complete cablefamily, Aluminum Ladder Tray Components,and WeatherShield Protection ConnectionEnclosures all available at Primus.By Andrew Solutions14 New Primus T-ShirtsIt’s all about three things. Find out what theyare and how to get your free shirt.By Shannon O’Connor, Primus15 ValueCab Locomotive RadioLearn about this cost effective alternativeto standard Clean Cab Radios.By Gerry Fritzke, PrimusEDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORSChris Pleibel, Travis Kinney, DianeMueller, Shannon O’Connor, GerryFritzke, Mark Conover with Elk River,Inc., Andrew Solutions, and FusionWireless, Inc.ON THE COVERFusion Wireless, Inc.WANT TO BE ON THE COVER?Simply send a picture or two of youand/or your team on the job and wearingPrimus t-shirts to shannon@primuselectronics.comor mail to the addresslisted above. Don’t have any Primust-shirts? No problem - call us or emailShannon your company name, address,and sizes requested. If you have additionalquestions or comments, call(800) 435-1636.NEW PRIMUS T-SHIRTS!Picture courtesy of Fusion Wireless, Inc.Turn to page 14for more information3

ANSI Z359 STANDARDSThree New ANSIZ359 Fall ProtectionCode Standardsthat are effectiveNovember 16, 2009By Mark Conover, General Managerof Ek River, Inc.DID YOU KNOW?There are three new ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Code Standards that are effective November 16, 2009 1 . They are as follows:1ANSI Z359.6-2009 Safety Requirements & Specifications for Personal Fall Arrest Systems - This standard is for engineersthat have knowledge in designing personal fall protection systems. This standard specifies the design and performancefor active fall protection systems.2ANSI Z359.12-2009 Safety Requirements for Connecting Components for Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS) - Thisstandard outlines the requirements for the design, performance, marking, qualifications, test methods, and removal fromservice of connectors.3ANSI Z359.13-2009 Safety Requirements for Lanyards & Energy Absorbers for Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS) -This standard outlines the requirements for design, performance, marking, qualification, test methods, instruction, maintenance,and removal from service of energy absorbing lanyards and personal energy absorbers for users within the totalworkers’ mass range of 130 to 310 pounds (59-140kg).Questions & Answers Regarding the New ANSI StandardsEffective November 16, 2009:Q: What do these new standards mean to me and what doI need to do to be ready for them?A: In brief, the ANSI Z359.6 was developed for engineers designingactive fall protection systems such as travel restraint systemsand vertical and horizontal lifeline systems. ANSIZ359.12-2009 Standard is manufacturing requirements for design,performance, testing and markings of snaphooks, carabinersand other fall protection connectors. The ANSI Z359.13-2009Standard may be the most significant and may directly affectmost employers and users of personal fall protection. The ANSIZ359.13 has established new requirements the design and performanceof energy-absorbing (EA) lanyards.1Reference used: American Society of Safety Engineers website. http://www.asse.org/newsroom/release.php?pressRelease=12924 PrimeConnection | 1 ST QUARTER 2010Q: What is the significance of the new ANSI Z359.13-2009energy absorber standard?A: The ANSI Z359.13-2009 Standard has developed new designcriteria for the performance and testing methods of EA lanyards.Specifically, the new ANSI energy absorbers will increase theuser’s deceleration distance from 42 inches (3.5 ft) to 48 inches(4.0 ft) which will increase your overall potential fall distance.Also, Y-Lanyards, sometimes referred to as twin-leg or 100% tieofflanyards, may be required to have a warning label directingusers how to safely store the unused leg on many manufactures’energy-absorbing lanyards.Q: Why did ANSI increase the deceleration distance from42 to 48 inches?A: Through extensive testing, advances in engineering and improvementsin testing equipment, the ANSI Fall Protection Codecommittee has discovered that the past energy absorber requirementsare not as effective as once thought. Through re-engineeringthe energy absorbing materials and subjecting these materialsto a battery of dynamic tests, a new standard was developed. Thisnew standard will decrease the deceleration forces, to approximately900 pounds in a 6 foot free fall and fall arrest, particularlyin the upper reaches of the weight range where the previous standardfell short.Q: Why is a warning label required on some energyabsorbingY-Lanyards (100% tie-off)?A: If the unused leg of some energy-absorbing Y-Lanyards isparked on a hip D-ring during a fall, arrest forces of the fall mayContinued next page

e transferred to the hip D-ring. This may cause injury to theuser. There is a simple solution to avoiding this issue in mostcases. If you have a lanyard park or clip located at or near yourchest strap on your harness, you can attach the unused leg to thelanyard park. This will shorten the distance between your unusedsnaphook and the fall arrest D-ring which will prevent potentialinjury from the unused lanyard leg.Q: Do I have to throw out my old energy-absorbing (EA)lanyards and replace it with new energy-absorbing (EA)lanyards after November 16, 2009?A: The ANSI Z359.13-2009 Standard is a voluntary Standard soyou are not required by law or OSHA Regulation to replace yourexisting equipment. However, many companies may want to takea proactive approach and update their fall protection immediatelyto the Standard of greatest consequence. At the very least youwill want to replace your equipment, as it is removed from service,with the energy-absorbing lanyards meeting the ANSIZ359.13-2009 Standard.Q: Will I be safe using the old standard energy-absorbing(EA) lanyard?A: If you have inspected and use your EA lanyard as recommendedby the manufacturer, you should be fine. However, if thetotal worker mass or capacity rating (body plus tools and equipmenttotal weight) is above 250 pounds and not exceeding 310pounds, you may want to consider replacing his present EA lanyard.In effect, the standard change has reduced the decelerationforces to approximately 900 lbs on the body, in a 6 foot free fall,only in the higher reaches of the capacity rating. For all others(130-249 lbs) the deceleration forces remain the same, at orbelow 900 lbs as the previous standard, in a 6 foot free fall. Thenew ANSI Z359.13-2009 Standard covers the same capacity ratingas it has in the past - 130 to 310 pounds (59-140 kg).Q: I just bought a new energy-absorbing (EA) lanyard with3,600 pound gate snaphooks. Will I have to go out andreplace my new lanyard by November 16th even though itis in good condition?A: No, you will not have to replace your present EA lanyard if ithas been inspected to be in good condition. In fact, fall protectionmanufacturers and distributors will have existing EA lanyard inventoriesto sell beyond the new standard date. As manufacturers’and distributors’ inventory cycle through new standard productwill become available. Though the ANSI Z359 Fall ProtectionCode is a voluntary standard, manufacturers are ethically requiredto assemble EA lanyards to the new standard beginningNovember 16th and will no longer produce to the old standard.When you are ready to buy a replacement EA lanyard, you willwant to buy an EA lanyard marked ANSI Z359.1-2007 or theANSI Z359.13-2009.Q: Does the new ANSI Z359.13-2009 energy-absorbing(EA) lanyard require 3,600 pound gate strength snaphooks?A: Yes, all ANSI Z359 lanyards, manufactured since November24, 2007, are required to have the minimum 3,600 pound gatestrength snaphooks.Q: I am a steel erector and I have to tie-off at my feet. CanI use the new ANSI energy-absorbing (EA) lanyard for thisapplication?A: ANSI has a special solution for free fall applications greaterthan 6 feet but not to exceed 12 feet. This special application energy-absorbinglanyard is designed the worker with a weightmass of 130-310 pounds (59-140 kg). This particular EA lanyardis required to have special markings to bring singular attention tothe user and its unique application. The label is required to beblack in color with white print. This EA lanyard cannot be usedas a dual purpose (6 foot and 12 foot free fall) lanyard regardlessof weight range of the user. No EA lanyard can be used in a 6foot and a 12 foot free fall situation interchangeably.Q: Is deceleration distance the same in the 12 foot free fallenergy-absorbing lanyard as the 6 foot free fall energyabsorbinglanyard?A: No, they are different. The 12 foot free fall personal energyabsorber has a maximum deceleration distance of 60 inches (5ft.). Once again, it is imperative the user calculate the total potentialfall distance or clearance needed when using the 12 foot freefall personal energy-absorbing lanyard.Q: How much clearance would be needed for the 12 footfree fall personal energy-absorbing lanyard?A: The 12 foot free fall personal energy-absorbing lanyard willrequire the user to calculate a clearance from the anchor point tothe obstructions, equipment, and/or the ground below of approximately26 feet. This calculation includes a 3 foot safety factor.Q: I have a worker that exceeds the ANSI capacity of 310lbs. What energy-absorbing lanyard can I use for him?A: At this time ANSI considers anyone over 310 pounds to beoutside the scope of this Standard. The thought process behindthe ANSI Committee’s decision to exclude heavy workers (over310 lbs.) was the unknown physical effects of a fall, suspension,and rescue time of the heavy workers following a fall. The capacityor strength of fall protection equipment was never an issue.There is not enough research in the area of fall arrest and suspensiontrauma, as well as rescue time, with the heavy worker at thepresent time. Continued on page 65

of the QuarterSafeOne TM Personal RF MonitorPRIMUSCALENDAR OFEVENTS• Alerts to Hazardous RFExposures• Meets FCC, OSHA, andWHO Guidelines• Wide Radio FrequencyRange• Rugged, ProfessionalConstruction• Visual and Audio Alarms• Best Value PricingNATE TradeshowFebruary 15-18, 2010Disney Coronado Springs Resort • Orlando, FLBooth 315Primus has a lot to share with you this year! Besure to visit us at booth 315 to learn about ourupcoming new website and talk with us aboutyour tower product needs. Also be sure pick upsome giveaways including a newly designedt-shirt available for a limited time only.International Wireless CommunicationExpo (IWCE)March 10-12, 2010Las Vegas Convention Center • Las Vegas, NVBooth 5074When visiting the show, be sure to visit us atbooth 5074 to talk with industry professionalson how Primus can satisfy all of your land mobileantenna and other wireless technologyproduct needs.Entelec 2010April 13-15, 2010George R. Brown Convention CenterHouston, TXBooth 346Primus invites those attending Entelec (UTC) tostop by booth 346 and learn why Primus is TheDifference in Wireless Distribution. We are featuringitems for IP based Scada applicationsand Microwave Backhaul.SafeOne is an effective and economical means to monitorthe strength of electromagnetic (RF) fields from mobilephone towers, microwave ovens, radio and televion installations,high frequency welders, and other common workplaceRF sources between 10 and 10,000 MHz.January 1 - March 31, 2010ONLY $695.00For additional information and quick and easyordering, call Primus today at (800) 435-1636ASI StandardsContinued from page 5Q: How can ANSI deviate from the OSHA standard stating that ashock absorber must be 42 inches and not exceed 900 pounds offorce on the worker, and will I be in violation with OSHA?A: No, you will not be in violation with OSHA by following the newANSI Z359.13 Standard. OSHA has a policy of issuing “de minimis” noticesto employers who comply with more current versions of consensusstandards, to the extent that the more current versions are at least as protectiveas the older versions. The OSHA “de minimis” notices allow consensusstandards, such as ANSI, to develop standards with newtechnologies that advance safety in the workplace.http://www.dol.gov/federalregister/Search/GetHtml.aspx?DocID=10157Q: Does the ANSI Z359 Standard Fall Protection Code affect to theconstruction industry?A: No, the ANSI Z359 Standard affects General Industry only. However,you may want to use fall protection products manufactured to this Standarddue to the increased security of the 3,600 lb gate strength and personalenergy absorber changes that may positively affect your company’sfall protection program.Mark Conover, a member of the ASI Z359 Fall Protection Code committee, is general managerof Elk River, Inc. in Cullman, Alabama. Elk River is a leading manufacturer of personalfall protection products and rescue equipment in orth America. For more information aboutElk River, visit www.elkriver.com.6 PrimeConnection | 1 ST QUARTER 2010

PRIMUS VALUE-ADDED SERVICESSite-Kittingsaves you time, money andpounding headachesRob Menees, Primus Regional Sales ManagerIt’s 2:47 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon, andyour have called back to your warehouseguy three times in the past 25 minutes,asking him, “Did the ice bridge show up?”But that is only after you went throughthe exact same exercise at 10:36 a.m.asking about the status of the whereaboutsof angle adapters and buss barsfrom a different vendor. Scenario sound familiar? Has thishappened to you? Odds are it has.THE FACTSIt’s tempting to get an ice bridge from onesupplier, because it is $25 cheaper thangetting from another guy. It also lookedpromising because that box of angleadapters saved you $0.50 per box fromone vendor and the buss bars… you gotthem from the same place, “just because.”Project management can often be difficultenough on its own without having toadd complications of material supply intothe mix. That’s where Primus comes in.We’re experts at what we do, you are expertsat what you do.Can we promise you we will alwaysbe less expensive than the next guy onevery item? No, we cannot; I’d venture toguess no one can legitimately make thatclaim – but you will find Primus to bevery competitive. And price… ah…price… the price of the materials up frontis just a small part of the picture.THE BENEFITSSite kitting is where Primus excels, andbegins to make your life easier. Havingcompetitive prices across the board, youwill find that after it is all said and done,higher on some and lower on others (fromother competitors) it will average out, andyou will have the benefit of one tidy package,from one place, all ready to be pickedup by a crew and taken to a job site.It goes beyond just site kitting. Insimplistic terms, it is what you are visualizing.All materials required for one site,placed in boxes, stacked on a pallet, steelbundled, all shipped together. We will kit,bundle, label and ship complete productkits directly to your site; one pallet, onedelivery, one less headache.You will find Primus sales people tobe consistent with the expression, “A salesperson should have two ears and onemouth.” We listen to what you say, andwhat you want. Special labeling requests,pack specific parts in a certain way, labelson all boxes or just the skid, whatever youwant, is what we will do.We can process multiple site ordersfor you and we can bundle a few sites togetheron one pallet (keeping the materialsseparated or course), or we can have eachorder to its own pallet. It can be as complexas you want it to be, or as simple, it isyour choice. We are here to help.Let Primus site kit your projects foryou while you enjoy savings by not havingto UPS, FEDEX and freight materials infrom multiple vendors, where the unitprice savings you initially saved quicklyevaporate in the shipping costs.And trust me… your warehouseworker will thank you for not bird-dogginghim six times throughout the day askingwhere is this and where is that! Yourcrews will thank you for being able to rollin, pick up a pallet of materials and a bundleof steel and to the job site they can go.Be sure to ask your Primus representativenext time you are speaking to him orher about special needs you might have, orpackaging ideas that can make your lifeeasier and your jobs more streamlined.Remember…two ears, one mouth -we’re here to listen to what you want andto ask questions to make sure it is doneright.7

COVER STORY | GETTING INVOLVEDGettingInvolvedin theWireless IndustryChris Pleibel, Primus Regional Sales ManagerIhave been involved in the wireless industrysince the late 90’s and have becomea wireless junkie over the years; nota junkie of gadgets, products, or gossip,but of the industry as a whole. If you arereading this, you are somehow involved inthis industry - directly or indirectly - andunderstand that our industry provides usall with a job, financial support, self worthand a rewarding career path. Yes, this industrydoes have its financial ups anddowns, scares and celebrations, as doesany other industry, but the key is this isOUR industry and we, collectively, needto understand it and get involved to makea positive impact on the future of the wireless.With that, all of us in this crazy worldof wireless should take some steps to becomemore involved to learn, network,grow and be aware of the past events,present situations and future projections.Industry awareness will help an employeror employee, carrier or vendor,make more educated career or businessdecisions. Taking time to review trendsand explore market projections, meet peoplewith face-to-face networking opportunities,and researching emergingtechnologies all can aid anyone in basicindustry awareness and knowledge aboutthe strength or areas of need in wireless.Getting involved in wireless is a simplestep and if done properly, will not be atime burden. There are multiple associationsthat are promoting, educating and assistingour industry; some at no cost andothers at a fee. Investigating a few of theseassociations will shine some light onto thepros and cons of each type of organizationand assist in choosing the most effectiveone for the topics each individual is mostinterested in.The second vehicle to assist in buildinginvolvement is taking a few minutes toread. There are multiple publications thatare available to all of us; from the towerclimber to the carrier or the lawyer to theengineer. These publications are bothavailable in print or electronically and areusually free.The last item is to create the habit toget involved. Making smart goals, adheringto these goals and reviewing yourprogress are crucial steps in establishing8 PrimeConnection | 1 ST QUARTER 2010

the habit. If this goal of getting involved isimportant and attainable, success is theonly option.Industry organizationsAs stated, there are a host of associationsthat are specific to wireless, each with itsown goal or mission. The key is to takesome effort to review the goals and missionsand compare it to your position andgoals, current or desired, and choose theone that is most fitting.While in the process of choosing anassociation to get involved in, please makethe decision based on the time you candedicate your passion and expertise. Beinghonest with yourself in these three areaswill make your decision a success for youand the association. Also consider that agoal of networking is a viable goal, butyou need to contribute as well. Networkingis a two way street, you need to meetpeople, but in most cases someone elsemight benefit by meeting you. So pleasekeep an open mind when networking.Below is a list of a few associations thathave been established for a few years,some since the beginning of the industry,and all of which make great strides for theindustry:SWAP, State Wireless Associations Program,www.swaprogram.netThe State Wireless Association Program(SWAP) promotes the wireless industryand raises technology awareness at thestate and local level. Individual associationsare created under the SWAP umbrellato develop a local presence for thewireless industry within the community. Itis vital to the continued growth of the industrythat there is a single force addressinglocal issues and responsibilities.Working together under SWAP, companiescan cultivate and develop positive relationshipsbetween the wireless industryand the community leadership. In addition,the Association serves to create and nurturethe relationships among the membersof the wireless industry. The State WirelessAssociation welcomes anyone involvedin the wireless industry including,but not limited to, carriers, tower companies,vendors, services organizations, lawfirms, title companies, environmentalcompanies, construction companies, networkconsultants, engineering firms, individualsite acquisition agents.PCIA, www.pcia.comPCIA supports the infrastructure necessaryto make wireless communications and informationavailable at all times and places.PCIA advocates sound public policy forthe industry, educates decision makersabout its needs and the importance ofwireless infrastructure, and provides aforum for industry information and bestpractices.CTIA, www.ctia.orgCTIA-The Wireless Association® is aninternational nonprofit membership organizationfounded in 1984 representing allsectors of wireless communications – cellular,personal communication servicesand enhanced specialized mobile radio.As an organization, CTIA represents serviceproviders, manufacturers, wireless dataand internet companies, as well as othercontributors to the wireless universe.CTIA advocates on their behalf before theExecutive Branch, the Federal CommunicationsCommission, Congress, and stateregulatory and legislative bodies.RCA, Rural Cellular Association,www.rca-usa.orgRCA continues to be a viable organizationby providing educational and networkingopportunities, lobbying on behalf of itsstakeholders and ensuring the longevity ofthe association through sustainable financialperformance. RCA will be the leadingorganization dedicated to improving thequality of life in rural America throughwireless communications.ATE, www.natehome.comThe National Association of Tower Erectors(NATE) is a non-profit trade associationproviding a unified voice for towererection, maintenance and service companies.NATE is headquartered in Watertown,South Dakota with a staff of sevenpeople who administer to the day-to-dayoperation of the association. As a memberdriven association, NATE is directed by itsBoard of Directors and committees. Theseindividuals come from all types and sizesof companies located throughout theUnited States.EWA, Enterprise Wireless Alliance,www.ita-relay.comThe Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA),formerly ITA and AMTA, works to preservespectrum rights and access for enterprisewireless customers. As the nationaladvocacy and service organization for enterprisewireless licensees, providers andmanufacturers, EWA represents its membershipon all matters pertaining to nationaltelecommunications policy beforethe Commission, the National Telecommunicationsand Information Administration(NTIA), the Office of Managementand Budget, the House and Senate CommerceCommittees, and the CongressionalBudget Office.These are some of the more established associationsin our industry and these, alongwith others you discover, should be takenin to consideration. One would not expectto join all these associations. A few suggestionsto become more familiar witheach are to attend a show, panel discussionor networking event to discover which arebest to fit your needs. At each event thereare opportunities to learn, meet others, anddo business. One needs to consider thatyou have to exert some efforts at theseevents and organizations. One will not be-9

come suddenly an industry expert or meetthe CEO of a major corporation just byshowing up but strategic networking, research,goal setting, involvement and effortwill pay off or set the stage for success.Information AvailableWith the use of the internet, our industry is“dialed in.” The information is out there,one just needs to take a few minutes tofind it and more importantly - read it! Wecan find out when new handsets are beingintroduced, what CEO was just hired orfired, who just partnered with what OEM,if there was a job site mishap, what newproducts have been introduced and so on.This can happen by just surfing the web orby picking up one of our superior tradepublications.One can subscribe to a handful of onlineor print publications by browsing tothe following links:• www.wirelessweek.com• www.rcrwireless.com• www.agl-mag.com• www.wirelessestimator.com• ww.natehome.com/TowerTimes/Index.cfm• www.freetrademagazines.com/wirelesstelecommunications-magazines/(subscribeto a multitude)I would suggest a quick review all ofthese and find one or two that best fitsyour positionin theindustry andis most appealingbeforesubscribing.Try to pick acertain timeof the day toread thesepublications and make it a habit. Thesepublications will cover a broad range oftopics and enlighten you to other aspectsof the industry and hopefully help in futuredecision making.10 PrimeConnection | 1 ST QUARTER 2010FinancialsAnother important area that might requireresearch and invaluable information is thefinancial sector of the big players in thewireless industry. The financial position ofone of the major playerswill most certainlyhave an effect on allof us; from the OEMto the smallest of contractors.One example of anegative financial positionis the following:one of the carries ishaving a difficult quarterin making Wall Street happy whichcould adversely result in a drop in thiscompany’s price per share. The drop in theshare price will result in the carrier makingchoices to improve that price. For example,they might pull back spending andhold the capital budget, or stop building toimprove the financial status. This actioncould help that carrier report stronger cashon hand and “improve” their image to theStreet.Conversely, this will have a negativeimpact on all other players in the industryby not spending; the rest of wireless is notreceiving purchase orders. Hopefully thestockprice increasesand thenthebudget isreleasedagain.Whilethebudget ispulledback, the entire industry could be put in aholding pattern, waiting for the “build” tostart again. This situation usually createsthe following concerns; do I lay off, do Icut back travel, do I explore other indus-Chris Pleibel and local Marines help out at an annual local Toys for Tots fundraiser which raised over 120 toys last year.tries, when will they build again, etc…Delving into the financials of the carriers,tower companies, OEM’s, programmanagement companies, and engineeringcompanies could shed some light on the fi-Over $15,000 was raised from PWA’s 3rd Annual Golf Outing earlier this yearto benefit children at Penn State Children’s Hospital in Pennsylvania.nancial strength of the industry and helpguide a company in the decision makingprocess.A few links that could aid you inseeking this financial information can befound at:1. http://stocks.rcrwireless.com/crain?Account=rcrwireless&_Match=Page&_Match=Ticker&Ticker=$PRNRCR&Page=Quote2. www.yahoo.com - Click on the financialtab and you can create a personal portfolioto track companies that directlyimpact your business.3. Annual reports also have a great deal ofinformation that will express goals, issuesand plans for these publically traded companies.4. Or you can choose any financial sitethat you might already familiar with.The importance of getting involved is tolearn more about the industry, an industrythat supports you, your family and affectsyour future. You could take some of theinformation provided and attempt to pursuea few avenues, hopefully, to be betterinformed and assist with future decisions.Be safe and thank you for the continuedsupport. Involvement, awareness,seeking knowledge and creating the habitwill help you embrace, grow and positivelyimpact YOUR wireless industry.

quarterly specialElk River’s 3.6 M Gate - Energy Absorbing LanyardNo Pac Web LanyardPart #: 353791-1/4" x 6', Twin Leg, Zsnaphook, Rebar HookBUY 3 Get 1January 1 through March 31, 2010Take advantage of this incredible offer!Call Primus today at (800) 435-1636.buy nowat thelow price ofonly $124/eaThat’s 4 lanyardsfor only $372!Savings will be discounted at time ofpurchase. No limit on the number oflanyards purchased during this offer.Congratulationsfor beingON THE JOBand wearing PrimusAbout Fusion Wireless, Inc.Fusion Wireless Inc. is a general contractor located inElkridge, Maryland, serving the wireless telecommunicationsindustry. Since 2008 the company has been involvedin every aspect of wireless projects throughout thestates of Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. FusionWireless offers a range of services tailored to customer’sspecific project requirements. From complete site constructionto site maintenance, they do it all! For more informationabout Fusion Wireless, call (410) 379-0511 orvisit www.fusionwirelessinc.com.11

Andrew Solutions offersthe world’sfirst complete cable familyAndrew SolutionsAndrew is the first transmission line supplier to offer customersa complete solution for their RF transmission lineneeds, consisting of two completecable lines with one connectorseries that fits either. Bothcable types are available as feeders in a complete range of diametersor as cable assemblies.Unique to Andrew's HELIAX 2.0 is the company'soffering of a single, multi-faceted connector, theEZfit® Series universal connector, for two prominentproducts--HELIAX FXL Series aluminum cables andHELIAX AVA Series copper cables. Bothcables have proven track records in helpinglimit intermodulation distortion(IMD), the unwanted noise that weakensa radio network's performance, andmeet different customer applicationneeds. With one connectorthat works on both cables, customerscan avoid inventoryconfusion and deploymentdelays.Whether customersare in mature or emergingmarkets, deployingsecond, third, or nextgeneration technologies, HELIAX2.0 offers the superior performanceand reliability needed fortransmitting wireless signalswithout disruption. When operatorsdeploy multiple technologieson a co-located site, minimizingIMD is more critical than ever.HELIAX 2.0 joins FXL Series aluminum cableswhich are lower-weight and more durable, withAVA Series copper cables, the more flexible lineideal for tight installations. The new completecable family delivers lower attenuationin addition to adding less weight toalready overloaded cell towers.HELIAX 2.0 allows customers to selectthe optimum solution foreach application without havingto increase inventory levels,suffer increased IMD or lose inreliability.For more informationabout Heliax 2.0cable, call Primus at(800) 435-1636.12 PrimeConnection | 1 ST QUARTER 2010

Aluminum Ladder Tray ComponentsAndrew SolutionsAndrew Solution’s new Aluminum Ladder Tray series offersan esthetically pleasing solution for concealing multipleruns of coaxial cable in roof-top applications and is nowavailable at Primus. A full line of 4" depth straight sections, 45°and 90° bends, t sections, and covers in 12", 18", and 24" widthsare available. Some of Andrew Solution’s new Aluminum LadderTray series design improvements include utilizing a “hat rung”that provides a better cable bearing surface than the “flattened toptube rung” that is frequently seen.The increased surface area on the rung allows for less indentationof the coaxial cables being run. Andrew’s “hat rungs” arealso welded to the side channels of the ladder tray components toprovide remarkable support unlike most trays that use rivets orswedge locking rungs. They also use a “flange-in” orientation ofthe structural “C” channel siderail allowing for a smaller overallwidth of cable ladder. • Welded designFeatures:This smaller overall width • Greater cable bearing surfaceallows the company’s cable • Flange-in orientationladder series to be used in • Nema Class 12Atighter applications. Andrew’s • Full accessory lineAluminum Ladder Tray componentsare NEMA 12A rated in accordance with NEMA StandardsPublication VE1-2002 and CSA Standard C22.2 No 126.1. Most12", 18", and 24" trays are in stock. Andrew can also supply 6"depth trays.For more information about Andrew Solution’s AluminumLadder Tray Components, contact Primus at (800) 435-1636.Andrew Solutions’ WeatherShield Connection Protection EnclosuresAndrew SolutionsComplete your transmission line installationwith Andrew Solution’sWeatherShield Connection Protection Enclosure,which seals and protects connectorsfrom the environment. This robust,one-piece weatherproofing enclosureoffers an additional measureof system protection by providinga high temperatureresistant, watertight sealaround the connectors whilealso helping to dampen vibrationthat can loosen connectorinterfaces over time. Thereusable enclosure contains an innovativetrifold seal that provides complete moistureblock for installed connectors. Theease of installation on hard-to-reach connectionsand the long-term protection providedby this enclosure makes it the mostcost-effective solution available today. TheWeatherShield Connection Protection Enclosuretakes just seconds to install. Simplyplace the housing around the connectorand snap the tabs together. No tapes, tools,or shrink tubes are required.The Andrew WeatherShield ConnectionProtection Enclosures will accommodateType N and 7 16 DIN connectionsand are compatible with HELIAX cable,SureFlex cable assemblies and mostother brands of cable and cable assemblies.Some other features include:• Reusable, one-piece design• Cost-effective alternative to tapes andshrink tubes• Installs easily, even in the harshestweather environments• IP 68 rating ensures an effective barrieragainst ingress of water• Clean removal• Fits over connected interfaces• Helps maintain interface coupling torque• Fits popular cable brands• Useable for maintenance of older sites• Three year warrantyPart #AWE-A12AWE-7812AWE-11412AWE-15812DescriptionEnclosure for 1/2" cable to 7-16 DINantenna/deviceEnclosure for 7/8" to 1/2" connectionsEnclosure for 1-1/4" to 1/2" connectionsEnclosure for 1-5/8" to 1/2" connectionsFor more information or to order Weather-Shield Connection Protection Enclosuresor other quality Andrew products, callPrimus at (800) 435-1636.13

Primus wishes to salute the professional accomplishments of Tower Climbers across America. With great pride,we here at Primus, offer our appreciation for your contributions and the services provided to the communicationindustry of our great nation. From Cellular Services to Homeland Security and Public Safety, it all startswith you. Much like the very steel you climb, your courage is unbendable. Tower climbers have proven themselvesto be strong safety minded professionals exhibiting the ultimate in respect for their trade and country.Now show the world your pride in being a contributing member of the communications industry. Primus isoffering a free T-shirt that honors all who work to enhance and promote our industry. You can receive your freet-shirt by visiting Primus at booth 315 at the upcoming NATE tradeshow, Feb. 15-18, 2010 in Orlando, Floridaor call Primus at (800) 435-1636 to reserve your t-shirt. The shirts will be available for a limited time only.FREE PRIMUS PRIDE T-SHIRTS

ValueCab Locomotive RadioA cost effective alternative to a standard Clean Cab Radio that provides all of the AAR channels with the same output power and fits the same footprintGerry Fritzke, Primus Regional Sales ManagerPMS-PRO16 ValueCab mounting frame shownwith ICOM F5061/D radio (each sold separately)Radio Features- Designed for the Icom F5061/D or Kenwood NX-700 seriesradios, configured for 512 Channels and 128 Zones and canalso be set up with favorites and weather channels- Channel spacing is wide band 25Khz and narrow band12.5Khz, plus the very narrow spacing of 6.25Khz- When operated with a DTMF Microphone and ICOM radio, theAAR channels are selectable using touch tone buttons on themicrophone (can be operated w/ non-DTMF mic also)- Optional external speakers are offered for both radio models:KMC-36/Kenwood and SP-10/IcomCabinet Features for ValueCab PMS-PRO16- Same dimensional footprint as a Clean Cab radio; utilizes thesame mounting tray with a locking bolt.- Locking top plate that is removable for easy radio installation- The radio mounting bracket is permanently welded to the housing;locking is achieved with thumb screws and incorporates arubber gasket for the face plate to provide additional stability.- Microphone hang-up clip is on the front panel for ease ofaccessability and use.- Optional Push To Talk (PTT) button available for front panelmounting.- Optional back panel is available which provides connection tothe AAR, power, handset, 25 pin accessory connector andantenna connectors and has a cooler fan for dissipating heat.Primus Electronics has developed a low cost, full “Clean Cab” locomotive styleradio for use in Shortline, Regional and switching applications. The ValueCabPMS-PRO16 shell installs in any standard Clean Cab Radio mounting tray andprovides all the functions of a full locomotive radio at a fraction of the cost.The ValueCab housing can be purchased separately and you can add your ownradios and options, or the units can be purchased as a complete functioningradio unit with either the Icom F5061/D or Kenwood NX-700 series radios installed.With the FCC deadline looming for transition to narrowband radio operation,the Primus ValueCab radio can offer railroads the lowest cost solution tomeeting Narrow Band requirements.Radio and Accessory PartsPart #PMS-PRO16RR-320PTTKenwoodNX-700HKKMC-36KES-3ICOMF5061/DSP-10Part #RR-320/PRO16CRR-320/PRO16KDescriptionValueCab frame for Mobile RadioFront panel mounted push to talk (PTT) buttonPMS-PRO16Kenwood 50 Watt; w/KMC-35 Microphone, KCT-23 Power Cable & -Mounting Bracket. NextEdge VHF Digital radioOptional DTMF microphoneExternal SpeakerIcom 50 Watt, with NXDN board ver 2.1 firmware, Includes DTMF MicrophoneOptional External Speaker, 4 WattAAR Mount Backplatefor use with EXTERNALPower ConverterDescriptionfor Icomfor KenwoodOptional EXTERNAL 72-12 V Isolated Power ConvertersPart #DescriptionIDS-360D Samlex Isolater Converter1620-72-13-15 Wilmore Isolated Converter72-12-18ISP Newmar Isolated Converter*Note: Not needed if Locomotive has existing 72-12V source @ 15 Amps.AAR Mount Backplate w/ INTERNAL Isolated Power ConverterPart #DescriptionRR320P/PRO16C for IcomRR320P/PRO16K for KenwoodInternal View PMS-PRO16 Value-Cab mountng frame shownw/ ICOM F5061/D radio.(each sold separately)RR-320/1556C AAR BackPlate shown attached to PMSPRO16mounting frame(each sold separately)For more information about the ValueCab LocomotiveRadio or to order, contact Pat at (800) 435-163615

4180 E Sand Ridge Rd.Morris, IL 60450I wanted to take a minute and thank you again. We more than appreciatehow good Primus takes care of us. Like I said, you may appreciate our business,but we wouldn't be in business if it wasn't for the great customer serviceand quick response time that we get from Primus everytime.And with your quick response time, it allows us to do the same and that is abig part of what makes our customers happy and keeps us moving forward.We definitely look forward to doing a lot more business with Primus!Jeremy, MAPictured (l-r): Primus employees Ken (Warehouse),Sara (Accounting), Doug and Lana (Inside Sales)

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