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Inside:Enterprise CAD ■ Power Transmission ■ Sensors ■ Enclosures ■ Motion ControlDESIGNPRODUCTNEWSCovering the total design engineering function in CanadaNovember/December2008Biodiesel hose lineEaton Corp. has introduced a line of flexiblerubber hose designed for use with biodieselB2 to B100 in diesel engines, trucks,buses, agricultural vehicles and off-highwayapplications. The GH100 ESP hose alsoperforms with synthetic lubricants used inhigh-temperature truck transmission oilcooler applications.www.hydraulics.eaton.comHearing aid remoteremoves stigmaSecurity keylock switchesNKK Switches has announced the CKMseries of high security keylock switches.The ON-OFF-ON switch models with tubularkeys feature a push-and-lock mechanismwhich indicates to the user whenthe switch position has been changed. A16mm, double-flatted bushing is designedto ensure units fit in panel mounts.www.nkkswitches.comPM# 40063602Caged ball linear guideThe SRS5M/WM miniature LM Guidefrom THK America includes the benefitsof its Caged Technology, a synthetic resincage with a patented curvature that cradleseach ball and separates it from thenext one. The linear motion guide heightranges from 6 to 6.5 mm, block widthsfrom 12 to 17 mm and block lengths from14.2 to 19.4 mm (16.9 – 22.1 mm withend seal).www.thk.comVolume 36 Number 6PAP Registration No. 10773Design Solutions of Ottawa tawa( main objective fortheonehand – and ambidextrous – operat-ed Smart Control remote was to create an innovativeand distinctive design which would haveglobal design appeal, be compact, ergonomicand technologically advanced, as well as easy touse by the 67- to 70-year-old average target endusers. Since poor eyesight, loss of finger tip sensationand arthritis are common factors associatedwith the end users age group, the design had tomeet other objectives, such as incorporating tactileelastomeric user interface touch areas, a largebutton keypad, color and graphics contrast, asFor 40yeyears, Unitron onHearing nghasbeen committed to makinglife better for people withhearing loss by developing world-classshigh quality hearing instruments, twhile servingcustomers in more than 70 countries. A new“Smart Control” handheld remote for the company’spremium and advanced category hearingproducts now provides a subtle way for users tomake adjustments without attracting attention.The Smart Control handheld unit is Unitron’s( first remote control productentry into the hearing instrument market andwas created with the assistance of industrial designand product development specialist EvolveContinued on page 8

Save Current GraphC LAB 100 RHLAB100 PreshPa50 1200 100%P0 PrimaryS0 SecondaryP1 PrimaryS1 SecondaryP2 LAB 100S2 LAB 100P3 Primary5S3 Secondary90 10C/DivhPa/Div %/DivP4 PrimaryS4 SecondaryP5 PrimaryS5 SecondaryP6 PrimaryP7 Primary0Tue Jun 5 10:18:10 PDT 20071 Minute1 Minute1 Day1 Week1 Month1 Year(5 Seconds/Div)300Tue Jun 5 10:19:10 PDT 20070%S6 SecondaryS7 SecondaryNeed More Data Acquisition Options?Shop online at TMShop online at omega.ca100,000 process control and measurement products (and counting)Besoin d'un plus grand choix en acquisition des données?Magasinez en ligne à DMMagasinez en ligne à omega.ca100,000 produits de Mesure et de Contrôle de procédésNeed More DILBERT?Visit to orderNew Horizons ® Blue Cat ® inData AcquisitionVolume 23 — featuring120 DILBERT CARTOONS!Go to: for your daily dose of DILBERT!Visitez pour votre dose quotidienne de DILBERT!EnglishServiceFrançaisStarts atÀ partir de$410wiDR SeriesWireless DIN RailMonitoring and Control DeviceDispositif de surveillance et de contrôlesans fil sur rail DINiTCX SeriesStarts atÀ partir de$310Thermocouple Virtual Chart RecorderEnregistreur à thermocoupleà tracé continu virtuelUniversal Wireless RS232 toUSB TransceiverÉmetteur-récepteur sans filuniversel RS232 à USBStarts atÀ partir de$167WRS232-USBSerieswi8 Series1⁄8 DIN Meter Scannerand ControllerAnalyseur-contrôleurd'instruments 1 ⁄8 DINStarts atÀ partir de$410Starts atÀ partir de$373OMA-VM500-6OMEGAPHONE ® Eight ChannelAlarm DialerComposeur d'alarme OMEGAPHONE MDà huit canauxStarts atÀ partir de$310OMB-DAQ-3000Starts atÀ partir de$1570OM-MICROLITE SeriesStarts atÀ partir de$70OM-CP-OCTTEMPStarts atÀ partir de$1045zSeries EndDevicesStarts atÀ partir de$100*iTHX-WTemperature andHumidity MicroServerMicroServer MCthermométriqueet hygrométrique1-MHz, 16-Bit USBData Acquisition ModulesModules d'acquisition de donnéesUSB 16 bits, 1 MHzPortableData LoggerWith USB InterfaceEnregistreurs de donnéesportables avec une interface USB8-ChannelThermocoupleData LoggerEnregistreur àthermocouple à 8 canauxWireless Sensor SystemSystème de capteurs sans filTransition Joint ThermocoupleProbe Features USBInterface and Free SoftwareSonde à thermocouple àjoint de transition avecinterface USBet logiciel gratuitTJ-USB*PATENTED*BrevetéStarts atÀ partir de$100 UV1000Starts atÀ partir de$251OMEGASAYS ®*PATENTED*BrevetéUniversal VerbalizerMultimeterMultimètreuniversel verbaliseurTC-08Starts atÀ partir de$5108-Channel USBThermocouple DataAcquisition ModuleModule d'acquisitionde données USB à8 canaux pourthermocoupleOM-EL-USB-TCStarts atÀ partir de$86Thermocouple Data Loggerwith USB InterfaceEnregistreur de données dethermocouple avec interface USBOM-CP-TSR101Starts atÀ partir de$625Wireless Sensor SystemSystème de capteurs sans filStarts atÀ partir de$341USB-47188-Channel Thermocouple InputUSB Data Acquisition ModuleModule USB de collecte des donnéesavec entrée à thermocouple de 8 canauxThermocouple TemperatureData Logger withLCD Display, NOMAD ®Enregistreur de température dethermocouple avec ACL, NOMAD MDOM-CP-TCTEMP2000Starts atÀ partir de$520High Speed, IntelligentLoad Cell Interface CardCarte d'interfaceinteligente haute vitessepour cellule de chargeStarts atÀ partir de$1615LCIC-WIM-BENUWTC-NB9 SeriesStarts atÀ partir de$205WirelessThermocouple IndustrialProbe AssembliesEnsembles de sondesindustrielles àthermocouple sans filOM-CP-PRTEMP1000Starts atÀ partir de$680Pressure and TemperatureData Logger, NOMAD ®Enregistreurs automatiques desdonnées de température et de pressionNOMAD MDStarts atÀ partir de$310iPTX SeriesVirtual Chart RecorderPressure + TemperatureEnregistreur à graphiquevirtuel pour la pression etla température*MWTC Series*PATENTED*BrevetéStarts atÀ partir de$83Miniature WirelessThermocouple ConnectorsThe Smart ConnectorConnecteurs miniatures de thermocoupleà sans fil Le connecteur intelligent MCCHARThttp:// ALAB 100 Temp 30 1010Main MenuStarts atÀ partir de$205zED-TP1-PHigh PowerSensorsCapteurs haute puissance sans filStarts atÀ partir de$15 75OM-CONV-USBRS232 to USB ConverterConvertisseur RS232 à USBiBTHXStarts atÀ partir de$410MicroServer TMBarometric PressureTemperature, andHumidity TransmittersTransmetteurs depression barométrique, detempérature et d'humiditéMicroServer MCFor Sales and Service, Call TOLL FREEpour les ventes et le service - composez© COPYRIGHT 2008 OMEGA ENGINEERING, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED© COPYRIGHT 2008 OMEGA ENGINEERING, INC. TOUS DROITS RESERVES*PATENTEDCovered by U.S. and Internationalpatents and pending applicationsShop Online:Magasinez en ligne à*BrevetéCouvert par des brevetsaméricains et étrangers et par desapplications en cours976 BergarLaval, QuébecCanada H7L 5A1Shop Online atmagasinez en ligne àDilbert © United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

Our shipping policies make it easier thanever to order direct from the U.S.!Free standard ground shipping is available for orders totaling over $300 U.S. (except for itemswhich require LTL shipping, see Web site for details). Also, save on brokerage fees whenshipping standard ground to Canada - you can choose to allow AutomationDirect to nominatea broker for your shipment for parts shipping via standard ground. This can save you big onbrokerage fees. See Web site for details and exceptions - Frame Rolled Steel Motors0.33 to 2 hp, single-phase, 115/208-230 Volt0.33 to 2 hp, three-phase, 208-230/460 Volt• Electrically reversible• Industrial gauge steel motor frame, TEFC enclosureT Frame Cast Iron Industrial Duty Motors1 to 300 hp, three-phase, 208-230/460 Volt• High efficiency• All cast iron frames, TEFC enclosure• Electrically reversible• C-Face kits availableWorm Gearboxes utilize C-face mounting interfaces forC-face electric motors• 2.62, 2.37, 2.06 and 1.75 inch center distances available• Gear ratios include 5:1, 10:1, 15:1, 20:1, 40:1, and 60:1• Right-hand and dual output shafts• NEMA 56C and 182TC frame sizes• One-year warranty• FREE award-winning Technical support• Same-day shipping (cut off times varyby product; see Web site for details)• FREE shipping on orders over $300,shipped standard ground or LTL*AutomationDirect’s IronHorse line of general purposemotors and gearboxes comes from a manufacturer whohas nearly three decades of solid experience andreliability in the North American motor market. Whenyou combine that with our great pricing, same-dayshipping* and award-winning service, you have awinning combination!CHECK OUT PRICES ON MOTORS AND WORM GEARBOXES56C Framed Rolled Steel (MTR)Single-phase, 115/208-230 Volt0.5 hp, TEFC enclosureThree-phase, 208-230/460 Volt2 hp, TEFC EnclosureT Frame Cast Iron (MTC)Industrial Duty three-phase, TEFC enclosure, EPACT rated2 hp 208-230/460 VoltIndustrial Duty three-phase, TEFC enclosure, EPACT rated50 hp 460 VoltWorm GearboxesRatio 10:1nominal 1.0 hp input, 1.75 inch center distance, dual shaftRatio 60:1nominal 0.75 hp input, 2.62 inch center distance, right-hand shaftAutomationDirectIRONHORSEPrice/Part Number$89.00MTR-P50-1AB18$148.00MTR-002-3BD18$137.00MTC-002-3BD18$1,199.00MTC-050-3BD18$130.00WG-175-010-D$215.00WG-262-060-RAutomationDirect prices are U.S. published prices as of October 2008. Prices subject to change without notice.www.automationdirect.comFor complete information or to order our free catalog,

4 Design Product November/December 2007 2008In this issueSolidWorks 2009 launch emphasizesimproving quality of designDassault Systèmes uses Barcelona press event to announceintention to share technologies across brands such as SolidWorks,CATIA and 3dvia Composer. Also see review of SolidWorks 2009by columnist Bill Fane on page 29.Product lifecycle management alterslandscape of engineeringVicone High Performance Rubber says that engineers need totake ownership of their designs and work alongsidemanufacturing and procurement to meet overall needs of thebusiness enterprise.DESIGNPRODUCTNEWSDIGITAL EDITIONNovember/December 2008DPN editorMike Edwards6Please go online to to fully explore and enjoythe Digital Edition of Design Product News. This user-friendlynew format, with every item linked to other websites, videosand 3D PDFs, will help you get even more invaluable designengineering information from DPN.Interactive stuffNotice that as you move your mouse over certain parts of the magazine or overthe DPN 3D and video player buttons, in some editorial stories and in someadvertisements, a grey box appears. That means you are one click away from anew window opening up that takes you to a website or rich media we’ve linked to.Digital edition sponsored by:17Cooling industrial enclosures with filterfans provides basic design challengesRittal Systems provides design considerations andsuggestions for integrating filter fans into industrialenclosures to overcome elevated external and internaltemperature conditions.22 34General Motors celebrates 100 yearsof automotive engineering creativityThe 1940 Oldsmobile (above) that introduced the firstfully automatic “Hydra-Matic” transmission is justone of many engineering breakthroughs from GeneralMotors in Bill Vance’s Automotive Scene column.DEPARTMENTS:62932By DesignInnovation Awards revealproduct development visionCAD Industry WatchSolidWorks 2009 facelift andWacom interactive pen tabletMedical EngineeringOccupational therapy R&Dimproves quality of livesAdvertisersIndexAltair Engineering ..........................38Amacoil ..........................................30ASCO Valve ....................................15Associated Spring Raymond ..........11Autodesk Canada.............................7AutomationDirect.............................3Avdel Canada LLC ..........................32Baumer Electric ..............................11Bex Inc ...........................................35Bosch Rexroth ..................................5Clippard Instrument .......................40Daemar Inc ....................................19Designfusion ..................................26Emphatec Inc .................................18Festo Inc .........................................14GGB LLC .........................................28Harmonic Drive LLC .......................30Hoffman .........................................13Interpower .....................................27LINAK .............................................19M.W. Fasteners ..............................32Master Bond ........................................20Micro Plastics Inc ...........................36Omega .............................................2Omron Canada Inc .........................39Ontario Drive & Gear Ltd ...............36Oriental Motor ...............................36Pamensky Canada Inc ....................34Pepperl + Fuchs .............................24PTC ................................................21Ringball .....................................18,19Rittal Systems Ltd ..........................23Seal Master Corp ...........................11SEW Eurodrive Canada ..................33Siemens PLM Software ..................31Smalley Steel Ring .........................25SolidWorks .......................................9SPB-USA .........................................32THK Canada .....................................8WAGO Corporation ........................12Wainbee .........................................25Wittenstein Inc ...............................22Untitled-6 Untitled-1 1 18/29/088/22/08 10:04:29 12:54:20 AM PM

November/December 2008 dpncanada.comDesign Product News 5RenderingsApprenticeships help build a sustainableworkforce in Canada’s automotive industryBy Mike Edwards, EditorWriting about economy-relatedissues these days feels like planningfor a day at the race track.The Racing Form may help you handicapthe ponies, although all bets are off if atsunami washes out the back stretch.But planning for the future is whatwe must continue to do, especially invalue-added economic activities such asmanufacturing in the automotive industry.Most of us are already aware of ourgraying skilled workforce that is poisedto retire, a critical development not justconfined to the auto sector.Building A Sustainable Workforce:Apprenticeship In The Canadian AutomotiveIndustry is a report by the Councilfor Automotive Human Resources ( looks at the current skillsshortage (yes, despite layoffs in that industry),and makes recommendations.“The automotive manufacturing sectoris struggling in the face of challengingeconomic conditions,” the report begins.“Pressure from lower-cost foreign competitorsis hitting many of its small- andmedium-sized enterprises (SMEs) hard.”SMEs can access arange of incentives forhiring apprenticesThe report shows that automotiveSMEs certainly recognize the benefits ofapprenticeship – to their firms and to thelong-term sustainability of the industry– and that they tend to focus on its costrather than on the net financial benefits itcan bring. Those benefits include accessto a range of government incentives forhiring apprentices.The CAHR Apprenticeship TrainingAnalysis project was designed to help thecouncil address human resource and skillsissues (by identifying human resourcechallenges), develop strategies and recommendationsfor a highly skilled laborforce in the sector and support collaborativeaction by stakeholders.The Canadian automotive industry isCanada’s largest manufacturing sector,accounting for 14% of manufacturingGDP and 23% of manufacturing tradein 2007. It also employs 152,540 peoplein automotive assembly and componentmanufacturing, ranks ninth amongauto producing nations worldwide, andis home to factories of six of the world’sleading automotive producers. In addition,the sector includes a significantproportion (one fifth) of companies withfewer than 100 employees.The Apprenticeship Training Analysisstudy involved interviews with theowners, business managers and humanresource managers of automotive SMEs.In total, the study collected 37 questionnairesfrom the provinces of Ontario andQuebec.Even though layoffs are a reality formany companies, roughly a quarter ofemployers indicated they are currentlyexperiencing a shortage of skilled tradespeople. Current shortages and expectedshortages are most prominent for the followingoccupations: electrical workers,general machinists, millwrights and tooland die makers.Research has demonstrated that overthe duration of an apprenticeship thereis generally a net financial benefit to theemployer. At the same time, there seemsto be a lack of understanding surroundingthe available tax credits available foremployers with apprentices. A numberThe DemandCompact andLow Costof recommended strategic actions for thesector emerged from the analysis:• CAHR and its partners should addressthe perceived and real costs to employersassociated with apprenticeship training,as well as publicize the proven return onapprenticeship training investment foremployers.• CAHR and the country’s federal/provincialgovernments should ensure employersare aware of the available financial supportsfor apprenticeship, including provincialand federal tax credits such as theApprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit.The AnswerTC Valve SeriesUnmatchedThe most compact valve on the market.− − − − − − − − The Drive & Control CompanyBosch Rexroth Canada490 Prince Charles Drive South • Welland, ON • L3B 5X7 • Phone: (905) 735-0510www.boschrexroth.caOnline configurator, calculator and CAD Drivesand ControlsHydraulicsLinear Motion andAssembly Technologies Pneumatics Service• CAHR should coordinate meetingswith federal/provincial governments toimprove upon existing tax credits andfunding for apprenticeships.The project was funded by the Governmentof Canada’s Sector Council Program.If you found Renderings interesting, please senda message to 14/14/08 10:44:34 AM

6 Design Product November/December 2008By DesignRittal introduces Cut-out Servicefor customized enclosuresMISSISSAUGA, ON – Earlierthis year, Rittal Systemsintroduced a high-poweredmachine capable of modifyingmany standard Rittal parts andcomponents. In the past suchrequests had to be outsourced,causing longer wait times forits customers. The Rittal eCabCNC machining centre (right)permits the company to be ableto respond to modifications ina matter of days. Modificationscan be done in-house onitems such as:• Flat parts – doors, sidewalls,roofs, mountingpanels;• Unibody enclosures – cut-outs in thetop, sides of AE, WM, KL, EB, JB unibodywelded type enclosures; and,• Drilling and tapping of flat copperbusbar.The modification functions that theeCab is said to perform include any typeof cut-out (this includes PB holes, D-subholes, square holes, AC and fan cut-outs)in carbon, stainless steel or fibreglass. TheRittal’s Steinhauer machine can perform modifications on enclosureitems such as doors and mounting panels.unit can also provide tapped holes for customersthat require predrilled and tappedmounting panels.Rittal ( says that it strives to getevery modification request turned aroundin approximately 5 business days or less.AutoCAD drawings are recommended asthe best way to achieve a fast turnaround.However, if needed, Rittal’s Technical SupportGroup can help create these drawingsfor any customer, the company adds.HDS Packaging agreement with KUKA RoboticsABERFOYLE, ON – HDS Packaging ( hassigned a Systems Partner Agreement with KUKA RoboticsCorp. “With the introduction of Kuka’s full line of robots,HDS Packaging plans on integrating reliable robotic solutionsfor the food and beverage, and pulp and paper industries,”said Blair Sachs, president of HDS Packaging. “As aleading player in the packaging and palletizing arena, wewanted to create a partnership with KUKA to help our customersbe more competitive and efficient.”Blair Sachs of HDS: helping customers to be more competitive, efficient.Canadian Innovation Awards luncheon and awards ceremony host John Manley (left), former Ministerof Industry, Finance, Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister, and Jayson Myers, president of CanadianManufacturers and Exporters. “We need to celebrate Canadian success stories,” said Manley.Christie takes top honors atCanadian Innovation AwardsMISSISSAUGA, ON – Leading-edgetechnology and innovative leadershiphas earned Kitchener’s Christie DigitalSystems Canada, Inc. the title of CanadianManufacturer of the Year.The Ontario-based company is aglobal leader in projection systems andthe first to market some of the world’smost advanced projectors. Christie Digital’sinnovative LEAN best practices,workforce development program as wellas its unique business strategies resultedin the next-generation manufacturer beingawarded Canada’s Manufacturer ofthe Year at Canadian Manufacturers &Exporters’ ( annual CanadianInnovation Awards last month atthe International Convention Centre.“The winners of the Canadian InnovationAwards are models of excellencefor others to emulate,” said Jeff Brownlee,CME’s VP public affairs. “We live ina competitive world, but nothing givesCanadians a greater sense of pride whenCanadians take on the world and win.”CME presented a total of six awardsduring its annual Innovation Awardsluncheon. Other winners included:• New Flyer Industries, Winnipeg –EDC’s Canadian Innovation Award forGlobal Business of the Year• FormaShape, a Division of WhitewaterComposites, Kelowna, BC – Deloitte’sCanadian Innovation Award forProductivity Enhancement• JAY·LOR Fabricating Inc., Orton,ON – BDC’s Canadian InnovationAward SME Innovator of the Year• PyroPhotonics Lasers Inc., Dollarddes-Ormeaux,QC – NRC/IRAP’s CanadianInnovation Award for NewTechnology.News inBriefPSI acquires HydraflowPSI Fluid Power (,has acquired the controlling interestof Hydraflow Fluid Power in Toronto.Hydraflow is a value-added technicaldistributor representing brandssuch as Oilgear, Kawasaki, Atos, IntegratedHydraulics and Linde.Enersys, X Tronics partnersEnerSys Canada of Bolton ON, hasappointed X Tronics ( ofConcord, ON, as the Canadian manufacturer’srepresentative for EnerSysReserve Power, Specialty Products.OneCAD expandsDesign services provider OneCADSolutions ( of Markham,ON, has moved into a larger, 3400 ft 2office in its building to accommodateprojected expansion.Vickers-Warnick additionPressure gauge and transducer makerNoshok has been added to the productofferings from Vickers-Warnick( 2-4, 2008. Mississauga, ON. Festopresents training course EP211: Introduction toElectropneumatics. Contact June Davies, Didacticcoordinator ( 2-5, 2008. Las Vegas. AutodeskUniversity Annual User Conference andExhibition presented by Autodesk, developersUOIT student design results in patent submissionsOSHAWA, ON – A fourth-year project by four University ofOntario Institute of Technology ( students has resultedin two patent submissions. Recent engineering graduates MarkBernacki, Ben Fagan, Mike MacLeod (pictured right) and MattVan Wieringen (left) designed an innovative automatic dooropening mechanism that stores energy in the form of compressedair each time the door is manually opened, subsequently usingthe stored energy for assisted automatic openings. The door remainsfunctional during emergency situations or power loss.Stahlin enclosures expands in AlbertaStahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures (, a manufacturerof fibreglass enclosure products, has enteredinto a distributor agreement with Lord Electric ( offices in Edmonton and Calgary. Tocelebrate the partnership, Lord Electric held an openhouse for its customers. Pictured: Brent Connell (left),Edmonton Electric, Jens Rieckmann, principle, LordElectric and Dick Ducholke, Edmonton Electric.CalendarSee more events @ dpncanada.comof Inventor, AutoCAD and AliasStudio software( 8-11, 2009. Orlando, FL. SolidWorksWorld 2009 International User Conference &Exposition ( 5-7, 2009. Toronto. PACKEX Toronto2009 exhibition presented by the PackagingAssociation of Canada ( SolidWorks CEO Jeff Ray and Dassault Systèmespresident and CEO Bernard Charlés field questions.Dassault Systèmes integrationpart of SolidWorks 2009launch announcementBARCELONA – DS SolidWorks( presented its officiallaunch of its SolidWorks 20093D CAD solid modeling software (seereview on page 29) here in the Catalancapital. The annual press eventprovided a platform for the companyto explain its integration with parentcompany Dassault Systèmes (andhence the new “DS” prefix). Jeff Ray,CEO of DS SolidWorks, said “ouralignment allows us share our experience,ideas and technology.” OtherDassault Systèmes software brandsinclude CATIA, Enovia, Delmia,Simulia and 3dvia.

create - Use Autodesk ®Inventor software todesign an accurate digitalprototype that incorporateselectrical components.validate - Simulate realworld performance beforemaking a costly physicalprototype.realize - Market yourproduct with photo-realisticrenderings before it’s evenbuilt.HOW DIGITAL PROTOTYPINGGOT THE HTC FLOOR GRINDERON THE GROUND, Autodesk Inventor and Inventor are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., in the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to theirrespective holders. Autodesk reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifi cations at any time without notice, and is not responsible for typographical or graphical errors that may appear in this document.© 2008 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.

8 Design Product NewsCover Storywell as an illuminated keypad.Unitron Hearing’s director ofProduct Management, Andréde Goeij, said his companychose Evolve Design Solutionsover 145 North Ameri-can industrial design firms“because of the knowledge it hasto go through the whole designand manufacturing process.”Hearing instruments areworn full time by users, so November/December 2008Hearing aid remote improves user controlFrom Front Pageremote control is an item that most userskeep with them at all times. Hearinginstrument wearers often prefer discretionand the target end users’ age group issomewhat overwhelmed and intimidatedby new technology.The Smart Control had to be intuitive,friendly and not intimidating to use andoperate, yet be easily carried in a pocketor purse. The design of the remote waswhittled down to three unique prototypedirections submitted by Evolve that couldbe put into the hands of a focus groupcomprised of users and audiologists.Elastomeric areasprovide additionaltactile gripTHK LM Guidesprovide more than30,000 KM ofoperation withoutmaintenance.U.S. ManufacturingFacility in Hebron, OHLM Guide Types Include:• Clean room • Stainless steel • High temperature • Anti-corrosive• Ceramic • Miniature to large sizes • Earthquake protectionEquipped with patented Caged Technology, where rolling elements areseparated with a synthetic resin cage, our LM Guides operate three timeslonger than any competitor brand. Caged Technology retains grease forcontinuous lubrication and the longest maintenance-free operation in theindustry. Our performance-proven technology also results in the highestspeeds, heaviest load capacities, and the smoothest and quietest LMGuide operation.To learn more, give us a call at 905-820-7800or visit“Evolve was given all the electronics andphysical mechanical components to packagein 3D CAD Pro/E and STEP file formats,which were easily and flawlessly importedinto SolidWorks, our 3D CAD softwareplatform,” according to Aldo Balatti, designengineering director and plastic applicationsspecialist at Evolve Design Solutions.“Most of the ID (industrial design) conceptualand refinement work was donewith digital hand sketching and digitalrendering sketches produced with Wacomdigital pen/tablets, as well as using solidmodeling and screen rendering captures.The color study images were done withthe help of 3D CAD screen capture imagesfrom PhotoWorks, and Adobe Illustratorand Photoshop,” stated Balatti.“Each one of the 3 proposed unique IDconcepts were exported as fine resolutionSTL files and produced as high resolutionMJM (multi-jet modeling) solid 3D rapidprototyping parts built with 0.0015 in. layersto retain a smooth surface and all the precisionof the features and details as well as toeliminate the hand sanding and finishing postwork. The standard SLA (stereolithography)process was not selected as it only createsparts with 0.006 and 0.004 in. layers.”The choice was a simple and ergonomicshape designed to comfortably fit in thehand and resemble a vehicle remote entrydevice. A finger recess detail was incorporatedat the rear to give the user an identifiablefeature to aid in holding while operatingthe keypad. This is further aidedby the elastomeric user interface touchareas, which give additional tactile grip.“When Evolve was working on finalizingall the final ID detailing, colors, finishesand production specifications, UnitronHearing mentioned (it) would like to have anice cool metallic effect for the main housingbody for the Smart Control remote toshowcase this innovative, technologicallyadvanced new product,” said Balatti.“Since the product has TPE elastomericovermolding user interface touch areas onthe top housing, and while using a metallicpaint and lacquer was an option, it wouldhave meant masking around the elastomericsurface areas which would have addedcomplexity, time, and most likely a higherreject rate and extra cost to the part.“Evolve already had experience usingVisual Effect decorative molded resins fromSabic Innovative Plastics (formerly GE Plastics),so we suggested a more eco-friendlyapproach with using a new Visual Effect EFtechnology system – which only had beenused in Asia at the time,” Balatti added.”Released in 2007, the illuminated andtactile feedback keypad provides all the functionalityat the user’s finger tip. The layoutof the various shape keypad buttons wasdesigned for the user to easily and discretelyadjust settings without looking.The keypad selection covers volumeup/down, program change, telephone andhome button, as well as a “Learn Now”function that gives the end-user the abilityto teach the hearing instrument their preferences.The Scroll wheel on the side controlsUnitron’s unique Comfort-Clarity Balancethat adjusts the HI noise cancellation andspeech enhancement algorithms embeddedin the electronics, explained de Goeij.

November/December 2008dpncanada.comDesign Product News 9Products: Hydraulics & PneumaticsAir line lubrication boosterHaskel has introduced 50 ratio gas boostersthat can raise most gases up to 15,000psi without using electricity or requiringairline lubrication. Higher flow rates aresaid to mean faster fill times for applicationsin many industries and institutions.Built-in cooling is also said to ensure trouble-freeoperation. Units are available foroxygen service.www.wainbee.comAir vacuum generatorsThe E-Vac is a series of low cost, compressedair powered vacuum generatorsfrom Exair for pick-and-place, clamping,lifting, chucking and surface mountingapplications. The vacuum pumps areavailable in a variety of sizes and flowsalong with a selection of vacuum cupssuitable for a wide range of applications.The generators are available in two styles.Low vacuum units up to 71 kPa are saidto generate more air flow to overcome porosityand leakage when used with porousmaterials such as cardboard. High vacuumunits up to 91 kPa are suitable fornon-porous materials such as glass, steelsheet and control valveThe Viking Xtreme valve from Parkerincorporates spool technology for use inapplications where pneumatic systemshave to operate in extreme conditions.The valve has an operating temperaturerange of -40° to 70°C, with a maximumpressure of 16 bar. The unit is available inthree versions: solenoid, remote air pilotand manually actuated. A choice of 1/8,1/4, 3/8 and ½ in. ports are latching valvereal simulationThe 2- and 3-way electronic latchingvalve from Clippard has many of thesame features as its EV valve line, includinga compact design, quiet operationand a single moving element, the companysays. It adds that a the valve consumesless energy and produces less heat than astandard solenoid valve when used in extendedduty cycle applications, since thecoil is energized for only a small fractionof the total duty cycle. Various connector,mounting, voltage, port, orifice and sealoptions are pump for mobileIF YOU’RE NO POPSICLE STICK MASTER, USE SOLIDWORKS.Sauer-Danfoss has announced the additionof the H1 115/130 cc pump to itsline of H1 pumps. The H1 line of closedcircuitvariable displacement axial pistonpumps is said to be compact and featureshigh power density, resulting in ease ofinstallation and increased design flexibility.All the units use an integral electrohydraulicservo piston assembly that controlsrate and direction of hydraulic flow.H1 pumps can be used with other Sauer-Danfoss pumps and motors in the hydraulicsystem.www.sauer-danfoss.comYou don’t need to be a Popsicle ® stick master to create exciting designs in 3D. SolidWorks ®software lets your team simulate motion and vibrations to test models in real-world conditions. ons.So you can bring your products to market faster and gain a competitive edge.S & S Worldwide uses SolidWorks for visualization of roller coaster vehicles and track inter actions,improving overall product quality by 25 percent while cutting prototyping costs by 20 percent.DESIGN BETTER PRODUCTS4_DesignProductNews_PSICLE.inddSolidworks.indd 11Learn about the advantages of SolidWorks at is a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. ©2008 Dassault Systèmes. All rights reserved10/28/088/14/08 4:08:513:01:11PMPM

10 Design Product November/December 2008SpotlightSensorsViscosity sensing technologySenGenuity has announced the that itsViSmart viscosity sensor is now availablepackaged as a threaded bolt. The threadedbolt is available in ½ in. NPT or ½ in. BPTthread configurations and equipped with asmart sensor interface. The ViSmart sensormeasures a wide range of viscosity of fluidand is rated for temperatures up to 125°C.With the threaded bolt format, the sensorcan mechanically bolt into assets such asengines and transmission crankcases.www.senguity.comThermocouple data loggerThe Omega OM-CP-TCTEMP2000thermocouple temperature data loggerhas a backlit LCD display. The batterypowered (optional ac adapter for longterm use) unit has an internal temperaturesensor and one external input forthermocouple types J, K, T,E, R, S, B andN. The wall mountable, real-time operateddevice has non-volatile memory thatwill retain recorded data, even if ac andbattery power are tachometerCarlo Gavazzi has launched the UDM60,a tachometer that measures and processestwo independent pulse signals and featuresa dual 6-digit, backlit LCD display withdual analog indicator. The unit assuresbackward compatibility of the new TF1(dc signals) and TF2 (ac signals) tachometermodules which can be used with theexisting UDM35 3.5 digit and UDM40 4digit panel meters and also the USC signalconditioner.www.gavazzionline.comTransparent film detectionPepperl+Fuchs ML7 series miniature photoelectricsensors are available in retroreflectivemode for detecting clear objectssuch as PET plastic bottles, clear shrinkwrap,glass and clear Mylar film. The retro-reflectivemode sensors can detect clearobjects up to 3.5 m away, and opaqueobjects up to 5.7 m away. The 31 x 23 x11 mm sensors are said to be quickly andeasily programmed with a single sensitivityadjustment.www.pepperl-fuchs.comPhotoelectric sensorThe OG-Cube photoelectric sensorfrom ifm efector inc. provides a metalhousing with metal M18 mountingthreads that will not strip duringmounting and a M12 connector saidto resist high torquing and provide forquick wiring. LEDs indicate operatingstatus (power and output), with a visiblered light source with a large spotdiameter to enable alignment.www.ifmefector.comIP67-rated inductive sensors good to 180°CThe IFRH series of IP67-rated inductive hightemperature sensors from Baumer Electrichave been designed for operating temperaturesranging from -25° to 180ºC. The two-partproximity switches intended for flush frontface installation are available in M8, M12 andM18 designs with chromium nickel steel housings.The M8 sensor has an overall length ofa 30 mm. Depending on the housing size, thenominal switching distance ranges from 1 to 5 mm. An FEP jacketed cable allowsthe processing electronics to be separated from the actual sensor head.www.baumer.caSensor detection of weld nutsTURCK has introduced magnetic-inductive sensorsfor efficient and economic detection of weldnuts. The sensors use signal attenuation that issaid to reliably detect ferromagnetic componentssuch as nuts, bushings and spacer sleeves and ensurethese necessary components are present beforerobotic welding occurs – with no additionalsoftware or electronics required. Weld nut sensorsare available in two versions and feature anIP67, chrome-plated brass housing. The sensorsintegrate into existing production lines, replacingtraditional location bolts.www.chartwell.caWash down sensorsSICK has announced its IMF inductivesensor, MH15V photoelectricsensor, and V18V photoelectric sensor,which all have an IP69K ratingfor washdown environments. Thesensors are Eco-lab and JohnsonDiverseycertified, and materials used inthe sensors are certified by the Foodand Drug Administration for foodand beverage applications. The V18Vincludes a patented touch-teach sensitivityadjustment.www.sickusa.comLinear position sensorsMTS Systems Sensors Division’s Temposonicsmagnetostrictive linear-positionsensors can generate up to 20simultaneous position outputs along agiven sensing element to provide multipleaxis feedback along the same planeof motion. Units are capable of strokeranges greater than 5000 mm, but canalso provide resolution as small as 1micron. The sonic wave sensing devicesuse a high-resolution clock to determineaccurate absolute position.www.mtssensors.comColor detection sensorThe CMYX Color Mark sensor fromEMX Industries is said to combine smallspot size and fast response to achieve highspeedmark detection capable of detectingstandard one-track PHAR-MA-CODE(0.5 mm bar width) at 2000 ft/min. Thesensor is suitable for printing or packagingapplications that require the ability to differentiatebetween background and color marks during high-speed operation. Theunit has a 25 µs discrete output response. Broad-spectrum white LED light sourceallows detection of all colors. Calibration feature allows manual user sensitivity adjustment.Remote teach input allows for automatic adjustment to touchless sensorNovotechnik has announced RFC4000 series rotary sensors that combinetouchless technology and small formfactor. The sensor’s touchless technologyuses the orientation of a magneticfield in order to determine measurementangle. The 7 mm thick IP67-ratedsensors have a thumbprint of about onesquare inch. The two-part design of theseries – a sensor and its magnetic positionmarker – are said to offer unlimitedmechanical

November/December 2008dpncanada.comDesign Product News 11Feature: SensorsSensor maker Fraba takes flexible design routeBy James TulkThe Fraba group of companies issupplying the automation industrywith sensor and encoder productsusing a unique, flexible manufacturingsystem that serves small and large volumecustomers equally well and equally quickly.North American orders, small or large,are made to the customer’s specificationsand can be turned around within less thantwo weeks at competitive prices.Fraba knows that when building complexsystems, plant engineers often needmany special items – or perhaps just a few– in a hurry. Its business strategy is to beatthe competition by offering a wide rangeof customizable products, while maintainingthe highest quality standard and shortturnaround times.Fraba believes it offers what the automationindustry craves, because the morespecial characteristics a buyer requiresin a sensor or encoder, the more it canlengthen the time between ordering andreceiving the finished product. Items suchas rotary encoders can have customerdefinedrequirements like mechanical andelectrical interfaces, enclosure materialsand/or environmental protection.Germany-based Fraba, which establisheda North American subsidiary inPrinceton Junction, NJ, in 2000, offersthree lines of products for the industrialautomation market: ‘Posital’ brand absoluterotary encoders and inclinometers;‘Intacton’ optical velocity and positionsensors; and ‘Vitector’ contact sensing‘safety edges’, used to reduce the dangerof collisions between automation equipmentand other objects. All products aremanufactured using a just-in-time productionand delivery concept. For ChristianFell, Fraba VP in charge of the encoderbusiness in North America, the key isthe highly flexible and responsible manufacturingprocess. “We currently havelead times of 10 business days for ordersoriginating in Canada or the U.S., comparedto up to six weeks for some of ourcompetitors.”Fraba’s made-to-order strategy is builton two key pillars. First, the sensors arebased on a highly modular design. Forexample, all models in the Optocode familyof absolute rotary encoders employan optical rotation measurement systemthat can sense angular displacements assmall as 1 part in 65,536. If required, arotation counter with a range of 8192turns can be added. This combination ofresolution and range can meet the needsof most industrial automation applications.Thanks to the modular design ofthe encoders, measurement componentscan be combined with a variety of electricalinterface modules: Bit-parallel, SSI,Profibus-DP, CANopen, DeviceNet orFraba Posital: Absolute rotary encoders and inclinometersagainst the background of a new manufacturing site.Industrial Ethernet are all supported, aswell as a variety of connector types andmechanical interfaces.For applications where smaller componentsare needed, ‘Magnetocode’ rotaryencoders are a mere 36.5 mm in diameter.“Overall, the ‘Posital’ portfolio offers over1000 different encoder configurations,with thousands of other combinationsavailable for the asking,” explained Fell.A range of accessories are also available,including wire draw adapters, couplingsand heavy-duty housings.The second pillar of Fraba’s strategyis flexible manufacturing, exemplified bythe company’s new manufacturing facilityin Slubice, Poland on the German border– less than an hour’s drive from Berlin.This facility is housed in a striking newbuilding that resembles a large aluminumdisk lying flat on the ground (inset photoabove). The interior layout is highly functional,with support and storage areaslocated around the circumference of thebuilding, while the production areas aregrouped near the centre. This means thatthe assembly workstations have quickand convenient access to supplies andresources while the workstations themselvescan be rapidly reconfigured tomeet changes in the production schedule.Workstations are equipped with computerterminals, barcode readers and testequipment that support a data-drivenAssembly workstation in Fraba’s plant.production system. Specifications fornew orders are routed directly to theworkstation computer terminals. As newitems are assembled, a full history of theprocess – from batch numbers of subcomponentsto the final test results – isrecorded in a central database. This supportsboth rapid order fulfillment andend-to-end quality assurance through avirtually paperless process. Careful attentionto electro-static discharge controland 100% testing of finished productshelps ensure product quality.James Tulk is with PR Toolbox in Toronto( WITHDIFFICULT AND CRITICALSEALING CHALLENGES?®INSIST ON SEAL MASTERINFLATABLE SEALSTODAY…SLEEP BETTER TONIGHT!WWW.SEALMASTER.COMDESIGN ASSISTANCE PROGRAM“They’reDeucedlyClever”SEAL MASTERCORPORATION368 Martinel Drive, Kent, OH 44240-4368 USA800-477-8436 • 330-673-8410 • FAX 330-673-8242We’ve got it covered!We’re your number one source for stock components.Over100,000,000components instockImmediateshipmentCustomcomponents toyour specsAll types ofsprings, washersand fastenersCheck SPEC ® online immediate assistance, call 800.263.4256 or fax 814.664.0312©2008 Barnes Group Inc. SPEC ® is a trademark of Barnes Group Inc.Incremental and Absolute EncodersReliable and precise motion control.Optical and Magnetic.• Standard and custom solutions for every industry• Gearless absolute multi-turn technology• Highly robust magnetic scanning principlesBaumer Inc. · 4046 Mainway Drive · Burlington · Ontario · L7M 4B9Phone 905-335-8444 · · www.baumer.caealmaster.indd 110/23/08 3:12:55 PM

12 Design Product November/December 2008Products: EnclosuresPreconfigured wall-mountsHoffman has announced PROTEK Wall-Mount Packages, a ready-to-use DataComproduct with integrated thermal management.The preconfigured packages includea Type 4 or 12 cabinet with either a fanand filter or air conditioner to controlinternal temperatures while protecting19-in. rack equipment from harmful environmentalcontaminants. Packages areavailable in single door and double-hingedmodels and require no additional layout,drilling or sawing to accommodate thermaldevices. Air conditioners, fans andfilters operate on 110/115 Vac 50/60 Hzline voltage with a standard NEMA 15 Aplug internal to the cabinet (5-15P).www.hoffmanonline.comFlexible console systemRittal has developed a console system withregard to modular configuration, ease ofassembly and system accessories. The TopConsole has installation provision for Rittal’sTS adaptor rails, which can be usedwith many of its accessories. Attachmentrails are available for scanner holders andprinter shelves. In addition, trim platesfor covering the entire top opening of thebase and desk sections when used alone,are available.www.rittal.ca19-in. aluminum rack casesThe RM line of 19 in. rack cases fromHammond Manufacturing is available in1, 2 and 3U heights and depths of 203,330 and 457 mm. They are suitable forhousing a wide range of equipment, eithermounted in a 19 in. rack or, if required,the units can be used as a desktop enclosure.The aluminum construction consistsof an extruded frame, removable ventedor plain top and bottom covers and optional19 in. rack mounting angles andself-adhesive rubber feet. The front andrear panels are also removable and interchangable.www.hammondmfg.comSwitches & LED pilot lightsCarlo Gavazzi has launched a range ofpushbuttons, selector switches and LEDpilot lights. Pushbuttons are available in22 and 30 mm hole sizes, in a wide varietyof illuminated and non-illuminatedcolors. Options include flush, extended,and mushroom heads. Selector switchesare available in short and long handleversions, with seven different switch actionconfigurations, with additional keyedselector switch options. Emergency stopmushroom buttons are available in 40 and60 mm diameters. Snap action or slow actioncontact blocks can be stacked up tothree deep, for a total of up to six contactsoperated from a single push buttonor selector switch. The line of LED pilotlights feature high-efficiency, bright LEDsin five different colors, five different lensoptions, and eight different supply voltageoptions.www.gavazzionline.comLow-profile clinch accessHARTPEM Type PF50/60 self-clinching accesshardware from PennEngineering incorporatesa captive screw in a spring-loadedassembly to reduce parts count and preventscrews from falling out and damaginginternal components. The panelfastener assemblies are also said to allowfor quick and easy access to componentswhenever necessary. The hardware meetsUL 508 “operator access area” requirements(Type PF50) and UL 1950 “serviceaccess area” requirements (Type PF60).When tightened, the fastener (dependingon size) will protrude only .340 in./8.64mm from the top of the sheet.www.pemnet.comWago_DON.indd 110/23/08 2:21:26 PM

OVER 10,OoOSTAnDaRD PRODUCTSMILLIoNS OFPOSSIBILITIeSIf you think we just offer the largest selection of standard enclosures, you haven’t looked beneath the surface.With over 10,000 standard enclosures and accessories, Hoffman is renowned for our selection. But what’s not as well known isHoffman’s ability to quickly produce modified and custom enclosures with virtually any combination of features you can imagine.From size and material changes, to adding holes, cutouts, panels, doors, accessories or a different color, Hoffman can do it.Need a cabinet as unique as your company? Team with Hoffman’s comprehensive engineering and fabrication capabilities. Resourcesare at your disposal to engineer and build-to-order enclosures with the features and specifications you require.In addition to having your enclosure built the way you want it, you will alsobenefit from the industry’s first UL-certified in-house test lab, and thermalmanagement expertise through our partnership with McLean Thermal.Having shipped over 10 million enclosures and accessories last year, it’s asafe bet we can handle your project and help you manage your programtoo. Whether it’s an order of one, one hundred or one thousand, evenHoffman’s massive product selection is far larger than it appears.Contact your local Hoffman distributor, or locate your sales office©2008 Hoffman Enclosures Inc.

14 Design Product November/December 2008Feature: EnclosuresChoosing an electrical enclosure forharsh washdown environmentsBy Kenan HanhanMeeting strict government regulationsand assuring customers ofexceptional product quality canbe a daunting task – especially in industriessuch as food and beverage, where contaminationposes a significant risk to equipmentand customers. To combat this threat,today’s washdowns have been intensifiedup to 1200 psi, and harsher chemicals areemployed to maintain sanitary conditions– thereby reducing the risk of product damage,contamination or corrosion.While these measures will help keepcritical machinery clean and contaminantfree,they can prove detrimental to sensitiveelectrical and electronic equipmentthat are not properly protected. And likeall equipment used in these applications,the electrical enclosure selected must bedesigned and constructed to maintain asanitary work environment and minimizeServoLiteServo Performance - Stepper SimplicityTo maintain sanitary conditions, demanding foodand beverage applications require high-pressurewashdowns and harsh cleaning chemicals, which coulddamage electronic controls if they are not properlyprotected.the probability of a food-borne outbreak.To promote sanitary conditions and optimizeproduct safety, only enclosures withthe appropriate NSF certification shouldbe installed. The NSF/ANSI 169 standardspecifies the essential design criteria forfood equipment and devices. Choosingan enclosure that is NSF/ANSI 169-certifiedaffirms that key enclosure attributes –including construction and quality, design,sealing and gasketing, and hinging andlatching – promote sanitary conditionswhile protecting electrical equipment inchallenging washdown environments.To withstand harsh chemical washdown,enclosures used in these applicationsshould be constructed of a nonabsorbentmaterial – such as Type 304and 316L stainless steel – to resist moistureingress. Adding a #4 finish will ensurecontaminants are successfully removedfrom the enclosure surface during washdown.Plus, selecting an enclosure withsmooth welds eliminates the risk of contaminantsinfiltrating tiny nooks and cranniesin the enclosure’s design.For optimal quality, consistency andrepeatability, manufacturers should selectan enclosure that has been producedusing automated manufacturing processes.Automation minimizes product variationfrom order to order, affirming that eachenclosure will meet the same stringentapplication requirements. This method isadditionally beneficial for producing enclosuremodifications, since automated processeshelp ensure these modifications areperformed consistently and accurately.Enclosure design can make the differencebetween an effective and an insufficientwashdown. Common enclosure-relatedproblems include washdown solution poolingon the enclosure, contaminant entrapmentbetween a wall and a wall-mountenclosure, and unreachable, recessed areascreate by free-stand enclosure floor stands.These challenges can be addressed inseveral ways. Wall-mount enclosure standoffsprovide access to the back of theenclosure, allowing washdowns to removeAn enclosure with a sloped door flange with troughcollar and shielded bullet hinge will facilitate runoff inwashdown conditions.Different operatingmodesServoLite: closed loop Holding torque from 0.5 Single and multi-axisincludedto 9.0 Nmsystems“Plug & Work” Handling SolutionsThe ServoLite single axis position controller operates stepper motors with positionfeedback in closed loop. The key benefit is higher “servo-like” performance whichcannot be obtained with conventional stepper-motor controllers. ServoLite seamlesslyintegrates with single and multi-axis handling units. The resulting solutions areunmatched in terms of performance characteristics versus cost.Festo Inc.Tel: 1 877 GO FESTOFax: 1 877 FX FESTOinfo_ca@festo.comwww.festo.cathese hidden contaminants more easily.Using a smaller, specially designed standor leg footprint can minimize the difficult-to-cleanareas beneath a free-standenclosure’s floor stands, reducing contaminantaccumulation. To prevent washdownsolution pooling, select an enclosure witha 20º sloped top design combined with asloped body door flange trough collar andsloped door edges. These features directwashdown effluent away from processingequipment for optimal sanitation.While choosing the optimal enclosureconstruction and design for washdown environmentsis essential, selecting a high-performanceseal or gasket is another critical componentto ensuring an enclosure’s success.Seals, gaskets and their adhesives must beconstructed of materials that are compatiblewith stainless steel, since this is typically thespecified enclosure material in these applications.Also, these seals, gaskets and adhesivesmust withstand harsh, high-pressurewashdowns and be checked periodically forresiliency loss and compression.For further information on our customized solutions – contact us today!Kenan Hanhan is Vertical Market Managerfor

Introduction of RedHatNext Generation valvesStrongand solid…yetever-evolving.Introduction ofRedundant ControlSystems (RCS)ASCO Valve Canada:A 40-year history ofconstant innovation.Youre seeking valve solutions that includethe latest technological advances — backedby a reliable company you can trust. Look noIntroduction ofPressure Sensorsfurther than ASCO Valve. Thats becauseASCO has a proven heritage of providingcustomer-specific solutions designed tocontrol the flow of air, gas, water, oil andsteam — solutions ranging from two positionon/off valves to entire flow control systems.Introduction ofCombustion ProductsWith a solid base of expertise and a historyof innovation, you can count on ASCO tocontinue growing to meet your needs forgenerations to come.Introduction ofAngle Body PistonValvesThe Emers ersonlogo o is a trade ademar mark kof EmersonElectric Co. ©20 2008 08Introduction ofRedHat valvesASCO Valve Canada | www.ascovalve.caTel: (519) 758-2700 | ascomail@asco.caEMERSON. CONSIDER IT SOLVED. For product information:

DATA FILES...a service for readersOn this page are illustrations and descriptions of catalogsdetailing products and services that could prove helpfulto you.To receive your copy of any brochures that are of interest,please go to the suppliers website, e-mail, telephone or faxthe contacts supplied.3-DDRAWINGSAVAILABLE ONOUR WEBSITEBESTSOURCE!Precision Mechanical ComponentsComprehensive, easy-to-use format forover 50,000 components: bearings,belts & pulleys, shafts, couplers,gears, hardware, slides, lead screws &nuts, positioning tables, linear motionsystems and more. Call for a freecatalog or visit our interactive web sitefeaturing design calculators, applicationguides and e-commerce.PIC Design(800) 243-6125Fax: (203) 758-8271Email: depte@pic-design.comwww.pic-design.comEasyLock shaft collarsFor non-slip holding of reels and otherobjects on smooth, case hardened shafts(Rockwell 55+). Install and remove byhand without special tools. Clampingcontrol adjusts from 90 to 1124 pounds.Eliminates play between shaft and reels.Wide range of sizes. Ideal for spoolingapplications.Toll free: 1-800-252-2645email: amacoil@amacoil.comwww.amacoil.comAmacoil, Inc.International Excellence in PowerTransmission TechnologyKTR, a world-leading manufacturer ofmechanical couplings for the PowerTransmission Industry, is introducing itslatest 128-page catalogue. It containsthe popular BoWex®, ROTEX®,ROTEX®-GS, and RADEX®-N couplingproducts in a convenient, single-formatpublication, and includes new productssuch as RADEX®-NC Servo Coupling,MINEX® Permanent Magnet Coupling,and DATAFLEX® Optical TorqueMeasuring Device. The catalogue is alsoavailable on CD. 1-877-662-2840 for your free copy.www.odg.comOntario Drive & Gear Ltd.Avery Dennison ® Cable TiesPositioning, Securing & FasteningAvery Dennison is a market innovator inWire Management Solutions. We offerCable Ties from 3.25” to 60”, includingPrinted and Security Ties, SpecialtyAccessories and Custom Solutions,through our Canadian Distributornetwork. We also offer innovativenew Cable Tie installation tools.For more information, please contact us.Phone: 800-225-5913Fax: 800-848-2169fastcan@averydennison.comwww.fastener.averydennison.comUL recognized and facility is TS16949Avery Dennison, Fastener DivisionPrecision Planetary GearheadsCatalog M-205A features six familiesof all-planetary gearheads, includingeconomy servo, In-Line, & type MRP,which complements the world classMNT line. Also includes NEMA, Right-Angle, Hollow-Shaft, and StainlessSteel gearheads. Backlash specs holdfor 15K plus hours. From France since1919, North America since 1997.Mijno gearheads can be matched to allbrands of servo motors. Precision Rackand Pinion systems also offered.Tel: (866) 262-9562 (toll free)Fax: (847) 698-9040E-mail: mijno@aol.comWebsite: www.mijno.comMijno Precision GearingCable and Hose Carrier Design GuideThe new Gortrac® Design Guide featuresall the information needed to help makeunderstanding and designing cable andhose carriers easier. A quick selection guidealong with an options and accessoriessection make the initial task of collectinginformation simple, which then allowsretrieval of more in depth information fromthe individual model styles. Finally all theinformation can be sent on an informationrequest sheet at the end of each section.Request the Gortrac Design GuideA & A Manufacturing Co., Inc.Telephone (262) 786-1500,Fax 786-3280,E-mail: sales@gortrac.comWebsite: www.gortrac.comMINIATURE & SMALL CABLESMECHANICAL CABLE ASSEMBLIES& IDLER PULLEYSCable Solutions!Call Sava Industries to request ourcomprehensive 36-page Design Guidefeaturing miniature & small steel cablefrom .006-3/8”, push pull varieties,high fatigue drive & low stretch cables,plastic & steel idler pulleys from 3/8”to 6”, a huge selection of end terminalsfor steel cables & much more.Specializing in fast service.ISO 9001 CertifiedWebsite: www.savacable.comwww.electromate.comTel: 973-835-0882Fax: 973-835-0877CARL STAHL SAVA IND. INC.Self-Tensioning Motor BasesROSTA is the leading manufacture of dynamicrubber suspension elements whoseunique design has multi-functional uses asa spring, bearing and a damper. Our standardproduct line offers off the shelf solutionsfor immediate installation on a varietyof applications such as our self-tensioningmotor bases used on a wide range of V-beltdriven equipment. With sizes ranging fromfractional to 350 HP, we are able to extendyour belt and sheave life and provide apositive drive without slippage. Let ROSTAreduce your installation and maintenancecosts and increase your profits. Call us todayfor your free brochure.1-800-361-0556www.rostainc.comCreaform offers 3D scanning, reverseengineering, CAD, inspection andmetrology services. Creaform uses andsells the Handyscan 3D laser scanners,measuring arms and major software onthe market, and integrates them in theprocesses. The work can be done in ourLévis or Montréal laboratories, or on theclient’s premises.www.creaform3d.comwww.electromate.comCreaformDUST COLLECTORSFULL LINE LITERATURE GUIDEThis impressive guide outlines dozens of N.R.Murphy dust collectors, installations, capacities,styles and models. A must for any referencelibrary. N.R. Murphy Limited has been in businessfor 65 years and has thousands of satisfiedcustomers.Dust Collectors is all we do, so do it right thefirst time. Just Ask the Experts.For more information contact:Craig Moffatt, N.R. Murphy Ltd.,Sales Delivery Manager, is stock Cambridge, to 2 weeks. ONTel: www.electromate.com519.621.6210Fax: 519.621.2841Web site: www. nrmurphy.come-mail: Electromate 4nodust@nrmurphyltd.comIndustrial SalesPRECISION MINIATUREPNEUMATIC COMPONENTS40-page catalog describes a full lineof precision miniature pneumaticcomponents, including pressureand vacuum regulators andswitches, comparators, orifices,filters and fittings. Thesecomponents are ideal where smallsize, light weight and precision area must. Phone: 1-800-762-0758,Fax: 262-786-0211.www.airtrolinc.comairtrol@airtrolinc.comAirtrol Components Inc.Extremely CompactSoft Starter SSW-06The SSW-06 is WEG’s third generationSoft Starter line. Its Keypadwith dual display has bright red LEDdigits and easy programming. Built-inbypass contacts that eliminate heatdissipation once the motor is at fullvoltage, allow for simple integration innon-ventilated enclosures and replacementof electromechanical starters inMotor Control Centers. This productrecently won the IF Design Award -Industrial Products Category for itssimplicity of constructive solutions andits user friendly operator interface.www.pamensky.comwww.pamensky.comV.J. Pamensky Canada Inc.Avdel ® (, a worldleader in blind fastening systems andinstallation tools, has been providingcustomers with value-added assemblysolutions for seven decades. Productionand sales facilities are in North America,Europe and Asia-Pacific, includingNorth American distribution center inRexdale, Ontario and Stanfield, NC.Email: infoAvdel@acument.comAvdel ®HEAVY-DUTY ELECTRONICVEHICLE CONTROLSRugged machine controllers, joysticks and shifters,sensors, monitors, and displays for themost demanding machine control applicationsin mobile, off-highway and material handlingequipment. PWM digital signal logic integratesmachine functions to a common J1939 or ISO11783 CAN Data Link control circuit. 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Thisfree, onsite review offers evaluationof current manufacturing processes;recommendations for alternativematerials; and analysis of costs American Die CastingAssociation

November/December 2008Feature: Enclosuresdpncanada.comDesign Product News 17Cooling industrial enclosures with filter fan designsBy Mark MaddenOne of the most important considerationsin choosing a fan foryour cooling needs is whether theambient, or surrounding air, is cooler thanthe desired temperature to be maintainedinside the enclosure. If so, a filter fan maybe right for your application.We have decided to use filter fansbecause we want to protect our systemfrom dirt and other impurities– one of the reasons thatwe have our system in anenclosure in the first place.Now that we have determinedthat we are goingto use filter fans, we needto decide on the requiredairflow.(We can do this with computationalfluid dynamic software using Therm, ageneral sizing program available as a freedownload at filter fan consists of the filter housing,a motor and the fan blades. The motorturns the fan blades, and the housingdirects the flow of air. One can think ofthe spinning fan blades pushing the airfrom the front to the back of the filter fan.This pushing creates pressure, and at a certainpressure, the fan can move a certainamount of air known as air displacement,or airflow. The pressures and airflows areImpedance andback pressureare factorsdirectly related to each other.Unimpeded airflow is how much aira fan can move if it is sitting on a table.Although a popular measure of performance,this is not a very good indicationof how much airflow will be generatedwhen the filter fan is mounted in an enclosure.Along with back pressure, anotherimportant factor to take into considerationis impedance. Impedance is the resistanceof the air to flow. When we put thefilter fan on the table andrun it, there is very little orno impedance, resulting inunimpeded airflow.In most application scenarios,there is a fan, anenclosure, and an outletlouver that the fan has topull the air in, pushing against all of the airthat is inside the enclosure, and then forcingthe air out through the exhaust louver.Since pressure and flow are related, the fanslows, reducing the flow and increasingthe pressure.To show how a fan operates as flowand pressure change, we have a diagramcalled a “fan curve.” The pressure is representedon the Y-axis and airflow on theX-axis.To be completely accurate, impedancehas to be factored in. To do this, an impedancecurve can be placed on the samechart as the fan curve. The point where thetwo curves intersect is the actualairflow.Is there a benefit to using twofans on an enclosure instead ofone? Since airflow and pressureare related, there should either bemore airflow or more pressure.Depending on where the fans aremounted, both are true.Series operation can be definedas using multiple fans in a pushpullarrangement. In this case,the impedance of the system isreduced because the exhaust fanis lowering the pressure insidethe cabinet. This allows the systemimpedance to move up the intakefan’s fan curve line, which leads to moreairflow.It doesn’t double the airflow, however,because the highest possible airflowa filter fan can have is unimpeded airflow.Despite this limitation (present with anyfan), series operation does get the airflowcloser to the unimpeded flow in a heavilyimpeded system.Two or more fans blowing together sideby side is referred to as “parallel operation.”In this configuration, if there is lowto medium impedance, both fans are ableto provide close to twice the airflow of asingle fan.In order to protect the proper functioningof electronic components, heat mustbe dissipated from the enclosure, and thisUnimpeded airflow curve (red line) and fan curve withimpedance (blue line). Inset: air displacement with outletfilter including standard filter mat.can be done in a variety of ways including:natural convection, fans, air-to-air heatexchangers, air-to-water heat exchangers,and air conditioners. If fans are to be used,it is important to consider how much airflowis needed, and how much airflow theproposed filter fan solution will actuallyprovide.Mark Madden is the lead ApplicationsEngineer for Climate Control productsat Rittal. This article was excerpted fromRittal White Paper 302, Cooling IndustrialEnclosures with Filter Fans.www.rittal.caDATA FILES...a service for readersOn this page are illustrations and descriptions of catalogsdetailing products and services that could prove helpfulto you.To receive your copy of any brochures that are of interest,please go to the suppliers website, e-mail, telephone or faxthe contacts supplied.Increase your competitive advantageby converting your DC controls toMagnetek’s state-of-the-art OmniPulseDDC Digital DC drives.OmniPulse will improve the performanceand reliability of your DC operated craneor hoist, while minimizing downtime,maintenance expenses and energy costs.Our semi-conductor technology providesbetter control of motor speed and torquethan costly, older DCCP control technology.This micro-processor based, solid state, fourquadrantDC-to-DC control is designed forseries, shunt or compound wound motors.Contact Magnetek at 800.288.8178or visit formore information.Boker’s Free 2009 Washer CatalogBoker’s FREE 2009 Washer Catalog hasover 23,000 non-standard sizes availablewith no tooling charges. Outside diametersof 0.080” to 5.140”, a wide range ofIDs and thicknesses, and 2,000 materialvariations provide millions of possibilities.Materials include low-carbon sheet steel,five types of spring steel, stainless steel,aluminum, brass, copper, nickel silver andnon-metallics.ISO 9001:2000 RegisteredBoker’s, Inc.Tel: (888) 927-4377Fax: (800) 321-3462Email: sales@bokers.comURL: Launches RevolutionaryPolymer Sensor for Dewpoints to-112 °F.The Vaisala DRYCAP® DewpointTransmitter DMT152 uses a newpolymer sensor technology to measuredewpoint temperatures down to -112°F.Patented AUTO-CALIBRATION featureprovides excellent long term stability, fullrecovery from condensation and a wet todry response time measured in minutes.NIST certificate and one week delivery.For information:Visit: instruments@vaisala.comTel: 1-888-VAISALA (824-7252)Spiral Retaining Rings& Wave SpringsSmalley’s complete product line isnow available in one easy to navigatecatalog. The new catalog includes over7,000 standard wave springs, spiralretaining rings and snap rings. Smalley’snew catalog offers simplified partselection, special design and engineeringtools and the latest applications ofSmalley products.(847) • www.smalley.comRepresented in Canada by RotoPRECISION(888) 712-3400www.rotoprecision.caSmalley Steel Ring Company NON-THREADED FASTENERSOLUTIONSFastener solutions from Pivot Point Inc.include Clevis Pins, Cotter Pins, QuickRelease Pins and Devices, Cable &Lanyard assemblies, Locking Pins andmore. Stock and Specials to print.Several exclusive inventions include theSLIC Pin, Bow-Tie Locking Cotters,Rue-Ring Locking Cotters, InfinityS-Hooks, Nylon Lanyards and more.Free samples included with catalog.Phone: (800) 222-2231 (toll free)(920) 349-3251Fax: (920) 349--3253E-mail: mail@pivotpins.comWebsite: www.pivotpins.comPivot Point Inc.NEW OEM ONLINE WEBINARON DIE CASTING DESIGNSTRATEGIESOnline Webinar on key guidelinesfor assuring sound OEM design-fordiecasting decisions prior to freezingproduct designs for tooling. Aid tooptimizing design features for reducedtooling & production costs. Availablefor viewing free on demand, 24/7. Forinstant details & access, plus links to60 die casting design aids, click to webpage: profile: www.cwmdiecast.comChicago White Metal CastingShock AbsorbersNew ACE Controls catalog contains a fullline of industrial and safety shockabsorbers, as well as feed controllers.Products include: award winningMagnum Group and SC 2 HeavyweightSeries and new SC High-Cycle Seriesfor decelerating loads, preventing impactdamage, dampening noise and increasingcycle speeds. Self-compensating andadjustable models.ACE Controls Inc.T: 800-521-3320 248-476-0213E-mail: shocks@acecontrols.comwww.acecontrols.comSPIROL® Inserts for PlasticsInserts provide reusable threads and securetight threaded joints in plastic applications.The new 24-page design guide providesinformation on Insert design, plasticscharacteristics, and design guidelines for abroad set of applications. Dimensional datais provided for the full range of SPIROLheat/ultrasonic, moulded-in, press-in,expansion, and self-tapping Inserts.Installation technology is also reviewed.Visit INDUSTRIES LTD

18 Design Product November/December 2008Feature: Power TransmissionBearing the challenges of modern truck designHeavy truck designers and manufacturersin Canada and the U.S.are all talking about the latesttrend that promises to both improveand challenge the trucking industry. Itincludes finding new ways to reduceengine emissions while maximizing fueleconomy.In Canada, the industry is workingtogether to popularize “enviroTrucks”that reduce fuel consumption and greenhousegas emissions by using the latesttechnologies. And in the U.S., truckbuilders are focused on meeting newEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA)regulations that address diesel engineemissions and idling times.One way OEMs in the industry arebuilding better trucks is by challengingsuppliers to design components and subsystemsthat reduce weight and improvefuel economy. When those suppliers canalso provide products that lower cost,reduce inventory and simplify installation,partnering with them isn’t just goodfor the environment – it’s also good forbusiness.At The Timken Company, engineersare constantly looking for waysto improve overall system performancethrough smart bearing design. One oftheir recent innovations for trucking andoff-highway pinion and differential shaftsis the threaded cup bearing.The threaded cup was originallydesigned to eliminate early service warrantyproblems occurring on heavy truckdifferential shafts, when the originallyspecifiedtransition cup fits would comeloose and turn, causing the housing towear. The threaded cup design eliminatesthe turning cup, and its design alsoresults in more benefits – it can improvefuel economy, reduce parts and inventorycosts, and simplify differential shaftassembly.“On differential shafts in the traditionalbearing cup design, two standardtapered-singlebearings are split-fit in thehousing using threaded cup followers forAn integrated threaded cup combines the TS cup, threaded cup follower and anti-rotational locking device into onecomponent, reducing cost, weight and complexity.bearing and gear mesh adjustment. Thedesign also included separable lockingdevices with fasteners to prevent the followersfrom unthreading,” said GlennFahrni, principal application designer atTimken. “Because the differential shaftrequires an adjustable cup, the cup fitsmust be originally-specified as partiallyloose in the housing. This causes the cupsto eventually work themselves loose rotationallyuntil they begin wearing on thecup adjuster and housing.”To solve these problems, Timken integratedthe threaded cup follower, taperedsinglecup and rotational locking deviceinto one component – the threaded cupassembly. The threads were moved fromthe old cup adjuster onto a portion of thecup outside diameter (OD).“To provide an anti-rotational feature,we weld a low-carbon sheet metal ringto the carburized cup’s backface,” Fahrnisaid. “Timken has been issued a patent forthe threaded differential bearing cup.”By combining the individual componentsof the traditional cup design intoone, the threaded differential cup offersless complexity because there are fewerparts to inventory and handle duringaxle assembly. The result is easier andquicker assembly and less time spentadjusting the bearings and gear mesh.Threaded cup designs also help OEMsreduce fuel consumption and maximizeengine performance by creating less dragcoming from the axles.The threaded cup features Timkenhigh-performance bearings, sometimesreferred to as P900. The bearings featureultra-clean steel, which reduces the riskof fatigue spalling and bearing failure,as well as smoother surface finishes thatimprove lubricant film thickness, resultingin up to 4x the predicted bearing lifecompared to standard finishes.Special internal bearing profiles alsospread the load more evenly across thebearing contact surfaces, keeping contactstress to acceptable levels.“By combining clean steel, smoothersurface finishes and special raceway profiles,we’ve been able to integrate severaltraditional components into the threadedcup bearing, making it capable of handlingheavier loads without making thebearing bigger or heavier,” Fahrni said.“It’s what we call power density –increasing the bearing capacity-to-weightratio, so that a smaller bearing can carrya greater load.”Since the integrated threaded cupweighs less than the traditional design,and also diminishes the overall housingwidth needed to support it, axle weightis saved. Fahrni noted the overall weightsavings help contribute to fuel economyand reduced engine emissions.Currently, Timken engineers areinvestigating the usage of a threaded cupbearing on the pinion shaft.“On the pinion shaft, to correctlyadjust the traditional pinion bearingsthe axle OEM has to keep anywherefrom 40 to 55 different sizes of a variablelength cone spacer at their assemblystation,” Fahrni said. “How the pinionhead and tail bearing tolerances stack updetermines which spacer size is used.”According to Fahrni, rolling torque isused as the bearing setting measurementmethod, and the tight-fitted cones areclamped through the spacer with a nuttightened to a very high clamp torque.If the wrong spacer size is initially used,you have to teardown the pinion shaftand rebuild with another spacer size.Teardowns involve loosening the nutand pulling off the outer tight-fitted cone– a time-consuming process. Sometimestwo rebuilds are required,” Fahrni said.“A threaded cup on this shaft wouldresult in only one fixed-length cone spacersize being needed and no productionteardowns or rebuilds.”This article was contributed The TimkenCompany.www.timken.comMidget FuseTerminalThe World of Bearings and Power Transmission...Rated 120V, 32A, this” x 1 ½” fuseterminal includes a blownfuse indicating LED.Interconnecting pins areavailable to make 2 and 3pole units.Visit our website atwww.emphatec.comand check out thespecial introductoryprice.Our size and flexible structureenables us to respond rapidlyto your requests. Our manufacturingcan handle any sizeorder. Our quality controlprocedures ensure consistenttolerances and our engineeringexpertise give you a deepknowledge base to draw on.• Standard Needle BearingCam and Cam Yoke Followers• Eccentric Stud Cam Followers• Heavy Stud Cam Followers• Neverlube Cam and CamYoke FollowersXtenda TM StainlessSteel Cam and CamYoke FollowersThe RBL productline is now availablein most types andsizes of bearingsas well as roller andengineered chain,bushings, sprockets,and coupliings.Hi-Roller TM Bearings10A Spy Court, Markham ON L3R 5H6 T. 905.475.0220 F. www.emphatec.comCall 800-268-2169 for free catalogues on the complete RBL line.MONTREAL TORONTO WINNIPEG EDMONTON VANCOUVER(514) 685-6006 (905) 826-1100 (204) 694-1455 (780) 465-3311 (604) 294-3461Fax (514) 685-6007 Fax (905) 826-9691 Fax (204) 633-7230 Fax (780) 490-4664 Fax (604) 294-4680mphatec_DPN.indd 110/22/08 2:17:50 PMRingball_DPM.indd 1

November/December 2008dpncanada.comDesign Product News 19Braking system makes commercialvehicle operation more economicalAhydrostatic regenerative brakingsystem (HRB) has beenintroduced that stores brakeenergy in a hydraulic pressure reservoirand relieves the load on the maindrive when the vehicle is accelerating –potentially reducing fuel consumptionby up to 25%.Hydraulic pressurereservoir is controlledelectronicallyBosch Rexroth’s HRB includes ahydrostatic hybrid drive which usesthe considerably higher performanceof hydraulics compared with availablebatteries to substantially reduce fuelconsumption even in heavy commercialvehicles.When the driver presses the brakepedal, a hydraulic unit integrated inthe drive train presses the hydraulicfluid into a high-pressure reservoir.The resulting resistance makes thevehicle decelerate. When accelerating,the hydraulic pressure reservoir is controlledelectronically to release the pressureand it relieves the load on the dieselengine. As a result, the engine consumesless fuel, generates less exhaust gases,and functions more quietly.The compact Rexroth HRB is idealfor use in various commercial vehicles.The HRB can be integrated and evenretrofitted in the chassis as an add-onsystem, without major modifications.The system reduces fuel consumptionby up to 25% in vehicles used for veryshort distances such as urban buses,garbage trucks, fork lift trucks or deliveryvehicles driven in city traffic. FuelRexroth hydrostatic regenerative braking system (HRB) reduces fuel consumption by up to 25% and can beretrofitted as an add-on system even in vehicles without hydraulics.consumption can also be reduced considerablyin other commercial vehiclesand trucks used for intercity service.Each time a driver brakes, the HRBsystem stores energy which would otherwisebe lost. The hydrostatic hybriddrive functions almost maintenancefreeand wear-free compared withelectric hybrid drives. For example,it is not necessary to regularly changethe battery. In addition, the HRBalso improves the acceleration of thevehicle. The additional drive energyallows vehicles to be equipped withsmaller diesel engines and thereforefurther reduce fuel consumption andemissions.All Rexroth HRB components arebased on standard components fromthe manufacturer’s current productportfolio. Prototypes of the Rexrothhydrostatic hybrid drive are currentlybeing tested in on-road vehicles.This article was contributed by BoschRexroth Canada, the Canadian partnercompany of Bosch Rexroth AG, aglobal specialist in the field of drive andcontrol technologies.www.boschrexroth.caBrought to you by RingballCombinedBearingswithcombinedbolt forscrew jointsor weldingCOMBINED BEARINGS + RAILS0.1 – 100 tHeavyLoad LinearsystemNEWType KB✔ Enables low cost designs without costlymachining operations✔ Stainless Steel, Vulkollan Coated,High Temperature Versions up to 500 °F✔ robust, reasonable, deliveries from stockNEWQuick-Info:www.winkel-linear.comNEWCombined Bearingswith adjustablebearing for playfreerun in the railType JCVulkollanCoated Speedand Silent VersionsNEW SIZESØ 40 – 180 mmNEW340 pages of InnovationsCombined Bearings, Roller Bearings, Rails,Wheel Blocs, MONORAIL, Forks, Telescopicforks, Stationary Lifting Units 0.1 – 50 t, Liftmastsfor forklift trucks and AGV’s, MultiaxisUnits 0.1 – 3 t, Robot tracks, pallet stackersGet your new catalogue now !www.ringball.comDISTRIBUTED IN CANADA BYQuality ensures Future.Future-oriented and reliablestandard bearings, special bearings andcomplex bearing systems from GMN assureeconomic success – today and for the future.www.gmn.deMovement SolutionsFor Your Imagination...Because of the versatile functionality of thetechnology, the number of applications whereLINAK ® actuators can be used increases fromday to day... only your imagination sets thelimits.View our complete product range at:www.linak.com10/23/08 8:46:25 AM

20 Design Product November/December 2008Feature: Power TransmissionRight angle gearbox kitdrives canopy closuresSteve Ostrowski was at his wit’s endtrying to find the exact componentthat would enable his ShadeFX canopysystem to be easily installed and ableto integrate with the system’s motor witha drive beam. Ostrowski, a partner withShadeFX Canopies ( Toronto, manufactures retractable canopiesfor decks and patios utilizing a patentpendingmonorail drive that does not jamor misalign.Ostrowski and his partners considereda number of options, including a simplesocket engagement mounted to the beam,which had a belt drive, and drove thewheels at one end of a caterpillar loop, butthe mechanism was too cumbersome tooperate. Ostrowski harkened back to hisoriginal goal: to make the system hasslefreeand easy to install.“A critical element in the design is thatthe canopy is driven by a monorail beamthat supports the canopy in the middle,”Ostrowski said. “This process eliminatesthe need for the tracks to be aligned, andallows it to be mounted to a wood framethat could shift and twist over time.”The solution also had to be compact, yetcost-effective. With little options to choosefrom, Ostrowski did what most astute businessmendo: he turned to the Internet in hisquest for a solution. “I didn’t really knowwhat it was I was searching for,” he said. “Isearched dozens of terms. Somehow, after10 hours of dutiful Internet sleuthing I gotthe ‘compact right angle transmission’ Iwas looking for.”The right angle gearbox (black area) from TorqueTransmission assembled into the ShadeFX canopysystem.If you’ve paid one centfor a direct materialssourcing solution,you’ve spent too much.With, you get everything you need from a sourcing solution, including directaccess to thousands of qualified suppliers … absolutely free. And if your company hasan established preferred vendor list, you can manage all of your sourcing activitiesthrough at no cost to you or your suppliers.With there is no implementation cycle and no extraneous bells and whistlesyou’d otherwise pay for and not use. It’s just smart sourcing … at no cost to you. Infact, the greatest cost to you might just be not using you invest another penny in a traditional sourcing solution, try FREE.Visit us today at found what he was lookingfrom the moment he clicked on the TorqueTransmission website. Ostrowski said “Iknew I had found the company that couldhelp me, and credit has to go to my partnersHerman Jans and Peter Westgarth. Theywere the ones that had to make it happeninside of 3 weeks for our product launch.”Faced with the dilemma of finding amethod to accurately move the canopy system’sdrive beam, Torque Transmission’sengineers offered a custom right angle gearbox slightly modified to meet the customersexact requirements, two timing pulleys,one idler shaft, and two keys as the solutionto Ostrowski’s problem, thereby simplifyingordering and inventory. In addition,all the components are shipped as akit with a single part number in a sealed,compartmentalized container.“Torque’s right angle gear drive allowedus to mount our long slim tube-motor parallelto the drive beam,” Ostrowski said.“That made the drive beam one integralunit with the motor and we knew we tookthe design to the next level of simplicity.Also, a simple extended shaft on oneside of the gearbox significantly improvedease of manufacturability and allowed usto take another 1/4 in. out of the motorstand-off dimension.”Gary Rusnak of Torque Transmission’smarketing department said TorqueTransmission’s standard array of drives ineach right angle gearbox line satisfies a widespectrum of application requirements.“Torque Transmission has a gear driveand speed reducer to fit the needs of ourcustomers,” Rusnak said. “If we don’t,we will modify or custom design a speedreducer for their application.”“Our first order was for 10 CustomRAB-1 Right Angle Gear Drive and pulleykits at a cost of $123.00 each,” Ostrowskisaid. “We plan to use at least 100 morekits this year.“The bigger value to us is that we laterfound out that Torque Transmission alsodoes a significant amount of business inmaking timing belt pulleys so we were ableto reduce three suppliers down to just one– Torque Transmission,” Ostrowski said.This article was contributed by TorqueTransmission.www.torquetrans.comUntitled-6 Untitled-1 1 18/29/088/22/08 10:04:29 12:54:20 AM PM

November/December 2008dpncanada.comDesign Product News 21Products: Power TransmissionRack and pinion systemsWittenstein offers alpha gearbox/rack andpinion combinations for a wide variety ofapplications. Three levels of rack & pinionsystems are: Economy – for standardlinear applications in mid-range/low-costapplications; Smart – for positioning optionswith more design freedom in flexibleapplications; and, Precision – for demandingrequirements with regard to dynamicsand accuracy in high-end applicationssuch as master/slave configurations. Allrack and pinion systems are said to offerthe added benefit of long service life, lownoise and low heat.www.wittenstein-us.commm diameter vee bearing and a 144 mmdiameter taper roller bearing. Maximumsingle bearing capacity is now 50 kN, anincrease from the previous 20 kN. Slidesand tracks are available in single piececonstruction up to 4 m long, and are suppliedin single or double edge format in Vslides or flat drive motorsNSK Precision America has introducedthe PN series motor, an addition to itsMegatorque Motor line of direct drivemotors. Offering similar performance tothe company’s PS series, the PN modelsfeature a more compact design. The 35mm unit is capable of a maximum rota-tional speed of 2 s -1 , and offers positionsensor resolution of 2,621,440 counts/rev.An absolute position sensor provides positioningaccuracy of 90 arc sec, requiringno homing load capacity slideThe NB Corp.Topball slideproducts aresaid to offer27x more travellife to automationequipment,machinery, opticaland measuring instruments.The slide products are also said to have3x the load capacity to minimize spacerequirements. Systems are suitable fornew designs and interchangeable forretrofitting. Topball slide products areavailable as total systems or as individualcomponents.www.nbcorporation.comC-Face efficient gearmotorsNo design challenge too big. No company too small.Pro/ENGINEER ® Wildfire ® 4.0One platform. Maximum power. Any size company.Baldor Electric Company has introducedDodge Quantis Gold, a C-face energy efficientgearmotor. The product combinesDodge Quantis ILH (In-Line Helical) andRHB (right angle helical bevel) C-facegearmotors with Baldor Reliance Super-EPremium Efficient Motors, and is said tocreate the most energy efficient gearmotorpackage available. Motor and gearboxcombinations up to 10 hp are pre-selectedand are available with an easy-to-ordersingle part number. Both Quantis ILH andRHB reducers feature NEMA clamp-collardesign, foot mounted housing configurations,standard inch output shafts, nitrileinput and output lip seals, A1 mounting,and Mobilegear 600 XP 220 oil.www.baldor.comHeavy duty slide systemPro/ENGINEER Wildre 4.0 is the perfect t for any size design organization and every design process. Itaccelerates the product development process by automating key processes for increased efciency andrepeatability. Providing a complete set of integrated 3D CAD capabilities on one platform, Pro/ENGINEERis helping manufacturing leaders like Santa Cruz Bicycles ® , SEAT ® and Hitachi ® create cost-effective,cutting-edge products. Pro/ENGINEER will help you grow and will grow with you, making it the ideal solutionfor small, medium and large organizations. Starting at just $7000, it’s affordable, yet it has the powerto handle the biggest design challenges.The HepcoMotion HDS2 heavy dutyslide system from Bishop-Wisecarveroffers capacities up to 68 kN and providesflexibility for many sizes and typesof heavy duty components to be interchanged.Stainless steel or corrosionresistant component options are available.Three larger bearing sizes provideincreased load capacity, including a 150ONE PLATFORM. MAXIMUM POWER. ANY SIZE COMPANY.Take the Interactive Tour!©2008 Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC). PTC, the PTC logo and Pro/ENGINEER are trademarks or registered trademarks of PTC.PTC.indd 110/23/08 2:43:56 PM

22 Design Product November/December 2008Feature: Enterprise CADPLM changes the landscape forengineering, manufacturingEngineers who are only concernedabout design can sometimes be perceivedas being indifferent to theoverall needs of the company. Meanwhile,engineers who take full ownership of theirdesigns and work alongsidemanufacturing andprocurement can be seenas being meddlesome.It is these engineers,however, who are essentialto success given the realityfacing Canadian manufacturers.The engineeringdepartment cannot do it alone, however,and must be backed by an executive teamthat actively promotes continuous improvementand cost reduction initiatives fromAlpha_MayJune.indd 1Every company’sgoal is to speedup new productdevelopmentinitial conception right through to finishedproduct.As stewards of design, engineers mustbalance quality and selling features withprice, but they must also be aware ofhow ease of manufacturingand assembly contribute tolowering costs. That beingsaid, companies shouldnever endorse cost-cuttingmeasures at the expense ofquality or safety.Instead of simply reducingprices and sacrificing marginsto compete with low-cost competitors,companies should concentrate on loweringinternal costs by streamlining product development,manufacturing and procurement,Vicone High Performance Rubberhas just launched its Rapid RubberPrototype Program for designers toget molded rubber parts in 5 to 15days, depending on part complexity.The company’s rubber specialists assesssubmitted drawings and can provide aquote within 12 hours.thereby allowing them to lower prices withoutsacrificing profit margins.Every company’s goal is to speed upnew product development (bring productsto market faster), minimize idle time, lowerproduction cycle times and maintain a costefficient inventory. Process innovation andcollaboration between engineering, manufacturingand procurement is essential tomaking this happen. Minimizing design5/30/08 10:42:31 AMflaws fromthe prototypestage, andensuringtheyare fixed before moving on tofull scale production is one component.Another is having a clear understanding ofwhat those design revisions mean for bothmanufacturing and procurement.Product Lifecycle Management (PLM),pioneered by the American Motors Corp.after its years of declining sales throughoutthe1970s, is an internal principle centeredon product development and proper documentationof engineering changes withina common database. PLM is also nowresponsible for the introduction of CAD(computer-aided design) software, whichallowed engineers to make immediatechanges to designs.PLM is a company-specific philosophyand not a simple cut and paste solution forall. The over-arching idea is to have a systemin place that ensures the continuous reportingand measurement of all engineeringchanges as well as all design and manufacturingimprovements. PLM is a continuousfeedback loop. Manufacturing reports backto engineering on production and assemblycycle times. Engineering reports back topurchasing on potential changes in materialand parts, and the resulting impact thosechanges will have on current inventory.Manufacturing and assembly cycle timesare driven largely by a product’s design.Suppliers with quick turnaround timeson materials and parts are an essentialcomponent, as they help to reduce inventorycosts and improve product to marketlead times. Engineering can play a pivotalrole in both these areas by working withpurchasing and QA (quality assurance)to create a short list of preferred suppliersand by taking an active role in witnessingand discussing how the end product will bemanufactured and assembled.To accomplish this, companies may usean Engineering Change Notice (ECN) asa way to initiate and document changes.These ECNs allow engineers to changeprocesses and instructions for productionand assembly, review quality issues, andultimately reduce downtime and rejectedproducts. They can also be used to helpease the financial burden of unused oroutdated parts in inventory. This is accomplishedby documenting what currentinventory of materials and parts can stillbe used prior to implementing any designrevisions. Purchasing and the appropriatesuppliers are then made aware of the needto change the part on future orders.Documentation of ECNs along the PLMprinciple provides an historical reference tohelp avoid problems with future productdevelopment, inventory management andmanufacturing. With a history of problemsolving and cost cutting measures properlydocumented, the motivation to continuereducing costs should spread throughoutyour entire organization.This article was contributed by ViconeHigh Performance

November/December 2008Feature: Enterprise CADdpncanada.comDesign Product News 23Reduce rework with better design reviewsWhen “Lefty” Pearson inventedthe first automated beverage carriererector in his garage in 1955,Pearson Packaging Systems ( was born. Today, Pearson is one ofthe largest manufacturers of secondarypackaging machinery in the world.Pearson recognized that digital prototypinghad the potential to transform its designand design review processes. The companyadopted Autodesk Inventor Professional asits core design application because it producesan accurate 3D model that validatesthe form, fit and function of a design beforeit is physically built.With Inventor, designers can easily see andremove potential interferences and designflaws as they work. This minimizes theneed for costly and time-consuming physicalprototypes and helps reduce the risk ofengineering changes after the design hasbeen sent to manufacturing. Additionally,Inventor allows the company to automaticallypublish models as easily sharable DWFfiles at any stage of the design process.Prior to using Autodesk Inventor designand Autodesk Design Review visualizationDocumentationimprovements can alsobe realizedsoftware, Pearson depended on 2D designtools and design reviews. Designers createddrawings of machines based on customerspecifications, carefully checking for interferencesbetween parts of complex assembliesalong the way. Iterations progressed slowlyas Pearson and its customers exchangedand reviewed drawings. Often, customerslacked the expertise necessary to understandkey aspects of the designs. So even thoughPearson’s teams spent significant timeexplaining the designs, customers sometimesapproved machine designs that were notexactly what they wanted, and as a consequence,they frequently requested modificationsto machines after manufacturing.After receiving their packaging machines,customers got product documentation inthe same potentially confusing format.When parts needed replacing, some customersfound it difficult to match theparts they needed to the part numbers inthe drawings. Pearson’s customer serviceagents patiently worked with customers toprovide the help they needed, but the processwould have been greatly accelerated bymore dynamic product documentation.The move toward paperless manufacturingsaves time by making it easier to manageand share designs.“Sometimes we spent more time explainingwhat customers were looking at thanthe pros and cons of design features,”said Greg Purviance, Pearson’s IS managerand a long-time designer. “Customersoften approved designs, and then requestedmodifications after assembly. We do whatwe can to ensure customer satisfaction,but the costs of post-manufacturing modificationsadd up. It’s much more efficientto make changes to designs instead of tomachines.”Explained Matt Dykhouse, a mechanicaldesign engineer at Pearson: “with a digitalmodel or prototype, you can test mechanismsbefore building them. Take linkagesand assemblies, for example. You can testconstraints and the range of motion ofparts in relation to the whole machine inways that are virtually impossible with 2Ddrawings.”When the initial design process is complete,Pearson and its customers have adigital prototype to review. Dependingon customer preference, they either walkthrough the prototype with Pearson’sdesigners in Inventor using web-conferencing,or Pearson sends customers a DWF filethat they can review with Autodesk DesignReview. Autodesk Design Review is a free,downloadable application that allows usersto view and mark up 2D or 3D DWF fileswithout having the original design softwarein which the DWF file was created. WithDesign Review, Pearson’s customers areable to spin digital prototypes, zoom inon features and individual parts, and seeexactly what they are approving.For Pearson, the advantages of digitalprototypes extend beyond design anddesign reviews. Employees on theshop floor and end-users of the company’sproducts also benefit. Whenit’s time to assemble a machine,workers on the shop floor viewa model of the design on largescreendisplays using Design Review.They can measure parts, zoom inon complex assemblies, and viewdesigns from every angle. They caneven mark up designs with detailedinstructions for less experienced coworkers.Wh“Being able to share models withAutodesk Design Review takesthe advantages of digital prototypes tothe shop floor,” said Dykhouse. “Ourassemblers have come to appreciate digitalmodels and Design Review. The measurementfeature is especially useful. Wesave time because assemblers no longerALWAYS WITHIN REACHWhen it’s time to assemble a Pearson Packaging systemsmachine, workers on the shop floor view a model of the designon large-screen displays using Design Review (inset).have the part sizing and dimension questionsthat were common before.”This article was contributed by AutodeskCanada Within Reach... “Never in the way” is the trademark of a Human Machine Interface Solutionfrom Rittal. Functional performance in the field is the primary design criteria, allowing for flexible,configurable solutions.Whether you choose custom configurable operator enclosures or standard off the shelf solutions,Rittal’s many HMI enclosure solutions offer industry leading aesthetics, strength and flexibility. Thevaried and adaptable pendant arm system offers high load capacity and ergonomic design that keepyour HMI “Always Within Reach”.www.Rittal.caRittal Systems Ltd7320 Pacific Circle, Mississauga ON L5T 1V1RRittal.indd 110/23/08 3:55:12 PM

24 Design Product November/December 2008Feature: Enterprise CADTooling company on the cutting edge (literally)Iggesund Tools is a tooling companywith a proud heritage spanning morethan 300 years. Today its core businessis the design and production of specializedtooling for the forest products industry.In each of the sectors it serves – debarking,lumber production, chipping technologyand chip analysis – Iggesund Tools isrecognized as a world leader. The company’srevolutionary TurnKnife Systems forchipping and lumber production, its innovativeScanChip Analyzer, its industryleadingdebarking systems and groundbreakingPartnerChip and service optionshave kept it on the cutting edge of thelumber and pulp and paper industries.“For us, the possibility of gettingan order is often driven by how quicklywe can deliver. These days, this isas important as the technical merits ofthe solution,” explained Ian Zinniger,engineering manager for Iggesund Tools’Canadian operation.Headquartered in Iggesund, Sweden,the company also has North Americanoperations in Laval, QC, and Oldsmar,FL. Engineering is done at all three sites,while production takes place principallyin Sweden.In the past, the three engineering sitesprimarily worked independently. In fact,at times each site designed its own versionof the same part. Although this wasinefficient, it was safer to work that waybecause the company had limited centralizeddata management.“You couldn’t be sure, if you wanted touse a part designed somewhere else, that itwouldn’t be changed later on without yourknowledge,” explained Zinniger. Therewas a similar problem sending data fromthe three engineering sites to the productionfacilities. Without good product datamanagement (PDM) functionality, it wasdifficult to ensure that production workedwith the latest revisions of the data.After evaluating the available options,Iggesund Tools found that NX andTeamcenter software from Siemens PLMSoftware best met these criteria, deliveringa managed development environmentcapable of handling the complexityof the company’s designs along withpowerful data control.From the design perspective, the companyhas seen many advantages to workingin NX. “With NX we gained a considerableamount of functionality that hasbeen extremely helpful in cutting designThe combination of NX 3D CAD and Teamcenter PDMsoftware has permitted Iggesund Tools to become moreefficient and customer responsive.EVERY PLANT NEEDS A PARTNER TOKEEP THINGS BUZZINGPepperl+Fuchs, Inc.Twinsburg, Ohio330.486.0001www.pepperl-fuchs.comWe’ll work hard to keep your plant buzzing usingthe most advanced sensing technology…all froma single-source partner. We’ve stayed busy as abee for over half a century developing innovativeproducts that take the sting out of applyingsensors. Our sensors are crafted using state-ofthe-artcomponents and the latest technologiesto ensure precision, reliability, and functionality.In addition, we offer a wide selection ofaccessories to meet all your application needs.Go to or, give us a buzzat 330.486.0001 and we’ll devote a swarm oftechnical experts to go to work for you.and development time,” said Zinniger.Because the previous system was a surfacebasedmodeler, engineers weren’t able todo interference checking on the digitaldata. With NX, they can now do that.The main advantage, however, has beenthe ability to automate routine productdesign (which includes tasks such as modeling,drawing creation, engineering checksand implementation of engineering changes,all the way through to release.) “In thepast, routine product design could takeup to two to three weeks,” said Zinniger.“Today, using the knowledge capture andautomation capabilities within NX, it canoften be reduced to two to three days.”Zinniger has run the numbers and reportsa consistent two to threefold decrease incycle time since the Canadian operationstarted doing routine design in NX. Thetime saved is not the only value, however.“You can put know-how into the automationtools, and that cuts down on thetraining of designers,” Zinniger added.“This is especially important when youhave multiple sites and you have to teachdesign methods and standards across differentcontinents, languages and cultures.Creating these automation tools in NX andthen sharing them is much more efficient.”Teamcenter delivered the multi-site datacontrol Iggesund Tools was looking forfrom a PDM system. “We can move databetween sites with the confidence that upto date versions are always being used,”Zinniger said. One important outcome ofthis is an ability to better leverage the workof the three engineering groups. “In thepast, one site didn’t take advantage of existingcomponents designed by another sitebecause they couldn’t be sure they wouldn’tbe changed without their knowledge.”This article was contributed by SiemensPLM

November/December 2008dpncanada.comDesign Product News 25Feature: Enterprise CADMosaic’s mine sites dig into benefitsof document managementThe global agricultural industry isfaced with an escalating demandfor potash. The Mosaic Company,one of the world’s leading producers ofconcentrated phosphate and potash cropnutrients, is engaged in a long term potashcapacity expansion plan. In this growingeconomy, the challenge facing theengineers at Mosaic’s Esterhazy miningoperation is how to manage, track andshare the growing numbers of drawingsand documents that are created and sharedthroughout the organization at every stageof a plant’s lifecycle.Terry Heal, mechanical project engineer,Willis Pushka, electrical draftsman,and Ed Ellinger, mechanical draftsman,in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, first implementeda document management solutionfrom 1993 to 2003 – until it no longersupported the latest upgrades to theirAutoCAD tools.“We wanted to find the drawings, havea secure safe place to put them and ifsomething went wrong we wanted tobe able to access those drawings on ournetwork without them being encrypted,”said Pushka. “The number one thing wewanted was a program that kept all thefiles in a native format.”Their search led them to SynergisThe Mosaic Potash Esterhazy K-2 plant.Software, the developers of Adept documentmanagement. Heal explains theirreasons for selecting Adept.“Moving forward with Adept we certainlywanted to have stronger controlover the drawings. We wanted to eliminatethe possibility of two people working onthe same drawing simultaneously, to trackrevisions, and to maintain a history ofthe drawing,” Heal explained. “Adept’s‘Sign In’ and “Sign Out’ features alongwith its ability to restrict access to onlyauthorized personnel were additional considerations.”Another reason for selecting Adept,was Synergis Software’s assistance withthe implementation. In one week, Pushkaand Ellinger working with a SynergisSoftware Application Engineer installedAdept on MySQL server for optimumperformance, design the Adept databaseand specifications for the Library Cards– which contains metadata about eachdocument that needs to be tracked – andtrain the users.“I think it has been working awfullywell and the implementation process wasvery stress free,” said Pushka.Today, the Esterhazy mine sites have20 concurrent licenses of Adept. Thereare 14 drafts people who use Adept fordesign-intensive work with CAD applicationssuch as Mechanical Desktop andInventor, as well as a 100 people whouse Adept’s built in viewer to view andmark up drawings and collaborate. Adeptis also used in operations and maintenanceby electricians and instrumentationpeople who need to easily access the latestversion of a drawing for ongoing maintenance.The plant surface and undergroundengineers use Adept to manageand control their drawings. Since Adept’sdesign provides a centralized repositorywith access to all information, it gives thepeople in purchasing, planning, and constructioninstant and controlled access tothe drawings for their work.Explained Pushka, “Adept has providedgreat cost savings because peoplecan access drawings quite efficiently attheir own workstation. They don’t haveto come back to us and waste our timesearching and printing out older drawings.”At the Esterhazy location, Adept managesmultiple types of files and all theirinter-relationships, including AutoCADMechanical Desktop, Autodesk Inventor,Microsoft Office, JPEGs and scannedlegacy drawings. Now, 95% of its engineeringdesign drawings – that’s 62,000electrical drawings, instrumentationdrawings, mechanical drawings, generalarrangement drawings and shop details –have been scanned into Adept.“Basically Adept manages for us everydrawing needed to build a plant site. Wecan track every wire, every piece of graveland concrete, locations, radioactive sources,you name it,” explained Pushka.This article was contributed by SynergisSoftware, a division of SynergisTechnologies, Inc.www.synergis.comLP-108 2/11/2008 2:01:55 PMWainbee_DPN_Nov08.indd 110/27/08 9:08:07 AMUntitled-2 12/15/08 10:02:35 AM

26 Design Product November/December 2008Feature: Enterprise CADProduct Lifecycle ManagementRoad Map 2008 conferenceDETROIT – The Fall 2008 and 15thPLM Road Map conference presentedby Collaborative Product DevelopmentAssociates ( addressedthe issues arising in reconciling more andmore detail across more and more expertdomains from design, through simulation,on into manufacturing, and extendingacross the supply chain. Successfullyaddressing the full needs of product lifecyclemanagement (PLM) across the fullproduct lifecycle clearly involves the transformationof the business – presentingdeep cultural challenges involving processmanagement and standardization.In the conference track covering detailedtechnology issues, integration acrossthe electrical, software and mechanicaldomains represented a major theme. WooJin Ho and Jay Vleeschhouwer of MerrillLynch concisely summarized two trackswith the conclusion that PLM/PDM adoptionis “coming of age,” and that the“transition to enterprise simulation managementis still early, but becoming morepromising,” according to “The SoftwareStandard” report published by MerrillLynch last month.Christian Verstraete, CTO forManufacturing and Distribution Industriesat Hewlett Packard, kicked off the conference.He focused on the processes, thepeople, and the technology required tooptimize the use of an extended supplychain, with particular concern for collaborativerelationships with key partnersin developing and optimizingcollaborative processes.While automotive, aerospace,and manufacturingfirms have faced sharplyaccelerating rates of changeand challenge, the semiconductor and ITcompanies have lived with acceleratedrates of change for over half a century.With 13 years of corporate leadershipat Toyota’s Georgetown, Kentucky plant,Michael Hoseus (above) reviewed howthe Toyota culture builds on the respectfor people and their development to fullysupport efforts with continuous improvement.A process orientation depends uponmanagers who understand that the rightprocess will get the right results. A suc-Solid Edge Synchronous Technologyis revolutionary... but don’t takeour word for it.Find out why the analysts are soexcited and how Solid Edge ST canhelp you do your job 100x faster.If you are using SolidWorks ® , Pro-Engineer ® ,Inventor ® or any these older technologies, wecan show you how Solid Edge ST can make yourdesign experience so much faster and easier.Even changing their data faster than the originatingapplication with much more flexibility.For the AutoCAD ® user, Solid Edge ST providesthe easiest path from 2D to 3D, providing familiarworkflows previously unavailable in 3D parametricmodelers.Join the revolution. Attend a Solid Edge Synchronous Technology event near you.Call 1-888-567-3933 or visit to register.Solid Edge is a registered trademark of UGS Corp. All other product names aretrademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.Michael Hoseus reviewed how the Toyota culture buildson the respect for people and their development tofully support efforts with continuous improvement.cessful program must establish mutualtrust with employees to sustain the continuousimprovement that reinforces itselfby providing satisfaction to the employees,and prosperity to the organization.Process standardization presents an absoluterequirement.In the PLM Integration/ProductDefinition track, Ben Martin from GeneralDynamics, Martin Nehls from Facton, Inc.and Joe Feord from Munro & Associatesreviewed the approaches and payoffs ofconnecting product development and manufacturingto financial metrics. A commondeficiency with most PLM systems todayrelates to a major time lag in the feedbackon costs and profitability to engineering.All too often, by the time the financialside of the business runs its numbers, theengineering team has moved on and theopportunity to redesign for greater profitabilityhas been lost. Early and efficientverification of costs and profitability helpsto avoid this scenario.A panel discussion on standards forPDM interoperability hosted Ric Wagnerfrom Ford, Paul Downing of Prostep andRahul Garg of Siemens PLM Software.The success and payoff of an integrationplatform based on standards allowsorganizations to select best-in-class productstailored for their organizations in aheterogeneous environment. A structuredand standardized approach helps companiesto realize their enterprise integrationneeds and directly contributes to thesuccessful implementation of integration,synchronization and migration strategies.The supplier should be able to automaticallysynchronize not only geometry butalso metadata, product structure, positioningand configuration data. Of particularnote, Ford and its suppliers today are ableto share “complete” product informationvia JT irrespective of the originatingnative CAD data format, while supportingfull design in context processes.In his closing keynote on Future Trendsin PLM, Terry Kline from General Motorshighlighted that the Global ProductDevelopment at GM now operates as oneglobal organization, rather than regionaldevelopment centres.Information systems and services haveplayed a critical role in the ongoing transformation,and in driving the full optimizationof virtual product developmenton a global basis. It must deliver a globalarchitecture for PDM and collaboration,fully addressing the range of challengesinvolved with the people, the processes,and the technology to drive faster speedto market.Next issue: PLM Road Map 2008Conference, Part 2: reports on theDesign Creation & Validation, Design/Simulation, and Mechatronics ProductValue Management tracks.Designfusion_DPN.indd 110/22/08 3:16:35 PM

Customized in 1 Week1 week lead-time on non-stock manufactured parts andsame day shipments on over 4 million parts in-stockInterpower Corporation has a flexible made-to-order department ready to make your powersystem components specifically for your next project. We use a group of standard parts tomake our made-to-order cords and if all these are in stock, your lead-time will be one week.Interpower Corporation also offers customization including custom strip lengths, printedcustom labels and custom packaging available. Even with custom made-to-order products,there is no minimum order quantity! Let Interpower Corporation be your power systemcomponent warehouse.Interpower Corporation has North American and 12 international cords in-stock and offers a1 week lead-time on any non-stock cord. Our stock color is black, but other colors are availablewithout a set up charge. In addition, they are available with custom packaging and labelingupon request.On the other end we will either strip to your specifications or mold a straight or angled IEC60320 C13 or an IEC 60320 C19. All connectors fit our existing connector locks. Connectorlocks secure the connector, preventing accidental removal or interruption.Our customer service department is ready to serve you from 7 a.m.–7 p.m. Central Time withno automated call attendant; our receptionist answers every phone call. With over 4 millionparts in-stock and 1 week lead-time on non-stock manufactured parts, Interpower Corporationis your one stop shop for power system components.• No Minimum Order Requirement• Extensive Range of International Cordsets In-Stock• Same day shipment available for stock item orders received by 6:00 p.m. Central Time• Free Samples Upon Request• Free Technical Support• Customize Cords to Your Specifications• Custom Lengths Available• Assembly Services Available• Made in the USAToll-Free Phone: (800) 662-2290Order a free Catalog on CD today! or call toll-free.Business Hours:7 a.m.–7 p.m. Central TimeOrders can now be placed online at:www.interpower.comContact:P.O. Box 115 • 100 Interpower Ave • Oskaloosa, IA 52577Toll-Free Fax: (800) 645-5360®corporation

28 Design Product November/December 2008Feature: Enterprise CADPDM, CAD helps create a greenerrecipe for clean drinking waterWhich would you prefering yourdrinking water: bleach orlight? That’s the easy choicemade every day by residential, commercial,and municipal customers of TrojanTechnologies, whose systems disinfectdrinking water with ultraviolet light.More than 60 designers and engineersat Trojan ( design and configuresystems for some of the world’smost important water sources, whetherin single-family homes or world-class cities.Trojan systems also treat municipalwastewater environmental contaminantsand micropollutants.Based in London, ON, Trojan is thedesigner and builder of the largest UV disinfectionsystem in the world, made up ofSwitch from needle bearings to GGB bearings and design smarter.Smarter designs result when you switch from needle bearings to GGB bearings. That’s because ourbearings are lighter, have as little as 2 /3 the profile of needle bearings and there are no needles, so66% heavier NumerousNo moving parts less can go wrong. GGB bearings also have a greatermoving parts Low weightcontact area for higher load capacities and they perform wellin oscillation conditions as compared to needle roller bearings.In addition, many GGB bearings require no lubrication andthe one-piece design is very cost-effective. So, for smarterdesigns, use lighter and stronger GGB bearings.Strict lubricationrequirementsNo lubrication56 water disinfection units for the NewYork City Department of EnvironmentalProtection. The facility is capable oftreating up to 2.2 billion gallons of watereach day. In addition to having createdthe largest disinfection system, Trojanalso has the largest installed base of UVsystems on the planet, with more than5300 municipal facilities in more than 78countries using its technology.In a Trojan system, UV rays penetratebacteria and viruses, destroying their abilityto function and reproduce. The processis simple but effective, crippling harmfulmicroorganisms without adding chemicalsor changing the water’s taste or odor.“We’re not adding anything to thewater, we’re just shining light throughNeedles are2x the staticload capacityfor cacti,porcupinesand knitting.But, when it comesto bearings,you’re better off with GGB.To find out more, visit or callyour GGB sales representative.GGB North America • 700 Mid Atlantic Parkway, Thorofare, NJ 08086 Tel.: 856-848-3200 • Fax: 856-848-4552 •©2007 GGB. All rights to alter the DNAstructure of harmfulmicroorganisms likeE.coli, Giardia, andCryptosporidium,effectively destroyingthe reproductivesystems in the cells,”said Jason Cerny, one of the company’ssenior mechanical designers. “Our CAD,analysis and data management tools arevitally important in this endeavor, lettingus create better systems faster inmore competitively sized packages.”Trojan has used SolidWorks 3DCAD software and SolidWorks FlowSimulation software for the past decade.The software, provided by JavelinThe Trojan Technologies UVPhoxECT (environmetalcontainment – groundwater treatment) system. Thecompany uses SolidWorks Enterprise PDM to manageover 30,000 files.Technologies (, hassteadily shortened the company’s designcycle, lowered expenses and improvedquality. “We no longer have to leaveextensive room for error and build projectsa little larger than they need to be,”said Cerny. “We’ve also dramaticallyreduced the number of prototypes weneed to build – prototypes that canexceed $50,000 for municipal systems –as well as the errors that can crop up inprojects designed in 2D.”Today Trojan builds only one-third ofthe costly prototypes it once did. Cernycredits the effectiveness of its simulationsoftware and the accuracy of 3D CADfor the improvement.Productivity, of course, is a doubleedgedsword: A typical Trojan productmight have 500 parts. With 60 engineersand 10 years of legacy data, that meansa lot of parts, revisions, and versions tomanage and potential errors to avoid.Cerny figures Trojan is managing about30,000 files and counting.This management challenge iswhy Trojan has recently begun usingSolidWorks Enterprise PDM software,which is fully integrated with SolidWorksand its Flow Simulation software. Trojanbecame interested in the product datamanagement (PDM) product when itwas seeking to improve its ability tosecure, share, manage and reuse its voluminousproduct data. Cerny’s team sawthe benefits of Enterprise PDM’s abilityto span multiple geographic sites, automateworkflow, and leverage the familiarMicrosoft Windows Explorer interface,which along with the SolidWorksintegration, virtually eliminated trainingtime.Enterprise PDM has delivered thesecapabilities and has also enabled Trojanto collaborate closely with an engineeringteam it retains in Bangalore, India,Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. Tata ischarged with modifying Trojan productdesigns for specific customer sites. Trojansends the requirements to India, and theTata designers (using SolidWorks), do allthe production work, returning finisheddesigns before their North Americancounterparts at Trojan start their nextday. By the end of 2008, Trojan plansto add its new office in Shanghai, anexisting one in California, and a secondoffice in Ontario to the global enterprisedesign collaboration network.“Trojan never sleeps so that ourcustomers never need to wait,” addedCerny.This article was contributed by DassaultSystèmes SolidWorks Corp.www.solidwork.comGGB_DPN_Sept07.indd 18/21/07 9:37:37 AM

November/December 2008TechnicalLiteratureFluid power safety. The Fluid Power SafetyInstitute has released a series of safety DVDsaimed at hydraulic safety. A fee applies.www.fluidpowersafety.comStructural mechanics simulations. Comsolhas released Introduction to StructuralMechanics Simulations CD that describes thelatest techniques for research and design screws, ball screws and ball splines.The 200+ page Thomson Lead Screw, BallScrew and Ball Spline catalog is now availablefrom Danaher Motion.www.danahermotion.comControl systems. Tuning of Industrial ControlSystems, 2nd Edition from ISA speeds up thelearning process by providing helpful rules ofthumb. A fee products. Parker Hannifin hasreleased a new Hose Products Division QuickReference Guide (Bulletin 4400-B13) that isthree-hole punched so it can be added to anybinder as a fold-out directory.www.parker.comPlastics, rubber. Eriez has publishedEquipment for the Plastics & Rubber Industry,a catalog that spotlights the company’s detection,separation, feeding and screening equipment,including its Plate and Grate Magnets.www.eriez.comAdhesives. 78-page resource guide fromHenkel Corp. provides information on thecompany’s line of adhesives, sealants, surfacetreatments and lubricants for a wide range ofindustrial assembly, brakes. Guide to Deltran Clutches& Brakes from Danaher Motion details lineof Genuine Wrap Spring clutches and clutch/brake packages and accessories, frictionclutches and brakes, and custom engineeredclutch brake products.www.danahermotion.comCouplings. Ringfeder Corp. has releasedthe Multi Mont couplings catalog MMS-20.The couplings are available in a wide varietyof different torque ranges from of 350 to8,850,700 lb in.www.ringfeder.comMotor feedback. Sick Stegmann has publishedGuide to Motor Feedback Systemsfor Electric Drives, providing an overview ofmotor feedback systems for high precisionspeed and position fatigue. John Draper’s book ModernMetal Fatigue Analysis provides an introductionto the study of fatigue behavior of metalsand alloys for students, a description of thedetails of fatigue assessment methods for thedesign engineer, and includes a level of detailthat expert practitioners will find useful. A feeapplies.www.safetechnology.comIndustrial automation. United ElectronicIndustries has released the Volume 9 productcatalog, describing its Cube/RACKtangleI/O chassis and how they may be deployedas Ethernet I/O systems, standalone data loggers,programmable automation controllers,Simulink targets, and Modbus TCP Bill FaneLooking at a new release, softwarereviewers are always searching forthe one buzzword or phrase thatmost personifies the new release. As usualwith any new release of a major product,the “What’s New” list in DS SolidWorks2009 runs to several hundred items butthe headline-grabbers definitely fall in the“user interface” category.Probably the most significant improvementthat DS SolidWorks Corp. has madein SolidWorks 2009 ( isthe fact that it has corrected a major blunderthat was made in SolidWorks 2008. InSolidWork’s defense, it sounded like a goodidea at the time. Microsoft switched all ofthe Office 2007 applications over to the newcommand ribbon interface, so it would seemto make sense to follow them to help maintaininterface consistency between many differentproducts from many companies.The only problem was that the Officedpncanada.comCAD Industry WatchRibbon re-think in SolidWorks 2009SpeedPakaccelerates largerassembly designand developmentribbon is a disaster, particularly in the factthat its position is locked at the top of thescreen. Hello, Microsoft; monitors are gettingwider, not taller! I personally disliked itso much that after a few weeks I reverted toOffice 2003 and added the free file compatibilitymodule from SolidWorks 2009 corrects thisin a big way. It is now possible toundock the CommandManager and thePropertiesManager and to park them anywhereyou want. By “anywhere”, I mean“ANYWHERE”. They can be dockedat any of the four sides of the screen, orthey can float anywhere on your monitoreven if that happens to be outside theSolidWorks application window (aboveright), or even on another monitor if youare running a multi-monitor setup. Theforegoing also applies to the traditionaltoolbars if you have turned them on.Another cool interface feature is thenew magnifying glass, technology transferredthe Dassault Systèmes 3dvia productdivision. With it you can zoom andpan to a small region of your model andyet still see the rest of the model in context,exactly as if you were studying it with amagnifying glass.Not all of the interface changes andadditions in SolidWorks 2009 are visual.Another example of their efforts toimprove user productivity is shown by achange to something as simple as improvingcommand response consistency. InSolidWorks 2009, if any dialog box,PropertyManager, error message, or commandhas both an OK and a Canceloption, then pressing Enter will accept andpressing Esc will cancel the operation. Ifthere is only a Cancel option then pressingeither Enter or Esc will cancel.A change that you can pretty muchcount on in the next release of just aboutany parametric modeller is a new orimproved method for handling very largeassemblies. DS SolidWorks complies.Normally, when we say “large assembly”we usually think of numbers of components.In SolidWorks 2009, however,“large assembly” also includes assembliesthat are more than a kilometre across.Another aid to handling large assembliesin DS SolidWorks 2009 is the newSpeedPak functionality. If you want toinsert a complex assembly, such as agearmotor unit, into a larger assemblythen you create a SpeedPak of it first. ASpeedPak is a representation of the subassemblythat just contains a subset ofsome of the parts and faces in it, or perhapseven none of them.A SpeedPak file only holds graphicalinformation for the suppressed parts andfeatures, and so is much smaller. Even so,SpeedPaks do not lose restraint referencesas you would if you simply suppressedsome components.Better yet, the suppressed items in aSpeedpak are not available to downstreamusers. You cannot edit, measure, or selectYour old drafting board wasafting board wasnever this forgiving – ine being able to draw directlyon a tiltable monitor, no mousenecessary – with erase, pan, zoom androtate control at your fingertips.The Cintiq line of interactivepenimag-displays (Model 20WSX shown)fromWacom continue its tradition ofing productivity tools that makeusingcreat-a computer as natural as possible. Byusing a pen directly on screen, I found Iwas able to work more quickly and naturallywith both mechanical CAD andindustrial design drawing programs.Pixel-level pen accuracy provides cursorcontrol. The Cintiq Grip Pen features1024 levels of pressure sensitivity on thepen tip and eraser for image editing,brush control and selective applicationof effects and filters.The Cintiq 20WSX that I trialed providesa widescreen alternative to Wacom’sflagship Cintiq 21UX. Optimized forwidescreen use, the Cintiq 20WSX offers1680 x 1050 resolution, a wide viewingangle and accurate color reproduction.With an aspect ratio of 16:10, theDesign Product News 29The DS SolidWorks 2009 CommandManager can be docked anywhere, and the magnifying glassfunction simplifies viewing and selection of fine details.any suppressed items in a SpeedPak, but youcan see them and you can create 2D workingdrawings from them.Better yet, a SpeedPak does not needaccess to the part files for any suppressedcomponents. If you suppress everything thenyou can send a SpeedPak of a sub-assemblyto a customer or supplier as a single file,without any of the referenced files.Finally, it is now possible to definea sketch element by using an equationin the form of y=f(x), such asax2+bx+c. You simply input the equationplus the initial and final X valuesinto a dialog box and away you go. Thisfunctionality is useful if you design thingslike gear elements or cam profiles that arebased on mathematical formulas.Bill Fane ( is a softwarereviewer and retired mechanical engineeringinstructor at BCIT in Burnaby, BC.Interactive pen displayis immersiveBy Mike EdwardsPen and macro adjustments t are straightforwardwith the Cintiq interface.units has a 20.1 in. diagonal display size.A dynamically-adjustable stand allowsyou to rotate the display up to 180° ineach direction, incline the display from10° to 65°, and even remove it for lap use(although a little warm for this).Strategically-placed ExpressKeys andTouch Strips are programmable, allowingyou to customize macros that fityour software applications.So unlike your old drafting table, youare just a macro click away from correctingthat slip of the

Untitled-1 18/13/08 12:22:42 PM30 Design Product November/December 2008Rolling Ringlinear drivesZero backlash. Jam-proof design.For positioning & reciprocating motion applicationsSmooth movement; ultra-low maintenanceUhing ® Rolling Ring linear drives have zero play when the shaftis rotated – even during reversal. The threadless shaft won'tclog or jam. If the system is somehow overloaded, the shaftsimply slips instead of churning and grinding.• Example applications: material handling machines, windingequipment, test and measurement devices, packaging &converting equipment.• Uhing Drives are available separately oron shaft in custom assembly.• Wide range of sizes for varying linearspeeds & axial thrust requirements.Simple set-up & operationSome models feature mechanical controlover speed and travel direction – withoutprogramming or electronics.Request a Brochure or CD-ROM1 (800) 252-2645Email: amacoil@amacoil.comwww.amacoil.comManually slide driveusing release leverDistributed by Amacoil, Inc.PO Box 2228, Aston PA, 19014Phone: (610) 485-8300Compact, High Torque, Zero-backlash ActuatorsRSF Mini Brushless Servo ActuatorsThis new series of high torque brushless servoactuators is designed for exceptional price performance.The actuators range from 30mm to 50mmin diameter and deliver torques 50% higher thancomparable brushed actuators (up to 240 in-lb) at20% faster speeds. A new 30:1 ratio is now availablefor maximum speeds up to 200 rpm. Positioningaccuracy better than 90 arc-sec is achieved andan integral encoder can provide a resolution up to400,000 ppr at the actuator output. These actuatorsare designed to be compatible with brushlessservo drivers from most manufactures and are wellsuited for high volume OEM applications.RSF-3Ultra-miniatureActuatorA new ultra-miniatureservo actuator is nowavailable from HarmonicDrive! Measuringjust 12mm squarex 47 mm in length, theRSF-3 brushless actuatordelivers maximum torque up to 1.8 in-lb and maximum speeds upto 333 rpm, depending on gear ratio. Zero-backlash harmonic drive gearingprovides positional accuracy better than 10 arc minutes and a 200 line,2 channel incremental encoder (w/ index) gives a minimum resolution of24,000 ppr at the output shaft. Ideally suited for precision servo applicationswhere available space is at a premium.CAD ChronicleEngineering and sourcing for discrete manufacturingEndeca Technologies has introduced twoinformation visibility applications for engineeringand sourcing professionals within discretemanufacturing companies. The Design forSupply program provides design engineers with360° visibility into integrated part and supplierinformation to select parts that align with sourcingand compliance objectives. The Spend Analysisapplication provides sourcing professionals withreal-time access and analysis of disparate sourcing, parts and supplier information.www.endeca.com3D PDF authoring suiteworks from scratchQuadriSpace Corp. has announced anentry level 3D PDF suite for US$95.The format allows users to embed 3Dmodels in a standard document formatand then share this document withothers who are able to rotate, pan andzoom the 3D model interactively. UnlikeAcrobat Professional Extended,which allows users to add 3D to existingPDF documents, QuadriSpace’spatented approach allows users to authordocuments from scratch and sharethese as 3D PDF fieldsimulationManufacturing engineeringflow analysis simulationAnsys, Inc. has released Ansys Polyflow3.12 software for analysis of plastic andrubber processing, glass forming andfood processing. This version of Polyflowtechnology is said to be faster, moreefficient and can handle larger problemsthan previous releases, since it includesseveral new solvers and modeling featurestailored for specific applications.Now built-in is the ability to providedata to structural analysis software fromAnsys, which improves the accuracy ofvirtual prototyping predictions.www.ansys.com3D handheld color scannerCreaform has introduced the VIUscan, a selfpositioninghandheld and high resolutionportable 3D color scanner. The laser scanneris said to achieve hyperrealistic results due tofeatures such as simultaneous texture and geometryacquisition, real-time rendering, truecolor acquisition through a built-in lightingsystem, adjustable uniform texture resolutionand automatic 100% accurate texture mapping.Like scanners from the Creaform Handyscan 3D series, the VIUscan is said tobe a very accurate, easy to learn and use, and versatile device.www.creaform3d.comAlibre doubles assemblysize performanceHollow Shaft ActuatorsThe FHA Series of actuators features a throughboreup to 45mm in diameter and provides hightorque and exceptional positioning accuracy. Thisperformance is achieved in a compact design usinga patented “S” tooth harmonic drive gear coupledto a DC brushless pancake motor with integral electroniccommutation and a high resolution encoder.Max torque up to 7300 in-lb and positional accuracybetter than 1 arc-minute can be achieved. TheFHA Series is available in four frame sizes, rangingfrom 128 to 230mm in diameter, and 78 to 127mmlength.Harmonic Drive LLC:800-921-3332( Shaft Brushless DC Actuators featurea through-bore up to 14 mm in diameter and providehigh torque and exceptional positioning accuracy. Thisperformance is achieved in a compact design using ahigh performance harmonic drive coupled to a brushlessDC motor and a high resolution encoder. Maximumtorque up to 250 in-lb and positional accuracy better than1.5 arc-minute can be achieved. The FHA Mini Seriesis available in 3 frame sizes, ranging from 50 to 75 mmsquare, and 48 to 66 mm in length.TOTAL MOTION CONTROLwww.HarmonicDrive.netAnsoft Corp. has released HFSS v11.1software for 3D full-wave electromagneticfield simulation that is availablefor Windows, Linux and Solaris users.The version includes a numberof enhancements: meshing and modelresolution and validation features;Nastran (.nas) geometry import; Parasolidand Unigraphic geometry import(Windows only); and improved postprocessingfeatures.www.ansoft.comAlibre, Inc. has announced 3D CADsoftware, Alibre Design 11.0 (V11). Inaddition to migrating the entire codebase to the .NET platform, V11 is saidto effectively double the size of assembliesthat can be handled, with oftenusedassembly operations being as muchas 10x faster, and includes significant2D drawing speed

Siemens PLM SoftwareSUCCEEDING WITHTEAMCENTER EXPRESS,A VELOCITY SERIES SOLUTIONInnovation is intheir DNA.Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) is thelargest supplier of custom nucleic acids inthe United States. IDT supplies smallportions of synthetic DNA or RNA for use indiagnostic testing for genetic diseases,infectious diseases and drug discovery. Eachday the company synthesizes and ships anaverage of 36,000 custom oligonucleotides,as its products are called, using specializedmachines that it designs and builds inhouse.The machines and processesrepresent tightly guarded secrets that giveIDT a competitive advantage.To achieve ISO certifications and meetcontinually changing Federal regulatoryrequirements, IDT evaluated version controlfor its design documents, seeking a solutionfor both CAD data as well as Office ®documents. By using a combination ofSolid Edge ® CAD software, coupled withTeamcenter ® Express product datamanagement (PDM) software, both fromSiemens PLM Software, IDT is now able tocollaborate across departments and facilities.Most importantly, IDT has significantly acceleratedthe machine design process throughthe increased re-use of existing data. With itsnew PLM solution, IDT was easily able to gainISO 9001 and 1345 certification and is wellpositionedfor future growth.Teamcenter Express is a pre-configured,full-featured collaborative PDM system anda core component of the Velocity Series portfolio. Velocity Series allows companiesto implement PLM using software designedspecifically for rapid, easy deploymenton Windows ® , at a low total costof ownership.Attend a Teamcenter Express© 2008 Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. All rights reserved. Siemens and theSiemens logo are registered trademarks of Siemens AG. Velocity Series, Solid Edge, Teamcenter Expressand the Signs of Innovation trade dress are trademarks or registered trademarks of Siemens ProductLifecycle Management Software Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries. Allother logos, trademarks or service marks used herein are the property of their respective owners.

32 Design Product NewsSPECIAL DIMENSION BEARINGS / EXTRA THIN METRIC / INCH SERIES / METRIC November/December 2008Medical EngineeringSPB & EZOBearings...You CanSee ThePrecisionSPB-EZO manufactures a wide range of precision miniaturebearings, extra thin and flanged bearings, in medium andlarge bore sizes and available in inch and metric series. SPBbearings are ideal for, AC-DC motors, motion control andprecision medical product applications. All bearings areavailable in high grade cor rosion resistant stainlesssteel and high carbon chromium steel.Check OutOur NewWeb Sitewww.spb-usa.comPhone: 941-358-1655 / Fax: 941-358-1651E-mail: info@spb-usa.comSPECIAL DIMENSION BEARINGS / EXTRA THIN METRIC / INCH SERIES / METRIC SERIESWE HAVE A SOLUTIONJUST FOR YOUSelect From More Than 3,000 GradesOf Adhesives/Sealants & Coatings_DPN_Jan_08.indd 1EPOXIES • SILICONES • CYANOACRYLATESURETHANES • UV CURES • ANAEROBICSJob-proven performance for over 30 years ■ One- andtwo-part systems ■ Advanced technology ■ Environmentallyfriendly ■ Replacements for competitors’discontinued products ■ Available in small to largequantities ■ Convenient, easy-to-use packagingPrompt Technical Assistance - We Solve ProblemsGrades Available Which Meet NASA,UL, and USP Class VI Specifications154 Hobart St., Hackensack, NJ 07601Tel: 201-343-8983 ■ Fax: ■ main@masterbond.com1/3/08 11:48:14 AMEmergency response technology for“after the fall”(to the floor)By Mark SunderlandThe goal of providing a greaterdegree of safety and independenceto elderly peopleis the mandate at the Departmentof Occupational Science and OccupationalTherapy at the Universityof Toronto ( by Dr. Alex Mihailidis,an assistant professor in thedepartment, and his team of 12graduate student scientists, simulatethe symptoms of Alzheimer’sdisease, memory loss, instabilityand plain, old age.Usually in a lab, we wouldexpect to see studious peoplepeering into microscopes, butin this lab we see some veryclever people looking dazed andthen spontaneously falling to thefloor. What we don’t see are thestrategically placed cameras thathave detected the fall. The detectiontriggers a speaker that audiblyrequests a binary answer (yes/no)– ‘are you O.K.?’ ‘do you need me tocall an ambulance?’The voice could then ask: ‘would youlike us to call your daughter’ – yes/no –‘how about Jim your neighbor?’ Thisone gets ‘yes’ so the machine acknowledgesby telling the floor-bound personthat the call will be made and an updatewill be given momentarily.The lab is not limited to fallingscenarios – there is a robotic exerciserthat helps stroke patients to strengthentheir upper body muscles, andsystems that provide oral and visualclues to guide people with dementiathrough routine functions such aswashing their hands. There is also ananti-collision wheelchair for peoplewith reduced operational skills.All of the systems are designedU of T Lab has developed an anti-collision wheelchair(left) and a hand washing station that integrates foursystems. Inset: Dr. Alex Mihailidis. Reprinted withpermission from the Dept. of Occupational Science andOccupational Therapy, University of help older adults with cognitiveimpairments to maintain independencein their homes.In creating these devices, Dr.Mihailidis and his team of graduatestudents draw from the fields of robotics,mechanical engineering, artificialintelligence, gerontology, voice recognitionand computer programming.What makes the designs unique isthat they are intelligent and can, withthe help of custom computer algorithms,learn and adapt to needs.The value in all of this work is notso much in the brilliance of the technologybut in the potential for independencethat it affords the users.“We don’t want to develop any technologythat the patient or caregiverhas to sit down and learn how to use.That just adds to the burden. Thegoal of our systems is that you turn iton and it starts working immediately,learning about, and adapting to, eachperson,” said Dr. Mihailidis.When dementia impairs a person’sability to perform routine activitiesthey often can’t remember the propersequence of steps to take or how to usenecessary daily tools such as cutlery.Although there’s no substitute forthe warm body in the process of caregiving,there is a technical responsethat can greatly reduce the pressure onthe caregiver and provide the patientwith a degree of independence. Anexample is The COACH (CognitiveOrthosis for Assisting aCtivitiesin the Home). This was originallydeveloped to assist in theprocess of hand washing, butthe basic technology can be usedin a variety of applications.The system employed four integratedsystems: a tracking, statemonitoring, Markov decision process(a mathematical frameworkfor modeling decision-making insituations where outcomes arepartly random and partly underthe control of the decision maker)and prompting modules.The tracking componentidentified the position of theuser’s hands and towel by applyingbackground subtraction andcolor matching on images acquiredthrough a video camera mountedover the sink. This technique couldisolate the skin-toned objects (i.e. theperson’s hands) and then determinethe two-dimensional coordinates ofthe hands. The system then, with aseries of audible prompts could guidethe user through the entire processsaying, for example ‘John, put thesoap down,’ ‘Now turn off the tap.’The system was designed to providethe lowest level of detail required forthe user to complete the process andthereby encourage cognitive involvementand maximum independencefrom the caregiver.Mark Sunderland is President,BioMedical Industry Group, Ottawa( 110/27/08 10:46:01 AMHolding your world togetherAvdel ® Blind Fastening SystemsM.W. FASTENERS CO.YOUR SPECIALIST IN ENGINEERED ACCESS SOLUTIONSSpeed Fastening ® SystemsWE ARE PROUD TO INTRODUCE OUR EXTENDED SOUTHCO PRODUCT LINE:Breakstem Systems®QUICK ACCESS®POSITIONING TECHNOLOGY®Lockbolt SystemsAvdel ® – Experts in Fastening SolutionsAvdel ® supports you wherever you need to join engineering sup port, joint and assembly expertisecomponents reliably and efficiently. We bring 70 and a global presence. Quality, innovation andyears of experience in designing fastening solutions expertise – Avdel ® is the brand you can trust in anto meet your requirements through application ever-changing world. www.avdel-global.comBlind Threaded InsertsCall us at: 1-800-663-5392email: mw@mwfasteners.com8852 CHAMP D’EAU, ST-LÉONARD, QUÉBEC H1P 2Y8TEL.: (514) 955-7781• FAX: (514) 955-6466ISO 9001:2000Avdel_DPN_Juen.indd 16/2/08 9:05:18 AM

NEW Industrial Gear UnitsXtra robust housingXtremely fine torquegraduationXtraordinarily flexiblemounting optionsXceptionally effectivecooling systemDriving the WorldToronto (905) 791-1553 Montreal (514) 367-1124 Vancouver (604) 946-5535

34 Design Product NewsAutomotive SceneGM celebrates 100 years oftechnical November/December 2008By Bill VanceAs As General Motors celebratesits 100th anniversary in 2008, itcan look back proudly on a centuryof outstanding technical pioneering,including the electric self-starter, automatictransmission and catalytic converter.Some highlightsby model year:1912 – Electric self-starter introduced byCadillac, invented by brilliant engineerCharles Kettering of Dayton EngineeringLaboratory Co. (Delco), of Dayton, Ohio.GM bought Delco in 1918 and Ketteringbecame GM research director. Enablesgasoline engine to remove any doubt ithas vanquished steam and electricity asautomobile power. Achievement winsCadillac the Royal Automobile Club’sprestigious Dewar Trophy.1915 – Cadillac goes from four to eightcylinders with first mass produced V8engine.1921 – GM researcher Thomas Midgleyworking with Charles Kettering discoversthat adding tetraethyl lead to gasolineeliminates combustion knock, paving theway for higher compression engines.1923 – Leaded “Ethyl” gasoline goeson sale.1929 – Cadillac introduces first “SilentShift” synchromesh transmission usingbronze-faced cone clutches to equalizegear speeds before they engage. Eliminatesgear clash for quieter, smoother andeasier shifting.1930 – Cadillac’s new overhead valveV16 introduces hydraulic valve lifters. AV12 follows for 1931.In 1940, Oldsmobile introduces first fully automatic“Hydra-Matic” transmission.1938 – GM chief stylist Earl introducesfirst concept car Buick Y-Job, settingindustry trend to “dream cars” to test/lead public opinion. It flourishes in the1950s.1940 – Oldsmobile introduces first fullyautomatic “Hydra-Matic” transmission.It also replaces the foot-operated frictionplate clutch and sliding gear transmissionwith a fluid coupling and 4-speedplanetary gearbox.In 1949, based on high compression research byKettering, Cadillac and Oldsmobile introduce first highcompression, short-stoke, overhead valve V8s.1948 – Buick “Dynaflow” is first U.S.torque-increasing torque converter typeautomatic transmission. Also used in1950 is Chevrolet’s “Powerglide,” firstfully automatic transmission in lowpriced field.1949 – Based on high compressionresearch by Kettering, Cadillac andOldsmobile introduce first high compression,short-stoke, overhead valveV8s. Becomes industry standard for severaldecades until sidetracked by highfuel prices.1953 – Chevrolet’s Corvette is first volumeproduction molded type fibreglassbodiedAmerican sports car.1955 – Chevrolet introduces “smallblock” overhead valve V8 engine thatbecomes a standard dof simplicity, lightweight, durabilityand high power. Itsderivative continuestoday and productionapproaches 1000million engines.A nighttime scene, from the driver’s point of view, with Cadillac’sNight Vision technology introduced in 2000.1957 – GM offersfirst U.S. mechanicalgasoline engineport fuel injection tem for Chevrolet andsys-Pontiac, developed by GM’s RochesterDivision.1960 – Inspired by Volkswagen/Porsche, Chevrolet’s Corvair introduceshorizontally-opposed, rear-mounted, aircooled engine and 4-wheel independentsuspension, a bold engineering step forthe American industry.1961 – Pontiac Tempest is first modernU.S. front engine car with rear transaxle.Has flexible “rope drive” driveshaft.1962 – Oldsmobile pioneers productioncar turbocharging in its F-85 Jetfire withaluminum V8. Chevrolet’s turbochargedMonza Spyder appears a month later.For engine durability Oldsmobile usesfluid injection and limits boost to .34bar.1966 – Oldsmobile introducesToronado, first modern American frontwheeldrive car. Uses front torsion bars.1974 – Oldsmobile is first productioncar to offer an optional airbag supplementalpassive restraint system, with lapbelts included. Buick and Cadillac getthem the following year.The electric self-starter, invented by Charles Kettering,is introduced in the 1912 Cadillac.1975 – GM introduces catalytic converterit developed. Installed in the exhaustsystem it is a major breakthrough andnow universally accepted emission controldevice; requires unleaded gasoline.1984 – Pontiac Fiero introduces 2-passengersporty car with rear engine, spaceframe and plastic body panels.1985 – Cadillac is first with transverselymounted V8 engine and front-wheeldrive.1995 – Oldsmobile introduces“Guidestar,” the first production car onboardGPS-based navigation system withstep-by-step route instructions.1996 – GM offers fully electric batterypowered EV1 car, available by lease inCalifornia and Arizona only.1999 – GM Delphi introduces“Magneride” that uses magneto-rheologicaltechnology that in effect changesshock absorber fluid viscosity. Thisallows suspension to “read” the roadand provide continuously variable realtime damping adjustment on a virtuallyinstantaneous basis.2000 – Cadillac has first productionautomobile night vision system.2007 – GM announces Chevrolet Voltplug-in, series type gasoline-electrichybrid car for 2010 production. Promises64 km travel distance on electricity beforeintervention of 1.0 litre engine.Bill Vance is an automotive journalistand

November/December 2008dpncanada.comDesign Product News 35NEW!TEFLON ® TOUGHNESSBEX 360º Rotating NozzlesProducts: Motion ControlBrushless dc motorsGeneral purpose ac motors• Made of corrosion-resistant Teflon•True360º coverage• Self-lubricating/self-cleaningAsk for our new catalog.BEX • 905-238-8920 • • www.bex.comCompact magnetic encoderThe EC-powermax 22 from Maxon Precision Motor issaid to achieve high torque at slow speeds comparedto other similar-sized brushless dc motors. It is availablein two lengths and has an operating range between90 to 120 W, depending on the version. Units can becombined with 32 mm planetary gearheads using theMaxon modular system. For electronic commutation,the magnetic field is sensed through Hall sensors andthe rotor position detected.www.maxonmotorusa.comThe OMAT Series of general purpose ac motors fromOmega are industrial-duty, three-phase, 208-230/460 Vmotors available in 0.33 to 2 hp and a speed of 1800rpm. The TEFC, 56C frame motors are constructed ofrolled steel and feature class F insulation. The CE compliantunits are inverter-duty capable with a 5:1 speedturndown for variable torque applications and a 2:1speed turndown for constant torque add torque capacityNEW!FOR PULP & PAPERBEXRubyOrificeNozzlesThe Timken Company has announced the M15 modularmagnetic encoder. Units are said to provide morereliable feedback than optical encodersand and areavailable in a variety of resolutions that range from 100lines up to 2048 lines with 4/6/8/12 pole commutationand reference pulse options. The encoder has a profileof 0.68 in., is approximately 1.6 in. in diameter anduses mounting patterns of 1.28 or 1.81 in. The unit fitsnumerous shaft sizes.www.timken.comBrush-commutated dc servo motors• Ruby insert delivers superior wearresistance at high pressure• Lasts longer than stainlessAsk for our new catalog.BEX • 905-238-8920 • • www.bex.comExplosion-proof linear actuatorsCoupling needs such as higher misalignment, greatertorque capacity and greater torsional stiffness than thatof standard couplings are said to be available in Zero-Max specially designed CD couplings. Key to the specialcoupling designs is the patented Zero-Max CD disc thatincludes the shape, the cutting process, the material used,the coating and the order and orientation of the disc layers.Using finite element analysis (FEA), the CD disc canbe modified along with changes in the composite material.Custom disc designs (manufactured on laser cuttingmachines) can add to or lessen coupling flexibility or increasestrength and stiffness as required for a particularapplication. There are 40 standard CD coupling modelsand sizes to work from, so that a custom coupling can beconfigured in a fraction of the time required for a customcoupling using all metallic components requiring specialdies and tooling, the company!TIGHTER RADIUS30º &15º Full Cone Nozzles• Narrow spray angle provides moreimpact per unit area• Larger droplet sizeAsk for our new catalog.MCG brand “ID Series” brush-commutated dc servomotors from Ametek Technical & Industrial Productsare said to incorporate higher inertia armatures to provideimproved motor-to-load inertia matching capabilityfor medium to high reflected load inertias. Low coggingtorque and brush commutation technology is alsosaid to contribute to smooth operation at all speeds.The motors in two frame sizes (NEMA 23 and NEMA34) can generate continuous torque from 0.212 to 1.59Nm; rated power ranges from 0.12 to 0.60 hp; andspeeds up to 6000 rpm can be achieved.www.ametektechnicalproducts.comNook Industries has introduced the ELZex modular linearactuator series that meets ATEX 95 explosion area testingcertification for caustic environments. The rodless designfeatures an anti-static HTD (high torque drive) belt. Actuatorsare available in a wide-range of sizes with a dynamiccapacity up to 1654 N. The anti-static HTD belt is steelreinforced and minimizes backlash on reversal; the minimizedbacklash offers repeatability of ± 0.1 mm.www.precisionactuator.comBEX • 905-238-8920 • •

36 Design Product November/December 2008ROTEX ® -GS & RADEX ® -NCPrecision Zero-Backlash CouplingsFor Every ApplicationROTEX ® -GS is an economical, high-performance,zero-backlash coupling that can be "tuned" to your systemrequirements with a simple spider change.RADEX ® -NC is an ideal zero backlash servo disk couplingfor heavy shock loads and high temperature applications.Motion ControlVariable speed ac drivesMicroPlastics_DPN_June07 15/18/07 9:47:44 AMUntitled-7 1ROTEX ® -GS• LOW COSTROTEX ® -GS6.0 Coupling• 14 sizes ranging from 0.2Nm to 3,840Nm• Imperial and Metric Bores in stock• Vibration dampening / Up to 31,800 RPM• Great for Spindle & Servo Positioning drivesCustom designs and machining available. See ourwebsite to view the selection criteria for each coupling.www.odg.comRADEX ® -NC• HIGH-STIFFNESSRADEX ® -NCDK Coupling• Perfect for Servo Positioning drives• Maintenance free• Low-Inertia / Up to 20,000 RPM• Operates to 280°COntario Drive & Gear Limited3551 Bleams Road, New HamburgOntario, Canada N3A 2J1GEARS • TRANSMISSIONS • COUPLINGS Phone:1-877-662-2840WORLD LEADER IN AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLESFax: (519) 662-2127RE-mail: info@odg.comTECHNOLOGY•EXPERIENCE•RELIABILITY2/28/08 12:43:40 PMVariable speed ac industrial drives for3-phase asynchronous motors from SchneiderElectric include the Altivar 71 andAltivar 61. Units operate from 200 to690 Vac/0.5 to 900 hp. The Altivar 61provides for a transient overload of 120to 130% of the nominal drive current for60 s, while the Altivar 71 provides for200% of the nominal motor torque for 2s or 170% for 60 s.www.vickers-warnick.comScalable MC for printing appsThe World LeaderIn Motion ControlBosch Rexroth intelligent, electrohydraulicproduct range comprises decentralized,intelligent motion controls with internaland external closed-loop control electronics.With complete drive units, printing,embossing and cutting machines are said tobe equipped for precise and dynamic controlas well as synchronization of cylinderposition. Electrohydraulic axes reach accelerationrates of up to 80 g, speeds up to 10m/s and real-time control cycles. Accuracyin the order of microns is possible. Applicationsof one to four axes are possible.www.boschrexroth.caLightweight LM guideClosed-Loop Stepping Motor & Driver SystemTheFREE UPS Ground Shipping forOnline Orders*Terms and conditions apply, see website for full details.positioning system uses a built-in feedback device that constantly monitors themotor shaft position to detect and correct for loss of synchronism. With the you willachieve precision accuracy when making short, quick moves. Available models includegeared models, IP65 rated models, and AC or DC input models.Call 1-800-418-7903for more information.Visit www.orientalmotor.comfor product specifications, CAD files,and online ordering.The Light LM Guide from THK America,Inc. features a cold drawn hollow rail andan aluminum block to weigh approximately40% less than conventional guides (calculatedfor a 1000 mm rail length with oneblock). To ensure a long service life, theLight guide includes the same hardenedsteel raceways as those used in conventionalmodels. The use of THK Caged Technologyin the guide is said to provide smooth movementeven during high-speed operation.Lightweight components of the Light guideare dimensionally interchangeable withTHK’s conventional SSR.www.thk.comOriental_DPN_Nov08.indd 110/23/08 2:36:15 PM

November/December 2008dpncanada.comDesign Product News 37Editor’s ChoiceClosed loop drive controlDart Controls has introduced the ASP40-420for applications that require a closed-loopdigital interface with a 4 to 20 mA isolatedinput/output signal and programmable relayoutputs. Suitable for use with ac or dcdrive systems in chemical metering, mixing,and other process control applications.Custom faceplates are available.www.dartcontrols.comEthernet switch in PLCIntegrated Ethernet switch functionalityis said to enable the WAGO 750-871Ethernet TCP/IP 2-port programmablefieldbus controller to optimize network-ing capabilities while streamlining associatedcosts. The controller is also said toeasily integrated into existing Ethernetnetworks while minimizing the overallnumber of components. The controllercan link the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM to theEthernet fieldbus and the dual RJ-45fieldbus ports daisychain up to 20 devices– each segment may be up to 100 m long– within one series. The controller is programmablein accordance with IEC61131-3 and also features an integratedDIP switch that may be used for IP strain relief prototypingHeyco Products, Inc. has announcedseven LabKits for product design departments,experimental labs, and pro-totype work. The kit offerings includeLabKit #1 (strain relief bushings);LabKit #2 (bushings); LabKit #3 (holeplugs); LabKit #5 (wire positioning);LabKit #7 (rubber grommets); LabKit#8 (liquid tight cordgrips); and LabKit#10 (power components). Each kit containsan assortment of 12-18 of Heyco’smost popular wire protection productsin each LabKit category, and each productis labeled by part #, description, andname.www.heyco.comDPN digital edition sponsored by:Go online to ExperienceUntitled-6 1Untitled-1 1the DPN digital editionCSA 213 pressure sensors8/29/088/22/08 10:04:29 12:54:20 AM PMExperience 3DWith links to CAD downloads!Complete control inside your browser!Just download the DPN digital edition to start your “Experience”Experience Video ClipsSee how products & projectsreally work!TURCK has expanded its line of pressuresensors. The PT4300 is a media isolatedstainless steel pressure sensor for use in oiland gas, refrigeration, gas compression,test stands and industrial OEM applications.The sensors are UL/cUL 1604 (CSA213) Class I, Div 2, Groups A, B, C and Dapproved sensors for hazar-dous area applications.The sensors are constructedwithout O-rings or welds, allowing pressureranges up to 10,000 psi with burstpressure up to 20,000 psi. Available outputsinclude 4 to 20mA loop powered, 0.5to 4.5 V ratiometric, 1 to 5 V, 1 to 6 V and10 mV/V. PT4300 sensors are manufacturedusing MEMS (microelectro mechanicalsystems) technology.www.chartwell.caMachine vision modulesVOLUME 36 NUMBER 6 November/December 2008Published byCLB Media Inc.240 Edward Street, Aurora, ON L4G 3S9Phone (905) 727-0077Fax (905) 727-0017EMAIL: dpn@clbmedia.caEditor - Michael R. Edwardsmedwards@clbmedia.caEditorial Advisory Board:John Bachmann, Wainbee Ltd.( and Canadian Fluid PowerAssociation ( Bajaj, Rotator Products Ltd.( and Power TransmissionDistributors’ Association( Tokarz, Langen Packaging Inc.( Kunowski, CADmech Design Inc.( Poupore, Ove Industrial Design ( ACID-O ( Yeung, Industrial Research AssistanceProgram, National Research Council Canada ( - Nigel Bishopnbishop@clbmedia.caCreative Director - Einar RiceArt Director - Graham JeffreyAdvertising SalesTony Chisholm John MoodieRoger Heritage Ron SalmonLinda Nadon Peter TamsProduction Manager - Alice ChenCirculation - Nancy GastonCustomer Service Representative -Kristen Schulz-LaceyQuebec Office - Linda Nadon(450) 224-0055Peter TamsP.O. Box 357, Pointe-Claire,Quebec H9R 4P4Phone (514) 984-2668Fax (514) 630-6315Subscription RatesCANADA - 1 year $35.00 including taxU.S. - 1 year $59.50 USFOREIGN - 1 year $105.00 US (Airmail)Design Product News is published six times a year forthe specifiers of materials and components in productengineering (OEM); in-plant (systems); and design/production engineering (the crucial stage betweenfinished blueprint/CAD drawing and routine massproduction).The contents of Design Product News are copyrightby ©2008 CLB Media Inc. and may not be reproducedin whole or part without written consent.CLB Media Inc. disclaims any warranty as to theaccuracy, completeness or currency of the contentsof this publication and disclaims all liability in respectof the results of any action taken or not taken inreliance upon information in this publication.PAP Registration No. 10773We acknowledge the financial supportof the Government of Canada through the PublicationsAssistance Program toward our mailing costs.PUBLICATIONS MAILAGREEMENT # 40063602RETURN UNDELIVERABLE CANADIAN ADDRESSTO CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT240 EDWARD ST., AURORA ON L4G 3S9President: Stuart MorrisonVice President Media, Publishing: Niel HiscoxVice President, Finance/CorporateDevelopment: Kent MilfordVice President, Human Resources: Susan BishopVice President, IT and Operations: David OverallDirector, Security/Industrial Group: Frank ShonikerDirector, Editorial and Production: Jackie RothDirector, Professional Group: Karen LorimerDirector, Facility Management and Logistics: Steve DaleDirector, Human Resources: Denise DesrosiersDirector, Information Technology & Support: Phillip DamianidisDirector, Manufacturing Group: Nigel BishopISSN 0319-8413Printed in CanadaFor information on reprints of any article that appearsin this publication, contact The Reprint Outsource at1-877-394-7350.LMI Technologies has introduced themaestro machine vision product brand.The product is comprised of two modules.The P800 module is the master controllerthat interfaces with the encoders andthe I/O, but also provides microsecondsynchronization, power and safety onCAT5E cables for up to 8 or more camerasand light sources, all from a singlepower supply. The connecting piece to theP800 is the C12 module. This componentis a camera and light controller that isconnected to the P800 with a maximum100-meter CAT5e cable. The C12 modulepowers and triggers any camera whileproviding synchronized configurable highcurrent pulses for LEDs or

38 Design Product November/December 2008Advisory Board DirectionsWorking together for the common good:Canada’s answer to global competitionBy Millan YeungThere is no secret that the manufacturingindustry in North Americais going through tough times atthe moment. Many jobs have been lostand plants closed. Competition abroad, thehigh cost of fuels and materials, and theworldwide slow down in the automotiveindustry has contributed to the tumble ofthe manufacturing industry.While Canada’s economic outlook is stillstrong, we need to keep up our productivityand innovation to maintain stability andgrowth. Traditionally, small and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs) represent a largeportion of Canadian manufacturing industry.SMEs are flexible and can react tochange rapidly. This provides great adaptabilityto customers’ needs and wants inthe world market. Many suppliers, developersand even some OEMs control theirgrowth so that the size of the company isalways manageable, flexible, efficient andless bureaucratic.A typical SME possesses only limitedcapability and resources, and lack of capacityto tackle large contracts or projects thatwould significantly increase revenues, createnew jobs and provide long term growth tothe company. To overcome this disability,leaders of industries and communities haveinitiated a new strategy and approach thatallows SMEs to take on large projects. Thegoal is to bring relevant SMEs together intoa group or groups to solve problems andtake on challenges through networking,knowledge sharing and joint marketing andpromotion.Cooperationpermits SMEs to takeon larger projectsThe 2008 Americas HyperWorks Technology Conferencewill bring together more than 400 global engineeringprofessionals, from a broad range of industries,to discuss trends and advancements in simulationthat are driving product innovation.Call for Presentations — Opportunities — Information — www.altairhtc.comAltair HyperWorks is a division ofINTRODUCINGAltair ® HyperWorks ® 9.0Pay-for-use CAE software licensingBroadest ISV partner eco-systemUnequaled modeling, visualization and reportingNext-generation solvers for linear, nonlinearand multi-body dynamics applicationsRecognized optimization technology leaderComputing environment virtualization toolsAutomated performance data managementFor more information on a foundation of design optimization, performance datamanagement and process automation, HyperWorks empowersinnovation and rapid decision-making to get to the ‘right’ answer faster.Built on this concept, several communityor regional based organizations havebeen formed in south-western Ontario.Communitech ( inWaterloo, ON, was established in 1997 andhas become one of the successful models ofthis concept. Besides connecting membersto share information and resources, thesenetworks provide leadership to industryto deal with common issues such as advocatingneeds and wants to governmentand other relevant organizations, buildinginfrastructure, finding resources and providingmanagement assistance. Currently,Communitech has over 450 members thatare not only SMEs but also large globalindustries such as Research In Motion, OpenText and COM DEV. The TechAlliance( of London, ON, is anothersuccess story that brings over 140 companiestogether including big corporations like3M Canada, Trojan Technology and otherwell known global and national companies.Their success is built on the unity of memberssharing knowledge as well as the provisionof venture capital services and jointmarketing initiatives.Windsor-Essex is organizing a new network,Softech Alliance, to assist and promotethe local information and communicationtechnology (ICT) industry (contactDr. Akshai Aggarwal, Softech’s focus is on building stronglinkages between businesses, researchers,academia and governments to addressissues that include joint business development,collaborative R&D of technologies,specific training and education, and facilitatepartnerships between members.Communitech, TechAlliance and SoftechAlliance have shown the power and potentialof working together. Their successproves that we can work together side byside to fight off foreign competitions andbuild a much stronger and stable manufacturingindustry for Canada.Millan Yeung is Industrial TechnologyAdvisor, Industrial Research AssistanceProgram, National Research Council ofCanada ( opinions expressed in this article arethe author’s own and do not necessarilyreflect the opinion of the National ResearchCouncil of Canada.

What’s alower total costof ownershipworth to you?Introducing our completely redesigned line ofDrives and Servos. Omron understands that alower TCO is even more valuable alongsideincreased productivity and performance.That’s why we’ve engineered our new familyof AC Drives and Servos to reduce TCO acrosstheir entire lifecycle—from installation toimplementation to maintenance. Each isdesigned to fit your unique needs, includingour energy-efficient AC Drives, super-compactSmartStep 2 and high precision G-Series.It’s just another way we’re working tomake your job easier.www.omron.caRX SeriesAC DriveG SeriesServo DriveSmartStep 2Servo Drive

Clippard 10 mm & 15 mmSolenoid ValvesClippard’s new compact valves offermany features for design flexibilityespecially in applications with limitedspace. Available in 2-way or 3-wayconfigurations, as Normally-Open orNormally-Closed, flowrates from 0.5 to 3.0scfm are availabledependent on the orificesize. Other featuresinclude highly-visibleLED indicator light and manualoverride, quick response time, and multiplemounting and voltage options. Foreasy installation and versatility, selectfrom five connector styles.This all-new line of solenoid valvesoffer many possibilities for pneumaticapplications that require a lightweight,cost-effective miniature!ClippardCatalogClippard’snew 388-page fullline catalog,with technicalinformation, product applications, features,specifications, color photographs, andtechnical drawings for over 5,000 standardproducts is now available. It's your completesource for miniature fluid power products.Request your free copy today!Call 513-521-4261 or visit Clippard to request afree catalog.Clippard Maximatic ® Solenoid ValvesClippard’s all-new Solenoid valves are available in two-way,three-way and four-way configurations in port sizes from#10-32 to 1/2” NPT. Select either a direct-acting poppet orsolenoid-controlled pilot operated balanced spool design.Spool valves are body ported but can be bolted to a parallelcircuit manifold.Maximatic Solenoid Valves are a comprehensive valve offering that maximizesflow, are competitively priced, and will provide Maximum Value andMaximum performance.Call Clippard today at 513-521-4261 or to request afree Maximatic catalog.MAXIMUMValue.Performance.Push-Quick FittingsClippard Push-Quick Fittings provide asimple method of connecting pneumaticcomponents to each other and systempiping. Push-Quick Fittings generallyprovide higher flows than barbedfittings, and allow full flow through thehose/tubing I.D. with no smaller orificerequired as in barb fittings. Push-QuickFittings and tubing are available inmany styles and sizes.www.clippard.comClippard Brass ValvesClippard offers poppet or spooldesigns; 2-, 3- or 4-way functions, insizes from #3-56 and #10-32 through1/8” NPT ports; and for pressures upto 300 psig. They are available withsolenoid, air pilot, manual andmechanical actuators. Mountingstyles include inline, panel mount,manifold mount or clearance holes formounting screws. When you arelooking for a valve, Clippard’s minimaticline of valves provide a completerange of sizes and

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