Spring 2012 (PDF) - Hidden Villa


Spring 2012 (PDF) - Hidden Villa




The Morgan Family

Foundation is

challenging YOU to

leverage your gift in

support of Hidden Villa!

From March 1st,

every contribution will be

matched, dollar-for-dollar,

up to $60,000.

As $15,000 must come

from new and increased

gifts, we are in a unique

spot to build our capacity

and community at the

same time.

Inspiring a just and sustainable future



S P R I N G 2 0 1 2



Our future needs compassionate leaders, thoughtful

stewards, and

creative critical

thinkers. Hidden Villa

celebrates community,

hands-on learning and the

impact that each of us can

make on the world we share.

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through our programs, land, and legacy

Dear Friends,

Spring is in the air at Hidden Villa and it’s

the perfect time to enjoy the farm as the

signs of rejuvenation and new life are

visible all around us. As part of our celebrations,

we will be hosting a Sheep Shearing Day on April 14th.

Not only will our sheep be getting their annual “haircuts” but

there’ll be sheep herding demonstrations and lots of wool and

textile themed arts, crafts and activities. We’ll also be debuting

our first Board-sponsored silent auction, which will include

exciting items such as vacation stays, guided hikes,

gourmet food and wine and much, much more!

All proceeds from this Day will go to support

our Environmental Education and Social Justice

themed programs so please make sure that you

sign up early to join us for this exciting event.

With spring upon us, it’s a subtle reminder

that summer must be right around the corner! At

Hidden Villa that means the farm will once again

be filled with the sights and sounds of hundreds

of excited campers (and their counselors) who are

here to take part in our 68th annual Summer Camp.

I have the rather unique perspective of being both

a Camp parent and a long-time staff member here at Hidden

Villa; my son will be in Farm and Wilderness Camp and my

daughter in Tipi Camp (both for the second time) and they are

already looking forward to more experiences living on a farm,

making new friends and learning more about the natural world.

Our camp is unique and transformative in that we intentionally

bring children and youth from a wide range of different backgrounds

together to learn greater respect and appreciation for

each other and for the earth. If you haven’t signed your campers

up yet, please contact the camp office as soon as possible as

space is limited and some sessions are already full!

Finally, I would like to thank you all for your continued

support for Hidden Villa. The work that we do to “inspire a just

and sustainable future through our programs, land and legacy”

wouldn’t be possible without all of you. I hope that you make it

a point to come out for a visit to enjoy and celebrate the unique

beauty of springtime at Hidden Villa.


Chris OveringtOn, exeCutive DireCtOr


Chris and Bill

Dear Hidden Villa Community,

Where is winter this year? With total

rainfall well under half of normal so

far, we hope for rain so the HVEEP

children can enjoy walking around

the farm in our slickers and boots, splashing in puddles

as they go. Water fed by rain from the spring above the

valley and from the aquifer under our feet irrigates

our crops during the dry season. Careful planning

and the foresight of those who came before resulted

in our use of watering systems that are a model of

sustainability of this critical natural resource.

Planning is on our minds now. The Board

and staff gather together periodically to develop

a three year strategic vision of how we can serve

the community better by improving the way

we deliver our mission of “inspiring a just and

sustainable future.” Examples of initiatives described

in the plan just completed are the wonderful programs

we offer older youth, a new, user friendly website,

programs to help children and adults better understand

healthy food choices and sustainable farming, and

improved programs for seniors in our area.

Right now there are over a dozen committees

of board and staff members meeting to prepare for

our planning retreat this March. We are studying a

wonderful variety of topics including improving stewardship

of our property, developing programs to improve

sustainability throughout our community by showing

how our practices can be used by everyone, improving

our focus on environmental and social advocacy, and

extending the youth and food education programs. I’m

excited about the potential this work offers us to extend

our service to the community.

Best Regards,

Bill Whitmer, BOarD Chair

We are sad to share the news that our dear friend and colleague, Andy Scott, passed away

on January 31st, 2012, after a long battle with cancer. Andy was Farm Manager at Hidden

Villa for 16 years and was involved with farm interns/apprentices for over 30 years. In

2002, under his management, Hidden Villa became a MESA (Multinational Exchange for Sustainable

Agriculture) Host for the first time. He was deeply involved with the Biodynamic Association and

worked with their Apprentice Training Program since its inception. Andy and his family were an

integral part of the Hidden Villa community for many years and he will be missed tremendously. Our

thoughts are with his wife, Carolyn, his two sons, Forrest and Ray, as well as his friends and family.

Thank You For Your Support

We wish to thank the following donors for their generous contributions from November 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011.

Corporations and Foundations


Arbogast Foundation

Arkin Tilt Architects

Barkley Fund

Bear Gulch Foundation

Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough LLC

Bishop Pine Fund

Cisco Foundation Matching Gift Program

City of San Jose

Turbow Family Foundation

Eustace-Kwan Family Foundation

George and Judy Marcus Family Foundation

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Homestead Foundation

HP Company Foundation

Hurlbut-Johnson Charitable Trusts

IBM Corporation

Kalele Foundation

Leslie Family Foundation

Los Altos Community Foundation

May Family Foundation

Merrill Lynch Community Charitable Fund


Mitchell Kapor Foundation

Mountain View Odd Fellows Lodge 244

Palo Alto Friends Meeting

Pew Charitable Trusts

PG&E Employee Giving Program

Sequoia Healthcare District

Varian Partners in Giving Program

Adobe Creek Circle


Ruth Sherer

Chris and Carol Espinosa

Black Mountain Circle


Craig Dalton and Mary Colvig

The Kaplan Family

Micki Miller

Sherilyn Moody

Diana Rigg

Rhonda and Howard Smith

Olive Grove Circle


Anne and Buz Battle

Maggie Burgett and Kimble Smith

Amie Chang and Henry Massey

Donna Dubinsky and Leonard Shustek

Alison Geballe

Mary and Clinton Gilliland

Norman Godinho

Susan and Tom Goodenough

Aron Hall

Amy and Peter Harding

Sue and Kurt Jaggers

Carl King

Elyce Melmon

Valerie and John Metcalfe

Joanna Mountain and Heyward Robinson

Liz and Gary Nielsen

Laurose and Burton Richter

Andrew Scott and Kim Malone Scott

Virginia and Roger Summit

Hope Duveneck Williams

Janet and David Wilson

Margaret Withgott and Kris Halvorsen

Windmill Pasture Circle


Mary Ayers

Olivia Bartlett and Alice Ann Martineau

Ann Benninger

James Bigwood

Annie Cronin

Mai Dam

Linda Dotson and James Forster

Jean M. Ehret

Lisa Friedman and James Harris

Cynthia Gallie

Diane and Harry Greenberg

Sheryl Heckmann

Christy and Chuck Holloway

Larry Klein and Milbrey McLaughlin

Jean Lane

Robert H. and Louise G. Lee

Walter and Mary McCullough

Carol Michaels and David Jones

Robert Niederer and Francine Tanner

John and Sharon Patterson

Mary and Matt Powell

David and Susan Russell

Randy Salim

Diana Sanson and Benjamin Compton

Ed Simon

G.J. Stillson MacDonnell

Katy Takahashi

Colleen and Geoff Tate

Douglas K. Wyatt and Maureen Stone

Cleopha and John Zauner

Friends of Hidden Villa

Karen L. Alter

Marjory Alving

Susan Anderson


Jan and Dennis Austin

Don Bach

Marianne and Carolyn Balfe

Beverly Barkhau

Julie Barney

Ned and Jimi Barnholt

Andrew Becker

Keith and Atsuko Bennett

Todd Benson and Jenny Ann Solorio

Charles Bernstein and Candace Hathaway

Pete and Tricia Biocini

William Bivins

Dave Cain

Nancy and Clay Campbell

Linda and Lee Carlson

John and Pamela Caywood

Jennifer and Simon Chang

Eric Chang and Ling Sun

Edgar Chavez

Jane Clayton and John Petro

Leslie Claytor-True and Ramon True

George and Trisha Clifford

Judith and Reed Content

Jeannette Cosby

Jitze and Nancy Couperus

George and Carol Craford

Mary Jo and Jim Davis

Robin and Dorothy Dickson

Lela Djakovic and Campell Frank

Deborah and Edward Dudley

Gisela Evitt

Ken and Leah Fine

Janet Fire

Kathleen and Bruce Fitzgerald

Edward and Deirdre Fleming

Nancy and Leroy Fletcher

Christine Foley

Amanda and Greg Friedman

Louis Alexander Frutschi

David Gordon and Lucia Heldt

Tracy and David Greene

Paul and Carol Grench

Erica and Norton Grubb

Lilyana and Peter Gunadi

and Barbara Gurkoff

Dave and Dee Gustavson

Sabina A. and William A. Hall

Joyce and James Harris

Siegfried Hecker

Hank and Nancy Heubach

Lisa Honig and Dale Schroedel

and Nancy Hoogendyk

Rebecca Howland

Cynthia Ishimoto

Abby and Dennis Jaramillo

Alice Kawash

Margaret and Francis Keeler

Yoriko Kishimoto and Leland Collins

Trinity Klein

Rachel Kohls-Lunt and Chris Lunt

Jane Kos

Paul and Jackie Kuckein

Peter and Sally Kunstadter

Ron and Katherine Lang

Susan Lang and Robert Levenson

Maureen and Jeff LaTourrette

Stephen Leaf and Maria Fischer

Marvina Lepianka and Charles Jaffee

David and Petrita Lipkin

Kate Lorig

Fumiko and Walker Mannes

Linda and Jerry Mar

Mary Martinelli

Marjorie and Max Mathews

William and Marla McCormack

Joan and Bob McCowan

Mike and Patti Medlin

Edward Miner and Sumaya Newland Miner

Rob Mogannum

Pamela and Richard Montgomery

Ann and Warren Nelson

Fred and Kirstin Nichols

Kay Nicholson

Linda Norton

Amanda Oakson

David and Karen Paradise

Betsy and Jean Peacock

Suzanne Peck

Gail and Fredric Petersen

Joseph and Helen Pickering

Virginia and William Pitts

Vaughan and Margot Pratt

Carolyn and Stephen Purcell

Diana Quon and Davis Hershey

Laurie and Alan Robell

Tammi Rose and Harvey Bresler

Sarah and Carl Rosendahl

Annemarie Rosengreen

Cynthia and Allen Ruby

Denise Sacks and Saran Saund

Kristine and Denis Salmon

Betsy Ross Sandford and Scott Sanford

James and Andrea Sandstrom

Kim and Karen Schoknecht

Gloria Schulz

Julie Segal and Philip Wennblom

John Semion

Edward and Elisabeth Sesek

John Seyfarth

Sallie Shawl

Maureen Sheehan

Carolyn and Jeremy Siegel

Judy Snitzer Reilly

Yuen and Susan So

Sally Ann Stein

China Strickland

Nancy Strom

Vytas and Claire SunSpiral

Kathy and Andy Switky

George Taylor

Boris and Laura Teksler

Phil and Steph Thompson

Carl and Susan Thomsen

Anne Toschi

Frederick and Nomi Trapnell

Sally and Ed Truitt

Darlene P. Vian and Brian P. McCune

Barbara and Gary Waldeck

Paul and Patricia Ward-Dolkas

Louise O. Warner

Jacqueline Wender

Janet and Philip White

Bruce and Ann Willard

Tonia Wisman and David Schwartz

Carolyn and David Worthington

Anna M. Zara and Robert M. English

Mitchell and Jane Zimmerman

Patricia and Ronald Zuckerman

Gifts in Kind

Alexander Atkins Design, Inc.

Assistance League of Los Altos

Costume Bank

Mai Dam

Palo Alto Research Center

Ronald Pyszka

Sarita Skidmore

Uforia Studios

Gifts in Memoriam

Katharine King

Tomas Knepper

Gifts in Honorarium

Wendy and Joel Bartlett

Bill Dudley

Diane and Harry Greenberg

Garth Harwood

Sally Mentzer

Diny van der Velden

Judie and Peter Wolken

Connecting to Food

Continued from page 1.

Each day, we strive to fulfill our mission “to inspire a just

and sustainable future through our programs, land and

legacy” in numerous ways: we teach young children the

basic concept that food is a natural resource; we challenge youth

to consider the impacts of their choices and actions; and we

encourage parents to be more conscientious consumers and to

share positive social and environmental values with their families

and friends.

Food is one of our most basic needs. With so many modern

conveniences, many people have become disconnected from their

food sources and when asked

where eggs come from, sadly

the all too common response

is “the store.” At Hidden Villa

we showcase the entire process

around food, from farm to table

while building community,

encouraging teamwork, and

showcasing sustainable organic

practices that minimize external

sources, promote biodiversity,

honor labor, value animal welfare and respect the capacity and

wildness of our land.

We currently utilize 11 acres of organic farmland and an

educational garden for our programs. In the garden we strive to

have the six “plant parts” —roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits

and seeds—available for our youngest program participants to

taste, as we sing songs and act out the life cycles of plants to

make learning fun - but what they often remember best is that


Learning through singing and dancing can be fun, but these

methods don’t resonate with everyone; for older students (and


many corporate volunteer groups for that matter) the focus

is more often on working together, cooperation, and building


Talking about these concepts is not as dynamic as

experiencing them. We use the process from farm to table to

inspire these ideals. Beginning with group activities that benefit

our food production like weeding and mulching, participants are

reconnected to the Earth and shown the tangible, positive effects

of working with their own hands. They are grounded in a way

that is uncommon in today’s fast paced world.

“At Hidden Villa we

showcase the entire

process from farm to table

while building community,

reinforcing teamwork,

and showcasing organic


From this more relaxed space we are able to talk about the

necessary steps for food to travel from the field to the table to

create a communal meal. This could be something as simple as

fresh pasta and sauce with a salad and garlic bread, where the

group is divided into four smaller groups: one each for the pasta,

salad, sauce, and garlic bread.

Once all the food is prepared, the program participants come

back together to share their creations (and a healthy, welldeserved

meal!) Proud of their accomplishments, participants

develop a greater appreciation of the effort involved to provide

their sustenance – something that is all too often taken for

granted - and conversations naturally take shape around these


There are many other ways

in which we are able to use our

agricultural programs and activities to

fulfill our mission.

We are the face of good, organic

agricultural practice for the whole Peninsula

region and a rare example of preserved land in

productive use. We demonstrate a viable model

of localized, environmentally-responsible food production. We produce

high quality vegetables, fruit, meat and eggs for our 130 Community

Supported Agriculture (CSA) shareholders and the local community and

share approximately 25% of our vegetable bounty (over 11,000 pounds

in 2011!) with our low-income neighbors through distribution of the

Community Services Agency of Mountain View’s food bank.

The working scale and the educational message of our farming

operations also provides the best real-world learning environment for

our residential Interns and Farmers in Training. We also work with a

cadre of high school students in our Summer Farm Academy and use

hands-on learning to reinforce the concepts taught.

We are proud of the mutually reinforcing relationship of our food

production and education. We know that hands-on learning works and

are happy to be located here in Silicon Valley—a thoughtful community

that asks questions and thrives on innovation. Our agricultural practices,

educational programming and volunteer opportunities are layered to

bring people together to truly inspire a just and sustainable future.

If you are interested in finding out more about participating in these

programs, then please visit our website (www.hiddenvilla.org) and look

in the following sections.

• For Pre-school and Elementary-aged programming, look at our

Environmental Education or Public Programs pages

• For Middle, High, and College programs look under Youth


• For High School students

interested in food

production and the

environment, look under

our Summer Farm

Academy (listed under

Summer Camp)

• For those interested

in a full year of on-site

learning, you should

look under Residential


If you are interested in

becoming a CSA shareholder

or want to know how you can

purchase our farm products

look under Programs and then

Sustainable Agriculture.

Lastly, if you are a Corporate

Group looking for opportunities

for service learning and/or

team-building, please contact

our Volunteer Coordinator at

volunteers@hiddenvilla.org or

call (650) 949-9702.



This spring’s volunteer spotlight shines

on our dedicated Environmental

Education program volunteer, John

Seyfarth. John has been guiding kids in the

Farm and Wilderness program for the past

three years. While John has been familiar

with Hidden Villa since his first hike here

in 1974, he decided to get

more involved after seeing the

volunteer opportunities on our


As an Environmental

Education volunteer, John

commonly hears comments from the

children like, “This is the greatest field

trip ever!” and, “Hidden Villa is even better

than Yosemite!” John is most inspired when

he gets to facilitate a child’s first experience

with wilderness and farm animals.

Hearing such gleeful comments and seeing

such enthusiastic faces are some of the

greatest rewards in life and it’s the reason

he continues volunteering.

In addition being an Environmental

Education guide, John shares his passion

for Hidden Villa’s community by researching

our historic stage coach stop and doing

construction work in our Education Garden.

In the two past years, John has helped

complete a cold frame, a natural tree

house, and a deluxe worm bin. He adds

that Hidden Villa is the “premium spot; the

delightful staff, interns, volunteers, and

animals create a great community.”

If you are interested in volunteering

like John, please contact Marc Sidel at



for all programs

on our online

calendar at




Little Red Hen Baking Class

Saturday, 3:00 – 5:00 pm

For ages 6 to 8

Who will grind the wheat? Who will churn

the butter? Who will gather the eggs?

Who will make yummy cookies? How

about YOU? Come make 100% organic

treats the old-fashioned way by gathering

the ingredients from the farm yourself.

Have fun baking with our teachers (and

some new friends) while your adult goes

for a hike on our trails or just relaxes in

the garden! Location: Meet at kiosk $25

per child, no adult required to attend.


Toddlers on the Farm Series

Three classes in the series, will meet on

Friday 3/9, 3/16, and 3/23.

Ages 1.5 to 3.5 and parents/caregivers.

Bury your hands in sheep wool, throw

corn to the chickens, and more. Be

prepared to get dirty! Offered rain or


Location: Meet at kiosk

$65 per first child and adult, $30 per

each add’l person, no charge for sibs

under 18 months of age.

Guided Night Hike

Friday, 7:00 – 8:30 pm

For adults and families.

Enjoy a rare opportunity to enjoy Hidden

Villa after hours. Bring a flashlight and

experience our back country trails with

an experienced naturalist guide, as light

fades and the stars come out. There’s

nothing like the intimate feeling of

darkness to bring you and your family

closer than ever to your connection


to the natural world! Recommended

for ages 6 and up - trail is moderately


Location: Meet at kiosk

$7 per person


Weekend Preschoolers on

the Farm Series

Three classes in series, will meet on

Saturday 3/10, 3/17, and 3/24.

Ages 3-5 plus parents/caregivers.

Bury your hands in sheep wool, throw

corn to the chickens, and more! Be

prepared to get dirty. Offered rain or


Location: Meet at kiosk

$65 per first child and adult, $30 per

each add’l person, no charge for sibs

under 18 months of age.

Future Farmers

Saturday, 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Ages 7-11yrs, must have been born by

September 2004

Does your child love animals? Now they

can shadow our interns as they do their

afternoon chores. They’ll see first hand

how we care for our wonderful Cows,

Sheep, Goats, Chickens and Pigs. Sure

to be an experience to remember! In

a small group of only 4 total, this is a

kids-only class - no adult participation


Location: Meet at kiosk

$35 per person



CHEESE Please Pizza Lunch

Sunday,10:00 am – 12:00 pm

For kids-only, ages 6 - 11

What a fun way to learn how to make

mozzarella cheese, right here on the

farm. Search our amazing garden too for

edible flowers and greens, then create

your own pita pizza and freshly picked

salad for a healthy lunch to eat! No

adult participation required!

Location: Duveneck House

$35 per child, no adult required to



Kids in the Kitchen

Saturday, 3:00– 5:00 pm

For kids only, ages 9 - 11

Come see your organic treats from

start to finish! Collect eggs from our

chickens; pick up cream from the milk

parlor; churn butter; see how wheat is

ground; core and peel farm-fresh apples;

and bake some goodies! This kids only

cooking class takes place in the cozy

Duveneck house where they will make

quesadillas from homemade tortillas

and turnovers from scratch. No adult

participation required!

Location: Meet at kiosk

$25 per child, no parent required to



Become a Weekend

Farm Guide

Sunday, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Age 16 and up

Do you enjoy being on the farm?

We need folks to help introduce

our weekend visitors to the charms

and wonders of Hidden Villa farm

and garden. Come see how you can

become a trusted guide for us!

No experience necessary. All training

is provided. People from age 0 to

100 come with questions about the

rich history of Hidden Villa and to

meet all the animals up close and

personally — wouldn’t it be fun to

show them?

Location: Meet at kiosk

FREE event

Afternoon Cow Wow

Sunday, 3:30 – 5:00 pm

Ages 5 and up, must have been born by

September 2006

Come help us milk Cleo, our cow. Learn

fun cow facts, help feed and care for our

dairy queen, and practice proper milking


Location: Meet at kiosk

$20 per person. Children under 12 must

be accompanied by a paying adult


Hidden Villa Moovie Nite:

Queen of the Sun

Friday, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Adult program

Our popular movie series here at the

farm features the best, most timely

and informative documentaries... come

watch and join in on the post-show

presentation and discussion - a great

way to learn and connect with our

community too!

Queen of the Sun takes you on a journey

through the mysterious world of the

beehive – this engaging and ultimately

uplifting film weaves the dramatic story

of the heartfelt struggles of beekeepers,

scientists and philosophers around the

world. Together they reveal the problems

and the solutions in renewing a culture

in balance with nature.

Location: Dana Center

$10 per person



The Scoop on Poop

Saturday, 10:00 am – 12:00pm

For ages 3 to 5, plus caregivers Get the

scoop on poop in this fun gardening

class just for preschoolers. We’ll meet

at the Kiosk, gather our farm tools and

head out onto the farm to collect all the

ingredients we need to plant our Spring

garden…even poop! We’ll discover

why poop is an important ingredient in

everything we eat from fruits and veggies

to milk and ice cream. All participants

will create a mini-planter with a seedling

that they can take home and raise in

their own garden.

Location: Meet at kiosk $20 per first

child and adult, $8 per each add’l



Manure to Meadow to


Saturday, 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Family Program (recommended that

children be age 5 and up)

Join your son or daughter in making

homemade organic ice cream topped

with fresh fruits and herbs from Hidden

Villa’s garden. Meet our dairy cows, Cleo

and Vida and learn how they convert the

work of worms into the main ingredient

for a favorite treat!

Location: Meet at kiosk

$12 per adult

$8 per child, ages 5 – 12



Afternoon Cow Wow

Sunday, 3:30 – 5:00 pm

Please see 3/18 for a full description.


Morning Cow Wow

Saturday, 8:30 – 10:00 am

Please see 3/18 for a full description.

Future Farmers

Saturday, 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Please see 3/10 for a full description.

Please note our Calendar is subject

to change. For the latest information,

please check our website at



Sheep Shearing Day

Saturday, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

For all ages

Come see our sheep get

their annual hair-cut! Cheer

hardworking herding dogs as they

round up sheep! Get your hands

into all kinds of activities and see

how fleece from sheep turns into

wonderful wool. Make a felt pouch,

create some crazy yarn critters,

and try out finger knitting. Spend

time in our special “Little Lambs”

activity area for toddlers and

preschoolers too. Peruse our silent

auction, including exciting items

such as vacation stays, guided

hikes, gourmet food and wine and

much, much more! All proceeds

from this Day will go to support

our Environmental Education and

Social Justice themed programs.

Location: Farm-wide

$12 per person, toddlers under 2,

no charge.

Parking is limited to 300 spaces.


CHEESE Please Pizza Lunch

Sunday,10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Please see 3/11 for a full description.


Guided Night Hike

Friday, 7:30 – 9:00 pm

Please see 3/9 for a full description.


Spring Native Plant Sale


Find scores of species of hard-to-find

native plants, seeds, and bulbs suitable

for California gardens. Organized by

California Native Plant Society (Santa

Clara Valley Chapter). Come early for the

best selection; bring boxes in which to

carry purchases home. Cash or check

only. For more information, visit www.

cnps-scv.org, email CNPS_scv@yahoo.

com, or call (650) 941-1068. 10% of

proceeds will benefit Hidden Villa.

Hidden Villa Moovie Nite:


Friday, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Adult program

We are proud to partner with Green

Town Los Altos on our popular movie

series featuring excellent, timely, and

informative documentaries. Come

watch and join in on the post-show

presentation and discussion.

From the pollution of plastic

production to the ocean in where these

bottles end up, Tapped is a behindthe-scenes

look at the billion dollar

bottled water industry — an industry that

aims to privatize and sell back the one

resource that ought never to become a

commodity: our water.

Location: Dana Center

$10 per person


Gardening for Beginners

Saturday, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

For Adults

Imagine walking out into your own

garden and gathering crispy lettuce,

juicy carrots and ruby red tomatoes for

dinner… sound like fantasy? Do you

dream of a pretty garden, but you barely

know a rake from a shovel? Never fear…

this class is for you! Now is the time to

plant -- Teacher Kimi is kind, patient and

super knowledgeable – she’ll get you

going on your dream garden in no time!

Potluck lunch following class.

Location: Educational Garden

$10 per person

Afternoon Cow Wow

Saturday, 3:30 – 5:00 pm

Please see 3/18 for a full description.



Guided FULL MOON Night


Friday, 8:00 – 9:30 pm

Please see 3/9 for a full description.


Greywater Workshop

Sunday, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

For Adults and Students age 16 and up

Using your greywater is now legal, in fact

you can use your washing machine water

without a building permit! Roy Nordblom

III, early greenbuilder, sustainable

construction consultant and trainer

will teach you what you need to know

- working knowledge to take home and

do the same to your washing machine.

Save water, save money, save the planet!

Participants will help in the construction

of dispersion-basins, so bring boots and

gloves. Potluck lunch following class.

Location: Dana Center

$75 per person, $35 per senior, student,

or limited income.


Mothers Day Celebration

with The Jazz Duo

Sunday, 3:00 – 5:00 pm

All ages welcome.

Bring a blanket and picnic and relax

away the day on our big green lawn to

the cool sound of The Jazz Duo – mellow

and smooth. Dance cheek to cheek with

your baby, it’s music guaranteed to have

you swaying. We’ll have a special craft

area … make a little present for the mom

in your life. Come early and enjoy a visit

to see the farm and garden in bloom …

what a nice way to celebrate the day!

Location: Dana Center

$5 per person in advance, toddlers

under 2, no charge


WILD FOODS of Hidden Villa

Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 pm For

ages 12 and up

Discover some of California’s most

delicious and nutritious wild edible

plants. Join ethnobotanist Jolie Egert for

a fun and educational guided walk that

explores the edible plants of Hidden

Villa. You will learn how to safely identify

and prepare wild plants for food. Then, at

the end of the walk we’ll cook and share

a yummy light lunch with acorn snacks,

wild salad greens and bay tree capers!

Jolie Egert M.S. is a botanist, forest

ecologist and herbalist, and principal

at Go Wild Consulting, a company

that fosters healthy ecosystems

and our connections to them: www.


Location: Meet at kiosk

$20 per person


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Use Your Talents to Support Hidden Villa’s Programs

W e


Hidden Villa is a nonprofit, charitable organization,

exempt under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3). About

half of our budget comes from gifts from individuals,

foundations and corporations; the other half comes from

fees and other sources of income. Visit our website to

find how you can support Hidden Villa.

Nonprofit Org.

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Los Altos, CA

are currently searching for items to feature in our 2012 silent auctions at two

events in support of Hidden Villa Scholarships and Partnerships. Each event

attracts nearly 400 attendees and is a great opportunity for you to showcase your passion

while helping Hidden Villa reach its goal of providing $350,000

in scholarship and partnership support in 2012.

Previously, our auctions have featured items such as remote

and local vacation getaways, local art/photography, wine,

cooking workshops, fitness classes, catered dinner parties, food/

drink samplers, fine dining experiences, and local adventures

(like a personal plane tour around the Bay!), but we are always

open to considering new and exciting ideas that will make our

auction unique.

Please contact Bryden at (650) 949-9702 or bjohnston@hiddenvilla.org to discuss

ideas as we have limited space and seek to create two unique and dynamic auctions.

Announcing: Hidden Villa Photo Contest

S ubmit

and vote for the best Hidden Villa photos for our first-ever Photo

Contest! 10 of your favorite images will be printed and entered in a final

round with celebrity judges. Win a CSA membership and have your photo

displayed in a photo gallery—all for a great cause!

The contest is open from March 1st to Earth Day (April 22). Winners will be

notified shortly thereafter. See our Facebook Page for more details.

Submit your photos on our Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/hiddenvilla).

Don’t forget to become a Fan!

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Hidden Villa will

respect and protect your personal information. The data you choose to provide will be kept secure and will only be

accessible to authorized and trained staff members. By entering the contest, you consent that the photo you release

may be used by Hidden Villa in any advertisement, promotional material or other media solely for the purpose of

publicizing Hidden Villa programs.

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