Voyager Exel - THORN Lighting

Voyager Exel - THORN Lighting

Voyager ExelModular emergency luminairerange with excellent performance

Voyager ExelA complete solution forcorridors and open spacesWhether you are looking for abulkhead or an exit sign, ceilingor wall mounted or a recessedemergency luminaire - VoyagerExel allows you to select andcombine precisely what youneed for your application.Thorn presents the completesolution. You simply decide ifyou want a basic emergencyversion, a self testing version(Thorn Explorer SelfTest) or anaddressable version (workingwith the Emergency LightingControl systems Thorn ExplorerProject and Explorer System).One concept through the wholebuilding, providing all the safetyyou need and enough light inopen space areas to dispelfeelings of panic, guiding you tothe exits in times of emergency.Just rely on Voyager Exel.2

Anti-panic lightingThe emergency lightingin open spaces has to providesufficient light to avoid panic(0.5 lux according toEuropean standards)Shops are a typical example ofan open space, customers mustfeel safe during an emergency oronly a short mains failure.If there is the need to evacuatethe building, everyone must beguided along the shortestpossible way to the nearest exit,without any risk.In the open space area of theshop you would use thebulkhead version of Voyager Exelfor providing anti-panic lighting.If the shop is fitted with asuspended ceiling you would usethe recessed version - nowVoyager Exel looks sleek and isintegrated into the ceiling.For guiding customers along anescape route you simply need toadd the double sided exit signattachment instead of the diffuser.Alternatively you could fix one ofthe legends onto the diffuser andmount Voyager Exel onto the wallor above the door for escaperoute signage.Other typically open spaceapplications with the sameneeds are offices, conferencerooms, hotel lobbies, restaurants,cinema foyers and many more.3

Escape route lightingEmergency lighting hasto provide sufficient light toguide people to safety (1 luxaccording European standard)In times of emergency it isessential for people to be able tosee the way out and locate firefighting and safety equipment.Take for example a corridor ofan office building. There arechanges in levels and directions.There are all the exit doorsintended to be used in anemergency. You find emergencyexit and safety signs. In thecorridor itself you have all theintersections, the first aid posts,fire fighting equipment and (firealarm) call points. Lastly there isthe area outside the finalexit door.All of these areas and manymore have to be regarded whenplanning the emergency lighting.For the escape route lightingyou would use the bulkheadversion of the Voyager Exel.The recessed version allowsyou to integrate VoyagerExel into a suspended orplasterboard ceiling.For signage you simply add thedouble sided exit sign attachmentinstead of the diffuser or fix oneof the legend labels onto thediffuser and mount VoyagerExel onto the wall e.g. abovethe door.You will find corridors in otherapplications as well, forexample, hotels, schools and inthe staircases of all buildingsin general.4

Excellent optical performancexaySpacing table for Escape routes (1 lux)wall tobetweenluminaire luminairesMounting height2.5mx2.2y7.23m 1.6 6.9b acVoyager Exel has superb opticalperformance that has beenoptimised to give excellentspacing in the emergency mode.This means that for a typicalcorridor (2m wide) luminairesare spaced at 7.2m (for amounting height of 3m).ModularityVoyager Exel is as modular asbuilding blocks, just pick whatyou need for your applicationand put it together:• The basis of the Voyager Exelproduct range is the bulkheadwith the high performingoptical diffuser. You can mountit onto surfaces like ceilingsand walls.• Instead of the diffuser you canattach the double sided exitsign to the bulkhead body tocreate a ceiling mountedescape route sign.Needing only 3 luminaires for atypical 19m corridor, means thatyou save the installation costs ofan extra luminaire (if using oneswith lower performance). Thisrepresents an overall cost savingof 25% - materials and labour.• If the building is fitted withsuspended ceilings, you canuse the recessed versions ofeither the bulkhead or the exitsign to integrate Voyager Exelinto, a slender andunobtrusive solution!• For both the diffuser and forthe double sided exit signattachment, self-adhesivelegends are used, helping youto adapt Voyager Exel toprovide escape route signage.Spacing table for Open areas (0.5 lux)wall to between betweenluminaire luminaires luminairesMounting height2.5ma2.1b8.1c5.73m 2.0 8.5 6.05

Making life easySelfTest and addressabletest versions of VoyagerExel eliminate the needfor expensive and timeconsuming manual testingJust like fire protection systems,emergency lighting is potentiallylife saving but worthless andhazardous if the equipment is notproperly maintained. As aconsequence there areincreasingly stringent legalrequirements to regularly inspect,test and maintain emergencylighting in workplaces or publicbuildings. Explorer, the ThornLighting Emergency Test productrange, provides automatedtesting of emergency luminairesthat is fully compliant withEuropean Standards. This offerscomplete peace of mind andsafety without the need for costlyand time-consuming manualtesting by a competent person,which is required for the basicemergency range version ofVoyager Exel. Explorer has beendesigned with three options tosuit varying requirementsand budgets.Explorer SelfTestSelfTest has an integraldiagnostic microprocessorcontained within an emergencyluminaire, e.g. the Voyager Exel.A bi-colour LED integrated in theluminaire indicates status as itmonitors and automatically testsits emergency functions atintervals compliant withlegislation. Easy to install andrequiring no additional cabling,Explorer SelfTest provides simpleand reliable standaloneautomatic testing, eliminating theneed for costly manual testing bya competent person.Explorer ProjectAn addressable testing system,providing fully automaticmonitoring, testing and faultlogging for emergency luminarieslike the Voyager Exel, using theExplorer Project XP128Controller. Explorer Project’saddressable fault reportingcapabilities eliminate the needfor visual inspection. This offers ahighly convenient and fullyprogrammable solution that isideal for small and medium sizedprojects of up to 128 luminaires(or when using the ExplorerProject XPX64 Extenders, up to256 luminaires) can becontrolled. The system works byperiodically and automaticallytesting the emergency luminairesfor working efficiency. The testsare centrally recorded and anyfaults are logged. These can thenbe printed (using the handheldExplorer Project XPPRI Printer) or,if the optional Explorer ProjectXPGSM module is installed, faultscan also be reported via an SMStext message to a mobile phone.Fault reports identify theluminaire concerned and thetype of fault (lamp, battery oremergency interface), allowingswift location and repair.Explorer SystemA programmable addressabletesting system for emergencylighting, which allows tests to berun automatically, or manuallyusing a central PC with amonitoring software. Faults arelogged and recorded and faultreports can then be printed,emailed or faxed. An idealsolution for larger projects,eliminating the need forvisual inspection andmaintenance walks.Third FloorSecond FloorFirst FloorGround Floor...........................GSM ModuleMains....................................................................................................................................................................................RS232 (max 3m)300m maxto last XP-Extender..................................................................................................XP128 ControllerXP ExtenderLoop 464 Luminaires300m maxfrom XP-ExtenderXP ExtenderLoop 364 Luminaires300m maxfrom XP-ExtenderXP ExtenderLoop 264 Luminaires300m maxfrom XP-Extender.............................Loop 164 Luminaires300m max(furthest Luminaire300m away)............................................................................ExplorerSystemNetworkTCP/IPExplorer Project64 luminaires64 luminaires64 luminaires64 luminaires64 luminaires64 luminaires64 luminaires64 luminaires64 luminaires64 luminaires64 luminaires64 luminaires64 luminaires64 luminaires64 luminaires64 luminairesExplorer System6

BulkheadSurfaceSemi recessedAccessoriesVoyager ExelLegend for wall mounted version Exit sign with legend Exit sign with legendAn economical and highperformance 8W IP65 bulkheadwith automatic testingcapabilities, suitable for indoorand outdoor applications.Surface mountedSemi-recessed• High lumen output allows wideluminaire spacing• Non-maintained andmaintained versions available• Available with ExplorerSelfTest and addressable testfor hassle free testing• IP65 protection• Choice of bulkhead or exitsign versions for differentapplications• Double sided exit attachmentavailable, supplied completewith legend transfersLamps8W T16 (FD) linearfluorescent. Cap: G5Materials/FinishBody: white polycarbonateDiffuser: clear prismaticpolycarbonateExit attachment: opalpolycarbonateInstallation/MountingSurface with 20mm rear cableentry. BESA fixing to rear.Four/six way terminal block2 x 2.5mm 2 capacity.StandardsDesigned and manufactured tocomply with EN60598.2-22EN61547 and EN55015.850°C Glow wire.Ta -5°C to +25°CClass I Electrical.IP65SpecificationTo specify state:Economical high performancemaintained/non-maintained3 hour duration emergencybulkhead for 8W T16 linearfluorescent lamps with manual,self or addressabletesting capabilities.As Thorn Voyager Exel.Surface mounted with legend370cut out120cut out350 1004930Semi-recessed with legendWall mounted with legendOrdering guide Supplied complete with lampDescription Ilcos Code Socket Weight (Kg) SAP CodeSurfaceVOYAGER EXEL 1X8W T16 E3M WHI MSF FD G5 1.3 96218836VOYAGER EXEL 1X8W T16 E3NM WHI MSF FD G5 1.2 96218837VOYAGER EXEL 1X8W T16 E3MT WHI MSF FD G5 1.4 96218838VOYAGER EXEL 1X8W T16 E3MX WHI MSF FD G5 1.4 96218839390142RecessedVOYAGER EXEL 1X8W T16 E3M WHI MSR FD G5 1.9 96229334VOYAGER EXEL 1X8W T16 E3NM WHI MSR FD G5 1.8 96229335VOYAGER EXEL 1X8W T16 E3MT WHI MSR FD G5 2 96229336VOYAGER EXEL 1X8W T16 E3MX WHI MSR FD G5 2 96229337E3M - Maintained, WHI - White, E3NM - Non-maintained, E3MT - Maintained SelfTest, E3MX - Maintained addressable test370cut out390142120cut out350 10049113AccessoriesDescription Weight (kg) SAP CodeVOYAGER EXEL/ECO LEGEND Legend kit for bulkhead 0.1 96013469VOYAGER EXEL/ECO KIT EDP OP PC Double sided exit sign attachment with Legends 0.3 96013468VOYAGER EXEL BATTERY SPARE LN NICD 2 Voyager Exel Spare Battery for 96218836, -837and 96229334, -335 (2x ‘F’ Cell NiCd) 0.4 96228955EMERG BATTERY SPARE LN NICD 4 Voyager Exel Spare Battery for 96218838, -839and 96229336, -337 (4x ‘D’ Cell NiCd) 0.5 96211352XP128 Explorer Project Controller 22154297XPX64 Explorer Project Extender 22154301XPPRI Explorer Project Printer 22154299XPGSM Explorer Project GSM Module 22154298XPPSU Power Supply for XPGSM 22154300Explorer System ** Available on request7

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All descriptions, illustrations, drawings and specifications in this publication present only general particulars and shall not form partof any contract. The right is reserved to change specifications without prior notification or public announcement. All goods supplied by the company are supplied subject to the company's GeneralConditions of Sale, a copy of which is available on request. All measurements are in millimetres and weights in kilograms unless otherwise stated.Publication No: 357(INT) Publication Date: 05/05

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