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George Alleyne - IFPMA

George Alleyne - IFPMA

UN HLM Political

UN HLM Political Declarationas the basis for the analysisFirst: Recognizes “ A challenge of epidemicproportions.”Next: as the first focus of the response to thechallenge.“Recognizes that the rising prevalence ,morbidity and mortality of NCDs worldwidecan be largely prevented and controlledthrough collective and multisectoral actionby all member states and other relevantstakeholders…”

Political DeclarationFurther: speaks to “Whole of governmentapproaches” and refers to at least 13 differentsectors or agencies of governmentAnd: acknowledges the important roles played byall relevant stakeholders eg, civil society andwhere as appropriate the private sector andindustry….And: instructs the SG; to develop options forstrengthening and facilitating multisectoralaction for the prevention and control of NCdsthrough effective partnerships

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