Geography Quiz Review

Geography Quiz Review

Key Terms" Location Where a place is Place A location identified by the physical characteristics of a location Region A place united by one or more common characteristics Movement People traveling from one place to another permanently Environment The physical characteristics and natural surroundings of an area Longitude Distance east or west of the Prime Meridian Latitude Distance north or south of the Equator

EquatorKey Terms (cont.)"Imaginary line that runs around the earth halfway between the North and SouthPoles Prime MeridianImaginary line of the global grid running from the North Pole to the South Polethrough Greenwich, England Map Drawing of the earth shown on a flat surface Globe A round scale model of the earth Projection Way of showing the earth on a flat piece of paper Key (Legend) Explains the lines, symbols and colors used on a map Scale A measuring line that helps you figure the distance on a map

Essential Elements of 1. Location (Where?) 2. Place (What?) 3. Physical SystemsGeography" 4. Human Systems 5. Human/Environment Interaction 6. Uses

" What are the three types of regions? Formal Functional PerceptualRegions

Physical Systems" How do the physical characteristics of where we liveaffect our lives? The physical characteristics determine: Where we can live How we build our houses What we eat What we wear

" How have people shaped our world? Boundary lines Settlements MovementHumans andEnvironment Name the places from which your family or ancestorsmoved. What were the reasons why they left theirhomes to live in another place?

" What does Geography help us understand? People Places EnvironmentsUses

Maps" What information can maps display? Political Boundaries Population Densities Physical features Voting returns

Map Technology" What are the two most common types of technologyused by geographers? Geographic Information System (GIS) Global Positioning System (GPS)

" What are the names of four of the common mapprojections: Goode’s Robinson Winkel Tripel MercatorMap Projections

" What is a general purpose map, and what are thetwo most common? Shows a wide range of general information about anarea Two most common Physical PoliticalMaps

" Give examples of a Special Purpose/Thematic map: Emphasizes on subject or theme Climate Natural resources Historical information Battles Territorial changes Population densityMaps

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