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Page 4Applications close Thursday, 20th DecemberIf your application arrives after this date, you will be charged a $75 administration feeWhy an administration fee? Due to an increasing number of applicants registering during the week prior to, and theweek of camp, it has become necessary to charge an administration fee to cover the extra costs associated with lastminute purchases for activities and crafts, in order for all attendees to participate in camp activities. We encourageyou to register by Thursday, 20th December so your family can be included in bus trips, crafts and activities withoutincurring an extra fee and this will also help our staff in their planning and purchasing for all activities.Camp set up and RegistrationCamp set up occurs during the week prior to camp and in order for our staff to complete camp set up safely and withoutinterruption or delay, it is best if campers do not arrive before Friday, 11th January. If for some reason this cannot beavoided, please notify the Conference office, or request an early arrival on your application form.Camp Registration will commence on Friday, 11th January from 9.00 am.Notes on Activities• An ACTIVE PASS includes all activities for theweek and is offered at a discounted rate.• A DAY PASS is valid for the individual activity onthe listed day, unless otherwise stated.• Pre purchased activity passes will be availablefor collection from the Camp Office once consentforms have been completed.ACTIVITY CONSENT and MEDICALAUTHORISATION FORMS• An Activity Consent form and a MedicalAuthorisation form MUST be completed by everyparticipant or parent / guardian prior to participatingin any camp activity. Copies will be available atthe camp office.• If you would like the above forms emailed to youso they can be completed and returned prior tocamp, make sure you tick the box on the CampActivities page (6).BEGINNERS and KINDY• The combined Beginners and Kindy program willbe combined held in the Community Lounge in themain Administration Building.• Children will need to be signed in and out of eachprogram. Please be considerate of our staff byensuring you are on time for both drop off and pickup times.• Make sure your child brings a hat and drink to theafternoon activities programs.• A fancy dress day is planned, so your child cancome dressed as their favourite animal.PRIMARY• Children will need to be signed in and out of eachprogram. Please be considerate of our staff byensuring you are on time for both drop off and pickup times.• Make sure your child brings a hat and drink to allprograms.JUNIORS and TEENS• Wrist bands will be issued to the Juniors and Teenswho purchase an Active Pass. It is expected thatthe wrist band will be worn by the owner for theduration of camp as it denotes participation in allthe week’s activities. There will be no refunds orreplacements for lost or damaged wrist bands soplease treat them with care.• Those who purchase individual activities will beissued with a day pass which will be valid only forthe listed activity.YOUTH• This year there is a choice of three Active Passes:Base Camp Pass (for those coming for theweekends or week who want to be involved).Extreme 1 Pass (for those who want to beactively involved in the whole of camp).Extreme 2 Pass (for those who want to beextremely involved).• Those planning on doing the White WaterRafting Day Trip will need to have theirapplications and money in to the office nolater than 20 December, 2012, so numbers canbe given to the White Water Rafting Company.(You will need enclosed shoes and clothingthat can get wet and dirty).• Day Passes can be purchased as listed.ADULTS• Check your program for afternoon session timesand places.• The meeting place for the afternoon just for fun /social time is the hospitality tent.

Application Form 2013Page 5Please note: An application form is required from all camp participants whether stayingon or off the grounds so your children can be included in day trips, crafts, and activities.Surname: _______________________________ Given Name: __________________Address: _____________________________________________________________Post Code: _________ Email: ____________________________________________Office Use OnlyDate Rec’dPaymentHome Phone: ___________________________ Mobile: _______________________Home Church: _________________________________________________________Receipt No.q I will be staying off site.qqqI need a site near the amenities for health / aged / disability or mobility reasons.(We will do our best to accommodate your request)I would like to camp near: ____________________________________________I would like the same site as last year: Site no. ___________________________Date Mailed/EmailedNo. Facilities Price $Powered Caravan site. Caravan length: $210.00Powered Tent site $210.00Unpowered Caravan site. Caravan length: $105.00Unpowered Tent site $105.00Chalet - 8 beds (max. 8 people / min. 4 people) $800.00Dormitory - 8 beds (max. 8 people / min. 4 people) $600.00Dormitory - 4 beds (max. 4 people) $400.00Allocated SitePCaravan No.PTent No.UPCaravan No.UPTent No.Chalet No.Dorm No.Dorm No.Less 5% early bird discount if full payment and application is received atthe office by 12 November, 2012.-$(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS on page 8) TOTAL for Facilities: $ AttendeesPlease record the name and age group of all attendees - adults and children, as per the age groups listed below:Beginners and Kindy: (0 - 5 yrs) Primary: (6 - 9 yrs) Junior: (10 - 12 yrs)Teen: (13 - 6 yrs) Youth: (17 - 30 yrs) AdultSurname Given Name Age Group

Page 6Camp Activities 2013Name: __________________________________ Daytime Phone No. ___________________________q Please email me the activity and medical consent forms as per my email address on page 5.ActivityPriceper passPRIMARY Active Pass (save $16 ) $55Day PassesNo.Req’d• Dessert and games night (Sunday) $ 7 $• Thredbo Water Sports (Monday) $35 $• Craft (Tuesday) $14 $• T Shirt (with 2013 Big Camp primary logo) $15 $(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 8) TOTAL for Primary: $JUNIOR Active Pass (save $17 ) $80Day Passes• Water Skiing (Monday) $18 $• Thredbo bob sled, pool & water slide (Tuesday) $35 $• Go carts, frisbee golf, sumo, on site activities (Thurs) $14 $• Movie Night and Meal (Friday) $10 $• Craft (5 sessions @ $5 each) $20 $(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 8) TOTAL for Junior: $TEEN Active Pass (save $27 ) $110Day Passes• Mini Olympics (Monday) $5 $• Canberra Trip: Laser Tag (Tuesday) $75 $• Water Skiing (Thursday) $15 $• Go carts, frisbee golf, sumo, etc. (Friday) $15 $(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 8) TOTAL for Teen: $CostFirst Name onActive PassT ShirtSizeYOUTH Base Camp Pass (value $79 - cost $25)Includes: Friday night drinks, All breakfasts, Monday morninggames activity, THE COMP (Thursday), Resource Pack,Big Camp 2013 Youth T-shirt.YOUTH Extreme 1 Pass (value $140 - cost $109)Includes Base Camp pass, Night Go Carts, Sport & Rec.Trampoline & Gymnastics, Water Skiing, Banquet, Service &Community Afternoon.$$Sport & Rec. Trampoline & Gymnastics (Monday) $35 $Water Skiing (Tuesday & Friday) $25 $Banquet (Wednesday) $40 $Night Go Carts $10 $Service & Community afternoon (Thursday) $5 $YOUTH Extreme 2 Pass (valued at $324 - cost $280)Includes Base Camp pass, Extreme 1 Pass (excluding Sport& Rec. Trampoline & Gymnastics), White Water Rafting DayTrip which includes lunch.White Water Rafting Day Trip with lunch (Monday) $215 $(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 8) TOTAL for Youth: $Page 6 | 7

Meal Orders 2013Page 7Name: ________________________________________ Daytime Phone No. _____________________Please tick relevant option: q I will be staying on site. q I will be staying off site.Please Note: (Refer to page 9 for Menu)●●LUNCH includes daily savoury and seasonal vegetables. Dessert is a SEPARATE purchase.●●LUNCH SAVOURY ONLY (no vegetables) can be purchased separately.●●DINNER includes daily item and seasonal salads.●●Meal tickets MUST be purchased prior to arriving at camp. No refunds will be given on meal tickets and nochanges can be made once meals are ordered. Payment must accompany your meal order.●●FREE BBQ lunch tickets will be issued for each registered campers (as listed on your application form)and will be added to your registration pack for collection at camp.Closing date for meal orders and BBQ lunch tickets is THURSDAY, 20 DECEMBER, 2012.Day / MealCost perserveNo. ofservesCostFriday 11 JanuaryDINNER $8.00Sabbath 12 JanuaryBREAKFAST $9.00LUNCH $8.00LUNCH dessert $3.00LUNCH savoury only $3.00DINNER $8.00Sunday 13 JanuaryBREAKFAST $9.00FREE BBQ Lunch $0.00 NILDINNER $8.00Monday 14 JanuaryBREAKFAST $9.00LUNCH $8.00LUNCH dessert $3.00LUNCH savoury only $3.00DINNER $8.00Tuesday 15 JanuaryBREAKFAST $9.00LUNCH $8.00LUNCH dessert $3.00LUNCH savoury only $3.00DINNER $8.00Wednesday 16 JanuaryBREAKFAST $9.00LUNCH $8.00LUNCH dessert $3.00LUNCH savoury only $3.00DINNER $8.00Subtotal (1st column) $Day / MealCost perserveThursday 17 JanuaryBREAKFAST $9.00LUNCH $8.00LUNCH dessert $3.00LUNCH savoury only $3.00DINNER $8.00Friday 18 JanuaryBREAKFAST $9.00LUNCH savoury only $8.00LUNCH dessert $3.00LUNCH savoury only $3.00DINNER $8.00Sabbath 19 JanuaryBREAKFAST $9.00LUNCH $8.00LUNCH dessert $3.00LUNCH savoury only $3.00DINNER $8.00Sunday 20 JanuaryBREAKFAST $9.00No. ofservesSubtotal (2nd column) $+ Subtotal (1st column) $TOTAL for Meals $Cost(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 8)Please Note:On Sunday, 13th January there will bea free BBQ lunch (which is co-sponsored by theSanitarium Health Food Company) for all registeredcampers with a BBQ meal ticket. Your meal tickets willbe in your registration pack according to the number ofattendees listed on your application form. There will beno meal served in the dining room at this time.

Camp Information ...Page 10●●●●Camp Registration: Call at the camp office toregister your presence and collect your registrationpack on Friday, 11th January, from 9.00 am.Camp Office: The camp office will be open from9:00 am - 6.00 pm daily (except for Sabbaths) forall administrative enquiries, payments, collectionof activity passes and meal tickets.●●Offsite Campers: If you are staying off site,please register your family on a camp applicationform prior to Thursday, 20 December 2012, so youcan be included in our numbers for bus trips, craftsand activities.●●●●●●Dining Room: Plates and cutlery are provided fordine in guests only. Please bring your own platesfor take away meals. Serving times are as follows:Breakfast: 8.15 - 8.45 amLunch: 12.30 - 1.15 pmDinner: 6.00 - 6.30 pmAdventist Book Centre: The on-site Book Shophas a large range of christian literature, bibles,games, CDs, DVDs, groceries, Sanitariumproducts and much more. Shop for some greatbargains or just enjoy browsing.The Book Hour will be in the big tent on Sunday13th January at 10.30 am.Jindy Limo Service: This service will operate onsealed surfaces between the adult tent, the chaletsand dormitories prior to meeting and meal times.Priority will be given to our elderly and specialneeds campers.Camp Facilities●●Chalet and Dormitory Accommodation: ForOH&S reasons and insurance purposes, pleasedo not exceed the maximum number of peopleallowed in each facility as listed below:Dormitory (4 bed): Maximum 4 people. 2 bunkbeds (linen not included), 1 shower unit, toilet,vanity, under floor heating.Dormitory (8 bed): Maximum 8 people. 4 bunkbeds (linen not included), 2 shower units, toilet,vanity, kitchenette, under floor heating.Chalet (8 bed): Maximum 8 people. Fullyfurnished, two bedrooms curtained for privacy(linen not included), ensuite, kitchen includingstovetop, fridge, all kitchen utensils, TV, DVD,heating.●●Caravans: Please include the length of yourcaravan on the application form where indicated.- If you are hiring a caravan please advise theowner that delivery/pick up will not be acceptedon Sabbath.●●Tents: You will need to bring your own tent andfurnishings as there are no Conference tentsprovided.●●Part Week Bookings: Sorry, no part weekbookings will be accepted for any facility.●●Refunds: Sorry no refunds will be given after20 December, 2012 unless your site can be rebooked.Camp ConditionsThis is a Christian camp and therefore your conduct,dress and deportment should be in harmony withSeventh-day Adventist principles.We want you to have a great camp experience in a safeplace, so we encourage you to observe the conditionsbelow:●●●●●●Child Protection: For the safety and protectionof all our children at camp, it is a requirementthat children attending the Beginners, Kindy andPrimary programs must be signed in and out ofeach event by a Parent or Guardian.Fires: Open fires are NOT permitted on the Campground.Drug Free Zone: The Adventist Alpine Villagerequires that no alcohol, tobacco or illicit drugs areto be brought on to the camp ground. Conferenceleaders reserve the right to ask people who do notabide by this regulation to leave the grounds.●●Vehicle Access: Please park only in thedesignated car parks as all access roads must bekept clear for emergency vehicles.●●●●●●●●Speed Limit: Please observe the 10 kph speedrestriction at all times throughout the camp ground.Noise: Please be considerate of your campingneighbours and observe quiet time from 10.00 pm- 6.00 am.Pets: No pets are permitted on the camp ground.Bicycles: Campers are welcome to bring pushbikes to camp, however, for your own safety BIKEHELMETS ARE COMPULSORY AND MUST BEWORN WHILE RIDING.protect your head - wear your helmet

Juniors Teens Youth ProgramPage 11Morning Worship Family Worship Morning Session Afternoon Session Night ProgramJUNIOR 7.30 - 8.00 9.30 - 10.15 10.30 - 12.30 2.00 - 6.00 7.30 - 9.00TEENS 7.30 - 8.00 9.30 - 10.30 10.30 - 12.30 2.30 - 5.30 7.30 - 9.00 / 9.00 - 9.45YOUTH 8.30 - 9.30 9.30 - 10.15 11.00 - 6.00 7.30 - 9.00 / 9.00 - 10.30Friday13Sabbath14Sunday15Monday16Tuesday17Wednesday18Thursday19Friday20Sabbath21Night WorshipNight Program / Milo & MusicNight Program / The HubFree Time 9.30 Sabbath School 11.00 Church 3.00 Singalong / 4.30 Show & Tell FreeFree Time 9.30 Sabbath School 11.00 Church 3.00 Singalong at Lake Teen GamesBreakfast 10.00 - 11.45 Sabbath School & Church 3.00 Singalong at Lake Concert / Games / Movie / The HubMorning Manna Family Worship in Big Tent Creativity Time (craft)Night WorshipGetting Focused Family Worship in Big Tent Teen Time 12.30 Family BBQ Lunch& water activities at the lakeNight Program / Games & Milo9.30 Brunch, Worship, Music, Hang out Night Program / The HubMorning Manna Family Worship in Big Tent Creativity Time (craft) Water Skiing Night WorshipGetting Focused Family Worship in Big Tent “To Save a Life” 2.00 - 4.00 Olympics Night Program / Games & MiloBreakfast Morning Worship followed by games 2.00 - 5.00 Sport & Rec.8.00 - 5.00 Day Trip - White Water RaftingTrampoline & GymnasticsCafe Church / The Hub / Night Go Carts9.00 - 4.00 Day Trip - Thredbo Water Sports and Activities Night Worship8.00 - 3.00 1/2 Day Trip to Canberra - Laser Tag 3.30 - 5.30 Movie: “To Save A Life” Night Program / Games & Milo9.00 - 4.00 Water Ski Day (lunch break 12.30 - 1.30) Night Prog. / The Hub / Night Go CartsMorning Manna Family Worship in Big Tent Creativity Time (craft)Night WorshipGetting Focused Family Worship in Big Tent “To Save A Life” 2.30 All Divisions“Master Chef” (Big Tent)Night Program / Games & MiloBreakfast Morning Worship 6.00 BanquetMorning Manna Family Worship in Big Tent Creativity Time (craft) Go Carts & on site activities Night WorshipGetting Focused Family Worship in Big Tent “To Save A Life” 1.30 - 5.30 Water Skiing Night Program / Games & MiloBreakfast Family Worship in Big Tent 2.00 - 4.30 Service Project Night Prog. /THE COMP/ Night Go CartsMorning Manna Family Worship in Big Tent Creativity Time (craft) On site activities Movie NightGetting Focused Family Worship in Big Tent “To Save A Life” 1.30-3.30 Go Carts & other activities Night Program / Milo & MusicBreakfast Morning Worship at the lake followed by skiing from 10.30 - 12.30 Free Time (4.00 Staff Meeting) Night Program / Free drinks at the HubFree Time 9.30 Sabbath School 11.00 Church 2.15 BaptismFarewell & Pack UpFree Time 9.30 Sabbbath School 11.00 Church 4.00 Mission ProgramMovie Night & Pack UpBreakfast 10.00 - 11.45 Sabbath School & Church 7.00 All Divisions Reports Close Sabbath / Farewell & Pack Up

ProgramSabbath9.30 - 10.30 Sabbath SchoolSunday - Friday9.30 - 10.15 Family Worship(Big Tent)10.45 - 12.00 Morning ProgramActivities2.30 - 4.00 Monday - ThursdayThere will be a fancy dress day sochildren can come dressed as theirfavourite animal.All programs (unless otherwise stated)will be held in the Lounge in the mainAdministration Building, opposite theBook Shop.Beginnersand Kindy(0 - 5 years)a Children will need to be signed inand out of each program. Please beconsiderate of our staff by ensuring youare on time for both drop off and pick uptimes.a Please make sure your child brings a hatand drink to all programs.a An Activities Consent form must besigned for each child participating in anycamp activity. Activity consent forms willbe available at the camp office.ProgramPrimary (6 - 9 years)Sabbath9.30 - 10.30 Sabbath School (Primary Tent)Sunday - Friday9.30 - 10.15 Family Worship (Big Tent)10.30 - 12.00 Morning Program (Primary Tent)ActivitiesSunday Night: 6.30 - 8.00 pmDessert and Games NightMonday Afternoon: 1.00 - 5.00 pmThredbo Water SportsTuesday Afternoon: 2.00 - 4.00 pmCraftWednesday afternoon: 2.30 - 4.30 pmMaster Chef - all divisions - in Big TentThursday afternoon: 2.00 - 4.00 pmFun in the parka Children will need to be signed in and outof each program. Please be considerate of ourstaff by ensuring you are on time for both dropoff and pick up times.a Please make sure your child brings a hat anddrink to all programs.a An Activities Consent form must be signedfor each child participating in any camp activity.Activity consent forms will be available at thecamp office.

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