Creative Nano Leaflet (14 MB) - Danish Technological Institute
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Creative Nano Leaflet (14 MB) - Danish Technological Institute

4239-Nano 4pp ARTWORK:Layout 1 03/11/2010 11:28 Page 1CreativeNanoOpen Nano InnovationCreative NanoAn open innovation platform launchedby the Centre of Microtechnology andSurface Analysis at the Danish Instituteof Technology (DTI) and supported by theDanish Ministry of Science, Technologyand Innovation.www.creativenano.dkParticipate in Creative Nano, and•Add value to your existing products,and increase your profitability•Have your ideas evaluated by expertsin the field•Meet other companies with aninterest in nanotechnology•Gain knowledge from the experiencesof other companiesBringing nanotechnology into your products

4239-Nano 4pp ARTWORK:Layout 1 03/11/2010 11:28 Page 3Creative NanoOpen Nano InnovationHigh Precision Filters Micro Fuel Cells Wireless Temperature SensorsBringing nanotechnology into your productsCreative Nano is an openinnovation platform launched bythe Centre of Microtechnology andSurface Analysis at the DanishTechnological Institute (DTI), andsupported by the Danish Ministryof Science, Technology andInnovation. The overall aim ofCreative Nano is to communicatethe possibilities of nanotechnologyto enterprises, and support theintegration of nanotechnologyinto existing products, to provideadded value and increase profit.www.creativenano.dkBy participating in Creative Nano, throughworkshops, conferences and meetings,our partners will:• Be introduced to nanotechnology• Meet experts in the field• Gain state-of-the art knowledgefor adding product value• Meet other companies with aninterest in nanotechnology• Discuss new ideas in an openinnovation environment• Learn about funding possibilities.• Get inspired by the successfulintegration of nanotechnology byother companiesCreative Nano member companies canbenefit from one-to-one discussions onhow to implement nanotechnology intotheir products.“Nycomed has for several years used the services from the “Centre ofMicrotechnology and Surface Analysis” at the Danish TechnologicalInstitute. In all cases we have been very satisfied with the high degreeof professionalism, the very dedicated staff and their flexibility.”Poul Bertelsen, Associate Principal Scientist; Nycomed Danmark,Honorary Associate Professor, Copenhagen University.Companies also have the possibility ofattending one of our innovation events,where, as a first stage, we will proposeideas of possible nanotechnologies foradding product value. In the next stages,we will demonstrate these ideas in practice,and establish a pilot production facility,tailored to the needs of the business.As a member of Creative Nano,companies get access to:• Workshops• Conferences – nationaland international• One-to-one meetings• Innovation case studiesFor more info, visit ,or contact Asger Laurberg Vig,; T: +45 7220 2163.Asger Laurberg Vig“During the last 10 years, Novozymes has used the ’Centre ofMicrotechnology and Surface Analysis’ at the Danish TechnologicalInstitute for SEM analysis of our enzyme products. On the soft side wefind the staff very positive and service oriented, and on the hard sidethey are very experienced and highly skilled. It is always a pleasure towork with the ’Centre of Microtechnology and Surface Analysis’.”Flemming Borup,, Ph.D., Novozymes A/S.The DTI Research and Production FacilityThe Centre for Microtechnology and SurfaceAnalysis at DTI has more than ten yearsexperience in the fabrication andcharacterization of micro and nanometerscale structures, e.g., in silicon, quartz,polymer, sapphire, lithium niobate andlangasite using state-of-the-art micro andnano fabrication technologies. We have alsoexperience in thin film coating methodsbased on molecular vapor deposition,atomic layer deposition, and plasmaenhanced chemical vapor deposition. DTIhas a strategic collaboration agreementwith the national cleanroom facility, DTUDanchip, which hosts a 1300 m2 state-ofthe-artcleanroom facility (DS/EN ISO9001:2008 certified); in which DTI is one ofthe largest partners.DTI has performed commercial research –development – production projects formore than 150 companies in variousfields of operation, worth more than55 million euros.DTI provides a technology service in:• Autonomous wireless sensor platforms• Small scale energy systems• Hydrophilic/hydrophobic andanticorrosive coatings• Surface characterization• System integrationExamples of DTI Products:Micro Fuel CellsDTI’s suite of nanoengineering tools andleading expertise in the field is crucial fordeveloping and improving micro fuel cells fora large range of low power (

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