Nearly 300 Exhibitors and Thousands of Attendees! - Miller ...

Nearly 300 Exhibitors and Thousands of Attendees! - Miller ...

SPECIAL 2008WHOLESALER/DISTRIBUTOR“BUYING ISSUE”The Softwood BuyerP.O. Box 34908Memphis, TN 38184-0908Address Service RequestedPlease see Pages 48 and 49 for TradersMarket Floor Map and Exhibitor Booth NumbersPRSRT STDU.S. POSTAGE PAIDMEMPHIS, TENN.PERMIT 270Where Buyer Action is Guaranteed!andSuppliers Contacts are Priceless!NEW EXHIBITS! NEW SUPPLIERS! NEW SERVICES! NEW SALES OPPORTUNITIES!2008 Special EditionNAWLA Traders Market ® : Where Innovation And Distribution Meet!Nearly 300 Exhibitors and Thousands of Attendees!NAWLA Traders Market ®Nov. 6-8, 2008Hyatt Regency on the RiverwalkChicago, IllinoisChicago, Ill.–The NAWLA TradersMarket ® returns to Chicago with a fullschedule of events and speakers aswell as approximately 300 exhibitorseager to display their latest products.The Hyatt Regency on the Riverwalkwill host the annual affair.Get ready for some features andofferings that will make this a mustattendevent! New Traders Market ®Exhibitor Hours, New Educational Programming andChicago’s own “Iron” Mike Ditka will be “in da house” presenting his motivationalspeech: “ACE – Attitude, Character and Enthusiasm.”The full list of speakers include: David H. Cohen, Ph.D., University of BritishColumbia, speaking on Green Building In North America; Jason Metnick,Sustainable Forestry Initiative, speaking on SFI Chain of Custody; David Bubser,SMARTWOOD, speaking of FSC Chain of Custody; Michael Low, Scotiabank,whose topic is Canadian Perspective on North American Lumber Markets; andBrian Wesbury, First Trust Advisors L.P., who’ll address Recession, Or Not?Based on core values of Professionalism, Integrity, Honesty and Innovation,NAWLA’s vision is to be the best network of wholesale distributors, manufactur-Continued on page 88Onhand to kickoff last year’s NAWLA Traders Market ® by cutting the ribbon were: BuckHutchison, Nick Kent, Bill Barnett, Bruce Johnson, Gregg Riley, Bill Anderson, SusanFitzsimmons and Tom Rice.The Hyatt Regency in Chicago will be packed with attendees and approximately 300 exhibitorseager to display their latest products at this year’s NAWLA Traders Market®.Suppliers, Distributors Praise Benefits Of NAWLA Traders Market ®Matt PedroneDivision ManagerCabot StainsNewburyport, Mass.“The NAWLA Traders Market ®continues to be one of the bestindustry events for our companyfor a variety of reasons. It continuesto be the show to see majorinfluencers and decision makersin the lumber and building materialsindustry. I will see moredirect customers and manufacturers in three daysContinued on page 91Gene SeccoSales ManagerForest Grove Lumber Co.McMinnville, Ore.“We’ve been displaying atNAWLA for more than 10 yearsnow, and it has always been agood show for us. NAWLA is agreat opportunity to meet newpeople and to build existing relationships.We’re able to meetwith customers and vendors inour booths, or in meeting areas.I especially like that NAWLA allows time for us to sitContinued on page 91Jim HassenstabChief Executive OfficerD M S iOmaha, Neb.“The NAWLA Traders Market ® isa great place for DMSi to gettogether with our many NAWLAcustomers. We have beenexhibiting since the TradersMarket ® began and have seen itgrow into the premier event forthis industry. The ability to networkwith our customers, prospective customers andContinued on page 91John CooperNational Sales ManagerCommercial/IndustrialDivisionDuckback ProductsChico, Calif.“NAWLA is truly a great associationto be a member of. I especiallyfeel the NAWLA TradersMarket ® is the best networkingshow in the lumber industrytoday. The Traders Market ®offers one place to meet up with your customers andprospects, all in one place! Definitely a “Priceless”organization!”•Merry SchmidtCo-OwnerPanel Crafters Inc.White City, Ore.“We’ve been attending theNAWLA Traders Market ® sinceits inception. The ability to have acentral location and meet withthe majority of our customers ona business and social basis ispriceless.”•Matt DupreyVice President SalesHancock LumberSawmill DivisionEastern White PineCasco, Maine“The NAWLA Traders Market ®is the most valuable industryshow that Hancock Lumberattends. We are charter membersand have not missed ashow yet. We have a chance toconduct business in a professional way with currentcustomers and many new prospects. We have start-Continued on page 91

Page 2Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueNo Order isToo TallorToo SmallWe manufacture everything from 1” x 2” x 6’ up to 24” x 24” x 32’in either unseasoned or kiln-dried, rough, surfaced, or about anypattern imaginableSpecies:White Fir (Grand Fir)Doug FirSpruceand CedarOur Specialty Is The SpecialtiesTRI-PRO TM CEDAR PRODUCTS INC.1122 HIGHWAY 2 • OLDTOWN, IDAHO 83822TEL: (208) 437-0653 • FAX: (208) 437-0579TOLL FREE (800) 488-2726E-MAIL: terryb@triprocedar.comTRI-PRO TM FOREST PRODUCTS2007 KONKOVILLE RD. • OROFINO, IDAHO 83544TEL: (208) 437-0653 • FAX: (208) 437-0579TOLL FREE (800) 488-2726E-MAIL: lanceh@triprocedar.comWEB:

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October 2008 Page 7It doesn’t get Greener than Red.Mary’s River Western Red Cedar, that is.Mary’s River Lumber Company has been committedto environmental stewardship since its inceptionover 35 years ago. From our energy efficient, stateof-the-artplants, to our proficient use of timberresources, Mary’s River is a leader in Red Cedar“green” production.Western Red Cedar is by nature “green.” Mary’sRiver Red Cedar is manufactured from abundant,fast growing, second-growth resources. It is durable,decay and insect resistant, has no chemical preservatives,is clean and safe to handle, and is 100%renewable, unlike cement and plastic composites.Mary’s River’s manufacturing requires less energythan steel, cement-based wood substitutes, andplastic-based composites. Our plants are closelyregulated for environmental compliance.Western Red Cedar’s warm tone, naturalgrain, and rich texture make it the productof choice for siding, decking, railing, andfascia, and, no one does Western RedCedar like Mary’s River. Give us a callat 1-800-523-2052.Mary’s River Lumber Co.4515 NE Elliott CircleCorvallis, OR 97330Toll Free 800-523-2052Fax

Page 8Dear Industry Friends:As I write this letter anew high rise underconstruction is visibleoutside mywindow. Two hugeground-basedcranes set next toit, their enormousbooms making an“X” in the sky likecrossed swords.I was recently ind o w n t o w nChicago onNAWLA business.I could not help butnotice the largenumber of towercranes pepperingthe skyline.Chicago even hasa 150-story-tallresidential highrise already underconstruction! What isgoing on? What about us?!Our time will come and it will comesoon. Questions abound, however,about what the future lumber and buildingmaterials sector will look like.NAWLA Traders Market ®NAWLATHE UNIFYING FORCE FORPersonally, I think it will look great andbe great.While architects are designing structuresof glass,steel and concretewe’ll betoiling awaywith remarkablerenewab l eresources. Allmaterialshave theirplace in societybut renewab l eresources willthrive as thesolutionprovider forcountlessconstructionand industrialuses in thefuture. It justmakes somuch sense.So, don’t sitaround licking your wounds from the lastcouple of years. Start licking yourchops! Position yourself and your firmfor what will be one of the great shifts inindustrial production since theEFFICIENT FOREST PRODUCTSAND BUILDING MATERIALDISTRIBUTIONWholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueIn Its 12th YearBy Nick KentPresident and Chief Executive OfficerNorth American Wholesale Lumber Assoc.Bessemer furnace hit the steel industry.I am writing this letter with the NAWLATraders Market ® rapidly approaching. Itcould not come at a better time! Theworld needs renewable resources andthe products and services that supportthem and needs them now. It is time toplay or get out of the way.Slump no more! Look past daily headlinesintended to bring you down.Forget about political agendas and pettyarguments. It is time for our industry topick itself up, dust itself off and get readyto rock and roll.Ours is an industry of solution providersnot nay-sayers. It is an industry that trulyunderstands stewardship of renewableresources. It is an industry that will gatherNovember 6-8, 2008 at the NAWLATraders Market ® and we look forward toseeing you there.Sincerely,Nicholas R. KentPresident & CEOSince 18933601 Algonquin RoadSuite 400Rolling Meadows, Illinois 60008Telephone: (847) 870-7470Facsimile: (847) 870-0201Canadian & U.S. WATS: (800) 527-8258Email: info@nawla.orgWebsite Address:

October 2008 Page 9A Message From The Chairman...Dear Industry Friends:Are you staying confident? As tryingas our current market situation is –and 2008 sure hasn’t been fun – weall know our industry is one where weenjoy “long summers” and managethrough “short winters.”Everyone watches TV, listens to theradio, hears the weather report … thesevere weather warning. We’ve heardthe forecast before. We’ll likely hear itagain.There is no doubt that we are wellinto “winter,” but Spring always doesfollow! The NAWLA Traders Market®,held in Chicago this year, is full ofindustry friends and asosciates who,like you, are weathering the downturn.They, like you, are seasoned “lumbermen”and they’ll be in Chicago to reaf-firm their love of this business and to reaffirmtheir tenacity!I’ll look forward to seeing you in the WindyCity at the NAWLA Traders Market®. You’llbe joined by scores of industry friends, all ofwhom are managing winter, but will reconfirmthat summer’s a-comin’.Safe travels,Susan S. FitzsimmonsSnavely Forest ProductsNAWLA ChairwomanSusan Fitzsimmons, Chairman, North AmericanWholesale Lumber Assoc.www.lumber.orgO•O•O•O•O•O•O•NAWLA’S searchable memberdatabase by product, species, people,and moreUp-to-date listings of NAWLAmeetings and an industry calendarof eventsNAWLA Traders Market® andAnnual Meeting updates, includingregistration materialsDetailed NAWLA membershipinformation, including an on-linemembership applicationNAWLA’s monthly newsletter, the“NAWLA Bulletin”Links to other industry-affiliatedorganizations and associationsPLUS...we’re constantly working tomake it even better!For information and suggestionsregarding NAWLA’s website, pleasecontact Ben Stephens, NAWLADirector of information, by phone at(800) 527-8258 or E-mail

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October 2008 Page 11SEE US AT NAWLA« BOOTH #532 »Innovation and dependability make up thefibers of our company and the products we create.We understand that your customers count on you to seek out themost distinctive and reliable new products. That’s why we’ve ledthe industry in developing innovative timber products, like Accuruff ® ,our rough-sawn product with a uniformly applied rustic finish, andTru-Dry ® , the most consistently and evenly dried Douglas fir productavailable. We are committed to providing you with outstandingforest products that remain strong and beautiful for generations.EXCLUSIVE MANUFACTURERS OFANDAccuruff ® Circle sawn Hand hewn Surfaced (S4S)EXPOSE OUR WOOD.Call your local distributorto place an order or callus at 888-201-3754.Learn more aboutTru-Dry, Accuruff and ourcustom milling servicesat GROVE LUMBER. Outstanding forest products. People with heart.Accuruff, the Accuruff logo, Tru-Dry, the Tru-Dry logo and the FGL logo are registered trademarks of Forest Grove Lumber Company, Inc. © Copyright

Page 12 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueHANCOCK LUMBER: In Challenging Markets See OpportunitiesA truck is ready for shipment with Hancock’s “Made in Maine” Eastern White Pine boards.The firm ships 11 truckloads out of their three facilities daily.Headquartered in Casco, Maine, some key personnel at Hancock Lumberincludes: Kevin Hynes, chief operating officer; Matt Duprey, vice presidentof sales; and Jack Bowen, vice president of sales. Also pictured aresome of Hancock’s products, which today are available in a multitude ofpack and length sizes.Casco, Maine–As this market continuesto challenge almost every aspect ofthe lumber industry today, HancockLumber refuses to give in and actuallyhas seen many market opportunitiesthroughout the world.A BLU-Printfor successin a down market• Put more value in your product• Differentiate yourself• Build GreenDiscover the power of BLUWOOD for unsurpassed protection,differentiating curb appeal, value, customer satisfaction, peaceof mind, environmental responsibility and more sales when youbuild with BLUWOOD.BLUWOOD protected dimensional lumber, sheathing andengineered wood components assure life-time warrantedprotection against moisture, mold fungus growth, rot decayfungi and termites. BLUWOOD’s unrivaled two-part protectivecoating technology is a precision factory applied process that isperformed by a national network of independently owned andoperated companyauthorized BLUWOODcoating facilities.BLUWOOD is registeredwithin the GreenSpec® directory ofenvironmentallypreferable products.For more information contact us • 866-528-9258“We do the things necessaryto survive in marketslike this,” says KevinHynes, chief operating officerof Hancock Lumber,“From log procurement, toworld class process controlledmanufacturing, aggressive salesinitiatives and the willingness to changefor our customers.”Hancock Lumber spends a lot of time inthe field with the sole purpose to figureQUALITY & SERVICE WORLDWIDEwww.hancocklumber.comBluWood, Perfect Barrier and the color blue are all registered trademarks of WoodSmart Solutions, Inc. Copyright 2006 WoodSmart, Inc. Boca Raton, FL All rights reservedHancock’s customers needed a higher grade ofselects. The end result is Hancock now has one mill100% of the time producing C Selects.out what our customers need to be successful.“We pride ourselves on beingengaged in the marketplace,” says VicePresident of Sales Jack Bowen. “In orderto perform for a customer or potentialcustomer you need to see and hear themarket, then you can help design a solutionfor the customer that works for allparties.”One of the terms you hear aroundHancock Lumber is “Hancock Green.”What that means is that HancockLumber has worked very hard to providesomething that very few in the U.S. cando. They provide Eastern White Pinelogs from FSC Certified company-ownedland to three FSC Certified companyownedmanufacturing facilities providingfinished Eastern White Pine boards toeight FSC company-owned retail locationsin Maine. This is very unique in thefact that Hancock keeps its locally harvestedsawlogs and manufactured lumberin the state of Maine through its retailstores to the people of Maine.The other term you will hear at HancockLumber is “Hancock Red.” This symbol istheir brand and they work hard protectingit and sharing it with customers acrossthe world. You will notice that all ofHancock Lumber’s products are shippedpaper-wrapped in a red wrap. That isdone for a reason.“Hancock Lumber’s brand means somethingdifferent to every one of our customers,”says Matt Duprey, vice presidentof sales. “For one customer itmeans having the volume to take care ofhis growing business; for another itmeans versatility and the ability to getwhat they want for grade, packaging andtally; for another it means commitment,reliability and consistent quality; foranother it is the pattern volume andselection. This flexibility and drive to dowhat the customer needs done to besuccessful is what opportunities aremade of.”Positive attitude, Hancock Green,Hancock Red and an internal drive intheir people is what is elevating HancockLumber in these poor market conditions.“We have a plan, we stick to that planand we put every need of our customersin our decision making,” Hynes commented.“Customers are as demandingas ever today pertaining to inventory levelsand just-in-time shipping, having abrand they can trust and be successfulwith means everything.”Hancock Lumber has a diverse array ofbusinesses in Maine with three SFI/FSCcertified Eastern White Pine sawmills, aFSC Certified land company withapproximately 40,000 acres and eightFSC certified retail operations in coastaland southern Maine. Hancock Lumber isa 6th generation, 160-year-old companyrun by President and Chief ExecutiveOfficer Kevin Hancock.For more information, visit•Please Visit Us AtBooth No. 719 at theNA W L A Traders Market ®

October 2008 Page 13Visit DMSi at Booth #6042008 NAWLA Traders Market“We’re not computerguys, we’re lumberguys. Software as aService works wellfor our business.”~ Jim MichasStark Lumber PresidentCut costs. Not corners.Agility SaaS (Software as a Service) business solutions remove IT hasslesand provide top-tier technology, security, and disaster recovery. It’s justone of the ways DMSi’s Agility software delivers more value byeliminating waste and cutting costs for hardwood lumber operations.Call 402.330.6620 or visit to learn more.Improve Customer Service Streamline Business ProcessesEnhance Asset Performance

Page 14 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueSCOOPSOFT: Software That Delivers Results A Fully IntegratedManagement System For The Wood Products IndustryJean-Pierre Hallé, general manager of Scoopsoft Inc., headquartered in Laval,Que. He can be reached at or 1-800-923-4229, ext. 3880.Montreal, Que.—The wood productsindustry has specific and complex needsthat differ from the generic manufacturingindustry. Scoopsoft, headquartered here,offers a flexible solution that is adapted tothis reality. With Scoopsoft, executives inwood products organizations can automate,streamline and manage every aspectof their business with both ease and efficiency.Several players want to maintain control ofthe value chain from procurement, throughScott BrownDavid MansfieldDanny NickersonPaul MoultonEarl PerrinoJamie MoultonChris Doyleinaccurate cost information.With Scoopsoft, customers can obtainmanagement information, control inventoriesin real time and share data betweenvarious departments in a single integratedsystem. Scoopsoft offers customers all ofthis and much more. A non-integrated infor-production and distributionprocesses.Senior executives,financial officers,sales, humanresources, productionmanagers andThis checklist shows the benefits of Scoopsoft’s software for the wood products industry.procurement officersmay each use a separate managementspecific industry, reduces their efficiency mation system produces islands of informationscattered across the enterprise, whichsystem and gather different data. The proliferationof these systems, which are notand leads to: considerable wasted time; acomplex month-end process; less accurate is a handicap in this highly competitivenecessarily compatible or adapted to theirdecision-making; poor customer service; industry. Scoopsoft’s totally integrated systemswill help users to compete better inlate deliveries; excess inventories; andthe market6place and be a lower-cost producer.Implementation MethodologyDiPrizio’s Eastern White PineThe Brand Built On TrustFor more than Half-A-Century!DiPrizio Pride continues to Listen &Understand your customer’s needs whileour people work hard to deliver on everyone of them.DiPrizio Pine SalesYour Complete SourceManufacturing & Delivering DiPrizio QualityProduct Selection, On Time & CompleteSatisfaction GuaranteedNELMA Patterns Mill & Custom Patterns* Double-milled with Weinig Moulder finish4/4, 5/4, 6/4 and TimbersRe-manufacturing services including:Mixed Loads, PTL, Partial Units, PartialLoads, Custom Programs, Custom Kiln DryingTrucking arrangements By DiPrizio Pine Sales1-603-473-2314ROUTE 153, 5 KING’S HIGHWAYMIDDLETON, NH 038871-888-330-8467E-mail: sbrown@lavalleys.comFax: 1-603-473-8531Manufacturers of Eastern White PineScoopsoft has a unique implementationapproach, in which their team of industryprofessionals works side by side with theclient to implement a company-wide ERP(enterprise resource planning) system tailoredto specific business requirements. Itis not strictly a software tool, but it will alsohelp customers better manage their businessand make sure business processesare aligned with corporate objectives.“In only four weeks we were able to implementthe ERP at our new operation,” saidLynn Damon, director of financial analysisat Rosboro, located in Springfield, Ore.Easy Online Reporting, BI andWeb AccessScoopsoft helps customers keep trackof the performance of their mills on a dashboard-likescreen. Its briefing boardenables users to track Key PerformanceIndicators.“This is finally a piece of technology thatbrings it all together: real-time production,inventory and yield information, from all myoperations, onto a single screen on mydesk,” said Russ Anthony, executive vicepresident of Anthony Forest Products,located in El Dorado, Ark. “Now that’s powerfuldecision support that takes the guessworkout of my business calls.”Adaptable Parameters to SupportAll Product LinesThe Scoopsoft solution is a suite ofpowerful software modules helping manufacturersand distributors of the wood productsindustry, in the following sectors:Softwood, engineered wood, remanufacturedwood, hardwood, panels and otherwood products. This is one software packagethat can handle single or multiple productlines.Grow Without ChangingYour SoftwareScoopsoft places special focus ondeveloping highly flexible and scalablesolutions that grow with an organizationand work within its budget. “Over the last 10years, we doubled our production activitiesand Scoopsoft was a key tool to accompanyus through that development,” saidMichel Filion, vice president, ChantiersChibougamau (Nordic Engineered Wood),located in Chibougamau, Que.Taking Pride In Customer SupportScoopsoft has repeatedly been recognizedfor its ability to listen to client needsand develop innovative services and solutionsto deliver value to organizations. Thefirm’s customer longevity is a clear statementof this extremely high level of satisfaction.Employing the industry’s best practices,Scoopsoft offers customers customizedand creative solutions.•See Us At Booth No. 621

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Page 16 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueTAYLOR Introduces Four Wheel Articulated Fork LiftTaylor Machine Works Inc., headquartered in Louisville, Miss., recentlyintroduced a four-wheel drive articulated forklift known as the TX4-300.Zip-O-Log’s KD, Solid-sawn Timbersbring dramatic style to lodges, resorts, churches, and homes.Maximize stability and natural beauty inexposed timbers with superior Zip-O-LogKiln-Dried Timbers:●●Kiln-dried to reduce twisting, cupping, checking,and distracting pitch leaks.Easier handling and workability.● Kiln-dried timbers available in sizes up to 12” x 12”.●Timbers are shipped paper-wrapped to protectfrom marring and UV degradation.The 132-inch wheelbase TX4-300 has a rated capacity of 30,000 poundsat 24-inch load center. The TX4 also incorporates the innovative featuresof the TX series introduced by Taylor in 2007.vided by a Tier-certified, 6-cylinder, 190-horsepower electronic turbocharged,charge air after-cooled diesel. Completingthe power train is a four-speed, fully reversing,modulated powershift transmissionwith inching and standard automatic powershiftcontrol. The rugged chassis utilizes atwo-piece joint, providing superior strengthand mobility between the front and rearsections, according to a companyspokesperson. The manual forward-tiltingcab is standard and is mounted on an allweldedtubular sub-platform.The rated capacity of the TX4-300remains constant regardless of degree ofarticulation. Whether oriented straight or atfull steer, the capacity rating is 30,000pounds at 24-inch load center.The TX4-300 incorporates the performance-provenfeatures of the entire TXseries to enhance service accessibility,componentry performance, operator performanceand productivity. The all-weldedsteel chassis can stand up to the mostdemanding tasks. Large capacity fuel andhydraulic tanks are integrated into thechassis. A rugged yet light-weight rollingengine hood, swing-away side doors, easilyaccessible battery box, easy hydraulictank access and tilting cab platform assureFor premium quality kiln-dried timbers andunmatched service, call the Sales Team atZip-O-Log Mills:541-343-5854Eugene, OregonSales 541-343-5854 • Fax 541-683-4241www.zipolog.comZip-O-Log, see the difference.The TX4-300 and the entire TX series include the durability and dependabilitythat have been Taylor traditions for more than 80 years.L o u i s v i l l e , M i s s . —Taylor MachineWorks Inc., headquartered here, recentlyintroduced a four-wheel drive articulatedforklift known as the TX4-300, the latestaddition to the TX series. The 132-inchwheelbase TX4-300 has a rated capacity of30,000 pounds at 24-inch load center.Designed and built specifically to overcomethe challenges of rough and undevelopedworking surfaces, the TX4 also incorporatesthe innovative and performanceprovenfeatures of the TX series introducedby Taylor in 2007.Front and rear drive axles are heavy-dutyplanetary axles bolted to the chassis withhypoid ring gear and pinion. Power is prorapidand easy access for routine and specialmaintenance. Central lubrication pointsare standard. The electrical junction box isconveniently mounted under the cab withreset breakers and sealed electrical connectors.All wiring is color and numbercoded.The standard TICS (Taylor IntegratedControl System) utilizes J1939 CANbustechnology. As a result, hard-wiring needsare reduced and access to controls andperformance data has been significantlyexpanded. An instrument panel mountedcontrol monitor replaces the analog gaugesand meters with displays providing standardoperating data. Many operationalfunctions and capabilities are defined andadjusted through the TICS system.Information related to performance andmaintenance needs, electronic diagnosticfunctions including fault code history, andbuilt-in shutdown system for engine andtransmission protection are additionalresources available through TICS.The standard cab includes manyergonomically designed features toincrease operator performance and operationalease thereby providing enhancedproductivity. Interior room in the cab hasbeen expanded. The standard adjustableair suspension seat can be readily positionedfor maximum operator comfort. Itcan rotate (15 degrees left and 20 degreesright) and includes armrests, an orangeanti-cinch seat belt, and OPS (operatorpresence switch). The standard electric joystickcontrol provides fingertip control forsmooth, precise handling. Joystick componentscan be serviced separately. The twocab doors include sliding glass panels. Allglass is tinted, and front and rear windshieldwipers are standard. The instrumentpanel on the T-shaped dash tilts down foraccess. Reset circuit breakers are usedinstead of fuses. The steering wheel tilts,and the electric roll shift control and parkingbrake control are easily accessed. Thetransmission is controlled through the standardAPC (automatic powershift control).The vast glass area and truck designensure excellent visibility front and rear andto each side. The operator gains access tothe cab on self-cleaning, anti-slip steps.Three-point access/egress is standard.The ULTRA -VU mast is rugged. Liftchains are hidden within the mast rails andvisibility is excellent. Lowering control ispressure compensated and a manualemergency lowering valve system is standard.The heavy-duty carriage features castnylon side-thrust pads and greaseableshielded main rollers. Pin mounted forksprovide full width adjustment.The hydraulic system features a newlydesigned main hydraulic valve with geartypepumps and sectional control valves.Manual override controls are provided onhydraulic accessory sections. The innovativecooling system includes a three-sectionbolted radiator, four coolers, high performance7-blade pusher fan, and enginemountedsealed fan shroud for maximumairflow through the coolers.The TX4-300 and the entire TX seriesinclude the durability and dependability thathave been Taylor traditions for more than80 years. Through the Taylor worldwidedealer network and the Sudden Service,Inc. after-market parts and service operations,Taylor customers can be assuredconsistent and reliable support will be readilyavailable to keep their Taylor forklifts onthe job, providing the productivity neededfor improved bottom-line performance duringmany years of service.Additional information about theTX4 is available from Taylor MachineWorks, Inc., 650 N. Church Ave., Louisville,Miss., 39339, 662-773-3421,,or any Taylor Machine Worksdealer.•

October 2008 Page 17Quality this good only comes frommother nature.Now meet some of her associates:WRCLA MEMBERSDownie Timber/Selkirk SpecialtyEnyeart Cedar ProductsGilbert Smith Forest Products Ltd.Haida Forest Products Ltd.InterforNorthwest Forest ProductsNorth Enderby Timber Ltd.OrePac Building ProductsPremier Forest Products, Inc.Power Wood Corp.Quadra Wood ProductsSawarne Lumber Company Ltd.ShakertownSkana Forest Products Ltd.Twin Rivers CedarTyee Timber Products Ltd.Western Forest Products, Inc.AFFILIATE MANUFACTURERSBW Creative Wood IndustriesCedarshed IndustriesD & L Wood ProductsOutdoor Living TodayRainbow Play Systemswww.realcedar.org1.866.778.9096

Page 18 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueTRI-PRO TM FOREST PRODUCTS Expands Its OfferingsBy Terry MillerTri-Pro Forest Products and Tri-Pro TM Cedar Products are both owned bySteve and Jill Linton of the Merritt family, which has a long history in theforest products industry.O r o f i n o , I d a h o —Tri-Pro TM ForestProducts recently completed major capitalimprovements at its headquartershere, adding a new headrig and debarkersystem. The new technology will allowTri-Pro to cut up to a 24-inch by 24-inchby 32-foot timber in Western Red Cedar,White Fir (Grand Fir), Douglas Fir andSpruce.Steve Linton, president at Tri-Pro, saidthe company expanded its product line tohelp meet customers’ demands. Headded that Tri-Pro was originally limitedNEWMANLUMBERCO., INC.• WP4 & Log Cabin Siding• 4/4, 5/4, 8/4 C&Btr Selects• 4/4 & 5/4 D&Btr Selects• Premium Grade 4/4, 5/4, 8/4 4”-12”• Standard 4/4 & 8/4 4”-12”• Can provide Half Packs or Full UnitsOFFERINGYOU:Eastern White PineKey employees at Tri-Pro Forest Products include Ron Cluster, generalmanager; Randy Erdman, sawmill manager; and Tim Denton, plant producing and selling 20-foot or lesstimbers and 2-inch dimension, but hasgreatly increased its offerings.“We had customers that came to us tobuy our Cedar, and we had the opportunityto expand into White Fir (Grand Fir),Doug Fir/Larch and Spruce,” he said.“Now, we are able to offer all of thosespecies and in larger sizes. It allows us toget creative and look at inquiries for awide array of new products.”Ron Cluster, general manager of Tri-ProForest, added, “This was an opportunityBaltic Region Pine & Spruce• WP4 & Log Cabin Siding• Euro Spruce 2x6 & 2x8 WP4 16’• Euro Spruce 1/2”x6”x16’ Ease edgedBevel siding, Primed or Natural• 1”x6”x16’ ECB & WP4• Fingerjointed Baltic Pine (Scots Pine -pinussylvestris) 3/4”x2”- 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 10”& 12” narrow lams• Fingerjointed Baltic Pine (Scots Pine - pinussylvestris) 1 1/8”x4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 10” & 12”narrow lams• All FSC & PSF certification with EPI(Isocyanate Glue)• 54” McDonough Resaw • Yates American A-20 12 Knife Planer• 60,000’ capacity per day • 20 million feet of dry storage spaceSALES -- WALTER YOUNGP.O. BOX 676 • 224 INDUSTRIAL PARKWELLS RIVER, VERMONT 05081TELEPHONE: 802-429-2332 • FAX: 802-429-2217E-MAIL: newmanlumberco@fairpoint.netWebsite: www.newmanlumberco.comSPECIALIZING IN ALL PATTERNSto expand our business and broaden ourhorizons in a specialty area other thandimension lumber. We now have thecapability to cut up to a 52-inch diameterlog, which allows us to cut long length timbers.We can also heat treat and kiln dryour timbers.”Tri-Pro Forest Products specializes inSelect White Fir (Grand Fir) timbers insizes up to 32 feet in length. The companygenerally cuts 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10,12x12 and up to 24x24. Tri-Pro Forestalso offers 2x4 through 2x12, 6-feetTri-Pro’s sales team includes Terry Baker, sales manager, Julie Andersonand Steve Hirst, sales representatives, Tri-Pro Cedar Products, Oldtown,Idaho; and Lance Hubener, sales manager for Tri-Pro Forest Products,Orofino, Idaho.through 20-feet, kiln-dried, S4S dimension(Standard and Better, No. 2 and Better,industrials and low grade). The companycan S4S timbers up to 6x12.Tri-Pro Forest Products and Tri-ProCedar Products are both owned by Steveand Jill Linton of the Merritt family, whichhas a long history in the forest productsindustry.Tri-Pro manufactures green and kilndriedCedar products, including a completeline of quality pattern stock, sidings,deckings and trim. The firm uses secondgrowth timber to assure customers theywill receive sound, tight knot products.In addition to Cedar, Tri-Pro Cedar marketsapproximately 6 million feet of IdahoWhite Pine annually in products such as:Utility, Standard, Sterling, Quality andBetter, as well as having the capability torun 6-inch and 8-inch pattern in bothSterling and Standard.Tri-Pro Cedar Products is situated on 200acres overlooking the Pend Oreille River inOldtown, Idaho. The production facilityencompasses approximately 50 acres,and includes ten 70,000 board foot capacitydry kilns, four planers, seven re-saws,an automatic stickering machine and100,000 square feet of covered storage.Tri-Pro Forest Products is on 35 acresadjacent to Orofino Creek in Orofino,Idaho. They have two headrig/debarkersystems, two re-saws, four dry kilns and aplaner system.Tri-Pro markets its products throughwholesalers and wholesale distributors,and has customers throughout NorthAmerica. The company ships its productsby BN or UP rail, truck or van, and canexport prep and container load. Tri-Proproduces approximately 72 million boardfeet annually out of the two facilities.The Merritt family started T&HInvestments in 1987 in Dover, Idaho. In1990, the company bought Empire ForestProducts’ facility in Spokane, Wash., andwas relocated. The name was changed toTri-Pro Cedar Products in 1993. In 1996,the company bought the Albeni Falls plantin Oldtown, Idaho, from Crown Pacific, andhas remained centered there since. Theypurchased the former Konkolville Lumbersite in Orofino, Idaho, in 2007.Tri-Pro Cedar Products and Tri-ProForest Products both employ approximately70 workers each. Steve Linton ispresident and Ron Cluster is vice-presidentat both Tri-Pro Cedar and Tri-ProForest. Other key employees at Tri-ProCedar include Terry Baker, sales manager;Steve Hirst and Julie Anderson, sales; andKaren Phillips, administration. Keyemployees at Tri-Pro Forest Productsinclude Mike Boeck, resource manager;Alex Irby, on-site forester; Lance Hubener,sales manager; Randy Erdman, sawmillmanager; and Tim Denton, plant manager.Sales for both plants are handled out ofthe Oldtown, Idaho, office at 208-437-2412.Tri-Pro Cedar Products is a member ofthe North American Wholesale LumberAssoc.For more information about Tri-Pro CedarProducts or Tri-Pro Forest Products, youcan contact them at 208-437-2412 or•VISIT US AT BOOTH # 334

October 2008 Page 19

Page 20 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueWYNNDEL LUMBER SALES Steps UpSuper Thundermac, the largest moulder now running in North America,recently became operational at Wynndel Lumber Sales.The company also added a new finish line building for ESLP(Engelmann Spruce-Lodgepole Pine) boards.Key employees at Wynndel Lumber Sales Ltd., headquartered inWynndel, B.C., include Dirk Kunze, sales manager; Michael Wigen, generalmanager; and Colin Parsons, mill manager.Wynndel, B.C.—Over the last numberof years, a dichotomy has developedin the S4S board market. Thereare those on the lower side of qualitywho beat each other up on price, andthen there are those that compete to putout a surfaced one-inch product that issecond-to-none.Wynndel Lumber Sales Ltd. hasstepped up and staked its future on thelatter choice. The company recentlyinstalled the mostadvanced finish line forESLP (Engelmann Spruce-Lodgepole Pine) boards in NorthAmerica, and is positioning itself to be aleader in both quality and efficiency ofproduction.The flagship of the new line is a LMC2008 Super Thundermac planer/moulder,which is the largest board moulderever delivered to North America. It is 9-feet wide, 24-feet long and weighs over80,000 pounds. The 7,200-rpm, 20-knife heads will impart 14 knife cuts perCollinsit's the right choiceinch on 1x4 thru 1x12 ESLP easededgeboards. The control and precisionhold-downs will give the eased-edgeproduct exacting tolerances. The line iscomplemented with three slowdowngrading stations, an automatic trimmer,end stamping for grade and end waxingto eliminate end splits and improve yardability. Trim loss and machine defectswill be minimized, which will allowWynndel to target and maximize optimaltallies.“We are not the first producer to enterinto the arena of premium boards,” saidCollins Lakeview Forest in OregonCollins SoftwoodWhite FirIndustrial &Framing LumberPonderosa PineIndustrial &Common GradesDimensionSugar PineIndustrial &Common GradesSee us at Booth 718NAWLATraders MarketNovember 6-8Chicago Hyatt RegencyContact:Al GedroezDimension Lumber800.329.1219 Ext 2203agedroez@collinsco.comMike LuzaIndustrial Lumber800.329.1219 Ext 2202mluza@collinsco.comwww.CollinsWood.comDirk Kunze, sales manager forWynndel. “However, we have investedover $6 million to put ourselves in thebest seat in the house.”The moulder line is the crown jewel ofthe many upgrades made over the pastfive years. Prior to this, capital improvementswere targeted on the sawmill sideof the operation. The sawmill can nowefficiently produce over 70 million FBM(foot board measure) of high-end, oneinchboards. The sawmill bin sorter hasboth quality and moisture pulls, whichtargets the fiber to the proper end finishedproduct.The Creston Valley area in whichWynndel operates is geographically isolatedfrom the major Pine beetle infestations,and allows the company to harvestsome of the brightest cleanest fiberin western Canada.Aside from board production, Wynndelalso runs about 8.5 million FBM of patternstock through a Wadkin moulder.“We are currently running at full capacity,but will benefit from the installation ofa new Weinig Hydromat 2000 alsobeing installed this summer,” Kunzesaid. “This will more than double ouroutput of paneling, and allow us toexpand our customer base in patternand siding. With in-house priming, wewill also be able to target any of our specialtyforest products through the vacuumcoater line to output high-end trimproducts destined for wholesale distributionthroughout the continent. Ifchange is one of the keys to success inan adverse market, then we will comeout of this sitting pretty.”Kunze noted that wood is the future ofthe green building movement, andWynndel is positioning itself to be aleader in the industry. “We don’t need tofind new ways to use plastics and petroleumproducts to make decking and sidingsor any other fake wood products,”he said. “Wood has a charm and awarmth that you can’t get from extrusion.”Wynndel markets all of its productsunder the Wynnwood trademark.Among the many products manufacturedby Wynndel Lumber Sales areWynnwood ESLP boards, premium fascia,siding, flooring and paneling.Michael Wigen, general manager,added, “All the upgrades made over thelast five years have positioned us tocontinue well into our fourth generationas a family run business. The family hashired key management personnel toadd to our strength and make us a forcein the board market. We have greatlyexpanded our quality control right fromour log breakdown to our paper wrapping.Automation and improvedprocesses have given us the productsto move forward with a greater sense ofpride and confidence.”For more information, contact WynndelLumber Sales at 250-866-5266, or•Visit Us At BoothN o . 2 3 5

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