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level by tenantapprox position of a/c ductwork shown do ted(not surveyed)734 20130926-Heritage Statement - PlanningREGENCY GARAGEGALA ATTICOutline of proposed lift shaftShaded area - over existing fireescape below, floor replaced levelwith adjacent new Casino floor(-190mm)GALA BINGO HALL7.0 PROPOSED ALTERATIONS7.1 Works to the Market & Lyric Tower - Second FloorProposed Internal Demolitions: (See plan left)The staircase to the upper level attic is removed and the stairwellfloored over. Ducts and services will be removed and the presentstructural timber studwork supporting the tower will remain. Theexisting purlins and rafters to the attic roof also will remain.Proposed Alterations: (See plan below)18Second Floor: DemolitionsMARKET PHThe rear section of floor (eastern) will be reconstructed at a lowerlevel to facilitate lift access including formation of a lobby to thesecond floor. A new partition will be constructed separating the rearlift lobby from the remaining attic space. A new doorway will be cutin the northern wall to provide access to the second floor casinoaccommodation.FFL 29.19Casinolift car andmechanism bytenantvoid to ground floor forstair by tenantlift car andmechanism bytenantB 24.09.13 PGM Planning application submissionA 12.06.13 PGM Previously proposed opening in wall between Market and Gala omitted. New opening between Market and Regency Garage proposed.Modifications to floor and roof over part of Market to facilitate installation of Casino lift. Wall around Market stair (by Gala) shown asdemolishedREVISIONSCLIENTPROJECTTITLEDeeley Freed (Penhalt) Ltd.Saw Close, BathSecond Floor DemolitionsDRWG NOSCALEDATEDRAWN734 -1073 B1:100 @ A1Mar. 13Aaron Evans Architects Ltd • 3 Argyle Street Pulteney Bridge Bath BA2 4BA • • • t: (01225) 466234 f: (01225) 444364This drawing is copyright • Only figured dimensions to be used • Contractors to check all dimensions before proceedingRNCHK'DKMThe existing corrugated sheet roofing will be removed and thestructure repaired / strengthened to take a new timber substrate andsingle ply membrane covering following the original pitch line. Therear section over the lift / lobby will have a flat roof with single plymembrane covering.The staircase in the original pub area is enclosed to provide fireprotection and partitions and fittings within this space are removed.The 17th century mullioned window in the south west corner isretained.FFL 29.19Refer to Clarkebond structural engineers drawings and schedule ofworks.FFL 28.64Casinostair at change ofline of upstandto floorstorageAssessment of Significance & ImpactCasinoThe demolitions and alterations at this floor level are relativelysubstantial but predominantly impact upon building fabric that hasbeen significantly altered in the past and is little architectural merit.FFL 28.64existing stairretainedfire exit stairCasinoThe original supporting structure for the tower is retained, revealingthe structure of the tower to be less substantial than the impressiongiven by its external appearance.Second Floor: Proposalsfire exit stairThe enclosure of the stair in the lower section reinstates a previousarrangement and does not affect any detailing around the windows.Existing steel beams support the flat roof above so the modernpartitions and fittings can be removed easily.Saw Close: Design & Access Statement

new doors in existingLINIC734 20130926-Heritage Statement - Planning7.0 PROPOSED ALTERATIONS7.2 Works to the Gala - Ground FloorProposed Internal Demolitions: (See plan left)19Overall the northern half of the hall, the extensions to the east andthe gallery will be demolished, leaving the earlier roof structureand walls below. Externally this comprises the red brick walls andsheeted roofs to the hall, the red brick walls and tiled roofs of theformer dressing room block and the stone wall and tiled roof to theservery area.GALA BINGO HALLThe demolition of the Regency Garage includes the party wall to theGala hall.Proposed Alterations: (See plan below)REGENCY GARAGEGALA FOYERGround Floor: DemolitionsNew columns are inserted in the retained part of the hall to supporta first floor. The ground floor level will be raised here to provide asingle level from the casino entrance. It is intended to found the newcolumns on pile caps and ground beams cast above the existingfloor level with supporting piles below.SubstationRefer to Clarkebond structural engineers drawings and schedule ofworks.Assessment of Significance & ImpactCLOSEHotelMARKET PHCasinoopening with raised headrefer to detail drawingno. 734-1460B 24.09.13 PGM Planning application submissionopening above fornew stair by tenantA 12.06.13 PGM Retained pier between Gala Foyer and Gala Hall slightly shortened to allow new wall to pass uninterupted. In response to Casinofit-out proposals.REVISIONSCLIENTPROJECTTITLEDeeley Freed (Penhalt) Ltd.Saw Close, BathGround Floor DemolitionsDRWG NOSCALEDATE734 -1071 B1:100@ A1Mar. 13Most of the proposed demolitions involve late 19th century or laterstructures which are utilitarian and functional and have limitedarchitectural interest. At ground level there are sections of stonewalls which originated in earlier buildings but again are of limitedinterest, save for a section of what may be a drip mould. Periodicalterations have not improved the building’s external appearance.Although there would be a small loss of historic fabric it is notarchitecturally significant.Internally at ground level there is very little of architectural or historicinterest. The present ground floor will need to be removed for theconstruction of the new floor which will then allow assessment of thesub-floor structure.DRAWNRNCHK'DKMAaron Evans Architects Ltd • 3 Argyle Street Pulteney Bridge Bath BA2 4BA • • • t: (01225) 466234 f: (01225) 444364This drawing is copyright • Only figured dimensions to be used • Contractors to check all dimensions before proceedinglift car andmechanismby tenantGround Floor: ProposalsSaw Close: Design & Access Statement

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