Printing Tips(English)
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Printing Tips(English)

Printing Tips (English)THE NOTEBOOK SERVICE CENTER BOUWKUNDE (NSCB)- opening hours: 9.00 tot 17.30u, location: Vertigo 2nd fl oor, room 2.27- services: beamers/laptops, plots, support for software and/or printingPUBLISHING- always specify: name, studentnr, course code/project name, professor- printers and plotters are for study purposes only! Other prints will be destroyedPRINTING- be sure to account for enough time to solve problems. Print/plot on time,especially in presentation weeks. if it’s busy, it can take up to a day for plots to be fi nished.- check print credits at login: tue\s... etc.- installing printers: start > run > \\archiprint1 > doubleclick the printer- money converted to print credits cannot be transfered or withdrawn.- be sure to have enough print credits before you print.- no side of a poster can be larger then 10.000 pixels. for A0: 150dpi- if using hpdj4000, make sure to use the correct color settings. use CutePDF!- do not plot or print directly from corelDRAW or windows explorer.- for photo-/transplot: notify the NSCB before printing. test on regular paper fi rst!- do not use a pdf export or publish function, use a pdf printer- be sure to check the color settings before printing. xerox machines are set to blackand white by default- Be sure to set the right paper size. print jobs with wrong paper sizes will not be printed- “cannot write to the specifi ed device” is NOT an error- If the print job is not visible in the queue on the computer, it is movedto the internal queue of the printer/plotter. usually this means the job will be printedwithin 30 minutes. the internal queue, as well as the completed jobs and errors, can be checked on the Xeroxmachines.COPYING & SCANNING- for copying: log in with id number (on the student id card)a nd copycode you can copy in the library, at the NSCB and at the 5th floor, among others.- request your copy code at, log in with tue\s... etc. By clicking “mailmy pins”, the copy code will be sent to your email address- scanning to email can be done from every xerox machine choose option “email”,this scans to the e-mail address you specifyAUTOCAD MAPS OF EINDHOVEN- the autocad maps can only be accessed from within Vertigo or Matrix- the maps can be found at log in with tue\s.... areference map for choosing the map location can be found at the NSCB.

Printers & Plotters (English)at the bouwkunde faculty, 2009Name Location URL CostsXerox 7655-03Vertigo2.17\\archiprint1\bwxe7655-03A4 black & whiteone sidedtwo sided4 cent6 centXerox 7335-05Vertigo3\\archiprint1\bwxe7335-05A4 Colorone sidedtwo sided9 cent16 centXerox 7655-02Vertigo5\\archiprint1\bwxe7655-02A3 black & whiteone sidedtwo sided9 cent14 centXerox 7655-01Vertigo5\\archiprint1\bwxe7655-01A3 Colorone sidedtwo sided18 cent36 centXerox 7335-03Matrix0\\archiprint1\bwxe7335-03HP 4250-04Vertigo3\\archiprint1\bwhp4250-04A4 black & white one sided 4 centHP 5000nVertigo3\\archiprint1\bwhp5000-03A4 black & whiteA3 black & whiteone sidedone sided4 cent5 centHP 4250-05Vertigo4\\archiprint1\bwhp4250-05A4 black & white one sided 4 centHP 4250-06Vertigo4\\archiprint1\bwhp4250-06A4 black & white one sided 4 centHP DJ 4000(PS)Vertigo2.17\\archiprint1\bwhp4000-01(-ps)per decimeter(color or black & white)16 cent1055normaalpapierVertigo2.17\\archiprint1\bwhp1055-02per decimeter(color or black & white)16 cent1055fotopapierVertigo2.17\\archiprint1\bwhp1055-01-photoper decimeter(color or black & white)85 cent1055 matpolyesterVertigo2.17\\archiprint1\bwhp1055-01-transper decimeter(color or black & white)1,15euroPrinting on other kinds of paper then offered is not possible. The printercan be damaged if fi lled with the wrong paper, therefor it is not allowedto open any of the drawers or doors of the printer. If there is a problemwith the printer, you can reach the NSCB at 040-274 5422 or at Vertigo2.17.

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