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Water Conservation for Businesses.pdf - Offaly County Council

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Offaly County Councilcollects, cleans anddelivers 28 millionlitres of water a day (or6 million gallons, which isequivalent to over 12 Olympicsize swimming pools) to homes,schools, businesses and farms.This booklet shows you how toconserve water more in your business.It is surprising, but with just a little morethought it is easy to reduce the amountof water used.Your business could benefit fromintroducing simple water saving measureswhich will not only help you toconserve water but reduceyour water bill too.Water conservationis a year roundresponsibility, andjust as importantduring times ofheavy rainfall as itis in drought.

Some Water Usage FactsWe each use on average150 litres (33 gallons) ofclean treated waterevery day.A running tap can use up to 10 litres(2.2 gallons) of water a minute.A dripping tap can waste up to 40 litres(8.8 gallons) of watera day.Each toilet flush canuse between 5 and 15 litres(1.1 and 3.3 gallons) of waterdepending on the size of thetoilet cistern. This furtherincreases with urinalflushing.A dishwasheruses between10 and 40 litres(2.2 and 8.8 gallons)per cycle whether it’s full or not.

Things that can waste waterin your businessAre any of the taps in your premises drippingor overflows running?If yes, can the washers be replaced oroverflow fixed?Are taps and hosepipes left runningwhen unattended?If yes, consider fitting automatic shut-off valves.Are the water pipes properly covered to prevent themfreezing in cold weather?What could happen if they are not?Are the urinals in your toilets flushing automatically?If yes, ask if this is necessary?Are your customers and staff aware of their water usage?If not, could this be introduced?

Reading your Water MeterFind out where your water meter is. Normally your meter islocated close to the property boundary in a chamber with thestopcock. If you have difficulty locating your meter, Offaly CountyCouncil will be able to assist.Note: First check the type of meter you have, if it reads in litres or m 3 (1000 litres).You may have a combination meter that reads both measurements. If you have anold meter that reads in gallons or other units, please contact the Water Conservationunit in the Water Services section of Offaly Co Co.Read your meter aswork finishes at night –enter the reading.Read it before workstarts in the morning –enter the reading.How much was usedovernight? (B minus A)ABB-AIf there is a large difference, there may be a leaking pipe.Black displaycubic metres (m 3 )Red displayLitres (l)1 cubic metre [m 3 ]=1000 litresor220 gallonsMeter Serial Number whichcorresponds with your bill

Checking for leaksThere are two simple ways to check for leaks…1. Visual checksCheck the ground above your pipes and look for visible signs of a leak,such as unusually damp ground.2. Use your water meterIf you have a water meter you can use it to check for leaks.Turn off all taps and appliances which use water, then check the meter.If the counter is turning, you may have a leak. But make sure everythingis turned off. It’s a good idea to take a meter reading every week or so.If this value increases… Has consumption increased?… Has a tap started dripping? …Is it a leak?A demand management study was carried out on a largenon-domestic user in Offaly.Demand management devices and water conservation measureswere undertaken at these premises.The measures were undertaken on a phased basis and producedvarying degrees of water savings.These savings are presented in the following table:Device/MeasureNo UnitsInstalledCost ofInstallationEstimated WaterSavings perannumValue ofSavings perannumPaybackPeriodUrinal Controls 5 €1,201 2,706m 3 €6,494 2.2 MonthsLeak Detection N/A €937.90 2,372m 3 €5,692 2 MonthsSelf-Closing Push Taps 86 €4,193.22 730m 3 €1,752 29 Months

*DateWater Meter Reading1/01/2008 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1* Readings = 10.001m 3 or 10001 litres or 2200 1 / 4 gallons

DateWater Meter Reading

Your business wa10987Usage (m 3 )6543210Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reading

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