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X-TC Meeting Minutes - C36 Lab Message - IHE Wiki

Meeting NameIHE Eye Care Technical CommitteeMeeting Date and Time April 10, 2009 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. EDTNext Meeting Scheduled April 16, 2009Location / Dial-in Numbers 1 800 605-5167 use passcode 724635Gotomeeting 461-039-315AgendaI. Approval of April 2 2009 Meeting MinutesII. Discussion of Year 4 Supplementsa. Instructions for Performing a ProcedureIII. Next StepsDecisions and ActionsDecisions and Action ItemsPersonresponsibleTimeline1. The TC approved the meeting minutes of April 2 2009.Flora will post them on the wiki.ihe.net site.2. The TC discussed the proposed optional extension indepth, Instructions for Performing a Procedure. Don addedto Rick’s original draft, sent 4/8/09 to the group for review.The group reviewed Volume 1 and Volume 2 and madevarious edits to the document, agreeing with the generalintent of the extension. Don will finish cleaning up thedocument and send to the group.Flora 4/10/09Don 4/15093. In summary, the Instructions for Performing A Procedurewill be finalized by Don, with the approval of the group.Flora will need to put it in the IHE template before releasingto public comment by 4/30/09. Imran and Rick will presentthe rationale for Appointment Schedule Notification to theIHE Co-Chairs meeting, and it appears that at least 2companies are interested in testing and demonstrating itthis year at the Connectathon and Showcase.Flora, DonRick, Imran4/30/094/14/094. The TC set the dates for the next meeting as:4/16 for a special work session on Appointment SchedulingNotification4/24 for TC discussion and decisionmaking on AppointmentScheduling NotificationAll 4/16, 4/24General NotesPrepared by Flora LumDocuments DiscussedInstructions for Performing a ProcedurePage 1

Meeting MinutesApril 2, 2009 IHE TC MeetingScheduled Calls & MeetingsU.S.: 1800-605-5167Code: 724635Gotomeeting: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/799096682Date: Thursday, April 16U.S.: 1800-605-5167Code: 724635Gotomeeting: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/567340659Date: Friday, April 24ParticipantsThe following members participated in person or by phone in the meeting.Attendee, Project Role Org. E-mail Address IHEMemberPresentRick Butler, Co-Chair Medflow rbutler@medflow.com Y XImran Chaudhri, Co-Chair Anka/Topcon Imran@ankasystems.com Y XDon Van Syckle AAO don@dvsconsulting.com Y XFlora Lum, Secretary AAO flum@aao.org Y XTerry Ahnstedt VersaSuite tahnstedt@versasuite.comKetan Bagia MDoffice ketan@mdoffice.comSteve Baker Officemate/Eyefinity sbaker@eyefinity.comAllen Brewer Washington National Eye Center Allen.Brewer@medstar.net Y XShawnnah Castillo Carl Zeiss Meditec s.castillo@meditec.zeiss.com Y XShawn Dastmalchi Carl Zeiss Meditec s.dastmalchi@meditec.zeiss.comYThai Do Topcon tdo@topcon.com YShagun Grover TSG Integrations sgrover@tsgintegrations.com Y XMark Horton IHS Mark.Horton@ihs.gov Y XElliott Hutton Carl Zeiss Meditec E.Hutton@meditec.zeiss.com YDoug Johnson Compulink doug@asknice.com XArtur Kowalski Topcon akowalski@topcon.com Y XPage 2

Attendee, Project Role Org. E-mail Address IHE PresentMemberTobias Kurzke Carl Zeiss Meditec t.kurzke@meditec.zeiss.com YRaj Limaye Clarity Medical Systems rlimaye@claritymsi.com XHiro Matsuzaki Nidek Hiro_Matsuzaki@nidek.comDuncan McLean OTI/Opko Duncan@oti-canada.comBrad Nordstrom Clarity Medical Systems bnordstrom@claritymsi.comKen Pearson Kowa ken@kowa.comMichael Plotkin Topcon m.plotkin@topcon.com YJim Riggi Medflow jriggi@medflow.com YHeiko Roesch Heidelberg Engineering Heiko.roesch@heidelbergengi Yneering.comMichael Schmidt PacsGear mschmidt@pacsgear.comSascha Stops ifa systems sstops@integration-ag.comFrancesco VersaciCSOClaudia Wasch Heidelberg Engineering Claudia.wasch@heidelbergen YXgineering.comLinda Wedemeyer VA linophth@cox.net Y XRoberto Witt Carl Zeiss Meditec R.Witt@zeiss.meditec.com YBrad Yates OIS byates@oisi.comPage 3

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