Part 3 - Miller Publishing Corporation

Part 3 - Miller Publishing Corporation

October 2012 Advertorial Page 41SWANSON GROUP – Right Grade, Right Service, Right HereGlendale, Ore.—The last five or sixyears have presented our industry withunprecedented challenges, at leastunprecedented in our tenure in the for-Swanson Group's concrete form plywood in an actualindustrial application.est products business. During thoseyears, Swanson Group, like manyother manufacturers scrambled tocome up with the right products for anindustry that saw demand shrink torecord setting lows. We entered newmarkets, made new products andwere successful in maintaining ourlong-term strategic plans and commitmentsto our employees and customers.Now weʼre starting to see somemeasurable improvements in many ofour major markets and while weunderstand weʼre a long way frombeing out of the woods (no pun intended)there is a feeling that the light atthe end of the tunnel may not be thetrain that we thought was heading ourway. Thereʼs a much better feelingamong our customers heading towardthis yearʼs Traderʼs Market than therewas a year ago.As a result, this past year we havebeen able to turn our attention at themills to getting back to what we dobest – making quality dimension lumber,studs, and plywood. Thechanges most noticeable to our custumerson our finished end is that wehave adjusted the “target size” of ourrough lumber to allow us to have morefiber on the wood before it goes to theplaner and then calculating the optimizerto allow less wane. The resultis a piece of dimension that has lessskip, a better surface finish and lesswane. We also changed our “antistain”treatment and are using AntiBlu,a nationally recognized product to preventmold. The lumber coming out ofSwanson Groupʼs mills today is asgood as weʼve ever made. We havealways stressed quality products; buttoday we are pushing our parametersto be even better.At our plywood mills, weʼre doing thesame thing and seeing the sameresults. We added a new press at ourSpringfield mill that is totally dedicatedto making nothing but overlay panels.Our overlay business has grown overthe last four years to where we arenow one of the largest suppliers ofquality, domestic overlaid plywood.Overlays are used in a variety of applicationsfrom concrete forms to roll-uptruck doors to sign grade. We make avariety of grades, faces and thicknesseswith a quality that will meet yourapplication no matter how varied itmay be.Our stud mill in Roseburg has alwaysbeen known as a high-end qualitystud. But this past yearwe have invested inchanges to our manufacturingprocess as weupgraded our optimizingequipment and weadded an “eased edge”to our studs as they gothrough the planer whichgives the wood an evenmore uniform look andappearance. We alsoconverted the mill tothe AntiBlu anti-stainto give our woodeven more protection.Knowing that many lumberyardsare known andrecognized by the qualityof studs they stockand sell we want our Swanson nameto be at the top of list.Investing in the manufacturingprocess doesnʼt always get the creditit deserves, but when the quality of thefinished wood products start winningcustomer praise – you know youʼvemade the right call. At SwansonGroup we are committed to giving youa consistent, quality product everySimpson lumber and studs are your bestoption for quality, value and appearance.Ask for it by nameBy employing new “target sizes” on their rough lumber, Swanson Group is able to deliver better-looking finish lumber.SIMPSON LUMBER COMPANY, LLC917 EAST 11TH STREET 7 BEAUREGARD DRIVETACOMA, WA 98421-3039 WILMINGTON, NC 28412-6701253-779-6447910-794-2412www.simpson.comday on every order.Our sales team is lead by ChrisSwanson, VP Sales and Marketing.Chris started his career in the salesdepartment but went to operationswhere he managed both theRoseburg stud mill and also theGlendale dimension mill. With Chrisʼinsight to the production process andthe companyʼs commitment to qualitywe are making some of the bestGold Label lumber:®- Kiln-dried Douglas Fir & Hem-Fir- Green Douglas Fir- Kiln-dried Southern Yellow Pine- 2x4 through 2x12, in 8-24’ lengthsSFI-00054dimension, studs and plywood on theWest Coast. Call our sales staff:Kevin Daugherty, Nancy Daniels, TerriCollins on plywood, Matt Campbell onstuds and Bob Maurer, ChristyMcDowell, and George Hewitt for lumber.For more information visit•Gold Label studs:- Kiln-dried Douglas Fir & Hem-Fir- Green Douglas Fir- 2x4 and 2x6, up to 10’ lengthsSIMPSON MILLS ARE SFI® CERTIFIED®

Page 42 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueCERSOSIMO: A Proven SupplierBrattleboro, Vt.–If youʼve ever held awooden square tile while playing a gameof Scrabble, or watched a major leaguebaseball player swing a bat, or visitedHarvard University and sat in a woodenchair, chances are good that youʼve beentouched by lumber that came fromCersosimo Lumber Co. Inc., located here.Although well-known as a manufacturerPictured are general manager Jeff Hardy and company President MichaelCersosimo, Cersosimo Lumber Co., Inc., located in Brattleboro, Vt.of fine northern hardwood lumber since1947, this Northeastern company alsoproduces quality Eastern White Pine at itsmultiple facilities.Now in its third generation asa family-owned company,Cersosimo Lumber recentlywelcomed Jeff Hardy in thevice president/general managerposition. Hardy hasbeen with the company for 32years, working his way upthrough the ranks throughoutthe company, from kiln operationsto most recently as managerof the companyʼsSoftwood division.“We have the best productthat this region can offer,” hesaid. “The companyʼs philosophycenters on respecting theresource. To do that, webegin by limiting the radius ofharvest to ensure consistency at the outset.By analyzing yields within variouscutting schemes to maximize the value ofPictured are recently installed dry kilns at Cersosimo Lumber Co. Inc.each and every log, we can control theproduct we manufacture, from thesawmills to the drying operations andgrading facilities. We strive hard to giveour employees every opportunity to keepour product graded consistently and accuratelythroughout processing to ensuresatisfaction of both our domestic andinternational customers.”“Every step of the way is very importantto what we do as a company. Weʼve got aton of experience and we continue tobuild on that.”Hardy is among many of the 235Cersosimo employees whose longevitywith the firm spans decades. The companyis led by third-generation PresidentMichael Cersosimo, who assumed theposition in 2006 from Dominic “Butch”Cersosimo. Butch remains closelyinvolved with the company as Chairmanof the Board of Directors.Through the years, Cersosimo Lumberhas remained committed to forward-thinkingapproaches at all three of theirsawmills, two of which are in Brattleboroand another in Rumney, N.H.Brattleboroʼs Softwood mill produces primarilyEastern White Pine, up to 15 to 20million board feet annually. The wood isused in various types of products, such asfurniture, flooring, cabinetry, millwork andmoulding, and other appearance gradeapplications. Cersosimo saws 4/4 through16/4 and also provides specialty productswith proprietary grades using NELMA,Western and Canadian rules, allowing thecompany to better match products to theircustomersʼ needs.According to Monica Hastings, salesmanager, “We are committedto our wholesalersand distribution yards,and we consider those ourpartners. We are committedto bringing our productsto market by providingwhat our customersneed in order to meet anycurrent demand.”Hastings added, “We producenot only EasternWhite Pine, but alsoseven species of hardwoods.All of our mills cansaw either softwood orhardwood, and so weremain flexible to respondCersosimoʼs new wood-fired the ever-changingneeds of our buyers.Sawing the logs into finecuts for high-end customersis only part of the equation atCersosimo Lumber. The company alsoprides itself on its drying capabilities. Atits two locations in Brattleboro, the dryingfacilities maintain 2.6 million feet of perchargecapacity, with an additional onemillion feet of pre-drier space. “The predrierat the companyʼs central locationhas a proprietary designon the building with crossflowfan and customdesigncontrol systems,providing the most uniformand accurate drying environment.The companyalso operates custom kilndryingfacilities in bothNorth Hartland, Vt., andHardwick, Mass.Cersosimo also recentlycompleted installation ofsix new dry kilns by SII toreplace aging, existingkilns. “We removed sevendry kilns, along with whatwas the main steam andpower distribution to thewhole dry kiln facility andreplaced it with six new dry kilns with300,000 feet of capacity. Along withenabling us to provide low pressuresteam for the whole facility,” noted Hardy,“We also added a 750-kilowatt generatoras part of this project. These SII kilns aregood for drying any specie or thickness,however, we designed them with specialattention to the ability to dry white hardwoodsbright and at any time of year.These kilns are state-of-the-art and arestage one of a two-stage project with furtherkiln replacement slated in the nearfuture. This new steam and power distributioncenter will accommodate all thefuture changes that we have planned.”Cersosimo Lumber is a member of: NorthAmerican Wholesale Lumber Association,National Hardwood Lumber Association,Hardwood Manufacturers Association,New England Kiln Drying Association,Northeastern Loggers Association andAmerican Hardwood Export Council.Visit online at www.cersosimolumber.comfor more information.•Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 422THE WALDUN GROUP FocusesOn Quality By PolicyMaple Ridge, B.C.—Since its inceptionin 1974, quality and integrity have been thefocus for The Waldun Group, based here,according to the company owners.The WaldunGroup manufacturessplitand re-sawn,as well astaper sawnCedar shakesand shingles,available inPremium,No. 1 andStandardg r a d e s .Shakes areavailable in16-18-and 24-inch lengthswith gradesfrom one tofour.Hand splitshakes areavailable in aNo. 1 gradeallowing a minimumof 80 percentedge grainand a maximumof 20 percent flatgrain. A No. 1Premium grade,which is 100percent edgegrain, is alsoavailable.Available in 18or 24-inchl e n g t h s ,Waldunʼsshakes aregraded in complianceto UBC-15-3 and CSA97 standards. Allshakes with aNo. 1 label are alsoguaranteed to contain80 percent of edge grainin every bundle.Taper sawn shakes aresawn on both sides and,like hand split andresawn shakes, they areavailable in No. 1 grade,which allows a minimumof 80 percent edgegrain. Taper sawnshakes can offer a thickershadow line than ashingle, while stillenhancing a tailored,smooth style.Waldunʼs Cedar shingleshave a reducedexposure to obtain a 3-ply roof system. Onehundred percent clearand edge grain, shinglesare available in 16, 18,or 24-inch lengths. Allshingles are cut with acircular cut-off saw. Thecompany also offers ashingle that is re-butted.“This (A-butt) shingle is so smooth you canclearly see every growth ring at the buttend of the piece,” said Curtis Walker, acompany partner. “All the shingles we producehave an even thickness and we prideourselves on our clean sawn faces.Because we believe in our products, wetake a stand with our customers to guaranteeour roofing and siding products forbetween 30 and 50 years.”Kirk Nagy, a fellow partner in Waldun,said, “Supervisors at The Waldun Groupeach have 30-45 years of experience. Thishas helped build the individual character ofour products and company. Our entiremanagement team demands a level ofquality that will not be compromised. Thequality of our production is set so high thatit has created craftsmen in the process.”Most of The Waldun Groupʼs employeeshave been with the company for 15-30years, and this has led to a proud and loyalwork force, according to the Waldun partners.The partners say the companyʼs productsare held to superior standards and rigoroustesting. This stringent testing programincludes two independent grading agencies.Both agencies perform grading andtesting on Waldun products even thoughonly one is required. This helps raise theexpectations at the mill with the inspectorsthat grade the product.“Our company also takes time and carewith all the little things that contribute tomake a companystandabove thecompetition,”Walker said.“Our 2-inchpallets,shrink-wrapping,and airbaggingarealways facilitatedwithdurability inCurtis Walker (right) and Kirk Nagy (left) stand in front of Waldun Groupʼsproducts that are prepared for shipment.The Waldun Group manufactures split and re-sawn, as well as tapersawn Cedar shakes and shingles, available in Premium, No. 1 andStandard grades. Shakes are available in 16-18-and 24-inch lengthswith grades from one to four.Earlier this year Waldunʼs Western Red Cedarproducts were utilized in a 14-week restoration ofPhiladelphiaʼs Independence Hall, leaving itsmark at the site of the signing of the Declarationof Independence.Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 429mind. Theorganizationcounts everypiece of flatgrainthat ispacked. Thisensures thatevery bundlehas 80 percentedgegrain.”Earlier this yearWaldunʼsWestern RedCedar productswere utilized in a1 4 - w e e krestoration ofPhiladelphiaʼsIndependenceHall, leaving itsmark at thesite of the signingof theDeclaration ofIndependence.The $4.9-millionproject includedreplacing damagedbrickmasonry; paintingwindowframes, doors, and allexposed wood decorativefeatures; refurbishingcopper urns;installing new clockfaces, bracings, andlightning protection system;applying boratefungicide treatment tointerior structural elements,and replacingwood shingles andflashings.Waldun supplied 2,000sq. ft. of custom-madeCedar shakes for theproject. Its mill split the18- and 24-inch shakes,while an old-worldcraftsman fromWashington State handsplitthe 36-inch by 3/4-inch shakes. In total,Cedar shakes wereinstalled on four of thehallʼs nine levels.Although the firmrecently experienced afire Waldun ForestProducts is still intact, their inventoryʼs fine,all their kilns are still running at full capacity.“The only thing that was affected by thefire was the shake mill,” Nagy explained.“Recently Waldun has procured anothershake mill, which we will be running withour employees, our quality control, oursupervision and our ownership overseeingthe operation. This will be a Waldun product,with a Waldun label and a Waldunmarket.”The Waldun Group encourages the roofingindustry to only do business with Cedarmills that participate in ethical practices,whether this is in the production or applicationof on-grade products, the providing ofa safe work environment, or paying a justwage.The Waldun Group is a member of theNorth American Wholesale LumberAssociation. For more information or contact (604) 462-8266.•

October 2012 Advertorial Page 43PLEASANT RIVER LUMBER—A Reputation for Spruce Excellence Now Offers PineBy Terry MillerPleasant River Pineʼs Sales Manager Bill Ossenfort displays a sample ofthe companyʼs product.Hancock, Maine—With a reputationfor excellence in the SPF market, thepeople of Pleasant River LumberCompany have leveraged their experiencein the lumber industry to expandtheir product mix. Offering predominatelySpruce for several years, the companyrecently purchased an Eastern WhitePine mill, now named Pleasant RiverPine.When acquired the site consisted of asawmill facility, dry kilns, and a planingfacility. Since the purchase, additionalmodernizations have been completed inthe sawmill and a new drying facility hasbeen constructed. The sawmill improvementsincluded replacing obsoleteequipment and adding optimization toimprove production and efficiency. Thenew drying facility includes a sawdustfueled boiler and an additional 100,000board feet of dry kilns. The site has beenfully operational since January 2012 andhas the capacity to saw, dry, and plane15 million board feet of Eastern WhitePine lumber annually.“The opportunity presented itself withinstriking distance of our PleasantRiver Dover-Foxcroft operation,” VicePresident Chris Brochu explained. “Itʼsonly an hour and a half away and thetiming was good. Internally we hadalready prepared to take on other projectsand it was a good time to do it. Wehad interest in diversifying into differentproducts and we like to operate mills.”Pleasant River Pine and Pleasant RiverLumber procure logs within a 60-mileradius. “It worked out well for usbecause we had discussed putting a logyard in this area to buy Spruce for ourDover mill. It allows us to be not onlycompetitive for our Spruce but also forour Eastern White Pine because it givesus three good locations in areas withhigh quality wood baskets to procurelogs for both mills,” Brochu said.“The equipment was in good workingorder with the exception of a couple ofthings we identified and replaced,” heexplained. “We installed an HMC carriagewith computerized setworks. Thecompany that we purchased the optimizationfrom was USNR, headquarteredin Woodland, Washington.” Oncethese improvements were made thecompany hired a crew and began sawingin January. By February they weredrying and planing the lumber produced.Jason also noted the recent installationof a 200 horsepower Hurst wood wastefired boiler and three new dry kilns inJuly of 2012. The technology for thekilns was also supplied by USNR. Thenew kilns and the older kilns wereupdated to the new Kiln Boss ComputerControl System. “We felt it was importantto have as much consistency in thedrying process as possible. Our kilnoperator now has excellent control overthe entire system through the Kiln Bosscontrols. The Hurst boiler provides consistentand easily controlled temperatureand is very efficient,” Jasonexplained. “The new boiler has thecapacity to handle in excess of 400,000board feet of kiln capacity. Target productionfor the new operation is 50,000board feet per shift.”Pleasant River Pineʼs kiln capacity isnow 225,000 board feet and Jeff Tibettsis the firmʼs kiln/boiler operator. BillOssenfort is Pleasant River Pineʼs salesmanager. “We were very excited todiversify our product offerings fromPleasant River to include Eastern WhitePine,” Ossenfort said. “We have hadvery good feedback and success in mix-ing our Pine and Spruce productstogether on truckloads. Because of theclose proximity of our mills, we can efficientlymix loads to our customers. Welook forward to increasing our productmix in the future and continue to offer atop quality product and service to ourcustomers.Operations Manager Scott Placeyadded, “The Pine sawmill is running 45hours a week and the planer mill is at40. We have the capacity and the abilityto do any pattern and custom drying,packaging, mixed tallies and bundlesizes.”Jason said, “We are fortunate to havesome key people from those mills thatCUSTOMIZE YOUREastern White Pine is processed through the head rig.Please see us at NAWLA booth #703western red cedar604-856-6072fax 604-856-6043www.midvalleylbr.comTIMBERSYOUR LOAD.Your way.The new drying facility includes a sawdust fueled boiler and an additional100,000 board feet of dry kilns. The site has been fully operational since July2012 and has the capacity to saw, dry, and plane 15 million board feet ofEastern White Pine lumber annually.FENCE BOARDSFENCE POSTSDECKINGBALUSTERSLATTICEDIMENSIONALFASCIALATHPATTERN STOCKORDER THE WAY YOU WANT IT. CALL TODAY.WESTERN RED CEDARhave the experience we need. Scott hasmany years experience working withEastern White Pine. So we are a newname, a new company, but our productis of the highest quality and is graded bya team who has over 100 years of experiencecombined.”“Our goal is to take what weʼve donewith Spruce in regards to our salesapproach and the quality and service weoffer and bring it to Pine,” Chris added.“Our three sites are located in closeproximity. We have the Spruce mill, aseparate planing facility and now thePine mill. We have the capability to efficientlyoffer mixed loads of SPF andEastern White Pine catered to a customerʼsexact needs.”Pleasant River Lumber produces 90million board feet of dimension lumberannually, a drying facility and a planingfacility that dresses all of the dimensionlumber.Pleasant River Pine and Pleasant RiverLumber are members of North AmericanWholesale Lumber Association, NorthEastern Lumber ManufacturersAssociation and is certified by the ForestStewardship Council. For more informationvisit•LUMBER ASSOCIATIONINDEPENDENTLUMBERREMANUFACTURERSASSOCIATION

October 2012 Advertorial Page 45NAWLA provides special programs for emerging leaders.Rolling Meadows, Ill.– For decades, thewood products industry has seen a steadymarketplace of predictable margins andsolid returns. Now, changes in the globaleconomy have created turbulence wherethere once was calm, and uncertaintywhere there had been predictability. Thosechanges have made it critical for companiesto stay current and well-informed, tohave the best technology at their fingertips,and to come together as a community toachieve goals that are common to thewhole industry. There is a new path to successin the industry. It is one that demandsnew tools, fresh thinking, and synergyacross the community. It promises greatrewards for those that invest in it.At NAWLA, everything we do has beenconceived to help guide you along this newpath. Social media lets you stay constantlyconnected. Webinars keep you ahead ofkey issues. The industryʼs best conferencesand conventions to put you in touchwith your peers and a new online classifiedad venue for selling equipment and postingopen positions soon to come is a new 10Groups program for emerging leaders thathelps them deal with their most pressingconcerns.NAWLA works to be your partner and solutionsprovider, committed to helping youfind buyers, expand your market, connectyou with others in the industry, andempower you with the tools that will let yousucceed. With NAWLA, you benefit fromaccess to the best service providers in theirfields, who will give you preferred treatmentbecause of your NAWLA affiliation.By connecting you with these highly skilledprofessionals, hand-selected and vetted byNAWLA for their industry knowledge andexpertise, they are reinvesting in the industrythrough the certainty of your success.They know how to guide you along the newpath, giving you an advantage over thecompetition and meet the challenges of ourtime.Member ServicesItʼs important for you to have powerfulonline and technology tools at your disposalthat let you stay connected with yourassociates and peers. These tools allowyou to be an industry thought leader ingenerating new ideas, and to disseminatethose ideas efficiently throughout yourorganization. Tools such as on-demandreference data for product, for housing andconstruction, and for international marketsare available to members. NAWLA alsosends timely industry alerts, posts andtweets for key issues, whenever they occurand wherever they may be. Additionally,NAWLA has social media tools that let youcommunicate and connect the way youwant to.Professional ServicesIt can be time-consuming to manageongoing operational concerns when youreally want to focus on your core business.NAWLA evaluates and monitors the professionalservices they recommend inorder to introduce you to only the very bestvendors that understand your needs andyour business, and will make your successtheir first priority. In doing so, they solvemany of the most important support issuesfor you via the partners NAWLA can bringyour way.OutreachWhen members come together to considerthe issues that confront the industry, theresult can benefit everyone. NAWLAʼshighly regarded meetings and conferencesdraw lumber and wood-products representativesfrom all over the world. These provokethought, create valuable networkingopportunities, and underscore the strengthof the larger community—demonstratingsolidarity regarding the success of the lumberindustry in its entirety. There is nogreater forum to expand your industry acu-NAWLA Is Our Partner In Successmen as well as to meet the faces behindthe names you know than a NAWLAevent.EducationTomorrowʼs leaders must be engaged,well educated and informed. Whetherthrough fundamental tutorials, a focus onthe issues of theday, or an in-depthstudy of the overseaseconomics ofour industry,NAWLAʼs goal is toprovide the industryʼsmost substantivecontinuing educationfor emergingleaders.NAWLA classesaddress issues farand wide, benefitingwood products professionalson everylevel of your business.Additionally,NAWLA stays abreastof key legislation and policy changes thatmay impact your organization.Executive ServicesA well-run organization must have morethan good people and good ideas. Theremust also be good planning in place, anda process to identify the best direction toensure the companyʼs success. One wayTraders Market continues to be the premier foster great ideas is to tap into freshthinking from some of the worldʼs mostexperienced business leaders, both withinand outside the lumber industry. NAWLAʼsexecutive suite of tools is specificallydesigned to provide tested and true solutionsto a variety of common hurdles thatyour companyʼs leadership may face.AssociationParticipationCareer advancementis complex,and your leadershipmay evolve fromefforts on manyfronts. Thatʼs whyNAWLA has createdopportunities for participationin decisionmaking on the influentialcommitteesthat set policy for ourorganization. Byserving on aNAWLA committeeyou will be networkingwith like-minded professionals fromevery level of the wood products community—whileworking through some of themost pressing issues of the organizationand the industry as a whole.As you can see, there is much more toNAWLA than just Traders Market. NAWLAis always available as a resource to guideyou on your journey along this path of newgrowth—one that can seed your companyʼssuccess, empower your team membersand fuel your future. They are yoursingle resource for navigating difficult terrain;your partner in identifying solid solutionsfor your company. NAWLA knowswhere you are headed, and how to keepyou on that path. Contact your NAWLANAWLA's new annual Leadership Conference givesleaders specialized education.representative today to start superchargingyour career—and making an impact onyour companyʼs bottom line.See you in Chicago!•WHEN APPEARANCE ISN’T IMPORTANT,SAVE YOUR BUILDERS MONEY WITH OUR3 1 /2"/5 1 /2" FRAMING GRADE GLULAM.When it’s going to disappear behinddrywall, your builder customers shouldn’thave to pay a nickel more than the costof our 3 1 /2" or 5 1 /2" Framing GradeGlulam. It frames quickly, offers strongdesign values, fills your standarddimension3 1 /2" or 5 1 /2" wall cavity andis priced competitively. And it comeswith the kind of guarantee you’d expectfrom strong national brands like FILLERKING ® and Boise Cascade.WHEN APPEARANCE IS IMPORTANT,SELL AUTHENTIC APPEARANCE GRADE GLULAMFROM FILLER KING ® AND BOISE CASCADE.For Appearance Grade applications,FILLER KING ® /Boise Cascade supportsgreen building solutions includingthe industry standard 3 1 /8"/5 1 /8"Appearance Grade dimension. Thatgives us room to machine out moreimperfections and make it trulyAppearance Grade – assuring theproduct won’t create issues in finishedapplications. This will improve yourpeace of mind as to whether theproduct you’re supplying is what’sexpected of “Appearance Grade” inyour customer’s finished product. Formore information and product details,call 800-237-4013 today.© 2012 Boise Cascade Wood Products, L.L.C. BOISE CASCADE, FILLER KING, the “TREE-IN-A-CIRCLE” symbol and“Great products are only the beginning” are trademarks of Boise Cascade, L.L.C. or its affiliates. ®Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 201Great products are only the beginning.

Page 46 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueThe Verdict on ROSBORO X-Beam: It FitsSpringfield, Ore.—When Rosboro X-Beam was introduced in Spring of 2010,it was called “Next-Generation Glulam”because this full framing-width beamwas designed and manufactured as anupgrade from conventional engineeredwood. But a tagline is just a few words,and a few words arenʼt quite enough tofully convey the many ways that X-Beamhas made jobs easier for builders, architects,distributors, and engineers. Atleast, thatʼs what Rosboro thought untilthey heard an alternate suggestion for atagline from one builder who efficientlydescribed the virtues of X-Beam in twoprecise words: “It fits.” In that same spiritof getting to the point, letʼs look at thespecific ways the building industry hasdiscovered that X-Beam just “fits.”Fitting DimensionsFor more than four decades, glulammanufacturersstuck tothe samegame plan:dimensionallumber wasglued togetherand then3/8” wasplaned fromthe width toremove gluesqueeze-outand toachieve anarchitecturalappearance.The resultswere beamsthat didnʼtmatch standardframingdimensions,and a lot oftime andmoney wastedshimming3/8” gaps onjobsites.Rosborochanged thegame with X-Beam, thefirst architecturalstockglulam beamto fit standardwall framing.X-Beam isavailable in 3-1/2”, 5-1/2”,6-3/4” and 8-3/4” widthsand I-joistdepths, aswell as conventionalglulamdepths of1-1/2” incrementsand 9-1/4” and 11-1/4” to match2x10 and2x12 joists.Framers nolonger needto fieldassemblemultiple 1-3/4” beams toachieve framinglumberwidths inheaders andbeams, and the same X-Beam can beused for exposed or concealed applications.Furthermore, the old issue of camberhas been mitigated; X-Beam is manufacturedwith a slight 5,000 foot radiusso short beams have no camber and abeam as long as 24ʼ would have a slight1/8” camber.Fitting BudgetsIt is a common misconception that glulamis more expensive than other engineeredwood products. In fact, RosboroX-Beam costs 20% to 30% less thanLVL and 15% to 20% less than strandlumber. Builders and developersthroughout the country are saving thousandsof dollars by choosing X-Beamover other, more costly EWP. HuffLumber, a wholesale distributor of build-ing materials, recommended X-Beam toa client who was building a 628-apartmentunit project called Murano inOrange County, California.“To give our customer an advantage onthe Murano contract, we actively tried toinclude new cost-effective products inthe proposal,” said John Ivey of HuffLumber. “I saw an opportunity to substituteRosboro X-Beam for about 11,499linear feet of specified product. The X-Beam in this application was on averageabout 24% less expensive, which savedapproximately $10,846 on the proposalbudget.”Fitting Value EngineeringThe price and time efficiencies offeredby X-Beam meet the stringent demandsof value engineering, which is becomingincreasingly important to a buildingindustry cautiously recovering from aprolongeddownturn.Not onlydoes X-Beam costless thancompetingEWP, it alsoo f f e r sincreasedwood vol-When Rosboro X-Beam was introduced in Spring of 2010, it was called“Next-Generation Glulam” because this full framing-width beam wasdesigned and manufactured as an upgrade from conventional engineeredwood.The price and time efficiencies offered by X-Beam meet the stringentdemands of value engineering, which is becoming increasingly importantto a building industry cautiously recovering from a prolonged downturn.ume withmore loadcarryingcapacity (upto 12% for3-1/2" and7% for 5-1/2"). Theseperformancecharacteristicsmake X-Beam asuperiorchoice fors h o r tbeams andheaders.“The pressureis onengineersto find costeffectivealternatives,muchmore sothan whenthe buildingmarketw a s n ʼ tunder suchscrutiny interms ofprotectingthe bottomline,” saidM a r kScambrayof theStructuralResourceGroup, aconsultantfor structuralengineers.“Theeconomiesand fullframingdimensionsof the X-Beam makeit the beamof choice when designing wood buildings.”So it turns out that “It fits” pretty muchsays it all, because more than any otherEWP, X-Beam is proving to be a perfectmatch for framing dimensions, budgets,and value-engineering that requirescost-consciousness without sacrificingperformance.X-Beam ( is nowavailable at lumberyards throughout theNorthwest and can be shipped next daywith framing packages.•Premium hand selected X-Beam being placed for an exposed truss systemin a conference room.Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 612BLUE BOOK SERVICES – Helping You ReduceCredit Risk And Find New AccountsBlue Book Services was founded in1901 – a heady time for American business.It was just one year after FrederickWeyerhauser bought900,000 acres of primeWashington timberland tobegin his empire, eightyears after the formationof NAWLA, and threeyears after NHLA wascreated. Like these venerableorganizations,Blue Book has providedits customers with accurateand timely informationfor well over a century.Serving the lumberindustry since 2009, BlueBook Services offers lumbersellers with a dependable,affordable, andindustry-specific resourceto make the best creditdecisions and safely expand their customerbase.Finding New AccountsBlue Bookʼs online directory ( comprehensivedata on Softwoodand hardwood lumbercompanies throughoutNorth America. Mills,secondary manufacturers,wholesalers,retail lumber yards,and industrialaccounts are allincluded and canbe easily searchedby geographic location,business classification,pay indicator,or species/productshandled.With unlimited searchcapabilities, lumber salesteams are free to explore new marketsegments and identify potential businessconnections. Search results can beviewed on-screen, printed, or saved as aPDF or CSV file.Reducing Credit RiskSellers are also using Blue BookServices to monitor the risk of existingcustomers and establish credit limits fornew customers. Credit managers canquickly look up a specific company toview the reported Pay Indicator, an at-aglancesummary of the companyʼs recentpay history based on aggregate tradefeedback submitted by each buyerʼstrade suppliers.For more in-depth credit information,Blue Book Business Reports can bedownloaded, saved, and/or printed.Credit mangers can identify how a customeris paying other suppliers by viewingall industry accounts receivable datareported on this client. Business Reportsinclude Equifax commercial data includingnon-industry pay experiences, bankinginformation, public judgments, liens,and bankruptcy information.Data Quality and DeliveryBlue Bookʼs team of professionals col-lect, validate, and report information onlumber companies throughout the supplychain, including accounts receivable(Back row, left to right): Mark Erickson, Ken Schultz, Jason Crowley, NadineMcNear, Jim Carr and (front row, left to right): Julie Brown, ZackChampagne, Nicole Gilliland, Kathi Orlowskiaging data/trends, financial ratings,company ownership or personnelchanges, mergersand acquisitions,and bankruptcies.Asdata changes,Blue BookOnline Services(BBOS) isupdated in realtime.A weeklyCredit Sheet isalso distributedby email, containinga summaryof keyi n d u s t r ychanges andnew companylistings.Going MobileKnowing lumberprofessionalsare not tethered to their desks, BlueBook Services provides BBOS Mobile toaccess Blue Book information and ratingsthrough a smartphone or internetreadymobile device.Top Notch CustomerServiceResults of the mostrecent Blue Book membershipsurvey confirmthat most Members aresatisfied with the overallservice. In fact, manysurvey responsesincluded positive commentsabout how BlueBook information andreports helped save timeand money or enhance a businessrelationship. According toBrandi Kimberley, a credit assistantat West Fraser Timber Co., Ltd., “BlueBook Services is a valuable resourcethat helps us make informed decisions.If we need further information, their customerservice is quick to investigate forus.”Your Industry-Specific SolutionA recommended and approved serviceprovider of NAWLA, Blue Bookʼs commitmentto the lumber industry isdemonstrated through active participationat industry events includingNAWLA, NeLMA, SLMA, MLMA, NHLA,and IHLA. Jim Carr, Blue Bookʼs presidentand chief executive officer, recentlycommented, “Economists who havespoken at industry conventions this yearall forecast an increasing demand forlumber. As this occurs, lumber sellerscan count on Blue Book Services to helpin their credit approval and monitoringprocesses.”•Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 724

October 2012 Advertorial Page 47NELMA Reaches Out to the Next Generation of Architects and HomeDesigners, Announces Winner of 2012 Sustainable Versatility Design AwardsA Sustainable Versatility Award winner Maynard HaydenLeón receives his award from (Left:) Steve Thomas and(Right:) Jeff Easterling, president of NELMA.Cumberland, Maine—Maynard HaydenLeón, a first-year student at the HarvardUniversity Graduate School of Design inBoston, Mass., was recently named the recipientof the 2012 NELMA Sustainable VersatilityDesign Award for his project, “Studio Soleil”.The Sustainable Versatility Design Awards,sponsored by the Northeastern LumberManufacturers Association (NELMA), is adesign contest for students currently enrolledin an accredited architecture program todesign a modern sustainable structure featuringEastern White Pine. Judges looked for dialogue-inspiring,future-predicting, forwardthinkingdesigns.Building design parameters:•Project must prominently feature EasternWhite Pine on interior or exterior ofbuilding.•Building must be a freestanding structure(home, backyard office, in-lawapartment, design studio, etc.).•600 square-feet max.•Include other features increasing the sustainability/efficiencyof the structure.As first place winner, León received a $1,000cash award and visited the NELMA annualmeeting in April 2012, where he spoke abouthis project and received his award fromNELMA President Jeff Easterling and ProjectJudge Steve Thomas.Jeff Easterling, president of NELMA, commented,“This award was born of a vision toreach out to the next generation and raiseawareness of wood.”Steve Thomas, host of “This Old House” for14 years and known as the “ultimate homeenthusiast,” served as a SustainableVersatility Awards project judge. Upon presentingthe award to León, Thomas remarkedthat, “As an industry, we should be doingmuch more of this.”The Winning Project: Studio SoleilStudio Soleil, called “a place of guidance andperformance” by León, is a piano studio andsmall-scale performance facility. Reflecting hisknowledge of sound engineering, the studiofeatures a ceiling baffle constructed entirely ofEastern White Pine. Almost like a White Pine2x4 net hung from the ceiling, the baffle isjointed in two places and can be manipulatedvia hand-drawn pulleys to customize thesound envelope of the room.Additional uses of Eastern White Pine in theproject include interior shelving and millwork,an exterior porch and trellis and exposed joistsin both interior and exterior applications.The exterior of the structure showcases the“Shou Sugi Ban” method of charring woodensiding. This charring carbonizes the face of thewood and creates a barrier against rain, rotand insects for decades. Adding beauty andlongevity to the wood siding, it also gives theexterior a subtle reptilian texture that is bothstriking and practical. Used in Scandinaviaand the Netherlands, this method adds analmost animated quality to the exterior of thestructure.Using Eastern White PineLeón spends lots of time in the woodshopat Harvardʼs Graduate School of Design, aplace he calls “unparalleled facilities”. Helikes to work with his hands and makethings, turning drawings into reality, a skillhe considers integral to becoming a goodarchitect. “You need to know how to handlematerials, how connections go together,the intersection of the physical and the digital– this translation is paramount.”Wood is an integral part of this process,according to León. “Real wood offers continuedbeauty in any project. The warm,soft glow adds a natural look that canʼt bereplicated. In Studio Soleil, the EasternWhite Pine adds a soft personality and createsa comfortable, informal, invitingspace,” he says. “The Eastern White Pinemakes the entire structure lighter and moreinviting.”León adds that choosing wood is an excellentway to showcase local elements. “Itʼsnot always about fancy materials; sometimesyou can use the simple materials inelegant ways to create amazing effects.This wood is a simple material used to elevatethe status of the structure into somethingmore, creating a beautiful object.”It just makes sense to use local materials,and local wood like Eastern White Pine,”León concludes. “To choose another woodor another product over the local optiondoesnʼt seem like the honest choice. I workwith wood on a daily basis, and I love it. Iʼmgoing to use lumber for the rest of my life.”León is a native of Lathrup Village, a suburbof Detroit, Mich. A graduate of theInternational Academy, he received a BS inArchitecture from the University ofMichigan in 2009. Following two years inNew York with an architectural firm, Leónhas just completed his first year atHarvardʼs Graduate School of Designwhere he isearning hisMasterʼs inArchitecture.Founded in1933, NELMA(NortheasternL u m b e rManufacturersAssociation) isthe rules writingagency forEastern WhitePine lumber.NELMA is alsothe gradingauthority forE a s t e r nS p r u c e ,Balsam Fir, theSpruce-Pine-Fir (SPFs)grouping, andother commercially important easternSoftwood lumber species.For more information, please, www.easternwhitepine.organd•Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 112

Page 48 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueMID VALLEY LUMBER: A Forward-Thinking Company, Committed To QualityMid Valley Lumber Specialties Ltd., located in Aldergrove, B.C., offers a fullline of Western Red Cedar products for almost any application.Aldergove, B.C.–Mid Valley LumberSpecialties Ltd. was founded in 1994 andis a proud Western Red Cedar (WRC)producer. Its knowledgeable sales staffhas over 100 years combined WRC salesexperience. President Al Fortune believesthis experience is invaluable. “These trustedveterans of the industry have learnedthe value of a customer and know howimportant it is to keep them coming back.Itʼs simple; treat our customers as youwould like to be treated and supply themwith the right products. That shouldnʼt betoo much to ask,” Fortune said.The sales team includes Omar Derkach,Bryan Lundstrom and Al Fortune, whosaid, “Our long history of manufacturingand marketing Western Red Cedar productshas given our customers the assurancethat they are buying the right productat the right time for their individual geographicalarea.”According to Fortune, “We believe ourword is our bond and we are committed toquality and customer satisfaction. Weʼrenot looking for the quick one-time sale;weʼre looking to build long term relationshipswhere the customer is happy andcontinues to deal with Mid Valley Lumber.”This long term, quality first way of thinkinghas allowed Mid Valley Lumber togrow, even in these uncertain times.“Building long term partnerships with ourcustomers is one of the main keys to oursuccess. A happy customer is a repeatcustomer and we want repeat customers,”Fortune said. “One of the bestways to ensure repeat business is producea quality, consistent product timeafter time. You also need to have the willingnessand the flexibility to adapt to theever changing market conditions and customerrequirements.”Fortune says, “Our motto is ʻyour load,your way.ʼ We feel you should be able toorder the products you want and need;therefore we offer a wide variety of productsand services. Special grade sorts,specific packaging, specified lengths isjust part of a normal day at Mid ValleyLumber.” The company also offers mixedand specified loads. This enables thecustomer to keep their own inventoriesvery lean and diverse. They also offer avariety of shipping methods: truck, van orrailcar. If Mid Valley does not currentlymanufacture the item a customerrequests, they will find a way to eitherproduce or procure it.Mid Valley offers a full line of WesternMid Valley Lumber Specialties offers mixed and specifiedloads of wrapped product. A variety of shipping methods arealso available.Red Cedar products for almost any application.Balusters, appearance gradeposts or timbers, decking, fence boards,fence rails, fence posts, and industrialcomponents to name a few.Mid Valleyʼs raw material comes fromtwo main geographical areas. “Our primaryfiber source is from the BritishColumbia coastal region and is supplementedwith material from the interior ofthe province. We purposely bring fiber inand from both areas of the province asspecific fiber is better suited for certainproduct lines. Cedar is not like manyother species; it has natural oils that areresistant to decay and rot, which makes itan excellent environmental choice formany outdoor products including fencing,decking and siding,” Fortune said.From the moment Mid Valley starts aproduction run they monitor the progressthroughout the entire manufacturingprocess. “We have a very hands-onapproach to what weʼre producing andfeel that we have support from all thoseinvolved at the mill,” Fortune said.Some of the details included in thishands-on philosophy include utilizingspecial paper wrap on bundles, eliminatingdirt and discoloration on high-endPictured is a 2x2 Western Red Cedar product, in addition to balusters,appearance grade posts or timbers, decking, fence boards, fence rails,fence posts and industrial components, all of which are items available atMid Valley Lumber Specialties.materials with bottom protection and utilizingplastic banding to prevent metaloxidation marks, commonly known as“iron stain”.Mid Valley is an active member in a numberof lumber industry associationsincluding the Western Red Cedar LumberAssoc., the North American WholesaleLumber Assoc., British Columbia Wood,British Columbia Wholesale LumberAssoc., and the Independent WoodProcessors Assoc.If you are looking for a forward thinkingcompany that is easy to deal with and iscommitted to producing quality WesternRed Cedar products, give Mid ValleyLumber Specialties a call.For more information about Mid ValleyLumber Specialties Ltd., visit the companyʼswebsite at orcall 604 856 6072. You can also reachthem by fax at 604 856 6043. Mid Valleyʼshead office is located at 3084 275 Street,Aldergrove, BC V4W 3L4.•Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 703

October 2012 Advertorial Page 49DIPRIZIO PINE SALES: Manufacturing EWP For Their Valued CustomersPictured are Scott Brown, sales manager, and David Mansfield, productionmanager, at DiPrizio Pine Sales, located in Middleton, N.H.Larry Huot, president and owner of DiPrizio Pine Sales, and Marcella Perry, directorof operations.ter-packs in multi-stop trucks makessense. "We now do trucks with four stops aday on it. Years ago, that would have beena two-stop truck. It's a sign of the times inregards to the volume of business yourcustomer is doing. But if that is what theyneed, that is what we do. We listen to ourcustomers and we adapt with them andtheir customers needs,” says Brown.DiPrizio also has not stopped making capitalinvestments despite ongoing industrychallenges. They've updated equipment asneeded over the past three years in orderto provide superior quality EWP for itsclientele. "We did a planer expansion threeyears ago," Brown explained. “We added70-feet of building there, and that's allowedus to do those sorts of quarter-packs andstill have enough carts for half-packs or fullunits, so you don't have to shut down themill. This was a move to help remove handlingservices and costs born by our customersby changing the flow of productionright at the mill. “We carry about 1.4 millionfeet of dressed inventory, about half of thatis ready to ship and the other half is inventorieditems for the distribution business.Our Customers are promised ʻOn-Time, In-Time, and Completeʼ with quality, selectionand reliability being our standard.”The Sawmill left and right twinprimary breakdown system consists of aMcDonough double-cut band mill with aCleereman carriage at one mill, and therugged Sanborn circular mill with HMC carriageon the other. "These carriages arebrand new," Brown said. "We put in a newMiddleton, N.H.–Owned by the LaValley-Middleton family of companies, and specializingin Eastern White Pine productssince its inception, DiPrizio Pine Sales,located at the foothills of the WhiteMountain National Forest, continues to findinnovative ways to recognize and meettrending demands in the lumber industry.Despite continuing challenges on theindustry, DiPrizio today still producesbetween 85,000 and 90,000 feet of lumberdaily, mostly in 4/4 through 6/4lumber manufacturing approximately 20million board feet yearly. According toDiPrizio Sales Manager Scott Brown, thebulk of that lumber is being cut for the retailmarket at this time. Export activity has alsosustained an added value to DiPrizio's productiondocket. All production is accomplishedduring a routine 40 to 45 hourworkweek."No one is carrying the log inventory thatthey did when we were at 2.2 million housingstarts annually," noted Brown. "Like alot of sawmills, we are balancing our loginventory and production schedule to thecurrent demand. We are helping our distributionyards and wholesale distributorsmanage their inventories. Everyoneʼs volumesare different than they once wereand as a result we are doing quarter-packsand half-packs, and ʻYard Packsʼ forexample, to accommodate those kinds ofneeds our customer require."Brown added that for the company to balanceefficiencies and production, providingcustomers full-packs, half-packs and quardrive,new carriage, new booth and saw,and also added Irvington-Moore 3-D scanners."We also use a 5-head Stenner breakdownstation. It's a 5-button station to cantup everything in the mill. Before we madethese upgrades, the two older headrigsreally couldn't keep up with the Stenner.That bottleneck has since gone away andthe uniformity of board quality is topshelf."DiPrizio offers all the NELMA patterns andcustom patterns per customer order, usinga Weinig moulder. Additionally, the companyutilizes a 12-knife head Woods 412 forS4S finishes.500,000 feet of kiln space is available atDiPrizio, "so we can take Shop grade downto the targeted moisture content. Due toour drying capacity, we try to dry all 8-inchtogether, and all 6-inch together, for thebest uniformity and reliability of quality consistency.”Also within the past few years, DiPriziostepped up its product offerings with Primeproducts for retail arenas. This valueaddedservice consists of primed boardsavailable in 8-through-16 foot lengths, and3-through-12 inches in widths of 4/4 and5/4 and has seen handsome growth in thisarea.Never taking our eyes off of quality andour customersʼ needs, because of the variousupgrades, expansions and flexibleshipping programs implemented byDiPrizio, the company is "exporting a lotmore to Canada and overseas than weRight) Examiningthe board isJamie Moulton,finish end supervisorat DiPrizio.used to," said Brown. “We do three loads aweek to Canada, whereas a year ago wedid one weekly. We ship a lot of S4S toCanada, but also 1x10 or a 1x12 dressedresaw board, which they sell a lot up there.We also have quite a few accounts thattake the Premium blank product. We blankit through the planer and they reprocess itthemselves, so that has been a good marketfor the Premium boards." DiPrizio alsosends containers of product to Pakistan,India, among some other countries.Speaking for a company that has learnedto ride the ebb and flow of the waves ofbusiness created by recent recessionarytimes, Brown said, "To succeed, you haveto change with the market so it requiresflexibility to meet the ever-changingdemands of our customers while nevercompromising quality assurance."A DiPrizio motto: “Striving Always toImprove; Our Wood is Good, but OurPeople Make the Difference in the DiPrizioBrand of Eastern White Pine.”DiPrizio is a member of the NortheasternLumbermen's Association, a charter memberof the North American WholesaleLumber Association Trader's Market ® , theNew Hampshire Timberland OwnersAssociation and the Northeast RetailLumber Association.Visit DiPrizio online at www.diprizio.comand, or call 800-647-8989.•

Page 50 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueKING FOREST INDUSTRIES: Customer Driven With A Can-Do AttitudePictured is Joseph King (left) and John M. King Jr., owner and presidentof King Forest Industries, Wentworth, N.H.Wentworth, N.H.–By focusing on productsfor the industrial market, King ForestIndustries, located here, continues to reapsuccess despite ongoing stubborn andchallenging trends in the lumber industry.John King, president and owner of KingForest, depends on his seasoned 80-personstaff to continue to produce up to 30million board feet of Eastern White Pine(EWP) annually. King has guided his companythrough multiple market trends andfacility upgrades to meet the needs of theirdomestic, as well as international, customerbase.As recently as the past 12 months KingForest made capital investments intoupgrades on the firmʼs dry kilns.“We have a drying capacity of about 1.3million board feet, depending on the thicknessof lumber,” King said. “The reasonwe need that kind of capacity for 30 millionboard feet of lumber production isbecause we dry a lot of thicker stock – 4/4through 8/4 lumber.“Some of our dry kilns were 20 years ofage or so, and we wanted to update them.We began by determining we wantedmore airflow, so we changed all our stickersout to thicker hardwood stickers,investing about $200,000 in that upgrade.Our dry kiln renovation, which involvedboth interior and exterior work to drivehome efficiencies and improve the dryingwas a huge undertaking. All our controlsWhite Pine in storage sheds at King Forest Industries ready for shipment.are computerized now and all are back tooperating like new and state-of-the-art.”King added that his company “is fussyabout drying” in regard to quality andmoisture content. For the industrial market,King Forestʼs target drying goal is 8 to10 percent with 12 percent as a peak. Ifthe percentage exceeds 12 then the woodgets marked and redried. “We have moisturemeters every foot on the dry line toinsure the customer receives dry lumber,”said King.King Forestʼs wood is also certified underthe Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).“Pam McGraw led our certification effortsand did a great job,” King said. “She got itdone over the course of a few months andwe passed our audit on the first time,which is very rare, and with no conditionswhatsoever. It was well worthwhile andhas been very well received by many ofour customers and in fact demanded bysome of our customers.”King Forestʼs production, which includesEWP in thicknesses from 4/4 through 8/4,primarily consist of 50 percent boards and50 percent other products. “On any givenday, you can go into the mill and we will besawing three different thicknesses,depending on the quality of the log and avariety of factors,” King explained. “We tryto optimize the value of every single log. Itmay slow the production process–wecould saw quite a lot more volume if wejust wanted to saw boards, which we havein the past–but itʼs diversified our marketsa great deal and given us a larger geographicalarea that we now sell in and to alarger number of customers.”In fact, half of King Forestʼs production issold internationally. “Not only do our productsgo to Canada, but also to Pakistan,Arab Emirates, India, China and Vietnam.Itʼs a rapidly growing segment of our businessand one in which we strive to dothings that other mills do not. For example,offshore business really demands thickerlumber and thatʼs in everything from 7/8ʼsblank lumber to full 1-inch rough, as wellas 5/4. We made a commitment years agoto saw thicker lumber, which enable us toservice a wider range of markets.”King Forest ships its products in an arrayof configurations. “We have the ability toload containers right here at our mill,which also differentiates us from othermills, and gives us great flexibility in ourcontainer capabilities,” King commented.King Forest moves its lumber so quickly,said its owner, that “you wonʼt find anygreen inventory here. It goes in the kiln thesame day it is sawn, at least in theSummertime. In the Winter, you might findabout 100,000 board feet of green lumberin inventory. Thatʼs how we operate. Wedonʼt carry; we saw in our mill a freshproduct that is going on a truck or in a container.So we are basically a customKing Forestʼs dry kilns and storage buildingssawmill.”Making all the cogs in the productionwheel run smoothly is the 80+ staff, manyof whom have 30 yearsʼ industry experience.Several key personnel include:Kevin Godfrey, sawmill manager; JerryBixby, planer mill supervisor; AnitaLatulippe, controller; Pam McGraw, officemanager; Scott OʼMeara, computer technology;Steve Albaugh and ChuckSackett, boiler/kiln operator.John Kingʼs son, Joe, is the latest additionto the staff. Joe grew up in the industryand with King Forest. “He has helpedmostly with production scheduling, workingwith the planer crew and I wanted himto become more familiar with all aspects ofthe business,” the elder King said.King Forest Industries is a member ofNELMA and the North AmericanWholesale Lumber Association.“Our main goal is to produce quality productsand make it obvious to our customershow much we value them,” said King. “Wekeep at the forefront of our minds dailythat we must do an excellent job witheverything so we can get new customersand retain the ones we have.”For more information about this company,visit online at•Linwood Truitt and John Stevenson are in charge of kiln-dried lumbersales at Beasley Forest / Thompson HardwoodsManufacturers ofapproximately170 million bd. ft. a yearof Southern Hardwoodand Cypress lumberproductsFor you, we at Beasley Forest / Thompson Hardwoods:• have sorted and random widths in Red Oak, White Oak, Poplar, Ash, Hickory, Tupelo and Cypress in 4/4 through 8/4 for export or domesticshipment.• have 1.7 million bd. ft. kiln capacity.• saw Cypress framing timbers and manufacture various tongue-and-groove patterns.• manufacture pallet components (cut stock) and pallet cants for the pallet industry.• saw cross ties and industrial timbers.• manufacture crane mats for the pipeline industry.• offer prompt delivery with company trucks and local trucking companies.Beasley Forest Products, Inc.P.O. Box 788 • Hazlehurst, Georgia 31539Phone: (912) 375-5174 • Fax: (912) 375-9541Web Address: www.beasleyforestproducts.comSALES: Linwood Truitt Cell: (912) 253-9000E-mail: linwood.truitt@beasleyforestproducts.comThompson Hardwoods, Inc.P.O. Box 646 • Hazlehurst, GA 31539Phone: (912) 375-7703 ext 302 • Fax: (912) 375-3965Web Address: www.thompsonhardwoods.comSALES: John Stevenson Cell: (912) 375-8226E-mail:

October 2012 Advertorial Page 51SNIDER INDUSTRIES – Helping Improve Our Customer ProductivitySnider Industries, over the last year, hasmade significant strides in launching acompany steeped in history and oldfashionedservice into an era plaguedwith hi-tech expectations and immediateThe company leadership surveyed their manufacturing andsales processes and determined that it was due time to implementan information management system that would perfectoperations and provide the mechanism needed to truly improvecustomer service. Thus, the custom management system wasborn.results. The company leadership surveyedtheir manufacturing and salesprocesses and determined that it wasdue time to implement an informationmanagement system that would perfectoperations and provide the mechanismneeded to truly improve customer service.Thus, the custom management systemwas born.The Snider custom management systemconsists of a password-protectedweb portal that allows lumber customers24-hour access to every phase of theirpurchasing process, ultimately improvingtheir own productivity. The system allowsfor research of Sniderʼs product inventory,which is valuable information to haveprior to placing the order. Personalaccount information with order history isavailable at the click of a button, so purchasingreps can reference previousdata for planning.All being equal, that old-fashioned serviceis still part of the companyʼs foundation.Once the lumber customer hasreviewed the inventory and is ready toplace an order, they call Snider salesmanager, David Hanson, and while placingthe order, receive an automatedemail response of order or quote status.It is this ability to receive nearimmediatefeedback on an order orquote that aids the customersʼ productivityeven further. If it appearsinventory fulfillment might stall theorder in any way, the customer canmake instinctive decisions by lookingat the orderʼs fulfillment statusat anytime on their password protectedaccount data on Sniderʼsweb site to process a partial orderand never miss a transportation orshipment deadline.“Our lumber customers repeatedlyexpress approval of their abilityto have more hands-on managementof their accounts, and proudlyacclaim the impact of this uniqueservice on their own efficiency andproductivity,” states Jill Brewer,Snider Industries owner.Snider Industries is a rare classic in theAll of Sniderʼs patterns are available in #2 and D & Better. All #2patterns are run from a selected highline #2 stock, not “#2 common”.forest products industry. Without losingthe individuality of private ownership,honest business practices, proficiencyor conservationism, Snider has evolvedthroughout its history by focusing on theutilization of everyresource available forgrowth.The companyʼs mainfocus continues, of course,to be on perfecting themanufacturing and dryingprocesses in order to producethe most high-qualityone-inch boards availablein the market. Fine-tuningthose processes is essentialto maintaining the supplyfor a growing demand.The ingredients of suchperformance and successare pervasive in every areaof their business.•Lumber is steam-dried inconventional steam kilns at 180O F forthree days, then equalized for abouttwo weeks, allowing the lumber toregain a moisture content guaranteedto be below 15%. Snider prefers theconventional steam kilns, not thehigh-temperature direct-fired kilnsused by most mills. This processallows for a soft, pliable board suitablefor multiple purposes includingmillwork and patterns. All of Sniderʼslumber receives a SPIB HT grademark of D & Better, #2 or #3; and amoisture content mark of 15%, including4ʼ and 6ʼ shorts products.•With a fully enclosed facility of over220,000 square feet of finished lumberstorage and loading, Sniderprides itself on the clean, dry anddust-free delivery of their finishedlumber. The lumber stays under roofand is never exposed to elementsonce the drying process is complete.Customer trucks are able to load,weigh and tarp inside the massivebuilding. Snider can provide most itemsfor immediate, same-day shipment.•The planer mill has three productionlines including a separate pattern line.In addition to purchasing timber from the open market, Sniderʼs intensivelymanaged land base of over 45,000 acres helps it to maintain asteady supply of raw materials for its sawmill operations.All of Sniderʼs patterns are available in#2 and D & Better. All #2 patterns arerun from a selected highline #2 stock,not “#2 Common”. Pattern and S4Smaterial is available in dimensions of 1 x4 through 1 x 12, and 8 through 16-footlengths.•Timber is at the heart of every sawmilloperation and itʼs no different for Snider.In addition to purchasing timber from theopen market, Sniderʼs intensively managedland base of over 45,000 acreshelps it to maintain a steady supply ofraw materials for its sawmill operations.For more information, ContactDavid Hanson 903-938-9727 or•Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 332

Page 52 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueAgility In The Cloud Saves Boston Cedar During DisasterAs winter storms ravaged the easternseaboard, many businesseswere stranded by inclement weatheror destruction caused by thestorms. Boston Cedar & Millworkbased out of Mansfield, MA wasable to weather the storm thanks tothe disaster recovery inherent intheir Agility in the Cloud ERP system.In late February 2011, a massivesnowstorm blew through southeasternMassachusetts. The major winterstorm shut down schools, the airport,businesses and many branchesof the government. It was severeenough to cause widespreaddestruction, not only to homeownersbut also to local business owners.By the end of the storm, nearly 30businesses in Holbrook, Mass., hadcollapsed roofs. Boston Cedar andMillwork in Mansfield, Mass., foundthemselves in a similar predicament.On Monday morning, theBoston Cedar employees came towork to discover one of their centralwarehouses with a collapsed roof,inventory on the way, no storagespace and an inaccessible serverroom. The building that collapsedwas one of six and housed 120,000square feet of inventory. This posedan immediate problem as an entireweek worth of shipments werescheduled to come in over the nextcouple of days. This not only affectedtheir ability to conduct businessfrom the collapsed warehouse, butthe clean up equipment and craneswould block surrounding trafficlanes and impede warehouse operationsfor other products.The management team needed animmediate solution.They quickly located anearby vacant locationwith warehouse space.The team negotiated ashort-term usagearrangement and beganthe task of divertinginventory to the temporarylocation. Now thatBoston Cedar had aplace to operate from,they needed to updatetheir systems,Agility in the Cloud is ahosted solution that eliminates theneed for on-site servers andrequires only an internet connectionfor access providing inherent disasterrecovery. In addition, Agility inthe Cloud has inherent disasterrecovery. For Boston Cedar, thismeant that using a laptop, wirelesscard and printer they were able tocreate a temporary branch and fieldof operations at the nearby propertywith little disruption to their day-todaybusiness. They used the wirelessaccess from their cell carrier toenable workstations to access theirhosted Agility solution and wereable to pick up transactions withoutmissing a beat. This enabled themto continue to process orders andcarry on business while their centrallocation was out of commission.The building with the collapsed roofwas condemned 3 weeks later; overtime, Boston Cedar shifted more oftheir operation to the “temporary”location, which became a newheadquarters for them.“Because we are in a hosted environment,all we need is an Internetconnection, we donʼt need anythingelse. The hosted environmentallows us to have the same experienceno matter where we are. It justmakes it really easy. To be honest,during this whole disaster, Agilitywas the only thing I didnʼt worryabout,” says Angie Wallert, ITDirector at Boston Cedar andMillwork.If you would like more informationabout Agility in the Cloud or Agility,contact DMSi at 402-330-6620.About DMSi SoftwareFor over 30 years, DMSi has beenthe leading business managementsolution for distributors of buildingmaterial and forest products. Nearly400 of North Americaʼs top lumber,millwork, roofing, siding, laminate,drywall, and other building productsuppliers use DMSi software to efficientlymanage daily activities in1,500 distribution yards, shops,warehouses and offices.For more information, contactDMSi Software, 402.330.6620, oronline•Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 705CHARACTER BUILDINGBuilding with Eastern White Pine is character building.are, how you chooseto live and your commitmentto authenticity. To learnmore about buildingwitheastern white pine visit is a reflection of who youWill your next project have character?

October 2012 Advertorial Page 53SIMPSON LUMBER’s Gold Label ® --Products Customers RememberTacoma, Wash.— Simpson Lumber Co.LLC, headquartered here, has become ahousehold name in lumber products withtheir Gold Label ® products. One of the oldestcontinuously operating forest productscompanies in the Pacific Northwest,Simpson LumberCo. started operationin 1890 andcurrently hassawmill facilitiesin Washington,Meldrim, Ga., andGeorgetown,S.C., which wereacquired in 2008.Sales offices arelocated inTacoma, Wash.,and Wilmington,N.C.Laurie Creech,Director of Salesand Marketing,commented,“Weʼre very proudof the productsour mills produceand our Gold Label ® products are preferredin the industry. We have very professionaland knowledgeable sales teams located inTacoma, Wash. and Wilmington, N.C. thatwork hard to take care of our customers.”The Meldrim, Ga. sawmill producesSouthern Yellow Pine dimension lumber in2x4 through 2x12, and lengths from 2-through 20-foot. “Our Meldrim facility manufacturesGold Label ® , all Common grades,Prime grade, and machine stress ratedlumber,” Sales Manager Don Spiersexplained. “We have very talented andexperienced manufacturing and managementteams in place that are heavilyfocused on safety and truly committed toproducing quality products. We feel thatthis alongside providing superior customerservice will allow us to maintain a preferredsupplier status with our customers.”Simpsonʼs Georgetown, S.C. facility alsomanufactures Southern Yellow Pine dimensionlumber. They produce Simpsonʼs GoldLabel ® product, as well as all Commongrades, Prime grade, and Select Structuralin 2x4 through 2x10, and 4x4, in lengthsfrom 2-through 20-foot.“Having the products arrive fresh, cleanand dry are very important to the customerso we take great caution to load railcars.We can either top tier wrap, paper wrapeach bundle individually or we can full cartarp. We alsotrack every railcar to its destinationto makesure cars reachtheir destinationin a timely manner,”Spiersexplained.As for extrameasures takento ensure thequality ofSimpsonʼs products,all lumberin both theNorthwest andSoutheast areheat-treated andstamped accordingly.“The HTstamp is particularlyimportant to industrial manufacturersand export customers because it indicatesthat the wood has been kiln-dried andmeets or exceeds the ISPM 15 HeatTreatmentStandard whichis required forLeft to Right: Don Spiers, Meredith Webb, Shawn OʼKelley, andRobert Jenkinswood destinedfor offshore locations.”In addition toSpiers, theWilmingtonsales officei n c l u d e sMeredith Webband ShawnOʼKelly. “Oursalespeoplehave specificcustomers andregions, but wealso tell our customersthatif their representativeisbusy, theyʼre welcome to talk to any availablesalesperson,” Spiers said. “RobertJenkins is the transportation and programsales manager and Maria Lacewell is ourreceptionist and sales assistant.”Simpson is operatingthree millsthat ship fromShelton, Wash.that produceDoug-Fir andHem-Fir dimensionlumber andstuds: Mill 3, Mill5 and the JohnsPrairie mills. Mill3 and Mill 5 produce2x4 through2x12 up to 24-foot, and JohnsPrairie, acquiredin September2010, has both asmall log andlarge log mill thatfocuses on theexport markets.In 2001 Simpsonbuilt a large logmill in Tacoma, Wash., that produces 2x4through 2x12 up to 24-foot and in 2006they acquired a green Doug Fir stud mill inLongview,Wash.Simpson Lumber either top tier wraps, paper wraps each bundleindividually or full car tarps to ensure their products aredelivered clean and dry.“Milt Farvour,Dave Heldoornand DaveCunninghamhandle the salesfor theNorthwest mills.Between all fourof us we haveover 125 yearsof experience inour industry,”commentedCreech, “thatmakes us soundold but weʼrereally young atheart…,We havean exceptionaltraffic and sup-port team. Becca Mercurio schedules ourtrucks and Tammy Williams handles ourrail traffic. Aaron Hasenkamp managesthe home center programs and coordinatesproduction with the mills and all arefocused on customersatisfaction.”Along with supportingtheSoftwood industryas a member ofthe NorthA m e r i c a nWholesaleL u m b e rAssociation(NAWLA),Western WoodP r o d u c t sAssociation( W W P A ) ,American WoodCouncil, andAmerican Forest& PaperAssociation,Simpson supportssustainableforestry and is Sustainable ForestryInitiative (SFI ® ) chain-of-custody certified.Simpsonʼs environmental policy reflectsthe companyʼs dedication to the principlesof environmental issues. Simpson has along history of working together with neighbors,governmental agencies, conservationlists and others to address environmentalissues in ways that benefit all parties.According to the company website,“Simpson has voluntarily implemented anumber of projects to improve the environmentalperformance of its operation. Itʼs allabout working together for a commongoal.”Visit Simpson Lumber at BoothNo. 432 at the NAWLA TradersLeft to Right: Dave Heldoorn, Milt Farvour, Laurie Creech,Becca Mercurio, Aaron Hasenkamp, Tammy Williams, and DaveCunninghamMarket ® . For more information or contact 253-779-6447.•Skana Forest Products Ltd. has been selling into the NorthAmerican market for the last twenty years.Skana Forest Products Ltd. specializes in wholesalesoftwood lumber, plywood, fencing and the manufacturingof specialty Western Red Cedar.aleingOur knowledgeable team is committed to providinginnovative and high quality forest products toCanadian, US and overseas markets.Congratulations NAWLA on another successfulTraders Market!SKANAFOREST PRODUCTS LTDBRITISH COLUMBIA CANADA1303-20800 Westminster HwyRichmond, BC V6V 2W3Web www.skana.comB.C. 1.604.273.5441 Florida 1.954.202.1001 Quebec 1.450.281.1971

Page 54 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueTEAL-JONES – Manufacturing Cedar Products Since 1946Surrey, B.C.—The Teal-Jones Group isa fully-integrated forest company whichencompasses everything from the timberharvesting to manufacturing and sales offinished products. The Teal-Jones Grouphas remained a privately-owned andoperated family business with brothersTom and Dick Jones, CEO, President and visionaries of Teal-JonesGroupTom and Dick Jones as CEO, Presidentand visionaries.The 1946 company began as a onemachine shingle mill owned and operatedby Jack Sheldon Jones.In 1962, Jack built Teal Cedar Products(four shingle machine mill) on the banksof the Fraser River where the group isheadquartered today. Shortly after establishingTeal, Jack passed away leavinghis three sons, Tom, Dick and Harry(deceased 1976) the fledgling operationwith 11 employees.Over the years the Teal Cedar Shake &Shingle mill has grown and expanded itsfacilities to meet the increasing demandsfor its products. Always the innovators,Teal added the reman (Rebutted andRejointed Sidewall Shingles) along withthe paint finishing system, and specialtyproducts division. The company expandedits investment in the industry by buildingnew shake and shingle mills throughoutvarious communities in BritishColumbia during the 70ʼs and 80ʼs.In the late 1970ʼs the brothers decided tobecome involved in the lumber industryand built Stag Timber which focused oncutting high-value grade logs and customcutting for their customers. This facilityhas since been retooled to accommodatenew efficiencies and the latesttechnology to cut Hemlock,Douglas Fir, Spruce, Cypress,(Yellow Cedar) and Western RedCedar.In 1993, the purchase of aTimber West Sawmill and ForestLicense provided the companywith two ingredients needed toenhance and develop the overallorganization – a larger sawmilland direct access to raw fiber.From 1999 to 2004 Teal madethe strategic decision to purchaseTFLs (Tree FarmLicenses), which provide directaccess to harvesting timber inspecific areas. These large acquisitions(in excess of 100,000 ha)have positioned the company to be lessreliant on the log market conditions whenobtaining raw fiber for their mills. Whilethe company still purchases logs on theopen market, they are not completelydependent on the market as many otherMargaret and Jack Jones began Teal Cedar Products on the banksof the Fraser River where the group is headquartered today.manufacturers are. This positions TealCedar Products as the only shake andshingle mill on the Coast to have its ownsource of raw fiber, which assures ourvalued customers of not only a consistentlyhigh quality product but a steadyand dependable source of it.The company is extremelyproud of its environmental stewardshipand notes that to datethey have planted over 10 millionseedlings.In 2003 The Teal-Jones Groupunveiled the first high speedsawmill to be built on the coastof B.C. in 24 years - The J.S.Jones mill (named after JackSheldon Jones).This 40 million dollar investmentwas created to maximizeproduction of Second GrowthCoastal Fiber. The Jones brothersreasoned that as theybegan to harvest areas alreadylogged 70-80 years earlier, thetimber they were going toencounter would be smaller indiameter and would require differentequipment to processefficiently. This state-of-the-art facility canproduce over 500,000 FMB per 8 hourshift.Stag Timber & J.S. Jones produce avariety of products from Dimensional,Appearance Grade, Industrials,Timbers, Structural Lumber, PremiumDecking, Export Clears JapaneseTraditional Square Edge, Studs,Structural Selected Merch, Fascia toDecking, and a wide range of otherproducts.Teal Cedar – Red Cedar LumberDivision produces Appearance Grade,Export Clears, Fine Grain Industrials,Decking, Siding, and other specialties.The latest expansion has taken placesouth of the border in Sumas, Wash. InMarch of 2005 the brothers opened upTeal-Jones Lumber Services whichoffers planer and kiln services alongwith MSR capabilities.The Teal-Jones Group employs over athousand people and operates throughoutB.C. and in Washington State. Tealproduces the highest quality products toservice our customers in the U.S.,Canada, England, Germany, Japan,Fourth generation (Dick Jonesʼ grandchildren) Jack and AlexGardner pulling Western Red Cedar lumber off the green chain atthe firmʼs Salmon Arm facility. At Teal-Jones, family members thatwork for the family business must begin in the mill and work theirway up.Korea, Australia, China, Ukraine, Franceand other markets throughout the world.Tom and Dick attribute the success ofthis business to the hard work and dedicationof their employees and the loyaltyand commitment demonstrated by thecustomers.The company is now entering into thefourth generation of a family-owned andoperated business and looks forward tothe opportunities for further growth andexpansion in the coming years and workingtogether with our employees and ourdedicated customers.•Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 602

October 2012 Advertorial Page 55Capital Improvements Continue At ROBBINS LUMBER INC.Searsmont, Maine—Established in1881, Robbins Lumber Inc., basedhere, manufactures 4/4 and 5/4Eastern White Pine boards and 8/4Selects, up to 24-inches wide.Secondary products for RobbinsLumber include a line of clothes dryingracks, wooden louvers and ice creamKey members of Robbins sales team: Peter Kinney, insidesales, Tonia Tibbetts, inside sales, and Alden Robbins, vicepresidentfreezer buckets.Throughout 2012 the company hasundergone capital improvements thatwill assist in efficiencies and expeditingorders to their customers.“Normally we inventory between 3.5 to4 million feet of dressed inventorybecause we like to give our customersquick service,” CEO and Owner JimRobbins Sr. explained. “We like tohave a large inventory on hand so thatwe can respond to their needs, so thisyear we are building a 50ʼ x 350ʼ warehouseon the side of our existing70,000-square-foot warehouse.”Another reason they decided to buildthe additional facility is due to the factthey are now offering different items.“We are now offering 6/4 log cabin sid-ing and 8/4 Selects,” Robbins said.“Now we offer wide Pine boards from13 to 24-inches, which gives theappearance of old, rustic Pine floors.It has a lot of character. When peoplesee the product they canʼt believeboards that wide are available today.”Robbins further explained thewider Pine boards are commonlyused in applications such asflooring or tabletops.We also produce a lot of LiveEdge Siding, which is popular inthe country for vacation homesand hunting camps. When peopleare looking for a different“look”, Live Edge Siding offers avery unique wavy pattern.“We are in the process of makingupgrades to the sawmill,”Robbins continued. “Weʼvealways believed in investingback into our mill to keep it modern.Keeping up with technology,we installed a brand new A6Nicholson debarker this fall. Inaddition to the warehouse, weʼvebeen upgrading the electricalsystem in our boiler house and oursawmill. Sowhen weexpand in thefuture, weʼllhave the modernupdatedelectrical workalready inplace.”Approximately28 millionboard feet isproduced atR o b b i n sLumber Inc.,annually, in 1x3through 1x12 insix-foot to 16-foot rough boards. All products arekiln-dried to an average of 10-12%MC and then further processed onmoulders for the best possible finish.Robbins Lumber also ownsPenobscot Bay Coatings, that primesor coats lumber, located inSearsmont, managed by longtimeemployee John Benjamin.“We have a flow-coat machineand we have a spray machine.We run the product through aprofile sander and we apply aspray coat finish to it. Once thatdries we apply a second coat,sand it again and apply a satinfinish. The completed producthas a smooth beautiful finish thatis ready for the interior applicationour customers wish to use,”Robbins said.Robbins Lumber is a fifth-generationfamily owned operation.The company employs approximately115 people. IncludingAlden Robbins, Vice Presidentand Sales Manager leading thecompanyʼs sales team, including;Tonia Tibbets and Peter Kinney, insidesales; JohnRitz, outsidesales and JohnBenjamin whoh a n d l e sprimed productsales. JimmyRobbins Jr.,President,oversees dayto-daymilloperations.“Jimmy workswith the differentdivisionmanagers andTony Nash, maintenance manager, Jimmy Robbins, president,and Jeff Caswell, sawmill managermakes sureeverything isBy Terry Millerrunning smoothly,” Jim said. “Heworks with the log buyer, the sawmillmanager and the planer mill managerfielding and solving problems.”Catherine Robbins oversees accountsreceivable, human resources and hiring.International Organization forLumber being loading by forklift into a kiln.Standardization (ISO) certified,Robbins Lumber Inc. is a member ofthe North Eastern LumberManufacturerʼs Association (NELMA),and the North American WholesaleLumber Association (NAWLA). Thecompany was recently recognized forits outstanding land management andsustainable forestry practices by thestate of Maine with the Austin WilkensAward.For more information about RobbinsLumber Inc.ʼs products and servicesgo to or visit them atthe NAWLA Traders Market ® inbooth number 320.•

Page 56 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueZIP-O-LOG Now Offering Thru-DryBy Wayne Miller(From Left to Righ): Sales Manager Mark Grube andLumber Salesman Alan Gedroez.Eugene, Ore.—Zip-O-Log Mills wasfounded in 1944, and is guided today bythird generation owners of this family–owned business. According to companyowner Karl Hallstrom “Zip-O” as the firm iscommonly known, promotes itself as along-length cutting mill that manufacturesDouglas Fir timbers, clears, long dimensionand specialties.Zip-O-Log can produce timbers up to 52-feet in length, and is equipped to surface orsaw-size to any dimension for specialty andcustom orders.There are additional options on surfacedproducts, including bottom boards foradded protection during shipping and handlingas well as stickering each layer withlathe or kiln sticks. The company also providespaper wrapping.“We focus on free of heart timbers,” SalesManager Mark Grube said. “We have beenin the Dry Timber business for the past fiveyears and recently introduced a new productline called Thru-Dry, which guarantees19 percent moisture content at a three-inchneedle depth.”Thru-Dry is Zip-Oʼs trademark name fortimbers that have been dried throughoutthe entire piece. With research and development,plus trial and error, the companyhas succeeded in establishing a method fordrying large timbers to 19 percent or lessthroughout the entire piece. “After the tim-With approximately 100 employees, Zip-O-Log Inc., based in Eugene, Ore., operates approximately 50 hours per week.bers are loaded into the dry kiln, the moisturecontent is reduced to the target leveland the pitch is set,” Grube explained. “Ourprocess requires some additional time forthe timber to equalize their moisture fromcenter to surface. The final product is a verystable timber. Zip-O is so confident with itsThru-Dry process that the company offersa money back guarantee if the kiln-driedtimber does not meet the stated specifications.“Each piece is pre-selected and we try tominimize the damage that can occur bymachining after they come out of the kilns.So when we surface or saw-size the timberit has a square edge. We pride ourselveson accurate tallies, on-time shipments andquality that meets or exceeds our customersexpectations,” Grube continued.Zip-O-Logʼs production is mostly No. 1 andBetter FOHC, rough, full sawn, Douglas Fircuttings. The firm offers posts and timbersin stock FOHC cuttings in 6x6 to 6x16, 8x8to 8x16, 10x10 and wider and 12x12 andwider.The entire facility is paved, which makesfor cleaner and better working conditions.The majority of finished products are storedinside of a 55,000-square-foot shed.The Zip-O-Log mill encompasses nearlyeleven acres of mill site and a nine-acre logyard and 75 acres in Goshen as our planingand sorting facility, located nearby.Pennington Crossam Co., a sister company,operates three state-of-the-art dehumidificationkilns, a modern planer mill and timbersizer.Efforts to establish long-term customerrelationships have been successful,according to Grube, who said some customers,have been buying from the mill forover 40 years. He added that the companyis willing to go the extra mile to give customerswhat they want, and in a timelyfashion — even if it means producing a customorder that itʼs never tackled before.“Custom cutting is one of our strengths,”Assistant Sales Manager Al Gedroezexplained. “For those that need sizes otherthan the ʻnormʼ, this is the place to come.We sort the logs and mix the logs to theorder. If a customer has a need that isunusual, we can get a log that will producea product in almost any dimension orlength.”Zip-O-Log is a member of the NorthAmerican Wholesale Lumber Association(NAWLA) and the Pacific LumberInspection Bureau (PLIB) . To ensure qualitycontrol — both during production andshipping — the company relies on qualitystandards instituted by its founders andcarried on by successive generations.With approximately 80 employees, thecompany operates about 50 hours perweek. “All machine center operators arebureau certified graders. So we have a lotof certified graders on board, which meansa lot of good eyes on the product,” Grubeexplained.The firm has a quality control employeethat conducts grading classes continuouslyin both the lumber shed and the office. “Wehave continued grading classes so that ouremployees have the opportunity toadvance.”President and owner Karl Hallstrombelieves that keeping up with the latesttechnology is a big part of Zip-O-Log Millsʼlong-term success, and the company hasconsistently reinvested in new equipment,tweaking product flow to find new and bettermethods of improving production, all toprovide the best quality and service to itscustomers.For more information about Zip-O-Log andits products visit orphone (541) 393-3309.•Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 311LITTLE ROCKSPRINGFIELDDALLASSAN ANTONIOHOUSTONHARLINGENWOOD PRODUCTSFORAMERICATULSAOKLAHOMA CITYKANSAS CITYMONROENASHVILLECHARLOTTEBIRMINGHAMCEDAR*CCA*YELLOW PINE*SPF*HARDWOODS*FIR*POND PINECERTAINTEED*LP*EWP*STEEL*SIDINGS*ROOFING*MOULDING*PBU*MDFCEDAR CREEKCedar Creek has been providing building materialdealers with premium wood products for more than 35 years.Your source for lumber, sidings, plywoods, fencing, lattice,PBU, MDF, and more.

October 2012 Advertorial Page 57BEASLEY FOREST PRODUCTS Upgrades FacilitiesLinwood TruittDry Kiln Lumber and Cypress Timber SalesContact: 912-253-9000 oremail linwood.truitt@beasleyforestproducts.comJohn StevensonDry Kiln Lumber and Cypress Lumber SalesContact: 912-375-8226 oremail jstevenson@thompsonhardwoods.comRay TurnerPallet Component SalesContact: 912-253-9001 oremail ray.turner@beasleyforestproducts.comPaul CabrolCrosstie and Pallet Component SalesContact: 912-403-8501 oremail paul.cabrol@beasleyforestproducts.comHazlehurst, Ga.– ThompsonHardwoods, Inc., which hasbeen a manufacturer of qualitysouthern hardwood andCypress products since1968 was purchased in April2010 by Beasley ForestProducts, Inc. This acquisitionmerged two familyownedsawmill facilitiestogether under the managementof the Beasley ForestProducts family to become apremier manufacturer ofquality southern hardwoodlumber, timber and woodproducts.Beasley Forest Products/Thompson Hardwoods haveinvested a great deal of manufacturingtalent and infrastructureto provide customersworldwide with qualitywood products that willendure for generations tocome.John Stevenson andLinwood Truitt manage allkiln-dried lumber sales forBeasley Forest Products/Thompson Hardwoods.They want all their cus-tomers to know thatThompson Hardwoods hasadditional drying and sortingcapabilities since the mergerof the two companies. TheBeasley Forest Productsawmill facility has beenupgraded with the latest optimizationtechnology toimprove efficiency and capabilitieswith the naturalresources of which these twocompanies are proud stewards.Beasley Forest Products/Thompson Hardwoods offersa combined productioncapacity of 170 million boardfeet of southern grade redand white oak, poplar, ash,hickory, tupelo and Cypresslumber, crossties, palletcomponents, pallet cantsand crane mat timber productsand dry kiln capacity of1.7 million board feet.For more information, visitthe websites:www.beasleyforestproducts.comor•

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