11269 Walker Eye 15:V - Newcastle City Council

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11269 Walker Eye 15:V - Newcastle City Council

Walker EyeMarch/April 2009The Newsletter for the residents of Walker RiversidePeople’s Choice Page 2 Walker Walks Page 3 Join the Cue… Page 7The good work continueson Riverside ParkUpdate on Walkern The Heart of Walker: TheSupplementary Planning Document (SPD)which provides the planning framework forthe area has been adopted by NewcastleCity Council on the 26th February 2009.Thank you to everyone who contributed tothe document through place making andconsultation events. We will keep youupdated in future editions of the Walker Eye.n The Ground Investigations in the Heart ofWalker have now been completed. Theinformation gathered from theseinvestigations will be used to inform thefurther development of the Heart of Walkerproject. Any info required contact Clare Wood,Regeneration Officer on 0191 277 7877.n Priority card status was given toresidents in the 1st phase of LancefieldAvenue in early January, as steps towardsclearing the blocks to enable developmentwithin the Heart of Walker.n Cambrian: Bridging NewcastleGatesheadand the Council are working with Bellways on thefinancial appraisals for Phase 2 of the Cambrianwhich should be concluded by March 2009.Further to the success of last years ‘Week of Action’, a mini event took place on Friday 30thand Saturday 31st January.Read inside for more information.n Riverside South: The Council haveappointed White Young Green (WYG) todevelop detailed masterplan/design for theRiverside South area. A group, made up ofcouncil officers, residents and a ward memberare working with WYG on this, which is due forcompletion by the end of March 2009.pridepassionpotential1

Readers SurveySheila Sanderson:Peoples Choice Winner 2008In the last edition, we asked you tocomplete and return the Readers Surveycard. We know there is still work to be doneand we want to keep you up-to-date on thelatest plans and changes.We had a good response and received 189survey cards. Guest’s who attended the PridePassion Potential Awards in December, werealso asked the same questions via aninteractive voting system. 88% of you knowabout the regeneration work andimprovements being carried out across theWalker Riverside area, 68% said you weresatisfied or very satisfied with the area as aplace to live and 51% of people living in WalkerRiverside say it is changing for the better.The recent survey results are much morepositive than those received last year. Yourviews are important to us and thank you tothose who took part. The survey results aresummed-up below.The good ….88% say you know about the Regenerationwork begin carried out acrossWalker Riverside68% say you were satisfied/very satisfied withthe area as a place to live51% of residents in Walker Riverside say thearea is changing for the better29% say you could have a direct influence onwhat is happeningThe not so good ….24% say that life is much the same now asbefore the new developments38% say they have no influence over thedecision-making16% say the area has changed for the worse38% say they know nothing at all aboutthe plansAnd what happens next …Your views are important. We need toknow what we are doing right, what we aredoing wrong and where we can improve. Ofcourse, you may have further questions, so ifyou want to know more, please call into theInformation Centre on Walker Road. We areopen every weekday from 10am to 3pm orring the team on 0191 275 9207.pridepassionpotentialI have lived in Walker all my life (54 yearsactually), as did my parents, grandparentsand most of my extended family. I attendedSt. Vincent’s R.C. Primary School as a childwhere I am now a School Governor and runa weekly Toddler Group.I’m an active member of the ‘Images forChange’ and ‘Voices for Change’ projects,which have given me the opportunity to speakin London, Manchester, Glasgow andGateshead, about Walker and the issues thataffect the people who live here.My involvement in the successful week of radiobroadcasts ‘Voices for Change’ made by thepeople of Walker, for the people of Walker,made me very proud.The next theme for the ‘Images for Change’and ‘Voices for Change’ projects is resolvingconflict. If you would like to assist thegroup come along to our next meeting atSt VIncents R.C. Primary School on 20th Aprilat 1pm.I was delighted to be voted the Peoples ChoiceWinner in December and I’m really lookingforward to becoming more involved in theWalker Riverside Project.Family’s return to WalkerBellway’s Hibernia village development inWalker continues to grow in popularity afterwinning plaudits from new residents for theattractive design and spaciousness of theirnew homes.“For me the thing that stood out was the overallsize and space of the homes which I didn’texpect to see in a regeneration area,” confirmedStephen Kew who has recently purchased a fourbedroom Raby.For another pair of residents it is many happyreturns to the Johns family who bought their firstever home in Walker in 1988 and have recentlymoved back also buying a four bedroom Raby.There are four town house styles to choose fromoffering either three or four bedaccommodation at Hibernia Village, withprices starting from £145,000.Tracy Jackson from Bellway, said: “The designand layout of the site fosters a real sense ofcommunity. The homes have been designedspecifically for the scheme and all benefit frommodern kitchens and bathrooms with roomyliving areas. Higher levels of insulation will keeprunning costs down.For more information on Hibernia Village visitthe show home on Station Road, Walker, orcall Sales Centre Tel: 0191 2630210.Opening times:Thursday 11.00am - 8.00pmFriday - Monday 11.00am - 5.30pmClosed Tuesday & Wednesdaywww.walker-riverside.co.uk2

Memories of St Anthony’sWalker WalksThe atmosphere was friendly and informalwith tea and biscuits, the order of the day.There were old maps and photographs tolook at, which sparked off a lot ofreminiscing and stories of days gone by,in St Anthony’s.Residents from Walker and beyondcame together to share memories ofSt Anthony’s in the first of a series ofmeetings, in a new community historyproject hosted by Mike Greatbatch, of theNewcastle Community Heritage Project.The project will create a panel for permanentdisplay in the Church hall which will show oldviews of the area and stories of everyday life.If you are interested in joining us or wouldlike more information, please contact DawnHowe, Regeneration Officer, 0191 277 7870or dawn.howe@newcastle.gov.ukBrush StrokesWalker Riverside Engagement Team hasbeen working with the Newcastle CityRegeneration Team and pupils fromWalker Technology College, to design anumber of local walking routes.The main objective of the walks is to bringresidents together, to enjoy Walkers richhistory and to highlight changes takingplace. Of course, there is the obviousbenefit of getting fit.The first walk took place at 10.30am onFriday 13th March to coincide with RedNose Day to help raise funds for this worthycause.If you would like information regardingfuture walks, contact the Walker RiversideInformation Centre on 0191 275 9207.Walker Riverside Team approachedRathbone and discussed how their youngpeople could gain further practicalexperience and in someway, benefit theWalker community.Rathbone who have a centre at Church Walk,is a national charity that last year helped15,000 young people to get back intoeducation or move on to employment. Manyof the 14-18 year olds Rathbone works withhave experienced problems at school such asbullying or learning difficulties or are tryingto overcome a lack of confidence orupheavals at home.Working with Partners, the Café/functionarea in the Thomas Gaughan CommunityCentre was identified as a ‘room forimprovement’. Further to four days of hardwork by eight of the Rathbone young people,the room was transformed into a vision ofbright, vibrant, colour.A visitor to the Centre commented ‘I can’tbelieve the change. It looks so fresh and light.’Gina Manning, Project DevelopmentCo ordinator for the Thomas GaughanCommunity Centre said ‘All the youngpeople worked really well, very efficientand they’ve done a marvelous job.’Supported byEmail: u2us@walker-riverside.co.uk3

Weekend of ActionFurther to the successful week of action in July last year whereover 250 people undertook practical work to improveWalker Riverside Park. The Ranger Service, Friendsof Walker Riverside Park and the Walker RiversideRegeneration and Engagement Team, hosted awinter weekend of action on Friday 30th andSaturday 31st January.Aged between 11yrs – 74yrs old, over 80volunteers from the community, students fromWalker Technology College, Benfield School andvarious organisations including Your HomesNewcastle, Places for People, Ground Works, EastEnd Alliance, MWH Global, the Green Gym and theEnvironmental Agency, participated in the event.Work included tree management, shrub pruning andscrub clearing. The trees were chipped on site to breakdown,enriching the soil. Fifteen bags of rubbish were collected from ageneral litter pick.During lunch, volunteers enjoyed hot soup and a roll, fresh fruitand water, while being entertained on site with a greenwoodworking demonstration.Friends of Walker Riverside Park found the event very helpful innetworking with other organisations and recruiting furthervolunteers for their monthly Walker Riverside Park activities.If you would like to assist the Friends of Walker Parkduring their monthly clean ups, do not hesitate tocontact Walker Riverside Information Centre on0191 2759207 for further information.pridepassionpotentialwww.walker-riverside.co.uk4

Email: u2us@walker-riverside.co.uk5

Enslin Street CorridorNeighbourhood improvementsYHN TenantsProgrammeThe Employment Initiatives Team, inpartnership with Building Futures East, isrunning a tenants’ programme in March2009. Over five full days and two halfdays, spread out over three weeks,participants will experience a taster ofvarious construction skills, hosted byBuilding Futures East.After well attended consultations in December, the designs for the improvements tothe Belmont Street/Enslin Street area have now been agreed.The preferred designs include the creation of a defensible space( i.e. small front gardens) forthe front of the properties and curved walls in the back lane to improve the look and securityof the area. Work on the scheme is expected to start in early summer.If you are interested in attending, pleasecontact the Employment Initiatives Teamwith your name, address, area of interestand age. The session is limited to 10 places.Places will be allocated on a first come firstserved basis and anyone unsuccessful willbe invited to the next session.The Employment Initiatives Team can becontacted on 0191 2788627, or by emailingmary.macdonald@yhn.org.uk orbrian.neill@yhn.org.ukComplimentary TherapyEast End Health is a local charity, based onHeaton Road in Byker, which works acrossthe East End to tackle health inequalitiesand promote an active healthy lifestyle toall local residents.Our Complementary Therapy Project providestherapies for members of the local communitywho are unable to access necessary treatmentsfor financial or accessibility reasons. Thescheme works in partnership with NewcastleCollege’s Complementary Therapy Departmentand is staffed entirely by volunteer therapists.All sessions are free to service users.A referral is required from a GP or HealthTrainer, with an initial consultation andtreatment being scheduled between theclient and therapist. Six sessions are initiallyavailable.We also run an Out & About Stroke Group eachMonday and a Women’s Art Group on a Friday.For more information about any of our projectsplease contact: East End Health, 28 HawthornHouse, Heaton Road, Byker, Newcastle uponTyne, NE6 1SD. Tel: 0191 276 0595. Email:kate.snowball@eastendhealth.org.ukWalker RiversideInformation CentreWe are open every weekdayfrom 10am – 3pm. Here toanswer your questions. Drop inand see us. We are on WalkerRoad. Tel: 0191 275 9207pridepassionpotentialwww.walker-riverside.co.uk6

Chronicle EnvironmentAwardsLocal resident Steve Williams, who is afounder member of the Friends of WalkerRiverside Park, was short listed in theEvening Chronicle Environment Awards,Environmental Individual category.On the 24th February Steve and his wife Lindaattended an award ceremony at the Centre forLife, where Steve was announced thecategory winner. Steve invited along KarenBrown (pictured with Steve) our very ownWalker Riverside team member, inrecognition for the support she has shown tothe Walker Riverside Park volunteer group.Steve was nominated for his commitment andenthusiasm in bringing together volunteers towork alongside Newcastle Ranger Service toimprove Walker Riverside Park. The groupmeets once a month and if you are interestedin assisting, contact Steve on 07739012657.Congratulations Steve, from all the WalkerRiverside Team.A future BAFTA for Walker?Calling all young Actors and Actresses!Off the Streets Club are about to begin adrama project, to write and perform aplay about Walker. If you are interested inbecoming involved the club are lookingfor performers and people to assist withthe set and costume design.Coming soon…Teen Eye!During a consultation event early last year,local young people made it clear the WalkerEye was not something that they wouldpick-up and read. Subject to extensiveconsultation, specifically with young peopleaged 11yrs to 16yrs, we are pleased toannounce that the first edition of the ‘TeenEye’ will be available at the end ofMarch/April.The ‘Teen Eye’ will be offered to young peopleFREE of charge and will include interestingarticles, reviews, great competitions and muchmore. The Walker Riverside Engagement Teamwill be visiting local schools to promote themagazine. However, we hope to launch themagazine with a major event, later in theyear….watch this space!Join the cue…on the Snooker Bus!If you are willing to assist, contact Judithon 07935560266.River’s GatePlay AgreementThe Engagement Team and local artists have been working with the young peoplefrom River’s Gate estate to develop a play agreement.Everyone has had great fun working with the local artists, carving pumpkins and creatingcartoons. The cartoons will be brought together into a play agreement poster.The first Snooker trip took place on 17thFebruary. Ten young people boarded a minibus and visited Supa Snooker in Wallsend,where a tutor gave some handy tips on howto improve their snooker skills.This trip and a further four visits were organisedin response to requests from young people andhave been sponsored in partnership with Offthe Streets Club, Monkchester CommunityCentre and Walker Riverside CommunityEngagement Team.Email: u2us@walker-riverside.co.uk7

Jobs, jobs, jobs…Internal SalesAdministratorWalker35hrs per week£7.00phPermanentWAC/13814Plater/FabricatorNewcastleDay Shifts£9.60phPermanentWAC/13881Static SecurityGuard (LEP)NewcastleDays/Nights/Weekends£5.73phPermanentNCS/36212Kitchen PorterSupport Worker(LEP)NewcastleShifts£7.00phPermanentWAC/13888NewcastleDays/WeekendsNational Minimum WagePermanentNCS/36213Cook/CafeAssistantNewcastle40hrs pw£6.00phPermanentWAC/13879Optical Assistant/DispenserWallsend37.5hrs pw£12,500 - £16,000paPermanentWAF/19846Coach Driver(LEP)Byker45hrs pwNational Minimum WagePermanentWAC/13884If you would like any further information regarding the vacancies above, call into the Information Centre,Walker Road or telephone 0191 275 9207 or 0191 265 9307Our first success story…Further to receiving January’s Walker Eye,local resident Donna Bayne contacted theWalker Riverside Information Centre toenquiry about a number of vacancies,advertised on the Job Page. Donna wasworking but required somethingbetter around her family and particularly,something that would make childcarearrangements easier.Donna said ‘The staff were really helpful. Theygave me information about a cleaning job Iwas interested in but also told me aboutNewcastle Futures and how they could helpme to put a CV together’.pridepassionpotential‘I met Hilary from Newcastle Futures at theInformation Centre and she was really good.She asked me about what jobs I had donebefore and typed it all out for me’.‘I used the CV to apply for the cleaning job atNorthumbria University and got it’.If you would like help with your CV orrequire any advice regarding movingforward with your training and/oremployment, do not hesitate to contactAmy Wheatman on Freephone:0800 587 0478 or the Walker RiversideInformation Centre on 0191 275 9207.www.walker-riverside.co.uk8

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