Exploring with ADF DHI Technology April 18, 13(pdf) - Apex Spectral ...


Exploring with ADF DHI Technology April 18, 13(pdf) - Apex Spectral ...

Apex Spectral Technology, Inc.PresentsADF® An Independent of Amplitude DHIExamples and Case Studies

Arbitrary Amplitude LineResidual hydrocarbonsamplitude anomalySaltDome2

Arbitrary ADF LineADF® anomaliesSaltDome3

Arbitrary ADF Line Zoom In548 BOPD-Depleted167 BOPD & 740 MCFPD -DepletedDepleted?4

Business plan22. Plan Review: Building Warehouse, Freezer Room and Fair in Tamarachin23. Background Design:• Highlights and important project: Nearing in Iraq boundary, Piransharcustom and having more trading transactions in this region, and need tomanage the exports from this region are the important factors to do thisproject.24. Resources needed:• Primitive materials: Sand, Cement, 3D-Panel, Asphalt, Brick,Prefabricated wall,…25. Regional and local construction projects:• It’s located in Piranshahr township in boundary common point between Iran and Iraq_in Tamar chin village_ that because of geographic, economic and security isimportant and for this reason is among the security small bazaars and Share offoreign exchange contract. Residents of this zones (between Iran and Iraq) becauseof no enjoyment from arable lands and no enough income from animal husbandry,and because of correlation and historical link between residents of two sides ofboundary, people get busy by good exchanges and smuggled of good was veryprevalent.26. Project engineering:• Equipments: equipments for building freezer room, warehouse and fair.27. Doing Time of project: About 3 months.28. Cost of project:• Costs:• Building freezer and cold rooms: about 5 billion Rials• Building fair salon: about 6 billion Rials

Cumulative > 1.4 MMBO6


Well 1: Oil & GasOil & Gas8

Well 2: Oil & GasOil & Gas9

Well 3: Oil & GasOil & Gas10

Well 4: GasGas11

Well 5: DryNo Hydrocarbons12

Do Convolution, Q and AVOfully describe seismic data?13

Top ofWellDown Going Wave of a VSPBottomof WellTimeHow can the deeper wavelet be higherbandwidth than the shallower wavelet?14

Do Convolution, Q and AVOfully describe seismic data?What about Dispersion…?15

1975Ed White PhD at CSM modeled frequencydependent velocity in the presence of fluidmobility on a micro scale§§§Mathematically explored fluid mobility and dispersion.Importantly he posited the need for multi-phase fluid.His work explained difference between integrated sonictravel times and check shot travel times.16

In Porous and Permeable RockVEL?No change in velocity vs. frequencywithin the seismic bandwidth?Frequency 17

2006J. M. Carcione PhD and S. Picotti PhDscaled up White’s work to investigatedispersion and fluid mobility on a macro scale18

In Permeable Rock with 2 Phase FluidVELFrequency 19

2007Scott Peters, Bob Wiley and Peter Wilsonrecognized that a certain spectral signaturewas highly correlative to hydrocarbons20

Frequency Dependent VelocityIf we have frequency dependent velocity, then we have frequency dependent Rc by definition.21

Frequency Dependent - Reflection CoefficientRcFrequency22

Pacific Stratus La Creciente No. 3 – Onshore Colombia CretaceousDetuned Trace SpectraDetuned Spectra PhaseeαL * g(f)e-αH * g(f)SlidingWindowSeriesWell Tested 25 MMCF per day23

30 Hz Ricker spectra with no fluid mobility.DF drops 5 HzSame spectra with 800 md Effective Perm and 27% porosity.αLsteepensαHsteepens

ADF® DHI cubes are independent of amplitudebecause Alpha is a shape measurement, andbecause there is no amplitude component toDominant Frequency.25

SummarizingFluid MobilityFrequency Dependent VelocityFrequency Dependent Reflection CoefficientsDeforms Reflected Wave SpectraWhich is measured by ADF®26

ADF® ~ Reservoir Thickness and Effective PermWhereEffective Perm = Intrinsic Perm * Relative PermAndRelative Perm is a function of fluid type27

Relative Permeability versus Water Saturation100%Relative PermeabilityOil RelativePermeabilityFluid mobilitymeasurable effect100% Brine SaturationBrine RelativePermeability0%Water SaturationNote this graph applies to reservoirs where the matrix is water wet.100%28

200’ of Pay in Onshore Class I AVO Sandstone Reservoir in the Middle EastSlidingWindowSeries29

ADF® is PatentedAlpha and DF combinations_______________________________Alpha LowAlpha HighSpectral BreadthSpectral Valley SteepnessNoise definitions________________________________De-TuningØ Method in generalØ De-tuningØ Alpha low (αl)Ø Alpha high (αh)Ø Delta-FØ Noise definition low side of dominant frequencyF0Ø Noise definition high side of dominant frequency F2Ø Spectral valley steepness SVSØ Wavelet spectral breadth WSBØ αldf, αhdf, αlαhdf, αlαh combinationsUS Patent: No. 7,243,029US Patent: No. 7,876,643EU Patent: No. 1664845Australia Patent: No. 2004267449Australia Patent: No. 2008242961US Patent Application: No. 11/903,602US Patent Application: No. 11/788,910US Patent Application: No. 61/416,393EU Patent Application: No. 08799064.4WIPO Patent Application: No. PCT/US2008/074996WIPO Patent Application: No. PCT/US2011/05588830

Edison International&Apex Spectral TechnologyPresentRevisiting the Nile DeltaAn Independent of Amplitude DHIPresented at the AAPG in Barcelona April 8, 2013

Time StructureMinimum AmplitudeADF®32

SAmplitude Dip LineNHydrocarbons/Channel33


WStrong Channel Amplitude35

WFiner ADF® stratigraphic detail of up-dip pinch-outEStrong Channel ADF®ADF® anomalies with no corresponding amplitude anomalies could be bypassed pays36

Arbitrary Amplitude SectionArbitrary ADF® Section37

13.6 HzLet’s analyze the trace spectra moving up dip to see if DF drops thereby indicating more fluid mobility due to lighter hydrocarbons.Brine?13.6 Hz38

12.4 HzHydrocarbons12.4 HzBrine?13.6 Hz39

12.5 HzHydrocarbons12.4 HzHydrocarbons12.5 HzBrine?13.6 Hz40

12.0 HzHydrocarbons12.4 HzHydrocarbons12.5 HzHydrocarbons12.0 HzBrine?13.6 Hz41

11.8 HzHydrocarbons12.4 HzHydrocarbons12.5 HzHydrocarbons12.0 HzHydrocarbons11.8 HzBrine?13.6 Hz42

10.7 HzHydrocarbons10.7 HzHydrocarbons12.4 HzHydrocarbons12.5 HzHydrocarbons12.0 HzHydrocarbons11.8 HzBrine?13.6 Hz43

Time StructureMinimum AmplitudeADF®Dominant FrequencyLower Dominant Frequency occurs inthe up dip portion of the channel.44

Arbitrary Amplitude SectionArbitrary ADF® SectionReservoir has beentested and found tohave 60 feet of netpay, 32% averageporosity and Sw 30%45

Review of over 15 wells withMiocene-Pliocene targets showed agood match to the ADF® DHI cube.46

The End47

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