CombiNorm-Compact - Bopla

CombiNorm-Compact - Bopla

The different enclosure combinations using shells and lids offer a range of advantages:CN..GK with CN-DK: CN..GK with CN-DUCN..GU with CN-DU: CN..FP CN..FK CN...FKG Load capacity:292

110,8 (C)a299,3CombiNorm-Compact universalEnclosure shellsModel Order no. A B C a1 a2 Enclosure shells with air ventsModel Order no. A B C a1 a2 Universal enclosure lid for CN..GU and CN ..GKModelOrder no.A7375 (B)48,4a12,4Z-2603222

CombiNorm-Compact accessoriesPlug-in front panels, direction of insertion codedModel Order no. Note Model Order no. Note Model Order no. Note Marking plate for clipping onto upper and lower section of enclosure frontModelOrder no.

CombiNorm-Compact accessoriesCovers for unused terminal locations for CN..GK (L)Model Order no. Note ModelOrder no.Wall adapter for all CombiNorm-Compact enclosuresModel Order no. Note

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