Parent Handbook - Lake Stevens School District #4
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Parent Handbook - Lake Stevens School District #4

Your Child’s HealthImmunizationOur state requires the followingimmunizations for school-age children:• 5 doses of DTaPLast dose• 4 doses of Oral Polio after age 4• 2MMR Measles (Hard Measles)MumpsRubella (German, 3-day measles)1 dose after the age of 1;2nd dose for students entering K-12; all students must have the 2nddose one month after 1st dose.• Hepatitis B – 3 doses mandatory forstudents grades K-10.• Varicella (Chicken Pox) - Kindergarten-3,2 doses Varicella on or after1st birthday. Parent reported history ofdisease NOT acceptable. Grade 4-6,needs 1 dose Varicella, parent report ofdisease is acceptable.Grade 7 and higher, Varicella isrecommended but not required.• Grade 6 thru 10, 1 dose Tdap IF studentis 11 years old and IF it has been atleast 5 years since the last DTaP, DTor Td.All immunizations are required prior to thefirst day of school.Immunizations are available from your familyphysician or at the Snohomish County HealthDistrict in Everett. (There is a sliding scalefee for those who qualify.) The Health Districtis located at 3020 Rucker Avenue, Room 108,Everett. To inquire call 425-337-5220.Medical and personal exemptions areaccepted with appropriate documentationand signatures. Children exempted fromimmunizations will be excluded from schoolduring outbreaks of vaccine preventablediseases.For more information visit the SnohomishHealth District andclick on immunizations.Special Health ConcernsIf your child has a life-threatening healthcondition that may require medical servicesto be performed at school, you must providea medical provider’s written medication ortreatment order addressing that conditionprior to the child attending school. Theschool nurse will review the order and helpdevelop a care plan. Be sure to contact theschool nurse about any health concerns thatmay impact your child at school.IllnessMake certain your child’s school always hascurrent home and business phone numbers sothat contact can be made if your child is sick orinjured while at school.Your child should be kept at home if he/sheshows signs of illness, nausea, vomiting,diarrhea, fever, or rash. If your child has beenill, do not send him/her to school until thetemperature has been normal (98.6 orally) andsymptoms are gone for at least 24 hours.Please contact your medical practitionerbefore giving aspirin and/or Ibuprofen for anyillness.School Staff Administration ofMedicationIf any prescribed or over the countermedication needs to be taken during schoolhours please coordinate with the schoolnurse at your school. Requirements include:• Signed permission fromparent/guardian andprescribing practitioner;• Medication must be broughtto school by parent/guardianin original prescriptivecontainer;• Medication will be countedand administered bydesignated staff and parent/guardian.ScreeningVision and hearing tests are administeredto all children in grades K, 1, 2, 3, 5, and7. Screenings are also done when speciallyrequested by parents.School NursesOur school nurses are here to help you. If youhave any concerns about your child’s healthat school please call your school nurse.Family Educational Rights andPrivacy Act (FERPA)The Family Educational Rights and PrivacyAct (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part99) is a Federal law that protects the privacyof student education records. The law appliesto all schools that receive funds under anapplicable program of the U.S. Department ofEducation.FERPA gives parents certain rights withrespect to their children’s education records.These rights transfer to the student whenhe or she reaches the age of 18 or attends aschool beyond the high school level. Studentsto whom the rights have transferred are“eligible students.”• Parents or eligible students havethe right to inspect and review thestudent's education records maintainedby the school. Schools are not requiredto provide copies of records unless,for reasons such as great distance,it is impossible for parents or eligiblestudents to review the records. Schoolsmay charge a fee for copies.• Parents or eligible students have theright to request that a school correctrecords which they believe to beinaccurate or misleading. If the schooldecides not to amend the record, theparent or eligible student then hasthe right to a formal hearing. Afterthe hearing, if the school still decidesnot to amend the record, the parent oreligible student has the right to place astatement with the record setting forthhis or her view about the contestedinformation.• Generally, schools must have writtenpermission from the parent or eligiblestudent in order to release anyinformation from a student's educationrecord. However, FERPA allows schoolsto disclose those records, withoutconsent, to the following parties orunder the following conditions (34 CFR§ 99.31):– School officials with legitimateeducational interest;– Other schools to which a student istransferring;– Specified officials for audit or evaluationpurposes;– Appropriate parties in connection withfinancial aid to a student;– Organizations conducting certainstudies for or on behalf of theschool;– Accrediting organizations;– To comply with a judicial order orlawfully issued subpoena;– Appropriate officials in cases of healthand safety emergencies; and– State and local authorities, within ajuvenile justice system,pursuant to specific State law.Schools may disclose, without consent,“directory” information such as a student’sname, address, telephone number, date andplace of birth, honors and awards, and datesof attendance. However, schools must tellparents and eligible students about directoryinformation and allow parents and eligiblestudents a reasonable amount of time torequest that the school not disclose directoryinformation about them. Schools must notifyparents and eligible students annually oftheir rights under FERPA. The actual meansof notification (special letter, inclusion in aPTA bulletin, student handbook, or newspaperarticle) is left to the discretion of eachschool.For additional information or technicalassistance, you may call (202) 260-3887(voice). Individuals who use TDD may callthe Federal Information Relay Service at 1-800-877-8339. Or you may contact us at thefollowing address:Family Policy Compliance OfficeU.S. Department of Education400 Maryland Avenue, SWWashington, D.C. 20202-5920Privacy Act ComplaintsIf you have any complaints regarding thefailure of the district employees to complywith the federal Family Rights and PrivacyAct, you may contact the principal or theCommunications Department at 425-335-1501 or file a complaint with the U.S.Department of Education.Access to Student RecordsIn compliance with federal law (Family Rightsand Privacy Act, 1984), parents or guardianswho wish to review their child’s records may doso by making a request to the school principal.Adult students (over 18) may also make suchrequests. If you feel an item in the record isinaccurate or misleading, you may ask to haveit corrected or you may add your commentsto the record. Release of student records isby written request only and with parent orguardian consent, except when a studenttransfers to another educational institution.Releasing Student InformationThe federal Family Rights and Privacy Actpermits a school district to release “directoryinformation” about a student unless a parentor guardian chooses not to have it released.Requests for this type of information oftencome from the news media for news stories,sports articles, academic achievements,awards and special programs. There arealso times when schools or the district maywant to recognize students in newslettersand other district publications. Unless aparent or guardian requests that directoryinformation not be released, it will be madeavailable. Parents or guardians receive arelease form when they enroll their child inschool or an update form in the school packeteach autumn. It is the policy of Lake StevensSchool District not to release any directoryinformation for commercial purposes.Directory information includes:• The student’s name• Date of birth• Major field of study• Dates of attendance• Participation in officiallyrecognized activities and sports• Weight and height of membersof athletic teams• Degrees and awards received• The most recent previouseducational agency or institutionattended by the student• Photographs of students forpublic information purposes andsimilar informationUnder the federal No Child Left Behind law, thestudent’s address and phone number must alsobe released to the military and institutions ofhigher learning unless the parent or guardianrequests the information not be released.Parents or guardians may request that studentinformation not be released by checking theappropriate box on the registration card or byaddressing a written request to the district’sCommunity Relations Department.

Kindergarten Screening andRegistrationScreening and registration is provided forchildren who are or will be five years old byAugust 31 and plan to enter kindergarten inthe fall. Children two to five years old whoare having behavior, speech, physical, and/or learning problems may also schedule ascreening appointment.The screening process provides informationabout the child’s gross and fine motor skills,language development, and academics. Eachchild is also screened for vision, hearing,and immunization status. Parents arerequested to bring a copy of their child’s birthcertificate, record of immunization statusand Social Security number if available.Per regulation, a child must meet stateimmunization requirements BEFORE he/shecan be registered for school.Food Service ProgramOur district provides a complete breakfastand lunch program which meets or exceedsthe nutritional requirements established bythe National School Breakfast and LunchProgram. Breakfast and lunches are servedat all schools. The middle and high schoolshave expanded menus with manya-la-carte features, including daily freshsalads, low-fat yogurts, bagels, fresh bakedpizza, sandwiches, fresh fruit, and anassortment of fruit juices and milk. Menusare distributed monthly indicating the dailyentrée specials.Please visit http://www.lkstevens.wednet.eduto access monthly menus, nutritioninformation and our “MealTime Online”deposit system. This system makes itconvenient for parents to deposit and prepaymoney on an account for their students.You can also be notified by e-mail of lowaccount balances free of charge!Basic EducationLake Stevens School District provides a thoroughprogram for teaching students basic skills.Elementary students receive a strongfoundation in the basic skills of reading,math, and writing. Art, music, and physicaleducation are taught as part of the basicprogram.The K-12 health curriculum includessubstance abuse prevention, personal safety,nutrition, first aid, and health skills for life.The mid level program, grades 6-9, isdelivered in a six-period day. In the area ofmath instruction, the district’s goal is to havestudents take Algebra by 8th grade.A range of exploratory and elective programsround out a student’s schedule, includingtechnology, health, art, physical education,music, Spanish and career education.The high school program is a blend ofrequired courses in math, language arts,social studies, physical education, andscience with professional-technical andadvanced academic electives, depending onthe needs and interests of the student.Essential Learning Requirements have beendeveloped in conjunction with State AcademicLearning Goals and are continually reviewed.These learning targets provide a stable andmeasurable curriculum for all students.The Highly Capable ProgramThe Lake Stevens School District’s HighlyCapable Program has been created forstudents in grades 3-12 who demonstratea significant need for greater academicchallenge. Students “self select” for the midlevel and high school program but qualify forthe program in grades 3-5 if their achievementand ability to reason in math and/or languagearts (reading and writing) are measured wellabove grade level.Elementary Program: Students in grades3-5 are clustered together in a specificclassroom. The program is designed tomeet the student’s needs beyond the basiclearning objectives and to reach independentlearning skills, problem-solving techniques,and creative thinking skills.Middle School Options: Students selfselect into Honors English, Social Studiesand Advanced Math with the expectation thatthey will excel in their course work.High School: High School students mayparticipate in the nationally recognizedAdvanced Placement Program in U.S.history, U.S. Government, European history,psychology, art history, English literature,physics, calculus, and chemistry. In addition,Lake Stevens students may receive dualhigh school and University of WashingtonExtension credit in literature and compositionand advanced foreign languages. Honorssections are available in math and socialstudies. Running Start is an additionalpathway for students who wish to besimultaneously enrolled in Everett CommunityCollege and Lake Stevens High School.Teacher Workshops,Training, and EarlyRelease DaysThe district and the community sharethe common goal of providing the verybest possible education for all of ourstudents. With this in mind, staffdevelopment programs are developedto provide additional training ininstructional techniques and methods,curriculum, state academic learningrequirements, and assessmentstrategies.Special ProgramsTo complement the basic education programa wide range of special programs are offered:Child Find NoticeThe Lake Stevens School District is interestedin locating, evaluating and identifyingstudents from birth to age 21 who aresuspected of having a disability for thepurpose of determining whether they arein need of special education and relatedservices. This extends to students residingin the district whether or not they areenrolled in the public school system. Thisalso includes highly mobile children (suchas migrant or homeless students) who aresuspected of having a disability and in needof special education, even though they areadvancing from grade to grade.A student eligible for special educationmeans a student who has been evaluatedand determined to need special educationbecause of having a disability in one of theeligibility categories, and who, becauseof the disability and adverse educationalimpact, has unique needs that cannot beaddressed exclusively through education ingeneral education classes with or withoutindividual accommodations, and needsspecially designed instruction. The eligibilitycategories are hearing, vision, speech,language, orthopedic or health impairment,intellectual disability, an emotionalbehavioral disability, autism, traumatic braininjury, deaf-blindness, multiple disabilities,a specific learning disability or for students,three through eight, a developmental delay.Special Education - Birth to 5The district provides Special Educationpreschool services to children who aredelayed and who are 0 to 5 years old.Children may be served in a classroomprogram or as a walk-in for speech, physicalor occupational therapy services only.Children from income eligible families andwho are three or four by August 31 may beable to attend preschool classes in the EarlyChildhood Education Assistance Program(ECEAP).If you suspect your child has a disability orif you have questions about the specializedpreschools, you should contact the EarlyLearning Center next to Hillcrest at(425) 335-1643 or the Special ServicesDepartment at the Educational ServiceCenter at (425) 335-1660.Special Education - School Aged Childrenand Youth (Ages 5-21)Every child, 5 to 21 years of age, who hasbeen identified as a student with a disabilitythat is significantly impacting his or hereducation, has the opportunity to participatein a continuum of services. Depending onneed, a child may be provided services ina special class, pulled out from the regularclass for specific instruction, or may remainin the regular classroom with support.Students with a disability who have reached16 years of age are provided activitiesdesigned to ensure a successful postsecondarytransition.Additional services such as speech therapyand physical or occupational therapy areavailable for those students who qualify.Questions concerning school-age specialeducation services should be directed to thebuilding principal, school psychologist orSpecial Services Department at (425) 335-1660.Title I/Learning Assistance Program (LAP)Each school has remedial services availablefor students who have delays in reading atelementary grades.For students in grades 6-9 remedial servicesare available to assist students in math.Each secondary school has opportunitiesavailable for students who need to study inorder to improve grades.Parents of students in buildings that receiveTitle 1 funds have the right to requestinformation on the professional qualificationsof their child’s classroom teacher(s). Thisinformation includes whether the teacher hasmet state qualifications and licensing criteriafor grades and subjects taught, whetherthe teacher is teaching under emergency orconditional certification and the baccalaureatedegree major of the teacher or other graduatecertification or degree and the field ofdiscipline of the certification and/or degree.If your child is also being provided servicesby a paraprofessional, the paraprofessional’squalifications may be requested.To request information on your child’steacher(s) please call 425-335-1500 and askfor the “Parent Request Form for InformationRegarding Teacher Qualifications”.Currently Title 1 Schools include Hillcrest, Mt.Pilchuck, and Skyline elementaries. Our LAPprogram serves all schools in the district.Bilingual EducationStudents who are recent immigrants orare English language learners who haveacademic difficulties are qualified to receivedaily instruction in academic areas, studyskills, and English language acquisition.Questions regarding any of the precedingremediation programs can be directed to thebuilding principal or to the Special ServicesDepartment at the Educational ServiceCenter.Be someone special . . .volunteer!The concept of volunteer service is an oldone. However, a program of organizedcoordinated volunteerism throughout a schooldistrict is a relatively new idea. In recentyears, volunteers are bringing all kinds ofresources to the schools and are a valuableasset to the educational team.The schools of our district use thousandsof hours of volunteer help on a regularbasis. Volunteers help with a variety oftasks suited to their interests. If you wouldlike to become a volunteer and have a fewhours a week to share, your neighborhoodschool would welcome your assistance. Callyour neighborhood school or 335-1500 andvolunteer today! And volunteerism worksboth ways–students are involved in volunteerprograms in our community throughout theyear!

Graduation RequirementsGraduation requirements are establishedby the State and local Boards of Education.The purpose behind the minimum courserequirements is to ensure that each studentis exposed to a variety of academic and workrelatedareas of study. In addition, studentswill elect many of the courses to round outtheir educational experience.In the freshman year, students, with the helpof counselors and family, develop their HighSchool Plus Plan to lay out a four-year courseand to develop a 13th year plan so that anacademic pathway can be completed to meettheir post high school goals. This plan isreviewed each year to assure that graduationrequirements are being fulfilled and goals maybe adjusted as needed. Students in grades9 – 12 are required to collect and reflect onsamples of their best work for their personalportfolio, which is maintained throughout theirhigh school career.Volunteering is also a requirement andstudents are asked to contribute back to theircommunity with 15 hours of service per year.In grades 10 – 12 students have a “VikingPeriod” or advisory period scheduled twiceper month where they meet with the sameteacher who assists them in the collectionof work for their portfolio, recording theirvolunteer hours, and preparing for theirculminating exhibition in their 12th year.The culminating exhibition requires thatstudents prepare an oral presentation whichanswers the questions, Who am I? Where am Igoing? How am I going to get there?Students are also mandated to meet standardon the state’s high school proficiency test inreading and writing, and an end of courseassessment in math in order to graduate.Graduation Requirements forGraduating Class of 2012-2013:Language Arts 3.5Laboratory Science 2.0Mathematics 2.0Occupational Education 1.5Social Studies 3.0Health and Fitness 2.0Fine Arts 1.0Total Credits Required 15.0Minimum Electives 7.5Total GraduationRequirements 22.5For the graduating class of 2014 andbeyond 23.5 credits will be requiredto graduate.The Lake Stevens School Districtconducts a comprehensive testingprogram.Under the federal and statemandates, students in grades3 through 8 and grade 10 willparticipate in the Washington Statestandards-based tests in reading andmathematics. In addition, the state tests willcontinue to include a performance-basedwriting assessment for students in grades4, 7, and 10 and a science assessment forstudents in grades 5, 8, and 10. Thesetests help the district report and assess thelevel of proficiency of its students relativeto the State Essential Academic LearningRequirements. Further, the test results willassist schools to improve student learning,by measuring progress toward building anddistrict learning targets. These tests satisfythe federal No Child Left Behind AdequateYearly Progress goals, and help preparestudents to meet the state graduationrequirements.Throughout the year, teachers administerclassroom assessments in the content areasof reading, writing, and mathematics. Statedevelopedclassroom-based assessments areavailable in the arts, health and fitness, andsocial studies for grades 3-5, 6-8, and 11-12. In addition, secondary teachers conductdistrict progress monitoring assessmentsin mathematics two to three times peryear. Data from these criterion-referencedassessments will help guide classroominstruction.To help high school students prepare forpost-high school learning, the districtprovides opportunities for students to takethe PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic AptitudeTest), the National Merit ScholarshipQualification Test, and/or the ACT (AmericanCollege Test). Students interested inqualifying for college and for scholarshipsshould see their high school counselor tomake the necessary arrangements.SuperintendentAmy Beth Cook • 335-1502Assistant Superintendent ofHuman ResourcesKen Collins • 335-1505Assistant Superintendent of Business ServicesTeresa Main • 335-1503Executive Director of Elementary EducationGraham Cook • 335-1592Executive Director of Secondary EducationJohn Gebert • 335-1624Executive Director of Special ServicesMiriam Tencate • 335-1504Who to Talk to in the DistrictDirector of Communications andCommunity Services and Student SafetyArlene Hulten • 335-1501Director of Facilities and OperationsRobb Stanton • 335-1506Director of Career and Technical EducationDan Bushnell • 335-1597Grounds and Maintenance SupervisorKevin Knowles • 335-1507/335-1500Transportation SupervisorSheila Winters • 335-1508Food and Nutrition Services SupervisorMollie Langum • 335-15612011-12 School Start Times & Dismissal TimesStart Time Dismissal TimeCavelero Mid High School 7:20 am 1:55 pmLake Stevens High (grades 10-12) 7:35 am 2:10 pmPROVE / Crossroads 7:35 am 2:05 pmLake Stevens Middle School 7:50 am 2:25 pmNorth Lake Middle School 7:40 am 2:15 pmHighland, Skyline andGlenwood Elementaries 8:45 am 2:55 pmAM Kindergarten 8:45 am 11:25 pmPM Kindergarten 12:15 pm 2:55 pmMount Pilchuck,Hillcrest and Sunnycrest Elementaries 9:20 am 3:30 pmAM Kindergarten 9:20 am NoonPM Kindergarten 12:50 pm 3:30 pmSCHOOL / CONTACTSLake Stevens School District #4 • 425-335-1500 Fax: 425-335-1549Educational Service Center • 12309 22 nd Street NE • Lake Stevens, WA 98258Lake Stevens High School (Gr. 10-12)335-15152908 113 th Avenue NELake Stevens, WA 98258Eric Cahan, PrincipalJoan Human, SecretaryHigh School Swim Pool335-15262908 113 th Avenue NELake Stevens, WA 98258Erin Miller, ManagerCavelero Mid High (Gr. 8-9)335-16308220 24 th Avenue SELake Stevens, WA 98258Mike Snow, PrincipalCarmen Sibley, SecretaryLake Stevens Middle School (Gr. 6-7)335-15441031 91 st Avenue SELake Stevens, WA 98258Michael Weatherbie, PrincipalConnie Wyrick, SecretaryNorth Lake Middle School (Gr. 6-7)335-15302202 123 rd Avenue NELake Stevens, WA 98258Brad Abels, PrincipalBarbara Hall, SecretaryPROVE / CrossroadsAlternative High School (Gr. 9-12)360-691-7717405 N Alder AveGranite Falls, WA 98252Bridgette Perrigoue, Program ManagerHillcrest Elementary (Gr. K-5)335-15459315 4th Street SELake Stevens, WA 98258Steve Burleigh, PrincipalMarilee Fronsman, SecretaryGlenwood Elementary (Gr. K-5)335-15102221 103 rd Avenue SELake Stevens, WA 98258Laura Clift, PrincipalToni Plemel, SecretarySkyline Elementary (Gr. K-5)335-15201033 91 st Avenue SELake Stevens, WA 98258Dave Bartlow, PrincipalDiane Story, SecretaryMount Pilchuck Elementary (Gr. K-5)335-152512806 20 th Street NELake Stevens, WA 98258Chris Larson, PrincipalBrenda Freemon, SecretarySunnycrest Elementary (Gr. K-5)335-15353411 99th Ave NELake Stevens, WA 98258Tim Haines, PrincipalKirstie Kelley, SecretaryHighland Elementary (Gr. K-5)335-15853220 113 th Avenue NELake Stevens, WA 98258Matt Pewitt, PrincipalKristi Morrow, SecretaryHomeLink (Gr. K-12)335-15942202 123 rd St NELake Stevens, WA 98258John Ovall, TOSARoberta Maxwell, SecretaryEarly Childhood Education335-15859317 4th St NELake Stevens, WA 98258Matt Wyant, TOSAWendy Floyd, SecretaryVisit our web site at www.lkstevens.wednet.eduTransportation Department335-1508

2005 $65.5 Million Bond ProjectsLSHS Completed Stadium Project - Thank You!!!GRAND OPENING:September 17Lake Stevens vs.InglemoorAs promised voters in 2005, LSHS will receive a new stadium which will function as the main event stadium at suchtime in the future that the district has two high schools. The new facility will include: seating for 2,600, a press/media box, concourse/concession stands, restroom facilities, and storage area.It is important for you to know that bond dollars can only be used for construction and modernization of facilitiesand must adhere to the promises as outlined in the ballot language. Legally and ethically the district cannot usebond funding to support the day-to-day operation of the school district.Thanks go out to the Lake Stevens Community for its support of the 2005 Bond. All projects are now complete and thedistrict’sThank youschoolsfor yourandsupportfacilitiesandare inweexcellentinvite the GrandEach projectOpeningwasofcompletedthe Stadiumon-timeonandFriday,withinSeptemberbudget. The17, proud of its facilities and the community for its support of the schools and students. Thank You!!Jan Larsen, CLU®, ChFC®Financial Adviser*P.O. Box 669 / 2008 123rd Ave NE Tel: 425.335.4600Lake Stevens, WA 98258 Cell: Fax: 425.335.3241Strategies for your financial futureJan Larsen, Registered Representative offering securities through NYLIFE Securities LLC,Member FINRA/SIPC, a Licensed Insurance Agency11400 SE 8th St. Ste 300,Bellevue, WA 98004. Tel. 425.462.4800Jan Larsen is an agent licensed to sell insurance through New York Life Insurance Company and maybe licensed to sell insurance through various other independent unaffiliated insurance companies*Financial Adviser offering investment advisory services through Eagle Strategies LLC, A RegisteredInvestment AdviserLarsen Financial Services is independently owned and operated from NYLIFE Securities LLC orits affiliatesOne Community around the Lakewww.lakestevenswa.govCity of Lake Stevens Contact InformationCity Hall ..................................................................425.344.1012Mayor ......................................................................425.377.3224City Administrator ...................................................425.377.3230Planning Department ............................................. 425.334.3235Police Department ................................................. 425.334.9537Emergency .............................................................................911Public Works .......................................................... 425.334.3235Passports .............................................................. 425.334.9537Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pmCommunity Center Rental ......................................425.334.1012Lundeen Park Shelter Rental .................................425.334.1012Senior Citizen Center ............................................425.335.0345“Your Local Healthcare Advocates”Larsen Christopherson Benefits Group, Inc.Brokerage Services for Medical and Group Benefits• Health Insurance for Individuals and Families• Employee Benefits• Medicare Options for SeniorsFor more information visit out website: www.lcbenefitsgroup.comKeep Our Community Strong– Shop Locallywww.LakeStevensChamber.comYour Connection With Local BusinessThe Greater Lake Stevens Chamber of Commerce is proud toserve the Lake Stevens community. Here are the top reasons tothink local and buy locally.• Buying local supports you and your family. When you shop froma locally owned business more of your buying dollars stay in thecommunity to be used to make purchases from other locally ownedbusinesses.• When you buy from local businesses, you’re suppporting local nonprofits.Studies show that small business owners give an average of250% more dollars in donations to local non-profits.• Local businesses create more good jobs. When you shop locally youare investing in your community.

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