ThroughThe Village DevelopmentPartnership(VDP)VillageDevelopmentPartnership

Why CSR ?

Nor can theyafford to pay foralternative servicesoffered bythe business sector

This market failureleaves themmarginalizedandrequires a third partyto provide some basic needsand reduce inequalitiesand poverty.

Previously..this was mostlycarried out by NGOs(Foundations & Associations)But today..many companies have becomesignificant partnersin this endeavour throughtheir CSR commitments.

Examples of CSR activitiesto supplement basic needs• Care for the sick,elderly anddisabled• Materials andequipment• Hospital andschool buildings• Grant and donationsSustainable?• Playgrounds, librariesand sports•School lunches,blankets, clothes•Scholarships• Food and water

Will these activitiesbe sustainablewithout t your helpor will they fade away?

Examples ofSustainable CSR Activitiesto raiseincome and the quality of lifeof rural villagersthrough cooperationwiththe business community.

The poor are business peoplepwho seek to make a profitbut lackbusiness skillsandaccess to credit.Both can be supported byCSR activities of companies.

The only road out of povertyis throughbusinessand not welfare, but governmentendeavours tend to use thewelfare approach.

In the long run,the welfare approachdoes not work because:1) It does not foster new skills2) It does not empower the poor3) It creates greater dependencyon the handout….and is not sustainable

The New Approachto SustainablePoverty Eradication(Tackling the Root Cause of Poverty)as part of CSRAs implemented by companiesin partnership withPDA and villagers

This endeavor aims to turnthe poorintobarefoot entrepreneursSo that they can affordthe basic necessities i of life…through h the help ofbusiness people

The companyacts as a partnerto the villagein a six stepprocess

1.Villagers learn of the partnershipthroughCommunity Needs AssessmentListening to Villager’s Ideas

Village elects a Development Committeeto carry outCommunity Needs Assessment

2. Company staff visits villageCompany Task Force travels totargeted t village to learn more aboutvillage and foster relationships.

3. ‘Eye-Opener’ Field Trips forvillagers to generate new ideasVillagers travel to gather new ideas andobserve successful business activities.

4. Finalize Development PlanVillagers include new ideas from trip,prioritize activities, set time frame andidentify cooperating agencies.

New aspirationFuture Village Plan

5. Submit Activities Planto CompanyThe plan is submitted tothe company forconsideration i and funding

6. Implementation and MonitoringActivities are implementedby the villagers, with assistancefrom cooperating agenciesfrom cooperating agencies(including companies and PDA)

Five Key Inputs1. Community Empowerment(Establishments of people’s forum)2. Economic Empowerment(Income generation, business skills and loans)3. Environmental Protection4. Health Care & Elderly Support5. Youth, Education, Human Rights& Democracy

COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENTAn electedthe Village DevelopmentCommittee conductscommunity needsassessmentandestablish a villagedevelopment plan,to be supported and fundedby companies(and local governments)

The committee will manage:1. Village Development Bank2. Village Youth Governmentand Democracy Promotion3. Health, Elderly l Careand Environment Task Force4. Education and Human RightsTask Force

Companies provide fundsfor villagesthroughtree planting

Village size and partner-support :Village sizePopulationBudget(US$)•Small 300•Medium 60030,00000060,000•Large 1,000 100,000Investment t per capita US$ 100

Village Development Bank(Micro Credit Fund)Company contributes US$1.5 per tree plantedVillagers contribute labour25,000 treesplanted generatesUS$ 37,500 for the villagedevelopment bank.The Population and Community Development Association (PDA)Environmental protection to create capital formation

Village Development Bank in OperationFunds required ed for allactivities must come throughThe Population and Community Development Association (PDA)tree plantingLoans cost 12% p.a.

Businesses from Bank loansThe Population and Community Development Association (PDA)

Businesses from Bank loans

Businesses from Bank loans

Businesses from Bank loans

เลี้ยงหมูหลุม Bank loan for curry paste making

Food StallIce cream maker& vendor

Businesses from Bank loansMaking and Selling Thai Sweets

Businesses from Bank loansSimple Food Processing

Businesses from Bank loansArt Décor from Sea Shells

Businesses from Bank loansWater Bottling and Ice Business

Businesses from Bank loansCrab Meat Processing

Businesses from Bank loanFlowers made from dried fish scales

Businesses from Bank loanPicture Frames

Businesses from Bank loanCoffee and Condom Stall

Bank loan for HIV /AIDS peopleStone CarvingAccess to credit as a human right

Village photographerSnacks and fruit juice stall

ขายของที่ระลึกInter-generational loans for youth and theirgrandparents to raise income and establishpension funds.

Relocation of Manufacturing Facilitiesf h l hFrom feather to leather:chicken farm to shoe factory

• Migration slows down• Secondary schoolenrollment upWorkers own 40%equity in the companyHi h i fHigher income forrural communities

Working in the factory and staying in the village

Working in the factory and staying in the village

Factory Daycare

From low income cropto high h income trees

Selling trees to housing estates, highways, golfcourses and now exported to Taiwan,Singapore and Hong Kong30 fold increase in income…poverty eradicatedThe Population and Community Development Association (PDA)

Improvement in Production ProcessRiceAcademyRed Jasmine RiceRed JasmineRice Crispies

Village and canal cleanup to generatecooperation among community members

(Village Piped Water System)Water for HealthandWealth CreationCombining Social & Economic Development

Village Piped Water Supply SystemLabour supplied by villagers

Water for health…

..andwealth creationevery householdmust use the waterto raise income and payfor water and systemProduction andincome expandsover time…

Monthly water charges go intothe Village Development Bank,to provide capital for futurebusiness loans and health care

Considered aBest Practice ProjectbyThe World Bank

ScholarshipsCommunity service asrepayment in kind

Business Loans for EducationPrevious scholarship: US$20/ monthNew business scholarship: US$100 / month

Computer-Based Technology Learning Centersand Training of Village-Based Youth Trainersชําระคืนดวยการชวยเหลือสังคมในชุมชน

Barefoot IT TeachersUS t hUS 75 cents per hour12 hours per course

Village Youth Governmente 8 youth (aged 14 – 24) in each villageare elected to:Practice democracy,transparency,gender equality, andlocal public service

Village Youth GovernmentPrepares projectproposals p and seekfundsInitiate businessventures for youth &the elderlyCoordinate healtheducation campaigns

Revolutionary EducationalOpportunity for the Poor(Privatization of Education for the Poor)

Objective:To impart to rural childrenall the necessary skillsfor becominggood, honest, caring, happy,creative and resourcefulcitizens.

Six sided classroom - no front of the class

Alphabet & Democracy

Internet replaces text books

Outside-classroom learning

Cloth weaving and IT learning

Bio – Diesel Production

Cloth weaving Clothes - and makingIT learning

Identifying problems & solutions

Rice academy

Paying respect to elders

Police stationBankTempleLocal government office

If I had a million baht

Bangkok ExcursionSponsored by the Stock Exchange of Thailand

Parent’s camp

School’s Community Development CenterRadio Station

Internet cafeLibrarySchool shop

Next Step …This and other primary schoolswill also act asfocal point for communityempowerment and development.Teachers will be trained to behealth, democracy anddevelopment leaders.

President ofTambon*AdministrationOrganizationi(TAO)fully supportsthis endeavor* Sub district

Review ofLamplaimat Pattana School(LPMP)Buri Ram Province, Thailand.byThe Faculty of EducationUniversity of Tasmania,AustraliaJuly – October 2006

“This is an excellent school,which is achieving and exceedingits stated objectives. It comparesfavorably with internationalschools and benchmarks ofinternational best practicedrawn from theeffective schools literature”Faculty of Education, University of Tasmania, Australia

“There is no doubt thatthis is a world-classschool.”The Faculty of EducationUniversity of Tasmania,Australia

Thai Ministry of Education’sEvaluation 2007“Out of approximately32,000 primary schoolsevaluated, ated there was onlyone school with a slightlyhigher grade thanthe Lamplaimat School”

The New Secondary School in 2009

View of multi-purpose hall along canals

Your impactThe Partnership isa kindandsustainable investmentin humanity.

Today more than business people are involved inthe Village Development Partnership to endpovertyCompaniesShSchoolsVillageUniversitiesPDANewly wedsFamilies

...You’re never too youngto experience the joy ofdoing public good.Small rice millWater for agricultureVillages sponsorsPig Raising

Empower villagersto help themselves throughtheVillage DevelopmentPartnership(VDP)

PDA is happyto be yourcaddyfor thispartnership

Can thisproject beimplementedin otherAsian countries ?

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