See the Rules for Participation. - BT 1

See the Rules for Participation. - BT 1

See the Rules for Participation. - BT 1

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Competition <strong>for</strong> Young Fashion DesignersHABITUS BALTIJA 2015RULES FOR PARTICIPATION1. About CompetitionCompetition: Competition <strong>for</strong> Young Fashion Designers HABITUS BALTIJA 2015Competition venue and dates: International Exhibition Centre, Ķīpsalas iela 8, Riga, Latvia, from 15.04.2015 to17.04.2015 within <strong>the</strong> framework of <strong>the</strong> Baltic Fashion & Textile Riga 2015 Fair. The agenda is as follows:15.04.2015 Arrival and rehearsal day16.04.2015 Arrival and rehearsal day, seminar17.04.2015 Competition and Award CeremonyOrganisers: Art Academy of Latvia, Estonian Academy of Arts, Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow Art andFashion Design School, Tallinn University of Applied Sciences and <strong>the</strong> International Exhibition Company <strong>BT</strong> 1.Principal organiser: International Exhibition Company <strong>BT</strong> 1, LLC.Mission: to promote <strong>the</strong> discovery of new talents, to foster <strong>the</strong> professionalism of young fashion designers and tostimulate <strong>the</strong>ir creative potential via exchanging ideas and knowledge with fashion designers and o<strong>the</strong>rprofessionals of fashion industry.Participant: any person who has applied <strong>for</strong> participation in <strong>the</strong> Competition as an individual participant (a studentof art and design school or a young designer with seniority of up to 3 years after graduation), or a school bysubmitting <strong>the</strong> Application Form, accepted and duly signed by <strong>the</strong> Organiser. The number of participants in <strong>the</strong>Competition is limitedContact:SanitaBlomnieceHabitus Baltija 2015 Project ManagerTel: (+371)67065053Mob: (+371)29135170Fax: (+371)67065035E-mail: sanita.blomniece@bt1.lvWebsite: www.habitus.lv, www.bt1.lv/habitusAddress: Ķīpsalas iela 8, Rīga, LV-1048, Latvia1

2. Application and Acceptance ProcedureTo enter <strong>the</strong> Competition, an applicant shall apply <strong>for</strong> participation electronically no later than by 15 March 2015sending to <strong>the</strong> Organiser sanita.blomniece@bt1.lv respectively – a filled out Application <strong>for</strong> participation in <strong>the</strong>individual or school competition. Application <strong>for</strong>ms are available on <strong>the</strong> competition website: www.bt1.lv/habitus.Please be sure to enclose <strong>the</strong> following in<strong>for</strong>mation and materials: Complete presentation of <strong>the</strong> collection (in English or Latvian, MSPowerPoint not exceeding 3MB) thatshall include <strong>the</strong> following content and shall meet <strong>the</strong> following requirements: inspiration materials (1 page); description of <strong>the</strong> collection not exceeding 50 words (Word Document); photographs of one apparel set – in full length on a model showing <strong>the</strong> front and rear sides of <strong>the</strong> set.Accessories, makeup and hairstyle must be as expected in <strong>the</strong> competition show; 5‒7 numbered apparel drawings or photographs apparel drawings in <strong>the</strong> order of appearance (1 page) fabrics and o<strong>the</strong>r significant materials used in <strong>the</strong> collection (1 page)Curriculum Vitae in English or Latvian (Word Document)10 photographs of previous apparel collectionsSchool competition (pertains only to collections entered into <strong>the</strong> School Competition): additionally to in<strong>for</strong>mationrequested above, <strong>the</strong> educational institution shall submit a filled-out application <strong>for</strong>m of each School Competitionparticipant available at www.bt1.lv/habitus.Observing <strong>the</strong> <strong>Rules</strong> <strong>for</strong> <strong>Participation</strong> and paying <strong>the</strong> respective participation fee, <strong>the</strong> same person can participate in<strong>the</strong> Competition with different collections both in <strong>the</strong> Individual and in School Competition.Within ten days after receipt of duly submitted full in<strong>for</strong>mation from <strong>the</strong> Applicant, <strong>the</strong> Organiser evaluates it andcommunicates <strong>the</strong> acceptance or rejection to <strong>the</strong> Applicant.If <strong>the</strong> Applicant fails to submit to <strong>the</strong> Organiser all documents in compliance with <strong>the</strong> requirements here above, or<strong>the</strong> number of participants accepted to <strong>the</strong> competition has already reached <strong>the</strong> limit, or Applicant’s collection doesnot meet <strong>the</strong> concept of Competition, <strong>the</strong> Organiser is entitled to reject <strong>the</strong> Applicant’s request <strong>for</strong> participation.The list of Applicants admitted to <strong>the</strong> competition will be published on <strong>the</strong> Competition website on 25 March 2015.Application being accepted, <strong>the</strong> Organiser in<strong>for</strong>ms <strong>the</strong> Contestant and <strong>the</strong> latter hereafter shall provide <strong>the</strong>Organiser with <strong>the</strong> original signed copies of previously electronically <strong>for</strong>warded documentation sending <strong>the</strong>m bypost or submitting in person.3. <strong>Participation</strong> Fee<strong>Participation</strong> fee <strong>for</strong> Individual Contestants (per collection): EUR 100.00 (plus VAT), if <strong>the</strong> Contestant applies <strong>for</strong> participation be<strong>for</strong>e 01.02.2015. EUR 150.00 (plus VAT), if <strong>the</strong> Contestant applies <strong>for</strong> participation after 01.02.2015.Entry fee <strong>for</strong> School Contestants (no more than two collections): EUR 200.00 (plus VAT), if <strong>the</strong> School applies <strong>for</strong> participation be<strong>for</strong>e 01.02.2015. EUR 350.00 (plus VAT), if <strong>the</strong> School applies <strong>for</strong> participation after 01.02.2015.The Contestant shall pay <strong>the</strong> calculated participation fee by money transfer to <strong>the</strong> Organiser’s bank account or incash to <strong>the</strong> Organiser’s Accounts Office within five working days following <strong>the</strong> issuance of <strong>the</strong> respective Invoice.2

If <strong>the</strong> Contestant does not pay <strong>the</strong> Invoice by <strong>the</strong> due date, <strong>the</strong> Organiser shall be entitled to reject Contestant’sparticipation in <strong>the</strong> Competition.The Contestant shall be entitled to revoke <strong>the</strong> Application <strong>for</strong> participation in <strong>the</strong> Competition giving <strong>the</strong> notice to<strong>the</strong> Organiser in writing by 01.02.2015. In such a case, <strong>the</strong> Organiser shall repay to <strong>the</strong> Contestant participation feealready paid in full amount; however, if <strong>the</strong> Organiser receives a revocation notice after 01.02.2015, <strong>the</strong>n 50% ofparticipation fee already paid shall be taken <strong>for</strong> <strong>the</strong> penalty. If <strong>the</strong> Contestant revokes application after 15.03.2015,<strong>the</strong> Organiser is entitled to keep <strong>the</strong> <strong>Participation</strong> fee already paid <strong>for</strong> <strong>the</strong> penalty.4. Collections and ShowsContestants may enter into <strong>the</strong> competition <strong>the</strong> projects of men, ladies’ or mixed collections or finished collectionscreated no earlier than in 2014. Higher priority will be given to <strong>the</strong> collections exhibiting conceptual and artisticidea, high quality, nuanced colour and material composition, as well as innovative cuts or material treatment.Number of apparel sets in a collection: 5 – 7.Duration of a show: 3 – 4 minutes.The Organiser provides: models (classic stage make-up, hairstyle, classic black shoes and hosiery); a catwalk and backstage rooms.Contestants may use <strong>the</strong>ir own models giving a month’s notice in writing to <strong>the</strong> Organiser.Models provided by <strong>the</strong> Organiser. No modifications to model’s make-up will be permitted. If <strong>the</strong> Contestantshows off apparel collection on o<strong>the</strong>r models providing a make-up artist and products himself, modifications mightbe allowed upon prior notice in writing to <strong>the</strong> Organiser.If need be, <strong>the</strong> Contestant may provide models with specific footwear that shall correspond or be identical to thosein <strong>the</strong> collection photographs submitted to <strong>the</strong> Organiser during <strong>the</strong> process of application.The Organiser may waive <strong>the</strong> contestant’s soundtrack, offering ano<strong>the</strong>r musical version.The participant has <strong>the</strong> opportunity to bring one assistant (dresser).The Contestant shall keep to <strong>the</strong> Competition timetable including that of fittings, rehearsals and castings fixed by<strong>the</strong> Organiser.If <strong>the</strong> Contestant arrives late <strong>for</strong> or misses any of scheduled activities, <strong>the</strong> Organiser will not appoint ano<strong>the</strong>r time<strong>for</strong> a fitting, rehearsal or casting session.5. EvaluationThe contestant works are evaluated by an international board of judges that includes fashion designers, clothingmanufacturers, editors of fashion magazines and lecturers of educational institutions. The list of jury members willbe announced.Evaluation criteria: apparel quality (details, choice of materials and fabrics); overall visual appearance; artistic value and innovative <strong>for</strong>ms.3

Competition collection may be created by an individual author or a duo of authors.Individual competition. All competition entries, including collections entered by <strong>the</strong> art and fashion designschools, are subject to Individual Competition.School competition. Only collections entered by <strong>the</strong> art and fashion design schools are subject to SchoolCompetition. Each school may enter two collections into <strong>the</strong> competition. If <strong>the</strong> school pays all competition relatedfees in due terms, <strong>the</strong> Organiser provides accommodation <strong>for</strong> 2 nights in <strong>the</strong> period from 16.04.2015 to 18.04.2015<strong>for</strong> two members of a School Competition team upon request. Requests must be submitted to <strong>the</strong> Organiser no laterthan by 01.03.2015.School competition: <strong>the</strong> winner will be determined by calculating <strong>the</strong> arithmetic mean of results each schoolcollection scores individually.6. Awards and Prizes Habitus Baltija Grand Prix statuette <strong>for</strong> <strong>the</strong> best designer. Habitus Baltija Grand Prix statuette <strong>for</strong> <strong>the</strong> best school. Internship and training opportunities in different countries. Certificates <strong>for</strong> participation in international competitions. Opening fashion show at Habitus Baltija 2016. Opportunity to take part in Baltic Fashion & Textile Riga 2016. Certificates to all participants. Sponsor prizes.7. O<strong>the</strong>r ProvisionsThe best collections may be repeatedly presented during <strong>the</strong> Habitus Baltija 2015 Gala Show.By 01.03.2015, <strong>the</strong> Contestant shall in<strong>for</strong>m <strong>the</strong> Organiser about <strong>the</strong> time of his or her arrival sending a notice inwriting to sanita.blomniece@bt1.lv.The Organiser shall set out <strong>the</strong> timetable of rehearsals and in<strong>for</strong>m <strong>the</strong> Contestants about <strong>the</strong> time and venue ofHabitus Baltija 2015 Gala Show by 24.03.2015 and shall send <strong>the</strong> Competition Regulations to Contestant’s givene-mail address.The Organiser shall in<strong>for</strong>m <strong>the</strong> Contestants about <strong>the</strong> rehearsal times and procedure of <strong>the</strong> Competition by 09.00 on04.04.2015.The Competition Regulations shall be an integral part of <strong>the</strong> present <strong>Rules</strong> <strong>for</strong> <strong>Participation</strong> and is legally binding<strong>for</strong> <strong>the</strong> Contestants who had applied <strong>for</strong> participation in <strong>the</strong> Competition.The present <strong>Rules</strong> <strong>for</strong> <strong>Participation</strong>, <strong>the</strong> original copy of which stays with <strong>the</strong> Organiser (<strong>the</strong> Contestant may obtainan attested copy of <strong>the</strong> original document), shall be an integral part of <strong>the</strong> Contestant’s Contract–Application <strong>for</strong><strong>Participation</strong> coming into effect from <strong>the</strong> date of its signing by both parties and shall be valid until <strong>the</strong> completefulfilment of <strong>the</strong> obligations assumed by both parties.On Organiser’s behalf / V.Tīle / 30.09.2014.4

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