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GOURMANDMAGAZINEThe International Cookbook RevueIssue 2 / Winter 2009Chef Guy Martin and photographerSaito publish the most expensivecookbook in the world Pages 11-17Chakall: Onthe way tothe topGourmand Awards-winnerChakall is on his wayto become an internationalcelebrity chef. Hehas filmed cooking showsfor chinese and germantelevision and is workingon 3 cookbooks. Page 4„We willhave a lotof stars!“The feedback is fantastic:Publishers, authors andchefs from more than100 countries want tojoin the Paris CookbookFair. Edouard Cointreauexplains what visitors canexpect. Page 6

28. The role of animal movement management, coordination, socioeconomics in the successfulimplementation of the vaccination campaign and the SEACFMD campaign in general.The 19th OIE Sub-Commission for FMD in SE Asia and China ENDORSED:29. Revised Terms of Reference of the OIE Sub-Commission and Steering Committee noting thatadditional comments can be received for consideration at the National Coordinators Meeting inAugust;30. The SEACFMD’s Progress report (March 2012 to February 2013);31. The recommendations of the 15th National Coordinators’ Meeting in Manila and AGREED thatSRR-SEA convene an Expert Working Group to consider and advise on issues relating to zoning;32. The reports and recommendations of the National Delegates and Observers Meetings asattached;33. The recommendations of the 7th SEACFMD Laboratory Network Meeting in Lanzhou, P.R. ofChina from 15-17 October 2012;34. The revised design and utilization guidelines for the STANDZ Small Grants Facility (OIE, July2012) and for countries to submit proposals for funding under the facility that will serve as acatalyst for more resources and contribute to national FMD policy or plans;The OIE Sub-Commission Meeting for FMD in SE Asia and China ENCOURAGED:35. Member Countries to make full use of and access the OIE Regional Vaccine Banks for FMD andrabies, and to report on the implementation and results of their respective vaccinationcampaigns;36. Member Countries, when relevant, to combine FMD vaccination with other animal healthcampaigns;37. Members to provide comments to the OIE on the restructuring of the OIE FMD Code Chapter;38. Members to participate in the OECD Conference on Risk and Livestock Diseases (“LivestockDiseases: Building Bridges between Animal Sciences, Economics and Policy”) to be held at OECDCentre, Paris on 3-4 June 2013;39. SRR-SEA and Member Countries to participate in the FAO training on gender and livestock forSouth-East Asia, the outputs of which will be useful to the achievement of the OIE SRR-SEAgender policy.The OIE Sub-Commission Meeting for FMD in SE Asia and China COMPLIMENTED:40. The SRR-SEA, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam for progress and success with the 7 Small GrantFacility (SGF) projects under the STANDZ initiative and ENCOURAGED members and eligiblebodies to apply for support from the SGF;

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