Support Material Update

Support Material Update

"Keeping Field Sales In The Loop"Volume 2, Issue 2 - July 2008New Product ReportProduct development and insight➤ Flexible Shroud Program Continues to ExpandReview of Upcoming Products(Dynafine ® , Pencil Grinder, 2" Disc Sanders) - Page 2.Vacuum Dynafine ® offers source capturefor detail applications➤ Preview of Vacuum Dynafine ®Models/Features - Page 2Applications - Page 2.EndSupport Material UpdateUpdated technical literature and support materialsFeatured Report, Larry Sher, "Cost Savings Recommendations"➤ Example Report Content- Page 3-4.Start➤ Technical Aid "Swirl-Free Finish" - Page 5-6.Swirl-Free Finish!Use North, South, East and West CoveragePreview of newhose & "Y" connectorsECN’s You Should Know AboutSomething you'll see in the field➤ ECN 3772, V-Seal included- Page 7.➤ ECN 3774, New composite material - Page 7.➤ ECN 3776, Durometer increased- Page 7.➤ ECN 3849, Laser etched- Page 8.➤ ECN 3880, New material - Page 8.➤ ECN 3904, Zinc Alloy increases durability - Page 8.➤ ECN 3914, Going conductive - Page 8.Stay in tune with change, 7 NEW ECN's®

New Product ReportProduct development and insightUNIVERSALUNRELEASEDPRODUCTS2Dynabrade will expand offering of shroudedmodels: Dynafine ® , Pencil Grinders and DiscSanders.Vacuum Dynafines ➤Unique QualitiesNew Vacuum Dynafine ® has the ability to sourcecapture fine particles at the work surface eliminatingparticulates from entering the work environment.New models will allow the operator to attach the tooldirectly to any portable or central vacuum system.The connection is made by attaching a 1" O.D.vacuum hose cuff onto the supplied port orthreading a 1-1/4" hose into the swivel hose cuff(model specific). Vacuum Dynafine ® can be used invarious applications, the focus will be materials thatneed to be contained, Hexavalent Chromium,fiberglass, composites and wood. Tools are notrecommended for use with ferrous metals unlesscombined with an explosion proof vacuum system.Central Vacuum Model1-1/4" ThreadedSwivel Cuff I.D.Model 58017Self-Generated Vacuum Model1" Port O.D.Model 58015Expanding Vacuum Program ➤Nearing CompletionVacuum capable tools have been a recent focusand the future sees the same emphasis. Here are 3previews of future vacuum tools that may enter amarket near you.Vacuum Dynafine ® - See AboveVacuum Pencil GrinderModel 58017 shown on wood. The function of the tool is the same, detail sanding insmall hard-to-reach areas. With the inclusion of vacuum capabilities these tools nowallow for a cleaner work environment.Vacuum 2" Disc SanderVacuum Dynafine ® Pads AvailableRound Tear Drop Triangular

Support Material UpdateUpdated technical literature and support materialsUNIVERSAL3An example of a sales report/recommendation directed at the enduser (fiberglass truck cab manufacturer).Contributed by Larry Sher.Cost Saving Recommendation - Fiberglass Manufacturing Department ➤Department - Fiberglass DepartmentApplication - General Primer SandingBenefits For Using Dynabrade:• Save 35% on abrasive disc use by eliminatingsanding dust.• Reduce painting defects by controlling airbornedust particulates.• Increase worker safety by sanding withDynabrade Vacuum Dynorbital sanders.• Decrease repetitive motion wrist injury withDynabrade patented “Comfort Platform”.• Decrease tool repair by using vacuum RandomOrbital Sanders.• Reduce sanding “Swirl Mark” defects by usingthe patented Dynabrade low vibration tools.• Reusable Dust Collection Bags eliminate extraexpense.Department - Fiberglass DepartmentApplication - General Primer Hand SandingBenefits For Using Dynabrade:• Reduce hand sanding labor on vents, curves, recesspockets on hood and cab areas.• Increase throughput by decreasing or eliminatinghand sanding.• Uniform repeatable ultra-fine finishing.• Reduce “Swirl Marks” by using precise 3/32" orbit• Unique pad shape fits hard to reach areas.Recommended Tool(s)Dynabrade Model 568185" Diameter3/16” Random OrbitSelf-Generated VacuumTest AbrasivesNorton No-Fil Multi-Air A9755" Diameter x 11/16" Center HoleP180 Grit, 636425 - 63538P240 Grit, 63539P280 Grit, 63541Norton Speed-Grip Sanding Discs A2755" Diameter x 11/16 Center HoleP320 Grit, 636425-63520P400 Grit, 63522P600 Grit, 63524Recommended Tool(s)Dynabrade Model 58501Dynabug II3/32" OrbitSelf-Generated VacuumUse with:50617, Exhaust Hoseand Reusable Dust Collection Bag56323, “Delta Style” 4" x 5-3/4" PadDepartment - Fiberglass DepartmentApplication - General Primer Hand Sanding (cont.)Recommended Tool(s)Dynabrade Model 59116Hi-Vac Dynorbital-Spirit3/32" OrbitSelf-Generated VacuumUse with:50617, Exhaust Hose + Cleanable Dust Collection BagDynabrade Model 57906Dynafine Finishing Sander13,000 RPM1/32" OrbitWith ultra-soft sanding pad56320, Vacuum Sanding Pad44-Hole Easy Alignment, High Air Flow53974, 3" Non-marring soft Interface pad.

Support Material UpdateUpdated technical literature and support materialsUNIVERSAL4Department - Fiberglass DepartmentApplication - Body Filler SandingBenefits For Using Dynabrade:• Decrease labor-time with Dynabrade Dynorbital-Spiritaggressive 3/8" Orbital Action.• Ultra-Lightweight Dynorbital-Spirit Sander easyon operator.• Save 35% on abrasive disc use by eliminatingsanding dust.• Reduce painting defects by controlling airbornedust particulates.• Increase worker safety by sanding with DynabradeVacuum Dynorbital sanders.• Decrease repetitive motion wrist injury withDynabrade patented “Comfort Platform”.• Decrease tool repair by using vacuum RandomOrbital Sanders.• Reduce sanding “Swirl Mark” defects by using thepatented Dynabrade low vibration tools.Recommended Tool(s)Dynabrade Model 590085" Diameter3/8” Random OrbitSelf-Generated VacuumUse with:50617, Exhaust Hoseand Reusable Dust Collection Bag56320, Vacuum Sanding Pad44-Hole Easy Alignment, High Air FlowTest AbrasivesNorton No-Fil Multi-Air A975 andNorton Speed-Grip Sanding Discs A2755" Diameter x 11/16" Center HoleP150 Grit, 636425 - 63537P180 Grit, 63538P240 Grit, 63539P280 Grit, 63541• A975 Norton SG ceramic aluminum oxide abrasiveFastest cut rate; longest life, consistent finish.30% increase in dust extraction.Department - Fiberglass DepartmentApplication - Hood: Trim and AdjustBenefits For Using Dynabrade:• Reduce airborne dust particulates.• Increase operator safety and health.• Decrease environmental issues with outdoor grinding.• Quick disc change increases productivity. No toolsneeded.Dynabrade Model 58401Dynorbital Random Orbital Sander.45 hp/12,000RPMSelf-generated VacuumUse with:50617, Exhaust Hose + Cleanable Dust Collection Bag56106, Vacuum Sanding Pad, Med. DensityTest AbrasivesNorton Individual Cloth PSA Tabbed Discs SG R9385" x 5 Holes150 Grit, 662611-39835Recommended Tool(s)Dynabrade Model 525637” Diameter, 1 hp, 6,000 RPMRight Angle Disc Sander5/8-11" SpindleWith custom vacuum shroudUse with:Dynabrade Model 61301Industrial Electric Portable Vacuum System17 gallon capacity, 120v/60 HzTest AbrasivesNorton Avos Edger Fiber Disc,Greenlyte Plus SG F9867" Diameter x 7/8" Avos Speed-LokP24 Grit, 6662611 - 44050Use with:Avos Edger Speed-lok Back-up Pads 5/8-11" thread7" Diameter Medium Density, 636425-04874

Support Material UpdateUpdated technical literature and support materialsUNIVERSAL5Swirl-Free Check List:Equipment Check:Sander:Random orbital sanders are designed as finishing sanders. To achieve the best finish results, use thesander as a “finishing sander”. Do not exert heavy downward force on the sander. Apply enough downwardforce to keep the back-up pad and abrasive flat on the surface while still allowing the back-up pad to orbitfreely over the surface. Remember – let the sander do the work.Match the sander to the work. For heavy and faster cut rate use a sander with a 3/8" diameter orbit. Formoderate cut rate use a 3/16" diameter orbit, and for the lightest cut rate, and the finest in finish sanding usea 3/32" diameter orbit. Excellent results can be accomplished by selecting the correct sanding action, thecorrect grain abrasive, and the correct sequence of abrasive on the selected sander.Example: Heavy/Fast Cut Rate: 3/8" orbit - < 150X.Moderate Cut Rate, Fine Finish: 3/16" orbit - 150X – 220XLighter Cut Rate, Finest Finish: 3/32" orbit - 220X >3/8" (10 mm) Dia. OrbitFor Aggressive Sanding3/16" (5 mm) Dia. OrbitFor General Sanding3/32" (2.5 mm) Dia. OrbitFor Ultra-Fine SandingCheck the orbit diameter that is being use for the application. In some cases a 3/32" orbit is morepreferable than a 3/16" orbit.90 PSIG (6.2 Bars) is the required operating air supply pressure. Check the air pressure at the sanderwhile it is running. Note: Promote the use of Dynabrade® maximum flow plugs and couplers to ensureproper airflow.Confirm that the tool is running at the rated "Free Speed" RPM. On an average a 10,000 RPMnon-vacuum sander will run at 9,500 RPM; a 12,000 RPM non-vacuum sander will run at 11,500 RPM. Avacuum sander normally runs slightly slower.Note: Removing the sanding residue from the work surface with a central or self-generated vacuum sanderwill improve the finish. It will also help to extend the life of the abrasive. Consider using avacuum style sander.Inspect the balancer bearing (pad bearing). Remove the back-up pad and rotate the balancer bearingshaft while holding the counterbalance stationary. The balancer shaft should turn freely.Back-up Pad:Abrasive:Inspect the face of the sanding pad. The pad must be flat and smooth, without any defects. Check if theyare using a Dynabrade back-up pad that is “weight-mated” to the sander. Using another pad can make thesander vibrate excessively and lead to an unacceptable finish.Dynabrade orbital pad face run-out is ONLY .002 - .005. Competitors can be up to .015 - .040.Use a good quality abrasive. Abrasive product that has an additive to help prevent loading of the sandingdisc will provide a superior finish than abrasive that has no additive. When sanding particularly sensitivesurfaces such as Corian® and other acrylic solid surface it is best to use a film backed abrasive sanding disc.Film backing forces the abrasive to lie flat on the surface. The grain is then presented to the sanding surfacein a very uniform manner.

Support Material UpdateUpdated technical literature and support materialsUNIVERSAL6Swirl-Free Check List (Continued):Sanding Techniques:Always START the sander ON the surface, and STOP the sander OFF the surface.When sanding keep the sander, and pad FLAT on the surface.Important: Do not exert heavy downward forceon the sander. Apply enough downward force to keep the back-up pad and abrasive flat on the surfaceallowing the back-up pad to orbit freely over the surface. (see Fig.1)For peak performance, avoid tipping the tool/padwhen operating. Best results will be achievedwhen keeping the pad as flat on the work surfaceas possibleFig. 1WRONGRIGHTFollow a set pattern when sanding. It is suggested to pass over the surface following a “North, South, East,West” pattern (see Fig.2), overlapping each pass ¼ the diameter of the back-up pad and abrasive. Thisinsures that the previous scratches are removed and that a uniform finish is achieved. Two “patterns” persanding step are recommended.Fig. 2SandingPatternEndStartFrequently inspect abrasive for tears, folds, or build-up. When changing abrasive to proceed to the nextsanding step, first inspect the condition of the abrasive that is on the sander. If any defects are noticed in thatabrasive, remove it and install another piece of the same grain and sand the work surface again beforeproceeding on to the next sanding step.Always clear away sanding dust and abrasive debris before progressing to the next sanding step witha finer "grit" abrasive.PDF Version Available (TYPE URL INTO BROWSER)

ECN’s - Engineering Change NoticesSomething you'll see in the fieldUNIVERSAL7V-Seal2-Hand DynaLocke ® will include v-seal and "top hat"Part/Product Improvement - ECN-3772Balancer shaft bearing will be protected by v-sealSimilar in thinking to the Dynorbital Supreme ® andDynorbital-Spirit ® the 2-Hand products will begin to see theinclusion of the balancer shaft bearing v-seal and "Top Hat"seal. The improved seals will help protect the bearings fromdebris entering the internal components of the bearing. Thisupdate has not taken effect yet. Once this is in production thefirst serial number will be identified and communicated on theappropriate parts pages.(ECN-3772)11343 Contact WheelIncreased Rubber Durometer by 40%Part/Product Improvement - ECN-3776Durometer increase, better performanceThe rubber on contact wheel P/N 11343 has increased indurometer to extend durability. The harder durometer wheelaids in producing proper resistance against work surface andlongest lasting life of the wheel. P/N 11343 Wheel is optionalon contact arm P/N 11300.(ECN-3776)Part/Product Improvement - ECN-3774New material, added date codeThe composite material used in the construction ofcomposite-style couplers has changed. The change willimprove current designs and add to their durability. Anotherupgrade to design is the back side of the housing will nowcarry a date code, similar to the date coding on the compositeDynaswivel ® .(ECN-3774)Date code addedon back side ofhousings

ECN’s - Engineering Change NoticesSomething you'll see in the fieldUNIVERSAL8WGear Oil FittingLaser etchedsymbol on housingplaced above gearoil fittingPart/Product Improvement - ECN-3849Marking to be included on 1.3 hp models1.3 hp right angle power tools now come with laser etchedmarkings to indicate proper location of fittings for propermaintenance of the wick system. A letter "W" within a diamondwill be located just above the gear oil fitting on the right anglehousing.(ECN-3849)Detail of 60,000 RPMturbine governorPart/Product Improvement - ECN-3880New material, improved performanceThe 60,000 RPM turbine/governor has been changed to amore durable material. This change will ensure quality andconsistency. The original part color was black the new versionis translucent. P/N 51675(ECN-3880)Zinc alloy adds strengthPart/Product Improvement - ECN-3904New material, improved performanceP/N 53595 Vacuum Cut-Off Shroud will be made of a zincalloy. This new material will add to the shroud's overallstrength and increase its durability. This update has not takeneffect yet. Once this change is in production the first serialnumber will be identified and communicated on the appropriateparts pages.(ECN-3904)New conductivehose connections,fittings and hosesPart/Product Improvement - ECN-3914Conductive improvement, 61300 SeriesAll hose connectors and adapters for the 61300 SeriesVacuums will now be conductive for electrostatic currents. The61300 Series Portable Vacuum Systems are currently beingupdated. It will include, P/N 31968 "Y" Adapter, P/N 31964Inlet and P/N 31962 Hose Assemblies.(ECN-3914)

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