POLITICSIN THESTREETSThe origins of the civil rights movementin Northern IrelandBob PurdieTHEBLACKSTAFFPRESS

Fit published in 19 byThe Blackstaff Press Limited-- 3 Galway Park, Dundonald, Belfast BTI~ OAN, Northern IrelandThis book has received financial assistance under theCultural Traditions Programme which aims to encourage acceptance andunderstanding of cultural diversity.0 Text, Bob Purdie, 190 Foreword, Paddy Devlin, 19All rights reservedPrinted by The Guernsey Press Company LimitedBritish Library Cataloguing in Publication DataPurdie, BobPolitics in the streets : the origins of the civil rights movementin Northern Ireland.I. Northern Ireland. Civil rights movements, historyI. Title323.09416I.%N 045640-437-3

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSMaterial in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland isreproduced by permission of the Deputy Keeper of the Records.Permission to use material from particular PRONI collections is alsoacknowledged: Professor Kevin Boyle for permission to quotefrom the Kevin Boyle Papers; Patrick Byrne Esq. for permission toquote from the CDU Papers; F. J. Gogarty Esq. for permission toquote from the Gogarty Papers; Dr Conn and Mrs PatriciaMcCluskey for permission to quote from the CSJ Papers; and MrsJanet McElroy for permission to quote from the.McElroy Papers.Grateful acknowledgement is also made to: M. Allen and EmeraldMusic for permission to quote from 'Gerry's Walls' by JamesYoung; Blackstaff Press Limited and the estate of John Hewitt forpermission to quote from 'The coasters' (The Selected John Hm.tt,1981); and Thomas Kinsella for permission to quote from'Butcher's Dozen: a lesson for the octave of Widgery' (PeppercanisterI, Dolmen Press, 1972).

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CONTENTSFOREWORD by Paddy DevlinLIST OF ABBREVIATIONSINTRODUCTIONI The O'Neill Years, 1962-1968z The New Opposition3 The Campaign for Social Justice and the Campaignfor Democracy in Ulster4 The Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association5 Derry and its Action Committees6 The People's DemocracyCONCLUSIONNOTESBIBLIOGRAPHYINDEX

FOREWORDBob Purdie's account of the origins of the civil rights movement inNorthern Ireland is warmly welcomed by those of us who knewabout his researches and were looking forward to seeing hisanalysis of that crucial period. Bob may speak with an Edinburghaccent, but we count him as one of us. He has been able to get closerto the events and the personalities involved than many earlierwriters, who in some cases obscured the real truth of the civil rightsmovement. The story needed to be told; Bob was the right personto tell it, and he has done a fine job.At the outset the movement was supported by every shade ofpolitical colour, including some individual members of theUnionist Party. In the end the campaign was hijacked by thegunmen who created a new and even greater need for basic civilrights in Northern Ireland. Bob investigates the background andthe various components that made civil rights such an issue inNorthern Ireland. Sensitive to the misconduct of the Unionistgovernment and incisive in his interpretation of each incident, heanalyses the movement's failure to achieve adequate reform. Thetragedy is that it was almost our last hope for change by the ballotbox. This depended on parliamentary responses in the debatingchamber at Stormont: street politics should have been complementaryto a parliamentary interface.But that was not to be, and Politics in the Szreets explains why.However late this story is, there are still lessons to be learned. Bobhas helped us to understand our problems better.PADDY DEVLINBELFAST1990

LIST OF ABBREVIATIONSAOHAPLAUEWTASS- BBCCDUCPNICSJDCACDHACDUACDUPEECGAAHCLICTUIRAITGWUIWGMPNCCLNDPNICCLNICRANIHTNILPPDQuBRLPRSSFRUCSDLPSRCAncient Order of HiberniansAnti-Partition LeagueAmalgamated Union of Engineering WorkersTechnical and Administrative Staffs SectionBritish Broadcasting CorporationCampaign for Democracy in UlsterCommunist Party of Northern IrelandCampaign for Social Justice in Northern IrelandDerry Citizens' Action CommitteeDerry Housing Action CommitteeDerry Unemployed Action CommitteeDemocratic Unionist PartyEuropean Economic CommunityGaelic Athletic AssociationHomeless Citizens' LeagueIrish Congress of Trade UnionsIrish Republican ArmyIrish Transport and General Workers' UnionIrish Workers' GroupMember of ParliamentNational Council for Civil LibertiesNational Democratic PartyNorthern Ireland Council for Civil LibertiesNorthern Ireland Civil Rights AssociationNorthern Ireland Housing TrustNorthern Ireland Labour PartyPeople's DemocracyQueen's University BelfastRepublican Labour PartyRevolutionary Socialist Students' FederationRoyal Ulster ConstabularySocial Democratic and Labour PartyStudent Representative Council

TDUVFYSATeachta D& (member of the Da)Ulster Volunteer ForceYoung Socialist Alliancexii

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