Students get a glimpse of triple-sharing hall rooms - Nanyang ...

Students get a glimpse of triple-sharing hall rooms - Nanyang ...

MARCH 10, 2008The nanyang chronicle news 05Premium bus service to easestudents’ transportation troublesStudents who maketransits at Jurong East ontheir way to school havea new alternativeNata s h a An n Za c h a r i a hSTUDENTS who brave the perils ofpublic transport to make the dailycommute to NTU now have anothertransportation option. Premiumbus service, 582, was launched lastMonday in an initiative by TongTar Transportation to ease travelwoes of students.Mr Philip Peh, general managerof Tong Tar Transportation, saidthat the new service was aimedat students travelling from thenorthern and eastern parts ofSingapore.He said that by taking thepremium bus, students would savetime as they would not need tomake many transits at the JurongEast and Boon Lay interchange.He added that the bus would caterto NTU staff and members of thepublic as well.Buses start from Jurong East at7.45 am. until 10am., with serviceresuming in the afternoon fromCanteen A at 3pm. until 5.30 pm.This one-way service, to and fromJurong East Interchange to NTU, isonly available on weekdays.Single-trip journeys will becharged at $1.80 for the first twoto three months of trial, afterwhich the fare will be increasedto $2.30.The route has six stops alongthe way, three of which are withinNTU. They are: the bus stop atCanteen A, the School of BiologicalScience and at the InnovationCentre.Mr Peh was unsure of howreceptive students would betowards this different service. Thecompany would be monitoring theusage of the service before makingany changes.The transport company saidthat buses were not yet operatingat full capacity. The last bus of theroute last Thursday saw only onepassenger on-board.But Mr Peh said the newservice would provide studentswith something that SBS’s 179 and199 cannot.“It provides a faster servicethrough a shorter route and sinceno standing is allowed, everyoneis assured a seat.” he said.But getting a seat on the busmight not be much of a concernfor students.Yasmin Ahamad, 22, a secondyearPsychology student said: “Idon’t mind standing as long as Iget to the destination.”Also, the price of a single-tripANOTHER WAY TO TRAVEL: Premium bus 582 now ferries passengers from Jurong East to NTU, but there seems to be few takers.PHOTO | AHMAD ISKANDARjourney might put off students.“Most of us are on concessionpasses, so it doesn’t make sense topay extra,” added Yasmin.Mr Peh said that the fare was“stipulated by LTA” but noted thatthe company would monitor theresponse and review the situationaccordingly. He added that if it wasbad, they would pull out.T h e St ude nt s’ S e r v ic e sExecutive, Lim Si Wei, said thatthe Students’ Union is workingwith Tong Tar to seek a reductionin bus fares to make it a viableoption for more students.First-year Art, Design andMedia student, Tan Hong Jin, 23,hopes that this new service willcatch on with other students.“It is best if a lot of people takethis bus, so that I’ll have more of179 to myself!” he said.snappedon campusBuilding a boat on concrete ideasWa n g Ch e n g WeePHOTO | COURTESY OF WILLIAM KANGDRASURELY an unusual sight for any student who haswaited for a bus during the peak hours – more thanhalf a dozen 179 buses clog up the road leading toa bus stop across from Canteen A.If only such sights were more frequent whenstudents were in a hurry to get to class early in themorning.Seen anything quirky or odd on campus? Take aphoto and send it to us at FIRST elimination round ofthe Singapore National ConcreteCanoe Competition (SNCCC) tookplace on March 1st, with a teamfrom NUS winning the OralPresentation round.Organised by the NTU Civiland Environmental EngineeringClub, this is the first competitionof its kind in Singapore, althoughit has been held in the United Statessince the 1970s.A s i t s n a m e s u g ge s t s ,participants must build afunctioning canoe using concretebasedmaterials. Teams must gothrough an elimination round, anoral presentation round, a swamptest where they will test theircanoes, and the final canoe racethis May or June.The aim of the competition isto promote civil engineering andadvanced technologies through theuse of concrete.The latest oral presentationround saw ten teams from NUS,NTU and Singapore Polytechniccompeting for the title of Best OralPresentation. Teams were gradedon the way they proposed theirplans and their handling of theQuestion and Answer session.SNCCC Chairperson Poo SueWILL IT SINK OR SWIM?: Concrete canoe competitions are common in the UnitedStates, where varsities have been holding them since the seventies. PHOTO | COURTESYXin, 22, believed there were severalreasons for Team NUS1’s win.“They were technicallycompetent in the way theypresented their design,” she said.“They showed extensive knowledgein the Q and A segment. They alsomade a prototype – a scaled downmodel of the real canoe – whichimpressed the judges.”For Team NUS1, the win tookthem by surprise.“I think the Q and A sessionhelped as we answered the questionsquite well,” said Tan Chen Sin, 21,a second-year student at the NUSFaculty of Civil Engineering.For students who missed outon this year’s competition, Poo hassome good news for you.“The next Concrete CanoeCompetition might be held nextyear. But most probably, it is goingto be held biannually.”

08newsMARCH 10, 2008The nanyang chronicleSinging their way to the festival of songsShereen Na a z Ch a r l e s Sya r i f fTHE NTU Cultural Activities ClubChoir has won several medalsinternationally, but their bid forCzech glory has been threatenedby a lack of funds this year.A shor t a ge of f u nd s i sendangering the choir’s hopes oftaking part in the Festival of SongsOlympics 2008 International ChoirFestival, held there from June 4thto 8th this year.“It’s not confirmed yet as weare still raising funds. We are stillshort of money,” said chairpersonof the choir, Ariel Yeong, 22.Yeong said the current cost ofthe trip per person is $2,500, asteep figure that they are tryingto reduce.But some success was foundthrough their annual concert, VivaVoce: Cantemus 2008, held at theVictoria Concert Hall on Febuary29th.The annual concert, which alsoserves as a form of practice for thecompetition, was sold out a weekbefore their actual performance.The choir wowed the audiencewith their two-part concert: amedley of international songsand gospel tunes, followed by a“semi-original” dance productionwith tunes from popular musical“Grease” and music legendsABBA.Despite their hectic practiceschedule, the choir has beensearching for opportunities to gainexposure through performances;Glider challenge takesoff despite turbulenceEd m u n d Lee Wei Ji a nTHE INAUGURAL glidermakingcompetition seemeddestined for a crash when itwas slated for a Decemberlaunch last year but garneredpoor signup rates.The competition, organisedby the student sectionof A mer ica n Societ y ofMechanical Engineers (ASME-NTU) here, was postponed toFebruary 16th because thejunior college students theyhoped to invite were busywith their A-level examinationpreparations.Fortunately for theorganisers, the delayed launchsaw a healthy turnout of 75junior college students, whowere targeted to get theminterested in Mechanical andAerospace Engineering.“It was so disheartening atthat time that we hoped for justseven teams (of three each) tojoin,” said Guay Wei Qin, 23,co-chairman of the event’splanning committee. “If itdid not take off in February,the event would have beenconsidered a failure.”MONEY, MONEY, MONEY: If the Choir cannot raise the funds it needs, it’s “Goodbye, my love,” to the International Choir Festival in Czech. PHOTO | AHMAD ISKANDARthis is important for their newmembers to gain experience.The singers have been sourcingfor sponsors to pay for their trip,as well as finding ways to fundParticipants had to build amodel aircraft using materialslike Balsa wood, weights, andsandpaper. After being taughthow to build their own gliders inthe morning of the one-day event,they were given a few hours tobuild one from scratch in theirrespective teams.This year, a Pioneer JuniorCollege team named “Pzhou”netted first place, followed by“Weapon T” from Meridian JuniorCollege and “Crimson Dawn” fromAnglo-Chinese Junior College.Unaware of the problems thathad threatened the takeoff of theglider challenge, most participantslike Lee Jun Xiang, 18, a secondyearstudent-participant fromPioneer Junior College, enjoyedthemselves at the event.“It was a very fruitfulexperience,” he said. “I will belooking forward to the next MechChallenge and recommend it tomy friends.”Buoyed by its success, ASME-N T U hopes to host anot herChallenge next year.“I wish that the event will oneday it will become a well knownand established name among alltertiary institutions,” said themselves. They have beencanvassing for money whileperforming at events such asChristmas caroling sessions.The choir is also no strangerSalsa en Sync takesdancing to the streetsBeatrice Mo kWHILE it was an ordinary dayfor most, February 28th will beremembered for a small milestoneachieved in Singapore’s dancehistory.Bailamos en la Calle, Spanishfor “We dance in the street”, wasthe first ever inter-tertiary Latindance event held in Singapore. Ittook place at DXO, a club at theEsplanade.NTU’s latin dance performanceteam Salsa en Sync took part in thedance event, which was organised bySingapore Management University(SMU) Latin dance club CaderasLatinas. Performance teams fromother tertiary institutions, such asNational University of Singapore’s(NUS) Salsa and Ballroom cluband Republic Polytechnic’s GrooveRepublic, were also invited as guestparticipants.The night kicked off with a Latindance workshop “Salsa Shines”,followed by social dancing andperformances from the schools.Dressed in grungy, old-schooloutfits following a “1930s StreetLatin” theme, NTU’s Salsa en Syncto the international choir scene.Set up over ten years ago, theyhave been winning awards since1999, and more recently, two golddiplomas and two silver medalswowed the nearly 200-strongcrowd with their sexy dancemoves and smooth stunts.The performance was notan easy feat. Having to juggleschoolwork with four hours oftraining thrice a week, the NTUdancers felt they have growncloser as a team.Sofia Lim, 20, a Salsa en Syncmember, described the timeconsumingpreparations theymade for the performance.“We put in many hours forchoreographing and training andtrained extremely intensively,”she said.Their efforts seemed to have“Their costumeswere stunningand the dancerslooked like theywere enjoyingthemselves.”Christine Liew, 19NUS undergraduatein the recent World Choir Games2006 in China.Despite their best efforts,however, the nagging worry ofinsufficient funds persists.paid off, judging from positivefeedback from the audience.“Their costumes were stunningand the dancers looked like theywere totally enjoying themselves,”said Christine Liew, 19, a NUSfirst-year undergraduate.Nonetheless, many on thesidelines were bold enough to tryout Latin dance moves themselves,evident when numerous beginnersstepped up when the dance floorwas opened for the social dance.“It was inspiring because ofthe high quality of the dancesperformed, and it was goodexposure and an opportunity topick up basic skills,” said Ang ShiYan, 19, a first-year undergraduatefrom SMU.T he enthusiasm in Latindance was not restricted to theperformances at DXO. Salsa en Synchas been facing overwhelmingdemand for their regular salsaclasses.With two very successful salsacamps conducted in the past twoyears, the club may be conductingweekly salsa workshops in NTU,with guest instructors, games,salsa clubbing, and fortnightlysocial nights as well.

MARCH 10, 2008The nanyang chronicle news 11Laughing out loud to win gaming finalsThe World Cyber GamesCampus Gaming Festivalis held at NTU for the firsttimeRa y m o n d Ch u aAT THE first World Cyber Games(WCG) Campus Gaming Festivalheld here from February 26th to27th, the team that laughed lasttruly laughed best.A five-member team fromSingapore Polytechnic (SP) callingthemselves Team “hahaha” beat15 others to clinch champion inthe inaugural event, organized byNTU Electronic Sports Club (ESC)with support from Anime Works,a sub-club of NTU Visual ArtsSociety.The festival was held at theNanyang Auditor ium Foyer,where avid gamers from tertiaryinstitutions pit their skills againstone another in Defence Of TheAncients (Dota), a popular tenplayergame built on the real-timestrategy game, Warcraft 3.Lukewarm responses for othergames like Counter Strike 1.6,Need For Speed: ProStreet andFIFA2008, forced the four-dayevent to be shortened to two.ESC’s winning proposa l,SMILES OF VICTORY: Students from the Singapore Polytechnic emerged champions in the first World Cyber Games CampusGaming Festival hosted by NTU. PHOTO | KONG YEN LINemphasising lower costs butgreater publicity, won the bid tohost the WCG: Institutes of HigherLearning, a new category thata major event sponsor, RaptureGaming, introduced to congregateplayers from all campuses.Rapture Gaming has stagedcybergaming competitions atseveral campuses, including NTU’scybergaming event, Cybermania.Selected campus Dota winnerscontinued into the WCG SingaporeFinals, a precursor to theinternational Grand Final.“This is a wonderful platformfor us to promote cybergaming asa sport and build a healthy gamingculture in NTU,” said the club’spresident, Ho Pin Yan, 23.The players agreed.“It is an chance to have fun andgain experience in competing,”said Lim Daorong, 23, from Team“NTU13”, one of the three teamsthat represented NTU.The competition was playedin Knockout format. The tenseatmosphere was broken by chorusesof “Nice!” that echoed wheneversomeone executed a good move.“We got together less thana year ago and this is the firsttime we’ve won a competition,”said Yu Qin, 18, captain of Team“hahaha”.Three of the top four teamsin the competition were fromSingapore Polytechnic.Yu attributed their success toa vibrant cybergaming culturebolstered by an on-campus LAN(Local Area Network) gamingshop.For Team “hahaha”, however,they will not be laughing out loudwhen they face stiffer competitionat the WCG Singapore Nationalsthis August. The battle may havebeen won, but the war has onlyjust begun.Yep, it’s time to volunteerFighting fire the cool wayJo a n n a Ho rMORE NTU students are wanted totake part in NIE’s Youth ExpeditionProjects (YEP) to countries likeNorth India and Thailand thisyear.Also known as service learningtrips, these overseas projects aimto benefit not just the community,but the participants as well.Last year, the National InstituteEducation Service Learning Cluborganised trips to Sikkim, a statein North India, and Chiangmaiin Thailand. Of the 60 studentvolunteerswho went, only threewere from NTU.Chairperson of NIE ServiceLearning Club, Akhilandeswari,24, said that many students pulledout after realising that they had toraise funds for their own trips. Thecosts amounted to about $600 to$1300 depending on the countriesthey were going to.However, the less-thanfavourableresponse from theNTU community last year has notdampened NIE’s resolve to includethem again this year.“We will be happy to recruitNTU students. We need people withdifferent backgrounds and skills.They will make the team richer,”said Associate Professor VilmaD’Rozario, Sub-Dean of NIE’sStudent Development and LiaisonFoundation Programmes Office.Akhilandeswari echoed hersentiments, saying that the projectsrequire help in constructionSHARING THE SPIRIT OF VOLUNTEERISM: Youth Expedition Project groupspresent their projects to guests. PHOTO | ZOE LIMof schools as well as in theteaching workshops that teamshad conducted.For second-year Accountancystudent, Teo Wan Choo, 21,her love for travelling andconservation got her to join theexpedition trip last year. Herteam helped set up a nurseryfor North Indian villagers andtaught conservation awarenessin a village school.T h i s yea r, t he Ser v iceLearning Club hopes to attractabout five NTU students foreach team, Akhilandeswari said,adding that they would be glad toincrease the number of vacanciesif the response was positive.Details for the trips wouldonly be finalised in the secondhalf of the year, although plansto return to Thailand and NorthIndia have been mooted.At the Service LearningDay on February 22nd thatcommemorated communit yservice projects organised in NIE,two of the three YEP groups gavea presentation on their projects toguests. NTU’s Associate ProvostProfessor Er Meng Hwa was theguest-of-honour.Since YEP’s inception in2002, student teachers havegone to 26 countries includingSri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam,Cambodia, Indonesia and NorthIndia.T he expedit ion projectwas established in line with aframework of values, skills andlearning, with values takingcentre stage in the framework.“We believe that skills andknowledge are important forstudent teachers,” said ProfD’Roza r io. ”But t he core,underpinning thing is values,because teachers have to be rolemodels. The teacher’s characteris very important.”Teo Wa n GekA GENTLE spray of water may beall that is needed to put out a fire,as compared with powerful jets ofwater often used by fire-fighters,revealed a research conducted byan honours Engineering student.To support his project on“Water Mist Technology for Fire-Fighting”, final-year Mechanicaland Aerospace Engineering (MAE)student Tang Kok Bin, 22, receiveda Home Team Research Grant onNovember 26th last year.The grant awards a sum of upto $1,500 per applicant from theMinistry of Home Affairs (MHA).Open to tertiary students in theirfinal year, the grant supportsresearch in security issues suchSTAY COOL UNDER FIRE: Water misttechnology can make firefighting easier.PHOTO | COURTESYas crime, terrorism, and civildefence.Tang’s project began lastAugust when he was recommendedby his supervising professors,Associate Professors Lim GeokHian and Patrick Chua, to applyfor the grant.“In recent years, there isgrowing interest in the use ofwater mist system to extinguishfires,” said Tang. “The water mistsystem not only delivers a safe,environmentally-friendly fireprotection solution, it is also ableto extinguish fire effectively usingminimal water quantities. This,hence, minimises flooding andwater damages.”Dr Lim saw merit in Tang’sresearch, and possible applicationsin cases where fires may have beenset deliberately.“With this technology, onlyten per cent of water from theconventional firefighting methodis used,” he said. “Evidence inarson cases can also be preservedusing water mist technology, andunlike the current jets used, theyare not damaging.”The study also looked intousing cold water mist and crushedice for fire extinguishment.A final report will be submittedto the MHA by April 30th. Tang hasalready seen some progress in thefire tests he conducts at the BurnTest Centre at the Civil DefenceAcademy. He has found that usinga cold water mist can effectivelycool down fire temperature.Tang hopes that theinvestigative study can help toimprove the effectiveness andrange of the water mist, as wellas protect firefighters and peopletrapped in a fire.

12newsMARCH 10, 2008The nanyang chronicleVirtual futures forthe near futureIncreased satisfaction fromeager steamboat loversTertiary students from allover Singapore competein online tradingcompetition hereTa n Th i a m Pe n gTHE FUTURESWORLD Challenge2008 concluded its six-week longcompetition with a prize-givingceremony on February 28th.Jointly organised by theUniversity’s Investment InteractiveClub and Ong First Tradition, alocal futures brokerage firm, theceremony recognised winners fortheir achievements.A cheque of $2,000 wasalso presented to The StraitsTimes Pocket Money Fund. Thedonation was converted fromvirtual earnings made from thecompetition, capped at a maximumamount.Open to local university andpolytechnic students, this wasSingapore’s first virtual futuresonline trading competition aimedat promoting financial literacy. Itfeatured real-time updates fromthe Singapore Exchange (SGX) andvirtual trading in market prices.Special Projects Officer ofthe Investment Interactive Club,Hon Jin Ti, 21, said the event letstudents meet up with industryexperts from Ong First Traditionand SGX.Of the 300 participants in theindividual category, 54 progressedinto the Champions’ League. AshishRao Damerla rose above them allto clinch the top prize—an AppleMacBook.The 22-year-old Mastersstudent in Environmental Scienceand Engineering, also won theteam category with fellow Mastersstudents Gourvendu Saxena, 26,and Deepika Lakshminarayanan,22. They each took home an AppleMac Mini and a iPod.“It wasn’t easy,” Deepika said.“But once we got the hang of theindex ranges, we invested in avery planned and safe manner, andmade good profits.”“Winning this competitiongave us the confidence to enter thereal world futures trading. I willdefinitely join again if possible,”said Gourvendu.Ch e n Ji n g t i n gIN MOST steamboats with spicyand non-spicy soups, the spicypart always boils sooner andlonger than the non-spicy section.A group of students, however,have developed a new steamboataims to solve that problem.Under the Nanyang ResearchProgramme (NRP), AssistantProfessor Yau Che Ming from theNational Institute of Education(NIE) and his team of threestudents aim to develop a biboilingsteam pot which willensure that spicy and non-spicysoups boil simultaneously andcontinuously for the same periodof time.The NRP, which is organizedby NTU, encourages juniorcollege (JC) and gifted secondaryfour students to conductacademic research work withthe university’s professors.Professor Yau and thestudents, two in secondaryfour and one in JC, started theresearch in January last year. Heattheory and material processingresearches were used.Their main focus was tofind the key factor for thedifferences in boiling time ofthe soups. “There are manypossible factors, such as thedesign of the pot, ingredientsor amount of oil. We had totrial-and-error many timesbefore finding the main one,”said Professor Yau.In experiments carriedout in his home kitchen, thestudents varied the ingredientsand amount of oil to createspicy and non-spicy soups.They then measured the timetaken for each type of soupto boil.They found the key factorto be the heat transfer processthat takes place in the partitionseparating the soups. Heattravels from the non-spicysection to the spicy part,resulting in the spicy soupboiling sooner and longerthan the non-spicy soup.The team’s solution was todesign the steam pot with soupcompartments which are moreisolated and insulated fromeach other.Currently, they are tryingto produce an actual model ofA BETTER STEAMBOAT EXPERIENCE:Students develop an improved pot.PHOTO | TAN ZI JIEthe pot for testing and evaluation.They had failed to do so due tothe high price charged by themanufacturer. Professor Yauhopes that he will be able to findanother manufacturer next yearwith more funding from the.Although, it will cost from $1,500to $2,000, he said a redesign ofthe pot will make it marketable.The self-confessed steamboatlover who prefers non-spicysoup said: “This project is morethan an interest. I see it as aneed to enhance the steamboatexperience.”

Petal pushers — a potpourri of fashion’s latest trendPetal pushers — a potpourri of fashion’s latest trendPage 21SALSAEN MOTIONGARY’S foray intothe sensuous,flirtatious worldof street salsastarted when heencountered the dance in oneof the salsa clubs dotting theisland. The catchy music andthe romantic image of dailyfiestas and street dancing itconjured up got the 25-year-oldhooked.“What I saw was a socialisedform of dancing, a breakawayfrom the normal perception ofcouple dance. It looked cool andvery hip,” Gary says.Seeing how dancers changepartners frequently in salsa,Gary reckons it is a good wayto extend one’s social circle.“You get to meet differentpeople. There is so muchtemptation and at first you go‘Wow, so many girls!’” he says.“But I’ve been here so long I’mover that stage.”He lets on though, that dueto the intimate nature of thedance, things sometimes doheat up on and off the dancefloor when “guy meets girl andgirl meets guy”.CONTINUED ON PAGE 14DESIGN | IMRAN JALAL, PHOTOS | CHEN WEI LI

THE NANYANG CHRONICLECONTINUED FROM PAGE 13Gary recalls how one ofthe instructors from his schoolleft his girlfriend for a dancerfrom another school, where hesubsequently joined as a danceinstructor. “We are a smallmarket trying to promote salsato those people interested indancing,” he says. “But that’ssimilar to an employee goingover to work for the competitor.Definitely not a good thing.”Salsa can also be performedsolo, and Gary is familiar withthe demands of an individualperformance. “When I dancealone, I must be the conqueror.It makes me feel somewhatnarcissistic, an ‘I am on stage,look at me’ feeling,” he says.Not content with merelydancing, Gary started his ownstudio, Dance En Motion whenthe departure of close friendsfrom the salsa scene left himwithout a dancing clique.“During that time, I felt lonely.So I thought, why not bring myown friends in and introducethem to salsa?”What started off as informalclasses soon evolved into afull-fledged dance school, andthe going has been smooth sofar. Gary’s family has beensupportive by lending him thestart-up capital for his venture.Three years on, those whowere students have now becomecompetitors on the dance floor.But there is nothing but friendlyrivalry between Gary and hisformer charges. “I feel shiok,and a sense of satisfaction whenthey’re winning competitionsand awards. That’s one of themain things that keep me going,”he says.“I also see a transformationin the person. Salsa requiresconstant interaction with peopleand it forces you to build upyour social skills. I see a lot ofchanges in my students becausethey become more confidentafter dancing.”These days, Gary clocksabout 26 hours a week in thestudio. “That’s more time atwork than in tutorials,” hejokes. Unlike other time-starvedundergraduates who turn tocoffee to extend their wakinghours, he has to find alternativeways to manage his time, as heis allergic to coffee. “I plan myschedule well ahead, up till theexams so I can get people to takeover my dance classes, givingme free time during my examperiod.”So serious is he about DanceEn Motion that Gary plans toexpand the company. And hisacademic course definitely giveshim a headstart in running hisbusiness.“I’m putting into use whatI’m learning in school — how tomanage this business, marketing,logistics and products. I’m doingmy own accounting. Whenyou’re an entrepreneur you haveto take care of everything, butit’s satisfying.”Equally satisfying are theaccolades he receives as achoreographer. Inspiration isdrawn mainly from salsa music,which revolves around complexAfrican beats. “Music is moreimportant than the dance itself.If there is no music, it is notdancing. Just motions.”Music formed the basis ofhis choreography in SingaporeInternational Festival last year,which earned rave reviews forits fusion of African and Chinesecontemporary dance moves. “Themusic was very raw and strongand I just wanted to react to it,”he says.“The African drummingmade me feel very spiritual andit is so uplifting. When I hear thedrumming and see the motions, Ifelt the rawness and power of thedance.”Gary tries to stay true tothe African roots of salsa, somuch so that he finds himselfperforming African-inspiredmoves on the dance floor often,though he is still trying to comeup with a signature move.For all his achievements,Gary remains realistic. “If youwant to really compare with thebest, of course I am just a smallfry and I feel like I still have along way to go. Some people cando everything. I am exploringdifferent dances, and trying to gointo ballet and jazz to improve ondifferent things.”Gary also hopes to dispelthe misconception that salsa isa dance only for the girls andeffeminate men. “It’s actuallya very raw and strong dance. Itis an African dance and if youlook at Africans, they are so…manly. So it’s definitely suitablefor males.”PUMP IT MY WAY: Gary demonstrates his grooves to his beginners’ class, which consists of students of all ages andethnic backgrounds.

THE NANYANG CHRONICLE YAMAKAWA Super importspopular Japanese snacks, sweetsand drinks, many of them exclusiveto the store.But shoppers looking forgroceries should go elsewhere, asthis is really a convenience storefor snacks.The Japanese are famousfor coming up with interestingand delicious f lavours. Forexample, the mart sells not onlythe original flavoured McVitie’sdigestive biscuits ($4.20) but alsoin chocolate and sweet potatoflavours as well.Prices are higher than localsupermarkets, but the quality isbetter. For example, the chunks ofcrab meat in the Nissin SeafoodInstant Noodles ($3.50) are betterthan the thin strips in the noodlessold in Cold Storage.The shelves are full of theunique and attractive packagingyou’d expect from Japaneseproducts, with the famous face ofHello Kitty, Japan’s most famousicon, gazing down from boxes ofspecial edition Strawberry andMilk Hi-Chew Candy.At the end of the day, eventhough Japanese supermarketMeidi-ya is well established inthe Clarke Quay area, YamakawaSuper has proven that even a tinysnack mart can be mighty, as longas it brings in the products thatpeople want.6 Eu Tong Sen StreetB1-28B The CentralOpen 11am-10pm dailyIRASSHAIMASE!: Greetings from the friendly staff at Yamakawa Super reflect its bright and cheery atmosphere.PHOTOS | GERALDINE KANGCHOCOHOLICS UNITE!FORGET M&Ms. Meiji Melty Kiss($4.50 for 63g) truly melts in yourmouth. Individually wrapped, thesechocolate cubes are dusted withcocoa and come in three flavours— green tea, milk and framboise(raspberry). They are so soft andsmooth that they practicallydissolve in your mouth. Yamakawarecommends framboise as it goesexceptionally well with chocolate.Grab them quickly, as they are onlysold during Japan’s winter/springseason — which is now.INSTANT GRATIFICATIONNEED something to washyour meal down with?The Marukome GenenInstant Miso Soup ($5.55for 11 packets) comes withgarnishing like tofu, wakameseaweed and green onions.And if you are a big fan ofmilk-based soup, try NissinMilk Seafood Noodles($3.50for 83g) as the soup is madeout of soya milk which isvery popular in Japan due toit’s health benefits.THESE palm-sizedJapanese pancakes,“Kotobuki” AzukiDorayaki ($5 for four)are great snacks onthe go, with generousamounts of red beanfilling. They also come inother flavours like red beanwith chestnut or sakuramochi. But eat them quickly,or they will turn mouldythanks to our humid weather.ARE you a Pockyfan who is tiredof the same oldflavours? Try thenew Glico CrushPocky Almond($5.80 for sevenpacks of four).Coated withchopped almondsthat produce abrilliant flavour,they are chunkierand tastier thanthe original. They come in seven nifty packs so that youcan just pop one or two of them in your bag before headingfor lectures. For a limited time only, get them in a specialpackage decorated with paintings by Vincent Van Gogh.NEW WATERGET the milk tea the wayit’s supposed to be withKirin Gogo No Kocha ($3.50for 500ml). The drink is notdiluted or cloyingly sweet,low in fat (only 0.4g per100ml), and easy on yourwaistline. The 500ml bottle($3.50) is also handy tokeep in your room, so thatyou can grab a cup of yourfavourite drink (and heat itup if you like) any time.CALPIS water ($3.50 for500ml) is the “in” culturedmilk drink in Japan right now.It provides the same benefits asYakult — it aids your digestion,and it comes in grape flavouras well. Unlike Yakult whichhas to be kept chilled, Calpiswater can be stored at roomtemperature without turningbad. That’s good news for hallresidents who do not own afridge but love their dailyintake of cultured drinks.

16lifestylefoodsnoopMARCH 10, 2008The nanyang chronicleGlocaldelightsWhat’s so near, yet so far? Estelle Low and Aw Hui Mintrack down two restaurants in close vicinity, offeringcuisines that are worlds apartCAFE SAMAR17 Bali LaneTel: 6398 0530Open 24 hoursTHIS 24-hour cafe can be used asa film set for Aladdin or ArabianNights given its opulent orientalfurnishings.On any day, the second level ofthe cafe is a perfect hideout awayfrom the busy streets, to relax in adecadently furbished environmentof heav y tasselled curtains,Arabian rugs and cushions tossedon the floor. The aroma of shishaand Arabian music adds to thecosy ambience.Similar to its counterparts inthe Kampong Glam district, CafeSamar sells Middle Eastern food.However, it specialises in Yemenicuisine. The dishes are flavourfulbut not spicy.The Chicken and Lamb MandhiCombo ($44) is the cafe’s signatureYemeni dish. Served on a hugeplate, it is plenty for two hungrypeople.It also comes in individualMandhi dishes — Chicken Mandhi($22) and Lamb Mandhi ($24).However, the meat is dry, especiallythe lamb rack, which is rock hard.Still, they are well-marinated asthe spices can be tasted not juston the exterior of the meat but alsoon the inside.SPICE UP YOUR LIFE: Shelf your diet plans and dig into this hearty Chicken and Lamb Mandhi Combo (above) and the all-timefavourite dessert, Basbusa (below). PHOTOS | CHEN WEI LIThe plentiful cucumber, tomatoand onion garnishes drenched withyoghurt sauce offsets the heatinessof this spicy dish. The basmatirice, cooked with spices, is morearomatic and palatable than nasibriyani and nasi lemak as the riceused is drier and coarser, whichgoes well with roasted meat.The Hammer Meal, anotherpopular main dish, is served inone-quarter the portion of theMandhi and is available in bothchicken and lamb dishes ($12).Prepared from a Moroccanrecipe, the Hammer Meal requiresa high threshold for spiciness. Thelightly-grilled meats are coveredwith rich, tear-inducing Moroccangravy that leaves a lingering spicyaftertaste.Unlike the Mandhi, the meatis crispy on the outside andsucculently soft on the inside,especially the lamb rack.The Basbusa ($6) dessert isthe highlight of the meal. Glazedgolden brown, it is soft and has abrownie-like texture, but it doesnot crumble when bitten.Most regulars smoke shisha($19 per hour) to complete theirMiddle Eastern cuisine experience.But even without that, the laidbackambience, GST-and-servicecharge-freepolicy and 24-hourservice make Cafe Samar theultimate chill out place withfriends.FIFTH SEASON28 Race Course RoadTel: 6293 4842Open daily11.30am to 3pm (lunch),6.30pm to 10.30pm (dinner)NO BEEF, no pork, no lard — FifthSeason is a halal Chinese-Indianrestaurant with 80 items on itsmenu, with well-trained chefs ofdifferent nationalities like Bengali,Nepali, Tibetan and Bhutanese.Just one minute’s walk fromLittle India train station, FifthSeason seems confusing at first. Theground floor interior is Chinesethemedwhile the second flooris Indian-themed, with Chinesepaintings adorning the walls ofboth levels.For starters, go for Crispy ChillyBaby Corn ($10.90). The baby cornis perfectly disguised as a meatdish as it is lightly battered andstir-fried in hot garlic sauce withtints of chilli and tomato. The cornis unexpectedly crunchy and candouble up as a side dish.Equally delightful is GobiManchurian ($9.50) — cauliflowersBRIMMING WITH GOODNESS: (Clockwise from top left) Tabanjan Prawns, Manchow Soup, Spicy Fried Chicken Momos and MixedFried Rice are made from halal ingredients to suit all Asians’ palates.fried in the same ingenious styleexcept that the sauce is a tantalisingmeld of ginger and onion and soyasauce.Still, Fifth Season’s claim tofame is their traditional Tibetandumplings called momos. Althougha tad pricey at almost $2 per piece,the Spicy Fried Chicken Momos($7.90 for four, $14 for 10) are amust-try.Toasted and tossed in zestyhot garlic sauce, these momos area king-sized version of pan-friedChinese dumplings guo tie, exceptthat the edges are crisp and theskin slightly more chewy. With asimple filling of minced chickenwith spring onion toppings for aburst of fragrance, these momosperk you up even if you missdipping them into the sweet chillisauce that comes with it.Manchow Soup ($6.90 forchicken, $5.90 for vegetarian) isa Cantonese-styled soup that haswon the hearts of many diners.Its serving may be small, butit reminds you fondly of shark’sfin soup, garnished with crispywheat noodles. Generous chunks ofchicken and mixed vegetables makethis soup a hearty indulgence, yetthe hint of sourness widens yourappetite for other dishes.Make room for dessert at FifthSeason. Try the triangular FriedBanana Pan Cake ($7.90 for fourslices). Crispy thin layers of friednoodle skin meld deliciously with ahoney-glazed banana filling — thisis goreng pisang with a twist. Dipit in the complementary vanilla icecream to up the fun factor of eatingthis pancake.Also best served with vanillaice cream is Dasaan ($6.90), honeydippedcrispy ribbon noodlesglazed with sesame seeds. Freshlydeep-fried before serving, its sheercrispiness and caramel sweetnessis so TV-snack addictive, you mayconsider a second order.For something to quell yourthirst, Alphonso Mango Lassi($4.90) will do the trick. Madefrom plain yoghurt and premiumAlphonso mangoes from India, ittastes like a lactose-free mangomilkshake. This refreshing drinkleaves a mildly sweet aftertaste, aperfect way to end your meal.Named after the four generallyaccepted tastes (sweet, bitter, sour,salty), Fifth Season has created aunique taste with something foreveryone. Topped with attentiveand knowledgeable waiters, thisrestaurant is a haven for locals andforeigners alike.PRESENT THIS PAGE TO ENJOY10% DISCOUNT AT CAFESAMAR AND 20% DISCOUNTAT FIFTH SEASON ON ALLORDERS.

MARCH 10, 2008The nanyang chronicle lifestyle 17travelogueFrom desert to dustDuring a week’s break from her work attachment in Suzhou, final-year EnvironmentalEngineering student Low Shu Qing backpacked to Inner Mongolia with her friends and learnsthat The Resonant Sand Gorge is losing its beauty to commercialisationI had always imagined Inner Mongolia tobe a vast land of green grass with peopleliving in yurts, but realised later thatInner Mongolia actually has several largeand famous deserts such as the BadainJaran Desert, Tengger Desert and KubuqiDesert.After a 30-hour train ride from Suzhouto Baotou, Inner Mongolia, we were eager toleave the musty and crowded cabins, readyto embark on our first backpacking trip.When we reached Baotou, whatever thatgreeted me was brown and dry, from mudhouses to grasses. They were crisp from thescorching sun and dry winters.So much for talk about how prettyand tall the grasslands were in InnerMongolia.We rented a jeep, including a driverand a tour guide from a local agency inBaotou. One of our first destinations wasto The Resonant Sand Gorge, situated atthe north edge of the Kubuqi Desert, 44kmaway from Baotou.The two-hour journey from Baotou toThe Resonant Sand Gorge was very rocky,and there was no greenery to speak of.The carsickness and afternoon heat mademany of my friends sleep through thejourney while the driver skilfully navigatedthrough roads without signboards.Initially, I did not anticipate my tripto The Resonant Sand Gorge as I thoughtthere would not be many things to see ordo. I was so wrong.I was soon awed by the number ofactivities available. I felt as if I was in adesert theme park.At the entrance, a group of nativesswarmed towards us like butchers lookingfor meat, to convince us that it wasimpossible to walk on the soft sand withoutbuying their shoe protectors.It increased the surface area of our feetso that we would not sink into the soft whiteFAST AND FURIOUS: The buggy car takes youthrough an exhilarating ride across the desert like arollercoaster without a track that leaves you askingfor more.A BAD HUNCH: Forget about getting a nomadic feel through camel-riding. The locals have capitalised on this opportunity to sell this traditional form of transportto tourists, which limits their chance to explore the desert freely. PHOTOS | COURTESYsand so easily. It was also to prevent sandfrom getting into our clothes and shoes.Eager to start exploring the desert,we gave in. The shoe protectors cost S$2anyway. Before long, we slipped our legsinto the shoe protectors, except two ofmy friends who insisted on wearing theirflip-flops.In the end, it did not make a differenceas all of us had sand slipping into ourbottoms when we decided to slide downthe sand dunes without renting a sled forit. Despite the scorching sun, the sand feltcold against our skin.The desert was so vast and there were somany activities going on that we were lostfor a moment at which to start first.We decided to take a general tour ofthe desert first and thus headed to thebuggy cars. Each of us paid S$10 to bebrought around by a Mongolian driver for15 minutes.We drove up and down the sandbank,across the desert and over the sand dunes.It was a mystical sight to behold. Theboundless desert against the clear bluesky made the long journey all the moreworthwhile. Gazing at the natural beautygave me a sense of tranquility.But as I glanced across my friend’svehicle ahead of me, I saw that it wasemitting a lot of exhaust. Silently, I thought,we were polluting nature’s masterpiece.We decided to give parasailing a try asit was relatively cheap. The locals seemedstunned as they thought parasailing wasThe Resonant SandGorge got its namefrom the echo of thesand, produced whenyou step on the desert’ssurface. It is supposedto be melancholic andsoothing, but I heardnone of it.only for daredevils.As it was my first time being on aparachute, I expected a magnificent viewof the desert. It was, until I spotted thetents.The slew of tents in the desert, sellingfood, beverage and souvenirs were actuallyquite an eyesore.I also saw cranes and tractors. I had thisqueasy feeling that I may not have capturedthe picturesque landscape the desert oncehad, when it was undiscovered then.The Resonant Sand Gorge got its namefrom the echo of the sand, produced whenyou step on the desert’s surface. It issupposed to be melancholic and soothing,but I heard none of it. Perhaps the rustle ofthe sand was drowned out by the chatterfrom tourists.The longer I lingered at the desert, themore litter I found. Soiled tissue papersand empty water bottles were spotted everyfifty steps I took.Though insignificant compared to thevastness of the desert, it was the beginningof destruction of Mother Nature. Thedemand for tourism as an important sourceof revenue has led the locals to tap on thesenatural resources extensively.As we made our way back to the carpark, we spotted a supermarket and aneven larger-sized souvenir hall. The amountof noise generated from there had justdestroyed the serenity of the desert.I never got to hear the “shhhh” soundof the sand.

20lifestyleMARCH 10, 2008The nanyang chronicleknow your profEn-chanted!She can make you beautiful. Or help you find your perfect match. Meet Sociology professor KangYoon Hee, who has collected over 100 spells for her doctorate research. She tells Koh Sihui moreTell us more about yourself.I grew up in Seoul. I left Korea in 1995 topursue my doctorate studies in the UnitedStates. I have been studying anthropologyand social sciences for about 20 years.In July 2007, I moved to Singaporewith my husband and two sons. I joinedthe School of Humanities and SocialSciences in August last year as a part-timelecturer and subsequently as an AssistantProfessor in December.Which area of research do youspecialise in?My specialty is in linguistic anthropology,which focuses on the connectionbetween language and culture. For mydoctorate dissertation, I studied about thePetalangan people in Sumatra.Share with us your experienceswhen you were studying thePetalangan people.The Petalangan people practise beautyand love spells to evoke others’ desiresthrough controlling others’ emotions.There was once when a Petalangan womanapproached me and asked if I wanted totry her spell. I was scared but at the sametime, I was curious to find out why peoplebelieve in spells even in the modern world.Hence, I agreed to learn more spells fromher. I even attended lessons to learn moreDON’T MESS WITH HER: This framed picturedepicts a Buddhist chant in scriptural formobtained from a Korean temple.PHOTOS | KUAN JIE WEIabout different types of spells. Irecorded these spells in a notebook.What did you do with thespells?I collected the spells to analyse thetextual organisation and symbols thatpeople use in their spells. I also tried tofind out the meanings that Petalanganpeople attached to the spells and how theypractise them in real life. One of the spellsI learnt was exclusive for young peoplewho wanted to find their spouses or lovers.One of the spells Ilearnt was exclusivefor young people whowanted to find theirspouses or lovers.You mentioned that you did notuse the spells. Why not? Underwhat kind of circumstanceswould you use a spell?Personally, I do not believe in the powerof spells. But, I guess if I were like thePetalangan people who do not have theresources to cope with hardship and arebeing marginalised, I would rely on thepower of magic spells.How are the spells carried out?First, memorise all the words of the spellfrom a piece of paper, tear it apart andthen burn it and drink the ashes withwater. This allows the whole body toabsorb the knowledge in order for the spellto work. There are other requirementslike chanting the spell to your own bodybefore taking your baths.You can also use lime or lemon topurify yourself first. Another method isto chant the spells to the bucket of waterthat you are going to bathe with and it isbelieved that you will become pretty afterthat.What other interestingencounters have you had duringyour fieldwork in Sumatra?Bee worms are precious food to thePetalangan people. As I was considered aspecial guest, they served me cooked beeworms. I couldn’t refuse to take them as itwould be like rejecting their hospitality.Though I ate just a little part of it, Ifound it a trauma. I used to like shrimpsbut after that incident, I refused to eatthem as the shape is so similar to a beeworm. My aversion for shrimps grew evenstronger when I was pregnant with myfirst son. It actually took more than twoyears for me to overcome the feelings ofdisgust and start eating shrimps again.Are you still keeping in touchwith the Petalangan people?I plan to go back there for a short tripto visit them this year together with myfamily. I guess they would be surprisedto see me with my husband and childrenas I was single at the time I did my fieldwork. Probably they might think that Ihave used their beauty spells to get myselfa husband.If you had the power to createa spell and use it, what kind ofspell would it be?(Laughs.) There are many projects goingon now for me so maybe I should create aspell where I can have the power to controlmy time and manage all my things well.MOVING ON: Prof Kang shares her plans to start anew project this summer on Korean immigrants inSingapore.upcomingeventsBring Your Own Bag WeekThis campaign applies to all retail shopsin the NTU campus.Reduce unnecessary usage of plasticbags and promote a culture of usingyour own shopping bag through thiscampaign, initiated by Earthlink NTU.Each plastic bag will cost 10 cents,regardless of its type, color, size etc.However, this charge is only restricted toplastic bags given at the cashier counter(does not include any plastic packagingthat comes with the supplier). A separatecontainer at the cashier will be set up tocollect this money. All proceeds collectedfrom plastic bag charges will be donatedto Environmental Challenge Organisation(Singapore).Sta r t Dat e: Mo n d ay, 10 Ma r c h 2008En d Dat e: Su n d ay, 16 Ma r c h 2008Fo r m o r e i nf o r m a t i o n, v isi th t t p://c l u b s.n t u.e d r t h l i n k/b y o b /o r e m a i le a r t h l i n k f e e d b a c k@ya h o o.c o m4th singapore short filmfestivalThis biannual international shortfilm festival features works under 30minutes each by international indiefilmmakers. Previous screenings includewinners from the International ShortFilm Festival Oberhausen and shortsfrom the UK, Israel and Philippines. Thistime, choose from a selection of filmnoir, socio-political documentaries andexperimental films.Audiences can vote for their top threefavourites for the Voice Awards.Dat e: 13 Ma r c h to 16 Ma r c h 2008Tim e : Va r i o u s timingsVe n u e: Th e Sub s tat ion. Gu i n n es s Th e at r eTic k e t s: $4, $6Fo r t ic k e t s a l e s a n d o t h e r e n q u i r i es,c a l l 6222 5595 o r v isi tw w w.sub s tat ion.o r gFree Photoshop CS3 & Indesigncs3 workshopWhile Photoshop is great formanipulating images, InDesign isresponsible for assembling yourcontent into a completed report. Froma research report to a large scalepresentation, this session is dedicatedto illustrate the tight integration withPhotoshop and InDesign.Learn how to work faster, more easily,and more intuitively with these twosoftware. Get ready to impress yourlecturers with your newly acquiredskills!Dat e: Mo n d ay, 24 Ma r c h 2008Tim e : 12.30pm - 2.30pmVe n u e: LT1ARe g i s t e r o n l i n e ath t t p ://w w w . a d o b e e v e n t s .c o m / n t u /w o r k s h o p.aspTo have your event listed, Includeevent date, location, contact andany pictures.


22DATINGTHE RIGHTSTYLETOTAL SPENT$116.90FINDING the right outfit fora date is not easy, especiallywhen a guy has only an hourand a budget of $150.To test if that’s true, fourguys (secondary contacts fromus) from different schools weregiven a hypothetical situation:due to a busy schedule and atight budget, they only had anhour and $150 to forage foran appropriate outift for theirdates.On the Monday of recessweek, Chronicle set out andjoined them in their quest forclothes at around 1pm.It was not easy as not allof the shops that sell men’sapparel were opened then.And even though all four guysfound their shirts within anhour, half the time was spentnegotiating with store ownersto loan their clothes for thephotoshoot.However, Business studentToh Chao Zhang says that ifcaught in a real situation likethis, he would rather make dowith the clothes that he hasat home instead of stressinghimself out hunting for adecent outfit in breakneckspeed.Time and budget was noproblem for English Literaturestudent Steven Chia. Theonly dampener was thepoor service at the shops hepatronised.In the end, he had to settlefor second best at shops thatwere more flexible in loaningtheir items.Even though the guys triedtheir best to pick out the mostsuitable outfits for their dates,our two style columnists —Imran Jalal and Gerald Tan —felt that they could have beenmore adventurous with theirchoices.“What difference is therefrom the start?” asked Dappercolumnist Imran Jalal.PLAIN JOES TO STRIPEY JOES: The guys show us what they will wear to school(above) and what they have chosen to wear for their respective dates (right).PHOTOS | CHEN WEI LI & ZOE LIM77th Street #01-33/35; #03-1055/106; #04-116/117Graphite #03-98b; #04-121aHDLN #04-139Man Studio #03-118bPescados #03-99TOH CHAO ZHANGNanyang Business SchoolYear 1Date Theme: Sunset by the beachOn Chao Zhang: Trucker Cap, $39, from HDLN; light grey V-newith red stripes, $38.90, from Graphite; dark grey checkered b$39, from Pesacados; sling-bag and slippers, student’s own.“My prioin the cof clothis actucomfobeforaesthetics.Imran: Comfort doesn’t mean an ensembleslippers and shorts all the time. Chao Zhaninvest in a good pair of leather sandals rathwear his sloppy flip-flops. A sheer shirt oveinexpensive tank top would give a more reresort feel, without looking too tacky (if yocontemplate putting on that gaudy HawaiiaGerald: T-shirts are not the only comfortabchoices for a date at the beach. Chao Zhanghave chosen a short-sleeved shirt with inteprints (like what Imran suggests, no Hawaishirts, please!) to pair with his bermudas. Nin adding more colour to his wardrobe chospice up the date — it is the beach after all!

MARCH 10, 2008The nanyang chronicleTOTAL SPENT$97.80TOTAL SPENT$112.70TOTAL SPENT$92.90MUHAMAD FIRDAUS BIN HAMZAHSchool of Chemical and BiomolecularEngineeringYear 1Date Theme: Romance at the EsplanadeSTEVEN CHIAEnglish Literature (HSS)Year 1Date Theme: Ice-skate to impressBENJAMIN CHIASchool of Biological SciencesYear 2Date Theme: Chill out at Brewerkzck T-shirtermudas,On Firdaus: Black shirt with stripes, $38.90, and distressed jeans, $58.90,both from Graphite; beaded wrist band, and shoes, student’s own.On Steven: Scarf with black and white stripes, $26.90, from 77th Street;woollen sweater vest, $38.90, and striped polo tee, $46.90, both fromGraphite; black jeans and shoes, student’s own.On Benjamin: Brown beaded choker, $5, and brown leather braceletwith silver details, $18, both from 77th Street; black shirt with orange andblue stripes with silver cufflinks, $69.90, from Man Studio; shoes, student’sown.rityhoiceesallyrte”“My shoppingincludeshardcoreshortlistingand a highlevel ofpatience!”“I’d browse eachshop quicklyand take note ofanything that I likeand their prices aswell, all the timeforming a mentalpicture of myoverall look.”“One canplay arounda bit moreand exercisegreatercreativitywith casualwear orstreetstyle.”ofg coulder thanr anfreshingu evern shirt).lecouldrestingiano harmices toImran: With a physique like his, Firdaus wouldhave looked dashing in almost anything. But hechose a hackneyed look of washed-out jeans andshirt. And those dirty shoes do not really paint agood impression for a romantic night at a venuelike the Esplanade. Tucking the shirt out alsomakes him look unpolished.Gerald: Firdaus’s outfit is safe, but it can be boringfor an evening at the Esplanade. He can bring outhis charisma better by donning a crisp white shirtwith casually rolled-up sleeves or pairing it with askinny tie. Dark-coloured or raw denim works bestwith the ensemble.Imran: The choice of outfit makes him look a littletoo young. But Steven is clever to mix patterns likethin and thick monochromatic stripes in his dressing.And the sweater vest is a very wearable apparel whichcan be worn even out of the skating rink. However,layering a scarf, woolen polo tee and vest might beunsuitable for a tropical climate like ours if you arethinking of wearing it outdoors.Gerald: Steven’s outfit stands out the most amongstthe four guys. The sweater vest is a versatile wardrobepiece that can be dressed up or down, depending onthe formality of the occassion.Imran: A chill out at Brewerkz to me meanssomething casual yet chic. Benjamin’s pick looks alittle dated and mature for his age. Those cuffs onthe jeans are way too high and doesn’t make himlook smart. Remember the cuffs of your jeans aresupposed to cover those laces, but not sweeping theground.Gerald: Benjamin can appear more sophisticatedby perhaps layering a cardigan over a shirt andchoosing a pair of well-fitted trousers. A pair ofpreppy shorts is also suitable for that long chat alongClarke Quay, and at the same time up his ante in thepreppy chic department. Leave the stripes for theclub.

Remember MeSO P H I E KI N S E L L A$34.25, available at BordersPublished by The Dial PressIMAGINE waking up one day to realisethat all your dreams have miraculouslycome true overnight.This is what happens to 28-yearoldLexi Smart, who wakes up after acar accident, convinced that it’s 2004and she’s just missed her father’sfuneral. However, she gets the shockof her life when she discovers sheis now a gorgeous and successfulbusinesswoman who owns a LouisVuitton handbag, drives a Mercedes and adheres to a strictno-carb diet.Best of all, she is now married to a millionaire husbandwho looks like a model.The only problem is Lexi cannot remember how sheachieved it all. The last three years of her life are a blank–herlast memories consist of being the 25-year-old girl with uneventeeth, slightly tubbier than she would have liked and dating aguy aptly nicknamed “Loser Dave”.Despite a seemingly perfect life, there is more than meetsthe eye when she tries to put together the missing pieces ofher memory. She discovers, with a shock, that her best friendsnow hate her. Crushed, Lexi begins her mission to find outwhat caused her to change from “snaggletooth” to “cobra”.Her confusion worsens when Jon, an architect working for herhusband, makes a stunning revelation as she struggles to ignitethe flames of passion with her Greek God of a husband.Kinsella is at her witty best in this light and easy read,allowing readers to indulge in the escapist fantasy of waking upone day to find that life has become perfect beyond recognition.She also highlights the age-old cliché that perfection isoverrated. The conventional indicators of success–a handsomemillionaire husband, illustrious career, good looks–do notnecessarily lead to happiness in Lexi’s life.While the characters may appear caricatured, Kinsellacreates a likeable heroine in Lexi Smart, who remainsidiosyncratic and insecure despite all her outward success.Readers will identify with her obsessions and root for her inher journey to self-discovery.Kinsella displays a keen awareness of the ingredientswhich appeal to the female readers who make up the bulk ofher readership. This trite but touching rags-to-riches tale ispeppered with her trademark wicked sense of humour thatfans will love. -CHER Y L NGThe Darkest Evening of the YearDE A N KO O N T Z$28.90, available at BordersPublished by Harper CollinsA MASTERWORK of suspense,The Darkest Evening of theYear delivers a heart-grippingstory that encapsulates the trueessence of a mystery novelwith its thrilling climaxes andunpredictable t wists to thestory.A refreshing read featuringunconventional protagonists,the author’s ability to interweavean epic tale of triumph over evilinto the life of dog lover, AmyRedwing, is simply amazing.Born an orphan, Amy Redwing has a soft spot for dogswhich sometimes, go overboard to the point of prioritisingher love for dogs over her boyfriend, Brian McCarthy.Through a series of unexpected events, Amy found herselfsaving Nickie, a golden retriever, from the hands of anabusive owner. Amy and Nickie form an inexplicablebond and even Amy’s two other golden retrievers, Fredand Ethel, treat Nickie with awe and respect. When amysterious couple–Harrow and Vanessa–enters their lives,Nickie proves to be more than man’s best friend with hersupernatural instinct that was the key to saving Amy andBrian from impending harm.Rarely does a reader find novels that use pets as theirmain protagonists, but in this compelling book, Koontzwrites a beautiful story based on the concept of a selflessmission-dog-rescue as the background of his thriller.-MAY B E L I N E YEWPHOTO | INTERNETAs I AmALICIA KE YS (R&B)Hate It or Love ItCH I N G Y (HIP-HO P/RA P)THE NANYANG CHRONICLEAlicia Keys has sold over forty-one million albums and singlesworldwide as of 2007.MUCH hype has been madeabout the transformation ofthis street-wise prodigy to thebejewelled beauty who gracesthe covers of this album – andrightly so.F o r t h o s eaccustomed toAlicia Keys, thisalbum may comeacross as whinyand drowning inmelancholia but asecond listen bringsinto focus a more polishedstyle.Favourites include“Wreckless Love”, whereshe skillfully marries herold street-wise style withsoulful lyrics, accompaniedby groove-worthy beats.Also check out “No One”–itis the single which epitomisesthe transition to a soul-androckvibe.This is the fourth studio album by Chingy and the first since hisreturn to DTP Records.CHINGY has all the makingsof a up-and-coming rap starwho does not failto live up to hispotential, leaving usthumping with hislatest studio albumHate it or Love it. Inthis album, Chingyemploys 10 differentproducers across 14 tracks,so be prepared for fusion anddynamic song styles.Moving away from usualclub mixes, Chingy infusesmore pop into his latest album.This versatility certainlyshows in songs like “How WeFeel”, where guitar-infusedmelod ies ta ke t he lead.However, repeated clichédhip hop beats undermine thedance-pop cult in the songGrowing PainsMA R Y J. BL I G E (R&B/SO U L)“All Aboard” (featuring StephJones). Chingy adopts varioussongs styles as heslows things downfor the lusty ballad“Gimme That” andapplies a slickgroove to “CheckMy Swag”.A p a r t f r o mthese two songs, the othersare the usual candy-rap clubanthems, suitable for thethe club-loving, dance floorrattling fans. Without a doubt,Chingy’s latest songs willinfiltrate the hottest clubssoon. Apart from his overnightnumber one hit “Right Thurr”(2003), his other songs seem tobe pretty forgettable. Hate it orlove it, it’s your choice!-JOA N N E YANShe is widely known as the “Queen of Hip Hop & Soul”, receivingover 26 Grammy Award nominations and winning eight.GROWING Pains servesas a personaltestimony of MaryJ. Blige’s battlewith depressionand drug abuse.The lead single“Just Fine” hasthe right blend ofedginess and determination;characteristic of her previousalbum “The Breakthrough”.“Shakedown” is a duetfeaturing Usher and is amix of Usher’s velvetysolo and Blige’s personalexperience infusions. Thisis an excellent song for thosewho are clueless of how toexpress our feelings to thatspecial one.“Grown Woman”, a jointAn Alicia Keys albumwouldn’t be completewithout one of her classicalmasterpieces, and we’re notshortchanged with “As I Am”.You can almosti m a g i n e t h eGrammy-winningsoulstress glidingher fingers acrossthe ivory keys asyou allow yourselfto be taken inby the classicalsounds of her piano.Each track seems sodifferent and diverse – leavingno room for boredom or themundane. Yet, as diverse asit is, it almost seems to bemaking a statement aboutKeys and the myriad of uniquecharacteristics that make her“as she is”. -SHEREEN NA A ZCH A RL E S SYA R IF Fproduction between Blige andLudacris, is a rapcum hip-hop songwhich speaks aboutone man’s love foran older womanand his sense ofinadequacy causedby his youth.T o p p i n g t h e R & Bbillboards charts at numberone, Growing Pains is atestament to Mary J. Blige’sar tistic evolution. Fromher battle with depressionand drug abuse, Mary hassuccessfully channelled allthat sorrow into her leadsingle “Just Fine”, whichpeaked at number 22 on theHot 100 Billboard Charts.-CEREL I A LIM

THE NANYANG CHRONICLE The Leap YearsRO M A N C E (PG)Joan Chen, Ananda Everingham, Wong Li Lin, Qi Yu Wu90 minutesPRETTY and intelligentliterature teacher, Li-Ann(Wong Li Lin) is everythinga guy could ask for butwith no special someoneto celebrate her leap yearbirthday with, she takesmatters into her own handsby following the Irishfolklore-that no man canrefuse a woman’s proposalon the 29th of February-toearn herself a date withdashing Jeremy (AnandaEveryingham).The crazy proposal seesher go on a whirlwind datewith Jeremy. But before therelationship can take flight,Li-Ann is told that he has toleave for Canada.However, they make apact to meet, same place,Sky of LoveRO M A N C E /DR A M A (PG)SKY of Love is a lethalcombination of cutenessand tragedy that is hardnot to fall victim to. Basedon a novel circulated toover 11 million readersvia a Japanese cell phonenetwork and publishedin paperback (2006), itis a true phenomenon ofthe emerging cellphonesociety.A f te r losi ng a ndgetting her cellphoneback, attractive first yearhigh-school girl Mika (YuiAragaki) begins to receivecalls from an anonymousadmirer. A summer-longphone romance leads toan eventual meeting withbottle-blonde cool guy,Hiro (Haruma Miura),and quickly accelerates toMika’s deflowering.Mika is set up forhumiliation when Hiro’sjealous ex, Saki (AsamiUsada), hires three thugsto rape her. Saki thenpublicises her rival’sa l leged prom i sc u it ythrough the schoolgossip network. Enraged,Hiro overcomes hischaracteristic aloofnesssame time, every leap yearand a 24-year romancebegins. Every leap year,Li-Ann will eat mum’sspecially-prepared birthdaynoodles, meet with girl palsand arrange for eveningcelebrations.But when night falls,without a doubt, Li-Ann willbe waiting at the cafe whereJeremy first caught her eyeand the audience eagerlyanticipates his arrival.On Li-Ann’s leap yearwedding, she is to wedRaymond (Jason Chan),whom she has exchanged nomore than polite greetingswith, but only because hermother and friends keepbadgering her about hersinglehood protect Mika, and thebond between him andMika strengthens.Along the way, Mikasuddenly gets pregnant.Hiro believes he’s readyfor fatherhood, but bothsets of in-laws harbourreservations. As theaudience follows thecouple’s progress over theyears, they discover somesurprising developments.Both Yui Aragaki andHaruma Miura, wildlypopular teen idols, displaya convincing intimacy inthis romantic, eloquent,warm, affecting, andtrue-to-life love story.Yui Aragaki, Haruma Miura, Asami Usada, Karina, Yumi Aso, Joji Takahashi120 minutesW h e n L i - A n n ’ schildhood friend, KS (QiYu Wu), points out thatshe is unhappy, one cannothelp but feel sad that shehas finally succumbedto pressure of fulfillingfamilial obligations, whichis what director Jean Yeowants to highlight.By the time KS readsout Jeremy’s letter at thewedding, tears wouldalready be flowing downone’s face. If anything,this movie teaches us thatpatience for true love willpay off. The audience learnsthat Jeremy has his reasonsfor not making things clearto Li-Ann.Based on CatherineLim’s 2003 novella, TheLeap Years is for die-hardromantics. Even if you’renot one to shed tears easily,at least you’ll be looking atSingapore buildings in adifferent light after this. Inone touching scene, Jeremythrows a briefcase full oflove letters from the top ofOCBC building, hoping thatthe winds will bring them tothe Gods to make his wishescome true.-JO A N CH E WWith strong supportingperformances by actors likeAsami Usada and YumiAso, the movie maintainsa tender at mospherebetween the melodramatichigh points of the wellconstructedplot.The movie is at r ue depiction of anadolescent romance witha surprisingly maturetouch. It will remind youof your most memorableand poignant first love andhence this would definitelybe an emotional experiencefor the audience.-RITESH KA L R A@vSecret SunshineDR A M A (PG)Jeon Do-yeon, Song Kang-ho141 minutesDIRECTED by one of Korea’s leadingfilmmakers, Lee Chang-dong, this filmportrays a very raw and realistic sideof life, questioning the perseveranceof the mind and soul in times ofdifficulties.Set in the town of Miryang (theliteral translation in Mandarin isSecret Sunshine), this documentarylikefilm focuses on the attractive andstrong-willed female lead, Shin-ae(Jeon Do-yeon), as she relocates toMiryang with her young son afterlosing her husband to a car accident.Facing a new beginning in anunfamiliar town, mother and sonattempt to settle down, opening a pianoschool with the help of a good-naturedbut bothersome car repair shop owner,Mr. Kim Jong-chan (Song Kang-ho),who has taken a liking to Shin-ae. It issurprising to see a male lead who is notparticularly eye-catching and looks alot like a normal person you would seeon the streets. In the beginning, Shinaetries hard to fit in but the town folksare not as friendly as she would haveliked them to be.A series of unexpected eventshappens just when life is going uphill–including her losing her own son inthe most horrific manner that mostmothers would have nightmares about.Utterly devastated, she turns to thelocal Korean Christian community toseek refuge and peace. When she feelsthat her trust in God is betrayed, shetakes drastic measures to search forhope and revenge. Applause has to begiven to the director as Christianityin this film is portrayed in a verynatural setting and from a neutralpoint of view.The Nanyang Chronicle has three pairs oftickets to Secret Sunshine which is exclusivelyscreened at The Picturehouse, togive away.Answer the question below and stand achance to win passes to the film.Question: Why did Shin-ae move to Miryang?a) She lost her husbandb) She lost her sonc) She fell in love with kim Jong-chanREVIEWREVIEWThe film ends on a peaceful yetunfinished note as there are many questionsleft unanswered. It seems as if the directoris telling the audience that at some point oftime, the story ends but life still goes on.Reality may not be particularly beautiful ormeaningful, we do not live in a paradise, butthe reasons for living are within us.Jeon Do-yeon, who won the Best ActressAward in the film’s debut in the recentCannes Film Festival 2007, brilliantlydisplayed the vulnerability of Shin-ae’scharacter. The heroine is someone we canrelate to, someone who is imperfect, at timesfoolish and yearns for stability. Do-yeonadmitted that it was a difficult time for her,as she is not a mother and initially could notcome to terms with Shin-ae’s emotions.However, if you think that this film isperhaps full of despair, you will be surprisedto know that it is actually very wellbalanced,as the male lead Song Kang-ho,adds in bits of humour along the way andlightens up the atmosphere.Secret Sunshine is definitely one moviethat will touch your heart in many ways,and even with very simple camerawork, itleaves a lasting impression in your mind.-KO H JI N G JI N G E-mail us your answer, with the subject,“Secret Sunshine” along with yourname, gender and contact number closesMarch 25 2008T h i s g i v e - a w a y i s c o u r t e s y o fThe Picturehouse.There is a student discount for ticketspurchased before 6 pm at The Picturehouse.Tickets are sold at $7, upon presenting yourstudent pass at the Box Office, on Level 5,The Cathay Cineplex.

26lifestyleMARCH 10, 2008The nanyang chronicletech reviewA MMOmentary gazeinto the FUTURECLASH OF THE TITANS (below):While World of Warcraft is by farthe largest MMORPG of today, itscompetitors are preparing for anew round of battle.LOOKING INTO THE HORIZON: The esteemed panelists provided a rare glimpse into MMO development. PHOTOS | INTERNETOne of the highlights of the recently concluded Game Developer’s Conferencein San Francisco was a panel of top game designers discussing what lies aheadin Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) gaming. Our tech editor, Lim Yan Liang,deciphers what this means to the discerning MMO gamerWhen representatives fromsuch industry heavyweights likeNCSoft, Blizzard Entertainmentand Bioware converge to discussmultiplayer game design, one canbe sure that gamers everywherewill sit up and listen. From theprevalence of certain genres tochoice of revenue model employed,the panel participants provideduncommon insight into theirindividual philosophies on gamedevelopment and how the onlinegames of tomorrow will be like.Next stop: Consoles!The biggest surprise was thenear-unanimous agreement thatMMOs would almost definitely bemigrated to the console market. Aswith the innovation of controls thathave made First-Person Shooters,once the sole domain of the PC, asuccess on consoles, expect to seeMMOs on the PS3 or Xbox 360 inthe near future as studios finetunethe MMO genre to make itconsole-friendly, eliminating anybalance or controller issues thatmight give one format an edgeover the other.Jack Emmert, Chief CreativeOfficer of Cryptic Studios, makersof the popular MMORPG City ofHeroes, said that his company’srecently announced ChampionsOnline was a case-in-point, beingconcurrently developed for boththe PC and consoles.NCSoft (makers of Lineage II)Lead Designer Matt Miller sawthe console audience as a large,untapped market, and Min Kim,Korean developer Nexon’s (ofMaplestory fame) Director ofgames operations in America,agreed that game makers arekeenly looking for new areas todevelop.Ray Muzyka, CEO of Bioware,who were responsible for hitslike Neverwinter Nights and JadeEmpire and had just announcedan as-yet-untitled MMORPG,highlighted a number of challengesMMOs entering the console marketfaced, such as the need to addressthe technology issues of a crossplatformtitle and of knowing howto develop a title that would appealto both PC and console gamers,who are typically of differentdemographics and have varyinginterests.Blizzard’s Senior Vice Presidentof game design Rob Pardo notedthat currently MMOs work betteron PCs, but does not discount thepossibility of successful MMOgames on consoles, provided theconsole platform is appropriate tothe game design.wANTED: TALENTEDPLAYER-DESIGNERSWhile current MMOs live or dieby the availability of developercreatedcontent, studios arecertainly warming to the idea ofintegrating fan-created contentinto their games. One can probablyexpect the next generation ofMMOs to include content-creationtools for interested players totinker with.Muzyka said that he saw greatpromise in the future of usergeneratedcontent in the MMOspace, noting that NeverwinterNights was a prime example ofhow the availability of contentcreation tools for the amateur gamedeveloper could make a game anenduring success. Emert agreedthat such tools will definitely beincluded in the future, and thatdevelopers knew players have beenasking for them.sUBSCRIBE TO CHANGEW h i le many player s areaccustomed to paying a fixedsubscription fee for monthlyaccess to an MMO, this is likelyto change in the future. Microtransactions,essentially smallpayments for additional in-gameperks and bonus items or for ashort amount of play time, may intime be combined with existingsubscription schemes to form ahybrid model.While Emmert called microtransactions“the biggest bunch ofnonsense”, most of the panel didnot feel nearly as strongly. Kim,whose company pioneered microtransactionswith Maplestory, feltthat while it did not provide thereliability of sales figures acrosslong periods, micro-transactionswere not only commerciallyviable but also highly scalable asit did not tie players to any fixedsubscription scheme.Comparing it to one-offpurchases in Apple’s iTunes store,he noted that such an opt-inscheme gave players more choice,not to mention the increasedflexibility of being able to targeta younger audience who might notbe able to afford a subscription.expect changeAs the panel drew to a close,one thing was certain about thefuture of MMOs: the genre will bemore than just World Of Warcraft,although the behemoth that isBlizzard’s household name does notlook like it is going away anytimesoon. The vibrant discussion hintedat the numerous exciting MMOs inthe pipeline, with each designerbringing their own unique pointsof view to the debate. You can besure that significant changes areyet to come in the world of largescale online gaming.

MARCH 10, 2008The nanyang chronicle lifestyle 27tech reviewAerosmith—Guitarhero, or guitar zero?While Guitar Hero has been a godsend to wannabe rockers the world over, the franchisedisappointed with its first spin-off. Kenneth Chew frets over the upcoming editionGuitar Hero fanboys around theworld have been deep in prayerthat the latest edition of the serieswill be nowhere as bad as theprevious spin-off, “Rocks The 80s”,ever since Activision announcedthe new, Aerosmith-only, title.“Rocks The 80s” was widelylambasted as the biggest, mostanticipated let down of a followup since just about every newedition of Windows, with nearlyno improvement to gameplaywhatsoever other than aestheticdifferences. For the same priceas a full Guitar Hero game, theexpansion offered only 30 oddtracks, less than half that of itspredecessors.In “Guitar Hero: Aerosmith”,the player would be taken throughthe 30 plus years of the band’smeteoric rise to rock superstardom,from its very first performancein a high school till its half-timeSuperbowl performance in 2001.Understandably, reaction to theannouncement of the Aerosmithfollow-up has thus been temperedwith a degree of caution, with fanswary that it might be no more thanjust another overpriced, overhypedattempt to cash in and rip off fansof the hit franchise till the arrivalof Guitar Hero 4.On one hand, love them or hatethem, Aerosmith has undeniablybeen one of the genre-definingrock bands for nearly 40 years.And it has been many a fan’sdream to strum along to hits suchas “Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”or “Sweet Emotion” a la Aerosmithguitar legend Joe Perry.Yet, one wonderswhether an editionfocused on oneband alone, wouldpull in the numbersArguably, no other rock bandhas the recognisance and varietyof songs needed to carry a videogame by itself. With 66.5 millionCDs sold from their debut in1970, and a catalogue of hitsranging from tear-jerking balladsto pounding rock-n-roll, thereseems to be a definite base for thefranchise to tap on. No strangerto video games, the band wasfeatured in “Revolution X”, a sidescrollingshooter made way back in1994 with Midway.This of course, without evenmentioning the legions of diehard Guitar Hero fans hooked onthe game since its smash debutin 2005, and which earned it anindustry record US$820 millionin 2007 alone, despite the highcosts associated with the series,requiring specialised controllersthat cannot be used with othergames.Yet, one wonders whether anedition focused on one band alonewould pull in the numbers for thebillion dollar franchise, no matterhow popular Aerosmith might be.Unconfirmed rumours abound thatsongs from other artists associatedwith the band might be includedin the game after all. This wouldpossibly include tracks from LedZepellin and The Who, and otherartists that have performed withAerosmith or were an inspirationto the band.Another massive hit would bea boost for Activision in its videogame war for market share in therhythmic games genre against itslargest rival, “Rock Band” fromElectronic Arts (EA).“Rock Band” has receiveduniversal critical acclaim, and soldTHE TOXIC TWINS: Coming to a console near you. PHOTO | INTERNETover 1.5 million units worldwideacross all platforms since itsrelease 3 months back, stealingsome of the thunder from the‘Guitar Hero’ franchise.As such, with “Guitar Hero:Aerosmith”, the company isfervently hoping that its audacioustwist on the genre would catapultthe franchise to the forefront ofthe music games industry oncemore by capitalising on that nichein the market for a specific songcompilation.Whether it will be an interestingenough take on the genre and aproduct worthy of its price tag oranother massive flop like “GuitarHero: Rocks The 80s” thus remainsto be seen.Till then, many a neighbourin university dorm rooms willshudder at the thought of moreGuitar Hero action going on tillthe wee hours of the morningand disturbing their preciousstudy time, only this time to theeffervescent tunes of Aerosmithrock-n-roll.Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is slated forrelease on the Xbox 360, Playstation3, Wii and Playstation 2 platforms inJune 2008.Bully gets critics riled up...againIt has been two years since Rockstar Games first made giving a virtual swirlie or Indian burn possible, in the process causing an uproaramong parents and educators worldwide. Lim Yan Liang shows that not much has changed sinceRockstar’s launch of “Bully:Scholarship Edition” last Tuesdayhas reignited an all-too-familiarcall by a coalition of schoolteachers worldwide to boycottthe game, which it says “glorifiesviolence” and “encourages violenceand intimidation”.General Secretary of theNational Union of Teachers (UK)Steve Sinnott said the video game,which lets players take control ofa teenage rebel with a criminalbackground within a schoolenvironment, was undoing muchof the work of cutting out bullyingin schools.English Labour MP and wellknownvideo game critic Keith Vaz,who supports a recently proposedbill to increase censorship invideogames, added that a gamerevolving around bullying was“simply tasteless”.The cacophony of complaintsseems to be working, as retailchains such as PC World havedecided not to offer the games onits shelves, with one spokesmansaying that the chain was “carefulEVER DEFIANT: Getting into trouble with authority is nothing new for Rockstar and its controversial games. PHOTO | INTERNETabout what (they) sell”.Yet, more rational, albeit lessshrill, voices have spoken. TheEntertainment Software RatingsBoard (ESRB) gave the originalgame a Teen (also known asPG13+) rating, and Florida courtsruled in favour of shipping thegame, after video game opponentJack Thompson, who branded ita “Columbine simulator” tried toblock the game from store shelveswith a lawsuit.Reviews from reputable sourceshave also been stellar, with thegame achieving a rating of 8.9/10and 8.7/10 from IGN and Gamespotrespectively. The game also madethe top ten best PS2 games of 2006in Playstation magazine.T he “Dennis the Menacesimulator game”, as it is popularlyreferred to, also proved to be morethan just a controversy magnet,winning for Best Videogame Scriptat the British Academy of Film andTelevision Arts (BAFTA) awardslate last year.No stranger to controversy,Rockstar is also the creator of theGrand Theft Auto (GTA) games, aseries that is as polarizing as it iscritically acclaimed. In fact, Bullyis based on the latest version of theGTA game engine.First published in 2006, theupdated “Scholarship Edition” is aport of the PS2 game for the Xbox360 and Wii. Besides featuringa graphical facelift, this editionincludes a number of new features,such as eight new missions andfour new classes, on top of newunlockable items, clothing andtwo-player minigames. The Xbox360 version also sports a newonline mltiplayer mode.

wwUndergraduate Investment ForumISSUE 9 | NTU INVESTMENT INTERACTIVE CLUB | WWW.NTU-IIC.ORGYIPpee! Young Investor Packis here!The first-ever comprehensive basic know-how package for investment guru wannabesWant to learn how toinvest but don’t know howto start? Fret not! YIP ishere to help!By Bay Hui YunThe Young Investor Pack (YIP), developedby OCBC Securities in partnershipwith I-Cube will provide a basic yetcomprehensive platform for tertiarystudents from our local Universities andPolytechnics to learn about investmentand kickstart their financial managementjourney. With NTU InvestmentInteractive Club (NTU-IIC) spearheadingthe launch event, YIP will go out to thetertiary students with a big bang onSaturday, 15 March 2008, accompaniedby pyrotechnics to invigorate the senses!In line with its belief of raising awarenesson the benefits of investing early andalso to make this education process fun,NTU-IIC has ingeniously married an‘amazing race’ with a seminar-styledsharing session, allowing participants topick up investment tips from the sharingsession and apply the knowledge in funfilledactivities.“NTU-IIC has always impressed mewith its drive and commitment towardsnurturing financial literacy amongststudents. Its large-scale events areinnovative and meticulously executed.This idea of incorporating a seminar withan amazing race is creative! The schoolstrongly encourages these student-ledinitiatives as it develops our students’leadership capabilities,” commentedAssociate Professor Christina Soh,Associate Dean (Business), NanyangBusiness School.The seminar presents speakers fromOCBC Securities and SGX, who will besharing their insights on various financialtools and risk management strategies.Besides the seminar, the other highlightof the launch event is the ‘Cash Trail’,an “Amazing Race”-styled adrenalin-pumping segment that will see 80 teams,with 3-5 members per team, racing againsttime and battling their wits to completetasks at various checkpoints within theCentral Business District (CBD).Not only do the teams need to be faston the move, they will have to think ontheir feet and make sound buy/sell/holddecisions on various stocks when facedwith simulated fluctuations in the stockindex.“We’ve incorporated ‘Cash Trail’ togetherwith the launch in the hope that amidstlearning about investing through thesharing session, our participants will havethe chance to put to the test what they’llbe learning about risk management andstock selection. More importantly, wehope that our participants will have lotsof fun and enjoy the thrill of the chase!”quipped Mr. Terence Lim, 23, President ofNTU-IIC.“Recognising that our target participantsare tertiary students who are ‘newbies’ ininvesting, we’ll emphasize a fundamentalprinciple in investing – higher (lower) risks,higher (lower) returns – into the games atthe various checkpoints”, added Ms. AmandaGoh, 21, Financial Events Director of NTU-IIC.YIP is a program where students sign up tostart or get themselves prepared for theirinvestment journey. In our next issue, weshall look in greater detail at what YIP has tooffer to all investment guru wannabes!Visit for the latestupdates.Watch out for these attractiveprizes to be won!1st prize: $10002nd prize: $8003rd prize: $50010 consolation prizes of $100 each!Stay tuned to NTU-IIC website for moreupdates on YIP!** All information is correct at time of printbut may be subjected to changes12345QUICK FACTS ON OCBC SECURITIESOCBC offers Server-Based Live Watchlists, and you do not have to face“missing watchlist problem” when you login using different computers.Watchlist functions allows you to customize the list of stock counters thatyou wish to monitor whilst and “Alert Watchlist” enable you to set the pricealert.iOCBC allows you to trade via six regional markets - Singapore, Malaysia,Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.The iOCBC system is designed based on the latest security standard –Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure all sensitive information e.g., passwordand order placement are protected.OCBC Investment Research website provides quality equities research andinformation accessible to the individual investor.WIN! QUICK QUIZ 910 lucky winners will each walk away with a “PARTY WORLDFREE 4 HOUR KTV ROOM” voucher!Answer the questions below and e-mail uif.quiz@ntu-iic.orgDeadline: 17 March 2008.1. When will YIP be launched?2. What is the name of the amazing race?Please set the subject of mail as “Quick Quiz 9” and leave a mobile number.NTU IIC reserves the right to change the prize of the quiz without prior notice.Sign up NOW!Join us at the launch of YIP and get some investing tips at the seminar. Put yourknowledge of risk management and stock selection into test at ‘Cash Trail’ andstand to win attractive prizes! See you there!Registration details on NTU-IIC’s website ( of “QUICK QUIZ 8” - UIF ISSUE 8Congratulations SEE RUI YIN!You have just won a $20 Royal Sporting House Voucher!You will be notified via email soon.UN D E R G R A D UAT E IN V E S T M E N T FO R U MBrought to you

MARCH 10, 2008The nanyang chronicle lifestyle 29through the looking glassStagethe hallsFo o Ch e e Ch a n g & Kyle Le u n gTHE pressure of staging a drama was a challenging experience for everyoneinvolved in the Hall Productions. The performers, who had spent monthsrehearsing, shed their own personalities in favour of colourful charactersthat stretched the breadth of emotion and expression.Drama and the dedication required proved to be a challenge for theseNTU students. In the performing arts, time has to be sacrificed to accomplisha spectacle. Actors and crew alike were passionate about and committed toperfecting their performances during rehearsals - that would ultimatelylead to success on stage.

张 乐 声 : 勤 奋 是 成 功 的 首 要 条 件—— 刊 35 页新 闻新 学 年 学 费 上 调 学 生 反 应 不 一黎 远 漪 ● 报 道学 费 调 整 , 扩 大 了 本新 地 、 永 久 居 民 及 海 外学 生 的 学 费 区 别 , 学 生 反 应不 一 。校 方 上 个 月 所 宣 布 的 学 费调 整 , 除 了 不 会 影 响 在 籍 学生 以 外 , 另 一 大 特 点 就 是 区分 了 , 也 扩 大 了 本 地 学 生 、永 久 居 民 及 外 国 学 生 的 学 费区 别 。本 地 学 生 的 新 学 费 将 上扬 4% 至 $6360, 永 久 居 民 增10%, 达 $7000, 而 海 外 学 生的 新 学 费 则 猛 升 50%, 达 到$9540。为 此 本 报 记 者 采 访 了 数 名学 生 , 发 现 有 人 认 为 合 理 ,有 人 能 够 谅 解 , 也 有 学 生 为此 表 示 不 满 。扩 大 区 别 为 安 抚 民 心会 计 系 二 年 级 的 骆 淑 蕙 在与 外 国 大 学 对 比 后 认 为 这 样的 增 幅 其 实 是 合 理 的 。她 说 :“ 毕 竟 在 国 外 如 澳洲 , 当 地 学 生 与 海 外 学 生 的学 费 区 别 更 为 显 著 。”她 认 为 之 所 以 会 出 现 这 样的 区 别 或 许 也 是 为 了 安 抚 国人 的 心 。生 物 系 二 年 级 生 余 思 林 也有 同 感 。她 说 :“ 虽 然 外 来 人 才 有助 于 我 国 的 发 展 , 但 许 多 国人 还 是 会 觉 得 他 们 的 到 来 ,扩 大 了 竞 争 也 抢 走 了 一 些 饭碗 或 许 当 局 才 会 扩 大 本 地 与海 外 学 生 的 区 别 , 以 便 稳 住民 心 。”海 外 学 生 负 担 加 重而 中 文 系 一 年 级 的 罗 兰 则“ 虽 然 外 来 人 才 有助 于 我 国 的 发 展 ,但 许 多 国 人 还 是会 觉 得 他 们 的 到来 , 扩 大 了 竞 争 也抢 走 了 一 些 饭 碗 ,或 许 当 局 才 会 扩 大本 地 与 海 外 学 生 的区 别 , 以 便 稳 住 民心 。”余 思 林生 物 系 二 年 级为 海 外 学 生 感 到 担 忧 。 她 表示 :“ 外 国 学 生 学 费 猛 增 ,不 知 下 学 期 入 学 的 海 外 新 生能 否 应 付 的 来 。“ 本 地 学 生 或 许 只 需 减 少消 遣 的 费 用 , 但 海 外 学 生 也许 就 需 重 新 考 虑 是 否 有 能 力来 此 就 读 了 。”受 访 的 永 久 居 民 学 生 看 法则 比 较 适 中 。会 计 系 二 年 级 的 马 维 思 认为 这 样 的 做 法 或 许 是 希 望 能促 成 更 多 永 久 居 民 及 外 国 学生 加 入 新 加 坡 国 籍 。而 另 一 名 不 愿 透 露 姓 名 的学 生 则 认 为 :“ 给 予 本 地 学生 较 低 的 学 费 可 能 也 是 希 望本 地 学 生 能 够 留 在 新 加 坡 就读 , 以 避 免 人 才 流 失 。”相 较 于 前 两 者 , 受 访 海 外学 生 的 看 法 则 反 应 不 一 。商 学 系 二 年 级 的 邓 慧 琳 认为 有 关 部 门 扩 大 本 地 及 海 外学 生 学 费 的 做 法 是 可 以 理 解的 。她 觉 得 毕 竟 当 局 还 是 希 望本 地 学 生 能 够 感 受 到 当 局 重视 国 人 利 益 的 程 度 , 而 能 够享 有 较 低 的 学 费 的 确 是 新 加坡 国 民 的 权 利 。环 境 工 程 系 三 年 级 的 邓 安外 籍 学 生 的 新 学 费 猛 升 至 $9540, 虽 然 包 括 杂 费 , 但 还 是 不 小 的 经 济 负 担 。 摄 影 | 韩 伟 定琪 则 认 为 学 费 区 别 过 大 有 欠公 平 。她 表 示 , 学 费 会 有 区 别 是可 以 理 解 的 , 但 是 其 中 的 差距 似 乎 有 些 过 大 , 这 可 能 会减 少 永 久 居 民 及 海 外 学 生 前来 就 读 。学 生 希 望 校 园 设 施与 环 境 能 获 得 提 升针 对 这 次 学 费 上 调 , 在 籍“ 本 地 学 生 或 许 只需 减 少 消 遣 的 费用 , 但 海 外 学 生 也许 就 需 重 新 考 虑 是否 有 能 力 来 此 就 读了 。”罗 兰中 文 系 一 年 级南 大 生 受 访 时 都 表 示 虽 然 对此 多 少 感 到 惊 讶 , 但 毕 竟 调整 未 牵 涉 自 己 , 也 因 而 松 了一 口 气 。然 而 若 自 己 也 被 包 括 在内 , 有 同 学 就 表 示 这 将 不 仅仅 会 给 家 人 带 来 更 大 的 经 济负 担 , 自 己 毕 业 后 也 多 少 需花 上 更 长 的 时 间 偿 还 学 费 贷款 。而 即 将 在 下 学 期 入 学 的 新生 黄 荻 凯 则 表 示 , 学 费 会 上调 是 无 可 厚 非 , 是 能 够 谅 解的 。他 也 认 为 学 费 有 所 提 高 是因 为 许 多 外 在 因 素 所 造 成 。无 论 反 应 如 何 , 所 有 受 访的 学 生 都 希 望 学 费 调 高 后 ,学 校 的 设 施 、 餐 厅 的 食 物 、短 程 巴 士 服 务 及 校 园 的 环 境等 等 , 都 能 够 获 得 进 一 步 的提 升 , 毕 竟 谁 都 希 望 能 “ 物超 所 值 ”。新 闻 背 景校 方 上 个 月 发 布文 告 表 示 将 采 用 新 的调 整 学 费 制 度 调 高 学费 。 今 年 入 学 的 学 生将 不 受 每 年 学 费 调 整的 影 响 , 继 续 缴 付 固定 的 学 费 。 在 籍 学 生将 不 受 这 次 调 整 的 影响 , 学 费 保 持 不 变 。新 学 费 将 会 从 下 学年 起 开 始 实 施 。南 大 学 生 的 学 费 调整 如 下 :本 地 学 生 :$6100 增 至 $6360永 久 居 民 学 生 :$6100 增 至 $7000海 外 学 生 :$6710 增 至 $9540

THE NANYANG CHRONICLE南 大 生 患 血 癌 室 友 不 离 不 弃时 事 动 脉鞠 欣 航 ● 报 道出 生 平 寒 , 有 个 弟 弟他 和 妹 妹 , 都 在 中 国 念高 中 。 母 亲 无 业 在 家 , 父 亲是 一 名 工 厂 的 普 通 工 人 。 但他 却 不 曾 向 命 运 屈 服 , 成 功的 考 取 了 新 加 坡 教 育 部 的 奖学 金 , 成 为 了 村 子 里 六 千 多人 中 , 第 一 个 走 出 中 国 的 大学 本 科 生 。18 岁 的 李 冰 冰 来 自 中 国 河南 义 马 县 , 就 读 于 南 大 机 械与 宇 航 工 程 系 一 年 级 。可 是 在 两 个 星 期 前 , 这名 活 泼 的 南 大 生 的 生 命 有 了180 度 的 转 变 。现 在 , 李 冰 冰 正 躺 在 病 床上 与 白 血 病 一 搏 生 死 。他 被 诊 断 出 患 上 血 癌 ,一 种 白 血 病 细 胞 无 限 制 地 增生 的 恶 性 疾 病 , 现 正 在 新 加坡 国 立 大 学 医 院 接 受 紧 急 治疗 。在 举 目 无 亲 的 异 乡 , 李 冰冰 的 室 友 陈 焕 龙 , 工 程 系 一年 级 学 生 , 犹 如 哥 哥 一 样 照顾 着 他 。陈 焕 龙 在 受 访 时 说 :“ 冰 冰 是 一 个 十 分 聪 明 、韩风吹入鞠 欣 航 ● 报 道南大校园南 大 校 园 出 现 一 群 身在 穿 韩 服 , 笑 容 满 面 的女 生 , 给 闷 热 的 夏 季 带 来 了丝 丝 凉 意 。 由 韩 国 文 化 社(Korean Cultural Club)举 办 的 首 届 韩 国 文 化 展 , 以“ 韩 国 传 统 文 化 ” 为 主 题 ,深 入 浅 出 的 展 出 了 韩 国 的 音乐 、 服 饰 、 饮 食 等 韩 国 文勤 奋 的 孩 子 。 他 平 常 十 分 节省 , 不 舍 得 花 钱 在 自 己 身上 。 节 省 下 来 的 钱 , 几 乎 都汇 给 家 里 , 供 弟 弟 妹 妹 上学 , 让 家 里 过 上 幸 福 的 日子 。”焕 龙 在 他 的 部 落 格 上 写道 , 据 医 生 初 步 检 验 , 李 冰冰 体 内 的 红 血 球 含 量 , 只 有正 常 人 的 40%, 而 骨 髓 中 的癌 细 胞 含 量 , 却 高 达 50%。虽 然 李 冰 冰 饱 受 病 痛 的 煎熬 , 他 仍 然 十 分 坚 强 乐 观 。据 本 报 了 解 , 李 冰 冰 现 在病 情 稳 定 , 治 疗 前 景 比 较 乐观 。 医 院 会 尽 快 开 始 化 疗 ,其 所 需 的 费 用 将 在 3 万 到 4 万新 币 左 右 。记 者 通 过 焕 龙 悉 知 , 南大 的 高 层 领 导 和 国 际 留 学 生中 心 都 对 李 冰 冰 的 情 况 十 分关 心 , 并 多 次 到 医 院 探 访 。南 大 表 示 第 一 疗 程 治 疗 的 费用 , 学 校 会 尽 量 负 担 , 要 李冰 冰 及 家 人 放 心 。 教 师 内 部也 在 准 备 为 李 冰 冰 捐 款 治 疗的 活 动 。记 者 也 到 医 院 探 访 了 冰冰 。 他 告 诉 记 者 说 :“ 我 希望 可 以 继 续 回 南 大 读 书 , 完成 学 业 。 我 很 感 谢 帮 助 我 的南 大 师 生 在 文 化 展 上 穿 上 传 统 韩 国 服 饰 , 拍 照 留 念 。 摄 影 | 沈 丽 芬化 。为 了 使 参 观 者 对 韩 国 文化 有 着 更 深 入 的 理 解 , 文 化展 的 大 型 宣 传 栏 重 点 介 绍 韩国 的 地 理 、 舞 蹈 、 文 化 、 建筑 、 生 活 等 方 面 的 知 识 。 宣传 栏 内 的 精 美 图 片 和 韩 国 小饰 品 , 更 增 加 了 观 展 者 了 解韩 国 文 化 的 兴 趣 。主 办 单 位 也 同 时 展 出 丰 富多 彩 的 韩 国 文 化 知 识 问 答 来增 强 学 生 们 对 韩 国 的 认 识 ,还 播 放 韩 语 电 影 , 让 “ 哈 韩一 族 ” 大 饱 眼 福 。开 朗 乐 观 的 李 冰 冰 患 病 以 来 不 曾 向 病 魔 屈 服 。 照 片 | 陈 焕 龙 提 供人 , 也 希 望 病 好 之 后 , 我 也可 以 去 帮 助 他 们 。”由 于 治 疗 费 用 昂 贵 , 冰 冰的 朋 友 们 正 在 计 划 着 募 捐 活动 。焕 龙 表 示 :“ 如 果 募 捐 活动 由 我 们 个 人 去 做 , 仅 仅 依节 目 总 监 甘 懿 孜 在 受 访 时说 :“ 许 多 学 生 只 了 解 韩 国的 流 行 文 化 , 而 对 传 统 文 化确 知 之 甚 少 。“ 所 以 我 们 要 举 办 这 次活 动 来 向 大 家 介 绍 韩 国 传 统文 化 , 让 大 家 看 到 世 界 的 多样 性 , 从 而 希 望 减 少 韩 国 人和 新 加 坡 人 在 沟 通 上 的 误差 。”来 自 生 物 工 程 二 年 级 的 印尼 学 生 Maria 参 加 了 韩 国 文化 展 后 告 诉 记 者 , 她 非 常 喜欢 这 次 的 展 出 。靠 中 国 学 生 的 捐 献 , 是 远 远不 够 的 。“ 我 们 希 望 学 校 可 以 出面 , 交 给 几 大 社 团 联 合 去做 , 充 分 发 动 新 加 坡 本 地 学生 和 南 大 的 教 授 们 来 帮 助 冰冰 。”“ 我 原 本是 来 陪 朋 友 来参 观 的 。 可 是后 来 , 我 也想 试 一 试 穿韩 服 拍 照 的 感觉 。”她 也 表示 :“ 虽 然 穿韩 服 的 环 节 很有 趣 , 但 是 如果 拍 照 的 背 景再 真 实 一 点 就好 了 。”从 去 年 底就 开 始 筹 备 的 过 程 中 , 韩 国文 化 社 的 学 生 们 面 临 着 极 大的 挑 战 。经 验 不 足 使 准 备 过 程 步 履艰 辛 , 导 致 韩 国 文 化 社 也 无法 在 短 时 间 内 找 到 合 适 的 赞助 商 。 但 种 种 困 难 都 没 有 使学 生 们 退 缩 。来 自 韩 国 文 化 社 的 李 湘 绮透 露 :“ 韩 国 文 化 社 在 五 月会 组 团 到 韩 国 参 观 旅 行 , 希望 可 以 让 更 多 对 韩 国 感 兴 趣的 学 生 得 到 真 实 体 验 韩 国 的机 会 。”新 元 上 周 上 升 到 近 13 年 来的 最 高 水 平 , 一 度 报 1 美 元兑 1.3881 新 元 。国 大 学 生 刊 物 进 行 的 一 项性 调 查 显 示 ,64% 学 生 每周 做 爱 超 过 一 次 , 而 且 大部 分 时 间 没 有 把 宿 舍 的 房门 关 上 。回 教 祈 祷 团 头 目 M a sSelamat bin Kastari 在 2 月 27日 , 下 午 4 点 05 分 , 从 惠 德里 路 拘 留 中 心 逃 走 。 警 方派 出 了 大 量 警 力 去 追 踪 他的 下 落 。 国 际 刑 警 也 发 出了 警 戒 , 呼 吁 其 他 国 家 全力 支 持 追 捕 回 祈 团 头 目 。丹 戎 巴 葛 集 选 区 议 员 马 炎庆 在 国 会 上 表 示 多 年 来的 “ 讲 华 语 运 动 ” 已 经取 得 成 效 , 无 需 再 对 方言 “ 赶 尽 杀 绝 ” , 因 为“ 华 语 可 以 cool, 方 言 不 用枯 ”。万 事 达 卡 的 一 份 调 查 显示 , 在 被 誉 为 亚 太 、 中 东和 非 洲 “ 世 界 主 要 商 业 中心 ” 的 21 个 城 市 中 , 新 加坡 的 商 业 中 心 地 位 受 环 境变 化 影 响 的 可 能 性 属 第 三最 低 。从 3 月 1 日 起 , 所 有 中 央 商业 区 内 的 德 士 将 不 准 随 意在 路 边 载 客 人 。 这 项 新 条例 将 于 每 天 早 上 7 点 到 晚 上10 点 间 实 行 , 星 期 日 和 公共 假 日 除 外 。俄 罗 斯 总 统 选 举 结 束 , 普京 支 持 的 梅 德 韦 杰 夫 当 选俄 国 新 总 统 。韩 国 《 东 亚 日 报 》 报 导 ,韩 国 首 尔 将 禁 止 透 过 校 内的 福 利 商 店 和 自 动 贩 卖机 , 出 售 可 乐 等 汽 水 、 咖啡 、 快 熟 面 及 油 炸 食 品等 , 因 为 这 些 食 物 会 阻 碍青 少 年 的 成 长 发 育 。香 港 财 政 司 司 长 曾 俊 华 透露 , 香 港 今 年 度 财 政 盈 余高 达 1156 亿 港 元 ( 约 207 亿新 元 ), 港 民 将 获 得 “ 红包 ”。韩 国 新 总 统 李 明 博 已 正 式宣 誓 就 任 第 17 届 韩 国 总统 。苏 格 兰 的 医 学 研 究 显 示 ,红 茶 内 含 的 化 学 成 分 具 有类 似 胰 岛 素 的 作 用 , 能 对抗 糖 尿 病 。

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THE NANYANG CHRONICLE北 京 通 讯北 京 的 沙 丁 鱼 罐 头文 / 摄 影 ● 林 安 琪下 班 的 高 峰 时 间 , 是上 它 们 出 没 的 时 候 。 四轮 滚 动 着 铁 罐 , 人 们 拼 了 命地 挤 上 去 后 , 又 没 命 似 地 赶着 下 来 。前 头 师 傅 尽 量 让 能 上 车 的都 上 车 , 因 为 他 知 道 公 交 车( 北 京 的 巴 士 ) 每 靠 站 的 那一 刻 , 他 就 成 了 在 冷 风 中 等候 的 人 们 的 希 望 。后 头 卖 票 员 则 扯 着 嗓 子喊 :“ 往 后 移 一 点 ! 往 后 !你 那 边 不 是 有 位 子 吗 ? 动 一动 吧 ! 我 在 说 您 呢 ! 对 对对 , 往 后 边 移 一 移 !”会 动 的 , 因 为 卖 票 员 会 喊到 你 动 为 止 。 就 算 他 不 喊 ,另 一 批 刚 挤 上 车 的 也 会 逼 着你 往 较 少 人 的 空 间 逃 难 。 背贴 背 、 胸 贴 背 的 情 况 司 空 见惯 , 与 自 家 人 可 能 都 还 没 那么 亲 近 过 。有 卡 的 刷 卡 , 没 卡 的 买票 。 为 了 到 达 目 的 地 , 只 得花 钱 买 难 受 。十 几 分 钟 的 车 程 还 能 忍受 , 一 旦 碰 上 塞 车 , 40 分 钟才 走 五 站 的 时 候 , 师 傅 会 开车 门 让 等 不 及 的 乘 客 下 车 徒步 , 对 他 们 来 说 这 样 可 能 还快 些 、 舒 服 些 。而 在 罐 头 里 , 若 不 开 口 ,是 没 办 法 离 开 的 。 这 是 个 训练 胆 量 的 机 会 。 让 对 方 知 道你 要 什 么 , 希 望 他 怎 么 配合 。“ 下 车 吗 ? 不 下 的 话 换 个位 吧 。” 因 为 已 经 没 有 多 余的 空 位 让 人 移 动 了 , 只 得 通过 交 换 本 来 站 立 的 位 子 来 接近 出 口 。交 换 的 过 程 中 , 免 不 得 也挤 得 四 周 人 难 受 。 这 时 动 作一 定 要 快 , 不 能 犹 豫 , 因 为太 挤 了 , 挤 得 脾 气 很 容 易 就上 来 。“ 别 再 挤 了 !” 人 堆 中 常常 就 这 么 冒 出 这 类 话 -- 急促 , 懊 恼 。一 开 始 会 很 怕 开 口 , 也 会非 常 在 意 别 人 的 反 应 。后 来 发 现 , 其 实 一 切 都 是例 行 的 程 序 。 如 果 不 入 乡 随俗 , 就 别 想 混 得 容 易 。 如 果说 话 引 不 起 别 人 注 意 , 就 得一 直 留 在 罐 头 里 。挤 就 挤 吧 , 挤 出 一 条 供 自己 呼 吸 的 路 , 然 后 下 车 。作 者 是 本 报 前 中 文 总 编 辑 , 正 在 北 京参 与 实 习 计 划 。台 北 通 讯“ 鼠 ” 光 照 亮 台 北文 / 摄 影 ● 黄 思 琳 、 王 翊 颀赴 他 乡 参 加 交 换 生 计 划 , 在 台 北 寒 冷 的 冬 季 度 过远 了 不 一 样 的 农 历 新 年 。 在 异 乡 求 学 生 涯 固 然 孤 单寂 寞 , 但 台 湾 人 热 情 好 客 的 本 性 让 我 们 感 到 格 外 温 暖 。36 个 锣 鼓 声 响 代 表 着 人 们 对 新 的一 年 的 希 望 。老 鼠 的 亲 戚 Hamtaro 一 家 也 来 向 大家 拜 年 。长 达 9 天 的 台 北 灯 节 当 然总 少 不 了 鼠 先 生 和 鼠 小 姐的 踪 迹 。作 者 是 传 播 系 学 生 , 正 在 台湾 国 立 政 治 大 学 参 与 交 换 生计 划 。娱 乐罗 雪 俐 ● 报 道照 片 | 华 纳 音 乐 提 供不需理由的浪漫二 届 《 绝 对 Superstar》 总 冠 军第 陈 世 维 坦 言 自 己 还 不 能 当 女 性心 目 中 的 理 想 情 人 , 但 自 认 是 个 浪 漫的 男 人 。刚 发 行 个 人 首 张 专 辑 《 不 需 理 由 》的 世 维 在 最 近 一 期 的 Cleo 杂 志 中 被选 为 钻 石 单 身 汉 (50 Most EligibleBachelors) 之 一 。 对 此 , 他 在 电 访 中 透 露 自 己和 女 生 约 会 时 , 一 定 会 让 女 生 感 到 非 常 幸 福 。陈 世 维 认 为 自 己 获 选 的 原 因 在 于 自 己 正 处 于适 合 交 往 的 年 龄 , 平 时 又 喜 欢 运 动 , 锻 炼 出 好身 材 , 这 应 该 是 吸 引 女 生 的 关 键 。他 透 露 , 自 己 的 理 想 情 人 基 本 上 要 体 贴 , 还要 在 适 当 时 做 个 小 女 人 。 样 貌 方 面 , 世 维 说 自己 看 了 顺 眼 就 好 , 能 和 她 勾 通 最 重 要 。专 辑 里 的 歌 曲 大 多 以 爱 情 为 主 题 , 其 中 世 维亲 自 谱 曲 填 词 的 快 歌 《 不 属 于 我 》 更 显 示 出 世维 浪 漫 温 柔 却 又 潇 洒 的 一 面 。世 维 说 整 张 专 辑 的 风 格 与 他 的 个 性 很 接 近 ,想 给 人 一 种 随 性 , 自 然 和 开 放 的 感 觉 。对 于 外 界 会 拿 他 和 第 一 届 《 绝 》 总 冠 军 陈伟 联 相 比 , 世 维 说 :“ 始 终 我 们 两 个 的 风 格 都不 一 样 , 所 以 怎 么 比 都 是 不 一 样 的 结 果 还 有 效果 。”虽 然 这 会 带 给 他 一 点 压 力 , 但 世 维 觉 得 只 要尽 了 力 就 足 够 了 。从 义 安 理 工 学 院 银 行 与 金 融 系 毕 业 的 世 维说 , 如 果 不 当 歌 手 他 想 要 回 到 学 校 去 进 修 。 闲暇 之 余 , 他 喜 欢 把 时 间 花 在 家 人 和 朋 友 身 上 。从 参 加 比 赛 到 发 行 专 辑 , 世 维 也 在 生 活 上 作 了调 整 , 不 但 少 外 出 , 即 使 外 出 , 也 会 更 注 意 自己 的 形 象 。如 果 有 机 会 , 世 维 不 排 除 往 其 他 领 域 发 展 。但 正 在 努 力 学 钢 琴 的 他 还 是 会 把 重 心 放 在 音 乐上 。 目 前 除 了 忙 着 宣 传 专 辑 , 世 维 也 在 努 力 地写 歌 。至 于 会 不 会 随 着 第 一 届 《 绝 》 陈 伟 联 和 潘 嘉丽 的 脚 步 把 自 己 的 音 乐 带 出 新 加 坡 , 世 维 说 还有 待 公 司 的 安 排 。乐 评陈 诗 珈专 辑 :《 不 需 理 由 》歌 手 : 陈 世 维推 荐 :《 遗 落 》、《 明 天 我 不 会 依 然爱 你 》待 已 久 , 第 二 届期 《 绝 对 Superstar》冠 军 陈 世 维 推 出 了 首 张 专辑 《 不 需 理 由 》。专 辑 曲 风 以 抒 情 情 歌 为主 。 但 激 情 澎 湃 的 歌 如 专辑 主 打 《 不 需 理 由 》 也 带有 一 点 点 的 摇 滚 野 性 , 使听 者 情 绪 沸 腾 。《 遗 落 》 在 陈 世 维 富有 感 情 的 诠 释 下 , 加 深 了整 首 歌 的 感 动 度 。 望 着 天空 满 天 星 斗 , 今 后 各 奔 东西 , 难 道 心 中 痛 楚 会 随 着满 天 繁 星 逝 去 , 就 此 结束 , 不 会 牵 挂 吗 ?种 种 画 面 会 随 着 歌 曲 的旋 律 与 歌 词 出 现 在 你 的 脑海 里 , 是 首 贴 近 人 心 的 情歌 。《 明 天 我 不 会 依 然 爱 你 》这 首 歌 的 旋 律 简 单 、 轻 快 ,让 你 不 经 意 地 随 着 音 乐 摆动 。 恋 爱 中 的 男 女 听 了 这 首歌 , 可 能 会 反 省 自 己 是 否 在恋 爱 时 自 我 为 中 心 了 , 从 来没 有 顾 虑 到 另 一 半 的 需 要 。可 惜 , 专 辑 也 有 不 足 的 地方 。 陈 世 维 的 歌 声 似 乎 只 适合 诠 释 某 些 类 型 的 歌 曲 。例 如 主 打 歌 《 不 》 中 几句 的 拉 音 的 处 理 似 乎 有 点 不自 然 , 让 歌 词 唱 起 来 有 些 扭捏 , 没 有 发 挥 到 他 声 音 的 优点 。

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Opinion“After all, it is in giving that we receive - always andinevitably.” Page 38EDITORIALPleading to be heardMore than a month ago thisnewspaper broke the news on theStudent Affairs Office (SAO)’sproposal to introduce triplerooms to help fulfil the demandfor accommodation on campus.The SAO has since confirmedthe proposal in a story publishedin the Tribune last week. Morerecently the office had set upshowrooms in Halls 13 and 14with two different layouts ofthe proposed triple rooms togather feedback on students’preferences.But recent developments—such as the protest group set up onFacebook, the negative responsesswarming the Union’s expressionboards, the counterproposal tobe made by student leaders ofthe 16 halls—suggest that manystudents do not want to live intriple rooms.We have heard the argumentsfrom both sides: the problem ofshortage of rooms is real andthe SAO wants to help studentswho cannot get a room; currentresidents, however, do not wantto stay in a triple room—andmany of them do not seem tocare whether or not those on thewaiting list get a room.While it is clear that thechief editorLin JunjieManaging editorLin Xinyisub-editorsNatasha Ann ZachariahPhilip LimTan Mingxiong DannyValerie Toh Ser YiNews editorsCheryl OngEmma LimLifestyle editorsAw Hui MinEstelle LowReviews editorRachael Boontech editorLim Yan LiangChinese editorsHan WeidingSong Huichunopinion editorsHuynh Kim PhongVo Van HungTHE NANYANGCHRONICLEsports editorsFabian NgTan Jinhelayout editorsGerald TanImran JalalSharon Hiuphoto editorsChen Wei LiKuan Jie WeiTan Zi Jiegraphics editorLong FanWEB editorAlan Tan Yu ShyangbusinessmanagersLee Yi Ling EileenTeo Xin Wen JeanToh Zong RongproductionsupportNg Heng GheeTeacher advisorsAndrew DuffyBen NadarajanJaved NazirXu XiaogeSAO has the best interests of allstudents at heart, there should beno doubt as to the unpopularityof triple rooms among moststudents. Should the proposalcontinue to be put into effect inspite of the opposition, the endresult might be an ironic andwasteful one: residents mightjust end up shunning theserooms and hall accommodationaltogether.The proposal may well bethe best solution now, even ifit is unpopular. But it would bea shame if students felt theirvoice was not heard—especiallywhen this time it is such a loudvoice.The SAO had made clearthat it welcomes inputs fromstudents on the proposal. Butthat has not stopped studentsfrom questioning if their inputswould make any difference.The office, of course, is notrequired to consult students tomake any decision, but doingso would be for the good ofthe University. It is great thatthe SAO has made the firststep to solicit feedback fromstudents. Now the next step willbe to show students that theirfeedback is taken seriously.A students’ newspaper published by theWee Kim Wee School of Communicationand Information (WKWSCI)Nanyang Technological University31 Nanyang Link, Singapore 637718Tel: 6790 6446Unsigned editorials represent the majorityview of the editorial board of The Chronicleand do not necessarily reflect the policies orviews of Nanyang Technological University,its employees, the students or the Council ofthe University.Signed opinion columns, letters and editorialcartoons represent the opinion of the writeror artist and are not necessarily those of TheChronicle.Printed by KHL Printing Co. Pte Ltd,57 Loyang Drive, Singapore 508968WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOUNews Hotline: 6790 6446Letters: include your full name,contact number, faculty and yearof study.frankly, my dearA column by The Chronicle editors on issues close to their heartsHey, extreme!Vo Va n Hu n go p i n i o n e d i t o rRecently, the Chinesenews media reported thatan environmentallyconsciousgirl in Chinacalled her father “acriminal” because his companymanufactured disposablechopsticks, which are consideredharmful to the environment.Imagine my incredulity when Ifirst came across this piece of news.Apart from causing anguish forher father, the girl’s harsh remarkis also unlikely to help advanceher case for environmentalism.Frankly, I was appalled.Perhaps it is just me, butI have always had a problemwith people such as overzealousenvironmentalists, some of whomare even more insensitive thanthis girl.For one, these so-calledfriends-of-the-Earth seem poisedto dismiss anything that reeks ofplastic as evil. In fact, a numberof these environmentalists evengo as far as attacking enterprisesin logging, skiing and geneticresearch. Thanks to their recklessactions, damage worth millions ofdollars has been inflicted, all in thename of environmentalism.The justifiability of their actionsremains hugely questionable.Granted, doubt could be cast uponJapan’s claim that the whales itcatches are merely for scientificresearch.Still, this did not, in anyway, make it acceptable forenvironmentalists such as membersof the militant Sea Shepherdgroup to hurl stinging acid ontoa Japanese whaling ship and,in so doing, injure three crewmembers. After all, it is ironic thata group with so much compassionfor whales could commit suchatrocious acts against fellowhuman beings.Not surprisingly, the FBI callsthese so-called environmentalistseco-terrorists, a name that speaksvolumes about their likeability.Violent and creepy, they have beenimmensely successful in givingtheir cause a bad name.Needless tosay, the presence of such extremepeople is downright petrifying,especially since most of themseem to revel in imposing theirbelief upon us and remain averseto alternative ideas. How I long fora day when they all give up theirextreme stance, or just disappearfrom my life!Fat chance, really. For I haverealised, after a while, just howconvenient it is to be extreme.After all, given their unrestrainedenthusiasm, these people do lookgood, especially at first glance,in an age where passion is all therage. Policy-makers who are notused to pondering upon both sidesof an issue will love them, too.Didn’t President Truman once askfor a one-armed economics adviserwho would never utter the phrase“On the other hand”?Beware whendealing with evillest you becomeevil yourselfBetter still, when people startaccusing them of their irrationality,these overzealous people can stillmassage their ego thinking that itis all about “us versus the rest” – athought that makes them appearso glorious, or so they fantasize.In fact, even before some of themfinish reading this very article,they may have jumped to theconclusion that I am just a middleof-the-roadwimp who sits on thefence and dare not stand up foranything.Such, it has dawned on me, isthe lure of being extreme that weshould, sooner or later, banish anyGRAPHIC | NELSON YEOthought of avoiding encounterswith extreme people in our life.They are here to stay, much to mydismay. All I could offer, perhaps,is a piece of advice for those whoshare the same sentiment withme.When you encounter extremepeople who are about to tell youabout their worthy cause, try yourbest to resist the temptation torationalise with them. After all,if these people were convinced soeasily by alternative ideas, theywould not be extreme in the firstplace. It is better, instead, to tellyourself that you are just in for freeentertainment, which is preciselywhat most of their ridiculouslyone-sided speeches seem to meThere is also another approach,to be adopted only if you have,like me, had a surfeit of freeentertainment from extremepeople in your life.It entails launching into anextremely awful tirade againstthem. I assure you that extremebehaviour is scary even to the mostextreme souls on Earth.It is important, however, toguard against a pitfall. Chancesare, you may relish bashingextreme people so much that youbecome just like them. Please pityme - this is precisely how I feel atthe moment, having written withsuch zeal about extreme people.As the adage goes, bewarewhen dealing with evil lest youturn into evil yourself. Indeed.

38opinionMARCH 10, 2008The nanyang chronicleAltruism that packs rewardsEveryone loves doinggood deeds andvolunteerism is nowno longer bound tothe orphanage nearyour home. Overseascommunity projects areon the increase. QuahChin Chin finds out thereasons behind this trendVoluntourism—no, that isnot a spelling error; it is aword that has been makingwaves since newspaper reportssurfaced that youths in Singaporeare increasingly going overseasfor charity work.For instance, a check withSingapore’s Youth ExpeditionProject (YEP)—a programme bythe National Youth Council toencourage volunteerism amongyouths—website showed that sinceits inception in 2000, the numberof overseas community projects ithas supported has risen steadily.Ironically, however, the reportssay that those who volunteeroverseas hesitate when it comes tospreading charity in Singapore.This begs the question: Aresuch expeditions truly motivatedby altruism or selfish reasons,specifically, a desire to visit a newplace in the name of charity, orto gain an experience that wouldlook good on one’s resume?A debate was sparked off inthe press last year, with manycritics doubting the motives ofthese volunteers. They argue thatwhile Singapore may be well-offcompared with most neighbouringcountries, there is still plenty ofroom for charity here.Indeed, there is—but mostchar itable organisat ions inSingapore are arguably bettertaken care of, especially in terms offunding. For example, the NationalVolunteer and PhilanthropyCentre, a non-governmentorganisation that comprises nonprofitorganisations, companies,and public sector bodies to fosterphilanthropy in Singapore, receivesfunding from the Ministry ofCommunity Development, Youthand Sports.Also, every so often, the plightof less privileged individuals orhomes is highlighted by the media,often resulting in generous helpfrom the public.An example is the popular RenCi charity programme aired onChannel U, which was rated thenumber one television programmein Singapore in March last yearby market research firm TaylorNelson Sofres.A nd let’s not forget t he“corporate social responsibility”that has lately become thebuzzword for companies, manyof which “adopt” a charity.The same cannot be said forsuch countries as Vietnam, thePhilippines, or India, just to namea few. Slum areas and villagesabound and they receive little orno support from the governmentor other organisations.Not surprisingly, availablehelp centres are often run down,understaffed and lack basicamenities. Hence, is there a needfor us young people to go all theway from Singapore to theseprovinces to build a toilet forthe villagers, install fluorescentlights and ceiling fans in theirclassrooms, or even teach the ruralchildren about oral hygiene?I say yes to overseasvolunteering, because I feel itreally does make an impact onthem—especially if the changesHere , we oftentake simple thingslike clean wateror electricity forgranted; yet, theseare things that ourpeers - just a fewhours’ flight away -do without but arenot complainingabout it.brought about are sustainable, suchas education or the installation ofbasic amenities.A good sanitary system, forinstance, makes a differencebetween the onslaught of waterbornediseases such as cholera,and the lack of them.Similarly, providing schoolswith computers and impartingthe know-how to the students willgo a long way in helping themprogress technologically.I would also like to believethat overseas expeditions dostem from altruism from theparticipants.Community service projects,especially those that last for twoweeks or more, usually requiremonths of preparation, from theproposal stage right up untilthe physical and psychologicaltraining in the final days prior totravelling.For a volunteer to be fullycommitted to the project, he/she must firmly believe in itscause; only then will he/sheexpend much time and energyinto organising the expedition.While overseas projects maybe born out of altruism, they oftencome with intangible rewardsthat go beyond any monetary orresume-enhancing value.Such trips can alter one’sperspectives and even attitudestowards life in ways that theparticipants had never expectedit to.A team of 18 members, myselfincluded, carried out a communityservice project to Vietnam abouta year ago, and came away withmany life’s lessons, such aslearning to be satisfied with ourcampus facilities and to try tocease complaining about thingsthat we perceive are lacking.In addition to teaching basichygiene to rural children in aprimary school in a village inHatay province, we interactedwith students in a universityin Hanoi, the capital city ofVietnam.We found, to our utter dismay,that each student shares his/herrooms with nine other friends.Their study “table” is merely afoldable piece of wood the size ofan A2 sheet of paper, which can beopened up whenever necessary.Their clothes, meanwhile, areall stashed inside a metal boxbarely one-tenth the size of thewooden cupboard in NTU Hall12. It was a rude shock for us,many of whom were embarkingon an overseas expedition forthe first time. We found it hardto imagine us living our life theway they were.While there maybe things we can“teach” our fellowbeneficiaries,they do teach usmuch more, evenif we started outwithout expectinganything in return.It was also the first time inmy life that I had a glimpse ofwhat poverty—and accepting one’ssituation—could actually mean,and it is something I honestlydoubt I could have learnt inSingapore.Here, we often take simplethings like clean water orGRAPHIC | FIRDIANA FAWZIRelectricity for granted; yet, theseare things that our peers—justa few hours’ flight away— dowithout but are not complainingabout it.In a similar vein, accusationsthat overseas volunteers havea smug superiority, wrappedup in the notion that we, froma richer nation, can teach theunderprivileged from a poorercountry a thing or two, are alsounfounded.Yes, our ability to help is perhapsdue to better financial resources ortechnological advancement, butonce there, the tables are turned.Our eyes are opened to manythings that may have been unheardof in our sheltered cocoon inSingapore.One example would be the plightof victims of Agent Orange – agenetic disease—inducing chemicalused by the Americans during theVietnam War, which, three decadeson, is still adversely affectinggenerations of Vietnamese.We, as foreigners in thecountry, also have to adapt to ourhosts’ culture and ways of life.This again imparts to usinvaluable lessons such as respect,humility and sincerity.More often than not, the changein environment also lets us reflecton our lives back home, leadingus to appreciate a calmer, slowerpacedlife.So, wh i le t here may bethings we can “teach” our fellowbeneficiaries, they do teach usmuch more, even if we startedout without expecting anythingin return.After all, it is in giving that wereceive—always and inevitably.

THE NANYANG CHRONICLELooking beyond the sloppy attireI REFER to the article titled ‘Sloppy,the new chic?’ in the opinion sectionof volume 14 issue 8 of theNanyang Chronicle.I am disappointed about thewriter’s discussion on such atrivial and irrelevant matter. Iagree that it is an opinion columnfor a reason.However, this does not give thewriter the right to target peoplewho opt for a more casual styleof dressing. I personally believenot everyone in school is thatconcerned about clothing.It is obvious that manyengineering students are wearingwhat the author claims to be‘sloppy’. Yet, they are not doingso without a reason.Wit h a t i metable for a naverage of 8 modules per semester,not all students would think of“hiding insecurities” throughtheir clothing. To be honest, Ithink that doing so is extremelysuperficial and ridiculous.T h e pr i m a r y go a l of auniversity student is to excel inacademics and develop his orher character. Even Calvin Kleinwould agree that intellect andcharisma are not contingent onnice clothing.The writer might have beenright in his observations aboutdressing in NTU. However, a morethorough analysis would haveindicated that style of dressing isa matter of choice and a form ofpersonal expression. Not everyoneis obliged to express themselvesin a manner acceptable to all.I WOULD like to express myviews on NTU’s plan to convertcertain rooms into triple-sharingrooms from the next academicyear onwards. While I agree thattriple-sharing rooms will help tobetter cater to NTU students’ risingdemand for accommodation, Iwish to object on the followinggrounds.Firstly, I believe more peoplewill be using such facilities likewashing machines, kitchens, andtoilets.Furthermore, there willprobably be much more quarrelsamong roommates. After all, it isrelatively hard to get along wellwith two roommates, especiallyif we are from different countriesand cultures.One may argue that havingthree people stay in one room willenable them to foster bonds anddevelop a better understanding ofother cultures.However, relationships arefar more complicated than that.It is a University after all andconformity is not something thatis so much encouraged.I believe there are moreimportant things to consider likethe increasing apathy of studentsaround the world towards currentaffairs.After all, while there are thosewho see a much bigger picture ofthis world such as the everydayVOLUME 14, ISSUE 8struggles people undertake to getthrough their education, there area lot more others who are blindedby their desires and obsession. Thearticle has clearly proven that.Lokesh AnandMechanical and AerospaceEngineeringYear 4Triple-sharing rooms nota blessing in disguiseDifferences are still differences.And there are some people who areunwilling to change themselvesfor the sake of others. As a result,hall offices are likely to have ahard time dealing with emails ofcomplaint from residents.Security poses yet anotherproblem.At the moment, there are stillsuch cases as underwear theftsin a lot of halls. I just lost minetwo weeks ago and I know manyothers who lost theirs too. Theschool should focus more onbeefing up security rather thantrying to put more people inhalls.At present, I think virtuallyall students in universitiesthroughout the world want tostay in a hostel because it offersthem far greater convenience andis much more affordable too.However, the school does nothave to be responsible for everystudent.It is fine if not all studentscan secure a room in halls.Consider the case of theNational University of Singapore(NUS).After their second year, NUSundergraduates are required tomove out so that the freshmencan have a room in the NUShostel.I suggest that perhaps NTUshould adopt measures tohelp students find off-campusaccommodation.The school should liaisewith accommodation owners toprovide rooms at reasonable ratesfor students.This is a considerably betterway to address the problem athand. It will help to alleviate theshortage of accommodation inNTU without compromising thecomfort of hall residents.Duong Cam TuCommunication StudiesYear 3 ”““””TEXT | VO VAN HUNG, PHOTOS | KUAN JIE WEI

40opinionMARCH 10, 2008The nanyang chronicleBondless for more successBonded scholarships areincreasingly a thing ofthe past, as governmentsand organisations areseeing the merits ofbond-free ones. CereliaLim offers her viewIt is that time of the yearagain—the A-level resultshave been released andalready, copies of Scholars’Choice have hit the newsstands.Scholarships allow talentedstudents to continue their studieswithout worrying about the costof education.In addition, scholarships areprestigious and support academicexcellence.Singapore’s education systemwas revamped in the 1970s to bebased on merit.That is to say, success is notby any means dependant on yoursocioeconomic status but purelyon your ability.During that very same period,the idea of offering overseasscholarships was mooted toprovide our most intellectuallycapable and gifted students withan opportunity to study at someof the finest universities abroad.It was naturally expectedthat these students will serve thesponsoring organisation upontheir graduation. Very often,these students were more thanhappy to do so as they foresaw apromising academic and careerpath laid in front of them.However, since the 1990s,there have been reports of studentswanting to break their bonds.For example, in July 2004,Chen Jiahao, a former PublicSer vice Commission scholar,broke his bond after studyingoverseas for two years.Suddenly, it seems the naturalexpectation of ser ving yoursponsoring organisation is notthat natural after all.This begs the question: willa bond-free scholarship be morebeneficial to our society?In many western countries,like the US, most scholarshipsare bondless.A good example would be theRhodes scholarship, which enablescapable students from territoriesunder British rule to study at theUniversity of Oxford.As long as the student has theability, his or her education willbe sponsored by the organisationand no repayment of any form isexpected.The result of this system isthat it fosters a spirit of loyaltyand a desire to give back to thesponsoring organisation, if notthe society.This, in turn, leads to theoffer of additional scholarships,benefiting more students.Here in NTU, we have twoscholarships that are bond-free,namely the Singapore MillenniumFoundation Ltd (SMT) Scholarshipand the Tan Kah Kee postgraduateScholarship. Both scholarshipsare awarded to students of allnationalities at the postgraduatelevel.The man on the streetGRAPHIC | JANELL HOONGmight resent the thought of aninternational student receiving abond-free scholarship. Still, it isextremely important that we haveto look beyond the issue of dollarsand cents in this situation.After all, these scholarshipsare given to the most deservingstudents from their homeland. Thescholarship providers probablyhope that upon graduation, thesestudents will decide to stay on inSingapore and contribute to ourieconomy.There are many methods wecan employ to achieve practicallythe same goal. However, themethod that produces the leastresistance with the most returnswill, more often than not, haveterms that honour the recepient’sfree will.As an illustration, compare theworkmanship of a carpenter heldin captivity, forced to producearticles against his will, andthat of another carpenter whoproduces articles from his heart.Clearly, the latter should be heldin higher regard compared to theformer.There is no guarantee thatall students who receive bondfreescholarships will stay on inSingapore but this is by far oneof the best methods of retainingand grooming talent.The success of Silicon Valleywas not the work of Americansalone.Rather, it took many hands ofdifferent nationalities and racesworking together to make it aplace that attracts the best andthe most talented people aroundthe globe.If Singapore wants to becomea hub in Asia that attracts andretains the best, it cannot affordto be seen as stingy. Bond-freescholarships are just the tip ofwhat the government can use toportray a “generous” image.

THE NANYANG CHRONICLERams to the slaughterKE N N E T H CH E WA TEAM like Arsenal’s unbeaten‘invincibles’ comes around oncein a blue moon, while you wouldbe hard pressed to find anotherteam as hapless as Derby Countythis season.Their woeful performanceshave led many to question oncemore the widening gulf betweenthe big guns and minnows of theEnglish Premier League (EPL).With 10 matches left to go, theRams have only just secured their10th point, and along with it theirfirst clean sheet in an amazing 21matches in their last match againstSunderland.Derby are well on track. Wellon track indeed to be the worstteam in the history of the EPL.But was the writing on the wallall along? Their list of summersignings contained a who’s who ofPremiership rejects. From the likesof £3.5 million club record signingand bench-warming extraordinaireRobert Earnshaw, to wingbackTyrone Mears, who failed to makethe cut at West Ham.Despite this, Derby supportershoped fervently for an emulationof Reading’s dream debut lastseason. How wrong they were!After a decent start, with adraw in their opening game, hopescrashed once they suffered onehumiliating defeat after another.4-0 to Tottenham, whilemercilessly hit for 5 at Arsenal andWest Ham. Even Liverpool, whichhas a penchant for strugglingagainst weaker teams like thecooks and bus drivers of Havant& Waterlooville, thrashed them6-0.Manager Billy Davies would paythe price for six points in 14 gamesand a horrendous goal differenceas he was unceremoniously giventhe boot less than midway throughthe season.Respected former Wigan bossPaul Jewell was then appointed,but by now what the club neededwas divine intervention, and nota new boss.Jewell brought in an array ofhas-beens and unknowns, but thelikes of mercurial French wingerLaurent Robert, and ManchesterUnited flop Roy Carroll have seenbetter days. The much-neededinfusion of quality was too little,too late.In truth, only a miracle couldsave their top flight status. Derbyhad redefined the term “no hopers”,GOING DOWN: Derby seems doomed to relegation from the EPL. PHOTO | INTERNETthey were so far adrift from safety,the depths the Rams had sunkto was a new low.Their dreadful performancesthis season has led even Jewell toexclaim: “I’m not going to namethem individually but as a groupof players, we’re all responsible– it was disgraceful.”Instead of brave David versusGoliath styled upsets, what theRams have shown this seasonseem to be akin sending helplesslambs to the slaughter. England’s Jonny Wilkinsondescribes his winning playagainst France in Rugby’sSix Nations Tournament.Sunderland manager RoyKeane gets tired of LiamMiller’s excuses for turningup late to trainingBrand new stage, brand new games?TH O M A S LU F FIN THE past it was simple: thebest club football was played inEurope, the best basketball andbaseball in America, and so on.Now, though, it seems that everymajor league wants to go global.This means no longer wouldcompetitions feature teams fromwithin one nation when it canpotentially reach out to the wholeworld.The EPL has already announcedcontroversial plans to play outsideof England for one game a season.The NBA commissioner has statedhe is looking into setting up fiveteams in Europe and the NFL hasalready tried and failed to startup in Europe.The idea to expand leaguesabroad has been met by mixedreactions from fans. Some see itas a means for the league ownersto make money, while others thinkthe leagues need to do it to reachtheir global markets to remainsuccessful.However you look at it, someof the complaints offered byEnglish fans are simple-minded,complaining that a league wheremany teams are owned by richAmericans and Russians, run byforeign managers, and played bytop class foreign talent could loseits Englishness. With this levelof globalisation in the leaguealready, it seems hard to fathomwhy any fan would argue that itcould lose its Englishness.More seriously, though, it is notjust some fans who hate the ideaof foreign leagues entertainingon new turf. Existing leagueswithin the proposed countriesare extremely opposed to it.The Euroleague which is the topEuropean basketball league, hasalways looked to distance itselffrom the NBA, going as far asto ban any of its teams fromcompeting against an NBA team.To add to this conflict, NBAcommissioner David Stern hasmade it clear any European teamwould be started from the bottomup rather than by absorbing anyexisting European teams.The NFL took the sameapproach, forming an Europeanleague called the NFL EuropaLeague, but repeatedly failingon many levels. It ran for aperiod of 16 years (including atwo year hiatus). The teams thatcompeted in the league were oftenunderfunded and lacked basicfacilities. The London Monarchshad a pitch of only 93 yards whena standard NFL pitch is 120.GRAPHIC | LONG FANThe league’s attendance wasalso appalling, with the averagebeing around 20,000 fans pergame. In its final season theleague lost some US$30million(S$42million). It did attract onefamous name, though. DwainChambers, after being bannedfrom Athletics for steroid abuse,went to the league. He wasaccepted into the ranks as aplayer for the Hamburg Sea Devilsafter a training camp selectionprocess but was open to extradrugs testing because of hispast. Overall, Chambers was apoor player and suffered a stressfracture in his foot in his onlyseason, which left him on thebench for part of the season.Whether these new leagueswill become reality or not, manyAmerican leagues have taken babysteps toward international status.Every major American sport (icehockey, basketball, baseball andAmerican football) has playedgames outside of America, butso far only American footballand ice hockey have playedregular season games outside ofAmerica.It will be interesting to seewhat happens if the leagues goahead. Will the Manchester derbyreally have the same impact inSydney? I think not. Will Shaqbe willing to play basketball inMoscow? I think not. Will a newNFL league let Dwain Chambersplay American football again? Ihope not!GRAPHIC | LONG FANArsenal’s Eduardo daSilva(above) after hishorrific leg breakBoxer Clinton Woods onhow he became the IBFLight Heavyweight WorldChampion.Chelsea boss Avram Grantafter John Terry recoversahead of schedule fromanother injury again.

42sportsMARCH 10, 2008The nanyang chronicleYouth Olympics: Should Singapore have won the bid?Terence Leesports talkTHIS may sound unpatriotic, butI’ll say it anyway: should Moscowhave won the right to host theYouth Olympics in 2010 instead?The media has touted it aDavid versus Goliath matchup,pitting young and tiny Singaporeagainst experienced and establishedMoscow. It is like Norwich versusChelsea for FA Cup supremacy,one side technically superior to theother.By all accounts, Moscow hada superior bid. Moscow has hostedmore than 100 international sportschampionships in the past 25 years,including the 1980 Olympics.Unlike Singapore, they alreadyhad existing sporting venues and anOlympic Village ready, maintainedsince 1980 in anticipation of asecond hosting of the Olympics.In fact, they had scored higherin the International OlympicCommittee (IOC) evaluation report,with a score of 7.5 to 8.5 as comparedto Singapore’s 7.4 to 7.9.Sports is a way of life in Moscow,and Russia is among the top medalwinners in the Olympics.What does Singapore have toshow in its medal cabinet?Furthermore, endorsementsfrom the likes of tennis championsMaria Sharapova and NovakDjokovic would have been thoughtto strongly boost Moscow’s chancesof hosting the Youth Olympics.Therefore you can imaginewhat was going on in the mindsof the IOC members when it wastheir turn to cast their votes. It wasreality TV at its best, the sportingversion of World Idol, with theresults announced live and beamedaround the world.The energy level at the Padangwas incredible. The David versusGoliath struggle was reaching itsclimax.As I was seated in the stands, agroup of middle-aged supporters,all decked in red, stood in frontof me. They were waving theSingapore flag and dancing to thebeat of the samba drums.One of them, an Indian man,looked in my direction and exhortedus to join along. He shouted,waving his hands, beckoning usto be more enthusiastic.“Come on!” he shouted to us,and his middle-aged friends joinedin the chorus.It wasn’t long before ourattention was diverted to thegigantic screen next to the mainstage, where the live telecast of theresults was being broadcasted.When the time came for theannouncement, the crowds gaspedand held their collective breathwhen the envelope was handed toIOC president Jacques Rogge.The tension was unbearable,and all eyes glued to the screen.“The International OlympicCommittee has the honour ofannouncing that the firstSummer Youth Olympic Gamesin 2010 is awarded to the city of– Singapore.”The crowds erupted in cheers.Streamers burst forth from thetop of Old Parliament House, arelease that signalled both reliefand euphoria. David had slainGoliath, with Singapore winningan improbable battle to host thefirst ever Youth Olympics.While it may seem like Singaporehad beaten insurmountable odds,perhaps things were not as theyseemed to be.You see, somet i me s t heunderdog does have its day.READY, GET SET, GO: Singapore prepares a world stage for sports. PHOTO | COURTESYYes, Singapore does not havean excellent sporting culture,but it is a vibrant young nation.Singapore has never hosted theOlympic Games, but it’s small sizedoes not limit its competence.Singapore’s bid in terms oftechnical excellence and youthinvolvement may not be superiorto Moscow’s, but it has alwayspunched aboved its weight.Singapore’s Youth Olympics bidcommittee played their cards rightwhen they presented Singapore asbeing a small, youthful city thatwill benefit tremendously fromhosting the Youth Olympics. It wasa stroke of genius indeed.As the euphoria fades, the realtest begins. There is no doubt thatSingapore had mounted an excellentbid, but now it needs to prove itself aworthy host, and set a high standardfor future Youth Olympics.10 Pairs of The OrphanagePreview Tickets up for grabs!The Nanyang Chronicle brings you free movie treats from UIP!The Orphanage centers on a Laura (Belén Rueda) whopurchases her beloved childhood orphanage with dreams ofrestoring and reopening the long abandoned facility as a placefor disabled children. Once there, Laura discovers that the newenvironment awakens her son’s imagination, but the ongoingfantasy games he plays with an invisible friend quickly turninto something more disturbing.***********************************************************Q:Name the famed producer behind the Spanishhorror, The Orphanage.Email with your answer, name,matriculation number and contact number to win!Closing date: 1200hr 12 March 2008Winners will be notified by 1300hr 12 March 2008** Collection of tickets wil be on-site from the UIP redemptiontable at the cinema entrance on the day of screening.Date: March 12, WednesdayScreening Time: 7.15pmVenue: GV Marina, Hall 2 (Level 3 @ Marina Square)PG Parental GuidanceSome DISTURBING CONTENTS

MARCH 10, 2008The nanyang chronicle sports 43No freak result in 3-on-3 basketballCh e r y l NgTHEY were a group of friends whohad never played together as ateam before, but when they heardabout the Ice Cold Beer Cup 2008,five basketball enthusiasts fromNTU decided to get together andform a team called the BasketballFreakos.“Our captain Raymond decidedon the name because that’s mye-mail address and we also wethought it’d be quite a funnyname,” said Phyllis Yap, 20, asecond-year student from theSchool of Material Science andEngineering.The Basketball Freakos did wellfor NTU to come in second despitesuffering an early defeat to SIMTeam A, which relegated them tothe losers’ pool.SIM Team A, from the SingaporeInstitute of Management (SIM),was eventually crowned champion,as they beat the BasketballFreakos 13-10 in the finals of thecompetition.The event, held on February22nd, was a mixed 3-on-3 basketballinvitational tournament organisedby the Singapore ManagementUniversity (SMU).According to the rules of thecompetition, one girl was requiredto be on the court at all times.“It was disadvantageous forme to attack against the quickerand taller guys, so my attackingoptions were limited, but I triedmy best to help out in defence,”said Yap.The Basketball Freakos didnot have an easy path to thefinals as they stood on the brinkof elimination after losing to SIMTeam A in the first round.“After the loss, some of myteam mates were quite demoralised.They were thinking that theywould be out but as their captain,I encouraged them and tried tomake them feel confident aboutthe next game,” said Raymond Xu,23, a second-year Accountancystudent.He also demonstrated hisleadership on court, emerging asthe top scorer for his team withpoints in a crucial 17-9 victoryover SIM Team B, which earnedthem a place in the semi-finals.“It helped that we knew theirplaying style and they were quitetired because they went to thelosers’ bracket before us and playeda lot of games, so they did not haveenough energy,” added Xu.“The NTU teamreally showedtheir mettleto emerge aschampionsof the losers’bracket andbeat us to go tothe finals.”Desmond Lim,Member of the SMU team thatlost to the Basketball FreakosThe semi-finals against anSMU team proved to be a nail-biteras the Basketball Freakos cameaway with a narrow one-pointvictory despite being down by 7points in the second half.“The NTU team really showedtheir mettle to emerge as championsof the losers’ bracket and beat us togo to the finals,” said Desmond Lim,a member of the SMU team thatlost to the Basketball Freakos.However, the team from NTUlost eventually to the bigger andmore physical team from SIM inthe finals by three points.“We wanted to go for thechampionship but it was still avery fun outing for us,” said Xu.T he Ba s ke t ba l l Fr ea koseventually walked away with $50in cash and $80 worth of Ice ColdBeer vouchers while the championswon $100 in cash and $100 worthof vouchers.However, Xu felt that he hadgained more than just cash andbeer.“I didn’t really know the restof my team mates before this andthe event actually brought ustogether so we’ve become muchcloser since.”16 teams from SMU, NTU,SIM and the National Universityof Singapore (NUS) took part inthe mixed tournament, with threeteams representing NTU.Although the BasketballFreakos were the only team fromNTU to make it to the top three,the other NTU teams that lost tothem in the earlier rounds stayedto support them in the finals.“We didn’t feel too disappointedto lose to them because they werethe better team in terms of skill,”AN INCH AWAY FROM VICTORY: 3 pointsmade all the difference. PHOTO | COURTESYsaid Aw Lay Hoon, 21, captain ofthe NTU women’s Inter-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) basketball teamand second-year student at theNanyang Business School. Herteam lost to the Basketball Freakosduring the losers’ bracket stage.“I chose to stay because Iwanted to support my fellowschool mates. That’s what havingthe NTU spirit is all about.”Mohammad Fazly: Through the valley of death and backWhat exactly is it like to reach the brink ofdevastation? Mohammad Fazly tells Liyana Low thereis nothing you can do but to just deal with itABOVE HIM ONLY SKY: Fazly will continue to face this world with incredible optimismand faith. PHOTO | FOO CHEE CHANGMOHAMMAD Fazly is used todealing with the word ‘cancer’.The 21-year-old aspiringphysical education teacher wasdiagnosed with lymphoma in2001, while still a student playinghockey at Raffles Institution. Withthe support of his family, coach,teachers and friends, however, henot only overcame the illness butwas even selected to be a part ofboth the Under-15 and Under-21national hockey teams.For steadfastly refusing togive up hockey while battlingwith cancer, he was nominatedlast year for the Singapore SportsCouncil Inspiration Awards by theSingapore Hockey Federation.People who find out abouthis battle with the disease lateron typically react in a certainmanner.“Usually people would ask mehow old I am. When I tell themmy age, they would then followup by asking why I am not doingmy National Service. Then whenI tell them it was because I hadcancer, some of them would thinkthat I’m pulling their leg. Theyreally couldn’t believe that I hadcancer, they thought I was joking!”he said.But cancer is a thing of thepast. Fazly has recovered and isnow concentrating on doing wellin his studies and excelling for thenational team.Fazly admits that jugglingstudies with national team trainingis no easy feat. Travelling fromschool to training can be quitetiring and his lessons end late inthe evenings at times. “Sometimes,I feel really tired and I just feellike sleeping, but I guess disciplinereally matters if you want to dowell.”As a national player, he hashad many opportunities to traveloverseas for competitions. Themost memorable of which wasin Darwin, Australia, wherethe national team played in theArafura Games.“The team bonded very well.We understood each other better.We not only played hard as a teambut also had fun as a team. Wegot second eventually, losing toNorthern Territories by 2-0, but“They would(ask) why I amnot doing myNS ... when Itell them it wasbecause I hadcancer, someof them wouldthink that I’mpulling theirleg.”Mohammad Fazly, 21,National Institute of EducationI’ve learnt that I need to be wellprepared, composed and mentallystrong when playing at the level.”Fazly was also a player-cumcoachfor the boys’ team during histime at Victoria Junior College.When asked about some of thechallenges he faced, he explained,“Some of the players do not reallyrespect you because they thinkthat since you are of the same ageas them, you don’t have the rightto teach them what to do or whatnot to do.”“But I think it is important toslowly gain their trust. Be theirfriend, so that they would beenthusiastic about training andthus, more willing to listen to yourinstructions and advice.”Fazly recalls going into thefinals of the National Schools“A” Division hockey competitionand going against Raffles JuniorCollege, one of the traditionalpowerhouses, as one of his biggestachievements as a player-coach.“In VJC, a lot of support wasgiven to girls’ hockey. The guys gotnot much support in comparison,so it was really an achievement forus to go so far.”It looks like nothing can stopFazly from achieving his goals inlife. And the belief that helps himthrough everything?“You have to believe thateverything happens for a reason.We may not see the reason atthat moment, but when thingshappen, we just have to face it -positively.”

SportsHe stared Death in the face, and emerged victoriousPage 43Vertical HorizonRARING TO GO: Special Olympics Singapore athletes were among the mostenthusiastic participants in National Vertical Marathon 2008. PHOTO | COURTESYFa b i a n Ngs p o r t s e d i t o r“BECAUSE it is there.”George Mallory’s famousresponse to the question ofwhy he wanted to climb MountEverest clearly resonated with theparticipants of this year’s NationalVertical Marathon (NVM).Ong Kok Heng, a 36-year-oldteacher taking part in his fourthmarathon, embodied this spirit.This time round, he was not alone.He was joined by his wife LynnChan in the Lover’s Challengecategory. What made them uniquewas little Zachary Ong, their 13-month-old son, following them tothe summit.“We are not looking to breakrecords, just a sense of personalaccomplishment,” said Ong. “Itis even greater to do this as afamily, though Zachary was asleepthrough the whole climb!”Held on March 2nd at RepublicPlaza, the event saw a total of 1451participants, a slight decrease fromthe previous year.“It was not due to a lack ofapplicants, but due to technicaldifficulties with the onlineregistration, we had to reject asubstantial number of people,”said Aileen Wilopo, chairpersonof the NVM 2008 organisingcommittee.S m a l l e r a t t e n d a n c enotwithstanding, the introductionof a new side event called“A-maze” drew much interest fromparticipants.“Participants have to getthrough an array of five stationsand have the chance to win prizes,including three special jackpotprizes,” explained Wilopo.Toh Yi Jun, an 18-year-oldPioneer Junior College student,won one of the jackpot prizes bysuccessfully matching the correctaction to a randomly chosencard.He said, “I just did the silliestaction to entertain the crowd, itwas great that I won the prizebecause of that!”Despite the novelty of the“A-maze” side event, theparticipation rate was affected bythe constant drizzle that marredthe carnival atmosphere.“We are notlooking to breakrecords, just asense of personalaccomplishment.”Ong Kok Heng, 36,Four-time National VerticalMarathon participantHowever, the rain did notdampen the enthusiasm of theSpecial Olympics athletes, as astrong turn out was backed byenergetic performances.“This event is a good exposurefor those athletes functioning ataverage level to take part in amainstream event”, said Lau KimLan, 38, the sports manager forSpecial Olympics Singapore. “Itfunctions as a confidence boosterand encourages them to fulfil theirpotential.”One such athlete, Ahmad SalimBuang, echoed this sentiment.The 19-year-old was caught upin the atmosphere and declared,“I love it!”His mother, 52-year-oldhomemaker Kamsih Afandi, feltthat the NVM was a good chancefor her son to engage in healthyexercise and was pleased with theopportunity for special athletes toparticipate in such an event.Students from NTU were notleft out as well, with a categoryreserved for NTU teams.Edwin Ng, a second-yearSchool of Materials Science andEngineering student, took partin his 5th NVM and emergedchampion with his teammates inthe NTU Team category. Tappinginto his wealth of experience, Ngshared his winning formula.“It was simple, really. I just ranall the way up!”Record-breaking effort to raise funds for needy studentsCh e r y l On gFUND Run ’08 successfully set anew Singapore record by havinga total of 1,175 members take partin a 24-hour continuous relay of100-metre laps.Only a single runner can beon the track at all times and noone is allowed to run two legsconsecutively.Officials from the SingaporeBook of Records presented Guestof-HonourAssociate Dean ofAdmission and Financial AidProfessor Yow Kin Choong witha certificate to commemoratethe effort.The record will be featured inthe 2008 issue of the SingaporeBook of Records.The event made its debut onMarch 1st at *Scape Youth Park.The other Guest-of-Honour,NTU President Dr Su Guanning,flagged off the relay as the firstrunner at 1 pm.Individual participantsincluded not only NTU students,but also students from HwaChong Institution (HCI), whowere informed of the eventthrough their school website.“Events of such a scale are ararity and it sounded interestingas it is a record breaking event,”said Koh Yi Tian, 18, a studentfrom HCI.Janice A ng Min Yue, 27,a member of the public whoparticipated in the race, felt thatFund Run ’08 is “a commendableeffort” and a “fresh and creativeapproach” to raising funds.Goodie bags containingvouchers from Ben and Jerry’sand Eng Wah were given to therunners as thank-you gifts fortheir efforts.Kenneth Chew, 22, Chairpersonof the Student Fund Committee,said that this particular fundraiserincorporated a greaterelement of fun compared totraditional fundraisers like FlagDay.Instead of soliciting fundsdirectly from the public, themain avenue of funds comesfrom the sponsors for the FundRun. The public is encouraged toparticipate in a more active wayrather than the passive traditionof cash giving.The Singapore Totaliser Boardand the NTU Alumni Club arethe two main cash sponsors forFund Run.Other than giving $2,500 toStudent Fund Committee for theevent, the Singapore TotaliserBoard also pledged 15 percentof the total donation collected,which includes the amount tobe received from NTU AlumniClub.The NTU Alumni Club donatesfour dollars for each contact of anNTU undergraduate received.The Student Fund Committeeis aiming for 1,500 contactsfrom the student population.They have about 700 contactscurrently.“It is for a good cause andstudents have much to gain sincebeing part of the NTU AlumniClub is one way of keeping intouch with the NTU family aftergraduation,” he said.Of the final amount receivedfrom Fund Run, thirty percentwill be donated to the Movementfor the Intellectually Disabled(MINDS), the external beneficiaryadopted by Student Fund for thisevent.Last year, the Student Fundgave out a total of 40 bursariesworth $1,000 each to needystudents. An emergency grantis also set aside for immediateand urgent financial needs ofstudents who apply.To contribute your contacts,you can log on to the student fundwebsite at: www.ntustudentsfund.comFUND AND GAMES: NTU President Su Guanning got the ball rolling. PHOTO | COURTESY

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