SpecIalEdItoJ1 NationalReport - Hammer Nutrition


SpecIalEdItoJ1 NationalReport - Hammer Nutrition

VOLUME# 17SpecIalEdItoJ1~eWelcometo the 17th isSue OfEndurance News. For those whohavebeenreadingENfor sometime,This may not be the "industrystandard"lapo1ogizeforthe6montbplusdelay volume.This growthspikedinJulywhenbut the level of service that I ex­betWeen issue#16and thisone. How­we recordeda 100%increasein product pecttomaintainwill provideyouthecustomerwithever,you will note tbatwe havealot salescomparedto our previousmonthlythe following:of informalioupackedantotbis one. record.My intentionfor telling you thisTo tbo$eof you who have become isnot toboastormakeexcuses,but mostlytI' 100%instockoneveryproduct!Thiscustomersin the past ix months.J to apologizeto everycustomerwho wasis going to be a tough one, but wehopeyouenjoyyourfirst issucOfEn­adverselyaffectedby our growth.are going to give it our best shot,durance ews.AlthoughI haveDOlmadegoodonmyearlierpr9D1isetoget thispublicatioqona bimonlblyschedule, Iam going to do m)' best to make ithappen in 1998. We will also beaddingto our BlueRibbon.PaDeI inissue#18. So issue.f#18shoUldbCinthe mail 10you in mid-January.In the meantime,have a wonderful0uiStmasandahealthy ewYearlDuring the past nine months, E­CAPS/Hammer Nutrition has experiencedmore than a few "growingpains"asa resultof our huge increasein orderThose of you who have been dealingwithE-CAPSforyearsknowhowimportantprovidingA-1 quality customerserviceis 10us.The factthatwe havenotbeen able to maintaintbat recordduringour rapid growth is a major concern tome.So,toeveryeustomerwhowaitedtoolong for back ordered products, had anorderdropped,shippedto the wrong address,duplicated,and a dozenother littlemistakeslikethese, I am sorry. The taskof restoringour customerservice to thehighestlevel is my main concern.GrowingPainsEventhough I havetried my besttohiremoreemployeesandaddmorephonelines to keep pace with the increasedvolume,it hasn't beenenough.EveryoneatE-CAPSlHammerNutritioniscommittedto returning our customer service toits formergreatness.tI' Every order received by 3:00 P.M.Mountaintimeshippedthesameday.All orders received after 3:00 P.M.shippedthe next businessday.tI' Completetrackingand deliverystatuson every order.tI' Any return or refund processedwithin48 hoursof receipt.tI' Allquestionsansweredimmediately.tI' All problems resolved within 24hours.tI' All shipments guaranteed in threebusinessdays or less.See accompanyingstoryon our newpackagecarrier.(page 9)1997 USACMastersNationalReportBy Mike FreemonDateline:Tallahassee,FloridaHurricaneDanny:Heal,Humidity,Humidity,and moreHumidity.I flew out of San Francisco earlyTuesday morning with my bag fuUofEnduro Caps, Hammer Gel and notenough Endurolytes,After missing myconnectioninAtlantaIanive inTaUahasseeat 6:30 PM. Thanks 10 Bob (RobertBrooks) I didn't have to rent a car; Bobdrovedownfrom Fresno,CA.GladIflewthe 3000 miles this time. As soon as Isteppedoutof theair-conditionedairportI knew that I wasn't going to enjoy thehumid conditions.Wednesday-He lpedBobwithtimetrialpreparations.Hydrationis the keytoa good perfonnancehere but knowingitand actuallystaying hydratedate differentmatters;youjust can't drink enough.Bob definitely bad hydration problemstbis day. Bob and I were convincedthatEndurolyteswere on our menu for thenext2 events. CalledBrian for an overnightshipmentsince 1only had enoughfor myselfforonerace.Westartedlakingthem immediately.Thursday-Rest/recover, hydrate,watch the rain (Hurricane Danny) andcheck out the road race course. We arebothsurprisedand somewhatpleasedthatthe promoterwas able to find some hillsto havethe raceon.Thiscoursehadsomeprettystiffpowerrollerswiththe longestcontinlledonpage 3Page 1

HammerGel(Jpdates& AnswersCustomers bave bad a variety ofquestionsabout the new HammerGel inbulk jugs. Below I have tried to answermost of the recurring ones and explainsome other points as weD.RefrigeratIon: Quitea fewcustomershavebeenconcernedafterreadingthe"Notice:to preventspoilageor contamination(1)always refrigerateyour HammerJug. (2) Thoroughly flush your GelFlaskwith hotwater and soap after eachuse" on the HammerGel label.This cautionhas given the falseimpression theproductis very unstableand will spoil ifleft unrefrigeratedfor even a few hours.This is not thecase.In fact, the HammerGel in this bulk form is quite stable andhaswithstoodmonthsof non-refrigeratedtesting/abusewithoutshowingany signsof deteriorationor bacterialactivity.Myreasoningforthis noticewastheold "bettersafe than sorry" philosophy. I envisioneda customer in Floridaor Arizonaleavingthejug on a windowsillor intheircarand "cooking"it. However,even thistype of treatment would take severalweeksto causeany substantialdeterioration.So, thebottomlineis that you reallydon't need to worry about refrigerationunlessyou plan to store the jug for severalmonths. During regular use over aperiodof several weeks,thejugs shouldjust be stored in a cool location out ofdirect sunlight.If jugs are cold or in tbefridge you can zap them in the microwavefor 30-45 seconds to softenthe gelup, too.Flushingthe flaskwith soap and hotwater after eachuse is alsoon the overkillside. As long as you wash the flaskout once a week or so you should haveno problems. We have tested reusingflasks byjust adding more gel on top ofold gel for several months without anyproblems.Again,we were followingthe"bettersafethansorry,.,ideaon this issueas well.VIsoosIty:Anyof youwhohavetriedthe differentflavors of Hammer Gel inthe bulkjug have noticed that some arethicker tban others. For example, theVanillaflavoris on the runny side whilethe0Kx:0Iate,&presso, andUn-Flavoredhave been a bit too thick on a couple ofinitialproductionruns. Raspberryis theonly flavorthat has been perfectas far asviscosity is concerned.Refrigeratingthejugs has only compoundedthe problem.We have been working to correctthese discrepanciesand believe that theproblemwillsoonbe solvedso thataDofthe formerly thick flavors will now resembletheRaspberryinterms of viscosity.If you have jugs that are too thick,youcan letthemsit at roomtemperature,thenadda smallamountofwatertoa flaskand it will dilute the gel to a better consistency.Anothertrick that works verywenis to zap thejug in your microwavefaT30 seconds, then add a quantity ofwater to thejug and shake well. It mixesalmost instantlyand will cool to a lessthick consistency. You may need to repealthis processa coupleof timesgettheconsistencywhere you want it.Free Shlpplag: As of December I,1997, we will no longer provide freeshippingon HammerGel orders. So, after1'2Jl/97, $4.95($5.95 onresidentialdeliveries)willbeaddedtocostof HammerJug orders.Evenwith a shippingcharge,HammerGel isstillthe mosteconomicalandconvenientenergygel on the market,4-5 Flask UmIt: Some customerssaid that they were under the impressionthatwewouldincludea freegel flaskwitheveryjug they ever ordered. If our offerandor sales literaturewas misleadinginthis respect, I sincerely apologize. Myintentionfrom the beginningwas to provideeach user with about 4-5 freeflaskswiththeirinitialorders,and thenjust sendjugs from thenon. My thinkingwas thatmost customers will not use more thanone or maybe two flasks at a time andwouJd then have a couple of sparestorotate like water bottles. Over time, if aflask is lost, leaks or wears out, we willbe happyto replace it. For those of youwho need more than 4-5 flasks for specialapplicationslike ultras, we wiDsellthemto you for the extremelyreasonablepriceofS1.50 each. I thinkthissystem isbothreasonableand fair.If you have additionalquestionsorcomments regarding the Hammer Gel,please do let us hear from you.WinterHammerGelUseTIpAs temperaturesdrop,the tendencyof the HammerGel is to get thicker.TheOiocolate,EspressoandUn-flavoredarethe most problematic;but below 40 degrees,theRaspberryand Vanillacan geta little thick too.What to DoAbout ItTake your jug and zap it in the microwaveovenfor30-60seconds,thenfillyOUTgel flaskwith4 servings.Topofftheflaskwithwaterand shakefor a fewseconds.This will effectively reduce theviscosityof the gel so that even when itcools,itwillbemorerunny.Youwillneedto experiment with the zap time andamount of water to get the consistencyexactlythe way you want it.Call usat 1-800336-1977if youhaveany questions.Microwave your HammerGel to make it easier to usein winter.Page 2

1997 USACMasten NaJionalReport(fromJXlge1)one comingin the feed-zonejust beforethe finish line, no long field splittingclimbs,butsome peoplewouldcertainlybe hurtingby theend of our 3-lap 90 kmrace.Friday-Looks like more rain. PreviousNational Championships haveprovedto beprettynegativeracing;chaseandsit-upseemtobe theorderof theday.Bob andIhaddeeidedthatwewouldhaveto animatetheraceby constantattackandcounter attacktactics if we were to havea chance to win thisevent. Whoevergotaway the other would attemptto controlthe fieldand chase any would-bepursuers.Two laps into the 3-lap race Boblauncheda strongattac14thefieldchasedhardand when theyreachedhim,as predieted,they sat up. I launcheda counterattackat thispointandgot awaywithtwoother riders. We had a pretty good gapandwereoutofsightatone point but mybreak partners were starting to fade andI knewthat the fieldwouldsooncatchusif we didn't pick up the pace. I pushedthe pace on a downhill approaching aprettygoodroller.Ikeptpressuringupthehill and by the top I was on my own.Well only 20 krn to go; I knew Bobwas doingeverythingbe could tocontrolthe field with help from another teammate,LynnMenard.[felt pretty good atthis point, like I could win this race. Icouldseethefieldbehindbuttheyweren'tgainingon me.AI8 Iantogo Isawa lonepursuer coming up. I jumped on andthought I sUppedhim, but he did a goodjob hiding from me. At 4 km [ felt himbehindme.Joedidan excellentjob bridgingup to me. I sbouIdhave sat up andmadehimwork,but Jdidn'LThethoughtof that NationalChampionshipjerseyonmybackcloudedgoodjudgment. Bynowyou know J finished 2nd after towing asprinter to the finish tine. Goodjob Joe;you'll see me next year!Bob and Lynn finished in the fieldand were able to witoess the carnageduring the field sprint, no crashes butplentyof musclecramps. ( can honestlysay that the Enduroly~ saved my day.Eventhough I was on the edge a ooupleof times, (never cramped. Bob told melater that he felt great the wholerace, heonly wished that he hadn't missed Joecoming out of the field when he did.Thank you Brian for the overnightshipment.Sunday-oiterium: Tac:tiCS/ Attack,Attack and Counter Attack. Great fourcomercourse with a small bump justbefore the next-to-Iastcorner. Torrentialdownpourduring the race beforeours.Jtcertainly wasn't looking like we wouldhavea dryrace.Ught rainat thestartandthestreetswereawasbfrom all tbewater.When it's wet it's a goodidea tomy upfront and out of trouble; and if you can,stretch the field out to get rid of the deadwood. 10laps in,themin badstoppedandthe streets were practicallydry.( attack first and then Bob counterattacksasthefieldcatchesme.Itisagoodmove,nobodygoeswith him and withina lap be bas about a 1Q..secondgap. Acouple of ridersattemptto bridge up butI'm able to chase and discouragethem. IlookuptheroadandBobhasdisappeared,at first I think he' away for good but asI round the last comer I see him on theleft side of the road ready to be pushedback intothe raceaftertakinghisfree lapfor a flat tire. I see and hearhimtryingtoget the officialsto push himbackin frontof the field in the same positioo prior tohi flat.They won't let him go and he almostfallsover into the fence.They pushhimin at the back of the field. Now, therule booksaysyou willbe putbackintheposition which you came out. The officiallater apologizeswhen Bob proteststo him, said be madea mistake, but it'stoo,latetheraceisover.NowBobisfairlyupset and he makes us aDpay the price,heevencounter attackshis own attackswhenhe iscaught.I triedacoupleofthosemyself, the announcer kept calliog me"Off the front Freeman."At 6 laps to go ( quit attackingbutstayed close to the front to cover anyattempted last minute flyers. I am supposedtoleadout Bob 00 the finallap forthe Wm.As we start the last lapa verybig guy, looks very strong and that Ihaven't seenthe whole race,goesblastingbyon myleft;he's flyingand nobodyison hiswheelorchasing.Iwaita coupleof secondsand still nobodychases,wellitstheoldJ'm-not-going-to-waste-myselfso-someone-else-can-win syndrome. (chaseand catchhimjust as we comeoutof tum two; I'm in front and hopingthatBob is on my wheel, As we start up thelittle hill, Joe goes past me on my leftgiving bis teammatea lead out. I'm ableto get back up to 3rd in to the next-to-lastcomer.1lookback forBob, (can't seeOrhearhim, guess I'm on my own. By nowthetwo in front of me have a 5 to 6 bikegap. Ijumped hardandclosedbeforethelast corner but it cost me a great deal ofenergyandmy legssaid 'see ya" as (deceleratedto 5th at the line. This was atough4O-1aprace;a lotof peopledroppedout or were lapped.Whosaidmovingupaeategorywaseasy?Neitber Bob nor ( cramped; theEndurolytesworked again. Over all, theteam dido't do toobadly.TwosilverMedals.a 5th place bronze, and a 7th. We'llbe back next year; see ya at the races.Bytheway,l triedthe4-EnduroCap,2-Race Cap sequence 2 and 1 bour beforethe event with 2 Enduroand 1 RaceCap 10 min. before thestart of the race,the roadrace, and criteriumas suggestedby Dr. Misner in the last newsletter.Itworks. I alsocarrysomecapsduringtheroad raceand replenishon the hour, usually2 Enduro and 1 Race Cap. Try It!MikeFreemonridesfor TeamMakoracing50+ agegroupandhasbeenknownto mix it up withthe 45+ and35+ guys.He is a retiredUCBerkeleypolice officerlivingin Martinez,CA.Page 3

individual, sex, age, size, activity, andculture.(payne 1975)Diets of elite ath­letesclearlyiJlustrate lhesevariances:1.0gramsdietary proteinperkilogramup tosignificantly(Wolfe1981).Bolh animalandbumancancercelltis$uestudieshavedemonstrated tbat naturally occurringcompounds found in soy proteins dem-Who theReal Chanip?FSSENTlALAMlNO ACIDS CONTENTMG. PER 100 GRAMS PROTEINAMINOACID- - - - - --- -- SOYPROTEIN- WHEYPROTBINHISTIDINE- --- 2600 ------- 2041ISOLEUCINE- -------- 4900 - - -- - 6409VAUNE----- - --- - - -- - --- 5000 --. 4531LEUCINE- -- -- - ---- -- -- - 8200 ---- 1254311fREONlNE-- -- ------ - - .- 3800 -- --- 4628LYSINE------ ---- --- - -- 6300--- - 10682METInONINE- ----- -- ---- -- 2600--- - - 2132PHENYLAlANINE - ------- -- -- 9000---- - - 3996TRYPTOPHAN- -- 1300----- - 2861lOTAL MIWGRAMSllOOGRAMS---- 43,700 - ---- -- 49.823VOLUMEOF ESSENTIALAMINOACIDSFAVORSWHEY 14%, OR+6.] GRAMS/100GRAMS;SCOREROUND 3: SOY2, WHEY2.Proteinqualityhasbeenofficiallydeterminedbythejoint expertconsultation"Protein Quality Evaluation" (1991) ofthe World Health Organization(WHO),the Foodand AgriculturalOrganization(FAO), and the UnitedNations University(UNU).Theirjoint effortsproducedtheProteinDigestJbiJity-ConectedAminoAcid Score (PDCAAS), which reliablydemonstrateshow each typeof protein'sessential amino acid content meets theneeds of the most demanding humangrowthperiods.Eachproteingroupfaredas foUows:TYPE OFPROTEIN PDCAASSCORE1. Soy Whey, EggProtein 1.002. Beef 0.923. Peas 0.734. RoUedOats 0.525. Rice FlOUT 0.476. Com Flour 0.427. Wheat Gluten 0.25PDCAAS ratings score the firstround soy 1, whey 1. Indicatorsfor impacton healthstronglyfavorsoy proteinconsumption. Soy ingestion has beenshown to lowerblood serumcholesterolonstrate remarkable anticancer effects!The isotlavone genistein, specificaminoacids, proteinaseinhibitorsand phytatesfound in soy proteins are considered"major players" in preventingcancer tumorfonnalion(peterson&Bames 1991Kennedy1985 Hawrylewicz1991,Graf1984).Health indicators score the secondroundsoy 2, wbey 1. Whey proteincontains14%moretotalessentialaminoacidsperserving than does thetypicalservingof soyprotein.Specifically, wbeycontainsgreater quantitiesof the essentialaminoacids isoleucine leucine , threonine ,lysine andtryptophan.Soyprotein,however,contains larger quantities of theessential amino acids histidine, valine,methionine, and phenylalanine , thanwhey protein.The amount of dietary protein oneshould consume is a factor of prime interest,and basbeen debated ferventlysince the early 19708because datacollectedforrecommendedintakevariesby4.3 grams per kilogramof body weight.(Grandjean 1997)Recent data submitted by Lemon(1996)suggeststhatthosewhoengageinregularenduranceactivitiesshouldingesta minimumof 1.2-1.4 gramsproteinperkilogramor .54-.66 grams per poundofactualbodyweight(BW),whilestrengthathletesengagedinweighttrainingshouldeat 1.7-1.8 gramsper kilogramor .77­.82 perpoundBW.LemonalsostatesthatNorth American diets typically containnearor abovethesesuggestedquantities.Those at risk are: (1) athleteswhose energyexpenditure exceeds their energyintake resulting in weight loss, (2) atbleteswhosedietarycaloricrequirementscomepredominantlyfromfruitsandvegetables(3) athleteswhose metabolicrecoveryfromenduranceactivityisincomplete,resultinginfatigueortrainingstalemate.Evidence measuring nitrogen inhumanurine howsproteinsyntbesi depressionandproteindegradationfromtbeoxidation of amino acids during prolongedendurance exercise.Amino acidPage 4

lossescontribute5-15% of the total energyrequiredduringendUJaJlCeexercise. thesoy vs. whey debateor which one is au. 1985;6:1441-1445.ofdietaryprotein.Regardlessofwhowins andProteaseInhibitors. " C~(paul 1989)Duringa ~1DI1e runora 50­usedin training.you, the consumer are Hawrylcwiez,EJet aI. "DietarySoybeanmilebikerideat 6G-70%maximumheart the definite winner.rate, an enduranceathlete may spend upProgressionin Rats."J NUll: 1991;to 2000caloriesor 300caloriesfromlean121: 1693-1698.muscle mass amino acid stores or 75 lateslabeledWhey Pro-l00 and SoyPro­ Gmf, E et aI.'1ron CatalyzedHydroxylgramsof aminoacids!Intakeofanyproteinwitha PDCAASscoreof 1.0in sul­PDCAAS amino acid profile,guarantee­259".3620-3624.100, eacb provide the maximum 1.0 Fonnation. " J Bioi Chent.1984;fidenl amountsto coverelUffgydemondsPayne,PRo"Safe Protein-CalorieRatiosinfavorsbothsoyandwhey: scoreround4 late into superior athleticperformance!is even,soy 3 whey3.Wheycosts tbeathlete$12.46 per lb.or44centspergram,whilesoycostsonly$9.96 per lb. or 35 centsper gram. Costfactorsfavorsoyat9centspergram:scoreround 5, soy 4, whey 3.Pureproteinisolatesaresupplementsto a well balanceddiet which assist enduranceathletes to avoid lean musclemassloss, fatigue,trainingplateausandpoor recovery syndrome. While wheyproductsare morecostly to manufactureen-mass,and soy is cheaper to produce,both whey and soy are completesourcesThe Hammer Nutritionprotein is0­DielSof Hypen:ho1estero1emic Men."NutrRep fill. 1981; 24 (6):1187.Peterson,G. and Barnes,S. "GenisteinInhibitionof theGrowthof HumanBreastCancercells: IndependentFrom &trogen Receptorsand theMulti-Drug ResistanceGene."BiochemBiophyRes ContmIUI.1991;179:661-667.Kennedy AR. "The ConditionsfortheModificationof RadiationThlDsformationinVitro by a 'IUmorPromoterIsolateand MethionineSupplementationAffectMammary1\Jmoringthatintensetrainingeffortswilltrans­Diets.The RelativeImportanceofProteinandEnergyIntakeas CausalREFERENCESFactorsin Malnutrition."AmJ NUll:Wolfe,8M el aI. "Bypolipidemic Effect of 1975; 28:3, 281-286.SubstitutingSoybeanProteinIsolate Graodjean,AC. "Dietsof EliteAthletes:ForAll Meat and Dairy ProteininHasthe Disciplineof Sports NutritiQllMadean Impact?"J Nutr.1997;127:5, suppl.874S-877S.Lemon,PW."Is IncreasedDietaryProteinNecc!l&lll}'or Beneficialfor individualsWitha PbysicallyActiveLifestyle?" Nutr Rev. 1996;54:4, Pt.2,S169-8175.Paul, GL "Diel8ry ProteinRequirementsof PhysicallyActiveIndividuals ."Sports Med. 1989;8:3,154-176.Whey Pro 100 and Soy Pro 100 in Stock!Hammer Nutrition's Whey andSoy protein powders are in stock,ready to sbip.Soy Pro-lOO:A 1.5lbs containeroflbis 100%pure isolatedsoy proteinprovides19servings,eachpackedwith26 gramsof superior quality protein.Thecostisjust $14.95.This istheonlyprotein product on the market thatdoesn't contain fructose and otherproblematicingredients.Whey Pro-l00: A 1.7 Ibs. containerofourGlutamineenhancedwheyprotein provides 30 servings eachpackedwith17gramsofsuperiorqualityprotein. The CO!>1is just $24.95.Comparethatto ChampionNutrition'Pro Score 100 whey protein whichcosts $19.95 for 17 servingswith theIncaseyou arewonderingifyousame 17gramsof pro­need more protein in your diet, heretein.WithHammerNutrition'sWheyPro­isa simpleformula:1/2gramof pro­100, you get 13 more servings and nofructose or artificial sweetenersfor just$5 more.Speaking of sugars and flavors, weshouldtellyou whatto expectfromthesetwo protein formulas.First of all, withoutthefructose,artificialsweetenersandflavors, the taste is definitely not sweetor strong . We can the flavor "LightChocolate" because when mixed in water,the taste/sweetnessis very subtle. Ifyouwantto addexcitementto thetasteofthese proteins, you should use ablender and mix in banan~ applejuice or anything elsethat worksforyour palate.tein perpoundof bodyweightdaily.So, if youweigh 150pounds,youwiDneedatleast75 gramsof proteineachday.This is the minimumamountofprotein a training athlete should ingestjust to maintain existing leanmuscle mass. Take a quick look atyour diet and I wouldbet, althoughIam not a betting man, that you arenot getting anywhere near thisamountof protein in yourdaily dielAdditionalproteinwillbeneededforstrength training in the off season.PageS

For monthsnow,) have beengettingquestions from customers wbo havewanted to know if I had heard of Pyruvate,and when E-CAPSmight be offeringit. These people bad obviouslycomeinto contact with the hype/propagandatbat hasbeen circulating regarding tbissupposed •miracle" supplement.As fortheMuscleand FitnessarticleAs anyonewho hasbeenreadingEN theyso often tout as proof,". caJledDr.for tbe past year or more knows, we are FrankGreenway a researcherfrom Louisianawbo was quoted in tbe article.Thenotafraidto calla spade a spade,ora frauda fraudfor thatmatter.Justas weexposed article basicaJly implies his "stamp ofthe dishonesty and bogus research that approval for pyruvate,but when IspokeEndurox· has employed to sell its gin­to him, he wasangry that his commentsseng stimulants, we are now sheddingsome light on the Pyruvate product andclaims.ThefoUowingisan off-the-cuffnotetbat was posted to one of the InternetgroupsthatDr.Bill Misner monitors.Mr.Sukala was kind enough to let us printthetextofbis postand hopefullywm alsogive us permission to print his Pyruvatestudy when it is complete.WilliamSukalawrites:"I havean articlein press which will be published inthe Spons Cardiovasadar and WellneuNutritionists newsletter this winter.In my research, I obtained and readevery single word of every single peerreviewedjournalarticlecitedby pyruvatepromoters.And as it turns out, what wehave is nothing more thana grandcaseofmarketers making quantum leaps for thepurpose of profit. The claims are basedon nothing more than faulty extrapolationsoflegitimateresearchwhich, inandof itself, is not conclusive by any means.In fact, the crazy percentages seen inpopularads(ie, 48% more fat loss, 37%greater fat loss, 20% increase in enduranceperformance)allowmarketerstoUEWITH STATISTICS. These "huge" differencesarereallyonlyafewpounds.Andthe terms "statisticaJlysignificant" haveno practicaJmeaning outside tbe contextof a journal article.were taken out of context. ot surprisingly,you'll neverhearthi frommarketers.Please know that all studies on fatand weight loss were doneon morbidlyobese women living in a metabolicwardfur21 dayseatinga diet rangingfrom310kcaJto 1000kcaJ.And the exaggeratedlysmallchangesnotedinweightand fatlosswere induced by exaggeratedly largeamountsof pyruvate.Somy point bereisthat tbe minuscule doses found in commercialpyruvatesupplementsbaveneverbeen proven to exert any physiologicaleffectin humans, let alone in peoplewhowant to lose a few pounds. In essence,the recommendations are premature.There are not enough studies to justifyeach claim. In fact, the exercise enduranceclaims are basedonly on twostudies-and they employed untrainedpyruvatesupplementationto be effective.These claims are basedon in-vitro animalmodels. And claims that it acts as acholesterol reductant are based on onesingle study. Two exist. but only oneshowed an effect.Again, all studies used huge dosesof pyruvate,about 22 to 100grams.Thisis in direct contrast to commercial pyruvatepreparations which can range from1/2 to 1 gram or so.The "no side effects" claim is misleading.In all studies, subjects experiencedgastrointestinal distress. but theexaggeratedlytinydoses found insupplementsareessentiallybenignandcouldnotpossibly cause 01 upset, let alone a remarkablephysiologicaJ or biochemicalchange.I believe this to be one of the mostblatant consumer rip-offsto date as otherwiselegitimate research is being misusedfor profit."Authoredby:WdlUunR. Sulcala,CSCS, ACSM-HFIB.S. Nutrition,Master's student ofExercisePhysiology,SIm Diego StateUniversity,ExercisePhysiologylAbCoordinator,National Coundl AgainstHeallh Fraud: VolunteerArea N~lWOrkCoordinator.email: Wsulcala@ aoLcomIf you would like to receive the entirePyruvate article, send a SASE tomales doing arm and legergometry pr0­tocols. Fat and weight loss claims are Endurance ews,based on 3 or 4 studies using morbidlyP.O. BOX 4010,obese women (see above). AntioxidantWhitefish MT 59937claims are blatantly false. There are nohuman studies in existence showing oralPage6

At E-CAPSlHammerNutrition,weare very precise in recommendinghowmanyRaceCaps,EnduroCaps,PremiumInsuranceCaps, or how many scoops orservings of Hammer Gel or SustainedEnergytoconsumebefore,during,or afteran eventAthletes also are careful to inspectsupplementand prescriptionmedicationlabels to discern inherent potency asmeasured in milligrams while hardlygiving a second thoughtto consumptionofnearly3/4 to 1million milligramsworthof macronutrients from various foodsourcesin one day.Prescriptionmedicationscontainthegreatestpotency for orchestratingavarietyofinternalbiochemicalreactions , with over-the-countersupplementsplacingsecond,andmacronutrients(foods) a close third. Sincemacronutrients in food are 1,000 to1,00,000timesgreaterinvolumethanthemicronutrientsin prescriptionmedicine,an accountingof the medicinaleffect ofmacronutrientsshouldbe considered formaximum athletic performance andhealth.Naturalwholesomefoods have pecificapplicationsto helpthe body healasickness or an injury.Dr. James Balch,M.D,andPhyllisBalch, C.N.C. spentthegreaterpart of 10yearscomposing "PrescriptionforNuJritionalHealing" (AveryPublishing Group, Garden City NewYork, , 1990).10this well-documentedtreatise, theyrevealwhatherbsand foodsmay stimulateor assist the immunesystemto conquer sickness. injury fatigue,or a varietyof maladieswe all mayexperiencein our lifetime.The foods in thecharton thispagearesuggestedby Balch(1990) and Jensen (1993) because theyhavepositivehealingeffectsuponcertainconditions. ***VegetableProteins=1endonitis(absorbedbetterthan animalproteinsfor repairof tendons)Alfalfa,Brewers Yeast,Com Meal, Kelp =Muscle Cramps (high in Calcium,Magnesium&.VitaminE)BrewersYeast=Fatigueor EnergyDeficiencyAlfalfa, BlackstrapMolasses,Dark Green LeafyVegetables= VaricoseVeinsGarlicor Garlic Powder=Athletes Foot(place in socks or on feet)Onions Garlic,Asparagus= Arthritis (sulphurcontent removes metals)Onions,Appl Beets, Grapes=EdemaGratedPotatoesappliedto eyes =Swollen EyesHoneyappliedto skin =Skin InfectionsHoney mixedwith choppedonions (let it stand overnight) =Cough SyrupRawPotato Juice =HeartburnRice &. BarleyBroth =Stomach Bloatingor IndigestionAlfalfa= Coliti (VitaminK Deficiency)Bananas,Figs,Dates,Yogurt=InsomniaWhole Wheat Crackers=MotionSicknessAlmonds,Cherries,Pineapple,Waten:ress= MigraineheadachesDark Green Leafy Vegetables,Kale, Alfalfa,(high vitamin K) =NosebleedsSalmon =Osteoporosis(a hormone found in salmon may slow degenerativeosteoporosis)Apple Pectin, Pumpkin Seeds &/or High Fiber Foods =MetalToxicity(Cadmiumor Radiationexposure,Pectinbinds Strontium90)High Fiber Foods,Oat Bran =Alzheimers& AlcoholismRaw Vegetables& Fruits,Seeds,Nuts &.Grains=Slows Down theAging Pr0­cessRaw Cranberriesor 100%CranberryJuice =Bladder InfectionMarshmallowTea = Kidney &.Bladder problemsWatermelonJuice (Diuretic)=KidneyStonesCold PressedSesame, Safflower:or Olive Oils =ProstateDisordersExtraVirginOlive Oil =Adult Onset DiabetesLemon Juice or BeetJuice = LiverJaundiceCabbageJuice, CarrotJuice, RawAlmonds (Laetrile) PrimroseOil, Flax SeedOil, & EPA,Fish Oils =Cancer, (Carrot Juice also flushesfat from liverbile which lowers cholesterol)Juice from Garlic, Onions, Carrots,Greens,(75% Raw Foods) =AJD.S.Soured Dairy Milk(Buttermilk&Yogurt)= Yeastand Candida InfectionsWhole Grains,Tofu BrewersYeast,Black Walnuts=MemoryCrushed Garlic =appliedto WartsDietary Intakeof highsulphur-aminofoods suchas Garlic, Onions,andAsparagusreduceWartsifproblematicCider VmegarinTowelSoak=BachacheApple Cider Rinse= may preventor slow mild Hair Lossconlinlled 011page 9Page7

As a customerof E-CAPS/HammerNutrition you haveany incrediblyvaluable,and under-used(to date), resourceat your disposal . I am referring to BillMisner,Ph.D., our staff nutritionist.Foralmosta year now,Dr. Misner hasbeenansweringnutritionalquestionsaswellasinvestigatingand finding solutions forphysical, physiologicaland dietary ailmentsofhundredsof athletes.Howevermostof them were NOT our customers.Althoughhedoesn'tmindansweringinquiriesfrom non-customers,he and 1wouldbothratherthatour customershadthe benefit of his services.Incaseyouarewondering,hedoesn'tjust recommend our products to solveevery problem. He is not a salesman.What be will do is thoroughlyexamineyour ailment or question and give yousolid, factual answers and advise basedon solid natural healthprinciples.So contacthimwith your questionsor problems.To receive top priority, besure to tell Dr. Misnerthatyou are an E­CAPSlHammerNutritioncustomer. Heresponds to most inquiries within 24­hours. He can be reached via e-mail atdrbiU@cet.com, by phone at (509)327­5817 or by mailing your inquiryto EN.One of the most annoying thingsaboutpurchasingmailorder items is theinevitableflood of junk mail that soonfollows.' amsureithas alreadyhappenedtoyou;youorderedsomeitemfroma bigcatalogcompanyand the nextthing youknew, yourmailboxwasjammedwith3,4, 5 or more catalogs and solicitationsfromcompaniestbatyouhadneverbeardof before.Thejunk mail neverstops andjust seems to increaseover time as yournamegets added to more mail lists.Recently,ldecidedto countthe "junk mail"thatarrivedin mymail box at homeandwas disgustedat what 1found On threeconsecutivedaysI counted19, 17and 21catalop orotherunsolicitedmail, respeclively.Thisannoyingproblemis a result oftbe lucrativepracticeof buyingand seilingnames.It'sbigbusinessandmostlargemailordercompaniesmakea tidyamountof moneyselling the namesof their castomerstolist brokers.Addingfuel to thetireistheeverincteasingnumberof catalogsvying for the direct mail consumerdollar. The waste that results from thisjunk mail explosionis disturbing10 saythe least.BeforeI goany further.you needtoknow that E-CAPS, and now HammerNutrition has never tlnd will never sellourcustomer's namesto anyone.Youcanrestassuredthatany increaseinjunk mailyou receive i not as a result of havingyour name and addresson the E-CAPSIHammerNutritionmaiUnglist.The good news is thai you can putan endto almostall ofthe unwantedjunkmail simplybysendinga briefDOteto theDirect Marketing Association (DMA).Recently,anold friend and veteranof thedirect marketing industry let me in onwhat must be the best kepi secret in directmail. The DMArequiresthat companieswho rent mailing lists from brokersorothercatalogcompaniesfirstpassthe list througha "filter"calledthe MailPreferenceServicebeforemailingto thaIlist Any namesthat appearon the MailPreferenceService"suppressionlist" willbe droppedfrom the rentedlist and thuswill not be maileda catalogor other offer.AItboughthereare some unscrupulousmarketerswho ignorethis suppressionlist, the vast majoritydo use it andrespect the privacyof individualswho'sname is on the list.Although this will stop most mailfromcompaniesthatyouhaveneverdonebusinesswith, it won't stop all of yourjunk mail. Forexample,if you havepurchasedfrom the Eddie Bauer catalog inthe past, you will still receive umteenEddieBauer catalogsevery year.Thhaveyournameaddedtothe MailPreferenceServicesuppressionlist,simplysendapostcardor leiterto theaddressbelowrequestingthatyournamebeaddedto the list.Mail PreferenceServiceDirectMarketingAssociationP.O. BOX 9008Fanning4ale,NY 11735-9008OTETO OURVALUEDCUSTOMEFed&, our new packagecarrier,is VERYstickyabout havingt00%accurateandcompletedeliveryaddresses.Mistakesassmallasthe last digit of a zip code beingwrong will triggeran addresscorrectionanddelay your shipment.PLEASE,checkyouraddresslabelon thebackpageforaccuracyand notifyusif thereareANYerrorsoromissions. Moredetailsonback page. Also see article aboutFedEleon next page.PageS

ImportantChangesinShippingThe UPSstrikeinAugustwasa hugeinconvenience, but it was reallyjust thelast straw that solidified my decision toswitchto Federal Express.So, after morethanten years of using UP for 95% ofour packagevolume we bave made theswitch. The new FedEx EspressSaverprogram offers much faster delivery toeveryslate so you won't have to wait solongor payextraairchargesasoftenwhenyou need your order quickly. Unfortunately,the switch does have some lightdownsideswhich are explained below.The Good ews: Our normaldeliverycharge will now guarantee deliveryof your order in 3 working days or less.Remember, with UPS, deliveries couldtake6 workingdaysor morewithnoguaranteeat all. This was always a problemforcustomerslivingon the EastCoastbecausesometimes two weekends wouldpassbeforetheyreceivedtheirorder.Theaccompanyingchartshows whether youarein a 1- 2- or J.day deliveryzone.Ofcourse, if you live in a 3-day zone andneed it sooner: guaranteed 2-day overnightandpriorityovernightareavailableat extra cost.The Bad News: In order for FedExto offerratescomparableto UPS'sgroundrates, they have had to put some limitationson their service. The most notableexceptionis the $1.00surchargeon residentialdeliveries(However,UPShasalsoaddedan $.80 residentialdeliverycharge,so staying with them would have onlysaved you $.20 per order). So, our baseshippingrateofS4.9Son packagesweighingupto 21bs.will remainforshipmentsgoingto businesses,but willbe $5.95 forresidential deliveries. Sorry but homeoffices are still considered "residential"by FedEx.Anotberslightdrawbackto theFedExserviceis that theywillonly makeone delivery attempt and if tbe packageis not successfully delivered, they willhold it at the nearest station for you topickup.For thesetwo reasons, we stronglysuggestthat if at all possible, youchangeyour deliveryaddress to a business/commercialaddress. We can still maintainyourhomeaddress or P.O.BoX#fornewslettersand other special offers.. \DeUvery'nmeIn Woddug DaysZones2 & 3 • t dayZones4 &.5 = 2 dayZones~ • 3 daysFoodstMt Heal (from page 7)Likewise Dr. Bernard Jensen's"FoodsTIunHeaL" (Avery PublishingGroup Inc., Oarden City New York1993),is a publicationon how one mayapplymacronutrient foodsto healingandhealth.To usespecifICfoods as medicineis a macro-approach for healthy living,and it produces few if any of the sideeffectsto the humanphysiologyoftenencounteredby the micro-approach prescribedbyallopathic physicians.This article is emphatically not acriticismof choosing a doctor or the useof prescriptionmedicines.This author hasrespect for the applicationof allopathicprescriptionsto alleviate injuriesand illnesseswhichmaydegeneratebeyondthecontrolof a naturalimmuneresponse.Ifan iUnessor injuryis promptlytreated byeating a macronutrient source, it mayresultin a positiveimmuneresponseandthereforepotentiatethe micro medicinalpn:scriptioneffect.REFERENCESBalch,JA & Balch, PA.PrescriptionforNulrilionalReDling.AveryPublishingGroup Inc.,GardenCity,NewYork,1990.JensenB. Foods TIuztHeDl. AveryPublishingGroup Inc. GardenCity,NewYork, 1993.• n Athletes are advised to submitdegenerative health problems to theirprimarycarephysicianimmediately butmayemploy(on a trialbasis, with tbe approvaloftheirphysician)the abovefoodsfor the conditions noted. If you are predisposedtoexperimentwith ingestionofany of the foodsdescribedfor the conditionsnoted,pleasenotifyme (see below)of yourresults,eitheranecdotalor objective.Recordsofthesereportswill bekeptand publishednext year.Dr.BiDMisner,Ph.Ddrbill@cet,com.(509)327-5817Page 9

1997AW.... a;·:.-.UI' .In the last issue we noted the accomplisbmentsof numerousathletes who have realized the benefits of E-CAPS andHammerNutritionproductswhere it counts---at the races.So,in tbis issue we have compiled tbe results of a few more ath­miles)letes.We salute all of them for the hardwork and dedicationthat they put in to achievethese results. If we have missedyourresults,please send them in and we'll publish them in the nextissueof EN.'Ii'ack1997uci WORLD(Track)CHAMPIONSHIPSManchesterEngland,Sept. 25-28CyDthJaGoodmanWomen40-441997USAC MastersFemaleAtblete of The YearMatchedSprint-Gold2000meter Pursuit-GoldPointsRace I - Gold500 meterIT- SilverYearson E-CAPS/HammerNutrition:4FavoriteProducts:Race Caps (rc), Enduro Caps (ee),SublingualXobaline (sub-x),Premium 11ISlU~ Caps (Pic),Hammer Gel (hg)Woody CoxMen 45-493K IT- Gold (new world record)7SOmeterIT -SilverPoints Race-SilverOlympicSprint-SilverYearson E-eAPS/Hammer Nutrition:2Favoriteproducts:Race caps (rc), Enduro Caps (ee), PhylOMax (pm), Enduolyles(eI), CreatineBoost (eb), usla;nedEnergy (esd),Hammer Gel (hg), PremiumInsuranceCaps(pic),ATP ]00, TISsueRejuvenator (Ir), Xobaline (x),LiquidEndurance(Ie)Cds SIBIlIaWomen35-392,000 meter pursuit- Gold (newworldrecordPointsRace- Silver1997 US. Masters NationalChampion-3,000 meterpulSUitYearson products:2F~ products:Same as WoodyShaaRaynyWomen30-34MatchedSprints GoldSOOmeterIT Gold1997 U.S. Master'sNationalChampion- MatchedSprints.Yearson products: 1Favoriteprrx1Mcts:RC, EC, PIC, ~ ESD, Whey Protein,HammerGelRunninW1JItraingBeaHlaaWmner of Rocky Raccoon 100, 1st in Avalon 50 miler (newcourserecord), 1st at LeonaDivideSOmiler, 1 at BishopHigh Sierra SOmiler.Orange12 hourTrack Run (ran 82.5Yearson products:8Favorileproducts: CardioCaps (cc) EC, RC, ESD, HammerGel.Aadrew JODeS1997 World Records: , 12 hrs-99.4 miles, 150k-ll:12:25., 100miles-12:OS:43Canadian Record:6 hrs-52.5miles.1st place Dances WithDirt SOK(Course Record)Yearson products: IFavoriteprrx1Mcts:RC, EC, ESDKimJones1997 USTF Road RunningChampion1997 USA RunningCircuitGrand Prix ChampionshipThp AmericanWomanat Bostonand New YorkMarathonsAll for this 37yr.old runningphenom.Yearson products : SFavoriteproducts: RC, EC, PIC, ESD, Shark Cartilage(sh),Chromate(ch), Boron (b), 7issueRejuvenator(tr),Enduro/yles(el)BIDRiley2nd place in age 1997 Boston Marathon4 NewEngland.recordsbywinning7straighteventsintheTrackand Field Road RaceSeries,a sweepof 7 different disciplinesranging from a 5K to a Marathonwhich has neverbeen done before.Yearson products:9FavoriteProducts:RC, EC, IC, B, CH, Whey protein,Soyprotein,PM, ESDPage 10

Ultra CydiDgDaanyChew1996 RAAMWmuerReturnedto RAAMin 1997and finished2nd.Yearson products:2Favoriteproducts:Cardia Caps(cc),EC, XobaJine(X),ATPlOO,Mulry Ritz1997RAAM;2nd placewomanand 8th overall.Yearson products:9Favoriteproducts:RC, sc.B, CH, ESDPeter Pop19974th overallbeatinghis placefrom lastyear.Yearson products:3Favoriteproducts:ESD and HammerGelSteve BornIdahoRecord holdergoing from north border to south border,641 miles in 39 hrs 28 min.Yearson products:9FavoriteProducts: RC, EC, B, CH,ATPlOO,ESD, CreatineBoost (CB), Hammer Gel;Enduolytes(el),Liquid Endurance(le), Xobaline(x)Mt.BikingB,J. PbiIHps1997NORBAJunior NationalChampionWinnerof NationalFinalsPark CitylIT (Qualifiedhimto competeat Worldsin Switzerland)Yearson products:3Favoriteproducts:Cardio Caps (cc) EC, SubUngualXobaline (subx), ESD,ATPlOO,PremiumInsuranceCaps(pic) PM, HammerGeLDan GerardiCompetedas oldest man on track at Worldsin Switzerlandandgot 2nd in the 50+ downhillYearson products:9Favoriteproduasi: nc.EC, X, B, SUBX,srnoo.CH, PIC,Shark Cartilage(sh), ESD PMCyclingJuHeKaplauWonMastersNationalRoadTandem70+40klime TrialYearson products:4FavoriteProduct:RC~ ec.ee,X, B, ATPIOO.ESD, CB, SH,HG, PM, PIC, TISsueRejuvenator(tr)~ EL,Anti-fatigue(af),RGBobBrooks110+40KTandem1T NationalChampionGot the 55+40k1T NationalRecordat 53:31.CompetedanddominatedtheWorldSeniorGamesinSt.GeorgelIT winningtbeeventoverall.Yearson products:10Favoriteproducts:RC, EC, a,ATP100, CH, ESD, CB, PM,PIe. HGDavidGrkeAcquireda totalof52 winsin Master's35+racesin the SE U.S.During 1997season.Yearson products:3FavoriteProducts:RC, ec,x,B, SUBX,ATP100, CH,ESD,CB,SH, PM, PIC,HO, TItEL,MIke Freeman2nd U.S. Master'sNationals- Road RaceYearson products:5Favoriteproducts:RC, EC, X, B, en,PIC, ATPlOO,ESD,WHEY PRO, CB, PM, HG, Endurolytes(eI), Liquid Endurance(Ie)DiathlonBWRUeyWonTriathlonNationals3rdyear ina row,thatmakes3 straightwins at Nationalsand 6 times in the last8 years.Receivedthe GrandMastersAward.Wonevery triathlonhe entered.Yearson Products:9FavoriteProducts:See runninglistingAbeBoge1'53rdPlace Overall,1stAmerican,St.Anthony'sTriathlon3rdPlace Overall,St. CroixTriathlonlSIPlaceOverall,ChinaPECC CupTriahthlonYearson Products:2Favoriteproducts:EC, ec,PIC, SUBX, HG, ESDAutolEndurance Racing'ThmmyKeudall1997SCCATrans-AmChampionDominatedseriesagainthis yearwinninga totalof 11out of 13events.Yearson Products:6Favoriteproducts:RC, EC, Ch,X; SUBJ{,IC, ESDIronman Honorable mentionKevIn Moats4th place,40-44age group,with a timeof 9:54:3JYearson Products:9Favoriteproducts:RC, EC, X, B, en.CC,ATPlOO,ESDCB,HGRandy Beckner (Montana)3rd place 45-49age groupwith a timeof 10:08:28Yearson Products:8Favoriteproducts:RC, EC, X, B, CC, IC, ESD, EL, HO, CBMike Ilerandi114thoverall, 18thin30-34age group witha timeof 9:48:10Yearson Products:9Favoriteproducts:RC, EC, X, B, SUB}{,CH CC, PIC,ATPl00, SOY PRO, ESD, PMPage 11

Allll)IESSCORltECTIONSSince we switched to FedEX (seestory on page 9), we have realized thatwe have many incorrector incomplete addressesforyou. Please look carefully atyour address below. Specifically, is therean apartment number, suite number orbusiness name missing?Also, are all 5primary zip code numbers correct? Ifyounotice ANY incorrect/incomplete information,please call us at 1-800 336-1977so that we can make correction beforewe maiVship to you again.FedEx is VERY sticky about having100% accurate and complete deliveryaddresses. Mistakes as smallas the lastdigit of a zipcodebeing wrong will triggeran address correction which costs us$10 a pop. Unfortunately, due to theirpolicy , we have had several hundreddollars in addresscorrection charges.Yourassistance andcooperation withthis matter is greatly appreciated.Endurance News Mission StatementThe objective of EnduranceNews is to provideyou, the seriousendurance athlete, with a valuableresource that you will find to beinformative, educational, thoughtprovokingand helpful in your ongoingpursuit of optimum performanceand bealth.Endurance News features insightfularticles on diet, nutrition,trainingand other topicsof interestto endurance athletes-written bymyself as wen as profe ional andelite amateur athletes, and otberexperts in the area of nutrition andexercise. In addition, EN will in­Legal Disclaimer: The con­clude articleshighlightingnew andexistingE-CAPSproductsandhowto get the maximum benefit fromthem.In reading this and future issues,please remember tbat tbeview expressedinthispublicationwillalwaysbe biasedin favorof abealthy diet, bard training tbatemphasizesqualityover quantity,and prudent supplementation toimprove health and performance.But above all, we at EnduranceNews believe there are no shortcuts, and success can only comefrom bard work.Brian Frank,Editortents of EnduranceNews are notintendedto providemedicaladvicetoindividuals.Formedicaladvice,pleaseconsultalicensedpbysician.ENDURANCE NEWSPO Box 4010Wbitefish, MT 599371(800) 336-1977www.e-caps.com/upplementslBULKRATEUSPOSTAGEPAIDWHITEFISI1MT59937PERMIT'14In This IssueSpeCIal f,dltDi8~- 1QroWlng palns- tJattoIi8l Report­ 119'¥1osACMasterS - 2HammerGelOpdate/Ttpe- - 4un...v PrO\dn-SoYva ........., PrOdUcts In stock- 5WheYanclSoY - 61be Big PynWBteScaIIl -1Foods1bat Help YouHeal- _ 8Theor.18In - wanted JunkMaIl­8Row1b ReduCeOn _ping _ - 9JmPOI'8I'l Cb8DQ88 In_1019'¥1AtbletlcHJgbIlabts-­

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