Children Affected by HIV/AIDS - The Coalition for Children Affected ...
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Children Affected by HIV/AIDS - The Coalition for Children Affected ...

Click F I N D to I edit N G Master S title styleAJB – needs design attention. Ok to drop photo(and might have to for board presentation)Limitations of local community organizationsLack of earlychildhooddevelopmentknowledge andskillsLack oforganizationalcapacity incommunity-basedorganizations(CBOs)Lack ofcoordination andcontact with othercommunity-basedorganizations andlocal governmentConrad N. Hilton Foundation7

Click to edit Master title styleOperating Premise:Getting critical supports to childrenaffected by HIV and AIDS early in theirlives provides a foundation for lifelongsuccess.Conrad N. Hilton Foundation8

I N N Click Innovation O V to A T edit I O In Master N This I N Space T title H I style S S P A C E“It’s not just thinking out of the box – it isbeing able to think in two boxes.”Foundation-Bill FoegeBoard Member,Conrad N. HiltonConrad N. Hilton Foundation9

Click R E A to C H edit I N Master G C A R title E G style I V E R S A N D C H I L D R E NConrad N.HiltonFoundationInternationalNGOsNationalNGOsCBOsCommunityGroupsCaregiversandChildrenPrograms can be formal or informal,home-based or center-based,rural or urban.Conrad N. Hilton Foundation10

P R Click P O R G O to R G A edit R M A M Master D E D S E I S title G I N G style NElements of strategyIntegrated servicesLocal approachesFocus on caregivers and familiesCapacity building of local organizationsReturn on InvestmentMonitoring, evaluation and shared learningConrad N. Hilton Foundation11

VisionClick to edit Children Master affected title style by HIV/AIDS can survive and thrivein the communities where they live.Creating an environment for successful earlydevelopment through:InitiativeAreas1 2 3Skilled Parents andCaregiversAble to meet children’sdevelopmental needsStrong Community-BasedOrganizationsDelivering quality childhooddevelopment servicesEffective Practice andPolicyInformed through global andnational knowledge-sharingTargetOutcomesYoung childrenmeet keymilestones fordevelopmentParents andcaregivershave improvedknowledgeand skillsChildren andfamilies havemore accessto coordinatedservicesCBOs arestrengthenedthrough capacitybuildingBest practicesare developedand adoptedNational capacityis enhanced forquality developmentprograms in highprevalenceareasPublic and privateresources areleveraged to createsustainableprogrammingUltimateResultYoung children living in high-prevalence HIV/AIDS areas are betterable to realize their cognitive, social and physical development.Conrad N. Hilton Foundation12

Where We FundClick to edit Master title style$ 50 million commitment over 5 years14 international NGOsTanzaniaKenyaMalawiZambiaMozambiqueTarget countriesConrad N. Hilton Foundation13

Click What’s M O V to I Next? N edit G Master F O R W title A R style D…•HSRC partnership for MEL•Focus on Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning toadvance sector knowledge and partnership bestpractices•Road to Melbourne and CCABA Are AdvocacyOpportunities for the programmatic agenda•Mutual Learning Among Funders/Donors - leverage•How Are We Going to Influence Post MDG agenda?Conrad N. Hilton Foundation14

Click to edit Master title styleSummary of ApproachImproving the ability and capacity offamilies and communities to create theenvironment that children affected by HIVand AIDS need for successful developmentConrad N. Hilton Foundation15

Click to edit Master title styleConrad N. Hilton Foundation16

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