May Issue - Pittwater Council

May Issue - Pittwater Council

THE PITTWATER REPORTMay - July 2008News for all Pittwater residents and ratepayersFrom the MayorAs promised, this issue of The Pittwater Reportfocuses on what we as an organisation will bedoing to implement Pittwater’s strategic plan – andhow you can help us do it.With the theme of sustainability now runningthrough everything we do, it’s appropriate that wetalk first about what we’ll be doing to value andcare for our natural environment.The management plan and accompanying budget forthe 2008-2009 financial year will set aside significantfunding for some key environmental projects –see the details of these on pages 5 and 6.An artist’s impression of how a secondary dwelling could be located within an existing propertyAffordable housing on the wayThe Council has come up with one answerto the local housing affordability crisis,after extensive negotiations with the NSWDepartment of Planning and the involvementof local MP Rob Stokes.The plan paves the way for a form of housing calledsecondary dwellings. Under the plan, secondarydwellings provide more sensitively designed,low impact small dwellings than previous dualoccupancy homes which can be built on suitableblocks of land. They can be attached to the maindwelling or built separately.The plan is currently on public exhibition forcomment until the end of May and can be viewedon the Council website at The main issue theCouncil is seeking feedback on is whether the sizeof secondary dwellings should be 15% or 20% ofthe total floor area of the secondary dwelling and themain home.Once adopted by the Council, planning controls willbe updated to allow secondary dwellings to be built.Mayor David James said secondary dwellings couldallow residents on limited incomes to live in Pittwaterand retain family ties. “We also think they could helpfill the shortage of affordable housing for essentialservice workers such as teachers, nurses andpolice,” he said.Mayor James said if the community response wasfavourable, development applications for secondarydwellings could ‘hopefully be submitted by the endof this year’.But as a community, it’s the little things we can alldo that count the most. We give you some ideas onsimple and cost-effective steps you and your familycan take to live more sustainably. We also welcomeyour suggestions and feedback on priorities andfunding while the management plan and budgetare on public exhibition in May.David JamesInsidePage 2Page 3Page 4Page 5 & 6Page 7 & 8News in briefHot topicsPittwater 2020 and theManagement PlanValuing & Caring for ourNatural EnvironmentWhat’s On anduseful

News in briefCouncil takes action on climate changeThe Council has prepared a draft climate change policy and is seeking residents input on the policy until 23 May. Natural Resources Manager MiaDalby-Ball said the Council was looking for practical suggestions to prepare an action plan based on the policy. “We’ll be holding a series of communitymeetings this year to get residents’ input,” she said. For details of meetings contact the Coastal Environment Centre on 9970 6905 and to view thepolicy, visit out for illegal tree-loppersLocal residents are asked to be wary of unscrupulous tree-loppers offeringto cut down trees without Council approval. “Residents should be awarethat if trees are lopped without approval, then they and the companyconcerned can be prosecuted,” said Mayor David James. For advice abouttree lopping contact the Council on 9970 1362.AFL calls Narrabeen homeSmoking no-go areasA new multi-use sports facility at Walsh Street, North Narrabeen willbecome the official home of junior AFL on the northern beaches, accordingto AFL officials. The new facility at North Narrabeen Reserve cost $360,000and was built in partnership with NSW AFL, the local community and theCouncil. Pittwater Mayor David James said the facility could also host sportssuch as soccer and touch football, as well as other community events.The Council has voted to designate outdoor dining areas smoke-free byprogressively banning smoking in these areas as leases are renewed. TheCouncil will also embark on a program of community education to deterpeople from lighting up at beaches and bus stops and near children’splaygrounds.Solutions on graffitiA ‘do-it-yourself’ graffiti removal kit for residents and business-owners isbeing developed by the Council and will be launched in late 2008, accordingto economic development officer Paul Reid. The kit will supplementinformation on graffiti removal already available on the Council’s websiteat policy reviewThe Council will engage an independent geotechnical expert to review itsinterim landslide policy and mapping. This follows public exhibition of thepolicy and maps which were revised last year in line with new nationalguidelines on landslide risk.Mayor David James said the Council was also analysing around 140submissions from the community on the policy. “We expect to make adecision on a final policy by the end of the year. In the meantime the interimpolicy will remain in place,” he said. For enquiries about the policy contactthe Council’s hotline on 9970 1674.Volunteers wanted for ArtfestArtfest is looking for volunteers to help coordinate the event on 26 and 27 September. The arts festival for young peopleaged between 3 and 18 creates artworks with the help of local artists, culminating in the Art in the Park exhibition atDunbar Park, Avalon. Local coordinator Meredith Rasdall says she’s looking for ‘enthusiastic helpers, artists and teachersto help run this wonderful event’. To volunteer call Meredith on 9973 2345 or email

Keeping it in the familyAfter trying various forms of childcare, parents Sharon and Rod Weber from Avalon say they are firm fans of family day care.Newly arrived back in Pittwater from a six year stint in Perth and with a two year old daughter needing care, busyworking parents Rod and Sharon tried childcare centres to begin with, but then switched to family day care followinga friend’s recommendation. “We couldn’t be happier”, says Rod. “What’s impressive is the one-on-one care for ourdaughter and the professionalism of the carers and support staff.”Since July last year, Jessica has been with two family day carers in Pittwater. According to Rod, the mix suits everyone.“Jessica is getting the quality care and attention we’re seeking, plus the stimulation and company of other youngchildren.”For those not in the know, family day care is based in a family home with an accredited carer looking after up to fivepre-school children. Carers receive intensive training and equipment tailored for individual children’s needs, supportedby childcare professionals from the Council. Hours can be arranged to suit and there is even the option of someweekend care. For more information and bookings contact 9979 6150.HELP! I need someoneOne of the teenage rites of passage is learning to drive. Now there’s some practical helpfor nervous would-be teachers.The HELP handbook is packed full of hints on how to plan lessons, give constructive feedbackand fill out the learner’s logbook, as well as tips for learners and their teachers on safer driving.Developed by northern beaches Councils including Pittwater, the HELP handbook is availablefree-of-charge.Pittwater’s road safety officer Michelle Carter said the handbook can be picked up from theCouncil’s customer service centres at Avalon and Mona Vale. “We think it’s a great resource andwill help alleviate a lot of the stress people experience during driving lessons.” The Council willalso run another of its popular workshops for teachers of learner drivers during November; for more information contact Michelle on 9970 1196.Lessening lonelinessThe Council is teaming up with other community organisationsto reach out to older residents experiencing loneliness andisolation.According to the Council’s aged services coordinator Jane Mulroney,the problem often strikes after the death of a spouse or when familymove away. “Older people can be reluctant to approach others for help,but social activities help keep them feeling connected.”The Council has set up group of service providers to promoteservices for older residents and encourage them to reconnect withthe community after retirement. “There’s a lot for older people to do,ranging from lifeball and art classes to ballroom dancing at AvalonRecreation Centre and our two community centres at Warriewood,”says Jane.For more info about what’s on offer contact Jane on 9970 1199or pick up your free copy of the leisure guide for older residents atPittwater Council libraries and customer service centres.3

What is Pittwater 2020?For the last 18 months, the Council and Pittwater residents have been working together todevelop Pittwater’s first ever strategic plan, called Pittwater 2020.The plan will set goals and targets for Pittwater until the year 2020, based on an overarching theme ofsustainability. There are five key themes in the strategic plan:•n•n•n•n•nValuing & Caring for our Natural EnvironmentSupporting & Connecting our CommunityEnhancing our Working & LearningLeading an Effective & Collaborative CouncilIntegrating our Built EnvironmentIn the next five issues of The Pittwater Report we’ll tell you what the Council is doing to achieve the goalsof each theme – and what you can do to help. Pittwater 2020 was adopted by the Council in April 2008and will guide spending priorities on behalf of the local community for the next 12 years.The key document that will drive Pittwater 2020 is the Management Plan (including the annual budget),which the Council prepares early each year. The Management Plan sets out actions to achieve thestrategic goals and targets and the budget allocates funding for these actions.Pittwater 2020 will give the local area a blueprint for the future basedon sustainabilityThis year for the first time, Pittwater 2020 will underpin both the management plan and budget. TheManagement Plan will be on public exhibition until 20 May for residents to give feedback.The bottom line in 2008-2009The draft management plan and budget include the following actions for the Council toundertake in the coming financial year:•n•n•n•n•n•n•n•n•n•n•n•n•n•n•n•n•n•nImplement a bushfire management plan for high priority reservesHelp improve facilities for the SES and Rural Fire ServiceReduce vandalism and improve lighting in known trouble spotsRebuild Bilgola Beach kioskProvide a free internet wi-fi ‘hotspot’ for Mona ValeDevelop a program to increase volunteeringBoost the role of the Coastal Environment CentreConsult the community about a new design for a skate park at Kitchener ParkFinish the upgrade of Newport commercial centreOpen the Newport community centreFinalise an economic development plan for PittwaterIntroduce more online payments for Council transactionsAmend planning controls to allow secondary dwellings to be builtFinalise the management plan for Church Point ReserveComplete the North Narrabeen MasterplanFinalise a public art policyRefurbish Mona Vale Memorial HallUpgrade facilities at the Lakeside Tourist Park, NarrabeenThe SES and RFS will benefit from more Council supportFull details of funding for these projects can be found in the Council’s Management Planwhich is on public exhibition for comment until 20 May.Visit to view the plan.4

Green LightThe latest on the local environmentIn this first of a series of feature articles on Pittwater’s first-ever strategy for the future, we look at what the Council willbe doing for the local environment – and what you can do to help us meet the goals of ‘Valuing and Caring for our LocalEnvironment’.Key environmental goals for Pittwater by 2020•n•n•n•n•n•n•n•n• nA 30% reduction in waste to landfillA 20% reduction in potable water consumptionA 10% reduction in annual greenhouse gas emissionsA 50% increase in residents taking steps to reduce the impacts of climate change80% of Pittwater’s bushland to be self-sustainable70% of Pittwater’s landscape covered by a tree canopyNo increase in the number of threatened or endangered species90% satisfaction rating with the cleanliness of Pittwater’s beaches80% of Pittwater’s creeks meeting the highest environmental standardsMost of these goals are on a per capita basis, meaning they will be measured on a per household orper person basis.Increasing biodiversity and more protection for threatened species ison the Council’s to-do listThe journey begins in 2008-2009Here’s what we’ll be doing in the next financial year to realise the goals of the theme Valuing & Caring for our Natural Environment:after•n Installing rainwater tanks and irrigation systems at Avalon Golf Course, Lakeside Tourist Park,Careel Bay playing fields and Hitchcock Park•n Finding ways to cut energy consumption for lighting in public places•n Completing a threatened species management plan•n Improving and extending the coastal walkway network, including an upgrade of theBicentennial coastal walkway•n Continuing a revolving energy fund and implementing our energy savings action plan•n Finding ways to cut water and energy use and waste in Council-owned buildings•n Developing ways to increase Pittwater’s biodiversity•n Updating the wildlife corridor plan•n Raising public awareness of water conservation, waste minimisation, sustainability and climatechange•n Implementing sustainable purchasing practices and encouraging local businesses to do thesame•n Introducing a new energy efficient urban design category in the Pittwater civic design awards•n Increasing the use of park-and-ride commuter facilities•n Developing a plan for waste recycling stations at public beachesThat’s what we plan to do in the coming year. Turn to the next page for tips on how youcan help us achieve a sustainable Pittwater!The Council wants to install waste recycling stations at local beaches5

Valuing and Caring for Our Natural EnvironmentHere are just a few practical ways you can reduce your eco-footprint – with a minimum of fuss or expense. In the coming months we’ll give youmore assistance and advice on sustainable living.At home•n•n•n•n•n•nAdjust the load dial on your washingmachine to match the quantity ofclothes in each wash.Use the dishwasher with a fullload and switch off the cycle afterwashing for natural drying.When buying food, look for glass,cardboard and metal containersrather than plastic.Instead of using cling film, pack cutlunches in brown paper bags or foil.Use wooden bowls and china cups instead of plastic ones.Buy recycled paper towels, tissues and toilet paper – they’re usuallycheaper!In the garden•n•n•n•n•n•n•nWater the roots and soil around plantsrather than the leaves and flowers.Group plants with similar wateringneeds together.Choose drought-tolerant natives overintroduced exotics that need regularwatering.Use plenty of mulch and compost toretain moisture and reduce evaporation.Save food scraps and newspapers andstart your own compost heap.Find a sunny well-drained spot to grow your own fruit, herbsand vegetables.Leave grass at least 3cms high when mowing.At work•n•n•n•n•n•n•nChoose water-based ink cartridges.Buy ink-jet printers ahead of laserprinters as they use less ink.Buy tea and coffee fromorganisations such as Fair Trade.Ban plastic cups.Bring in potted plants to help coolthe office and dispel airborne toxins.Donate outdated technology tocharities with recycling services.Choose producers and supplierswho have a proven record of protecting theenvironment.Out & about•n•n•n•n•n•nAsk for cardboard boxes to packyour groceries in. Or keep recycledshopping bags handy.Be sparing with car air-conditioning.In fine weather switch it off andopen a window instead.Travel light – an extra 50kgsin weight can increase fuelconsumption by 2%.Share cars for errands or work travelwith family, colleagues and friends.Leave the car at home for short journeys and cycle, catch a bus or walk.If you’re a parent with school-aged children, ask whether there is a ‘walkingbus’ to and from school. If there isn’t, join other parents and start one up.Want to find out more about sustainability?Here are some useful web Generous cash rebates are on offer to householders installing rainwater tanks and you can get up to $150 cash back if youbuy a new water-efficient washing machine or For advice about solar heating for pools and Lots of environmentally friendly cleaning products for the home that can be bought For more tips on sustainable Detailed advice on growing your own herbs and For info on what you can do with outdated technology such as computers and mobile Just one of several car sharing Recycled goods ranging from mulches to building Renewable energy appliances and products - everything from battery chargers to solar panels!6

What’s on in PittwaterMAY3 – Bush regeneration at Hungry Beach.Meet at Akuna Bay at 9am. Enquiries:8977 70279 – Peninsula Music Club presentschamber music for woodwinds at LoquatValley School, Bayview. Enquiries: 9999193710 – Asparagus Fern Out Day at Towlersand Morning Bays. For details and tovolunteer contact 9918 917018 – Paddle Narrabeen Lagoon withkayaking expert Tony Carr. Kayaks can behired on the day. Enquiries: 0417 502 05619 - 25 – Library Information Weekincluding a simultaneous storytime sessionacross the nation on 21 May at 11am atMona Vale Library. Enquiries: 9970 161422 – In Deep Water with underwaterfilm-maker George Evatt exploring themysteries of deep oceans. At the CoastalEnvironment Centre Narrabeen, 7.30-9pm.Enquiries: 9970 690529 – Have your say on the restorationof Narrabeen Lagoon. At the Tramshedcommunity centre, Narrabeen 7-9pm.Enquiries: 9942 2280JUNE5 - 8 – World Environment Day Expo atJames Meehan Reserve, Dee Why. Over50 eco-stalls plus free entertainment.Enquiries: 9942 211110 – Bully-busting for parents of teens.A workshop dealing with all aspects ofbullying, 7-9.30pm Queenscliff CommunityHealth Centre. Enquiries: 9466 250011- See the story of Patrick Dodson’s fightfor reconciliation at a special showing of thefilm Liyan Ngarn at Avalon RSL 7.15pm-9pm. Bookings essential 9970 111114 – The local rugby union derby TheBayfield Cup, Warringah .v. Manly atPittwater Rugby Park18 – Free driving course for the over 60s,Nelson Heather Centre 9.30am-12.30pm.Practical ways to improve seniors’ drivingskills. Enquiries: 9970 119422 – Breakfast with the birds atWarriewood Wetlands. Meet at KatoaClose, off Garden Street Narrabeen at8am. Enquiries: 9970 6905JULY1-13 – The Guringai Festival, a celebrationof indigenous culture. For more details onevents visit fromMay onwards3 – Carers support network meets atPittwater RSL between 10am and 12 noon.Enquiries: 9931 77508 – Narrabeen Chamber of Commercemonthly meeting at the Tramshedcommunity centre Narrabeen from 7pm.Enquiries: www.narrabeenchamber.org12 – Rugby union at Pittwater Rugby Park,Warringah .v. Eastern Suburbs27 – Bird watching at Red Hill, home ofquail, finches and honeyeaters. Between9.30-11.30am. Enquiries: 9970 690531 – Citizenship ceremony, Mona ValeMemorial Hall. Enquiries: 9970 1104New Aboriginal liaison officerSue Pinckham from the Biripi people is the northern beaches’Aboriginal liaison officer. Sue holds regular open-door sessionsat Manly Neighbourhood Centre to give advice and support toindigenous people.She also runs fortnightly ‘yarn-up’ sessions at the AboriginalHeritage Centre in Northbridge, where guest speakers from theindigenous community talk on a range of subjects.Contact Sue on 9949 9882 or Census results now onlineInvaluable information for anyonesetting up a business or researchingthe local population, the resultstrack income, occupations andeducation, plus other demographicalquirks such as the number of carsin each household. Simply log to build your portrait ofPittwater.7

Pittwater CouncillorsMayor: David JamesDeputy Mayor: Patricia Giles OAMNorthern Ward (Palm Beach, Whale Beach, Avalon, CareelBay, Bilgola, Clareville, Coasters Retreat, Mackerel Beach)Handy contacts this winterJuly vacation care9970 1241 or weather sportsfield hotline9970 1236 (24 hours)Storm and flood damage to homes13 25 00Bob GracePh: 9974 5399Alex McTaggartPh: 9918 8431Natalie StevensPh: 0415 221 239Storm and flood damage to local roads9970 1111Central Ward (Newport, Scotland Island, Church Point,Lovett Bay, Elvina Bay, Towlers Bay, Mona Vale, Bayview)Rex ButlerPh: 9970 1104Patricia Giles OAMPh: 9979 1331Note: Councillor IanTreharne has retired.Central Ward residentswill be represented byCrs Giles and Butlerpending the outcomeof Council elections inSeptember 2008.Southern Ward (Warriewood, Ingleside, Elanora Heights,North Narrabeen)Pittwater CouncilCustomer Service Centres:1 Park Street, Mona Vale Mon-Thurs 8.00am-5.30pmFri 8.00am-5.00pm59a Old Barrenjoey Road, Avalon Mon-Thurs 8.30am-5.30pmFriday 8.30am-5.00pmPh: 9970 1111 (24 hours)Fax: 9970 7150Email: PO Box 882 Mona Vale NSW 1660Lynne CzinnerPh: 9997 1723Julie HegartyPh: 0400 341 168David JamesPh: 9913 3063Or email Councillors any time at meetings: 1st and 3rd Monday of each monthfrom 6.30pm at Mona Vale Memorial Hall, Park Street, MonaVale. For requests to speak at meetings contact 9970 1111.Agendas are available from the Friday prior to each meetingat newsletter is printed on 100% recycled paper and uses soy-based inks

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