Diapositiva 1 - Expo 2015

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Diapositiva 1 - Expo 2015

Expo Milano 2015Opportunities for Corporate Engagement_____www.expo2015.org

Expo 2015 overview• Engagement opportunities2

What is Expo Milano 2015?Expo Milano 2015 is a global cultural, educational and scientific venuebringing together countries, organizations, corporations and citizens to exploreand contribute to the progress of one of the world’s most important challenges:Sustainable feeding and developmentExpo Milano 2015 will be the largest worldwide event ever to be organized toaddress issues related to the global food challenge, nutrition and theculture of food.3

Objectives of Expo Milano 2015Stimulate and lead a global discussion on thechallenges linked to food production, safety,availability and nutritionFacilitate cooperation and networking amongthe key players and policymakersCreate awareness and world platform for bestpractices and innovations in the fields of food,health, well-being, sustainability and technology4

Key facts and targets• From 1 May to October 31 2015• 20 million visitors, 30% foreigners• 130 participating countries• € 3 Billion infrastructure & operating budget• Exhibitions by participating countries,international organizations and corporations• World debates, conventions and policymeetings• International concerts, cultural events andfood festivalsExpo Milano 2015 is being organized by Expo2015 S.p.A., a company owned by the ItalianFinance Ministry, Lombardy Region, MilanProvince, City of Milan and the MilanChamber of Commerce.5

The Expo theme: “Feeding the Planet,Energy for Life”1Food securityand qualityScience andtechnology2 3AgricultureandbiodiversityFood chaininnovation7Cooperation &developmentCulture andsociety5Nutritionand lifestyle4Foodeducation6Food andculture6

The Expo site: «Smart City of the Future»The Expo Milano 2015 will be built and operated on state of the art technology in orderto propose a model for Smart Cities of the Future in terms of infrastructure,operations and services to visitors/citizensNext GenerationTelecommunicationsNetwork, Devices&ServicesRemoteidentification andsecurity systemsIntegrated & SmartEnergy ManagementE Health servicesE mobility – electricpeople mover andlogistics systems7

Expo 2015 aspires to be a new modelfor universal ExposSociallegacyTechnologySustainabilityMultiyearprogramExpo’s are world renowned for leaving significant architecturallegacies; Expo Milano 2015 is committed to going beyond andleaving a legacy of ideas and social initiatives on which to buildlong term solutions.Expo Milano 2015 intends to employ tomorrow’s technologies tobe one of the most innovative universal Expos ever, from a modelfor the “smart city of the future” to state of the art exhibitiontechnologies.Today’s focus on sustainability creates an opportunity for ExpoMilano 2015 to put into practice new standards for world Expos,integrating sustainability principles in both the construction andoperation of the site.Expo Milano 2015 is not just a six month event; it is a multiyearjourney to 2015 supported by a program of initiatives and eventsto start the debate and engage the global community.8

Social legacy: 2015 CharterThe objective of the 2015 Charter is to identify recommendations for the future anddiffuse solutions for a truly sustainable approach to feeding the planet.The 2015 Charter represents:• a multi year program involving an international and multidisciplinarycommittee composed of thought leaders in the fields of science,research, economy and culture• an action document to share with the Expo Milano 2015 participatingcountries• a commitment to endorse together with Expo Milano 2015 visitors andcitizens in the global community9

Technology as enabler of visitorexperienceThe Expo Milano 2015 site will be a Smart Digital City where visitors live and discoverthe theme of sustainable feeding through an innovative and entertaining visitorexperience supported by tomorrow’s technologies.Access and VisitVisitor automatic identification using the smart electronicticket; online queue management services, etc..EdutainmentElectronic multi touch and holographic walls and virtual reality(immersive/augmented/6-D)ServicesAdvanced and efficient services as e-health, teleshopping,e-banking and proximity enabled kiosksCommunicationVery high speed and broadband services provided by a4 th Generation Network10

Site and event sustainability• Green building and Leed standards• Innovative sustainable materials and design forreuse and recycling• Smart energy management with renewableenergy sources• Integrated electrical grid with on site energystoring• Energy efficiency lighting (LED)• Water systems designed for minimum waterconsumption and waste• Green internal mobility (people movers, buses,cars, logistics)• Sustainable food & beverage systems(recyclable/biodegradable utensils, food wasteto energy)11

Expo 2015 overview• Engagement opportunities12

Expo 2015 goals for Corporate engagement• Focus on innovation driven, best in class companies• Secure high international participation• Bring together all schools of thought and approaches• Create strategic synergies with partnering companies• Implement multi year partnership programs13

Expo 2015 offers compelling businessopportunitiesExpo Milano 2015 is an opportunity for companies to develop and demonstratetheir competitive edge. Companies can leverage on Expo to push forward strategicgoals by aligning growth and development efforts with the multi year Expo program inorder to:• Roll out innovation and new technologies onto world stage• Enlighten and influence future trends• Unify diverse brand building and consumer awareness initiatives ontoa common multiyear platform• Build strategic relationships and alliances with institutions, policymakers,influencers and key industry players• Create dialogue and build understanding with stakeholders• Develop and showcase products and services14

Companies may engage on differentlevelsWorldwidePartnersExpo Theme& ContentGlobalThemePartnersExpo Site &OperationsGlobalServicePartnersPremiumPartnersProjectPartnersSignatureProduct &ServicePartnersExpoSupportersEventSponsorsContributingSponsors15

Main Partnership categoriesType Description Target No. Example of Targetof Partners Company SectorsGlobalThemePartnersCompanies whose business andvalues are intrinsically linked tothe Expo 2015 themes and partneron content development3-4•Agribusiness•Food Products•Food Packaging•DistributionGlobalServicePartnersCompanies who developprominent technologies andservices to support innovation andsustainability of Expo 20154-5•Telecommunications•Technology•Energy•Financial/Banking•Automotive•Travel servicesProjectPartnersCompanies and organizations whopartner on specific projects suchas Expo site areas, theme pavilions,events and special content10-15•Edutainment•Health & Wellness•Sport & Fitness•Healthcare•Foundations/NGOs•Tourism/HospitalitySignatureProduct &ServicePartnersCompanies who provide keyproducts, services and expertiseto support the construction andoperations of Expo 20158-10•Security•Lighting•Ticketing•Advertising•Cleaning & wastemanagement•Logistics•Building materials16

Partnership benefitsVisibility andCommunicationGlobalThemePartnersGlobalServicePartnersSignatureProducts &ServicesProjectPartners• Industry ExclusivityPre ExpoMarketing• Advertising/Billboards at Expo construction site• Company logo on official Expo promotional eventsmaterials (ex. Annual Expo Day celebrations)• Company logo on Expo welcome points and stores• Dedicated yearly Press campaigns pages• Company logo/links on Expo web site• Company logo in Expo advertising spaces (ex.Airports, Metro, Milan city dedicated spaces)On Site –DuringExpo• Company logo on dedicated Expo communicationchannels (ex. Youtube, Facebook)• Company logo at Expo entrances and Info points• Company logo in Expo guide and programs• Company advertising on digital signage• Pavilion space or signature Expo area17

Partnership benefitsBrand & BusinessDevelopmentCoMarketing– Pre &DuringExpo• Education or social initiatives/programs• Pre Expo forums and workshops• Joint Marketing/Advertising campaigns• Product & Service developmentGlobalThemePartnersGlobalServicePartnersSignatureProducts &ServicesProjectPartners• Preferred service/product catalog to participatingcountries and organizationsSupport & ServicesPre Expo• Annual Expo shaping workshops with Expo 2015Board and Management Team• Dedicated Client teams and support (initiativesdevelopment, travel/ground support, etc.)On site -DuringExpo• Hospitality packages for clients & employees• Ambush marketing monitoring and protection• Company space & events on site• Possibility to organize company conventions18

Key steps in Partner recruitment in 20112011 2012Ago Sept Oct Nov DecJanFebLaunch Public Call for company interestin Expo Milano 2015 PartnershipsLaunch of sector specific Requests forProposals for Global Service Partnersand Signature Product & Service PartnersClosing of proposals and selection ofGlobal Service Partners andSignature Product & Service PartnersLaunch of sector specific Requests forProposals for Global Theme Partnersand Project Partners19

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