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$8~11 Chock 8r maray 8Pd8Plor 820.00 (kr 0118 y88rlto SLUG SUSSP.O. Box f465Dear SLUG,I recently attended. the Suspensionof Disbelief record releaseparty at Playschool because I hadnever heard theband before, and Ihad heard that they were good. Iwas disturbed when a pair ofwomen's underwear and a brawere thrown on stage by a malefriend of the band. The singerpicked up the bra, twirled itaround, hung it on themicrophone,and later hung it around his neck.The bra and underwear had beenbought earlier by the singer in anticipationof the show as a joke.That isone pathetic joke. Does thisband have that little respect forwomen? I amkrowing very tired ifthe sexist coci-rock htudes thataredisplayed at someof the showsin Salt Lake. Excusing sexism as ajoke about hessian glam-ruck justdoesn't cut it. Maybe this bandshould be on tour with Bon Jovirather than playing shows in anunderground scene that is workingtowards social change. If alienatingwomen was this band's goal,they have accomplished it.Amber HeatonDear Dickheads,I am writing this letter tothat FUCKING IDIOT DarrellHewitt. Your piece on "TheMosh" was a fucking piece ofshii!I you knew the first thingabout "moshing" you wouldhave put a bullet in your Skullfor putting your name to such'a stupid, uninformed article.You are the dumb fuck who ismissing the point. You will notunderstand what I am about toexplan toyou!First of all, if you arespending all week conformingto the world and hiding yourtrue self, you should not be"moshing" anyway. Faggotslike you should be home fistfucking yourself, now that isan expression of aggression.What the hell do you think aggressionmeans? Ever heard ofa dictionary? Webster's UnabridgedDictionary of theEnglish Language states, and Iquote, "aggression (ag're shen),n. 1. an unprovoked offensiveattack. 2. the practice of mak-ing assaults or attacks." Aggressionsounds a lot like violenceto me. Next time you useI word, learn what it means,,efore you use it, you fuckinglipshit.If slam dancing "wasn'taggressive (violent) enough fortoday's needs, then what areyou doing crying about yourmore aggressive (violent)"moshing"? You can take yourfucking etiquette and shove itup your fucking ass!Head walking and stagediving are done at your ownrisk, but so is slam dancing. Ifyou are going to get in the pit,you better be ready to pay theprice. If you cannot take theviolence (aggression) then getthe fuck out! I slam to hurtpeople and to get hurt, and if Iever see your tear stained eyes,in the pit, I will be happy towipe them for you with my fist.Derrell Hewitt ... GO GETFUCKED!-I Don't Mosh FUCKFACEIONE MORE TIME....DEAR DICKHEADSP.O. Box 1465C'5, UT 84152

NOW OPEN ATI NOON FOR LUN~HSPECIALGUESTSANDCLUB UNWRITTEN LAW--A&-- - -- -at the FOUL rppppp - -, UTAH STATE FAIR PARH155 North 1000 South.Tickets $9.60 Doors 7:OOpmTickets on sale at Raunch Records, Sonic Garden and Heavy M

SUMMERHot Flix 4 Cool TeensI hate music. I'm sick of mk. It'sgot to be hack burnout. In the pastfew weeks I've found myself talkingbacktoinfomercials("AnthonyRobbins rules! ", "Maybe I DOneed a HealthRider."), building aJackie0 shrine, qdactually agreeingwith Ben Ful+n's Private Eyegnashings. (Twi+! Fuck!)- I needa break. But Ican't let down my fanclub (both of you), so I'll set mysights this month on the one thinglower on the food chain than musicbizzers-movie industry weasles.Here are some previews of whatTheMani?servingup this summer. .THE CROW i "Killer, CD dude--I.heard th4 niade a movie too!"Brandon Lee stars as a dead rocker(hmm), and$) actually being reallifedeadhaskicked up sales (hmm).Dark, viole~t and smelly saveyourself 5 b~cks and just take amidnight st~ll through PioneerPark.,PCU. Man, lr&lly miss those mid-80's titties n' beer flicks. WhilePCUlacks the je ne sais quoi of Porky's 2and the tableau v@nt of Hot Dog:The Movie, it doeq have smirk-kingList just THAT MUCH bettTHE FLINTSTONES. With theright PR push and some,merchandising,this thing could do somebusiness. As it is, The Rintstones ishopelessly underadvertised anddoomed to Tower Theater obscu-,rity--the studio just dropped theball (rock?) on this one. Helen'sHint: Next time try a remake ofLand Of The Lost ("Kids! Get yourSleestack Happy Meal today!").'ITY-ERSOFIron" Nicholson. Also featuringLuke Perry as JR and MickeyRourke as evil rockabilly kingpinWheels.THE LION KING: Mer-'IT .URP: Three hours-plus.Three fucking hours?! Whowants to do ANYTHING for threehours? (Do NOT send any IIyou sick bastards)BLOWN AWAY: Nfused with theshaight-to-videosoftporn snoozer of the same name, inBEVERLY HILLS COP 3: Doesanyone remember Cop 21 Or anytodo the naked mambo with boththing EddieMurphy hasdone sincem ANDCorey Feldman.Cop I? Me niether. Eddie's next ."project" is filling that HollywoodSquare between Joe Piscopo and SPEED: ICeanu ReevesaSa SWAT.BABY'S DAY OUT: lohnthe sound-effects guy from Police stud rescuing passengers fr0.m aflick about a baby and some kid-Academy. bombon anL.A. bus. Wehied this nappers. Attach your ownwith a UTA bus, but since no onepunchline, I'm stumped,RENAISSANCE MAN: So de- a~t~ally rides the things, the tenrivative,they even lifted the fuck- sion just wasn't there. -TRUE LIES: Scharzenegger, vioingTHEME SONG from Stripes!lence, action, $100 million budget.Chock full of that Danny DeVito GETTING EVEN WITH DAD:~ ~ 1might 1 , as well be a new G~~~magic that makes you want to What could be more repellant thanN, R~~~ video.squeegee your tongue.Ted Dansonand MaCauley Culkinin the same movie? Throw in Ma-Adam Sandier andTHE COWBOY WAY: TWO donna, Burt Reynolds and a ring-B ~ star as a lame ~ metalrednecks(Woody Harrelson, Kiefer ing endo sement IWBLA-nowband that takes a radio station has-Sutherland) mosey to New York to we're talking!tage to get their tunes on the air.hlfill their dfeams of becomingBased on true eventsand originallybreakdancers and/or male prosti- WOLF: Apparently unautho- titled ne KBER story.tutes-I can't quite remember. bio of my amazing life (style)-Helen Wolf

LNow that Kurt Cobain haskicked the bucket, going out in atwisted self-help Over EatersAnonymous way that prevents JennyCraig from gettlng any real sleep atnight, I think it's time we all got toseewhat really happens on the otherside of the Great Beyond. For thisjunketIenlisted thesetvfcesof reclusivespiritualist to the stars, BettyWhite. First, though, I had to dragher out of the sleazy bar she wasensconced in, a seedy little divewithin Iron Fortress Beverly Hills.Only those in the-know, or with asnazzy, zoot capri SLUG press LD.areallowed into it's dark underbellywhere taverns like this one survivefor washed uv old nobodies from~oll~wood's hnge to hunker downand throw back a few hundred dimglasses of Wild Turkey with coudsyrup sidecars to chase away theblues and eradicate any brain cellsImprinted with the information ofwhat abject losersand apatheticcankersoresthey are. She had run up anastronomical tab, and the gorillastuffed into theIshtar t-shirt behindthe bar wasn't about to let the oldwho~ego soeasily. He wanted her todo some cheap magic tricks that apparentlyshe had been slurring aboutfor the last couple of days. Obviouslyan easy ploy to get a few moredrlnks out of the bar and in& herdiseased body. She was far toowasted tobe6llingany animalsoutof her crotch, let alone her purse shemyself, and I hate what cheny flavoredcoughsyrup does toa person'sinsides, especially one whose bodyis as ravaged as hers. So why donyou cut me some slack, what do yousay?G.M.: (Pointing to a smiling DonKing hugging an obese Ken Wahl,near life-size behind the counter, asloppy "Best Wishes Barny"scrawled along the bottom) You seethat? I can make that kind of shithappen. All right, this sow has beendrinkin'upour booze,goin'onaboutthese fuckin tricks of hers, andrunnin' up a big bill. Now the bossain't gonna' be so happy when hehears about this shit, cause shepromised him she'd do a few trickson his show if he kept her bill openNow whatamIgonna do about that?Betty: (Pushes stool out from underher and falls to the floor) Jush let meshow you!WAC: (Kicks Betty on sideof head,knocking her uncbnscious) Lookgodamnit, I haven got time for thisshit. Let me see her bill.G.M.: (Eyeing me warily as hefumbles around with some papers,finally extractingone and handing itto me) Here, but I gotta'call the boss.W.E.C: Fine. Let me see...What thefuck is this shit?! There's almost twocases of Wild Turkey here! And ifshe drank that much cough syrupher liver'd explode! This is a sham!G.M.: (Speaking hurriedly into atelephone) 'had been vomiting into f& the past W.E.C: Picks up Betty, throws hermonth, and I pointed this out to the overshoulderandheads forthedoor)talking primate.Fuck this place man, you guys arerunninga real scamhere. I won'tpayWilliamE Coyote:Look pal,thelady for this crap!her& had one too many, why don I head for the door, but before I canyou ease up?get there, a bellow from across theGorilIain the alcoholmist: Hey man, room stops me in my tracks. Slowlythe bitch's been flappin' her gums I turn around, and there, making hisfor days now about some magic tricks way over to me, a shiny new Eastonshelearned fromDavid Copperfield, baseball bat in his furry left paw, isand I wanna' see em'.the big purple dinosaur himself,W.E.C: What the fuck are you talk- Bamey. The gorilla nimbly jumpsing about? She doesn't know David over the counter, tearing his Ishtar t-Copperfield From Herve Villachez. shirt. I notice for the first time that itYou think she could do some stupid ssigned by DusHnHoffman. At leasttrick? Lookat her, she is so far gone I think it is.I'll be lucky if1 can get her to blow a Barney: Wherethefuckdoyouthinkfew Iranian cab drivers to defer the you're going asshole?cost of this expedition.W.E.C: (Thinking this is becomingBetty: I do sho know David way too Jobian a task for a shittlyHasselhauf! Godamnint, I helped little raglikeSLUG Ummm, hey,canheal thinks between him and KI?T! we all get along? (Grins)W.E.C: (Pushing Betty's face back Barney: (Breathing heavily andinto bar) See? She's so fucked up I'm threatening me with baseball bat)gonna' have to change her Depends listen you little cocksucker, thatwashed up piece of trash drank a lotof my booze, and she was supposedtoappearon my show. The kids werereally looking forward to seeing her,even though the little pukes neverheard of her. Now I figure either youor her owe mea lot of money and anapology to the kids. What re yougoing to do about it fuckhead?W.E.C: (Quickly flashes aforementionedSLUG I.D. and smacks it onnearby table) Here,eitherof youguys,er,animals, heard of JRRuppel? Well,believe youme, theguy's big, way upthere on the Mormon Council ofTwelve, get me?Herels my card, justgiveJRacall,and he'llhave the moneyhelicoptered out to youina snap. ButI gotta run, I've got a story to writeand a deadline to kebp (littledo theyknow just how deep the lies havenow become.) so if you'll excuseme... Barn's, say hi to the kiddies forme, and keep up the good workWe push past Gallagher who waswatching the door. He screamedsomething about did we want to seehim smash a watermelon, but Ijammed a five-spot in his face andsprinted for the rental God LA'S afucked up town. We made it to thepink Beverly Palms Hotel (nothing'stoo good for SLUG hacks), I force fedBetty some uppers, washed her off inthe shower, then slapped her around'ti1 she woke up. She at first thoughtI was her son, God forbid, but shepulled out of it enough to recognizeme from m typical, never changingcolumns. I told her what I was therefor,and after having me call down toroomservice for some pimentocheeselogs, we finally got underway. Weheld hands, chanted and after abouttwo days of sleepand fooddeprived trances, wereableto contact the Great Beyond. Aswitchboard operator put us in touchwith the Kurtster, and as luck wouldhave it, he was there with JimiHendrix, Janis Joplinand MamaCass.This is what they had to say.Hello, Kurt, are you there? Canyou hear us?Kurt Cobain: Yeah, of course I canhear you, we all can hear you.&tty:Oh, therearemoreof you there?Can you tell us who else is there withyou?K.C.: Jesus, some fuckin' mediumyou are. It's Jimi, Mama and Janis,man.W.E.C.Holy shit,it's the wholeclub!What a scoop! I should get a bonusfor this one!Jimi Hendrix: Yeah, we're all here,though some of us look a little betterthan others.K.C: What the fuck are you talkingabout man?J.H: Hey, at least we went out withdrugs, wedidn'tgo blowin'our brainsall over the place.KC: Yeah? What aboutthepigthen?She choked on a fuckin' sandwich,man!~ank ~o~lin: Hey, can you cats keepit down,I've got - one killer headache,allright?K.C.: Jesus Christ, it about time youwoke up, you drank all mu fuddn'vodka man.J.J.: Hey, coolout, Pllget somemaIs there any beer around here? *J.H.: Yeah,and you know,atleastwewent out at the top of our careers.You hadn't even reached the top ofyolvs.K.C:Fuckofffuzzballyoudon knowshit. Hey, Janis, you stay out of mybeer that's froma microbrewery backin Seattle man, some kids put it inmy coffin.Mama Cass: Anyof youf guysh sheeda mayfo?K.C.: Wipe your fuckin' d h andquit talkin' with your mouth full youpig.J.I& Yeah, and what did you callyour music anyway?K.C.: Hey, I'm a fuckin' artist man,Idon t put any labels on anything oranyone, except the fags of course.J.m. Yeah sure, what ever you say,but what was it called?KC: Grunge man, it's called grunge,can yougetthatthroughyournappyhead, man?J.H: By the way you were an artist,now you're dead.J.J.: Wow, this is really good beerman, tastes like raspberries.K.C: You fuckin' lush! I told you tostay out of those!W.EC: Hey, do you mind? This iscosting me a bundle in pimentocheese logs. I just have a couple ofquestions for you a then we'll leaveyou alone. Now, Kurt, why did youreally kill yourself?Didn't you guys get my note dude?1 thought that would haveexplainedit all ...W.E.C: Yeah, we all saw it, but Iwant the real stow, come on Kurt.Alright, your superior investigativeiournalistic skills drew it out of me.he real reason that I killed myselfwas because just then Betty's carotidartery blew out of her neck andstarted gushing allover the placelike a fire hose. Of course since I wasthe only in the room theonus of calling 911 fell to me. Whatfucking luck. Oh well, at least I gotsome cool pictures of Betty shootingblood out of her neck like the Exorcist,and quick thinking on my partenabled me to blame thedisaster onthe pimento cheese logs the hotelserved up so the room wascomp'ed.Oh, and Helen Wolf, wherever youare, don t go changin' babe!*g,f?liJbuy

PI THEATRE & VIDEO1 876 EAST 900 SAMTH @ pEaaaq4One Week zOnly!PREMIERING June 17-23I ,- Degen Pener. ELLE blagazlnc\One We'ek Only!PREMIERING June 17-23"AS FAST AND FURIOE AS ACTION PICTURES GET ... ONEEXCITING SEQUENCE AFTER ANOTHER!" - L.A. Times.Jackie Chan is Hong Kong cinema's leading actor. Highly versatile, he&iw comedy and drama eauallv well. As a martial artist. he is without+r. his tinie he takes on &rk&iged drama with CRIME STORY. Basedon a recently hushed-up case, CRIME STORY has Chan as a member ofHona Kona's Special Crimes Sauad recently diwracad by a botchedrhtdout. ke's'assigned to prdbct a milliwiaire ktal estatb developerI threatened by a powerful combo of terrorist groups. When the millionaireis kidnapped, it kgins to look like the crinik itis aided from inside-thedepattnwnt Chan watches as the certainties of his profession collapse.Director Kirk Wong has created a pun-metal-blue; neo-noir look for thefilm that is both eyecatching and tippropriate; the menace of this darkI urban landscaw has a aleamina hiah-tech edm. CRIME STORY doesn'tkok or feel like any othir ~acki;~Kan fim; #$a dear step fornard in his'ongoing effort to mature gracefully as a movie star.I

smu u#n sruoDOGHOUSE."vi&s FerretWords & Music. That'sabout.Throughout this tape, one of thetwo always seem to stand out. Don't getme wrong, sometimes the words are pretentious (who's aren't), but mostly theyare exlctly what I like; words that youmixture of aA k soii 4th an occasionalflhtationwithTeriNunn (BerUn),but mowoften than not her great voice makes thesong.The music for the most part is extremelycool and interesting because it's amosh of guitar antics over very smoothandsubtlerythms withgood groove frombeas& drums. Isn't that the way it shouldbe? Well it works for Doghouse & dot ~fbands make themistakq of not going withwhat works.Isupposeif I had tobitchabout something, it would be the drum sound.I've heard them live & the drumssounded good, but on the tape they're alittle sketchy in a few spots. Overall themixisqlitegood. 1like"Vague kThumpyandI'mnot surewhy,but it hassomethingto do 4th words & music Plus I lovedBill'slittlemastuibation pieceattheendofside onp.we more thg (young bands takenotkj,song sel~iniorderi is redy important!Itdves(or ki1ls)something~alled'flow'. TK~ tapes "flow' is perfect:ALL SOULS AVENUEShallow Sea MusicIndependentEwr heard theexpression'morethanmeets the eye'lThat should be the title ofthigreleasefrom AShCallmea sudker forcool guitar work, especially whet it revolvesaroundcoolmeIody hooks.Thefirstthing I notieed about this tape is, it isengineked very well. Kudos to Mr. NykFry.Anyway,backtotheguitar workJeffAlleman separates himself (and thusly theband) from the generalization of 'hairballrock band' by pulling out some very neatmbces of old tricks and great ideas forguitar melody lines. Especially in "ZoeBae", argueably the strongest song on thetape, (at least my favorite) This is an exceptionalband, perhapsmislabeled by thealternative crvwd.Everything is solid andwell fhought out. The vocals are exactingto the musicand the rythmsection is rightinthepocket.This is not grunge, alternative, punkor thrash. This is a really good, hard rockband, and should be listened to as himselfbackdesperately trying to keeptimeas Hansen does theold swinging armthing on the bass. Then Shuman leaps tothe mike to speak; "Where are you? Didyouget loston thetrip?Did yougettrappedinmemorylDid you forget? What did youdo? You brought your old mind gameswith you. Dreary old paranoias. You hadto make it a bad trip." I'm back at theTerrace Ballroom searching for that losthit of purple microdot while the carpetmoves in time to Vanilla Fudge.I recommend finding any remainingcopies of the single immediately. Couldyouguysplease do an entirealbumofthisshit? I want mine on the same coloredvinyl.bV waDEVIANCETHE DOLLYMOPS , '93P94 DemosBendedIBentMono MediaThis arcular pieceof plastichasa bighole. I LiKe the ones with big holes. Especiallywhen they spinat45RPM. That wayI don't have to deal with any troublesomefractions. It's pastel blue with little wavesof white. Looking at the record remindsmeof a light show put on by Five FingersOn Your Hand. The cover has a trashydrawing similar to those gradng the covenof many garageband records. Youknow the ones, the bands who sit aroundwatching0 movies and then try to writethe theme song.The record has been out for quite awhile. By now the limited edition 1,000copies have probably been snagged by oldMassacre Guys' fans after getting the legendaryJonShuman'sautognph. 1 alwaysheard that 45 RPM gave the maximumfidelity on a Dl turntable. You'd neverknow it from the racket coming out of mySalvation Army speakers. Fidelity be maturitv. - -damned.~e193stuff"Bent"... hold on a minute, I thinkthis fuckesatched.Ok, I'm back.That's how it'ssupposed tosound. "Bent"bludgeonsits way &rough however manyminutes and seconds it lasts. Now for thetrueSLUG rundown. Dude,thisshit rules,man I can't believe how much I love theDollymops, dudeman Shuman is sowcool.I can't understand what in the hellhe's singing about; it sounds like somebitch Hes probably heavily into rap afterall these years spent watching Stwe-0and Karl make the big bucks while he'sstuck in the projects. Oh, I'm sorry, itssomething about masturbation - he's"bent." While the band grinds awayShuman alternates his screams with littlespoken word pieces.Thevertiginous,(justcall me Lester Bangs) guitar, drums andbass swirl and dance around his vocals.The droning bass and heavy drumsof therhythmsectionwilleattheir way throughyour eardrums and into your subconsciousness.You'll wake-up at four a.m.screaming "you're bent." On the &side is"Bended." I can see them now; Shumankneeling in front of the amps, coaxing theThis tap was passed along to me bysomeone who felt that I might gain moreenjoyment from it. ~ecordd on one sideof a 54 minute Sonv the second side of thetape gives insight hto the influences. TheMisfits "Walk Among Us;" The honesZive;"ThePrimitivesYPure;" and Hamet"Live" are mrded on side two.Sunshine is thevmlist,Dave, Greg,and Charlee all play guitar, Jesse andCharlee play basand Charleedrum The'93 recording areall pure,awe-inspiring,thrashing punk rock Separating Deviancefrom thecountlessthou~andsof&herpunkbands are Sunshine's vocals. It's a goodthing the recording included the Primitivesbecause it makes my job far easier.Yes,shehasa 4efiniteTracyTracy debt topay off.Throwinveryear~~~ebbieHarry,say from Blondie's first album on Private~t&k,and~iouxsie~iouxforthefulleffect.Sunshine doesn't mimic any of the aforementionedgirls, she has her own style -part littlegirl, part bansheeand part angryis pretty dear, thesoundon remainder of thetape ismuddy. 'hat isto be expected from a demo tape. In spiteof the muddy sound the power of themusic comes through. I opened with adescriptionof this musicas thrashing punkrod Punkrodttomost meansthat OrangeCounty sound of the early '80s. Devianceseems to know that punk rock began wellbefore the Orange County scene. TheRamones are ever present, as side two ofthe tape demonstrates. Blondie began lifeat CBGBs; withTelwision,Talking Headsand Richard Hell; and ended it as a'discoband. From Detroit came the Stooges,precedingCBCB6 weretheDolis,and PattySmith belongs in there someplace. Thenthere were the legendary Sonics from thePadfic Northwest, the original Deviantsand untold numbers of '60s punks.The best example of garage sci-fimeeting Debbie Harry is the 93 song "InvasionFrom Mars." Harry's "Call Me"vocaisare used by Sunshine wlshing for atrip to Mars. The break features waves ofheavy metal guitar soloing from whoeveris taking the lead on this song. Stickingwith the sci-fi theme is "V," the last songfrom the '93 sessions. "hide my happy.._-,l.L--JL--II1-.L-chorus repeated ova _. - over uitar,bessanddrumswhichlashoutana~egfora pit.The'% demos are more varied. Theyopenwith "Faint," asongtakingthefunkylead bass of the oldie "Fever" and mixingblues lead guitar with grind as itprogresses. "Word Of Greg" is darker.This song has heavy-handed bass overHendrix, minimal drums and the everpresent Sunshine. "Alone" is Sunshinedoing Joey as Deviance imitates theRamones. "Space Age Monstrosity cowtinues the 1, 2, 3, 4 four Ramones fourchord rock and it is another trash culture,sci-fi, garage tune. Sunshine is pissed ofon "End Of Greg," shespews thevocalsavery harsh and angty song. She contlnuesthemoodfor theremainingtwosongs.All the'94 material is short. I doubt anythinggoes over three minutes.The man I hold responsible for thetape is Charlee Johnson. He wrote all thesongs,and he is the only one with a laatname. Deviance doesn't sound like SaltLake. This garage stuff is more popular inthe Northwest and in the E.ast than it ishere. Call Deviance an updated garageband, but they don't excavate the past.They take what they need, add their ownvision and produce some pretty nice rockand roll. I hope to hear more from thisband in the future.By WaLUNCHBOXIntro To LieslLife Is ShitTooth RecordsAll the way from Wellsville comesthisseveninchwithasmall hole. IguessinWelldle they think small holes are better.Anyway, about the only place to buyone of t h plastic ~ things to stick in thebig holesisRadioShack Maybethey don'thave one in Wellsville. The record playsat331 /3,fidelityisn't important inwellovilleeither and my copy is black HOW boringI could discuss the cover, but thetruckdriving ha& at the new paper havealready complained about it. I kind of likethe drawing and the way they've set thetype. Thaw other hacks need to useaspellchech more, there are more misspelledwords in that rag than this one., Soget to themusic fool. Hey,l'mjusttrying to fill the space. In good old SLCrecord reviews are used to fill space whenthere isn't enough advertising. Or is itwhenthere is too muchadvertishg,CMst,1 can't remember. Simply add it to the listof reasons why the locals don't send"product" to the alternative mainstreammedia around town."Intro To Lies" is just that, a longintro. Muddy, heavy guitars, bass anddrums rattle windows for qt least M) secondsbefore we get to the real thing.Lunchbox starts to rock, the tempo pick#up and the lead vocalist kicks in with histale of lies. Great voice on the dude, thesong has that anthemic feel which is sureto make it a staple on Salt Lake radio. Thebass break is an interesting and seldomused trick. Nice job. On theN side is "UfeIs Shih" The song is very similar to 'Inltc I

To Lies," with different words. What doyouexpect man,it's thesameband. It even bootleg in tom The bays are shopping itbthesame bassbreak Oksothey wrote around to American labelsand MP for a' de good song and they repeated it. deal. lhey could easily rdease it the, Theguitarkt isnolongera resident of mean, b;t they want-the fob at home toLhh. Ihev'll have to find anewone. With h a chance too. If the labelsdon't mmondtnewg&onboard theycanprobabIy soon It will be p d up on the hi Catrddmorevariety and come up with some imprMandsold throughthesameoutlets~$her, different sounding songs. What the firstthey've done here is excellent. As with Sophomore jinx? I don't think so. Didmost local releases it compares favorably thq. use up all the good songs on the fht: with the vast majority of national discs, one? The anacner to that is also no. Well,hones the postman didn't steal, which h y Then!" 19 the same as the first, if not'better.Itisfllledwithsongsaboutcusandby Wa girls Ustentrrg to an entire album of songsaboutcarsandgklsge$Hringsotheyadded7 mention thestudio is becauseof the crystal . revival r hey the from A.korsound. LaneMcNeesdid themix,and TasteOfH&sdiEao&&w&iefrom listening to this one that name is one ~ogie"& ittheirownandckti~aotherlocalbandsmight wanttothinkabout song that equals "American Whlte Tmh"when heading for the studio.Voodoo Swing has played countlessSuspension Of Disbelief leans more live&tesbynow.~vehoned~80undIn the direction of 709 metal than the toafineedge. rwheard thedissthattheboys, common post-punk local band. "October arepmmlately, Mme&therea,rdshaight.Soon" is the ballad. There is some surprb Therhythmd0nmakesthisband.llleingiy melodic guitar backing Trent obvious star 19 Shorty with his devastatingFPlcone'svocals.Themanlaconthednuns, on ele* gu&r, W that %g beat;;~re~bker,and~cott~dl,bess,lreep~~ hm to come from someolace. Leerov is the, k%.~otan~u&~~ble~la&bbbaih guy most people forget. hesitsat his'kit and' Influence have a lWen to llme Again." swings like hell. Usten to the beets he laysJkkeErnery keep the thing from complete down in badt of that big fat guitar sound ondepression with some more of his guitar %it On Down," "HilIMLh/ Rock W Roll,''melody.and "Bad,Bad h"AsSh0rtysaystoopenThe opening song of the five pre "Honky T o w the album's Mh song,senkd, "Remember," is a hair Bmger until "makeitswing."lbeueveLeeroydoeaI they get to the instrumental break andslow Junior, listed on the album as the mandown the tempo. Falcone vents all his a, behind the doghow bass, slaps the thingger with tried and true punk rock scream s3Uy on the only non-odginal song on theIng. "Sleep Under Roses," a song of death, album; the sow of theCollins Ws"Rodc, b surging, twisting guitar, proceeeed Boppid bby."He'sthevoxbehindthe800~ibaddnn vocals, a touch of popping to-be white trash daesks. "Git On Down."' ud thi trademark heavy-hnh;d "B&Bad,bven and GbillY-.''. ming. "More ?ban You Find" opens with theonewiththee~rqw&&&andthethe bass pop and Falaone spits his angry hannony vocals with Shorty on therest.I all for open minds rapid fire.The advance casette doesn't say who'Ihe members of SUspe~ion Of does~eny~/~oon~u~0nthe~~sbelief Musly know their way around, thelrhrstnrmenk. Theplayingonthealbumis Impressive. The lyrics could use someworcbut they do gA the messages across.he CD convinced me that this is a localband to watch for live. I'll turn up in thenear future for the visual as well as waKids cover, but whoever it is thev are a weCcow addk. As I said earlie; the guitarsoundonthisalbum isMgandfat.Makealistof all the rodddly guitar greats, the sameguysbehindthebiggestwunbyand westernhits of the fifties and sixties, Grady MartiiGet Ath,JoeMaphb, HankGarland andkerle~ravlp - Shorty k their equal 'Ihis catcanpky.Ikindofukehisvocalstoo.Voodoo Swing isbadt with the fobw-VOODOO SWINGup to their fist. As the Rockhouse Recordsnwde& from Hdland says, "highly rec-Well, Okay Then!ommendd" lhey aretalWng about WreCool Cat ProductionsUsin' CodeNama," PU agree with them onAs the Europeans go cat wild over that and add my recommendation for WellVoodoo Swing's first album, "We're Usin' Okay k" ~b the ARt and call your fa-Code Names," lucky residents of Salt Lake voriterecord com~anvto sim these rmvs UDhave the 0~1tunitY to listen to the and relesse the in&e~.S.A.- ' 'd. At th& time the album is only anCAPTIVE BE&CAPTIVE SKUL264 SOUTH MA1595-0553 MON-SAT 12-7

TRASHEATBN'COLONlJRYU P B Y O ~ ~ L ~--electric stove to high & walkaway.Bv the time vou hear the water hittie burner,'it's got to be ready.Now slap the dogs in the microwave(NO WATER!)Bring your weenies to a preexplosionstate. When random.m spots on the franks are puffed uplike an aggrivated tumor waitingto explode ... boy the time is right!ATm18x80#Imm . Removethedogsandehopintol/2 inch chunks.-pour said chunksinto a pan.Take package of yellow sauce& dump contents into pot. Neverusinv butter, clumps are the essenceof this dish. Stir rapidly untilporkchunksare nicelyglazed,nowswirlthe red sauceonvertigostyleor Puddle style.(an enormous heapin the middle)RhIYbtllL'8~POHI Odd8 w/Pw$ servadinyisgow 8 Red SauceIngredients: Magna brandhot dogs (package of 6)Smith's brand macaroni &cheeseSmith's brand ketchups* 'First, pour a box of mac kcheese intoa pot of water, turn theNow garnish with fi~e~piecesof Smith's white bread. Serve withthat Big Gulp you havebeenlettingbreathe since breakfast. Stab yourfork inta that bowl & enpy!-4'Dell Wish-HenPSY 21CHO.~IFirst, last month's letters... I want to haw sex with youOh, the pageantry! Michael S., yosc *"P.vemissanp,hoeahl#?p been?"-area pussy! Don't writeusany mo* I haven't had a blavjob for two weekslettersuntil youpw somecajones'! *"I've baen ml busy this week" -By the way, what makes you think Someone else is giving me blowjobswe're not gay?*" Yar'redi@t@ theother-Iknow"Winky ... I-I want tohawsex with you,want you to tie mebut I don't think you'll let me.up and treat me like your dog, J.T.,"I'm not rendyfor a mmitment" -Ihowever, just wants to smack you want to haw sex with you, but if it'saround a little. But let's talk about not good I'm outta here.what you want. You want the tiau- "OfccnrrseIcnrenbart yac,ljustdort't 1sage &nweech,right? ~ eet us in theempty lot across from the SQte,Capital, we'll play "guess what's inthe box", I'll bring my mom.umnt to get - I had sex withyou & I didn't like it very muchI*"Idon'tfeeltoogoai,~mgoingtobed"- If we're not going to have sex I'msick of talking to you*"you'reoneOffhe&t~i'we~~met" -I want to have sex with you,will you do my lady?< A ~ f e r ~ r m m n ) Well, there you have it, now youwon't be confused*"ltumsreally niceto&you"-I'dlikewhen your mantoseeyourhststknexttells you he's never loved anyone thetimeIseeway helows you (frombehind withasock in your mouth)Till next month, remember all{You k the mmi butifil qs ~weuer seen" -;I want to have sex withmen are pigs, they just walk upright.--by J.T. & The Fatman6.0UNCm'"GSOULS~ d 3 P I 4CHOPPER AND THE DECOMPOSERSSTATE OF THE NATION

As I walkednto the Freddylows Band's tour,us, their spotme on the radiobr the show thatlight (May 26th, 1994) at theZephyr. "Hey, turn that up!"Wayne Healy (vocals, electric guitar)hollered. Since I was closest, Itwisted the dial. Marty Lloyd (vocals,acoustic guitar), RobBonaccorsi (vocals, electric & slidepitar), Simon Horrocks (drums),jim Bonacco~si (bass), and Waynegrinned at each other through thepromo as if they shared a privatepke or some secret. Later, thatconnection I witnessed on the buselectrified the packed dance flooror over two hours, leaving almosteveryone in the club sweaty andexhausted, grinning at each otherlikefirsttimelovers. Wealllearnedtheir secret: these boys play tight,hard, and hot togetlier,The first few songs were allclean and strong original cuts offtheir latest disc Waiting For nteNight. As they warmed up, Martyand Rob started playing off eachother, head to head, weaving guitarriffs as intricate as lace panties.But Jim had warned me on the busthat these guys can bust out atanytime. 'You never know wherethose WO am gonna take theirjams ... They just start ripping ittogether!" Shooting into the R.G.Ford classic blues tune CrosscutSaw, Rob snapped a string. AsMarty was about to pick-off thelead, Rob just shook hi head, lickinghis way into a dark blue slidesolo as smooth and silvery as theB-string dangling off his Gibson.From then on, they hit the groove,leading thecrowdthroughVeach oftheir original tunes like everyoneknew them as old favorites. Fromthe modern sounds of In A Daydream,Take the Time, and OneWorldtothesoulful haunting bluesof Crossing and Night To Day,they define in themselves a soundconceived in the blues clubs ofChicago, soulfully seasoned withrock and jazz, spiced slightly Caribbean.Its no wonder these guyshave a wide following. I asked akw club goers what they thoughtof the band. One said they remindedhim of Crerlence ClemuaterReviwl, while another argued forCrowded House. Some of thepeople I asked compared them to"The Gratefil Dead, but better!"(These, of course, were the'nouveau-pseudo-Dead-Heads'that seem to pervade the clubs ofSLUG Jrmr rasr c.FISalt Lake these days. To them, nogreater compliment coyld begiven.) Laden with the burden ofthe blues, yet clean with the energyof modern rock dancing withthe devil south of the boqer, Ibelieve no single pigbn-holeddefinition can do The Fwddy JonesBand justice. If you missed thisshow, try their disc.. It's as hot andclean as it gets, just this side ofbeing there.-AnthonyTOOL FllllUREFlMMN6 UPSmyne-wwrI will not go into how badSaltair smells. It smells l ii h611,that'sall.The first two bands were.verycool, although Flaming Lips mademe wait too long for TOOL, and Imissed Seinfeld and Frazier. Ohwell.The frenzy in the pit was asshould be expected waiting forMaynard k the boys to take thestage, and he was in rare form as-IC- ---IHIGH ENERGY WORK THAT 5PEAKB FOR TT5ELF /I CUSTOM TRADITIONAL 1BODY PIER^^^ 5 1STERILE METHOD5 . ,BRILLIANT COLOR5TEMPORARIEB PRIVACYCOVER-UP5 CO5METIC5Salt Lake 531-886311 03 So. State06DW @62&0288H2448 Kelsel Ave ..,.n.. , .. IILIVE JUNE 16 ASHBURY PUB22 East 100 South COVER JUST $3.00and SATURDAY, JUNE 25 THE HIDEAWAY1708 SOUTH MAIN NO COVERWatch For "Put Down The Snake"New Cassette Coming SoonI

to best.STIL.., JY, 10. BLACKFLAG. ThisHOTELIER TOTHE STARS1was a tightrace, tfieybarely inchedGet out your number two pen-,cils because it's time for aStimboy pop quiz! Besides beingvariously referred to as"spokesmen of their generation",what do Jello Biafra,Henry Rollins and Ian McKayeout my numbernine selectionbut won in atiebreaker dueto. the bitchy'antics of the BoGritz of punk,41 have in common? Is it tat- H e n r ytoos? No. Is it the haircuts? Garfield, oops,Hardly. Is it humorless, ram- I mean Rollins. Lbling, self-righteous spoken Notable con- Tword "performances"? Possi- v e r s a t i o n :bly, but'no. It's not even being Chuck Daniels,on the cover of Details maga- oops, I mean Dukowski, inzine.For those of you who formed me that when Greghaven't guessed, the thing that Ginn said they were going tosets these three deep thinkin' get a singer frdm Washingtonalterna-icons apart from the DC to replace Dez Cadena, hepack is the fact that they have thought Ginn was referring toall been houseguestsat on time Ian McKaye. Dukowski quitor another of yours truly. the band poon afterward.The home of Stimboy and 9. MULE. Mule is best knownPooPeeDee has frequently for their Gun Club meets Jesusbeen a haven for wayward Lizard brand of Midwesternpuphrs looking to shave a few rack and the fact that bassistbucks off theirtravel expenses Preston used to be in theand we have always been more Laughing Hyenas but I willthan happy to oblige. If there always remember them forwas a compilation album fea- their snivelling, whining andturing a song from every band complaining. The food's toowho has slept on our sofas and cold, the beer's too warm, thefloors, it would be a punk rock sofa's too soft, the floor's tooversion of "We Are The hard. Hey! It's fucking freeWorld". It would include tunes ain't it? You'd almost swearfrom such notables as Minor they were English. NotableThreat, TSOL, Husker Du, . conversation: None.Black Flag, The Vandals, The 8. AGGRESSION. Nice guys,SubHuMans, and many more good band. Does anybodybands than can be mentioned know what happened to them?or indeed remembered by your Notable conversation: I havehumble scribe. While any no idea, we spent most of theschmuck with a boombox and time drinking beer and skateacouple of Sonic Youth Gas- boarding.settescan opine about whether 7. GODBULLIES. Stimboy andthese bands' music will stand Poopee give them two thumbsthe test of time, the important sideways. A quiet bunch, I wasthing to me in the long run is, pleasantly surprised to findhow 'did they rate as house? that they had left a couple ofguests, and, how do the man- 7" singles on the coffee tableners of today's rising young ' before they left. Notable constarscomparewiththoseoftheversation: It turns out thatgolden age of Ameiican punk? their guitar player is just asSo, without further delay, obsessed with Quisp breakfastStimboy's top ten most cereal as we are.memorable guests from worst 6. JELL0 BIAFRA. Although I-photoby Stirboyhad known Jello for quite awhile, I never actually saw himwhen he stayed at the house.Poopee and I had been in Denverfor the weekend and whenwe returned there was a noteon Poopee's pillow with a bigsmiley face which read, "guesswho's been sleeping in yourbed?" And signed "Biafra" onthe bottom. It turns out he hadbeen flying to San Franciscowhen bad weather forced an18 hour layover in Salt Lake.As we were the only people intown that he knew, he somehowconvinced my mom intopicking him up at the airpartand letting him into our apartment.I wonder if he stole anything.. .5. HUSKER DU. The first timeHusker Du played in Salt Laketheir van broke down and bythe time they arrived, therewere only about fifteen peopleleft in an abandoned west sidegarage to see one on the greatestshows I have ever witnessed.After the show, theytook their whopping $25 andbought an enormous pizza atthe Pie and a case of Old Milwaukee.They had two daysoff between shows and spentthe majority of it sitting on oursofa watching TV and chainsmokingCamels. Their metabolismwas such that it allowedthem to survive on littlemore than beer and nicotine.My kind of people!4. THE JON SPENCER BLUESEXPLOSION. After putting onthe best show this year, (lastMarch at the Cinema Bar withDollymops and Swimpigs) theBlues Explosion adjourned toLa Casa de Stimboy for a quietevening of video viewing,,singles listening andPoopeeDee's home-madechicken soup. Due to someconfusion over thedoor moneyafter the show, Mr. Spencerand Co. actually made up thedifference out of their ownpocket, giving the opening'bands a modest but well ap-.preciated extra 20 bucks or so.Best part of 'the evening;'Drummer Russell being generallysurly while shaking offa couple of swarming group-.ies. Kind of like Karl Malone -shaking off Muggsy Bogues inthe paint3. POND. These kids fromPortland, by way of Alaska arejust about the only good thingSub Pop has left these days.Just a basically nice,lunpretentious trio of fellowswho, not only write great.songs and pull it off live, but. shoot a mean game of pool as1well. Upon walking throughthe gated walls of PoopeeDee.estates, I sadly informed them1that the fridge was empty andI could not offer them a beer.*Oh?" They said, "Don't worry\about that, we have a whole1box of it in the van." They then/proceeded to load a case ofAnchor Steam and HeinekenI',I'

.......... --rigerator and forcedme to accept a free Pond t-&hirt and a couple of raresingles to boot in exchange forfloor space. Notable conversation:Their road managerasked if we had dogs and whenI said yes he replied, " Good, Iexpect to be awakened by dogsin the morning."2. MINOR THREAT. Yes, MinorThreat actually did play inSalt Lake City. In the packedbasement of a frat house noless. Everything you've readabout Ian McKaye is true. He'sa thoughtful, intelligent, passionateguy who treats evenassholes like me with dignityand respect. And contrary topopular belief, he was (and is)not some self righteous,straight edge missionary saint.Notable conversation: Ian toldme the.whole impetus for thestraight edge "movement" waspurely local, based on the factthat he and his friends weretired of every hall in DC thatbooked punk rock type musicbeing shut down because ofdrunken rock jocks trashingthe bathrooms and pickingfights with the kids. He wasalso dismayed that the sameindividuals he was railingagainst were now shaving theirheads and adopting thestraight edge philosophy as an.excuse to trash bathrooms andbeat up kids who did drink.He hinted that Minor Threatwould not tour again. Twoyears later Fugazi was born.Oh yeah, he also gave me fivebucks for some long distancephone calls he had made andtold spend the changeon "a case of Coca ,Cola." Andyou know what? I did.And finally, the number onehouse guests of all time. ..1.TSOL. These folks were suchgood friends for so long that itbreaks my heart when I thinkof the travesty they became inlater years, parading under theTSOL banner with no originalmembers and contrived Hollywoodposturings. The bandI knew and remember best wasone of the true punk bands inthe sense that, any time youattended one of their shows,there was always a sense ofthe unpredictable, of the possibilityof complete and uttermayhem occur;ing at any mo-ment, in other words, to use ahackneyed phrase, the potentialfor anarchy. TSOL wereguests at our house more timesthan I distinctly remember andvarious members of the bandreturned the favor whenever Iwas in Los Angeles. Mostmemorable experience: Thesecond time they played SaltLake, the only place to haveshows was the same garagewhere Husker Du had playeda couple months earlier.Knowing that the demand f ~ rtickets would exceed the space,TSOL agreed to play a secondshow, a private, invite onlyparty at five bucks a head inmy mother's basement on SaltLake's east bench. The Boardsplayed, the Massaqre Guysplayed and then TSOL. PunkFuckin' Rock! Chester brokehis leg, Brad Collins drankbeer, Fightmaster threw up, T-Roy slam danced, the policecame, the police left, an ambulancecame, the police cameback, the neighbors moved andthe sun exploded. Everyonegot laid and no one went tojail. Those were the days.-S tim boyDapm'r Diroal iwrBaskthp krs VideoC'andler, Canler, Candlerbtr of'Stiabrr 4 PatsherTer3hirt Pojterr-1.. >..e Pool On Tuesdays -Live Music - No Covet1 hursdays FridavsHOUSE OF CARDS JUNE 9th & 23rd 1applications to the cinema Bar, dauoch, ~urts, rash or send tothe SLUG P.O. Box by JUNE 25th (No Exceptions). Bands must 1:I artists welcome to participate, please do1 I

Bill walked into Burt's last-.mth & handed Jr. a cover whichwe used, but couldn't find him afterwardsto do a story on him. Sohere we are, a day late, but not adollar short.Bill Robbins is a 24 year oldertist hailing hmPittsburgh, whaehe attended The Art Institute ofPittsburgh, which he was less thanimpressed with, "All they taughtmewas howtoget mwed,basidyI was self taught". Although he actuallystarted sculpting at the ripeold age of ten, his work speaks ofsomeone beyond his years. The obviousdetailing in his workshowsinthepiece shown here;"Joe" which isalmost gargoyle like, is handsculpted in wax and covered inplasticine. This piece is one of myfavorites bacause it's almost frightening,while remaining very cerebralanduassionateatthe sametime.YOU looiatit and wonder what'sonthe little beast's mind. "Sallfhotshown) is actually a very intricatepencilsharpetwr.Thejawsarewiredalong with theeyes so that when it'sused, they open and close while youhoneyourbest#2pencil. She'smadeof plaster, chicken wire and plastic,and o~vered in latex. What a coolpiece. WiIcould've seentheoriginaLBill uses all kinds of mahials,counting nothing out, but he prefers'Super Sculpy' which has the samegroperties as clay but is mucheasierb&rk with. -Bill has done several commissionedworks and still does, he's justparticular about what he will workon. 'lld hate for someone to handme a piawe of thier dad and wantme to sculpt it." Anything else hestays away from? ..." NO UNI-CORNS, NO WIZARDS, NORAINBOWS! "When he's not working for th6man, he's collecting honor modelsand bornagain&ri&ncomics(feelfree to send him some). But mostlyhe's involved with his art in whateverfree time he h.LuckiIy for the rest of us, he's planningon staying in Zion, for a whileat least. Bill wiU be in a booth at theAlkemativeArtsFestivalonJulyl6th& 17th, so do yourself a favor anddon't miss it. His work is great andthe pictures don't do thkm the justicethey deserve. If you want to getin buch with him in the meantime,Mite to the SLUG P.O. box andv&Uforwardittohim.. --Madd MatxWednesdavshhbury Sessions Pro Blues JamThursdavsMegan Peters h Big Le@$;Fir Favorite Loocl .Band6 5 k+,:-z* -:?.$?Every Weekend22 East BOO South 596-8600(Across Fro ZCMI)'

If you missed them at the NewOrleans Jazz and Heritage festival,then you definitely didn't want tomiss the Subcludes at the Zephyr.You could almost smell the bdudinon the gnll with those Mardi Grasrhythms. John Magnee's accordionhinted at the "two stepmwhile StewArnadee's infamous -&&mine insistedwemust, at all cost, rock! Thecrowd at the Zephyr will attest tothis. The band that I once thought awell kept secret hasgaineditv over the course of their last threealbums. Relentless touring scheduleskeep the Subdudes on the theroad more often than they'd like.But if practice makes perfect, thenthis band has honed their skill.Thesubdudeswereborn out ofNew Orleans when the three Louisiananatives aohnny Ray Allen,Tommy Mallone, and SteveAmadee) joined forces with trans-planted John Magnie. The bandsoonopted torelocateto theRockies.It's not surprising that the bandwould find success touring theresorttowns. Aside from being an undeniablylively band to dance to, theyhavea flavorthat isakinto mountainmusic, and a down home dispositionthat is readily accepted intoanyfolkscene. Now after seven years ofhard work, the band has found aplace in a variety of established festivalsas well as appearing on AustinCity Limits after their secondalbum'srelease. I think theappeal ofthis band is more than just beii agreat dance band. There is a certainmysteriousness that lies somewherebetween the sweet vocal harmoniesof Mallone, Magney and Amedeeand the drivingrhythms from bassistJohnny Ray Allen, and percussionistSteve Amadee. There is anunderlying feeling of Gospel intheir music. The soul of TommyMalone'srich vocals havea wisdommore commonly found in someonemore accustomed to the streets. Inan merwew at care I rang, I astheband where this spiritualit:comes hm. Collectively, the bandtried toexplain. AsIsyphonthroughmy recorder I find that someonesays,"Itls the fishsauceontheside".The waitress said you just have toeither letitdripslowlyorpushdownon it if you want it real strong. Wait,that was thevietnamesecoffee. Veryfaintly I hear some words of reason,"It's a questioning in our musicunlike certain religious beliefs to befollowed in gospel, it's a search-mg . ~nelaer or tne m a nasspoken. I don't know, maybe I'moverly obsessed with the mystiqueof this band, and where there soulcomes from. The addition of Willieboots^ Wimson electric guitarrnayserveasaclue. He, likeTommy,Stew and Johnny Ray, comes fromthe same home town of Edgard,Louisiana. I say, "It's close enoughto New Orleans and that's heavenenough for me."-T.C. FischerIEtBUKIYItk LllYSt IUiCUtbilUUVtUKUUL IlLltlNNUl;tIY1;t YUICMIYUIlmbUNI Ier-PRICES STARTING AT $25.00 AN HOURON LOCATION LIVE RECORDlNG

A lot of comics have been piIing up in mylittle burrow, waiting for review, so it's adivers.e crop under the microscope thismonth ...ZOMBIE BOY RISES A6AlNmnm WI IUU8rnTBBV MARK 8T)KE)PIIU8lEE BY TIllllUKN OUCIIXA,lot of comics lived and died in 1989,and among the casualties was Mark Stokes'ZOMBIE BOY. After two issues, ZOMBIEBOY disappeared into the ether while Stokesmoved on to a ZOMBIE BOY film andestablized 'an animation studio: After thishiatus, though, Stokes' brainchild has returnedln ZOMBIE BOY RISES AGAIN.Actually a compilation of the two earlierissues, ZOMBIE BOY RISES AGAIN chroniclesthe life of 11- year old Morgan McCorlandale,who returps from a vacation on Voodoo Islandas a zpmbie. Aided by a servant (Ubu)and his cat Judas;Morgan manages to puncturethe stuffy society blowhards who popu- .late the world of his parents,Senatorand Mrs.Beulah McCotkindale.The issue is composed of a number oftales of varying quality, from mildly amusingto deviously satirical and whether the readerlikes the material or not depends on his/hersense of humor. The best tales are probably'The Curse of Rigby the Pygmy" (In whichMorgan must contend with an obnoxiousPygmy delivered to the McCorkindale residenceby mistake) and "Sticks and Bones"(wherein Morgan facesan evil shade he's createdand a new nanny/housekeeper.) All of thisis light-hearted fluff inAddams. There's no realsubstance here other than contempt for highsociety mingled with a fascination withghoulishness, but somehow it all works.Stokes manages to move his stories alongat a fairly rapid pace, which keeps the reader'sinterest from slipping into ennui. Even whenformula gets a trifle thin, there is an odd%moment of irony or amusement to keep thingsgoing (a good example is the preserved cavemanin theLas Brisas Tar Pits in "Thicker thanWater," which produced a pretty goodchuckle.) No, the stories aren't very demanding,but they're hardly the brainless garbageto be had in most super-hero comics. It'sdoubtful whether the charm of the materialcould continue in a regular comic book, but asa one-shot, the tales work pretty well.Stokes' art is simplistic a la CharlesAddams, too. This is actually on$ of thestrengths in these stories, as detailed artworkwould have clashed with the simple plots.The cartoony, sort of sophisticated lines anddesign capture an austere feeling whichclashes with Morgan's supernatural practices.The amusing thing in all this is that whileMorgan's zombie practices may not authentic(they're more stereotype), they are presentedas more valid and substantial than the affluentcirclesin which his parents participate. Inother words, it's always nice to see pretensionbeingskewered,and Stokes does a reasonablejob of this.No, ZOMBIE BOY RISES AGAIN isn'tgoing to change any lives. And the comicreally isn't very substantive. But it is a pleasantdiversion and you could spend pour* s 'x Comic -aoks and Cards Imoney on worse things. Anything with agallery by artists like Kyle Baker and ChesterBrown can't be all bad ... (Bb W, $2.50) Grade: BSIN COMICSWRITTEN AND ILLU8'IUTEDBY JAY 8TEP#W8MlU8IIE) M I B!ACK EVE MOBYCTI(N8When Canada's Tragedy Strikes Presswent under last ear, a lot of quality materialalio disappearei (like CHEESEHEADS andPICKLE.) Jay Stephens' SIN was one of thevictims, so the emergence of Black Eye Publicationsand subsequent resurfacing of SINCOMICS is a sourceof cheer for tasteful comicfans.Issue#2 gives the reader a variety of talesall somehow integrally tied, despite the disparityof the material. It all begins with "TheLap of Luxury," in which a scientist unveilsthe robotic sex toy, Cog. The focus thenmoves on to the super-hero Big Bang and hiscohort, Adam. The two float in Big Bang'sseemingly endless power. The opportunitysoon arises, as Big Bang discovers that Coghas gone berserk and killed his master. BigBang decides to travel back in time to stopCog's rampage, but the results aren't quitewhat he expected ... Or are they?Along for the ride and interwoven aresuchstephens creations as "The Land of Nod"(featuring Merv and Dave) and "Space Apenumber 8." Like the aforementioned PICKLE,SIN COMICS manages to be a comic-withina-comic,and while the results are less successful,Stephens does createa pretty worthyeffort.Part of the success is due to the skillfulblending of wildly different creations withno apparent ties. Because each world is sovariant, it takes some focus to avoid confus-ing the reader. To some extent, this isachieved through just having interestingcharacters. Each is distinct and engaging inhis/her own way. The result is bewildering,but amusingly so.Likewise, Stephens makes each worlddistinctive by employing different art styles.So while Big Bang's "Atomic City Tales" isneo-realistic, "Space Ape Number 8" iscartoony, and "The Land of Nod" is simplistic.but it all works for each location shift.There are a lot of hidden d lights in SINCOMICS#2, but I'll leave it up % those interestedfew to discover them on their own, butany comic with a line like, "Everybody knowsthat apes are hilarious!" Has to have merit.The only sad note to all this is thatStephens is cancelling SIN COMICS to concentrateon a new title, ATOMIC CITY TALES(which will focus on Big Bang and Adam andother new characters while eschewing thefunny animal characters.) Since the highlightto issue #2 was "Space Ape Number 8," I can'thelp but be a little apprehensive, but oneassumes that Stephens knows what he's doing.If it's anything like SIN COMICS, it willbe worth the time and effort to find it. (BbW,$3.50) Grade: A--ScottVice

-TWO LOCA m m , m wYVIIII. UIIII VLL ...In The ZEPHYR CUB .801 So. West Templeuuunl rmvvur1824 South 11 00 EastIIIIIIIIIIIIIImALL FB8@&vJ !AGES a ~ ggra ~DAEY G WAllGeR OVWOAJ3CbOPPeRmDmeDecOwOS~RSVOODOO SW7nGakus

Jmu las4 SLUGStudio MicrophonesDigital Workstations.o Studio Consoles0 Reference MonitorsStage MicrophonesLive Sound Consoles@ Multi-Pin Connectors@ Teleconferencing@ ReverbsCompact Disk Recorders/Delays/EffectsDigital Multi-Tracks, Custom Cable Design -Signal ProcessingProject Studio Design1 Etc., Etc., 6tc ...People with knowledge andexperience providing the answersand service you deserve.It's probably a true statementthata good Almhas never been madefromlousy parentmaterial. Sogiventhat caveat, one can probably guesswhat this reviewer will say about"The Crow."For those of you culturallychallenged, this film is based(1oosely)on a Ilmlted- run comic bookby Jim O'Barr which achieved somenotoriety due to CYBarr's art workand thecharisma of the pseudoGothanti-hero. That said, the comic bookwasn'tparticularly impmsive,beingrather weak on pilot character development,etc. (all the fundamentalsthat ma& a story notable). Sowhy makeitintoafh?Unfortunately, the makers of"Ihe Crow" (funded by Miramax)have expanded the simple revengetale and made it even worse. Theonly redeeming quality to WBamsenselesslyviolent morality play wasthe humanity injected in flishbackscenes. Some of these are includedin the film, but they lack the powerand focus.So what's this mess all about?Well, the audience is deposited in aseething, brooding, metropolis ofhere, a d a young-glrl ~redicts thereturnof a dead spirit. Loandbehold,a slain rock muskian, Eric Draven(played the late Brandon Lee), hisearlier, returns to wreak vengeanceon a nasty group of thugs who mur;dered him and his girlfriend.Iq true cinematic vigilante fashion,Drawn assumes a clown-facedguiseand proceeds tooff theseputzes~~~~~~in gruesome and ironic fashions. Ashedoes so. he attracts the attentionsof a sympathetic cop (~rnie ~udson)atimmntioned young gilt astreet urchin.Draven's revenge also catchesthe eye of a particularly nasty crimeboss, Top Dollar (impressively portrayedby Michael Wimcott), who' concocts a scheme designed to renider the seemingly impervious! Draven human. In a ridiculou8lyi drawn-out finale, Draven, the cop,and the girl take on Top Dollar andhis true cinematiccliche fashion ...It all sounds tedious and tiresomein this description, and it frequentlyis. The problem, as mentionedbefore,isthatthe plot is ratherrapid. Screenwriters David Schowand john Shirley have opted for arather straightforward andunimaginative flow of events thatexpands the situations in WBadsstory without adding to the impactThe whole Devil's Night scenarip,the finale showdown, and even Tohhfs mle have been extra polatdas is Draven's existence as a rockmusician. The latter, in particular,seems to be a mere attempt to makethe movie hip and justify its trendysound track (with songs by the Cureand Nine Inch Nails among others).Who knows? It's possible thatthebiggest flaw in the film(its lackofredeeming human values) woulhhave been less noticeable had BrandonLee not died during productian(since it's purported that flashbacksequences were among the SCaNeSyet to be shot when Lee died). Butit'sdoubtfulwhethertheseadditioli~would have made the movie muchbetter.~ctuall~, thewhole justificadin makingl'TheCrow" seems to havebeen crass commercialization ( bycapitalizing on the popularity ~fother comic book-to-movie adaptationslike"Batrnan")and theattempttomake rando on Leea bigger star.ifit is just another in this stringof filmin this ouvre, then it su&eeds by

The area's largest sele~tioIWe Will Pay ( Loan Top Dollar 'For Vintage Guitars And Amps ,CDNs Tapes Records Etc.New......: . .< Larger . . Location. . . . ......Still .. . . ..... The ....... Bast ................. . .: Xn Xmport,..r ..........: . . ............ ....................................... .........'................................................ra-To.lFin&. . Altarnative . . MusicI . .... .. 8: 5 ' -"

Salt Lake may not be aglimmer in the corporate eyeof the major-label record industry,nor a city familiar tothe international rock circuit.It is, however, a townwith a strong, local musicscene comprised of talentedand determined musicians'.Among Salt Lake's mostdetermined and amazinglytalented emerges All SoulsAvenue with James Woodsas vocalist, David Briggs onbass, Jeff Alleman masteringguitar, and TracyNielson on drums, eachcontributing his own individualityand uniqueness tothe chemistry that ignitesAll Souls Avenue.In a day and age wherehard rock is in a recessionand alternative (or anythingsimilar to the proverbial Seattlesound) is in full force,ASA bypasses conformingand delivers incrediblerock-n-roll full of powerful,melodic, and aggressive ,songs. Even though ASAdoes not conform to musicaltrends by letting theirartistic attitude prevail, acceptanceof their music isnot without obstacles. bneobstacle they try to overcomeis being labeled a"metaln band-or a "rock-n-roll bar" band'."We'd rather be knownas musicians. More thananything, we would like tohave people say 'they'regood musicians' rather than'Oh, they're a good rock'band'. We're a good band. ..if people can just get pastthe labels," said James. Mefurther explained, "Youcan't understand a banduntil you've listened to whatthey've done.Music is music. If anybodydidn't like us it wouldbe because they didn't likethe [typeof] music."Once you experienceASA live, you will be able tosee and hear exactly whatJames is talking about. Theirset boasts 10 originals and 1cover that showcase themusicianship of ASA, withf,rontman Woods mesmerizingthe crowd with hisspirited and emotional onstagedemeanor complementedby the rest of theband laying down a rocksolid'musical foundation.From~ the powerful, haid-,driven sound of "Silhouettes"to the unrelentingmusical honesty of "ZoeBae," this show producesheavy, thoughtful, andeminently listenable collec-tion of song plays on and the consequences th,.the heart, the mind and the will follow if stability is notsoul.proyidpd for. them. While,"The lyrics in a song can "WhGn 1 Touch the Fdce"tell a story, th=y can make describes a subject that evyoulaugh, they can makeyou cry. If we reach oneeryone will eventually haveto deal with--death. Theperson with our lyrics or lyrics iIIustrate James'swith our songs, then we've . point of view: "The song isaccomplished everything saying I won't give up onthat we've wanted to ac- my life until 1 have touchedcomplish," said James. the face of God. I am goingTrying toreachsomeonethrough lyrics or trying toto live my life and dowhatever I want.. .butwhenmove someone with song 1 touch the face of Gob thenmay seem like a simple goal I know it's over. ..and I goto set; however, accom- on.''plishing that goal is not al- Despite that tidbit of Iyricalways easy. ASA overcomes information, ASA wouldthis difficulty with their prefer that you devise yoursongwriting, in which a Own interpretatiop of theirsong is created for everyone. Songs-Although they try to avoid "Everybody has theirtopics characteristic of poli- own interpretation of whattics, environmental concernsand love relationshipsa song is about, and if thesongwriter or the band gives(they agree these are genuinetopics to be concernedthat away, then automaticallyit blows [the listener's]with, they just choose nofto perception of the song," exnecessarilywrite about plained James- "Let themthem), ASA delivers songs come up with [the meaning]with substance throu h in their own mind. . .whypersonal experiences an!,or thoughts that can affectwould You ever want to ruinthat interpretation for them?anyone's emotions. You wouldn't!"Take for insthnce,"Children of Glass." "Chil-ASA will be playing theBar & Grill on June 16. Theydren of Glass" describes the also frequent the Holy Cowinherent difficulties societyis placing on children todayand Rafter?.- Sharee Sorenson

1. Amp & Electronic repaim byFLAT Compilation II send tape to: ~~h~SALT FLAT RECORDS 2. Guitar Ieaaona Classical to370 South State, Suite 128 metal by JustinSalt Lake City, UT 841113. Stnngs 112 price - AmpDeadline July 10, 1994 Blowout in June4. Gibaon ES335 Sunburst, Mint$1200 w/ caseBasalat Wanted for local reggae 5. Gibwn Les Paul Classic,band. Call Vaughn at W-3940 Honeyburst. Mint $1 100 wlcaseshape, $150 532-5631Hickory Wind acoustic duoBlues/FolWOriginalKris or Jim Q 40314411. Expert Guitar Repair2. Used Trace Elliotr------Official CD Party Iwitll TIIE OBVIOP" -All .Qcs Hlconlc 1 r'Don't waituntil morningto see if herespects you.1[!.,< 'Z /,,I


.*.r .

Mother I saw her todayWalking down the aisleDidn't seem real to meThen she killed me witha smileWhat kind of man will Ibe?Will she be there when Icry?I can't stop this and I'm, scared'Will this hurt when i dieNever to forget that. subtle lookI always smell it when IsleepLike the lilacs in our yardLike the comfort youi gave meMother I chased her todayI just had td say somethingsweetLike taught me tosayWhen you believe in fateAnd you feel thingsmore deeplyAnd you wish it all awayBut I know this all toowel!Though I've' never seenit beforeNever a moon so coldor a dusk so brightAs this one watching ustonightOr a wind so warm as itwraps usIn it's dark embraceMother I saw her todayAND I FELT LIKE ATHIEF, BREATHLESS ...STEALING MY WAY TOHEAVEN'tmball trick. The end of the filmhas a cool plot twist, and allin all the film feels like a greatepisode from " Tales from theTwilight Cryptside.Forbidden(1 182)WorldNot of course to beconfused with the 1956 classicForbidden Planet, but itcould be, and is aconfusedAlien rip-off. If youenjoy Roger Cormans cheapostyle you'll enjoy this one tooM a n y (I read some place that thisfilm was made from parts oftwo or three other Cormanfilms). The story starts astrouble shooter Mike Colby(Jesse Vint) awakens fromsuspended animation to battleBluff. They some space aliens. Colby thenare then is assigned to the planetturning up Xanbia to take care of a problem.When he arrives he findsthat the genetic research scientistsat the lab have createda new life form, while tryingto make a new and highlyproductive food source. Thenew life form starts morph'in,and slaughters several peoplein between nudey love scenes.This space flick exploits gore,violence, and sex with goodto figureout results. The two leading lawhat'sgoingon because none dies add a lot of beaut). toTLII Brood (I 171) of the goings on make, any' .c.ontrast the extreme bloodsense.After wathcing ,for a and gore. The best gore ex-This Old Cronenbergwhile 1 could'nt guess what ample is when Colby performsisa a mad psycholo- wasgoing on @ither. The mys- surgery on the sick doctor,gist (Oliver Reed)* who bringstery deepens as the suspects and removes his cancerousout extreme emotions in becom:epeople as a psychotherapy, He less sushaslearned how topect. The"The Shape of Rage", and onernof his patients (Samanthaa c eEggar) isso insane already that .slows atthe 'Rage" therapy begins tocreate evil children with creepyeyes, and yellow hooded jacket, Samantha's evil biddingby killing her mean old mom &pops. The whole film tends todrag, and the brood don't doenough damage to keep thingsgoing nice and violently. Thefinal scene of Samantha givingbirth to one of the brood from aawomb on the outside of herare goodthemost gruesOmesce;eenough and the effects by stan mances, and keeps the obviinthe but it just ntWinston are perfect. Such as ous plot interesting, while thecause the end youIre the human roasting and the effects team keeps the gorebored of the brood.very cool syringe in the eye- pumping.

tention and it swelled with blood likea cock. He quickly began Bshing 'around for the veMs urethra with anold point held just sharpened on amatchbook Soon pulling up blood,he pressed the brown juice againstgravity and relaxed.Nodding off, he caught a senseof his imminent stardomSinking into the couch, he remindedhimself it was all just a temporaryexperiment,aphase, a rightofpassage he needed to take just to helphim stay sane and survive in a worldgreedy capitalists had fucked up.Junkies defied the status quo ... Theneedledanghgfromhisarmequatedwaving a middle finger at those bastanisin Washington and at powerhungrycops on the s-t.Randy smiled and made a low,gutturalsound. Hewould writeaboutit alllater, when he got good at playingthe guitar hedidnft takeout of thedoset very often. Held sing the wayBurroughs spoke, detached andraunchy. With Cobain gone, somebody had to take over the mantlewhyshouldnit it be him Mosteveryoneelse,evenVeder,had sold out Sowhy shouldnit it be him? After a fewmore months of education in thissheet school of hard knocks, he toowould be able to speak in cloventongues of fire and cut through thebullshit.Floating along on apatheticclouds, Randy rubbed his nose rawand mumbled, "Kurt! Fuck,man ... Kurt."Ever since Salt Lakeis premierinvestigative joumal, the Priwrte Eye,published Ben Fulton's superfluousarticle about local junkies a fewmonthsago,thecoffeshopsand brewpub of thts fair valley have been a-buzz with talk about these ywg,green-skinned dope zombies. Havingearned my Ph.D. in Primatologyback at Harvard in "odd six" andtaught budding young lads aboutAustralopithednes for over 40 years,I wnsider myself well qualified tonow extend my perusing eye at thecurious hornitrid sub-species knownpopularly as 'The Junkie."While discussing "The Junkie,"people often debate over cranial andcerebral anomalies, behavioral dysfunction,similarities with the phenomena known popularly as "IdiotSavant," emotional atrophy, adolescentaspirations towards the rockandD-- - -Undeniably, these and othercharacteristics may help an investigatordig under The Junkieis skin.But, I thought to myself one earlyA.M. in a deep Socratic trance, I haveseen this all before. . . As synapsesopened and closed, it hit me, TheJunkieclosely parallels a phenomenaall too familiar to native Utahns-The Mormon.Although I am sure this will notsurprise many of you, some readers-esp.Junkies and Mormons--may initially resist suchcomparisons.In defense of my position, r simplyaskaiticsto thinkfora mornentabouthow easily and frequently ex-Mormonsbecome Junkies as if alreadyfamiliarwitha territorywhich,onthesurface, seems to exist in stark contrastwith the safe, padded moms ofMonnon life. (Hold onto this thoughtlustily, as if it were a sexual organ inyour hand, and read on.)As a scientist, allow me to compareand contrast these two categories.First, in a binary list:4 The Mormons: Have "holier thanthou" attitudesAThe Junkie: have "holierthan thou"attitudes4 The Mormons ~ilieve they possessprivilefed spiritual knowledgeand practicesA The Junkie: Consider themselvessheet smart like MTV gangsta rapF4 The ~ormon: set themselves apartfrom othersA The Junkie: Set themselves apartfrom others4The Mormon: often bring converts(esp. boy friends and gul friends)into"the fold"A The Junkie: Often bring converts(esp. boy Mendsand girl friends)into"the fold"4 The Mormon: New converts especiallyzealousA The Junkie: New converts especiallyzealous4 The Mormon: Ex-Mormons oftenbecomeextremely bitterand preachyA The Junkie: Ex-Junkies often becomeextremely bitter and preachy4 The Mormon: Often conform toMormon sqio-cultural clichbs whilequotingfroihFrosYs poem, 'TheRoadLess Traveled"A The Junkie: Often fulfill Junkiesociocultural clichh while touting"individuality" and quoting punktock lyrics4 The Monnon: Adherents willingsacrifice autonomy to "higherpavef-GODA The Junkie: Adherents willing sacrificeautonomy to "higher power"-SMACK -4 The Mormon: Participants t~gularlypartake of a sacrament-bread(symbolizes body of CMst)and water(symbolizes blood of Christ); cemmniouslyeaten from trays in silenceA The Junkie: Participants regularty. partake of a sapment-sma& cer-emoniously "cooked" with water in as+n, drawn up through a cottonfilter (for purification) into a syringeand insertedintoavein; theuserdrawsa small spurt of blood into the rig andpresses the liquid into blood streamtowards brain to attain religious ecstasy.As a scientist, I find myself oftenamazed at how thoroughly members afrom each group seek to adhere tostereotwe. It must be rememberedt~~*thatsomediversityexistsewnamong Mormons and Tunkies. Some~o-ns donit go todenera1 Conference.Some Junkies donlt go to PioneerPark. Some Mormons donlt getmarried in the temple. Some Junkiesdon't whore themselves for dope.Some Mormons donlt obey their'Word of Wisdom" Some Junkiesdonlt do speed balls. Some Mormonsdonit go on missions. Some Junkiesdonlt get themselves lstrung-outf (foryou youngsters just learning the lingofrom your first Burroughs book, orCobain epitaphs, lstrung-outf refersto physiological addiction).Far from complex, both groupshave analogous roles, geshuys, andslang. Letls compare just a few:What Mormons refer to as "special,"Junkies call "fucked up." Mormonsask each other, during moments ofillruhination, Ican you feel it?i (HolyGhost), and Junkies, at similar moments,ask, lcan you feel it?i (smack).When Mormons choose to dedicatethemselves fully to their cause, theyannounce, 11im-goin~ on a mission:?and Junkies, as they realize the depthof their commi&t to heroin , killsometimesannounce, "I thinkIfmgettingstrung out." Finally, Mormonsgive away Mast offeringsf and tithing.Junkies shap the "wash" from theircottons as well as their (bleached?)needles with thosein need. Althoughboth groups offer little to a conversation,both can be pleasant and occasionallyeven generous.Gth groups have also dewlopedways to rationalize tReir behaviorthrough denial For Momns, pxemaritalintercourse is bad, but blowjobs are forgivable if youire in love; forJunkies, screwing over your buddies isbad,but sneakinia bi&rchunkof thedope for yourself is forgivable if youhpped? it. Mormon men often say,ljust one mre blow pb, honey, andthen thatis it$ or, "we'll" get maniedmissions. Although human beings, ingeneral, are curious creatures whowant to experiment, learn about newand strange things, and occasionallytry to destroy themselves, only somehave the capacity to defy commonsense for extended periods of time.That is, while most of us drank Dranoas children, sniffed glue during adolescence;andattended somereligiousservice or banged a few speed balls inourearly twenties,fewchoosetodedicatethemselves to any one thingmohomniacally. Expetimntation isall just part of growingup-likeleamhigto drive, or that Arst kiss. Curiously,though, some fob end up gettingcaught up in such activities on afull timebasisanddedicabethed\ne9. to theMormon religionasaconvert,ormissionary-sticking the Book ofMonnon in their faces daily--andother fob obsess over Heroin andpoke themelves with needles.Ratherthancriticizeeitherchoice,letfs instead recognize the pursuit ofboth ~henomenas the evidence of aw~&,middlec~ass whereinadhknts to either extreme sense anemptiness intheirlives that Walonecannot satisfy. A lucky few discoverexploratory masturbation, homosexualitv,and/oralcohol,but the restseekes&efrommiddle&ss mayonnaisemediocrity either through Mormonism(zealously seeking to bleachtheir already pale souls until they feellike Scandinavians), or heroin (attemptingto "darken" their souls with"Mexican brown" until they feel likeHome Boys, Fly Girls, and suaveCholos, or die hyh&.Do either group threaten the fabric of our great land? Rarely do rnembersof eithergroupmeanothers harmMormons haw staying power, andoften remain Mormons throughouttheir entire lives. The guilt seems toleach away at onefs willpower muchslower,and yet morethomghly thanany narcotic. Like methadone, Mormonismisnit water soluble, and bothseem to absorb into onefs very bones.And Junkies? In spite of the pos;sibility that Junkles might rip youoff,p&onyou,ordieinyourapartnu?nt,more often than not theyfll just sitcomplacently on yarrcoufh,o;a publicsidewalk, and scratch themselves.Through either death, boredom, ormaMty, theyill eyentually move ontosom&hing else.

Greetings brothers and sistersof the spirit, of body trust,of basic lust, let me hear yousay YO and to hell with heavenand some other place, we gonnatear down for real the bloodygates of JUDGEMENT. Let usall rejoice in differences ofopinion, in vital signs of controversy.May hard core contradictionsserve to uplift andentertain in this ever expandingand always condensinguniverse we call home.As a renegade priest mystudy takes me everywhere.Sometimes it takes me into thequagmire of wage earningmanual labor. Once I wasworking as a service boy at aHABIT FOR SUBURBOSdwelling South Salt Lake. Twocoats of latex paint on everywall and ceiling, around theugly furniture-for crissake.-owed to do my very best, butgot a bit bored so I checked outthe bathroom reading in thelazy hours after lunch. Comeacross on ENSIGN article featuringSpence Kimball denouncingworldly attractions,a modern form of idolatry heclaimed.See the grand momobishopwas preaching deliverance bytelling folks to back off fromthe "riches of this earth," toworship the Almighty ratherthan mere material goods.Which basically speaking is aboho rap. Lusting for possessionscan not compare with theessential spark of life. Accumulationcan't hold a candle tostreamlining through livingexperience. So how come somany religious people are so-:ially committed to superficialitatus via their job, house, car,:hildren, and neighborhood?rhey suck it up like babies to,ad candy.Does the depth of spiritualtyfall more directly into thelands and minds of the hard-:ore freaks and gypsy voyag-!rs and the psycho-challenged?~ertainl~ drug addicts-andstreet walkers are less attachedto material want than SpencerKimball's job secured kin.How 'bout Kurt Cobain? Crazybastard was niaking moneyhand-over-fist and couldn'tcare lessabout it. Jammed mostof it up his arm and met the allcaringalmighty deep in hishorse trail dreams. Finallykilled his self cause he hadnothing more togiveaway. Thefathomless abyss of Mr.Nirvana's present residenceshall serve him with a judgementcall. Still, we of the fleshmight learn from such examplesto share and give away ourselvesin waysnot yet invented.Long before Cobain struttedabout the Northwest turf, itwas a traditional pratticeamong tribes from SouthernAlaska to the Washington coastto demonstrate power andprestige through the practice ofPOTLATCH. Big Chief and hiscrew would lay out agut stuffin'feast along with large quantitiesof valuable gifts for a rivalband to grab for the taking. Ifthe host.chief felt particularlyspirited in the course of the giveaway, he would torch his.ownhouse in a festive bonfire. (PerhapsKurt oughta have used amilitary blowtorch instead ofthat messy shotgun.)The ancient American ideaof Potlatch was a favorablechoice among various primitivesocieties around the globe.Where a ruling class was notsecured by the mathematics ofmoney, the stimulation of theseparty animal give-aways provideda ceaseless flow of prestigeand valuables moving inopposite directions.Now that's my kind a spirituality,where rich folks makethemselves bigger by giving itout to the poor folk. Imaginethe Aloha Spirit as practiced onremote Pacific Rim Islandswithin a mainland urban scene.If a sister or a brother, an auntieor an .uncle were in shoddyshape, why anybody in a rightmind would twist upa big fattyand smoke it together, wouldoffer a large tug on.the jug. Thehaves and the havenots wouldshuffle' back and forth like acard deck at a Polish Pinacle,Party. Elitism would be reservedfor the severely dispossessed.But the poisonous programsof the supposedly free enterprisesystem of the CapitalistReligion can cloud the highestintellects. Gut reactionsare notused favorably to express theintentions of the soul, but aretough skinned volleys fueledby fabricated tension in themonetary pursuit of prestige.You want to clean your insidesof false idolatry, go sleepin a ghetto alley, get lost ingrizzly territory, take a swimtwo miles out at sea. Do somethingthat pulls you directly intothe network of the food chain.A popular form of monetarynetworking these days is productsales by pyramid scheme.New Age elixirs, soap products,health cures, even secret wealthprayers are hawked by meansof this trickle-down, feel good--Possibly the most famous ofall corners in the co)mtry, is thecorner of Haight & Ashbury inSanFrancisco. The free love generation,hippies, drugs and perhapsthe birth of "alternative music"in this part of the world. Itwasalso the origin of an underlyingblues scene that today is ahuge potion of the city's musicworld, "the open mikeblues jam"The problem with -(notall) blues jams is that they are ashowpiece for your local hot shotattitude players who want toboost thier ego. Go figure. Pssst.Here's a little known secret ... TheAshbury Sessions Blues Jam! Everywednesday night at theAshbury Pub, John & Eric (Backwash),Mike & Dan (Tempo~imers) and-a host of other peststake the blues jam back to it'sbasics. Back to where playerscame to play out of love for themusic, not self worship. And it'ssystem of propaganda that isalways pushing higher thehypocrites on top. Often timesthey scam the dumb sheepadded to their hive byclaiming a belief and allegianceto the spirituality of abundance.Well my friends, I too believein abundanza. Sure there'splerity for everybody, but notthrough the equation of greedand personal accumulation.Chrissakes, there's enoughheaven and hell to go around,that's for sure. Maybe theMomos deserve their seventhheaven. Perhaps Kurt is lollrin'his vlace in hell. Rather thanjudge, I just as soon subscribeto suicide by living. Rather 'mbelbows with dimwits and madprofessors both. Rather makelusty sweet love to Eve in thecushygardengrassand feel thatserpentine apple juice slitherand ooze, juicy enough to squirtan impish baby Cain out in thisworld who can do as much as asmilin' pope crappin' in thewoods to fertilize the humanexperience. Amen.Am ore,Padre Beelzebubreally cool because anyone cancome up & sit in without feelingpressure to outdo someone el&,And Harry Lee is always quickwith a bad joke & a hot harp tomake you feel comfortable. I suppose the thing I like most, is thefeel of the whole setup. It remindsme of'Blues Alley' in S.F. Underground,old brick building, blueneon sign out front. Makes youfeel like you're leaving the rest ofthe world outside, and they don'tknow what they're missing.Somehow that's O.K. So go checkit outbefore thelegislaturemakesa1awbanningit.Thefood isgreat,the wings are the best I've tastedin Zion, and the beer is a littletreat unto itself. The perfect midweek break. So go have some fundrinksomebeer andlisten to somegreat blues, maybe you won'tmind calling in sick on Thursday.

A PRIVATIP CLUB FOR. mMBmsruo jcmriasr

I've been a fan of the ChainsawKittens ever since I flipped out overtheir Flipped Out in Sigapore albumback in 1991. Two albums andthreevisits to Salt Lake later, I finallygot a chance to sit down with theboys and discuss the evolution ofthe Kittens and touring with Iggyamong other topics. For thoseof youwho are unfamiliar with theChainsaw Kittens Ican tell you theycombine the best elements of glarnand punk to rreate a unique andpowerful condonof rcckand rollthatcould only havebeen brewed inthe dustbowl college town ofNorman Oklahoma. That 'kid thefact that they were smokin hotopening for Iggy and his Stoogescover band last month at DV8.Suprisingly, these Kris Kristofersonfans were patient enough to enduremy inane chatter for a half hour or soand theresult is thisinterview whichtook place after the Iggy show.Present for the occasion were gui-tarist Trent Bell, drummer EricHarmonand singer/ guitarist TysonTodd Mead.SLUG: You've had some line-upchanges and you're playing guitaragain.TYSON.. Well it just made moresense. We've got a lot better peopleto play now and to hang out withtoo.SLUG: So how is touring with theGodfather of punk?TRENT: So far it's been cool justbeing able to watch him play everynight. And if we have a good show .it makesit that muchbettex justtositback and watch hi play.SLUG: So do ,you hang out andswap stories about partying withBowie in the glory days?TRENT: Wehaven'treally hungoutwith him muchbut we've talked tohim a few times and he's been nice.I mean, this is only the third showbut we're definitely happy aboutdoing the tour with him.SLUG: How many more dates doyou have?ERIC: Seventeen or something I&that.SLUG: You guys have a differentdrummer and bass player now.What prompted the personelchanges?TRENT: Well, Aaron, our old bassplay& was into a lot of bad heavymetal and stuff that didn't d ywork for us. Now, we aU like a lot ofdifferent music but wecanalsoagreeon what soundsgood. I mean1 thinkeveryone has pretty decent tastenow.ERIC: It also comes from Tysonhaving such a vast knowledge ofmusic big able to associate withpeople who can reel off music fromother eras and that's what I'm herefor and Matt because it's not just aone dimensional type of music. Weall can meate together.SLUG: That's interesting because Inotice a kind of 70's influence toyour songs but it's more like theDolls or Sweet rather than Seals andCrofts or Jim Croce or the popularcomemial music of the time.TRENT: Don't forget Iggy.TYSON: I've gotten into the wholeIggy thing now. Iggy is lie theGodfather of punk or alternativeorwhatever. The Rolling Stones hadChuck Beny and the Beatles hadlittle Richard but all the bands todayreIggy. I mean, a coupleof nightsago he was playing 'I Wanna BeYour Dog" and Trent said that itsounded like Sonic Youth. And it- --s true.JG: Especially theway Iggy playsguitar."'SON. But evenin 1%9 it soundedt way. Also Sonic Youth does a: version of that song on Confu-~n is Sex.SLUG: Everyoneknowsabout ButchVig because of Nirvana and Smashingpurnpkins.But hedso producedalbums by Killdozer, Fluid andChainsaw Kittens to name a few.How was working with Butch?TRENT: He was really a nice guy.TYSON: He was really nice, like heknows how to make a record fast, Ifyou want to make a record in tendays, he can do it. He doesn't reallymess around.ERIC: Just speaking as an outsider,I didn't play on that album,but the new one has much morepunch and alot more going on.TRW.Yeah,wegottoreally spendsome time recording it.TYSON: We really hit it off withJohn and got a really good sound onthe new one.SLUG: Where did you find Matt,the new bass player?TYSON: He'sbeenaround for alongtime, we called him up out of theblue and said we'd lost our bassplayer and he said "I know yoursongs, I want to be in your band.."Andhecameupand knewthewngs.m.He knew moreof our songsthan we did.ERIC: He still does.SLUG: Any last comments?TRENT: I just hope people realizehow cool and important it was to seeIggy in that small of a fucking club.It was adoment in history and hemay not tour again so I hope thepeople who were there got theirfucking rocks off.-Jon ShumanThe New Album is called Pop Heire?on Mammoth Records produced byJohn AgneIlo

How many of you attendedDick Dale's one night stand at theZephyr? No it wasn't anotherdreaded mckabilly show,althoughVoodoo Swing burned as theopening act. If you are like the,writers at the Salt Lake Tribuneyou mibsed it because you thoughtit was just another blues bandplaying the Zephyr. I opened theFriday, May 20, Entertainmentsection oftheTribune positive thatthere would be a cover story onDickDale.Instead there wasastoryon the ParkWest appearance ofTraffic, who have seen better daysand only have two of the originalmembers. I didn't go. Glory be toGod, dinosaurs roam the Earth,they aren't extinct after all.Searching for any word at allon the "King of the Surf Guitar"actually stopping in this pitifulberg I found the one liner in theclub listings - "Dick Dale -blues."Yea, and "pianist Sonny Rollins"is headlining the Snowbird Bluesand Jazz Festival. I'm watching fora cover story on the doo-wop ofthe Beach Boys next, after all theydid cover the Del Vikings. ThePrivate Eye chose to spotlightMedicine who played next door. Ican't complain, at least Spanky'shad a mention and I wouldn't expectFulton to go retro on us.. Dick Dale is in his fifties, buthe is along way from finished. Hisfire can't be extinguished - theguy's guitar smokes. Anyone inattendance at this show walkedout of the placein total awe. Alongwithsurfguitar, (What needs tobesaid about his ability with surf; heinvented it.) played upside downand left-handed, (Gosh, I wonderwho inspired Jimi Hendrix?) camea few biues licks. I am convincedthe man can do anything' with aguitar. He chorded the bass of hissidekick with drumsticks, hehelped out the drummer on thunderingsolos and he even sang alittle. Thenight ranks ivith the bestlive music experiences I've everhad. Tell, me watching tired,burnedaut "classic rock" dudeson a grassy slope with thousandswill be as good. Will they meltguitar picks on thestrings(it's trueheactually does melt guitar picks,I saw it with my own eyes.) andkeep an audiencecompletely mesmerizedfor closeto two hours withonly a guitar, drums and bass?Somehow, I don't think so. The"King Of The Surf Guitar" cameand left, only the SLUG hacks noticed.Where was Ms. Wolf?Enough on surf music,where's the Wily. It's coming butfirst check out who's appearing at#2 "boomer heaven," - the UtahArts Festival (#1 is the ParkWestSummer concert series). JimmyDale Gilmore will be here touring 'in support of his CD-5 withMudhoney. Pick that one up forthe twangyou love tohate versionof "BlindingSun" and gorub elbowswith theprivilegedthrongs forthe liveexperience.Weara "LuckyJeans" T-shirt andGuess shorts,you'll fitright in.T h eZephyr is hosting live nxkabillyon Monday Rights through June.What? Yes, it's true. Along withSeedy taverns, weddings and barmitzvahs the Broken Hearts andVoodoo Swing will play "dclubs. The Broken Hearts will alsoplay DBCoopersonSunday nightsthrough June. I'd like to give awarning to patrons of the club.There are JDs roaming this towndressed in black leather and motorcycleboots. They have tattoosand greasy hair. Watch out thatthey don't stompon youas you tryto dance to music you'll never understand.If you get in the way ofthe lovely female swing dancerswho follow the Broken Hearts everywhere,they might just send youflying- with a smile on their faces.On the recorded music sceneis an advance cassette of the goodReverend's mapr label debut. TheReverend Horton Heat has hit thebigs. He's still into the booze, thenew disc is titled "Liquor In TheFront." Unlike "ourtown" the folksin the Reverend's home town appreciatethe 'billy. He won fourawards in the Dallas Musk poll,including "Songwriter Of TheYear." ~6w,if oniy theguy wouldspend more time writing songsandpracticing instead of touring,drinking and whining about lackof recognition. Watcli for theshinyplatter in late June. It's the fastest,craziest shit he's put out yet, butthat's not all -he throws in someTex-Mex, honky-tonk and even asmidgen of traditional rockabilly.Next to that cassette the bestthings I've heard are; some cat outof Canada named Ray Condo whorecords for the English Fury label;(youcanp'ickitupat Smokeys) the1ocals;the Broken Hearts, sure Larahas the voice, but there is a bandbackingher, andVoodooSwing's, advance, ,, whichshouldprovethat .theseguys arereal asskicking'billy. TheEuropeanswisht h e ycould doit thisgood. The Cadillac Tramps advanceon oneof my favorite recordlabels, Dr. Dream, also kicks and aband ontheEstruslabelcompletelyblew my speakers with their downand dirty blues.White boys can't play theblues, just listen to the Fab T-Birdsscheduled for the saddest concertof the year; next to the up-comingLivestockaffair with whatever hasbeens "classic rock" radio hassigned up this year; 4e Southernrock Fuck You We're Broke toursponsored by Skoal. Keep chewingboys and your lip will look asbad as my voice sounds. Why notadd George Thorogood? I guessSalt LakeCity residents havesometaste after all because this concertwas cancelled due to poor ticketsales.Jack 0'Fire is blues as you'vealways wanted it. File next to theJon Spcer Blues Explosion; whothe boys in Jack (Y Fire don't carefor; Billy Childish, Elmore James,Howlin' Wolf, The Gun Club andthe Gibson Brothers. Beg BC to getit in or order by mail for $12.Southern Culture On TheSkids hasa biglOinch6~t.Itcomesto us courtesy of the Folks at SympathyFor TheRecotd hdustryandis part 'billy, part surf and part asskicking hillbilly. Too bad thedamnthing i~ pressed on black vinyI.The Cruddy Record Dealership inSeattle sent a handful of 45s. Theone from the Picketts is all swinginginstrumentals. They sure canpick it, but I miss ChristyMcWilson'svocals.P.0. Box95364Seattle, Washington 981454361.Finally comes a bizam disc fromNeurotic Bop. The company usuallysticks with vinyl, but they'vecompiled some of it on a disc titled"%Movie Brain." Thereisall kindsof weird shit on this disc, all of it isdedicated to trashy movies. Forminimal mkabilly and honkytonkor maximum garage, surfand" movie type music look intothiscompany. P.O.Box1009,Royaloak, MI 48068.Chminentsoverheard at clubsaround town. A hair flingingBeavisand Butthead addict on thetwangin' Broken Hearts, "Whydon't they gs swallow anothercat?" A bald yup-yy-yuppie tryingto pick up a lesbi&gd@phyrBroken, '&t mdyto dance, they're going to playsome more rockabilly." A whiteshirt and tie clad downtownbiian on Voodoo Swing, "I wishthey'd play more covers."Recommended live musicscheduled for early June includes;C. C. Adcock at the Zephyr June 3and 4; Cadillac Tramps at the Bar& Grill on June 9; RoadhouseRockers at the Bar & Grill on June7 and of course the nightly appearancesoflocaland national acts,both good and bad, at selectedclubs around town.In the rumor mill are the returnsof Big Sandy and the ReverendHorton Heat-Thedream showwould have them playing together.On my wish list a?, the Dave andDeke Combo, Ronnie Dawson, theBelmont Playboys, Hot Rod Lincoln,Jimmy Roy and His 5 StarHillbillies, Ray Condo and the allgirlrockabilly band I've heardabout but never listened to -yet.Ynktty, yak don't talk Wheels

eing just another mediocre movie with numerousplotholes, tired glmmicks,and similar settings.The fact that the movie is rather derivative isunsurprising, giving the backgrounds of themovie's principles. Wrector Alex Proyas is aformer music video director, and visually stimulating,but it doesn't makeany real impact. Where'sthe pathos, tension, drama? It's interesting tospeculate whether Proyas could have carrfed offsome staged emotion had the writers given himoff some staged emotion had the writers givenhim something to work with. Hand-in-hand withProyas is the film's production designer, AlexMcDowell. Like Proyas, McDowell manages touncreatively follow his predecessors. The settingof the film manages to combine pseudo-punkThursday June 9thMarcla arlffiths .I Beres HammondTorrpr Fabulous .I Rod FoxJunlor Tucker 21-Team BandTommy Cowan M.C.International Brts b Crafts FalrBooth Info: (213) 255-83464:08 pmTriad AmphitheaterON SALE NOWSmokey's (phish only) Cosmic Aeroplane,Graywhale CD (SLC, Ogden,Taylorsville) Triad CentelSonic Garden in krovo or charge by ghone 37.sonisensibily with the look of "Batman's" GothamCity - it has the virtue of having been done beforeand better. WNe its pretty to look at in its ownugly way, it lacks originality.That's not tb say that everything about themovie is stinky. Brandon Lee, as the protagonist,manages to turn in a surprisingly good performancethat is understated. Lee's Draven passesfrom chilling, single-minded violence to quietreflection very naturally- It's just a shame thestory didn't give him a better range of opportunities.Given Lee's past work, it &n thought thatLee was finally showing some potential beyondhis other martial arts material. Likewise, MichaelWinc~tt, as the netarious Top Dollar, is silentlymenacingdespite hischaractefs onedimensionalbasis. Ernie Hudson also manages to milk somesympathy out of a thankless role, but it's notenough, especially with the sabptage wrought bythe annoying young street girl (Tony Todd). Attimes, the audience may find themselves wishingthe villains would off her just to spare themselvesfrom her pitiful attempts at acting. Worsg, DavidPatrick Kelly is wasted in an undemanding bitpart as one of the gang that killed Dra en.But,as notedbefore, the big flaw fii '11, emovieis its lackof humanity. While the violence may bemitigated to some extent (as when Draven brieflyremembers his dead girlfriend or reaches out tothe girl and the cop), it just isn't enough. Violenceis an ugly, dehumanizing thing, and while censorshipis ah ugly thing, it's sad to think that thisHlm's artless portrayal of killings is being seen byso many. Call me preachy, but I would havepreferred to seeDraven lose his precious hynityas he became inextricably drawninto theworld ofphysical violence. Anybody capable of killingsomebody in the manner in which Draven dispatcheshis victims could hardly be human.The film has its moments (whether it's anartfully framed shot or an actor rising above thematerial), but mostly it's just an ekerdse in killingtime that would be better spent huntingdown thegood tiha that seem to be passing by the towerlately.--Scott Vicehe announced "Apparently we're Tool, andyou're Salt Lake" As they broke into "Intolerance",the building shook to the rafters and Ithought for sure the top Boor was going to fall.Maynard showed once again the differencebetween people who think they're strange andpeople who really are. I wish I could have got apictureof the faces in the front row, as he pulledhis pants down to his knees with his penistucked between ~s legs (like all little boys usedto do) as he rubbed the microphone on hiscrotch. There was alsoa scream when I thoughthis head would explode and a goat's head wascoming out of his brain. The guy's demented,but incredibly personable at the same time..They did great stirring versions of "PrisonSex", "Swamp Song" and "Sober" and a killerguitar solo going into song 69 at the end of"Undertow". But the highlight of the show wasby far thier bonegrinding version of "Opiate".Old Tool fans know this is thier best song. Theybrought up a guest guitarist, and it was incredibleto feel the undulating power of thatsong. This band wrote the book on bottom endlow, raw power. If you saw the show, yourbowelsare probably stillshaking. If youmissedit you probably saw Seinfeld.--Matid MaxrPennywisePotholemr OVmy16aCPmAnger Overload took the stadotheseguys rock bigtime. Firstolead singer)has been in a lot of other bands, butit's finally nice to see him teamed up with guysthat can play as hard as he does. pier music isfull of power and comes on strong, no slowingdown here, fmm beggining to end.Next up was Pothole. They were actuallyquite a good band with some very good .songwriting and a great bass player. I thoroughlyenjoyed my beer while watching theseguys.Finally we are on to Pennywise. Well 1) ,really don't care too much for this band, wed i'thaugh I have thier new release and it's prettygood. Live, this band really got the club gdingout of control, so far as I could count, the fewpeople that were there were really going at it.Utah has waited a long time for Pennywise, andwe finally got thechance ... it was well worth thecash.Allin all thisbenetit fortheUtah SnowboardAssociation turned out pretty gopd. Hopefullythese bands will be back soon, so stay tun ed...