DTM Brands Hatch 18-20 May 2012 - MotorSport Vision Racing

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DTM Brands Hatch 18-20 May 2012 - MotorSport Vision Racing

DTM Brands Hatch18-20 May 2012SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONSDefinitionThe event will run in compliance with the following regulations:2012 FIA International Sporting Code (ISC) and AppendicesDTM:F3ES:Support Races:2012 DTM Sporting and Technical Regulations;DMSB Decisions and Provisions;DMSB Environmental Guidelines;General Provisions for DMSB Championships.2012 F3ES Sporting and Technical Regulations;2012 DMSB General Sporting Regulations Art. 23 – 37;DMSB Environmental Guidelines.Specific Regulations set out for the series;2012 DMSB General Sporting Regulations;DMSB General Prescriptions for events run on circuits;DMSB Decisions and Provisions;Anti-Doping-Regulations of the National Anti-Doping Agency;General Provisions for DMSB Championships.Races for the following series and cups will take place as supporting events of the DTMchampionship round at Brands Hatch:Formula 3 Euro SeriesVolkswagen Scirocco R CupArt. 1 EventTitleDate and place of the eventCircuitArt. 2 Status: DTM Brands Hatch: 18, 19, 20 May 2012, Brands Hatch (GBR): Brands Hatch, Indy Circuit1,929 km: InternationalArt. 3 OrganizerOrganizer’s Name: MotorSport Vision RacingAddress: FawkhamLongfieldKent DA3 8NGTelephone : +44 1474 872331Telefax : +44 1474 874766E-Mail: info@msvracing.co.ukOrganizationName: MotorSport Vision RacingAddress: FawkhamLongfieldKent DA3 8NGTelephone : +44 1474 875229Telefax : +44 1474 874766E-Mail: info@msvracing.co.ukSupplementary Regulations DTM 2012 Page 1

National Sporting Authority: Motor Sports AssociationAddress: Motor Sports House, Colnbrook, SL3 oHGTelephone : +44 1753 765000Telefax : +44 1753 765050E-Mail: cheryl.lynch@msauk.orgAddress, telephone and fax number for enquiries: see “Organisation”Art. 4 Races taking place during the meetingDTMIn compliance with the Specific DTM Regulations, the following sessions will take place:one Roll-out of 30 minutestwo free practice sessions of 100 minutes each (comprising 2 sections)one qualifying practice session of approx. 70 minutes, comprising 4 sectionsone warm-up of 30 minutesone race of 98 Laps = 189,042 km (maximum 70 minutes)Formula 3 Euro SeriesIn compliance with the Specific F3ES Regulations, the following sessions will take place:one qualifying practice session of 30 minutestwo races of 56 Laps = 108,024 km (maximum 40 minutes)one race of 28 Laps = 54,012 km (maximum 20 minutes)Volkswagen Scirocco R CupIn compliance with the Specific Volkswagen Scirocco R Cup Regulations, the following sessions willtake place:one free practice session of 30 minutesone qualifying practice session of 30 minutes andone race of 26 Laps = 50,154 km (maximum 30 minutes)Art. 5Provisional TimetableAdministrative checks (licences etc.) for all series will take place in the frame of Drivers’ Briefings at theentrance of the Briefing Room inside Box 3 (except DTM).Each competitor or his representative as well as each driver has to present licenses himself personally.Scrutineering17.05.2012 18.05.2012DTM 03.00 p.m. – 08.00 p.m. Team GarageFormula 3 Euro Series11.30 a.m. – 04.00 p.m. F3ES PaddockVW Scirocco R Cup11.00 a.m. – 03.00 p.m. VW PaddockThe timetable for the free practice, qualifying practice and race will be published separately.Art. 6 FuelAll participants must use the fuel assigned by the ITR for the event. No other fuel than theassigned one may be in any car which has passed scrutineering. The fuel made available onpayment corresponds to DIN EN 228 minimum specification, unleaded Super Plus. Thedesignated fuel may not be modified. No substances may be added, removed or modified in theirconcentration. Any mixture with other fuels including a fuel which had been assigned at aprevious event is prohibited.Supplementary Regulations DTM 2012 Page 2

The fuel assigned by the ITR will be provided by ARAL. The delivery of fuel the event will be atFriday8.00 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.; 1.30 p.m. – 5.30 p.m.Saturday8.00 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.; 1.30 p.m. – 5.30 p.m.Sunday8.00 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.The delivery point is the ARAL truck in the Paddock. The fuel must be paid right away.Only unmodified ambient air may be mixed with the fuel as an oxidant. Unmodified ambient air isthe only cooling medium permitted for any fuel in a race car which has passed scrutineering. Anyartificial modification of the composition of the ambient air is forbidden.Art. 7 Entry Closing DateDateArt. 8 CircuitRace directionStart lineFinish linePole positionPit exitTime penalty area in the pit lane(EXCEPT DTM)Pit stop penalty (only DTM)Winner’s press conference: 10.05.2012, 12 p.m.to be received by the organizer: clockwise: 50 meters before gantry on Brabham Straight: 50 meters before gantry on Brabham Straight: on right: 400 meters after the line on right hand side: adjacent to Race Control in the Pit Lane: in front of race control tower: Nigel Mansell CentreList of trophies and special prizes: due to DMSB / ITR regulationsSpeed limit pit lane DTM : max. 60 km/h40 km/h for installation laps DTM on SundaySpeed limit pit lane all other series : max. 60 km/hNumber of cars – in compliance with the track licence to take part in:Practice RaceDTM : 38 Cars 32 CarsFormula 3 Euro Series : 34 Cars 28 CarsVolkswagen Scirocco R Cup : 38 Cars 32 CarsStarting Mode:All series: Grand Prix StartArt. 9 Parc ferméDTM after qualifyingDTM after the raceFormula 3 Euro SeriesVolkswagen Scirocco R Cup: designated team garages: behind Garage 34 in the Pit Lane: Parc Ferme in Outer Paddock (by tunnel): Volkswagen Scirocco R Cup PaddockSupplementary Regulations DTM 2012 Page 3

Art. 10 Drivers’ BriefingAll drivers’ briefings will take place in the Drivers’ Briefing room.DTMFormula 3 Euro SeriesVolkswagen Scirocco R Cup: Friday, 18.05.2012 at 10.40 a.m.: Friday, 18.05.2012 at 09.00 a.m.: Friday, 18.05.2012 at 13.00 p.m.Art. 11 PracticePractice sessions will take place according to the timetable.The qualifying minimal is specified in the corresponding Series Regulations.In exceptional reasons, the Race Director / Clerk of the Course, in agreement with the Stewards of theMeeting, may admit a driver to a race who has failed to fulfil the qualification minima.Art. 12 Specific RegulationsReception: Place : Ground Floor Race Control TowerOpening hours : 18.05.2012 07.00 a.m. – 06.30 p.m.19.05.2012 07.00 a.m. – 06.30 p.m.20.05.2012 07.00 a.m. until end of eventDTM/F3ES/VW Stewards’ OfficeRace Directors OfficeClerk of the Course’s OfficeITR OfficeTrack Safety OfficeChief Pit Marshal’s OfficeMedical ServiceAnnouncements by Race Control: 1 st Floor Nigel Mansell Centre: 1 st Floor Nigel Mansell Centre: 1 st Floor Nigel Mansell Centre: tbn: tbn: tbn: Medical Centre – outside McLaren CornerTelephone: +44 (0)1474 872986Penalties, information and instructions by Race Controlduring practice sessions and the race will be communicatedto the DTM participants on page 7 of the official timingmonitors.The current series regulations respectively the DMSBGeneral Prescriptions of events run on circuits areapplicable for all the other series.Art. 13 Official Notice BoardOfficial Notice Board: Ground Floor NMC Race AdministrationThe results (practice, qualifying and race) will be posted currently after each competitionon the official notice board.Supplementary Regulations DTM 2012 Page 4

Art. 14 OfficialsOfficials appointed by the organiser:Steward of the meeting (DTM/F3ES/VW) : Ron McCabe Licence No MSA 140830Clerk of the Course : David Scott Licence No MSA 141142Deputy Clerk of the Course : Nick Turner Licence No MSA 151745Chief Safety Officer : Barry Morris Licence No MSA 144694Race secretary: David WilleyChief Scrutineer : Chris Mount Licence No MSA 140896Chief Medical Officer : Dr Harj Chaggar Licence No MSA 158400Chief Pit Observers : Darryl Burgess Licence No MSA 153130Chief Paddock Marshal : Vincent Markey Licence No MSA 152398Co-Safety Car Driver: Ian BarnettDMSB OfficialsChairman Steward (DTM/ F3ES/VW) : Francis Murac Licence No. FFSA 24547Steward of the meeting (DTM/F3ES/VW) : Felix Holter Licence No. SPA 1117347Secretary of the Stewards : Doreen Stoppe Licence No. SPA 1112611Race DirectorDTM, F3ES, VW Scirocco : Sven Stoppe Licence No. SPA 1071888Safety Delegate : Uwe Frumolt Licence No. SPA 1058498DTM, F3ES permanent Starter : Sven Stoppe / Licence No. SPA 1071888Niels Wittich Licence No. SPA 1106962Chief Timekeeper : Alexander Tischer Licence No. SPA 1015843DTM Technical Delegate : Christian Schmidt Licence No. SPA 1099190DTM Scrutineer : Filip Klug Licence No. SPA 1116970DTM Scrutineer : Wolfgang Dammert Licence No. SPA 1069584DTM Scrutineer : Volker Noeske Licence No. SPA 1116970DTM Scrutineer Assistent: Enrico KjurktschiewDTM Scrutineer Assistent: René KöllingF3ES Technical Delegate : Christian Schmidt Licence No. SPA1099190F3ES Scrutineer : Sebastian Amorth Licence No. SPA 1139784F3ES Scrutineer Assistent : Florian Bartsch Licence No. SPA 1139961F3ES Scrutineer Assistant: Konstantin MedrischF3ES Scrutineer Assistant: Marco SchmidtMedical Delegate : Dr. Klaus Hindrichs Licence No.SPA 1117112Safety Car Driver : Jürgen Kastenholz Licence No. SPA 1053808VW Scirocco R Cup Scrutineer : Fritz Zahnweh Licence No. SPA 1058301Art. 15 FeesProtest fee : GBP 535:00Appeal fee : GBP 1110:00Art. 16 Additional RegulationsClassification:The classification will be drawn up in compliance with the relevant Series Regulations.Supplementary Regulations DTM 2012 Page 5

Judges of Fact:Startjudges Art. 95 ISGTime Penalty / Pit stop penaltyPit Stop (only DTM)Speeding in the pitlane: published by Bulletin: published by Bulletin: published by Bulletin: Alexander Tischer17. OthersWeighing DTM : Christian Schmidt, Volker Noeske, Filip Klug,Wolfgang Dammert, Enrico Kjurktschiew,René KöllingWeighing F3ES : Sebastian Amorth, Florian Bartsch,1. White line at the end of the pit laneThe exit from the pit-lane to the race-track has to be without endangerment of the otherparticipants. Crossing the white line at the end of the pit lane (right side) is strictly forbidden. Atthe pit exit every driver will see a sign with a blue signal-lamp or blue flag.The crossing of the white line at the end of the pit lane will be for all sessions of the DTM, F3ESand VW Scirocco R Cup penalised with a fine of 250 € by the Race director / Clerk of the Course;during the race in all series with the minimum of a Drive Through penalty.2. Classification penalties (except DTM and Formula 3 Euro Series)As a replacement of a drive through penalty inflicted by the race director during the last five lapsor after the end of the race 30 seconds will be added to the elapsed race time of the driverconcerned. This period will be increased by the number of seconds according to the relevanttimes in case of a time penalty.3. Pit lane speedingAccording to the DTM Regulations and the series regulations any failure to respect the pit lanespeed limit will be penalised during practice and qualifying with a fine from the Race director.4. Time-Penalty / Drive-Through-PenaltyFor DTM and F3ES according to the respective regulations. All other series according to theDMSB General Sporting Regulations.The Time penalty area is in front of the Race Tower, for DTM in front of the team’s garage.At the marked Time penalty area the driver has to stop. If the board “GO” will be shown, the carmay rejoin the race (except DTM).5. Additional sign at the start- and finish podiumIf the Race Director/Clerk of the Course orders a signal to a car an additional white flashing lightmay be shown at the signal area.6. Climbing on pit wall debris fencesIt is forbidden to climb on pit wall debris fences during an event, including after the end of races.Any action by a team breaching this ban may be penalised by the Steward of the Meeting.18. Medical informationNational Emergency Services Number : 999Medical Centre phone number (direct line) : +44 (0)1474 872986Supplementary Regulations DTM 2012 Page 6

Medical Centre location :Chief Medical Officer direct line : +44 (0)7973 631735Medical Centre opening days and hours : Thursday 7 a.m. - Monday 7 a.m.Referral hospital name : Kent and Sussex HospitalReferral hospital address : Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 8ATReferral hospital Emergency Departmentdirect line : +44 (0)1892 632205(direct line for emergency department).Alternate Hospital : Darent Valley Hospital, Darent WoodRoad, Dartford, Kent, DA2 8DASupplementary Regulations DTM 2012 Page 7

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