Owner's Manual - Hunter Fan


Owner's Manual - Hunter Fan

PERMAlife ®Air PurifierOwner’s ManualEnglishModel30793Form# 44094-0120101410©2010 Hunter Fan Co.

Table of ContentsIntroduction .................................................... 2Safety Instructions ......................................... 3Using Your Air Purifier.................................... 3How the PermaLife ® System works ............... 4Operating Your Air Purifier ............................. 4Filter Replacement ........................................ 5Cleaning ........................................................ 5Troubleshooting ............................................. 6Filter Ordering................................................ 6Technical Support .......................................... 6Warranty ........................................................ 6Congratulations!You're saving energy and money whileprotecting the environment by purchasing thisENERGY STAR qualified Hunter Air Purifier!ENERGY STAR qualified room air cleanersare 35% more energy-efficient than standardmodels.With this purchase, you are doing your part toprotect the environment. Your new air purifierhas earned the ENERGY STAR label becauseit meets high energy efficiency specificationsset by the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA). For more information on ENERGYSTAR visit www.energystar.gov.Remember, saving energy prevents pollution.By choosing a room air cleaner that meetsENERGY STAR, you are helping preventglobal warming without sacrificing the productquality and performance you expect.IntroductionThank you for purchasing the PermaLife ®Air Purification System from Hunter FanCompany. You have purchased our latestdevelopment in portable Air PurificationSystems. This system has been developed toimprove the quality of the air you breathe.Our PermaLife ® Air Purification System outperforms other air purification systems byquickly and effectively removing dust, smoke,and pollen particles as small as .5 microns insize. Room air is pulled in through the frontright grill and cleaned across the PermaLifefilter. Clean air is then released out the frontleft grill in order to avoid stirring up settledparticles.The following innovative features are includedin your Hunter Air Purifier.• High Particulate Efficiency: ThePermaLife ® filter will remove 99.5% ofparticles as small as 0.5 micron particlesfrom the air that passes through the filter.• Odor Removal: The activated carbon prefilterhelps remove odors such as cooking,smoke, and pet smells from the air. It alsotraps lint, hair, and other large particles tohelp extend the life and performance of thePermaLife ® filter.• Ionizer: The ionizer improves the quality ofair in the room by releasing negative ionsinto the air that attract positively chargeddust, smoke, and pollen particles.• Filter Calendar: Filter maintenance is criticalto the performance of the air purifier. To helpyou determine when to change the pre-filterand clean the PermaLife ® filter, the unit hasa built in Filter Calendar Dial that keepstrack of the life remaining on each filter.• Microban: The filter on this unit is treatedwith Microban Antimicrobial technologywhich inhibits the growth of bacteria moldand mildew that can cause odors andadversely affect filter performance.©2010 Hunter Fan Co. 244094-01 20101410

Safety InstructionsSave These Important Instructions1. This Air Purifier is designed for use ona flat, level surface and may not workproperly on an uneven surface. ALWAYSplace this Air Purifier on a firm, levelsurface. ALWAYS place the Air Purifier atleast six (6) inches away from walls andthree (3) Ft. from heat sources such asstoves, radiators, or heaters.2. Place the Air Purifier in an area that is outof the reach of children.3. Before using the Air Purifier, extend thecord and inspect for any signs of damage.DO NOT use the product if the cord hasbeen damaged.4. To reduce the risk of electric shock, thisproduct has a polarized plug (one blade iswider than the other) as a safety feature.This plug will fit into a polarized outlet onlyone way. If the plug does not fit fully intothe outlet, reverse the plug. If it still doesnot fit, contact a qualified electrician. DONOT attempt to defeat or override thissafety feature.5. ALWAYS UNPLUG the Air Purifier when itis not in operation, while the filter is beingchanged, and while it is being cleaned.6. DO NOT tilt or move the Air Purifier while itis in operation. Shut off and unplug beforemoving.7. DO NOT immerse the Air Purifier in wateras permanent damage will occur. Refer toand follow the CLEANING AND FILTERREPLACEMENT instructions.8. DO NOT run the ionizer if tobacco smoke,air fresheners, dripless wax candles, orgrease from cooking is present.Using Your Air Purifier1. Take the air purifier out of the box andremove the clear plastic protective bag andplace the unit on a firm level surface.2. Before turning on the air purifier, youneed to confirm that the filters are firmly inplace and have not become loose duringshipping. To check the filters, open the frontgrill by grabbing the handle with the HunterLogo and gently pull forward, then lift thedoor from the unit.Figure 1.3. The carbon pre-filter is mounted inside thefront of the unit with hook tape. Confirmthat it properly covers the grill vents. Youmay notice a few black particles coming offthe pre-filter. Those particles are part of theodor-removing activated carbon and will becollected on the filter during use.4. The Permalife ® filter will be resting insidethe unit. If present, remove the plastic bagsurrounding the filter and place the filterback into the Air Purifier. The filter shouldhave arrows on the side to indicate air flowand the direction the filter should be placedback into the unit.©2010 Hunter Fan Co. 344094-01 20101410

3. The PermaLife ® filter should be removedevery 6 months of use and cleaned. Toclean use a vacuum cleaner and upholsterybrush attachment, gently run the upholsterybrush over the cleanable filter until allparticles are removed from the filter. Anarrow indicating which side to clean ispresent on the top of the filter.Technical SupportIf you have any additional questions orproblems with your Hunter Air Purifier, pleasecall:USA: 1-888-830-1326Canada: 1-866-268-1936Note: Filter discoloration is normal and will notbe removed by vacuuming. Do not attempt towash the filter as damage to the Filter or AirPurifier may occur.TroubleshootingProblem:Unit has reduced air flow orincreased noise.Solution:The filter may be clogged and needsto be cleaned. (page 5)Problem:No Operation.Solution:Confirm that the unit is plugged in.Filter OrderingYour PermaLife ® filter should neverneed to be replaced. Follow the cleaninginstructions in this manual for care.Depending on usage and the environment,your Carbon Pre-Filter should be replacedevery three months.Replacement filters are available at mostretailers that carry Hunter Air Purifiers. Youmay also purchase directly from Hunter FanCompany by:Phone: 1-800-313-3326Website: www.hunterfan.com* Applicable state and local taxes may apply.* Prices are subject to change withoutnotice.* All orders will be shipped USPS or UPSGround, allow 12-15 working days fordelivery.Filter#Type30901 Pre-FilterHours of operation are from 7:00 am to 7:00pm Monday - Friday and 8:00 am to 5:00pm on Saturday, Central Time. You may alsocontact us over the Internet at www.hunterfan.com.WarrantyHunter Fan CompanyPermalife ® Air PurificationSystem5 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTYThe Hunter Fan Company makes thefollowing limited warranty to the originalresidential user or consumer purchaser of thePermaLife ® Air Purification System:If any part of your PermaLife ® Air PurificationSystem (“Air Purifier”) motor fails during thefirst five (5) years from the date of installationdue to a defect in material or workmanship,we will provide a replacement Air Purifier freeof charge. Installation is deemed to occur atthe date of purchase.If the Air Purifier cord, ionizer, or front grill failsany time within one (1) year after installationdue to a defect in material or workmanship,we will replace or, at our option, repair the unitfree of charge at our nearest service centeror at our Service Department in Memphis,Tennessee. You will be responsible for allparts and labor costs after this one-yearperiod.IF THE ORIGINAL RESIDENTIAL USER ORCONSUMER PURCHASER CEASES TOOWN THE AIR PURIFIER, THIS WARRANTYAND ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY WHICHTHEN REMAINS IN EFFECT, INCLUDINGBUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIEDWARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITYOR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULARPURPOSE, ARE VOIDED. NO WARRANTY,EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY©2010 Hunter Fan Co. 644094-01 20101410

WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY ORFITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE,IS MADE IN RESPECT TO THE FILTERMATERIAL OR CARBON FILTER. THISWARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHEREXPRESS WARRANTIES. THE DURATIONOF ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY, INCLUDINGBUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIEDWARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY ORFITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE,IN RESPECT TO THE MOTOR ISEXPRESSLY LIMITED TO THE PERIOD OFTHE EXPRESS WARRANTY SET FORTHABOVE.This warranty is voided if the air purifier is notpurchased and used in the USA or Canada.This warranty excludes and does not coverdefects, malfunctions or failures of theAir Purifier which were caused by repairsby persons not authorized by us, use ofparts or accessories not authorized by us,mishandling, modifications, or damage tothe Air Purifier while in your possession, orunreasonable use, including failure to providereasonable and necessary maintenance.This warranty does not cover Air Purifiersused in commercial applications. Thereare no express or implied warranties as tocommercial purchasers or users.OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES IN EXCESSOF THE PURCHASE PRICE OF THE AIRPURIFIER. YOUR SOLE REMEDY WILL BEREPAIR OR REPLACEMENT AS PROVIDEDABOVE. SOME AMERICAN STATES ANDCANADIAN PROVINCES DO NOT ALLOWLIMITATIONS ON HOW LONG AN IMPLIEDWARRANTY LASTS, SO THE ABOVELIMITATION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU.SOME AMERICAN STATES AND CANADIANPROVINCES DO NOT ALLOW THEEXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF DIRECT,INDIRECT SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL ORCONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, SO THEABOVE LIMITATION MAY NOT APPLY TOYOU. SOME AMERICAN STATES ANDCANADIAN PROVINCES DO NOT ALLOWTHE EXCLUSION OR INVALIDITY OFEXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES IFTHE USER CEASES TO OWN THE AIRPURIFIER, SO THE ABOVE LIMITATIONMAY NOT APPLY TO YOU.THIS WARRANTY GIVES YOU SPECIFICLEGAL RIGHTS, AND YOU MAY ALSOHAVE OTHER RIGHTS WHICH VARYFROM STATE TO STATE OR PROVINCE TOPROVINCE.To obtain service, contact the nearest Hunterauthorized service center or the HunterFan Company Service Department, 7130Goodlett Farms Pkwy, Suite 400, Memphis,Tennessee 38016, 1-888-830-1326. For thename of our nearest authorized Hunter FanCompany Service Center, write to the HunterFan Company at the preceding address. Youwill be responsible for insurance and freightor other transportation to our factory servicecenter. We will return the Air Purifier freightprepaid. The Air Purifier should be properlypackaged to avoid damage in transit since wewill not be responsible for any such damage.Proof of purchase is required when requestingwarranty service. The purchaser mustpresent sales receipt or other document thatestablishes proof of purchase.IN NO EVENT SHALL HUNTER FANCOMPANY BE LIABLE FOR DIRECT,INDIRECT, SPECIAL CONSEQUENTIAL©2010 Hunter Fan Co. 744094-01 20101410

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