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62 Series Servovalves - Hasmak.com.tr


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trong>62trong> SERIESTWO STAGE SERVOVALVEStrong>62trong> SERIES SERVOVALVESThe trong>62trong> trong>Seriestrong> flow controlservovalves are throttle valvesfor 3- and preferably 4-wayapplications.They are a standardperformance, two-stage designthat covers the range of ratedflows from 2.5 to 20 gpm at1000 psi valve drop.The outputstage is a closed center, fourwaysliding spool.The pilotstage is a symmetrical doublenozzleand flapper, driven bya double air gap, dry torquemotor. Mechanical feedback ofspool position is provided by acantilever spring.The valvedesign is simple and rugged fordependable, long life operation.These valves are suitable forelectrohydraulic position, speed,pressure or force controlsystems with high dynamicresponse requirements.Principle of operationAn electrical trong>comtrong>mand signal(flow rate set point) is appliedto the torque motor coils, andcreates a magnetic force whichacts on the ends of the pilotstage armature.This causes adeflection of the armature/flapper assembly within the flexuretube. Deflection of the flapperrestricts fluid flow through onenozzle which is carried throughto one spool end, displacingthe spool.Movement of the spool opensthe supply pressure port (P) toone control port, while simultaneouslyopening the tank port(T) to the other control port.The spool motion also appliesa force to the cantilever spring,creating a restoring torque onthe armature/flapper assembly.Once the restoring torquebetrong>comtrong>es equal to the torquefrom the magnetic forces, thearmature/flapper assemblymoves back to the neutralposition, and the spool is heldopen in a state of equilibriumuntil the trong>comtrong>mand signalchanges to a new level.In summary, the spool positionis proportional to the inputcurrent and with constantpressure drop across the valve,flow to the load is proportionalto the spool position.VALVE FEATURES➣ 2-stage design with dry torque motor➣ Low friction double nozzle pilot stage➣ High spool control forces➣ High dynamics➣ Low cost design➣ Rugged, long-life design➣ High resolution, low hysteresis➣ Completely set-up at the factoryThe actual flow is dependentupon electrical trong>comtrong>mand signaland valve pressure drop.Theflow for a given valve pressuredrop can be calculated usingthe square root function forsharp edge orifices:Q = Q N∆p∆pNQ [gpm] = calculated flowQN [gpm] = rated flow∆p [psi] = actual valvepressure drop∆pN [psi] = rated valvepressure dropThis catalog is for users with technicalknowledge.To ensure that all necessarycharacteristics for function and safetyof the system are given, the user hasto check the suitability of theproducts described here. In caseof doubt, please contact Moog Inc.2

trong>62trong> SERIESGENERAL TECHNICAL DATAOperating Pressureports P,A and Bup to 3,000 psiport Tup to 2,000 psiTemperature RangeFluid 0°F to 200°FAmbient 0°F to 200°FSeal MaterialViton, others on requestOperating FluidCompatible with trong>comtrong>monhydraulic fluids, other fluidson request.Retrong>comtrong>mended viscosity 60-450 SUS @ 100°FSystem Filtration: High pressure filter (without bypass,but with dirt alarm) mounted in the main flow and if possible,directly upstream of the valve.Class of Cleanliness: The cleanliness of the hydraulic fluidgreatly effects the performance (spool positioning, high resolution)and wear (metering edges, pressure gain, leakage) of the servovalve.Retrong>comtrong>mended Cleanliness ClassFor normal operation ISO 4406 < 14/11For longer life ISO 4406 < 13/10Filter Rating Retrong>comtrong>mendedFor normal operation ß10 ≥ 75 (10 µm absolute)For longer lifeß5 ≥ 75 (5 µm absolute)Installation Operations Any position, fixed or moveable.Vibration30 g, 3 axesWeightShipping Plate2.7 lb. (1.2 kg)Delivered with an oil sealedshipping plate.Flow Rate Q (gpm) gpm15.0 gpm10.0 gpm5.0 gpm2.5 gpm200 500 1000 2000 3000Valve Pressure Drop ∆p (psi)Valve Flow DiagramValve flow for maximum valve opening (100% trong>comtrong>mandsignal) as a function of the valve pressure drop.P A T B3

trong>62trong> SERIESTECHNICAL DATAModel . . .Type trong>62trong> .....Mounting Pattern ISO 10372 - 04 - 04 - 0 -92Valve Body Version4-way2-stage with spool bushing designPilot StageNozzle/Flapper, High flowPilot ConnectionInternal onlyRated Flow (±10%) at ∆pN = 1,000 psi [gpm] 2.5 5.0 10.0 15.0 20.0Response Time* [ms] 60 60 60 60 60Threshold* [%] < 1%Hysteresis* [%] < 5%Null Shift at ∆T = 100°F [%] < 5%Null Leakage Flow* max. [gpm] 0.35 to 0.55* Measured at 1,000 psi operating pressureTypical characteristiccurves with ±5% to ±100%input signal, measured at1,000 psi operating pressure.Frequency ResponseAmplitude Ratio (dB)+20-2-4-6-8-10-1211000 psi (70 Bar)DTE-24 at 100°F (38°C)±5% to ±100% amplitude100806040202 3 4 5 7 10 20030 40Frequency (Hz)Phase Lag (degrees)Step Response100Stroke (% of max)80604020001000 psi SupplyDTE-24 at 100°F (38°C)100%75%50%25%15 30 45 60Time (msec)4

trong>62trong> SERIESINSTALLATION DRAWINGS1.64 MAX[41.7]1.64 MAX[41.7].875[22.23]1.750[44.45]RP.328 [8.33] DIA THRUCBORE .531 [13.49] DIA TODEPTH SHOWN (.450 REF).008 M4 MOUNTING HOLES1.03[26.2]1.281[32.54]2.5trong>62trong>[65.07]PIN DREMOVE COVERSCREW FOR ACCESS TOEXTERNAL NULL ADJUST(.125 HEX SOCKET)PIN AELECTRICALCONNECTOR2.39[60.7]2.32[58.9]1.86[47.2]PIN CPIN B4.21 MAX[106.9].465[11.81]2.81[71.4].450[11.43].09 DIA[2.3].09[2.3]LOCATING PIN2.47 MAX[trong>62trong>.7]2.47 MAX[trong>62trong>.7]TYPICAL SUBPLATE MANIFOLD3.88RETURN PORT T.344 DIA THRUCBORE .515 DIA x .63 DP.014 M4 MOUNTING HOLES1.941.281(32.5)2.5trong>62trong>.875(65).437.4371.750(44.4).3125-18 UNC-2B THD.007 M.875(22.2) 4 VALVE MTG HOLES.875.312 DIA.014 M4 PLACESCONTROL PORT A1.500.5003.0001.004 PL1Null Adjust: Flow out of ControlPort B will increase with clockwiserotation of null adjust screw(1/8 hex key).The mounting manifoldmust conform toISO 10372-04-04-0-92Surface to which valve ismounted requires a√ 32 [∆∆]finish, flat within 0.002 [0.05] TIR.CONTROL PORT BPRESSURE PORT P1.750 .3903.500VALVE MOUNTS ON THISMANIFOLD SURFACE.136 DIA X .20 DEEP.015 M PORT PER SAE J19261.0trong>62trong>5-12 UN-2BDASH 12 STR THD O-RINGBOSS (.75 TUBE OD REF)324 PLACES.0022.00P2.114.225

trong>62trong> SERIESELECTRICAL CONNECTIONSRated current andcoil resistanceTwo different coil designsare available for trong>62trong> trong>Seriestrong>trong>Servovalvestrong>. See Table 1.Coil connectionsA four-pin electricalconnector (that mateswith an MS3106R14S-2S)is standard. All four torquemotor leads are availableat the connector so externalconnections can be made forseries, parallel or differentialoperation.ServoamplifierThe servovalve respondsto input current, thereforea servoamplifier that hashigh internal impedance(as obtained with currentfeedback) should be used.This will reduce the effectsof coil inductance and willminimize changes due tocoil resistance variations.ELECTRICALCONNECTIONS(Example with typical trong>62trong> series coils)Parallel trong>Seriestrong> SingleA B C D A B C D A B C DCoil Resistance [Ω] 14 56 28Rated Current [mA] ±100 ±50 ±100Electrical Power [W] .14 .14 .28Connections for Valve Opening A and C (+) A (+), D (-) A (+), B (-)P ➧ B,A ➧T B and D (-) B and C connected or C (+), D (-)Note: Before applying electrical signals, the pilot stage has to be pressured.TABLE 1NominalResistancePer Coil at77ºF (25ºC) ΩRetrong>comtrong>mended Rated Current–mAApproximate Coil Inductance*–HenrysParallel,Differential or SingleCoil Operationtrong>Seriestrong> Coils Single Coils trong>Seriestrong> Coils Parallel Coils28 100 50 0.2 0.8 0.2300 30 15 2 7 2* Measured at 50 Hz.6

trong>62trong> SERIESORDERING INFORMATIONSPARE PARTS AND ACCESSORIESModel Numbertrong>62trong>Type Designation• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •Optional Featuretrong>Seriestrong> specificationK Intrinsically safeModel DesignationAssigned at the factoryFactory Identification (Revision Level)Value VersionS Standard responseRated FlowQ N [gpm] at ∆p N = 1,000 psi10 2.520 5.040 10.060 15.075 20.0Maximum Operating Pressure Pp and Body MaterialF 3,000 psi aluminumSignals for 100% Spool StrokeQ ±15 mA trong>Seriestrong> (±30 mA parallel)R ±50 mA trong>Seriestrong> (±100 mA parallel)Y Special signal (see spec sheet)*Valve ConnectorA Connector C1 (A) – side (RH)B Connector C2 (B) – side (LH)Seal MaterialV VitonN NBR (Buna)Others on request*Pilot Connection and PressurePressure [psi]SupplyA 250 to 3,000 internalSpool Position without Electrical SignalM Mid positionPilot StageF Standard dynamicsMain Spool TypeO 4-way / axis cut / linearD 4-way / +/-10% overlap / linearX Special*Preferred configurations highlighted.All trong>comtrong>binations may not be available.Options may increase price and delivery.Technical changes are reserved.* Optional designs are available with intrinsically safe coils (FM approved),and/or special spool bushing lap configuration.Available seal materials:VITON (Std.), BUNA or EPR.SPARE PARTS AND ACCESSORIESO-Rings (included in delivery) FPM 85 Shore Moog P/Nfor P,T,A and B 1D 0.426 x .070 42082-022Mating Connector, waterproof IP 65 (not included in delivery)49054F14S2S (MS3106F14S-2S)Flushing Block 23718-1K1Mounting Bolts (not included in delivery)5/16 - 18 NC x 1.0 long (4 pieces) A31324-216BOrifice Assembly with Filter (2 required) 70714Filter Replacement KitB52555RK36K17

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