Introductions: Presentation

Introductions: Presentation

Training Course on Communicating HIV/AIDSResearch to PolicymakersPort Moresby, Papua New GuineaOctober 2011

Introductions: Individuals and groupsLecture on communication theoriesBackground reading in groupsEach group presents key findings fromtheir background readingEach group describes policy audience fortheir key findingsEvening: Read notes on how to write anews release

Lecture on how to reach policymakersthrough the mediaLecture on how to write a news releaseGroups write news releasesLecture on how to answer questions frompolicymakers and the mediaGroups practice being interviewed by ajournalistEvening: Read notes on how to write afactsheet and prepare a policy presentation

Lecture on how to write a factsheetLecture on how to prepare a policypresentationSection one of each group writes a factsheetSection two of each group begins preparinga PowerPoint presentationEvening: Prepare policy presentations

Lecture on how to deliver a policypresentationGroups complete factsheets andpresentations and practice deliveryIntroduction of workshop to policy audienceGroups give presentations to policyaudienceEvening: Relax after a job well done

1. Strengthen networking betweenresearchers and policymakers2. Improve the repackaging and deliveryof research results3. Choose the right channels and formats4. Make effective use of the media5. Evaluate policy communicationsrigorously

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