Chapter 18 - Zodiac

Chapter 18 - Zodiac

Chapter 18Long boy 21” front fenderOur chrome aluminum license plateframes are availablein almost everyEuropean sizeand can befitted on therear fender or,with the optionalside mountbracket, on the rearwheel axleFront fenders, rear fenders, fender struts andeverything that goes on a fender. Zodiac offers a verywide selection of fenders in mild steel, aluminum andfiberglass. From stock replacement to extreme widefor your Custom project, Zodiac has them all. Here youwill find brand names such as Sumax, Metapol, RolandSands Design, Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation and CruiseSpeed. For those who want to create their ownindividual design we even have untrimmed fendersavailable. The widest rear fenders we have nowmeasure an incredible 14 1/4” wide, wide enough for350 series tires. To make life a little easier forcustomizers we have also added Roland Sands Design“Vintage” rear fender kits for Softail and variousmodels of front fender spacer blocks. V-Rod ownerscan easily change their bike into a spectacular designwith our RBS Phantom covers.Zodiac’s chrome front fender spacers areavailable in ball milled and smooth inthicknesses ranging from 1” to 1 1/2”Chrome rear fender extensionfor 1999 thru 2008 FLHRC,FLHRS and FLTR modelsaccommodates the Tri-Bar LEDrunning/brake light kit(seperately available)Zodiac’s Mustang style steel front fender is suitablefor 18”, 19” and 21” wheels and has a design that isinspired by Vintage American cars and motorcycles

Front FendersCUSTOM NARROW FRONTFENDER FOR FX/FXR/XLCustom narrow front fender fits all FX, FXRand XL 1973 up front forks with either 35 or39 mm fork tubes. Available in RAW andshow-chrome finish. For use with 18", 19"or 21" rims(OEM 59031-83).090088 Front fender, RAW finish090092 Front fender, show-chromefinishMUSTANG RIBBED FRONTFENDERThis Mustang style steel front fender has adesign that is inspired by Vintage Americancars and motorcycles. Features a classic styleridge from front to rear. Comes with themounting bracket to fit Wide Glide or NarrowGlide front forks with 18", 19" or 21"wheels. Matching design custom style gastanks can be found in Chapter 19.090486 Mustang front fender WideGlide090586 Mustang front fender NarrowGlideCUSTOM SKIRTED FRONTFENDER WITH FLIPBased on the early K model front fender,Zodiac updated this timeless classic fenderto fit all 35 mm and 39 mm front forks 1973up.090126 Custom Skirted Front FenderFenders18FRONT FENDER FOR HARLEYNARROW GLIDEStock replacement front fender for FX-FXR-XL, fits 1973 and later.The unpainted fendercomes complete with chrome brackets andnecessary rivets (OEM 59007-73A &59111-74).091001 Front feder for Narrow GlideSHORT FRONT FENDER FOR FXAND XLCustom front fender for Narrow Glide FX,FXRand Sportster models from 1973 to presentwith either 35 or 39 mm forks, bolts to theoriginal mounting.The front tip has been cutback for a trim look. Comes complete withbrackets. Show-chrome finish.091011 Short chrome front fender forNarrow GlideFRONT FENDERS FOR SOFTAIL"DEUCE"Stock replacement front fenders for 2000 topresent Softail "Deuce" models. Fenders aremade from mild steel and come unpainted inyour choice of chrome plated or raw fenderbracket. Can also be used for customapplication on bikes with a 21" front wheelbut note that Deuce forks, contrary to mostHarley models, have the fender mountingholes in-line with the forks.090343 With chrome bracket(OEM 59876-00)090344 With raw bracket(OEM 59876-00)NARROW FRONT FENDERCustom FXWG style narrow front fender. FitsFL front ends 1949 thru 1984 available inboth RAW steel and show-chrome finish.090059 Front fender RAW090056 Front fender show-chromedNARROW FRONT FENDER FORWIDE GLIDE AND SOFTAILMODELSCustom style replacement fenders fit FXWG,FXST and FXSTC 1980 to present. Availablein both RAW and show-chromed finish(OEM 59924-80).090150 Custom Fender RAW090154 Custom Fender chromeFRONT FENDER FOR FL MODELSPerfect reproduction of 1954 to 1984 4 Speeddresser front fender. Fender is structuralreinforced, also fits FLT and FLHT modelswhen trim holes are drilled Raw finish(OEM 59000-58G).090014 Front Fender for FL Models18-002

Front FendersFenders18LONG SKIRTED "GROUND-POUNDER" FRONT FENDERSuper sleek looking heavy gauge steel,6 3/8"(170 mm) wide front fender. Ideal for theCustomizer as it comes undrilled to allow youto set it up the way you like it. Matchingdesign Ground-Pounder rear fenders can befound in the rear fender section.090303 Long skirt Ground PounderfenderSUMAX LOBOY FRONT FENDERFOR WIDE GLIDEThis is the hottest Sumax fender for years, itlooks so good and it actually works. Thisfender is made out of composites for lightweight and great strength. It is smooth andwrinkle free.This fender will fit all FXWG,FXSTand FLST models with 16" wheels. Alsousable for many custom applications.238435 Loboy front fender for 16"wheelsFRONT FENDERS FOR 21"WHEELSMade from 1.5 mm raw steel. Fender isdesigned for custom applications (nomounting holes are drilled) allowing you toset it up the way you like it. Fenders are110 mm (4 1/2") wide.Two styles available.A. 090501 Outlaw raw steel frontfender for 21" wheelsB. 090502 Gunfire raw steel frontfender for 21" wheelsROUND SKIRTED "GROUND-POUNDER" FRONT FENDERSuper sleek looking heavy gauge steel,6 3/8"(170 mm) wide front fender with short andround skirt. Ideal for the Customizer as itcomes undrilled to allow you to set it up theway you like it. Matching design Ground-Pounder rear fenders can be found in the rearfender section.090304 Round Skirt Ground PounderfenderNESS BIG-WHEELER FRONTFENDER• Great styling for the front of 1987 topresent FLT models• A must when using a 21x3.50 front wheel• Fiberglass fender available in plain finish orin gloss black paintA06764 plain finishA06765 Gloss blackNESS FIBERGLASS LEGACYFRONT FENDER• Stretched front fender design looks greatwith most factory rear fenders• Un-drilled, allows fender to be used onalmost any custom application• 6 1/2" wide design to fit Wide Glide frontends using a 16", 17" or 18" wheelsA06072 6 1/2" wide for use in WideGlide forks with 16", 17" or18" wheels18-004

Front FendersNESS FRONT-DRAGGERFIBERGLASS FRONT FENDERS• Perfect match with the rear Tail-Draggerfender• Narrow Front-Dragger fender intended for19" and 21" front wheels• 6 1/4" and 6 3/4" wide fender are intendedfor use with 16", 17" or 18" front wheels• FLST applications use 6 1/4" wide fenders,all others use 6 3/4"• Constructed from fiberglassNote:All fiberglass fenders may vary 1/4" inwidthA06187 6 3/4" Narrow Front-DraggerA06181 6 1/4" Front-Dragger for FLSTA06199 6 3/4" Front-Dragger for WideGlideARLEN NESS FRONT FENDERS• Sport fenders designed for a performancelook• Café fender offers classic Ness styling andintended for use on Narrow Glides with 19"or 21" front wheel• Un-drilled for custom applications• Constructed from heavy ABS plasticA06015 Café front fender, 4 3/4" widefor Narrow Glide forksNESS STEEL DRAGGER FENDERS• Ness' most popular design• Flawless finish requires zero to minimalbody work• Un-drilled for custom applications• Fenders are made in the U.S.A. from 18gauge steel with rolled edges for strengthFront fendersA06776 4 3/4" wide Front Dragger for19" and 21" wheelsA06775 6 1/4" wide Front Dragger for16" or 18" wheelsNESS BAGGER FENDER FOR 23"FRONT WHEELS• This fender wraps your 23" wheel to looklarger than life• Direct bolt-on design for 1987-up FLTmodels when using a 23"x3.50" frontwheel. No fender spacers required• Fiberglass constructionA06745 Wrapper front fenderA06027 Sport front fender, 6 1/4" widefor Wide Glide forksARLEN NESS 23" FRONT FENDERThis 16 gauge steel fender allows for a 23"x3.50" wheel to be installed on FXST Softailmodels. It is a direct bolt-on, does not requirespacers or drilling.A06773 Arlen Ness 23" FXST frontfenderRear fendersA06770 7 1/4" wide Tail Dragger formost stock Harley applicationsA06772 9" wide Tail Dragger for180/200 wide rear tireA07819 11" wide Tail Dragger for240/250 wide rear tireSUMAX STREET-SWEEPER FRONTFENDERWill match perfectly with the Street-Sweeperrear fender. Made from strong compositeglass, light and smooth flowing lines arewords to describe this fender. Ready to takeprimer and paint.238597 Fits Wide Glide front endsFenders1818-005

Front FendersZODIAC'S CUSTOM FRONTFENDERS BY CRUISESPEEDCruisespeed fenders are the Ultimate in Styleand perfection and are exclusively distributedby Zodiac. Cruisespeed's one-piece designfenders are made by craftsmen using 3 mmthick aluminum or 1.5 mm and 2 mm thickmild steel.They are smoother and have morebeautiful flowing lines than any other fendersavailable today. No compromise was madewhen manufacturing these fenders.The steelfenders come with a Phosphate etched finishto help prevent corrosion and to give a goodbase for primers to adhere. The Cruisespeedfender range is available as "Smooth" or"Ridge Line", in a wide variety of styles andsizes. Matching design rear fenders are alsoavailable. For those that want to create theirown individual design we have the "Custom"style,which is supplied untrimmed.All fenderscome un-drilled for custom applications.When it comes to design and quality,Cruisespeed fenders are a class above, whenit comes to economical pricing Cruisespeedwill wipe out all other brands.Smooth Custom Shorty for 16" thru 19"wheels4 3/4" 6 1/4"950105 950106 SteelSmooth Nomad for 16" thru 19" wheels4 3/4" 6 1/4"950107 950108 SteelSmooth Mako for 16" thru 19" wheels4 3/4" 6 1/4"950115 950116 SteelSmooth Spur for 16" thru 19" wheels4 3/4" 6 1/4"950117 950118 SteelReference:• Narrow Glide front ends take up to 5"(127 mm) wide fenders.• Mid Glide front ends take up to 6"(152 mm) wide fenders• Wide Glide front ends take up to 7"(178 mm) wide fenders• 4 3/4" wide fender takes up to 110 widetire• 5 1/2" wide fender takes up to 130 widetire• 6 1/4" wide fender takes up to 150 widetireSmooth Spartan for 16" thru 19" wheels4 3/4" 6 1/4"950109 950110 SteelShort for 21" wheels4 1/4"960398 SteelFendersOptional fender spacers to fit narrow fendersin Mid- and Wide Glide front ends are soldseparately and can be found elsewhere in thischapter. Recommended wheel sizes are givenfor most fenders as a "best fit" indication.Always check fender fitment before painting.Smooth Cafe for 16" thru 19" wheels4 3/4" 6 1/4"950111 950112 SteelCustom for 21" wheels4 1/4"960401 Steel18Smooth Savage for 16" thru 19" wheels4 3/4" 6 1/4"950113 950114 SteelLong Boy for 21" wheels4 1/4"960402 Steel18-007

Front FendersSaracen for 21" wheels4 1/4" 5 1/2"960403 960415 SteelSmooth Untrimmed for 18" and 19" wheels4 3/4"950119 SteelSmooth Ducktail for 21" wheels5 1/2"960412 SteelStretched for 21" wheels4 1/4" for Wide Glide960405 SteelSmooth Liberator for 18" and 19" wheels4 3/4"950120 SteelRidge Line Custom Shorty for 16" thru 19"wheels4 3/4" 6 1/4"950138 950139 SteelFendersSmooth Twenty-One Shorty for 21" wheels4 3/4" 5 1/2"960400 960397 SteelRidge Line Nomad for 16" thru 19" wheels4 3/4" 6 1/4"950140 950141 Steel18Smooth Rebel for 18" and 19" wheels4 3/4"950121 SteelUntrimmed Twenty-One for 21" wheels4 3/4" 5 1/2"960409 960413 SteelRidge Line Spartan for 16" thru 19" wheels4 3/4" 6 1/4"950142 950143 SteelSmooth Drifter for 18" and 19" wheels4 3/4"950122 SteelSmooth Twenty-One Longhorn for 21"wheels4 3/4" 5 1/2"960410 960414 SteelRidge Line Cafe for 16" thru 19" wheels4 3/4" 6 1/4"950144 950145 Steel18-008

Front FendersRidge Line Mako for 16" thru 19" wheels6 1/4"950149 SteelRidge Line Savage for 16" thru 19" wheels4 3/4" 6 1/4"950146 950147 SteelRidge Line Liberator for 18" and 19" wheels4 3/4"950153 SteelZODIAC EXCLUSIVE COMPOSITEFRONT FENDERSThis long style front fender for 21" wheelsprovides over 180 degrees of coverage. Buildexclusively for Zodiac by Metapol fromfiberglass composite in a precision builtmould. Designed to fit front forks with 7 3/8"(187 mm) between the front forks.722215 21" front fenderRidge Line Spur for 16" thru 19" wheels4 3/4" 6 1/4"950150 950151 SteelRidge Line Rebel for 18" and 19" wheels4 3/4"950154 SteelFendersRidge Line Custom Longhorn for 18" and 19"wheels4 3/4"950152 SteelRidge Line Drifter for 18" and 19" wheels4 3/4"950155 SteelSLEEK LOOK FIBERGLASS FRONTFENDERThis fiberglass fender is designed for use onWide Glide front ends with 16", 17" or 18"front wheels. Exclusively made for Zodiac byMetapol in "precision made" moulds.Fenders come in black gel-coat finish and arenot drilled to allow you setting it up the wayyou like it.722307 Sleek look front fender1818-009

Rear FendersZODIAC'S BAD ASS TAPERING REAR FENDER BYCRUISESPEEDThe ultimate steel strutless fender when converting your Softail to awide rear tire. This fender will make the back end of your motorcyclelook even bigger.Available in two models, one 9" wide for use with upto 200 tires the other 11" wide for use with up to 250 tires. Like allother Cruisespeed fenders they are a one piece design made withoutcompromise by craftsman. Fits all stock Softail and aftermarket frames.Some aftermarket frames have a slightly narrower rear section.To makethese fenders fit the narrower frames we include 2 x 3/8" thick spacers.Fenders come with a Phosphate etched finish to help prevent corrosionand to give a good base for primers to adhere.ZODIAC'S HARDTAIL REAR FENDERS BYCRUISESPEEDCruisespeed's steel rear fender fits tight over the rear wheels in hardtailframes. No unnecessary space between rear tire and fender.Availablein 9", 11", 12 1/2", 13 1/2", and even 14 1/4" wide. Fenders come ina Phosphate etched finish to help prevent corrosion and to give a goodbase for primers to adhere.They come un-drilled for easy set up in theway you like. The trimmed version comes with a chain notch; theuntrimmed version can be cut to your personal design.960240 Bad Ass strutless 9" tapering rear fender including 3/8"spacers960242 Bad Ass strutless 11" tapering rear fender including 3/8"spacersFenders18SENTRY REAR FENDER & STRUTS COMBO KITGreat looking Cruisespeed rear fenders.These strutless "Sentry" stylerear fenders have tapering struts for a slimmer look. Fits all stock Softailand aftermarket frames. Some aftermarket frames have a slightlynarrower rear section. To make these fenders fit the narrower frameswe include 2 x 3/8" thick spacers. Fenders come with a Phosphateetched finish to help prevent corrosion and to give a good base forprimers to adhere.Available in 8 1/2", 9" and 11" widths.960255 8.50" wide960256 9.00" wide960258 11.00" wideTrimmed Hardtail Rear fenders960420 9" wide960421 11" wide960424 12 1/2" wide960451 13 1/2" wide960450 13 1/2" wide, without chain cutout960454 14 1/4" wide, without chain cutout18-010Untrimmed Hardtail Rear fenders960419 9" wide960422 11" wide960423 12 1/2" wide960449 13 1/2" wide960453 14 1/4" wide

Rear FendersZODIAC'S CUSTOM REAR FENDERS BY CRUISESPEEDCruisespeed's fenders are the Ultimate in Style and perfection and areexclusively distributed by Zodiac. Cruisespeed's one-piece designfenders are made by craftsman using either 3 mm thick aluminum or2 mm thick mild steel. They are smoother and have more beautifulflowing lines than any other fenders available today. No compromisewas made when manufacturing these fenders.The steel fenders comewith a Phosphate etched finish to help prevent corrosion and to givea good base for primers to adhere. The Cruisespeed fender range isavailable as "Smooth" or "Ridge Line", in a wide variety of styles andsizes. Matching design front fenders are also available. For those thatwant to create their own individual design we have the "Custom" style,which is supplied un-trimmed.All fenders come un-drilled for customapplications.When it comes to design and quality Cruisespeed's fendersare a class above, when it comes to economical pricing Cruisespeed willwipe out all other brands.7 1/4" 8 1/2" 9" 10 1/4" 11"960016 960017 960018 960046 960020 Steel7 1/4" 8 1/2" 9" 10 1/4" 11"960021 960022 960023 960047 960025 Steel7 1/4" 8 1/2" 9" 10 1/4" 11"960001 960002 960003 960432 960005 Steel7 1/4" 8 1/2" 9" 10 1/4" 11"960026 960027 960028 960048 960030 SteelFenders187 1/4" 8 1/2" 9" 10 1/4" 11"960006 960007 960008 960044 960010 Steel7 1/4" 8 1/2" 9" 10 1/4" 11"960031 960032 960033 - 960035 Steel7 1/4" 8 1/2" 9" 10 1/4" 11"960011 960012 960013 960045 960015 Steel18-011

Rear Fenders7 1/4" 8 1/2" 9" 10 1/4" 11"960036 960037 960038 960049 960040 Steel7 1/4" 8 1/2" 9" 10 1/4" 11"960171 960172 960173 - 960175 Steel7 1/4" 8 1/2" 9" 10 1/4" 11"960151 960152 960153 - 960155 Steel7 1/4" 8 1/2" 9" 10 1/4" 11"960176 960177 960178 - 960180 SteelFenders7 1/4" 8 1/2" 9" 10 1/4" 11"960156 960157 960158 - 960160 Steel7 1/4" 8 1/2" 9" 10 1/4" 11"960181 960182 960183 - 960185 Steel187 1/4" 8 1/2" 9" 10 1/4" 11"960161 960162 960163 - 960165 Steel7 1/4" 8 1/2" 9" 10 1/4" 11"960186 960187 960188 - 960190 Steel7 1/4" 8 1/2" 9" 10 1/4" 11"960166 960167 960168 - 960170 Steel18-012

Rear FendersCRUISESPEED HARDTAIL REAR FENDERS FOR RIGHTSIDE DRIVESNo unnecessary space between rear tire and fender, as these steel rearfenders fit tight on rear wheels in hardtail frames.Available in 9", 11",12 1/2" and even 13 1/2" wide. Fenders have two internal steel wiretunnels to route your wiring. These tunnels also provide extra rigidityto the fender. Fenders are phosphate etched finished to prevent forcorroding and to give a good basis for primers to adhere to.They comeun-drilled for easy set up in the way you like it. These "RSD" fendershave the chain notch on the right side for use in conjunction with RightSide Drive transmissions.ZODIAC'S CRUISESPEED ROUND TOP REAR FENDERSThe Round Top fender is the ultimate rear fender when converting yourSoftail to a wide rear low section tire.These fenders follow the line ofthe low profile wide tires enhancing the appearance of your motorcycle.For those who want to create their own custom design we have an untrimmedfender available.The 9" wide version is for use with up to 200tires, the 11" wide one is for use with up to 250 tires, the 12 1/2"fender takes up to 300 tires, and the 13 1/2" wide fender will take thelatest 330 series rear tires.These fenders are a heavy gauge mild steel(2 mm thick) made in a one-piece design without compromise bycraftsman. Fits all stock Softail and aftermarket frames. Fenders comewith a Phosphate etched finish to help prevent corrosion and to givea good base for primers to adhere.Hardtail "RSD" Rear fenders960418 9" wide960427 11" wide960428 12 1/2" wide960452 13 1/2" wideUntrimmed Round Top rear fenders960429 9" wide960439 12 1/2" wide960444 13 1/2" wideFenders18CRUISESPEED STRUTLESS CLASSIC REAR FENDERAnother great looking Cruisespeed rear fender. Fits all stock Softailand aftermarket frames. Some aftermarket frames have a slightlynarrower rear section. To make these fenders fit the narrower frameswe include 2 x 3/8" thick spacers. Fenders come with a Phosphateetched finish to help prevent corrosion and to give a good base forprimers to adhere.Available in 8 1/2", 9" and 11" widths.960250 8.50" wide960251 9.00" wide960253 11.00" wideTrimmed Round Top rear fenders for lower profiletyres960430 9" wide960433 10 1/4" wide960435 11" wide960440 12 1/2" wide960445 13 1/2" wide18-013

Rear FendersZODIAC'S CRUSADER REAR FENDER BYCRUISESPEEDA 7 1/2" wide steel rear fender for custom fitment on Softails.Also fitsmany custom applications where a short fender is required. Fender hasa welded-in reinforcement and a phosphate etched finish. Comes undrilledto allow any custom fit just any way you like it.960041 Crusader rear fenderFAT BOB REAR FENDER FOR SOFTAIL MODELSExact duplicate of the original equipment one. Fender includes all thewire loom clips and necessary strut mounting holes just like stock.Thisfender for Softail models is perfect for crash repairs or converting thefull fenders on Heritage models. Fits FXST, FXSTC and FXSTS modelsfrom 1984 thru 1999 (OEM 5991486A).090208 Fatbob rear fender for Softails 84-upFenders18FAT BOB STYLE REAR FENDEROriginal Harley Fat Bob style rear fenders. Available in right and lefthand cut away. The left hand fender is also available in show-chromefinish. 38" long, 6 3/4" wide and 5 1/2" deep.090006 L/H rear fender RAW090007 R/H rear fender RAW090078 L/H rear fender show-chromedSTOCK REPLACEMENT FXST REAR FENDERA perfect copy from the rear fender as used on FXST, FXSTC, FXSTS andFXSTSB models from 1997 thru 1999. Comes in raw steel and is predrilledfor ease of installation (OEM 59753-97).090311 Raw Rear fender for FXSTFAT BOB REAR FENDER FOR FXWGPerfect duplicate of the Original Equipment fender. Stock replacementfor FXWG 1980 thru 1986.Accepts our stock style as well as our customtaillight brackets (ZPN 160133 & 160204) (OEM 5990480). Raw, oiledfinish.090021 Fender rear Fat Bob FXWGQUICKBOB REAR FENDER FOR FX MODELSCustom style "Quickbob" rear fender for the speedy conversion to thatFat Bob look. Fits stock FX (4 Speed) frame using the stock style fenderstruts (does not fit 1972 thru 1985 FXWG).090055 Fender Quickbob rear18-014

Rear FendersRIGID HINGED REAR FENDERReplacement rear fender for rigid frame BigTwins 1949 thru 1957. Includes braces.Taillight holes are not drilled to permit yourchoice of taillight. Has Raw finish(OEM 59612-41).090013 Fender rear, rigidFAT BOB REAR FENDER FORSPORTSTERSThese exclusive steel fenders are guaranteedto make your bike the talk of the town,especially when used in combination with ourFat Bob or Stretched tank (see tank section).Feature weld-in taillight bracket.Available for1982 thru 1993 and 1994 thru 2003Sportster models.090210 Fits 1982 thru 1993 Sportster090261 Fits 1994 thru 2003 SportsterSTOCK STYLE REAR FENDER FORSPORTSTERStock style raw steel rear fender, ideal forcrash repairs. Fender comes pre-drilled andcomplete with the wire retention brackets andthe internal fender bracket (OEM 59847-04).Fits all 2004 thru 2006 Sportster models.Alsofits 2007 to present XL Sportster modelswhen the cut-out for the ECM (ElectronicControl Module) is made.090407 XL rear fender (OEM 59847-04)FATSO EXTRA-WIDE STEEL FATBOB REAR FENDERExtra Fat up to 225 Wide rear tires. Thedifficult part was to get a wide enough fenderfor these monster tires. Zodiac offers an ExtraWide 9" (23 cm) version of the Fat Bob stylerear fender to accommodate for Big Wheelconversions with up to 225 wide tires. Thisextra wide fender is available with, in 1984thru 1999 Softail pattern, pre-drilled holesand a model without holes for custom madefender struts as well as many other Customapplications. Perfect for use with our WideTail softail frame.090280 9" Fat Bob rear fender, Softail090281 9" Fat Bob rear fender, plainBOBTAIL REAR FENDER FORSPORTSTERThe steel Bobtail rear fender adds a puremuscle-style custom attitude to the rear endof your XL. Comes pre-drilled for easyinstallation. Has no license plate bracketinstalled, we suggest to use our ZPN 160161adjustable taillight bracket. Fits 1998 thru2003 Sportster models.090087 Sportster Bobtail fender 1998thru 2003. (OEM 60025-01)FAT BOB FENDER AND TAILLIGHTKIT FOR FXR MODELSA three piece kit that includes Fat Bob fender,Fat Bob taillight and Deluxe taillight bracket.Features flush mount taillight positioning.Bolts easily to all stock fender struts. Fits allFXR models from 1982 thru 1994.090232 Fender kitFenders18RIGID REAR FENDER FOR HARLEY45 CIA perfect detailed reproduction of the earlyrigid rear fender for the 45 cubic inch models.Fender is complete with brackets and readyto bolt on to complete the restoration.090046 Rear fender 45 CI, rigid frame18-015

Rear FendersREAR FENDER FOR HARLEY BIGTWINS 1936 THRU 1948Perfectly shaped and detailed reproductionof the rigid rear fender used on the 1936 thru1948 Big Twins.Complete with brackets readyto bolt on (OEM 3711-39).090102 Rear fender Big TwinBOBBED REAR FENDER FOR FXMODELSCustom style Bobbed rear fender for all FXmodels 1971 thru 1985,without taillight holeso any Custom after market taillight can bemounted (OEM 59584-73A).090009 Bobbed rear fenderHINGED REAR FENDER FORHARLEY SOFTAIL MODELSHeritage-style rear fenders with hinges.Available in two models which fit theOEM fender struts of all Softail models from1986 thru 1999. One version is smoothwithout taillight mount permitting the use ofa variety of taillights, the other has the 1973up mount. Ideal for converting your FXST andFXSTC to the Heritage style.090194 Without taillight mount(OEM 59126-86)090215 With 1973 up taillight mountFenders18SIDECAR FENDERA very accurate reproduction of the OriginalEquipment sidecar fender used on Big Twinmodels from 1936 thru early 1967. Thebrackets and the fender are made from heavygaugesteel (OEM 87900-24A).090045 Side car rear fenderHINGED REAR FENDER FOR FXMODELSA narrower version of our hinged FL style rearfender, designed to bolt between the stockfender struts of all 4 Speed FX models 1973thru 1985. The hinged rear section allowseasy access to the rear wheel for servicing.Looks great with our skirted front fenders.Rear section is undrilled to take the taillightof your choice. No additional parts orhardware required.090098 Hinged rear fenderONE PIECE REAR FENDER FOR FLMODELSA perfect copy of 1980 thru 1984 one pieceoriginal equipment FL rear fender. Taillightsection is undrilled to accept any styletaillight. Fender strut mounting holes aredrilled for easy mounting. Can also be usedas replacement for the early style hinged rearfender as mounted on the early FL Swingarmframes (OEM 59601-79B and 59641-82A).090286 One piece rear fenderFL/FLH HINGED REAR FENDERTwo piece hinged rear fender for all 4 SpeedFL models 1958 thru 1984. Rear section isnot drilled to accept your choice of taillight.Will also fit FX models 1973 to present if FLstyle fender struts are used and can beadapted to FXWG models.Small dent must bemade in the front right lower corner to clearthe battery (OEM 59604-65A).090016 Hinged rear fender18-016

Rear FendersSTRUTLESS REAR FENDER FOR SOFTAILS AND COASTLINE HIGH-NECKCHOPPER FRAMES WITH 280 THRU 300 WIDE TIRESThese "Ton Pels" styled and Metapol manufactured Fat Rear Fenders have all the features thatnormally come with the quality Metapol fenders.They have built in struts and a wiring tunnel aswell as a build in EU approved Snake Eye taillight.Available for use with the Zodiac's "Ton PelsSignature" Coastline High-Neck chopper frame or Softails using our up-to 300 wide tireconversion. Build exclusively for Zodiac from fiberglass composite in a precision built mould.Metapol fenders have a gel-coat finish that makes a perfect base for any custom paint job. Fendercomes complete with the EU approved taillight.236268 For Ton Pels Signature "High Neck" frame722216 For use 280/300 wide tire conversion kit"BOBBED" 6 INCH WIDE FLATFENDERMade from thick gauge high quality steel, 6"wide, 42" long. Available in RAW steel andshow-chrome finish. Also available in ourlatest style with long sides.090068 Bobbed Flat fender RAW shortsides090076 Bobbed Flat fender showchromed short sides090069 Bobbed Flat fender RAW longsides090094 Bobbed Flat fender showchromed long sides.FAT BOB FENDER AND STRUTSFOR HARLEY FXRA complete newly designed Fat Bob rearfender for all FXR models 1982 thru 1986and FXRT 1986 thru 1992.This upswept stylefender in combination with our smooth,chrome steel fender struts, will not onlyimprove the looks and styling but alsoprovides an improved fender support over theoriginal equipment parts.090028 Fat Bob rear fender090164 Fender struts (includeshardware)BAGGER STYLE REAR FENDERSFOR TOURING AND SOFTAILMODELSThese rear fenders are manufactured inprecision moulds from fiberglass composite.They fill the gap between the bags and yourframe. For 1997 to present Touring modelsthe fiberglass rear fender lays directly overthe stock fender, without any modification.For 1996 to present Softail models you eitherhave to modify the stock rear fender or youhave to order the optional Softail Sub fenderseparately. Fenders come in a grey primergelcoat finish, ready for your painter'spreparation. Suitable components i.e. saddlebags and brackets are sold separately andcan be found elsewhere in this catalog.Fits FLH/FLT models 1997 topresentA. 751309 Bagger Style FenderFits Softail models 1986 thru 2006,except 2006 FXST, FXSTB, FXSTSand FLSTFSEC. 751310 Bagger Style FenderB. 751311 Bagger style Sub-FenderFenders18Note: These fender struts are not designedfor the OEM fender.18-021

Rear FendersNESS FIBERGLASS TAIL DRAGGERFENDERS• Available in three different widths• Trimmed style for both FXR and Softailmodels• Original style for rigid frames and othercustom applicationsNote: Fiberglass fenders may vary by 1/4" inwidthA06188 7" wide original, untrimmedTail Dragger fenderA06185 7" wide, trimmed Tail DraggerfenderA06180 8" wide, trimmed Tail DraggerfenderA06186 8 1/2" wide, trimmed TailDragger fenderSUMAX STREETSWEEPER REARFENDERSThese fenders will give your bike a real classylook. The composite glass makes this fenderlight in weight, yet 10 times stronger thanconventional fiberglass. Hi-Tech resins andwoven fabric keeps the side perfectly straight.No mounting holes are drilled, so you can fitthe fender just the way you want. Availablein stock 7 1/4" width, as well as 8 1/4".238594 Streetsweeper rear fender, 71/4" wide238595 Streetsweeper rear fender, 81/4" wideSUMAX LOBOY REAR FENDERThe smooth look is definitely "in".This Loboyrear fender is long, fat, and very smooth. Noholes are drilled, so it can be fitted just theway you want.It features convoluted glassedintubing for easy wiring.238617 Stock 7 1/4" wideREAR FENDER BRACESChrome plated rear fender braces,works withour soft and hard tails for easy mounting ofyour rear fender.Fenders18SUMAX DOMINATOR REARFENDERThese Dominator fenders are cut down,smooth and nasty. Manufactured fromComposites that make them strong, smoothand with straight side walls. Features mold intube for safe and easy wiring of the taillightand is available in stock 7 1/4" wide.238592 Dominator stock 7 1/4" widerear fenderSUMAX "CANADIAN STYLE"REAR FENDERThese Canadian style Sumax fenders aredesigned to give your bike a new, fat rearlook. They are made from composite glassand exceptionally strong with perfectlystraight sidewalls.Available in universal stylewith a 7 1/4" stock width.238613 Canadian fender 7 1/4" wide531041 Rear fender brace for 5" & 6"flat fenderFENDER EXTENSION FOR SOFTAILMODELSThis fender extension is American-made fromABS plastic. When painted to match thefender and properly installed, this fenderextension gives the appearance of the fullerand rounded long fenders used on the classicrigid framed Big Twins of the 40's and 50's.Fits 1986 thru 1999 Softail models, as well asmost aftermarket frames (OEM 60363-86).232891 Rear fender extension, 1986thru 1999531042 Rear fender brace for Fat Bobfender18-022

Body WorkFendersFENDERS & DUMMY TANK FOR V-RODTransform your V-Rod to a Z-Rod.When Harley introduced the V-Rod it was just a matter of time before the owner wanted to change the appearanceand Custom Builders would start to customize it.The front and rear fenders, as well as the dummy tank cover in this kit, that are designed by W&F,were used for the transformation of the Zodiac Z-Rod. Fenders and dummy tank are made in Europe from strong fiberglass in precision built moulds.They come in grey, "ready to paint" gel coat finish. The front fender must be installed with the OEM fender bracket (not included). All parts aresold individually, so it is up to you if you just go the whole way or just a part of it.239000 Front fender239001 Rear fender239002 Dummy tank cover1818-023

Body Work/Fender accessoriesPAUL YAFFE'S BAGGER NATIONBAR TIPSA great little detail that Paul Yaffe uses on allof his bagger conversions. First you cut offthat ugly cross bar over the rear fender thatcomes stock on every Bagger. Second you fillthe holes with these trick little bar tips.Thirdyou step back and enjoy what you see. Fourstyles to chose from, all machined from6061-T6 aluminum and beautifully chromeplated. Sold in pairs.745042 Bullet745043 Pointed745044 Round745045 SteppedCHROME "TRAPDOOR" FRONTFENDER SPACERSChrome plated front fender spacers that aremachined out of billet aluminum. Spacershave 2 3/4" (70 mm) center-center distance5/16" mounting holes. 5/16"UNC fendermounting bolts are included. Sold in pairs.090634 1" (25.4 mm) thick090635 1 1/8" (28.6 mm) thick090636 1 1/4" (31.8 mm) thick090637 1 3/8" (34.9 mm) thick090638 1 1/2" (38.1 mm) thickFenders18V-ROD PHANTOM COVER KITIf you want to transfer your V-Rod to aspectacular design, RBS gives the solution.First stage into the transformation is the V-Rod Phantom Air box cover kit. The Air boxcovers are made of Kevlar and re-use theoriginal instrument or control unit. Itintegrates into the Phantom Cover by usingthe chrome blind, which is a part of the kit.Second stage is the V-Rod Phantom side coverkit, which looks spectacular with its 2 airchannels. Covered with aluminum racegrinds, the channels give your bike that racerslook. As advantage you will get additionalspace for different handlebars and risers. Forthe finishing tough we have the V-RodPhantom Cooler cover.The cover is made fromaluminum and will be mounted with a steelmat, which fits between the cooling slots.Cooler cover is available with a hi-gloss blackcoating or natural aluminum.722571 Air box cover kit722572 Side cover kit722573 Cooler cover black722574 Cooler cover natural aluminumPAUL YAFFE'S BAGGER NATIONFENDER SPACERSThese trick little spacer blocks make the installof custom front fenders simple and easy.Theyfeature Domino styling on one side andsmooth styling on the other so you canchoose your styling preference. Available inchrome plated or black powder coat and soldin pairs.745029 Front fender spacers, satinchrome finish745030 Front fender spacers, blackpowder coatedCHROME FRONT FENDERSPACERSChrome plated front fender spacers,availablein various widths. Spacers accept 5/16" boltsand feature 2 3/4" center-center distance.Sold in pairs. Fender bolts are not included.090620 1 1/4" high, 4" wide, 3/8"thick090621 1 1/4" high, 4" wide, 1/4"thick090622 3/4" high, 3 1/2" wide, 1"thick090623 3/4" high, 3 1/2" wide, 3/4"thick18-024

Fender accessoriesCHROME "TOMAHAWK" FRONTFENDER SPACERSChrome plated front fender spacers that aremachined out of billet aluminum. Spacershave 2 3/4" (70 mm) center-center distanceand drilled for use of 5/16" mounting bolts.Sold in pairs.090644 .75" (19 mm) thick090645 1" (25.4 mm) thick090646 1 1/8" (28.6 mm) thick090647 1 1/4" (31.8 mm) thick090648 1 3/8" (34.9 mm) thick090649 1 1/2" (38.1 mm) thickSPRINGER FRONT FENDERINSTALLATION KITAn exact reproduction of the stock Harleyhardware use to install the stock front fenderon all 1936 thru 1948 Big Twins. Bolts andnuts are finished in the well-known Colonyquality chrome. Kits also include a pair ofthrust washers.741951 Springer front fenderinstallation kit"V" STYLE FENDER TIPS ANDTRIMExact reproduction of the early FL front andrear fender tips and stainless steel trim pieces.Tips are cast like the OEM equipment andhave a perfect chrome finish, lower edge trimare pressed from stainless steel to make thesetips and trims an exact duplicate in both formand material.OEM replacement on FL models1959 thru 1966 but can be fitted to all FLstyle front fenders 1949 thru 1986 and all FLstyle rear fenders 1959 thru 1986.090132 Front fender side spear set(OEM 59205-57 & 59206-57)090104 Rear fender tip "V" style(OEM 59887-59)CHROME FRONT FENDERSPACERSThese chrome plated front fender spacers aremachined out of solid billet aluminum. Theyallow fitment of a narrower than stock frontfender in Wide Glide forks. Spacers feature 23/4" center-center distance and are drilledto accept 5/16" bolts. Sold in pairs andavailable in a ball milled or smooth version inthickness ranging from 1" to 1 1/2" thick in1/8" increments.Ball milled version090624 1" thick090625 1 1/8" thick090626 1 1/4" thick090627 1 3/8" thick090628 1 1/2" thickSmooth version090629 1" thick090630 1 1/8" thick090631 1 1/4" thick090632 1 3/8" thick090633 1 1/2" thickCHROME LOWER FENDER TRIMFOR BIG TWINSThis fender trim is an exact reproduction ofthe lower trim installed on FL models from1968 thru 1975, but it is completely chromeplatedwithout the black accents as in theoriginal equipment part. Can be installed onbottom of the stock front fender fitted to allFL,FLT,FLHT and FLHS models from 1949 thru1986 (OEM 59233-76).090218 Fender TrimCHROME REAR FENDER TRIMRAIL FOR FL/FLH MODELSAn American-made trim rail that is designedjust like the original "Aristocrat" fender railsold as an accessory for early FL models. Itbolts on easily in about five minutes with themounting hardware which is included. Fits FLmodels from 1958 thru 1984(OEM 91007-58).090229 Chrome rear fender railFenders1818-025

Fender accessoriesFenders18FENDER TIP LIGHTSStock style fender tip lights with a little extra.Where "The Factory" installs them just witha classic bulb and amber lens on the frontfender or a classic bulb and red lens on therear fender, Zodiac offers various colors witha classic 12 Volt 10 Watt wedge base bulb orstate of the art bright shining LED's. Apartfrom their longer life and differentappearance, LED lighting draws less currentas a traditional bulb, making them ideal forbikes equipped with tons of electricconsumers like auxiliary lighting,radio's,CB'sand so on. Fender tip lights come prewired.Both front and rear early style versions comewith a single pin insulator style plug installed.Front late style comes with the 2-place sockethousing as used from 2000 to presentinstalled. The rear late style comes with the3-place socket housing as used from 1998thru 2008 installed. When you just simplychange the socking housing you can installlate style lights on earlier models.Fits the front fender on all 1980to present FLHR, FLHT, FLHTC,FLHTCU and FLT Touring models,1986 thru 2008 FLSTC Softail and1993 thru 1996 FLSTN(OEM 59082-79, 59082-96,68706-00)090186 Amber, bulb lighted, early styleplug161106 Amber, bulb lighted, latestyle socket housing161107 Amber, LED lighted, latestyle socket housing161108 Smoke, bulb lighted, latestyle socket housing161109 Smoke, LED lighted, latestyle socket housingFits the rear fender on all 1980thru 2008 FLHR, FLHS, FLHT andFLT Touring models, 1986 thru2008 FLSTC Softail and 1993 thru1996 FLSTN Softail(OEM 59658-79A, 59659-96,59659-98, 59683-03, 59672-99)090187 Red, bulb lighted, early styleplug161104 Red, bulb lighted, latestyle socket housing161105 Red, LED lighted, latestyle socket housing161100 Amber, bulb lighted, latestyle socket housing161101 Amber, LED lighted, latestyle socket housing161102 Smoke, bulb lighted, latestyle socket housing161103 Smoke, LED lighted, latestyle socket housingReplacement lens090145 Amber090147 RedFENDER TIPS WITH CHEVRONDESIGNOriginally available as an accessory item,these die-cast fender tips fit the OEM frontand rear fenders on FL models 1967 thru1973, but may also be fitted to all FL stylefront fenders from 1949 thru 1986 and all FLstyle rear fenders from 1958 thru 1986. Theperfect finishing touch for bike restoration.090213 Front fender tip(OEM 59215-59A)090212 Rear fender tip(OEM 59885-59A)090132 Front fender side spear set(OEM 59205-57 & 59206-57)LED LIGHTED REAR FENDEREXTENSIONS FOR TOURINGMODELSThis chrome or black rear fender extension iseasy to install on 1999 thru 2008 FLHRC,FLHRS and FLTR models. It wraps the trailingpart of the fender.Also accommodates for thetri-bar LED running/brake light kit that isavailable separately. The tri-bar LED lightglows in running mode and will increase inintensity when the brakes are applied. Theycome with hardware, wiring and OEM loomconnectors and are available with smoke orclear lens.160805 Chrome rear fender extension160879 Black rear fenderextension160880 Tri-bar red LED light with smokelens160881 Tri-bar red LED light with clearlensEAGLE FENDER TIPSThese fender tips are available in two sizes,the large fender tip fits all Harley FL rearfenders 1934 thru 1948 as well as many aftermarket front and rear fenders. The smallfender tip will fit most OEM and after marketnarrow Harley front fenders.Tips are chromeplated and have embossed eagle logo.Mounting hardware included.301634 Eagle fender tip large(OEM 59292-82T)301635 Eagle fender tip small(OEM 59280-85T)18-026

Fender accessoriesREAR FENDER TIP LED LIGHT FOR2009-UP TOURINGThis LED-lighted chrome rear fender tip isOriginal Equipment on US domestic FLHTCElectra Glide Classic, FLHTCU Ultra ElectraGlide and FLHTK Ultra Electra Glide Classicmodels 2009 to present. Great to upgradethe looks of your International Export modelinto The Original American style.And there ismore, as the OEM light is available with a redlens only, we offer these lights also with anamber lens, or a clear or smoke lens with redLED's. Lights comes pre-wired with aconnector ready to plug into your stock wiringharness as a running light,but easy to changein to let it work as an auxiliary brake light.Does not fit FLHX Street Glide, FLTR RoadGlide and FLTRX Road Glide Custom models.161119 With red lens (OEM 59672-09)161117 With amber lens161118 With smoke lens and red LEDs161120 With clear lens and red LEDsCHROME CAST FENDER TIPSNational Cycle's chromed cast fender tips arean economical way to add that finishingtouch to your customized bike. Back in the1940s, National Cycle patented the classic"airstreamer" style fender tip that practicallydefines the American cruiser look. Thishallmark product has been painstakinglyrefined for today's motorcycles. By castingthe product, the shape and high crowndetails that distinguish these tips really standout.These are not ordinary fender tips.Thesecast tips have a jewel quality chrome finishwith a show bike polish.The fender tips comeas a 2-piece set for selected models. Thesekits contain a fender tip for both ends of thefront fender.Stock front fender applications731153 Fits 1990 thru 2000 FLSTF FatBoy731156 Fits 2001 to present FLSTF FatBoy, 2-piece set731160 Fits all 2004 to present XLSportsters, 1980 thru 1985FXWG Wide Glide, 1983 FXDGDisc Glide, 1984 thru 1990FXST, 1999 thru 2007 FXST,2000 thru 2009 FXSTB NightTrain, 1989 thru 2006 FXSTSSpringer, 1995 thru 1997FXSTSB Bad Boy and 1987 thru1999 FXSTC Custom and 2007to present FXSTC Custom731162 Fits 2000 to present FLTR,FLTRU and FLTRX Road Glide,2-piece setStock rear fender applications731154 Fits 1990 thru 2000 FLSTF FatBoy and 1997 thru 2005 FLSTSHeritage Springer731157 Fits 2001 thru 2006 FLSTF FatBoy731161 Fits 2007 to present FLSTFFatBoy731155 Fits 1980 thru 1985 FXWG WideGlide, 1983 FXDG Disc Glide,1984 thru 1990 FXST, 1999 thru2005 FXST, 2000 thru 2005FXSTB Night Train, 1989 thru2006 FXSTS Springer, 1995 thru1997 FXSTSB Bad Boy and 1987thru 1999 FXSTC Custom731158 Fits 2006 thru 2007 FXSTSoftail Standard, 2007 topresent FXSTC Softail Custom,2006 thru 2009 FXSTB NightTrain731159 Fits 2000 thru 2007 FXSTDDeuce731163 Fits 2000 to present FLTR,FLTRU and FLTRX Road GlideFenders18FRONT FENDER TIPSChrome plated front fender tips to fit theNarrow Glide front fenders as used on FX/FXRand Sportster models to present.Will also fitmany "Narrow" custom fenders. These tipsare available with or without detailed,embossed Eagle logo. Will dress-up andprotect your front fender.090188 Chrome, plain090190 Chrome with Eagle logoEAGLE'S HEAD FENDERORNAMENT WITH LIGHTDie-cast Eagle's head fender ornament withor without integrated light for lightning eyesof the Eagle's head. Will give a perfectfinishing touch on your front fender.Availablein chrome only and Gold/Chrome finish. TheGold on the Gold accented version is real 24carat Gold.090221 Chrome finish, with light090222 Gold/Chrome finish, with light090219 Chrome finish, without light18-027

Fender accessories/StrutsFenders18INDIAN HEAD LIGHTED FENDERORNAMENTSThese 8" (20 cm) long, die-cast Indian Headfender ornaments feature a chrome or gold& chrome finish, concealed mounting and alighted face. They come pre-wired andcomplete with mounting hardware and 12Volt bulb.160343 Gold & Chrome finish160347 Chrome"BAD GUYS" SKULL FENDERORNAMENTSDress-up your front fender with these skullfender ornaments.Available with or withoutlighted eyes,Chrome or Gold plated Skull andyour choice of green or red eyes.090239 Chrome with red eyes090240 Gold with red eyes090241 Chrome with green eyes090243 Chrome with red eyes and lightFENDER STRUTS MOUNTINGHARDWAREThese mounting kits include all necessaryfender to strut mounting hardware. FitsOEM and Zodiac's replacement fender struts.345129 Fits FX 1972 thru 1985345130 Fits FL 1958 thru 1984CHROME LOW PROFILE FENDERSTRUT MOUNTING KITSThese very complete kits contain unique lowprofileallen head screws, washers and nuts.Available for most Softail models 1986 topresent.721868 Fits 4-hole struts on 5 SpeedHeritage Softail and Fat Boymodels 1986 thru 1999721869 Fits 6-hole struts on FXST,FXSTC, FXSTS and Bad Boymodels 1986 thru 1999721870 Fits all FXST and FLST Softailmodels 2000 to present, exceptFXSTD DeuceFENDER STRUTS FOR SOFTAILMODELSThese flawless chrome plated steel fenderstruts are available in 4 hole, 6 hole stockreplacement and in a beautiful smoothcustom style. All three models fit 5 SpeedSoftail models from 1986 thru 1999 withoutmodification. Permits you to personalize therear section and give it a tailor made look.090297 Smooth Custom struts, willrequire turn signal relocationon FXSTB, FXSTC and FXSTEmodels090264 4 Hole fender struts(OEM 59964-86 & 59969-86)090298 6 Hole fender struts(OEM 59955-86 & 59954-86)INTERNAL MOUNTING FENDERSTRUTS FOR HARLEYSmoothly finished, chrome plated customfender struts for Harley. The rear of each setfeatures concealed mounting studs, allowingthe installation from the back, eliminatingexternal mounting holes and hardware.090183 Fits FXWG 1980 thru 1986FENDER LIGHT "OLD STYLE"An excellent reproduction of the "Old Style"fender light. Show-chromed die-castconstruction with concealed mounting bolts.Fender light comes complete with amber orclear lens and 12 Volt bulb.162034 Fender light with amber lens165138 Fender light with clear lens165140 Clear lens onlyCOLONY FENDER STRUTMOUNTING HARDWARE FOR1958 THRU 1984 FL MODELSFender to strut mounting hardware kit fitsOEM and Zodiac's replacement fender struts.741838 Fender Strut MountingHardwareCURVED DESIGN FENDER STRUTSFits Sportail, Super-Ass and Wide-Tail frameswith up to 8" wide fenders, also fits stockSoftail frames with up to 10" wide fenders.238000 With 25 mm offset722274 Without offset18-028

StrutsSTEEL FENDER STRUTS FORWIDETAIL, SUPER-ASS, SPORTAILAND STOCK SOFTAIL MODELSThese raw steel fender struts are available invarious off-sets and widths.They can be usedon our Wide-Tail, Super-Ass and Sportailframes, as well as to customize stock Softailmodels or to complete your Custom project.Straight design fender struts are available invarious offsets.Straight Design fender struts236499 Fits stock Softail frames withZodiac Wide-Ass kit and up to10" wide fenders, can also beused for Wide- Tail, Super-Assand Sportail frames. Both strutshave 46 mm offset237999 Fits Wide-Tail, Super-Ass andSportail frames with up to 81/2" wide fenders with 2 mmoff-set, can also be used as areplacement on pre-1985Softail models with up to 10"wide fenders. Both struts have34 mm offset236444 Fits Wide-Tail, Super-Ass andSportail frames with up to 10"wide fenders. also fits stockSoftail frames with up to 12"wide fenders. Right side struthas 12 mm off-set236434 Without offset, fits CustomframesBUILD-YOUR-OWN CUSTOMFENDER STRUTSRaw steel fender struts and fender strut basefor Custom applications.Together with one ofour custom fenders this allows you to createexactly that custom rear fender for yourSoftail. Fender struts are sold each andavailable with 32mm offset to the left or tothe right, as well as straight. Fender strutbases are available in "Narrow" to fit stock,300 mm wide frames, or "Wide" for 320 mmcustom frames.722576 Fender strut with 32 mm leftoffset722588 Fender strut with 32 mm rightoffset722589 Fender strut straight722587 Fender strut base Narrow (300mm inside)722586 Fender strut base Wide (320mm inside)CUSTOM SOFTAIL FENDERSTRUTSThese fender struts are designed for use withStock & Custom Softail frames. Available inyour choice of billet aluminum, or raw steel.700950 Billet aluminum fender struts700951 Raw steel fender strutsSHOW-CHROME FENDER STRUTSChrome plated rear fender struts for all 4Speed Big Twins 1955 thru 1986 andSportster 1954 thru 1978. Sets are pressedfrom high grade steel and pre-drilled withprecision for a perfect fit. Can be used tomount OEM or aftermarket fenders.Installation of FL or FXWG style struts on 4Speed FX models will permit mounting of FLor FXWG fenders on these models. Hardwarenot included.090178 Fits FL 1958 thru 1984(OEM 59932-77)090185 Fits FX 1972 thru 1985(OEM 59672-77)090179 Fits FXWG 1980-thru 1986 (3hole) (OEM 59960-80)090180 Fits XL 1954 thru 1978(OEM 59934-73)Fenders18CHROME BILLET ALUMINUMFENDER STRUTS FOR SOFTAILThese custom style fender struts are CNCmachined from solid billet aluminum, thenpolished and finally show chrome finished.Designed for stock Softail frames that have a11" wide fender, wide swing arm and widerear wheel installed. Sold in pairs and comecomplete with hardware.090476 Chrome fender struts withhardware18-029

License MountFenders18LAYBACK LICENSE PLATEMOUNTING BRACKETBillet Aluminum mounting bracket to tip yourlicense plate back. Fits most models with 3hole license plate mount.Takes most licenseplate assemblies with 4" center-to-centerdistance. Comes complete with hardware.160972 Layback License plate mountingbracketLICENSE PLATE MOUNTINGBRACKETOriginal style (3-hole) replacement bracketfor all Sportsterand Big Twin models (exceptFXWGand FXST) 1955 to present.Also usablein universal applications.Bracket is reinforcedand show-chromed (OEM 59983-75).301149 Licence plate mounting bracketSIDE MOUNT & FENDER MOUNTLICENSE PLATE BRACKETS WITHLED TAILLIGHTSThese "Design" LED taillight and licenseplate brackets are the ultimate in design andfunction. Both the side mount and rearmount are machined from billet aluminumand then chrome plated for a perfect finish.Other features of LED lights are the use ofless electrical power and live longer thancommon bulbs. The narrow LED light thatcomes with these brackets isonly 5 3/4" (147mm) wide and just 1" (25 mm) high, and ispre-wired for brake and taillight use and alsohas a provision for license plate lighting.Thisnarrow LED taillight, as well as all othertaillights, is separately available for Customapplications.The side mount brackets bolt tothe rear axle.The fender mount license platebracket comes with hard rubber fendermount cushion and hardware. Side mountlicense plate brackets are available to take ahorizontal or vertical license plate.The verticalbrackets are available with normal flat licenseplate frame or in a curved version. For thoselooking for a more classic look we also offerthe vertical mount brackets with a Cat-EyeLED taillight.With Narrow LED taillightA. 160530 Horizontal side mountB. 160531 Vertical side mount flatlicense plate bracketC. 160532 Vertical side mount withcurved license platebracketD. 160535 Fender mount160536 Replacement Narrow LEDtaillight160523 Replacement lensWith Cat-Eye LED taillightE. 160534 Vertical side mount withLED Cat-Eye taillight162307 LED Cat-Eye taillight18-030

License MountBADLANDS FOLD AWAY SIDEMOUNT LICENSE PLATEBRACKETSThe trick mounting of these chrome platedbillet aluminum fold-away side mount licenseplate brackets overcomes most problemsencountered with ordinary side mountbrackets, as it allows you to fold your licenseplate to the frame. Available for Softail styleframes, swingarm frames or for customapplications.234990 Fits Softail style frames234991 Fits swingarm frames (mountsto the lower shock stud)234992 Custom application (includesweld-on tab)LICENSE PLATE BRACKETS WITHDIAMOND STYLE LEDTAILLIGHTSThese "Design" LED taillight and licenseplate brackets are the ultimate in design andfunction. Both the side mount and rearmount are machined from Billet aluminumand then Chrome-plated for a perfect finish.Other features of LED lights are the use ofless electrical power and live longer thancommon bulbs.The Diamond Style LED lightthat comes with these brackets is pre-wiredfor brake and taillight use and also has aprovision for license plate lighting. Sidemount license plate brackets bolt to the rearaxle, and are available to take a horizontal orvertical license plate.The vertical brackets areavailable with normal flat license plate frameor in a curved version. Fender mount licenseplate bracket comes with your choice of hardrubber fender mount cushion, or solid blockmount.160570 Horizontal side mount160571 Vertical side mount flat licenseplate bracket160572 Vertical side mount with curvedlicense plate bracket160573 Rubber fender mount160574 Block fender mountReplacement Parts160706 Diamond style LED taillightonly358079 Rubbers for ZPN 160573Fenders18ADJUSTABLE TAILLIGHT MOUNTING BRACKET FOR FAT BOB STYLEFENDERSGo all the way when finishing your custom wide fender, wheel and tire additions. This fullyadjustable, chrome plated bracket fits all Fat Bob Style fenders from 7" up to 9" wide. A mustwhen building Fat tire bikes.160161 Adjustable chrome taillight bracket160291 Fat Bob taillight, bulb type, E-approved18-031

License MountFenders18DERBY MOUNT LICENSE PLATEBRACKET WITH DIAMOND STYLELED TAILLIGHTSThe ultimate "Design" LED taillight. It is aone-piece construction of a Derby cover witha curved license plate bracket.Machined fromBillet aluminum and then Chrome-plated fora perfect finish. Other features of LED lightsare the use of less electrical power and livelonger than common bulbs. The DiamondStyle LED light that comes with this bracketis pre-wired for brake and taillight use andalso has a provision for license plate lighting.Fits all Big-Twin models from 1970 thru 1999with 3-hole derby cover. Taillight is alsoavailable without the derby mount.160551 Derby Mount Diamond StyleLED taillight with curved licenseplate bracket160706 Diamond style LED taillight onlyNESS LICENSE FRAMES• Billet aluminum construction measures 71/2" x 4 1/4" (19 cm x 10.8 cm) to fit mostU.S. state license plates• Blind hole mounting for a clean look• Available in chrome or a black anodizedfinish• made in the USAA. A12148 Smooth, blackB. A12149 Smooth, chromeC. A12142 Engraved, blackD. A12141 Engraved, chromeE. A12159 Deep Cut, blackF. A12154 Deep Cut, chromeG. A12153 Retro, chromeH. A12150 Radius Grooved, chromeI. A12550 Stepped, chromePRO-ONE CUSTOM SLIM LINEBILLET LICENSE FRAMESBillet aluminum license plate frames,measures 7 1/4" x 4" (18.4 x 10 cm).Available in smooth and Ball milled style.Comes complete with stainless screws.Chrome finish.237776 Smooth Style237775 Ball Milled StyleNESS LICENSE FRAMES &BACKING PLATES• Cutting edge design• Hidden mounting hardware• Backing plates have fender mounting blockintegrated into the plate• 100% billet construction and beautifullychrome plated• Fits all 1974 to present rear fenders, exceptFat Bob style• Frames and backing plates are designed for7 1/2" x 4 1/4" (19 cm x 10.8 cm) U.S. sizelicense platesA12550 Stepped, chromeA12551 Stepped license backing plateA12553 Grooved backing plateA12151 Radius Backing plateA12152 Radius bent light and backingplateCHROME PYRAMID STYLELICENSE PLATE MOUNTA close fitting, one-piece, chrome platedlicense plate mount that replaces the upright,multi piece license plate mount and bracketon the rear fender.Two rubber spacers isolatethe license plate from vibration, and permitsthe mount to be tailored to the profile of thefender, for a much tighter, cleaner look.Mounts directly to the standard hole patternon all rear fenders (except FXWG and FXST)from 1955 to present and comes with allmounting hardware.160185 Pyramid style license plateholder358079 Replacement rubber pad set18-032

License MountLOUVERED LICENSE BACKINGPLATEChrome plated license backing plate withlouvers. Center-to-center dimensions of theplate holes 5 3/4" x 2 3/4" (14.6 x 7 cm).083012 Fits behind all license plates(OEM 59899-89)EAGLE SPIRIT LICENSE PLATEFRAME WITH LIGHTThis frame is the perfect finishing touch forthose of you who have dressed your bike outwith some of our other Eagle Spirit covers. Itfits most license plates measuring 7" x 4"(17.8x10 cm).The red light on the upper partof the frame really finishes it off.083016 License frame with lightChrome/goldCHROME LICENSE PLATE FRAMEChrome plated, die-cast license plate frame.The center-to-center dimensions of the plateholes measure 5 3/4" x 2 3/4" (14.6 x 7 cm).083000 Chrome license plate frameCHROME LICENSE PLATE MOUNTA close fitting, one piece chrome platedlicense plate mount that replaces the upright,multi piece license plate mount andbracket on the rear fender.Two rubber spacersisolate the license plate from vibration, andpermits the mount to be tailored to the profileof the fender, for much tighter, cleaner look.Mounts to the standard hole pattern on allrear fenders (except FXWG and FXST) from1955 to present and comes complete withmounting hardware.090205 Fender license bracket358079 Replacement rubber pad set"BAD GUYS" LICENSE PLATEFRAME WITH SKULLSThis chrome plated, die-cast license plateframe feature three dimensional chromeSkulls.This license frame will make your backsidereally look "Bad".160189 Chrome finishEAGLE SPIRIT LICENSE PLATEFRAMESDress up the back side of your bike with thesechrome or gold/chrome license plate frames.Plates have a 3 dimensional eagle spirit logo.Center-to-center dimensions of the plateholes 5 3/4" x 2 3/4" (14.6 x 7 cm).301826 Chrome finish301827 Gold/Chrome finishLICENSE BACKING PLATEChrome plated license backing plate. Centerto-centerdimensions of the plate holes 53/4" x2 3/4" (14.6 x 7 cm).083006 License backing plateDELUXE CHROME LICENSE PLATEFRAME3 Dimensional die-cast frame features a castemblem and an ornate border design.Centerto-centerdimensions of the plate holes 53/4" x 2 3/4" (14.6 x 7 cm). Chrome plated.083002 License plate frame eaglechromeLIVE TO RIDE LICENSE PLATEFRAMESDress up the backside of your bike with thesechrome or gold plated license plate frames.Plates have a three dimensional live to ridelogo Eagle logo.160179 License plate frame chromefinish160181 License plate frame gold finishFenders1818-033

License MountFenders18CHROME LICENSE PLATE FRAMESAND BACKING PLATESThese chrome billet aluminum backing plateshave a license plate frame, tailor made to fitmost common European plates. They comecomplete with a rubber mounting block thathas the standard hole pattern on most rearfenders from 1955 to present.The separatelyavailable side mount bracket allowsinstallation on 3/4", 25 mm and 1" rearaxles. All mounting holes in the backingplates are pre-drilled from the inside.All youhave to do is finish the holes needed for yourapplication, so your new license plate framedoesn't show any holes you don't need. Bothbacking plates and side mount brackets comecomplete with chrome hardware.Chrome billet license backingplates with frame161320 Austria, 170 mm x x 210 mm(6.69" x 8.27")161321 Belgium, 174 mm x 139 mm(6.85" x 5.47")161324 Denmark, 165 mm x 240 mm(6.50" x 9.45")161326 France, 135 mm x 215 mm(5.32" x 8.46")161339 France, 130 mm x 170 mm(5.12" x 6.69")161323 Germany, 200 mm x 220 mm(7.87" x 8.66")161391 Germany, 200 mm x 180 mm(7.87" x 7.09")161330 Greece, 160 mm x 185 mm(6.30" x 7.28")161338 Hungary, 134 mm x 242 mm(5.28" x 9.53")161331 Italy, 170 mm x 170 mm(6.69" x 6.69")161332 Luxembourg, 142 mm x 200mm (5.59" x 7.87")161333 Netherlands, 155 mm x 210mm (6.10" x 8.27")161337 Norway, 150 mm x 200 mm(5.90" x 7.87")161334 Portugal, 115 mm x 170 mm(4.53" x 6.69")161335 Poland, 150 mm x 190 mm(5.90" x 7.48")161336 Sweden, 150 mm x 195 mm(5.90" x 7.68")161322 Switzerland, 140 mm x 180mm (5.51" x 7.09")161325 Spain, 160 mm x 220 mm(6.30" x 8.66")161329 United Kingdom, 180 mm x235 mm (7.09" x 9.25")Chrome billet side mount bracketwith hardware161340 Fits 3/4", 25 mm and 1" rearaxlesREBUFFINI VEGA ITALYSIDEMOUNT LICENSE PLATESExtremely clean look thanks to internalwiring. Kits include an E approved taillightwith license plate illumination.They fit directlyon stock swing arms with no modifications.Hardware kit included.Available with a shortor a long bracket.Short bracket measures 218mm, long bracket measures 288 mm. Licenseplate backing plate measures 6 15/16" x 615/16" (17.6 x 17.6 cm).Fits 1984 thru 1999 EvolutionSoftail746624 Polished, short746627 Polished, long746625 Black, short746628 Black, long746626 Chrome, short746629 Chrome, longFits 2000 thru 2007 Twin CamSoftail746630 Polished, short746633 Polished, long746631 Black, short746634 Black, long746632 Chrome, short746635 Chrome, longFits 2008 to present FXCW andFXCWC Rocker746636 Polished, short746639 Polished, long746637 Black, short746640 Black, long746638 Chrome, short746641 Chrome, longREBUFFINI LYNX ITALY LICENSEPLATESAn other stylish Italian design from Rebuffini.Sculpted from sold billet aluminum with apolished, black or chrome finish. Comescomplete with an angled fender mountingblock that bolts straight on to the rear fenderof most models, except those with a Fat Bobstyle rear fender. License plate backing platemeasures 6 15/16" x 6 15/16"(17.6 x 17.6 cm).Fits most models thru 1998746618 Polished746619 Black746620 ChromeFits 1999 to present746621 Polished746622 Black746623 Chrome18-034

Chapter 18These custom style rear fendersadd great looks to your 2004 upSporty. Available in ready-toinstallmetal flake colorsFront fenders, rear fenders, fender struts andeverything that goes on a fender. Zodiac offers a verywide selection of fenders in mild steel, aluminum andfiberglass. From stock replacement to extreme widefor your Custom project, Zodiac has them all. Here youwill find brand names such as Sumax, Metapol, RolandSands Design, PaulYaffe’s Bagger Nation, Cruise Speedand Double G Baggers. For those who want to createtheir own individual design we even have untrimmedfenders available. The widest rear fenders we havenow measure an incredible 14 1/4” wide, wide enoughfor 350 series tires. To make life a little easier forcustomizers we have also added Roland Sands Design“Vintage” rear fender kits for Softail and variousmodels of front fender spacer blocks. V-Rod ownerscan easily change their bike into a spectacular designwith our RBS Phantom covers.Our chrome aluminum license plate frames areavailable in almost every European size and can befitted on the rear fender or, with the optional sidemount bracket, on the rear wheel axleZodiac’s Tomahawk front fender spacers areavailable in chrome or black in thicknessesranging from 3/4” to 1 1/2”Chrome rear fender extensionfor 1999 thru 2008 FLHRC,FLHRS and FLTR modelsaccommodates the Tri-Bar LEDrunning/brake light kit(separately available)Zodiac’s Mustang style steel front fender is suitablefor 18”, 19” and 21” wheels and has a design that isinspired by Vintage American cars and motorcycles

Front Fenders/Rear FendersDOUBLE G BAGGERS WRAPPERFRONT FENDERSThese Wrapper style front fenders are madein Holland from fiberglass in precision buildmoulds by Double G Baggers. Fenders aredesigned for use in Touring models, so will fitall Wide Glide front forks in Softail and Dynamodels too.They have a white gel coat finish,ready for your painters' preparation but, aswith every custom part, make sure to checkand test fit prior to painting. Neither DoubleG Baggers nor Zodiac will be responsible forany damage sustained to paint jobs.746905 For use with 26" wheels746906 For use with 23" wheels746907 For use with 19" and 21"wheels746909 For use with 16", 17" and 18"wheelsDOUBLE G BAGGERS SENNASTYLE REAR FENDER COVERSThese Senna style rear fender covers are madein Holland from fiberglass in precision buildmoulds by Double G Baggers. They aredesigned to be installed over the stock rearfender and struts, line up with stretchedsaddlebags and close the gap as foundbetween the stock fender and the originalequipment or aftermarket hard luggage andfeature cut outs for the mufflers.These fendercovers have a white gel coat finish, ready foryour painters' preparation but, as with everycustom part, make sure to check and test fitprior to painting. Neither Double G Baggersnor Zodiac will be responsible for any damagesustained to paint jobs.746900 Fits 1997 thru 2008 Touringmodels746901 Fits 2009 to present TouringmodelsDOUBLE G BAGGERS ROCCAREAR FENDER COVER FORTOURING MODELSThese fiberglass rear fender covers are madein Holland in precision build moulds byDouble G Baggers. They fit exactly over thestock rear fender and a great match with the5" (12.5cm) stretched Rocca saddlebagbodies. All parts come with a white gel coatfinish, ready for your painters' preparationbut make sure to check and test fit prior topainting, Zodiac will not be responsible forany damage sustained to paint jobs. Sold inpairs.746944 Rocca style rear fender coverfor 1993-2008 Touring models746945 Super Stretched Rocca Stylesaddlebag bodies18DOUBLE G BAGGERS CLASSICFRONT FENDERThis Classic style front fender is made inHolland from fiberglass in precision buildmoulds by Double G Baggers. Fender isdesigned for use with 23" front wheels inTouring models, but will fit in all Wide Glidefront forks in Softail and Dyna models too.Comes with a white gel coat finish, ready foryour painters' preparation.746910 Classic front fender for 23"wheelsDOUBLE G BAGGERS PUCHAREAR FENDER FOR TOURINGMODELSDouble G Baggers Pucha style rear fender forBagger models are made in Holland inprecision build moulds and close the gapbetween the stock rear fender and stock orextended length hard shell saddlebags.Theyhave a white gel coat finish, ready for yourpainters' preparation.746902 Fits 1997 thru 2008 Touringmodels746903 Fits 2009 to present TouringmodelsCLASSIC STYLE FIBERGLASS REARFENDER FOR TOURING MODELSThese fiberglass rear fenders are made inHolland in precision build moulds by DoubleG Baggers.They have a white gel coat finish,ready for your painters' preparation. Fit overthe stock fender struts and narrow the gapbetween the stock rear fender and the stockhard shell saddlebags on 1997 thru2008 Touring models.746904 Double G Baggers Classic rearfender18-036

Front Fenders/Rear Fenders/Fender AccessoriesFENDER TO HARD BAG FILLERPANELS FOR TOURING MODELSThese fiberglass filler panels are made inHolland in precision build moulds by DoubleG Baggers.They have a white gel coat finish,ready for your painters' preparation and closethe gap between the stock rear fender andthe stock hard shell saddlebags on 1993 topresent Touring models. Sold in pairs.746932 Fender to hard bag filler panelsNESS BAGGER FENDER FOR 21",23" AND 26" FRONT WHEELSThese fenders wrap your front wheel to looklarger than life. Direct bolt-on design for1987-up FLT models or 1986 -up FLST Softailsrequires no fender spacers. Available incarbon composite or fiberglass construction.Fits 1987 to present TouringmodelsA06757 Carbon composite, 21"A06745 Fiberglass, 23"A06746 Carbon composite, 23"A06747 Fiberglass, 26"A06748 Carbon composite, 26"Fits 1986 to present FLST SoftailA06756 Carbon composite, 21"A06744 Carbon composite, 23"A06748 Carbon composite, 26""TOMAHAWK" FRONT FENDERSPACERSChrome or black front fender spacers that aremachined out of billet aluminum. Fits 41mmforks on FXWG, Softails & Dyna Wide Glide.Spacers have 2 3/4" (70mm) center-centerdistance and drilled for use of 5/16"mounting bolts. Sold in pairs.Chrome090644 .75" (19mm) thick090645 1" (25.4mm) thick090646 1 1/8" (28.6mm) thick090647 1 1/4" (31.8mm) thick090648 1 3/8" (34.9mm) thick090649 1 1/2" (38.1mm) thickBlack090744 .75" (19mm) thick090745 1" (25.4mm) thick090746 1 1/8" (28.6mm) thick090747 1 1/4" (31.8mm) thick090748 1 3/8" (34.9mm) thick090749 1 1/2" (38.1mm) thick18DOUBLE G BAGGERS REARFENDER EXTENSIONS FORTOURING MODELSThese fiberglass rear fender extensions aremade in Holland in precision build moulds byDouble G Baggers. They are great wheninstalled in conjunction with stretchedsaddlebags to enhance their looks and alsoclose the gap between the bags and the rearfender. Fender extensions come with a whitegel coat finish, ready for your painters'preparation. Sold each.746929 Rear fender extension fits1997 thru 2008 Touring models746928 Rear fender extension fits2009 to present Touring modelsFENDER EXTENSION FOR SOFTAILMODELSThis stainless steel fender extension is aperfect replacement for the stock ABS plasticpart. Fits 1986 thru 1999 Softail models, aswell as most aftermarket Softail style swingarms (OEM 60363-86).238763 Rear fender extension,1986 thru 1999FRONT FENDER RAIL FORTOURING MODELSChrome rail that exactly follows the lines ofthe front fender on 1987 thru 1993 FLHS,1994-to present FLHR and 1996 to presentFLHT models. Does not fit 1998 to presentFLTR nor 2009 FLHTCUTG models.302243 Chrome front fender bumpertrim (OEM 91085-83D)18-037

Rear Fenders/Body WorkFIBERGLASS REAR FENDERS FOR SPORTSTERThese custom style rear fenders are made from fiberglass and are easyto install. Just cut off the stock fender struts and remove the rear partof the stock rear fender and you add great looks to your Sporty.Availablein smooth or ribbed in great looking ready-to-install metal flake colorsor ready for your painters preparation black gel coat. Fenders fit all2004 to present XL Sportster models.Smooth Style742830 Gold metal flake742831 Green metal flake742832 Red metal flake742833 Black pre-finishCAFE RACER STYLE SEAT FOR SPORTSTERThe Sportster based Café Racer has become a style in its own right,taking the classic look to new levels and doing it with a magic only aHarley can bring to the table.This tail completes the Café package on1986 thru 2003 Sportsters.Available in partially covered with paintableblack gel coat as well as a fully covered version that has the rear coveredwith the same vinyl as the seating area. Both seats feature a gel insertin the seating area for maximum comfort. Installation requires removalof fender, supporting struts and relocation of taillight and signals.Includes mounting hardware for OEM electronics.744832 With paintable rear section744833 Fully covered versionRibbed Style742834 Gold metal flake742835 Green metal flake742836 Red metal flake742837 Black pre-finish1818-038

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