ERP system for the automotive industry - ABAS Software AG

ERP system for the automotive industry - ABAS Software AG

abas ERP: ERP system for the automotive and automotive supply industryAutomotive & Supply reference folder

Benefits ofabas Business SoftwareOver 2,500 companies in themanufacturing, distribution,and service sectors haveselected abas BusinessSoftware. Here’s why:• Excellent price/performanceratio• Short implementation periodand easy implementation• Excellent customersatisfaction• Long-term security ofsoftware investment and fastreturn on investment (ROI)• Broad function coverage• Intuitive operation• Scalability (number of users,clients)• Continual softwaremodernizations throughupgrades• Upgrade-secure modificationsenable high-level of flexibility• International and multilingualEfficient software for your success!abas Business Software supports midsize production, distribution and servicecompanies in all processes along the value added chain. The transparent handlingof all relevant information provides a platform for proactively managingyour business.ABAS places great value on making the solutions‘ design and operation as easy as possible.Focus is placed on the role-based visualization of data and processes.abas Business Software allows for the efficient management of your business processes.The system provides maximum flexibility when it comes to changes in the product, organization,or reacting to new strategic requirements.Whether complex automated processes in the supply chain, eBusiness or mobile applications– ABAS creates opportunities for developing competitive advantage. As a consequence,customers can focus on delivering product innovations, and establishing andextending customer and vendor relations.The evolutionary method for the continual and long-term modernization of abas BusinessSoftware is unique in the ERP market. This is extremely valuable to the abas user becauseas upgrades are deployed the customer is provided with a state-of-the-art solution, whileindividual modifications and settings are maintained.Our mission: using our experience and innovation, ABAS provides simple but, at the sametime, modern technological solutions, which will help you to be successful in a constantlychanging business environment. Today and in the future!2

abas ERP in the automotive and automotive supplyindustry: optimal support for your business processesThe business processes of the automotive and automotive supply industrymake big demands on all those in the supply chain. The highest priority in thisindustry sector is ensuring that delivery deadlines are met. Scheduling andlogistics procedures are challenged daily. Furthermore, efficiency, costing, costmanagement and data transparency play a huge role in remaining competitive.abas Business Software has reliably supported the demanding tasks of its users in theautomotive and automotive supply industry for many years. All relevant and standardprocesses are clearly and efficiently displayed - for example, the typical industrysector demands such as administration of blanket orders, forecast delivery schedules, JITdelivery schedules and also controlling cumulative quantities, storage means andreturnable packaging management or management of lot and serial numbers.The online integration of the standardized EDI processes according to VDA, Odette, Edifactand ANSI X12 automates processes, minimizes manual effort and eliminates sources oferror. abas ERP delivers on these critical requirements.Product cycles are becoming continually shorter. Continually changing logistics orprocess concepts demand a high level of flexibility from the supporting ERP system. Theabas Business Software ensures that these requirements are realized quickly and withrelatively little effort.4

Besides a broad spectrum of process and industry sector knowledge, as well as softwareimplementation expertise, one of the basic tasks of ABAS is to have constant communicationwith customers and active cooperation in associations such as the ITA. This is how trendsand changes are recognized early on and quickly realized. Through this, ABAS helps abasusers with their competitiveness in their demanding market segments.On the following pages you can get to know a selection of successful abas customers from theautomotive and automotive supply industry!ABAS is a memberof the ITA (AutomotiveService Partner)Performance range: abas Business Software for the automotive and automotive supply industryCommunicationVDA, EDIFACT, ODETTE, Portal, WEB EDIOEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)Business processesLAB, FAB, LST, WAH, WBS, SPA, RNG, ZAV, GUTUserabas Business SoftwareEDL/LLZExternal service provider (ESP)/Supplier Logistik CenterPortalWeb serviceESP packing slipwithdrawal notificationLABSupplier5

Employees: 80Licenses: 25abas user since: 2007Products:Exhaust systems, sportexhausts, sport exhaustsilencersProdukte:Spritzgussteile fürInnenverkleidungenEisenmann GmbH in Hemmingen (D)www.eisenmann-sportauspuff.deProject highlights:• EDI processing accordingto VDA with Eurex C• Production control withconnection of PTR/PDCDescription of the ERP project:The product range covers all automobile manufacturers whose vehicles are especiallysuited for the custom-made, dynamic refitting with stainless steel sport exhaust silencersby Eisenmann. Increasingly strict noise and emission regulations demand flexibility andexperience in exhaust technology. For over 20 years Eisenmann GmbH has faced theserequirements successfully. The work of highly-qualified experts guarantees the proverbialbuild quality and long life of the vehicle components made in Germany. The TÜV certifiedcompany delivers almost all silencers with a TÜV certificate or EC type-approval. CAD/CAM supported development and production of tools and prototypes, as well as CNCmachining and sheet metal processing centers ensure that the fabrication of each exhaustis only of the highest quality. A thorough understanding of the fundamentals of vehicledynamics, internal combustion engine dynamics, and fluid flow mechanics and how theseprinciples interact and can be altered to improve engine performance is critical. Everycomponent of the exhaust system is meticulously calculated and optimized for each engine,vehicle and area of application.Project support: ABAS Informationssysteme GmbH, Uhingen„abas ERP was integrated into our business processes in a very short time andwithout problems. We are convinced that we have chosen the right ERP system.“Stefan Burbach, Head of Production8

Satisfied users in the automotive and automotive supply industryEmployees: 580 (group)Licenses: 85 (group)abas user since: 2004Products: Special profiles, fuel andhydraulic oil containers,plastic lamp bodies forcustomers in Europe, Asiaand AmericaElkamet Kunststofftechnik GmbH in Biedenkopf (D)www.elkamet.deDescription of the ERP project:Elkamet Kunststofftechnik GmbH based in Biedenkopf, develops and produces specialprofiles, fuel and hydraulic oil containers, as well as plastic light globes for customersin Europe, Asia and America. Continuous expansion pushed the used business softwareto its limits. Outdated data structures and resulting non-transparency of data promptedElkamet to look for a new ERP system at the end of 2002. abas Business Softwarewas selected for three key reasons: first, for its flexibility, second, for its internationalityand finally for its guaranteed future. Since abas ERP was implemented, transparency atElkamet has increased dramatically, stock levels were decreased and the rate of stockturnover has increased.Project highlights:• EDI integration• Production site in theCzech Republic• Connection of theAmerican subsidiaryProject support: ABAS Projektierung GmbH, Cologne”Each of our business areas has different production procedures and different channels of distribution.It made sense to represent these in an optimal way using the new business software.For example, three forwarders with different requirements from four business areashad to be able to work in one common scheduling module. A decisive advantage of theabas Business Software in comparison to other systems is the flexibility.Due to this, it was not necessary for us to fix the detailed planning of the system.We can make changes and adjustments at any time without losing releaseability of the system.“Dr. Ulrich Wolf, Head of IT9

Satisfied users in the automotive and automotive supply industryEmployees: 60Licenses: 12abas user since: 2010Products: Drawn, pressed, stampedparts as well as modulesfor the automotive industryProdukte:Spritzgussteile fürInnenverkleidungenEmil Fichthorn Metallwarenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG in Schwelm (D)www.fichthorn.deProject highlights:• Completely lean ERPimplementation close tothe standard• RDT communication viaEDIFACT• Shipping processing• PDC and PTR integrationDescription of the ERP project:Fichthorn is a midsize company with over 70 years of experience in the metal forming andassembly area. From creation of the concept to production of the prototype up to startof production, Fichthorn together with its customers develops products and modules tobe produced in large quantities. That way, products of very high quality are created, atan optimal price/performance ratio. Absolute delivery reliability, flexibility in every workstepand support according to customer requirements are the basis for a long-term andsuccessful cooperation. Customers from the automotive supply industry and architecturalhardware industry are successfully using drawn, pressed, stamped and formed parts andcomponents by Fichthorn in door locking systems, strut units, airbag and drive systems.In 2010 abas ERP went live at Fichthorn - the ERP system was implemented lean and closeto the standard. Data is exchanged with business partners via EDIFACT. Another highlightis the shipping processing.Project support: ABAS Projektierung GmbH, Cologne”The abas ERP function range can be learned quickly and is straightforward dueto its clear structures. The implementation concept of ABAS Projektierung hasconvinced us from the very beginning and influenced our decision to buy.Our expectations were fully fulfilled, a very consistent concept.“Michael Friotzheim, Work Preparation and Project Management10

Employees: 35Licenses: 18abas user since: 2007Products: Customer-specifictechnical elements andmodules made of rubber,rubber metal and plasticGUMMI-TECHNIK GmbH in Fellbach (D)www.gummi-technik.deDescription of the ERP project:GUMMI-TECHNIK GmbH is a specialist for the development and production of customdesignedtechnical components and assembly groups made of rubber, rubber-metalcomposites and plastic, such as anti-vibration, sealing and extrusion technology. Thecompany, founded in 1950, has become a worldwide operating company. With the abasBusiness Software GUMMI-TECHNIK was able to realize a warehouse managementsystem on scanner basis. Employees register the goods with scanners and barcode andthe information is recorded in abas ERP in real time. If someone wants to know wherewhich good is located, the ERP system will provide the information in seconds. A lot ofmoney is saved with semi-automatic entries of warehouse and goods movements. Thecompany Barcodat provides the respective scanner and antenna solution.Project highlights:• EDI integration• eBusiness solution abas eBas internal application toconnect scanners in goodsreceipt and the warehouse• Integration of QAProject support: ABAS Projektierung GmbH, Karlsruhe / ABAS Automotive GmbH”Due to the flexibility of abas ERP we are able to represent complex processesin a structured and transparent way. Especially the integration of EDI and abas eBas well as the integration of our CAQ brings considerable advantages in the daily business routine!“Philipp Wagner, Management Assistant11

Employees: 80Licenses: 18abas user since: 1994Products:Electroplating of vehicle parts;supplier for automotiveindustry, electro andelectronics industry,Produkte: mechanical engineering,Spritzgussteile construction of für heavyInnenverkleidungenmachinery, agriculturalmachines, special machinesand utility vehicle construction;surface technology servicesGALVANOTECHNIK KESSEL GmbH & Co. KG in Vechelde (D)www.galvanotechnik-kessel.deProject highlights:• RDT Automotive• Work plans for SPS control• Fully automatic connectionof production automats tocontrol and record machinecompletion confirmation data• Managing the electroplatingparameters in abas ERP• Integration of all EDIfunctions for VW/Audi• Integration of electrolytebaths with connectionto the analysis automats• Automatic control of theanalysis with optimizationof the baths• Evaluation of electrolytebaths with individual valuesDescription of the ERP project:abas Business Software is the central tool using which the company controls its productionprocesses. All functions of the abas Business Software from purchasing with purchaseorder management to warehouse management, scheduling, retailing and materialsmanagement to sales with sales order processing and accounting are being used atGalvanotechnik Kessel GmbH. The software‘s main focus is placed on production planningand control, as well as the interfaces to the electroplating plants and automatic analyzers(electrolyte bath management). The connection of the quality assurance to the ERP systemis also important.Project support: abas system gmbh, Berlin”Every time expansions or adjustments have to be carried out we realizethat we made a good choice with abas Business Software. All requirementsof our customers Volkswagen and Audi were realized quickly thanks tothe abas Business Software. Since the implementation of abas Business Software,we have quadrupled our turnover without considerably increasing personnel.Without this system we would have to have a lot more personnel andwith the existing production costs we would no longer be able to compete.“Bernd Buhse, CEO12

Satisfied users in the automotive and automotive supply industryEmployees: 160Licenses: 35abas user since: 1999Products:High performancepropeller shaftsEugen Klein GmbH in Esslingen a. N. (D)www.klein-gelenkwellen.deDescription of the ERP project:For over 40 years the company Klein has been developing, testing and producing highperformance propeller shafts in two plants in Esslingen. All release testing for productionrelease is done on numerous in-house test benches. The life expectancy is testedand simulated under different environmental conditions. If the test piece has reachedthe required life expectancy then it is further tested through extensive field testing bycustomers to ensure the results are correct. Production is continuously monitored thougha highly effective quality system. This assures that each part is problem free and of firstclass quality. All production processes are carried out to produce propeller shafts in themost environmentally friendly way possible. The design allows a reduction in material andtherefore the shafts are more energy efficient. At the end of the propeller shafts‘ lifespanit can be fully recycled and melted down to reuse the high quality steel. For large RDTcustomers the final products are scanned per mobile WLAN PC with a barcode scanner.This automatically creates packing slips, packing slip RDT, invoices and invoice RDT.Project support: ABAS Informationssysteme GmbH, UhingenProject highlights:• PDC and PTR connection,partly automatedcompletion confirmationsand quality documentationusing barcode scanner• EDI (Electronic DataInterchange) with sequenceddelivery schedules(PAB, DELJIT)• Shipping processing withautomatic packing slip andinvoice creation per mobilebarcode scanner• Connection of payrollby adata”For us, abas ERP is the central IT system. If new requirements arise we firstcheck what the abas standard can already cover or if there is something thatwe can realize using individual programming. We were thus able to avoidhaving to procure and connect other costly software systems.“Volker Laufs, Head of IT13

Satisfied users in the automotive and automotive supply industryEmployees: 60Licenses: 14abas user since: 2005Products: Series stamped parts andhigh-quality tools for theautomotive, aviation andProdukte: aerospace as well asSpritzgussteile electrical engineering fürInnenverkleidungenindustriesKölle GmbH in Vaihingen/Enz-Enzweihingen (D)www.koelle-gmbh.deProject highlights:• DMS integration• ISGUS time managementconnection• EDI integrationDescription of the ERP project:For over 75 years the company Kölle GmbH, a metal-processing company, has beenproducing high-quality tools, series stamped and bent parts for customers in theautomotive, aviation and aerospace and electrical engineering industries. As a midsizecompany with 60 employees, Kölle is able to quickly and flexibly react to its customer‘srequirements and is certified according to environmental and quality standards of theautomotive industry.Project support: ABAS Projektierung GmbH, Karlsruhe / ABAS Automotive GmbH”With abas ERP we succeeded in replacing stock levels with information;we were able to cut our internal inventory supply, from rawmaterial to finished product, in half!“Kurt Göbgen, CEO14

Employees: approx. 800(worldwide)Licenses: 120 (group)abas user since: 1997Products:Engine and drivetraincomponents for racing(Formula 1), for highperformance vehiclesand for the aviation industryPankl Racing Systems AG in Kapfenberg (AT)www.pankl.comDescription of the ERP project:Throughout the years since the ERP implementation, the system did not only convincethrough its stability, but also grew with the company. Pankl has a high demand forsoftware flexibility. The significance of the ERP system also grew for the managementin the past years because key figures play a major role for the company listed on thestock exchange. Pankl adopts the key figures of all companies of the group from theindividual clients into a management information system (business intelligence) andevaluates them. For a uniform group controlling, abas ERP provides many options throughthe group accounting module, financial accounting, fixed asset accounting or CorridorControlling.Project highlights:• Connection of thesubsidiaries in the US,Britain and Slovakia• Detailed production planningwith the integrated simcronModeller• Electronic quality controlprogramProject support: Nittmann & Pekoll GesmbH, Vienna / Austria”We have very high requirements regarding flexibility of the software sincewe have to cover very different business areas and processes and also becauserequirements change often - due to Pankl‘s growth. Generally,in the car racing industry we must, for example, work with very short periodsfrom development to supply. This means we must plan in detail and flexibly.Extremely short processing periods must also be realized. The abas Business Softwareoptimally supports us here.“Daniel Konrad, ERP Manager15

Employees: 75Licenses: 25abas user since: 2003Products: Special foamed materials,insulating foils and textilecomposite materials forheat, cold and soundProdukte: insulation, used in cars,Spritzgussteile commercial and für railInnenverkleidungenvehicles, as well as in theindustryPlastocell Kunststoff GmbH in Schifferstadt (D)www.plastocell.deProject highlights:• Short implementation period• Connection of theassociated company in Turkey• Integrated qualitymanagement• CTI connection• MultilingualismDescription of the ERP project:The company, founded in 1987, realized the missing flexibility of the installed softwareComet and in 2001 started to look for a more up-to-date ERP system which had tobe adjustable in-house. At the end of 2002 the decision was made in favor of the ABASProjektierung. By means of the implementation method, the abas Business Softwarewas gradually implemented: in July 2003 the EDI application was started, in August thefinancial accounting and the remaining areas in October of the same year. In addition to animprovement of the organizational processes, the abas ERP implementation also yieldedan increase in productivity because more processes can be processed with the sameamount of employees.Project support: ABAS Projektierung GmbH, Hockenheim”With abas ERP we are well prepared for future requirements.We want to be close to our customers. For this reason we, for example,founded our Turkish associate company and made it ready for the marketwithin 6 months. The international abas partner group has supported usconsiderably in providing, customizing and setting up EDI. The IT of bothcompany clients is managed centrally in our main plant. Every employee accessesabas ERP in his/her native language, i.e. not only in German and Turkish.“Hubert Dohn, Representative and Associate16

Satisfied users in the automotive and automotive supply industryEmployees: 250Licenses: 30abas user since: 2007Products:Pressure molding partscast in aluminum alloysRuffini S.A. in Rubí / Barcelona (ES)www.ruffini.esDescription of the ERP project:Ruffini was founded in 1964 and specializes in the casting and the mechanical processingof die-cast parts made of aluminum alloys. Ruffini serves the automotive and householdappliances industries on the Spanish and international market - always keeping in mindits philosophy to provide high quality, reliability and service. At present the group ofcompanies consists of the three companies Ruffini, ICMA and Alumec. To cope with theincreasing challenges of the automotive industry, Ruffini invested in a number of projects,one of them being a new ERP solution. In the first step abas ERP was installed at Ruffiniand Alumec. Reasons for the selection of abas Business Software were, on the one hand,the convincing presentation of the software as well as the closeness to the abas consultantand, on the other hand, the automotive-specific solutions that were already represented inthe software.Project highlights:• Integration of a qualitymanagement system(TS 16949)• EDI integrationProject support: ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica S.L., Madrid / Spain”We especially like the fact that abas ERP covers special EDI functions,as well as the container management. Furthermore, the abas ERP solution seemedto be the most sophisticated one. Further criteria were the experience and the know-howof the abas team, the price-performance ratio and the implementation method.“Agustí Álvarez, IT Manager17

Satisfied users in the automotive and automotive supply industryEmployees: 80Licenses: 15abas user since: 2007Products: Springs, bent components,label attachment loopsSpringtec Schrimpf & Schöneberg GmbH & Co. KGin Hagen-Hohenlimburg (D)www.springtec-group.comProject highlights:• Implementation method• Container management• EDI integrationDescription of the ERP project:”Intelligent cooperation, strong together“ is the motto of the Schrimpf & Schöneberg KG,the Friedhelm Nüsken GmbH, and the C.W. Hanebeck Söhne GmbH. Quality and reliabilitypay off and thus the group of companies has been expanding for years. To supportthe growth and the continuing improvement process in the companies, they did not onlyinvest in state-of-the-art machines, but also opted for the automotive component of abasBusiness Software. Implementation followed the ”7 steps“ implementation method, whichguarantees a secure and particularly economic implementation.Project support: ABAS Projektierung GmbH, Cologne / ABAS Automotive GmbH18”The abas Business Software tipped the scales with other, not so technical factors.The perfect software presentations carried out by ABAS Automotive GmbH and theABAS Projektierung GmbH from Cologne gained the highest level of approval from ourselection team. The direct contact with the future project management of the abas partnerduring the selection phase, the security of investment offered by the software provider,the flexibility and continuous further development of the solution ensuring release compatibility,the multilingualism of the software and the methodical implementation concept ofthe ABAS Projektierung all best suited our strategy, our company processes and the objectivesof our ERP migration. We are a midsize company and were looking for a competent,midsize partner company. Corporate groups are normally not interested in our requirements.With ABAS, however, we had a good feeling right from the start.”Knut Schuster, CEO

Employees: 101Licenses: 20abas user since: 2005Products: Pipe machining andfinishing for the automotiveindustrySteloTec GmbH in Mannheim (D)www.stelotec.deDescription of the ERP project:SteloTec GmbH, a fully-owned subsidiary of Daimler AG, was founded in 2005 as anindependent production company. SteloTec GmbH has since grown rapidly and, after justa short period of existence, has become one of the leading pipe machining and finishingcompanies on the international market. In addition to series production, the shop-in-shopmanufacturing system also allows production of one-off and prototype parts, which meansthat they can even meet the needs of vintage car enthusiasts. This makes the companyunique on the market. To fulfill these requirements SteloTec GmbH needed a new, efficientand highly flexible ERP system from the very beginning. The decision was made for abasBusiness Software. Especially the automotive component and very short implementationprocesses, together with a competent support, convinced the project team. Today, SteloTecGmbH provides most modern production technologies, tailored solutions, quick realizationas well as absolute reliability, also based on the performance of the abas ERP software.Project highlights:• Methodical implementation• Individual adjustments• Fast ROI• Achieved benefit• Simple connection ofspecial solutionsProject support: ABAS Projektierung GmbH, Hockenheim”The great customizing options and simple ways of connecting establishedthird-party systems convinced us. All new production concepts and customerrequirements could so far be successfully realized. New functionalities are alsoadded through the regular abas ERP upgrades that can be carried out withunmatched speed. Connected with a high system stability, our abas ERP softwareis one of the pillars of our success. For the size of our company this is the right system.“Sascha Theimer, IT Coordinator19

Employees: 50Licenses: 9abas user since: 2005Products:Production of sheet metalparts and modules for theautomotive industrySYMANZIK GmbH & Co. KG in Osnabrück (D)www.symanzik.deProject highlights:• Automation of processes(e.g. scheduling, shipping)• Integrated shipping planning• Individual screen andfunction design for moreefficient sales orderprocessing• Individual lists andevaluations• Standardized database(ERP/FinAcc)Description of the ERP project:SYMANZIK is a midsize family company located in Osnabrück. It produces pressed, deepdrawn and stamped parts as well as turned and milled components for the automotiveindustry. Quality and delivery reliability are of utmost importance for SYMANZIK. The companyis growing and expanding. In 2005, the previously used business software reachedits limits because the old system could no longer be customized in a cost-efficient way.Consequently, SYMANZIK started to look for a new business software. As a result of themigration SYMANZIK wanted a more efficient order processing, reduction of IT costs anda permanent development of organization, supported by the new software. These goalscould be achieved with implementation of abas Business Software.Project support: ABAS Projektierung GmbH, Minden20”Since the go live of abas Business Software we have increased our revenue by 40%, but did not have tohire new employees in administration. The software is so flexible that we are always able to permanentlyrepresent our requirements and those of our customers. This was realized through reorganization of ourinternal and external processes using abas ERP. Thanks to continuity of data, transparency and abilityto provide information has increased in the company. Time-consuming and error-prone double entries alsocease to exist. Production also works more efficiently and relieves the employees during the growth process.This has positive effects on the cost structure and liquidity. Through the automotive component integratedin the software, we were able to achieve added value in production and business processes. We also increasedour service quality and delivery reliability with abas Business Software. abas ERP actively supports ourcontinuous improvement process. And most important: customer satisfaction is also growing steadily.“Sandor Winter, Head of IT

Satisfied users in the automotive and automotive supply industryEmployees: 280Licenses: 10abas user since: 2005Products: Test and analysis tools forthe automotive industry,system integration,engineering consultingTelemotive AG in Mühlhausen i.T. (D)www.telemotive.deDescription of the ERP project:Telemotive AG is a specialist in the area of complex networked systems such as LIN, CAN,FlexRay, MOST and Ethernet for the international automotive industry and provides premiumengineering services, product development and own products. The midsize companywas founded in 2000 and presently employs 280 people. Since 2005 Telemotive AG has beenusing the ERP solution by ABAS to manage its continuous growth. The selection was madefor abas ERP since the standard function range is already sufficient to effectively use thesystem and because customized adjustments or expansions can be carried out successively.This is perfect for a dynamic and growing company. At present the system is used forcontrol, and for the controlling of all business areas. In the production area Telemotive AGis using a dedicated lot management and thus keeps a detailed overview which device andwhich components are on customer location. Customers of Telemotive AG are national aswell as international automotive manufacturers and suppliers which require quick supportfor questions or problems. Telemotive AG is a member of MOST Cooperation and GENIVIAllianz and has been ISO 9001 certified since 2003. The »Great Place to Work ® Institut« hasawarded Telemotive AG in 2011 for the 4th time in consequence with the ”Germany‘s BestEmployer“ award.Project highlights:• Possibility to representand calculate complexprojects easy and clearly• Working with own lots andexternal lots (serial numbers)• Lot tracking via infosystemfrom the incoming lot tothe finished productProject support: ABAS Informationssysteme GmbH, Uhingen”abas ERP is a flexible tool for dynamic midsize businesses.“Markus Knogl, Management Assistant/Head of Finances/System support and organization abas ERP21

Software from a midsizebusiness for midsize businessesThe core competence of ABAS Software AG is the development of flexibleERP and eBusiness software for midsize companies. The ABAS company wasfounded in 1980 and has now become an international group of companies with50 abas partners in 30 countries. ABAS covers the entire range of small andmidsize businesses from 4 to 400 ERP users.Corporate philosophy: „The Spirit of ABAS“Satisfaction, quality, and service go together – ABAS is guided by this principle in its dailywork. The main idea is that ABAS customers can concentrate on what is of most importanceto them: their core business. ABAS lives with its users and looks for the constructive dialogwith them, their suggestions give important impetus for the further development of abasBusiness Software. Directness and trust contribute to a continually profitable cooperation.ABAS has proven this for over 30 years.22

Solid economic basisABAS has always relied on a stable economic basis. It is the requirement to invest ininnovations and for long-term planning. For over 15 years ABAS has been profitable. Thestrategy of the sustainable development in connection with independence of banks andinvestors is important for ABAS in the future.Global partner network through common dedicationABAS has assembled a global network of qualified implementation partners: about 50 abassoftware partners in 30 countries worldwide know the requirements of their local markets.They guarantee short reaction times and high service quality. With the international abasimplementation methodology which has been proven in numerous projects, ABAS ensuresimplementation success even across borders.23

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