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Olympic SprintersIs There an Ideal Height andWeight ?

PurposeThe purpose of this assignment was to compare and contrastthe height’s and weight’s of Olympic sprinters to their results inthe 100m race. In doing so, I would be able to identify anyrelationships in the information and determine if there is anoptimal height and weight.Thesis StatementI think that the taller an athlete is, the larger an advantagehe/she has over their competitors. With an increase in heightusually comes an increase in leg length, and therefore longerstride length. As for weight I felt a moderately high level wouldbe necessary to take in account their muscle mass, but after acertain point an excess of weight would hinder theirperformance.ProcessWith the Olympics being the largest international sportsfederation it was easy to find information. I collected secondarydata from several credible websites and analyzed the data thatrelated to my topic.

Quarter-final QualifiersBeijing 2008-By TimeRankAthleteTime (s)Ht. (in)Wt. (lbs)RankAthleteTime (s)Ht. (in)Wt. (lbs)1Usain Bolt9.927718920Naoki Tsukahara10.23711652Churandy Martina9.996916322Matic Osovnikar10.2471172245Richard ThompsonAsafa PowellDarvis Patton9.9910.0210.046475741761941702224Aziz ZakariRange:241.01 secondsAndrey EpishinAndrew Hinds10.2410.2510.256670641501811766Marc Burns10.057317026Obinna Metu10.27651487Kim Collins10.077014527Vicente Lima10.31651458Walter Dix10.086919628Jose Moreira10.326816799912Michael FraterTyson GayQ1Francis ObikweluTyrone Edgar10.0910.0910.0910.167687772148165198185IQR2830300.24s30Simeon WilliamsonSimone CollioAnson HenryJenris Vizcaino10.3210.3310.3310.3373717269Q320916318114813Samuel Francis10.117118733David Rodriguez10.357015614Derrick Atkins10.147319434Pierre Browne10.366915614Jaysuma Ndure10.147516134Tobias Unger10.367115916Martial Mbandjock10.167318536Nobuharu Asahara10.377016717Craig Pickering10.187218536Daniel Grueso10.377117418Olusoji Fasuba10.216715638Kai Hu10.47217618Ronald Pognon10.217217639Dariusz Kuc10.467315020Daniel Bailey10.236817040Darrel Brown10.9369174

Quarter-final Data AnalyzedMean Time: 10.22 sMedian Time: 10.23 sMode: 10.09 s and 10.33 sStandard Deviation of Time: 0.17 seconds

Quarter-final QualifiersBeijing 2008-By HeightRankAthleteTime (s)Ht. (in)Wt. (lbs)RankAthleteTime (s)Ht. (in)Wt. (lbs)1Usain Bolt9.927718936Daniel Grueso10.37711749Francis Obikwelu10.09771987Kim Collins10.07701454145Asafa PowellJaysuma NdureDarvis Patton10.0210.1410.0475757419416117024Range:3313 inches36Andrey EpishinDavid RodriguezNobuharu Asahara10.2510.3510.377070701811561676Marc Burns10.05731702Churandy Martina9.996916314Derrick Atkins10.14731948Walter Dix10.086919616Martial Mbandjock10.167318530Jenris Vizcaino10.336914828391217Simeon WilliamsonDariusz KucTyrone EdgarCraig PickeringQ110.3210.4610.110.187373727220915018518534IQR 4094 in20Pierre BrowneDarrel BrownTyson GayDaniel BaileyQ310.3610.9310.0910.236969686815617416517018Ronald Pognon10.217217628Jose Moreira10.326816730Anson Henry10.33721819Michael Frater10.096714838Kai Hu10.47217618Olusoji Fasuba10.216715613Samuel Francis10.117118722Aziz Zakari10.246615020Naoki Tsukahara10.237116526Obinna Metu10.276514822Matic Osovnikar10.247117227Vicente Lima10.316514530Simone Collio10.33711632Richard Thompson9.996417634Tobias Unger10.367115924Andrew Hinds10.2564176

Quarter-final Data Analyzed Cont.Mean Height: 70.4 inMedian Height: 71 inMode: 71 inStandard Deviation of Height: 3.17 inches

Quarter-final QualifiersBeijing 2008-By WeightRankAthleteTime (s)Ht. (in)Wt. (lbs)RankAthleteTime (s)Ht. (in)Wt. (lbs)28Simeon Williamson10.32732096Marc Burns10.05731709Francis Obikwelu10.097719820Daniel Bailey10.23681708414Walter DixAsafa PowellDerrick Atkins10.0810.0210.1469757319619419436Range:2864 lbs20Nobuharu AsaharaJose MoreiraNaoki Tsukahara10.3710.3210.237068711671671651Usain Bolt9.92771899Tyson Gay10.096816513Samuel Francis10.11711872Churandy Martina9.996916316Martial Mbandjock10.167318530Simone Collio10.337116312173024Tyrone EdgarCraig PickeringAnson HenryAndrey Epishin10.110.1810.3310.25Q17272727018518518118114341833Jaysuma NdureIQRTobias UngerOlusoji Fasuba25.5 lbsDavid Rodriguez10.1410.3610.2110.35Q37571677016115915615618Ronald Pognon10.217217634Pierre Browne10.366915638Kai Hu10.47217622Aziz Zakari10.24661502Richard Thompson9.996417639Dariusz Kuc10.467315024Andrew Hinds10.25641769Michael Frater10.096714836Daniel Grueso10.377117426Obinna Metu10.276514840Darrel Brown10.936917430Jenris Vizcaino10.336914822Matic Osovnikar10.24711727Kim Collins10.07701455Darvis Patton10.047417027Vicente Lima10.3165145

Quarter-final Data Analyzed Cont.Mean Weight: 170.75 lbsMedian Weight: 170 lbsMode: 176 lbsStandard Deviation of Weight: 16.26 lbs

Finals Participants’ AnalysisLooking at the athlete’s who qualified for the finals, Iused their heights and weights, to calculate their BMIand graph them against their race times.RankNameTime (s)Height (in)Weight (lbs)BMI1Usain Bolt9.697718922.42Richard Thompson9.896417630.23Walter Dix9.916919628.94Churandy Martina9.936916324.15Asafa Powell9.957519424.26Michael Frater9.976714823.27Marc Burns10.017317022.48Darvis Patton10.037417021.8Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measurement of a relativepercentage of fat and muscle mass in the human body.I used the calculation to get a general body compositionof each athlete.Mass (kg)BMI=Height (m) 2

Finals Participants’ Analysis Cont.Weight (lbs)Heig h t (in)Athlete Height vs. TimeR 2 = 0.051280757065609.6 9.7 9.8 9.9 10 10.1Time (s)Athlete Weight vs. Time R 2 = 0.19432001901801701601501401309.6 9.7 9.8 9.9 10 10.1Time (s)These low R 2 values ofboth graphs show thelinear lines ofregression have reallyweak correlationsbetween the twovariables, height andweight, and theathlete’s times.This indicates that theheight and weight ofthe runner has veryminimal, if any, effecton their result in arace.

Finals Participants’ Analysis Cont.3530Athlete BMI vs. TimeR 2 = 0.0165BMI252015109.6 9.7 9.8 9.9 10 10.1Time (s)This graph confirms that the bodycomposition of the athlete has nocorrelation to their results.

Z-Score AnalysisHeightWeightRankAthleteZ-scorePercentileRankAthleteZ-scorePercentile1Usain Bolt2.088698th1Usain Bolt1.136387th2Richard Thompson-2.02532nd2Richard Thompson0.326862nd3Walter Dix-0.443033rd3Walter Dix1.572294th4Churandy Martina-0.443033rd4Churandy Martina-0.482531st5Asafa Powell1.455692nd5Asafa Powell1.447692nd6Michael Frater-1.075914th6Michael Frater-1.41658th7Marc Burns0.822779th7Marc Burns-0.046648th8Darvis Patton1.139287th8Darvis Patton-0.046648thThese z-scores confirm the lack of correlation between theathletes’ body composition and their race results. As you cansee, Usain Bolt who is in the 98 th percentile for height andRichard Thompson of the 2 nd percentile, still finished 1 st and 2 ndin the same race. Meanwhile, an athlete like Micheal Frater whowas among the 3 smallest runners in the quarterfinals, withheight and weight percentiles of the 14 th and 8 th respectively,still made it to the finals and finished 6th.

Trend Analysis and DataFor my trend analysis I researched and found informationregarding the 100m Finals heats from each of the past 6Summer Olympics, a span of 20 years. Using thisinformation, I calculated the mean time result from eachyear in order to make a prediction for the upcomingSummer Olympics.2008 Beijing, ChinaName Time (s) Ht. (in) Wt. (lbs)Usain Bolt9.69 77 189Richard Thompson 9.89 64 176Walter Dix9.91 69 196Churandy Martina 9.93 69 163Asafa Powell9.95 75 194Michael Frater9.97 67 148Marc Burns10.01 73 170Darvis Patton10.03 74 170Mean: 9.92s2004 Athens, GreeceName Time (s) Ht. (in) Wt. (lbs)Justin Gatlin9.85 73 183Francis Obikwelu 9.86 76 198Maurice Greene 9.87 69 176Shawn Crawford 9.89 70 179Asafa Powell9.94 75 194Kim Collins10 70 146Obadele Thompson 10.1 72 161Aziz ZakariDNF 70 161Mean: 9.93

Trend Analysis Data Cont.2000 Sydney, AustraliaName Time (s) Ht. (in) Wt. (lbs)Maurice Greene 9.87 69 176Ato Boldon9.99 69 165Obadele Thompson 10.04 72 161Dwain Chambers 10.08 71 183Jon Drummond 10.09 69 165Darren Campbell 10.13 72 183Kim Collins10.17 70 146Aziz ZakariDNF 70 161Mean: 10.05s1992 Barcelona, SpainName Time (s) Ht. (in) Wt. (lbs)Linford Christie 9.96 74 207Frankie Fredericks 10.02 71 161Dennis Mitchell 10.04 69 154Bruny Surin10.09 71 179Leroy Burrell10.1 72 181Olapade Adeniken 10.12 73 172Ray Stewart10.22 70 161Davidson Ezinwa 10.26 72 181Mean: 10.1s1996 Atlanta, United StatesName Time (s) Ht. (in) Wt. (lbs)Donovan Bailey 9.84 72 181Frank Fredericks 9.89 71 161Ato Boldon9.9 69 165Dennis Mitchell 9.99 69 154Michael Marsh 10 70 165Davidson Ezinwa 10.14 72 181Michael Green 10.16 69 161Linford Christie DSQ 74 207Mean: 9.99s1988 Seoul, South KoreaName Time (s) Ht. (in) Wt. (lbs)Carl Lewis9.92 74 176Linford Christie 9.97 74 207Calvin Smith 9.99 70 152Dennis Mitchell 10.04 69 154Robson da Silva 10.11 74 163Desai Williams 10.11 69 159Ray Stewart 12.26 70 161Ben Johnson 9.79 70 165Mean: 10.34s

Trend Analysis PredictionTime (s)10.410.310.210.1109. Seoul1992 BarcelonaMean Finals Time vs. YearR 2 = 0.9031996 Atlanta2000 SydneyYear2004 Athens2008 Beijing2012 LondonThis graph shows a strong negativecorrelation, indicating the trend to bedecreasing over time. Using this analysis, Ipredict the mean finals time in 2012 will bearound 9.87 seconds.

Probability and Odds QuestionThe format for the Summer Olympics 100m event begins with80 athletes who participate in the qualification round.Following the quarter and semifinal rounds, only 8 athletesmake it to the finals.Question: What is the probability and odds that an athletewho qualifies for the 100m event, makes it to thefinals?Answer:P=880Odds =8:72= 0.1=1:9= 10%

Conclusion• I determined that my thesis was wrong asthere was no relationship between theheight and weight of an athlete and theirtime.• I figure that although a taller athlete has alonger stride length compared to a shorterathlete, the shorter athlete can compensatefor that with shorter, quicker strides.


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