DEED Awards 05
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DEED Awards 05

DEED:: Demonstration of Energy-Efficient Developments 2005 Call for EntriesEnergy Innovator AwardAward of Continued Excellence

The DEED AwardsEach year the Demonstration of Energy-EfficientDevelopments (DEED) program presents two awardsthat recognize outstanding utilities whose leadership,projects, and programs embody the spirit of the DEEDprogram. Support of research, development anddemonstration projects that are creative, innovative,efficient, and promote conservation are just someof the key activities and qualities characterized bywinners of DEED’s Award of Continued Excellenceand Energy Innovator Award.All DEED members are eligible to apply for thesetwo prestigious awards. You may also nominate otherDEED member utilities.Recognition through an award not only honorsyour utility, but also raises its profile and enhances itsimage. These awards are an opportunity to impressyour customers, community, and industry colleagueswith your utility’s accomplishments.Nominators will receive confirmation of entrywithin seven business days. Contact Michele Ghosh,DEED Program Manager at 202/467-2960 with any questions or concerns.Good Luck!Refer to the DEED Policy Manual for more details on these awards.The manual can be found at, Research &Development (DEED), What is DEED?Applications may be submitted on-line or download an applicationform for editing purposes from the website at,Research & Development (DEED), DEED Awards.Award of Continued ExcellenceThe ACE Award was established in 2000by the DEED board of directors in honorof the program’s 20th anniversary. Theaward recognizes a DEED member utilitythat has demonstrated continued commitment tothe DEED program and its ideals. These include, butare not limited to: support of research, developmentand demonstration projects, commitment to energyefficiency,use of renewable resources, and support ofpublic power.2005 Award PresentationOne ACE award is presented each year. This year’spresentation will take place during the 2005 APPAEngineering and Operations Technical Conference inMemphis, Tennessee, April 20–21, 2005.EligibilityDEED members in good standing for the last five yearsare eligible for nomination for the ACE Award. DEEDmembers may nominate their own utility or anotherDEED member utility.JudgingThe DEED ACE Award winner is chosen by asub-committee of eligible members from theDEED board of directors.Nomination Questions■■■■How many years has the utility been a memberof the DEED program?Outline the ways that the utility has been activein the DEED program. Examples include, but arenot limited to: their involvement with grants, scholarships,board representation, and encouragingothers to join the program.In what other ways has the utility supportedresearch, development and demonstration outsidethe DEED program? Examples include, but are notlimited to: EPRI membership and support of othersimilar organizations.Explain other ways that the utility has supportedthe ideals of the DEED program, particularly theircommitment to energy-efficiency, investigation anduse of renewable resources, and support ofpublic power.

2004 Award Recipients2004 ACE Award WinnerMoorhead Public Service (MPS), MinnesotaAs a founding member of the DEED program,MPS has supported a range of university andutility projects that promote energy conservation,energy efficiency, and alternative powertechnologies over the years. MPS has been anactive member in DEED’s grant and scholarshipprogram by pursuing utility scale projects aswell as sponsoring university students doingenergy related research projects. MPS is knownfor its two other notable programs, “Lighten Up”and Capture the Wind. The former is an energyefficient lighting program and the latter is theirwind turbine project. As a member of otherorganizations and partnerships within Minnesotaand the Midwest region that promote energyefficiency and improvements to the environment,MPS has shown its continued commitmentto the ideals of the DEED program.2004 Energy InnovatorAward WinnersCity of Manassas, VirginiaBroadband Over Power Lines (BPL)The City of Manassas’ use of BPL technology todeliver high-speed internet access through standardelectric outlets marks an innovativeapproach to delivering telecommunications servicesto their customers. The BPL equipmentallows for the delivery of communications signalsacross medium and low-voltage electricsystems. The network management systemused to monitor and control the BPL networkdoubles as a power outage monitoring system.Manassas is also investigating many efficiencyimprovinguses of the communications network.Cuyahoga Falls Electric System, OhioBuilding Energy Efficiency Leadershipin a New Energy EraCuyahoga Fall’s citywide campaign to prioritizeenergy efficiency, renewable energy, and conservationtouches the whole community. Whileinfrastructure improvement is a key element ofthe program, education of residents of all agesis the foundation of the initiative. The city hastrained and equipped teachers, four middleschools now have 1kW photovoltaic arrays, freecompact fluorescent light bulbs are offered tocustomers, and residents can now use an interactiveon-line tool to create customized energyprofiles to save energy.City of Riverside Public Utilities, CaliforniaMetrolink Train Station Parking Lotand Autumn RidgeThe Metrolink Train Station Parking Lot andAutumn Ridge highlight Riverside Public Utilities’innovation and dedication to renewable energy.By adding photovoltaic panels during the expansionof a commuter parking lot and during therevitalization of a low-income apartment complex,Riverside is generating electricity fromsolar energy and reducing pollution. The parkinglot’s 140 new, covered parking spots encouragescommuting and customers at AutumnRidge have seen their electric bills reduced by$35–$40 per month.2004 Energy InnovatorAward JudgesSen. Dale BumpersPartner, Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn, PLLCand former Governor and long-term Senator ofArkansasJames ConnaughtonChairman, Council onEnvironmental QualityKateri CallahanPresident, The Alliance to Save EnergyJimmy GlotfeltyDirector, Department of Energy, Office of ElectricTransmission & DistributionLynn HargisEnergy Attorney, Public CitizenU.S. Rep. Michael RogersState of MichiganProfessor Jacqueline Lang WeaverA.A. White Professor of Law, University ofHouston Law Center

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