Spring 2012 Vol. 19:1 - The Master's Seminary


Spring 2012 Vol. 19:1 - The Master's Seminary

Spring 2012 Vol. 19:1The Glorious Gospel

2Spring 2012Vol. 19:1ContentsPage 3Page 5MantleThe Master’sI Never Would Have ThoughtJohn MacArthur, D.D., Litt.D.PresidentAlumni Ministry:Josiah GraumanLife at TMSDirector ofAdmissionsRay Mehringerpreaches atChapel: “A JoyfulDisposition forGod’s Men”Page 6Page 8Page 9The Secret of ContentmentBoard Profile: For the GospelFrom Seminary Staff toSeminary WifeProfessor NathanBusenitz andstudents enjoyingfellowship overlunchPage 10Page 11Alumni Ministry:Milton VincentServants of Christ forthe GospelTMS Alum Trains Gypsy PastorDr. Bryan Murphytalking with one ofhis students. TMS iscommitted to highfaculty-studentinvolvement.Dr. MacArthurdelivers thecommencementaddress at the2011 TMSGraduationThe Master’s Mantle is published biannually by The Master’sSeminary, 13248 Roscoe Blvd., Sun Valley, California91352. The Master’s Seminary exists to advance the kingdomof the Lord Jesus Christ by equipping godly men aspastors and/or trainers of pastors for excellence in serviceto Christ in strategic fields of Christian ministry.The Master’s Seminary does not discriminate on the basisof race, color, age, nationality, non-disqualifying handicaps,or ethnic origin in its admission policies, educationalpolicies, employment policies, services, or scholarship andloan programs. The Master’s Seminary is fully accreditedby the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. VisitThe Master’s Seminary website at www.tms.edu.Copyright 2012 The Master’s SeminaryFor a FREE subscription to The Master’s Mantle, or forinformation on how you can support the effort to traingodly men for gospel ministry, contact us at www.tms.edu.Dr. John MacArthurPresidentDr. Richard L. MayhueExecutive EditorDr. Irvin A. BusenitzEditorDr. Dennis M. SwansonManaging EditorBrand newgraduates of TMSgoing all over theworld to ministerthe glorious gospelof ChristOn the cover: Dr. Paul Felix, AssociateProfessor of New Testament, instructs men in Greekexegesis in order to preach the gospel with clarity andskill. A biographical sketch of Dr. Felix can be foundat www.tms.edu.We Train Men as if Lives Depended on It.

3I Never WouldHave ThoughtJohn MacArthur, D.D., Litt.D.PresidentIt’s absolutely incredible! Who would have everthought that the church would becomeconfused over the content of the gospel? I neverimagined it could happen. When I came out ofseminary, I could not have dreamed I would haveto spend a significant portion of my ministrytrying to make the gospel clear to the churchitself. As a result, I found myself compelled towrite The Gospel According to Jesus and The GospelAccording to the Apostles.The apostle Paul would not tamper with themessage of Christ, and neither should we. Hemade no effort to somehow make the gospelacceptable or free of offense. Paul’s gospelministry often made people furious, angry, andhostile, but he never compromised the message.In 2 Corinthians 4, Paul notes how he suffered forthe sake of “the gospel of the glory of Christ”(verse 4). The gospel is a glory that transcendseverything else. In describing this glory, Paul givesseven insights into this glorious gospel.First, the glorious gospel demonstrates the superiorityof the New Covenant. Paul says, “Thereforesince we have this ministry” (4:1). Referencingchapter 3, Paul compares the glory of the Law ofMoses to the glory of the New Covenant.TheLaw of Moses had a glory since it was a directreflection of the nature of God, but it was also a“ministry of condemnation” (3:9). But, “if theministry of condemnation has glory, much moredoes the ministry of righteousness abound inglory” (3:9). The New Covenant gives life, righteousness,and hope. Prior to Paul’s DamascusRoad conversion, he lived to persecute Christiansas a fastidious legalist. Paul counted all this aspersonal gain, until he met Christ and realized itwas worthless (Phil 3). Discovering the reality ofthe New Covenant was an incredible breakthrough,a glorious dawning, for a hopelesslegalist. Once the glory of the New Covenantdawned in the Old Covenant Pharisee, he wasnever the same again. In light of this, Paul says,we do not tamper with the message (4:2). Anyonewho has ever really understood the glory of salvationwould not alter it. We do not need to givepeople some minimalist or truncated understandingof the gospel. They need to be given thefull glory of the gospel, the superior NewCovenant.Second, the glorious gospel enables embracingministry as a mercy (4:1). Preaching the gospel ofChrist is not a right; it’s a mercy. As Paul says ofhimself, God “strengthened me because heconsidered me faithful, putting me into theministry, even though I was formerly a blasphemerand a persecutor and a violent aggressor,yet I was shown mercy” (1 Tim 1:12). I am in theministry because God is merciful. My strengthhas not earned this right and my weakness willnot forfeit it. It is a mercy, in spite of my failuresand weaknesses. Pastors who burn out in ministrydo so because of unmet expectations. They getweary in well-doing because of unrealistic expectationsof what they think they deserve. In starkcontrast, every waking day the Lord gives us toproclaim His gospel is nothing but mercy.Third, the glorious gospel affirms the necessity of apure heart. While ministry is a mercy, that doesnot give room for sin. Paul writes: “We haveWe Train Men as if Lives Depended on It.

4renounced the things hidden because of shame”(4:2). How can anyone possibly affirm the gloryof the gospel and then live like a hypocrite? If weunderstand the glory of the gospel, then we arecompelled like Paul to the purity that is consistentwith the gospel. When you really believe in theglory of the gospel, you want your life to be purebecause you want to be a vessel of honor to theLord, fit for the Master’s use.Fourth, the glorious gospel compels a commitmentto preach the Scripture accurately. If we believe inthe glory of the gospel, we do not contaminate itin any way. Rather, we are to manifest the truth(4:2). This manifestation of the truth has a selfevidencingpower. Even if the truth is rejected, itcommends itself to the conscience. In Jesus’parable of the sower, Jesus says absolutely nothingabout the sower, whether he spread the seed withhis left or right hand, or anything about thesower’s bag. This is a parable about the state of thesoil in which the seed is thrown. We do not dosoil work; that is the job of the Holy Spirit. Weare not in charge of results. We are simply tomanifest the truth of the glorious gospel. Even ifthe gospel “is veiled, it is veiled to those who areperishing” (4:3). That is the default position ofthe entire human race. The solution to this issimply that “we do not preach ourselves, butChrist Jesus as Lord” (4:5).Fifth, the glorious gospel enables us to embrace thebenefits of suffering. In verses 8–12, Paul gives anemotional account of his suffering for the gospel.His comment that “death works in us” is the key:the greater your sacrifice, the stronger youbecome. In 2 Corinthians 12, he explains that hewas given a “thorn in the flesh, a messenger ofSatan to torment me—to keep me from exaltingmyself ” (12:7). The word “thorn” is actually aspear, a lance, rammed through his otherwiseproud flesh. This messenger of Satan is bestdescribed as the demon leader of the false teacherswho were blasting away at the church in Corinth,which Paul loved and consequently felt as thougha stake were being driven through his own heart.The glory of the gospel lets us understand thebenefits of suffering, so that we can join Paul inaffirming that “I will rather boast about my weaknesses,so that the power of Christ may dwell inme” (12:9).Sixth, the glorious gospel obliges us to grasp thenecessity of conviction. Showing his convictionconcerning the gospel, he quotes from Psalm 116:“having the same spirit in faith, according to whatis written, ‘I BELIEVE, THEREFORE ISPOKE,’ we also believe, therefore we speak”(4:13). When we proclaim the truth, the truthcreates its own enemies. This is the essence ofintegrity in the proclamation of the gospel. If thegospel is true, then we have a mandate toproclaim it. We believe; therefore, we speak. Thisis spiritual manhood, to speak with conviction.Finally, the glorious gospel places future rewardover present difficulty. After declaring his intentionto continue preaching with conviction, Paulasserts his heavenly perspective of the gospel. Heknows that “He who raised the Lord Jesus willraise us also with Jesus and present us with you”(4:14). The ministry of the gospel will result inthe “giving of thanks to abound to the glory ofGod” (4:15). Just as “we do not lose heart” (4:1)because of the mercy of the gospel ministry, Paulconcludes with a declaration of his future reward:“Therefore, we do not lose heart…for momentary,light affliction is producing for us an eternalweight of glory far beyond all comparison”(4:16–17). Paul is looking ahead to that which isas yet unseen, that which is eternal.The gospel is the message, the good news of the gloryof Christ. And we can never compromise thismessage. The glorious gospel is a unique, magnificentmessage that thrills and encourages ourhearts, causing us to exclaim that “God, who said,‘Light shall shine out of darkness,’ is the One whohas shone in our hearts to give the Light of theknowledge of the glory of God in the face ofChrist” (4:6). ■We Train Men as if Lives Depended on It.

5Alumni Ministry“Go into all the world and preach thegospel to all creation.” —Mark 16:15JOSIAH GRAUMANChrist’s Prophetic Plansfor the FutureChrist’s Prophetic Plans provides a clearbiblical explanation for the interpretiveapproach to Scripture that results in aknowable futuristic view of Christ’s millennialreign on earth. It shows the certaintyof God’s promises to future Israel andthe crucial differences between Israel (asa people and a nation) and the NewTestament church. Edited by TMSPresident John MacArthur and TMSSenior Vice President and Dean RichardMayhue, this primer on FuturisticPremillenialism will greatly deepen yourunderstanding of Scripture. You will beblessed by God as you learn and obey thethings of biblical prophecy (Rev 1:3; 22:7).Christ’s Prophetic Plans will be released inMarch 2012 and is available through GraceBooks International at www.gbibooks.comor by calling 1-800-472-2315. ■When Josiah Grauman (M.Div. ’07) arrived atTMS, he had been blown about by every wind ofdoctrine. “It wasn’t until I was trained to fall inlove with the thought that God is magnificentlygreater than my capacity to understand Him thatI began to experience peace.” Now, looking back,Josiah is tremendously grateful to TMS for thedeep understanding of Scripture that he wasgiven. And he immediately put it to good use.While at TMS, he was a Chaplain with theLos Angeles County University of SouthernCalifornia Healthcare Network. The year beforegraduating, Josiah married his wife, Crystal.Following graduation, Josiah and Crystal spent2½ years as missionaries in Mexico City, andhave now returned to minister with the Institutode Expositores of Grace Community Church,where Josiah serves as dean and instructor,training local Spanish-speaking pastors and layleaders in all areas of pastoral ministry. Josiah andCrystal have one child in heaven and threechildren with them, Abigail, Noah Jay, and Silas. ■We Train Men as if Lives Depended on It.

7guidance fled as fast as the roaches. Hurdlingheadlong into a downward spiral, we selfishlytried to control the situation so it would go theway we wanted. To pull out of that spiral, weneeded to be reminded that we were called“according to His own purpose” (2 Tim 1:9)—saved for God’s purpose and what He wanted toaccomplish in our lives. Contrary to Rom8:28–29, we wanted it to work out for ourcomfort rather than for our transformation. Onewriter notes, “Holy living seeks God’s viewinstead of the self-centered view. Holinessexpects to find God involved in every facet oflife. Holiness turns us from self-pleasing answerstowards pleasing God.”Second, when our expectations were not met, wepanicked, trying to manipulate the situation toget what we thought we deserved. In doing so,we became dissatisfied with what God had givenus. Contrary to the world’s perspective, contentmentstarts not in our situation but in our minds.Paul’s perspective was “For me, to live is Christ,and to die is gain” (Phil 1:21). Often ourperspective is “to live is to gain!” Focusing oneternal things requires us to live knowing everythingbelongs to God—using what God hasentrusted to you for things eternal; to bethankful; to ask God for wisdom to use what youhave in a way that pleases Him; and to pray forgrace to let go of unnecessary temporal desires.Third, blinded by our situation, we were tryingto seek a way out. We were determined to findan alternative—the easiest path for us. No longer“setting our minds on things above” (Col 3:2),we allowed our circumstances to make us thinkwe were victims. Hard times eroded our confidencein God’s sovereign providence. Theapostle Paul’s example reminds us that we needto detach ourselves from our circumstances, “tobe content in whatever circumstances I am.”Ultimately, it all came down to our confidence inGod’s sovereign providence and a divineperspective on our circumstances.And fourth, rather than relying on our ownpower, contentment requires resting on God’spower. Paul says, “I can do all things throughHim who strengthens me.” We love the firstpart. But it is the second part that makes the firstpart possible. God promises that you can doeverything He wants you to do, not everythingyou want to do. So, the ultimate question is,“what does God want you to do?” That’s thequestion Hue Chon and I had to answer, andthat’s the question we all need to answer. Whatdoes He want to do in, with, and through ourlives? Where is your confidence? What are yousatisfied with? What is your perspective oncircumstances in your life? And what is thesource of your strength? ■“I can do all thingsthrough Him whostrengthens me.”Philippians 4:13We Train Men as if Lives Depended on It.

8For the past 20 years, David Wismer has servedfaithfully on the board of The Master’s Collegeand Seminary. David and Mary Anne Wismerare pictured here with the “boys”—Titus,Timothy, and Theophilus.For the GospelThe keen mind of an analyst and the lovingheart of an evangelist. This describes theunique union of David and Mary Anne Wismer.Both natives of New Jersey, David and MaryAnne met on a blind date, beginning what hasbeen a 52-year journey together, including threechildren and eight grandchildren. David came tosalvation in Christ at the age of 16 during anevangelistic service at his local Methodist churchin New Jersey. Mary Anne was raised in theLutheran church but did not feel she had everheard the true gospel. In her 30s Mary Annebegan a search for the truth which lasted severalyears. Speaking to numerous pastors who couldnot answer her questions, she finally heard a televisionpreacher who used a phrase she had neverheard: “You must be born again.” Hungry forspiritual nourishment, and living in SouthernCalifornia, David and Mary Anne were introducedto the ministry of John MacArthur atGrace Community Church, and began attendingand serving faithfully in 1976.David became an expert in Control Systems,earning a Ph.D. in the field. Starting his owncompany as a computer control systems engineer,David developed financial software that wouldeventually be used by over 20 state treasurers’offices and hundreds of local municipalitiesnationwide. He is a problem-solver, gifted byGod in seeing the big picture of a challenge anddesigning solutions. He has used this gift in manyways, including saving his mother’s retirementhome from bankruptcy with creative management,and developing systems and programs forThe Master’s College that dramatically increasedenrollment and financial security. David also hasa compassionate heart for individuals. He lovescounseling and mentoring younger men, prayingwith them and leading them in godly wisdom.David, Mary Anne, and their eight grandchildrenA devoted wife, mother, and grandmother, MaryAnne has the heart of a Bible student and evangelist.Also gifted in music, she sang with theCleveland Symphony Orchestra Chorus underthe direction of Robert Shaw and speaks fondlyof those years. She loves to read and loves to learn.A graduate of Logos Bible Institute at GraceCommunity Church, she was active for manyyears in Every Women’s Grace, Titus Two, andHeart to Heart ministries. She loves reading andstudying from her extensive theological library,including all of John MacArthur’s books. MaryAnne is passionate about sharing the gospel andusing creative means to do so. She is continuouslysharing her faith in Christ with others, whether afellow traveler on a plane, or the clerk at the localgrocery store. Her enthusiasm for evangelism iscontagious and her love for the Lord apparent tothose with whom she shares.We Train Men as if Lives Depended on It.

9of God’s Word for the coming generations. Everthe encourager, David is fervent in his desire thatbelievers know that “God’s grace is sufficient toovercome any adversity.” Mary Anne’s passion isthat all Christians would become more active to“share, and teach God’s Word to the lost.” TheMaster’s Seminary is grateful for David and MaryAnne for both their God-given talents andcompassionate hearts devoted to the work of thegospel of Christ. ■The historic Shamrock Ranch, now hometo the WismersWhile on a trip to Israel, David and Mary Annegot to know Dick and “B” Mayhue, which led togetting to know John MacArthur. RecognizingDavid’s gifting and his passion for the gospel,John asked David to serve on the Board ofDirectors of The Master’s College and Seminary.David has served faithfully for 20 years since thattime. He led the way and set the example inraising funds for the current TMS equippingcenter and library which has served us so well forthe past 14 years.The Wismers now live in the shadow ofColorado’s Pikes Peak on the beautiful ShamrockRanch, which they have used for years to be ablessing to others. Inspired by Dick Mayhue’ssuggestion, David turned an abandoned 1909 icehouse on the property into a model railroadwonderland. David and Mary Anne continue todesire to be used by the Lord, David in his leadershipwith TMS and the Institute for CreationResearch where he serves on the Board ofTrustees, and Mary Anne with every individualshe encounters. They share a passion for thetraining of godly men for service to Christ. As thenumber of seminaries faithful to the Scripturesshrinks, their prayer is that TMS remains steadfastwith a devotion to the expository preachingFrom Seminary Staffto Seminary WifeBeginning in 2000,Tanya Ten Pas servedfaithfully at TheMaster’s Seminary asAdministrative Assistantto the Dean,until God’s providencein the form ofa new seminary student stepped in. Havingjust begun his M.Div. program at TMS, GregHauser met Tanya on the campus of TMSin August of 2010. By October they wereengaged, and were married in January of2011. Now married for a little over a year,they are praying together to be able tominister overseas once Greg graduates.Greg often says, “Our ‘yes’ is on the tableand God can put it on the map.” Althoughwe are sorry to lose Tanya as a staffmember at TMS, we are excited andthrilled for the Hausers as they beginan exciting new chapter in their livestogether, which is also now accompaniedby little Benjamin Donald, born this pastDecember!We Train Men as if Lives Depended on It.

10Alumni Ministry“For I am not ashamed of the gospel,for it is the power of God for salvationto everyone who believes.” —Romans 1:16MILTON VINCENTA Gospel Primer for ChristiansTMS graduate Milton Vincent publishedA Gospel Primer for Christians in 2008,and the book has been a blessing to countlessbelievers in Christ. In a creative andthoughtful flow, Vincent presents the gospelin four sections. In the first Scripturesaturatedsection, he reminds us of over 30reasons to rehearse the gospel in our lives. Inthe next two sections, he presents the gospelin beautiful narrative and then in movingpoetry. Finally, Vincent shares his own testimonyand the impact of the gospel in his lifewell after his conversion and entrance intofull-time ministry. John MacArthur writes,“This small but meaty overview of the gospel isa wonderful resource. It is an ideal tool forintroducing people to the gospel message for thefirst time. And because it is such a thoroughdigest of gospel truth, it is also a useful handbookfor seasoned believers—both a reminder of whatis truly important and an encouragement tokeep the gospel in sharp focus.” A Gospel Primerfor Christians is available through GraceBooks International at www.gbibooks.comor by calling 1-800-472-2315.Milton Vincent (M.Div. ’91) has served as thepastor-teacher of Cornerstone Fellowship BibleChurch of Riverside, California, for the past 20years. Through Milton’s faithful shepherding,Cornerstone has become a purposefully gospelfocusedfellowship, teaching that the gospel is of“first importance” (1 Cor 15:1–3) in the life of thebeliever. Pastor Milton is grateful for his training atTMS: “The Master’s Seminary strengthened my lovefor God’s Word and my ability to exegete the Wordand preach it to others, giving me a great grasp oftheology and how to bring theological truth to thepractical issues of life and ministry.” Having a heartfor the Christian family, he is passionate aboutseeing men in his church be faithful shepherds athome. Staying true to his love of the gospel, Miltonexpresses, “May God be eternally praised for Hisprecious gift of the gospel, which is ‘the power ofGod…for all those who are believing.’” Milton hasbeen married to his wife, Donna, for 24 years. Theyhave been blessed with four children, Brooke,Brendan, Benjamin, and Brianna, ranging from 21 to14 years of age. ■We Train Men as if Lives Depended on It.

11Servants of Christfor the GospelThe Lord Jesus uses His servants as buildingblocks of effective ministry to spread thegospel and feed His sheep. TMS greatly appreciatesBurton and Dolores Michaelson for theirlifetime of significant impact. Three stories illustratetheir faithfulness.Long before The Master’s Seminary began on thecampus of Grace Community Church, the elderboard met in 1969 to finalize calling a new pastor.They decided on 29-year-old John MacArthur,and Burton was one of the elders who made thatdecision. It was then that John’s vision for trainingmen began, which eventually gave birth to TMS17 years later.Second, as a long-time local contractor, Burtonled the efforts in building almost every GraceCommunity Church building prior to the TMSbuilding in 1998. For the past 25 years, seminarycourses have been taught in classrooms built byBurton for Grace Community Church. Thesefacilities have been used to train over 1,200 menplus the 400 current students preparing for gospelministry.Finally, in an effort to support Dr. MacArthur’svision to spiritually feed the body of Christ,Dolores started the church library. That corecollection of several hundred books eventuallybecame available to The Master’s Seminary for itsbeginning in 1986. Now there are more than250,000 volumes, a wonderful resource in thehigh-level training of men now serving all overthe world. The Michaelsons’ love for TMSstudents has grown as steadily as the seminaryitself. They are always the first to ask for theannual Senior Testimonies CDs, and it is theirhabit to listen to them each evening as they go tosleep. Over the past 25 years, TMS has beenblessed to attract thousands of supporters, bothfriends who faithfully give little and friends whohave been able to give much. Burton and DoloresMichaelson have provided an example for all tofollow. In service, prayer, and giving, they havebeen building blocks in the ministry, doing allthey can to assist us as “We Train Men as if LivesDepended on It.” ■Original Grace Community Church members(from top left): Burton and Dolores Michaelson,Shirley Smith, Marie Bacon, Emarie andSam BrittonTMS Alum Trains Gypsy PastorTMS graduate Todd Dick has had the joyof seeing the Lord work in a surprisingway. The Roma (known as Gypsies) are adespised ethnic group in Europe. Danijel, aGypsy from Slovenia, came to faith in Christand found himself in Todd Dick’s church onthe border of Croatia. Todd took Danijel intohis home and began discipling him. Now,seven years later, Danijel has graduated fromBible college and with Todd’s help has planteda church back in Slovenia, an almost entirelyCatholic city. We praise the Lord for Hiswork!We Train Men as if Lives Depended on It.

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