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NPH International Family Fall 2008 - Friends of the Orphans

NPH International Family Fall 2008 - Friends of the Orphans

Our Worldwide

Our Worldwide CommunityStaff and ProgramsIf there is to be peace in the world,There must be peace in the nations.If there is to be peace in the nations,There must be peace in the cities.If there is to be peace in the cities,There must be peace between neighbors.If there is to be peace between neighbors,There must be peace in the home.If there is to be peace in the home,There must be peace in the heart. --Lao Tzu (570-490 B.C.)Donna Egge with the early educationMontesorri Teachers at NPH Honduras.Digyana, fourth from the right, iscompleting her year of service afterstudying elementary education in highschool. Digyana also lived and workedpart-time at Little Steps Daycare Center,an outreach program of NPH Honduras.The program offers affordable childcareand educational programs for singleworking mothers.Peace Education for Our Children and StaffA joint proposal of the Peace Education Foundation [PEF] and NPHI, this pilotproject seeks to provide justice and peace education training and curricula inconflict resolution (i.e., community building, peace rules, dynamics of conflict,role of perception, anger management, and communication skills), peermediation, and early childhood education to the NPH homes in El Salvadorand Honduras.“If we can begin with our youngest children to teach conflict resolution skillsand how to live peacefully in an ever more violent world, then the possibilityexists for our children to be agents of change. As Fr. Wasson dreamed, theycould then be the change within their own families and communities outsideof NPH,” explains Donna Egge, educator for NPHI Family Service Team.The NPHI Family Service Team will coordinate the onsite arrangements for fullfaculty and staff training at each location. The Peace Education Foundation,a US-based leader in conflict resolution training with significant experiencetraining in Latin America, will send teams to each location to conduct trainingworkshops and provide grade specific curricula and materials to the schoolsand conflict resolution materials for staff. NPHI Family Serviceswill also recruit implementation teams of five persons from eachlocation. Each team will be responsible for implementation andfollow-up in their respective homes. The goal of this initiativeis to promote violence prevention strategies for the wholecommunity and staff development designed to enhance theculture of justice and peace in each home.“We are seeing a rise in violent behaviors within our homes,attributed primarily to the rise of violence worldwide and inthe communities/cities and countries where we are raising ourchildren. For this reason, our homes, staff and oldest pequeñosare asking for tools and curriculum that will teach conflictresolution skills, communication skills and anger managementstrategies within a climate of peace and justice. We believe thatby investing in a model that includes grade level materials, suchas the Peace Education Program offers, we can provide anin-depth, ongoing, sustainable program that will address theviolence prevention needs of all our children and staff for yearsto come,” states Donna.The Peace Education Foundation Program is an approved NPHI program thatwe would like to offer to all of our nine homes. Due to travel and materialcosts we are looking for funding to begin this program in two homes.Please contact Monica Gery at: for more information or viewthe project listed on our website at: www.nph.orgHow to Help/ Projects/International Education/ INT-08010.

News from EuropeDenmarkIrelandFrance ItalyGermany SpainNetherlandsBelgiumAustriaSwitzerlandNPH Germany Launches Online ShopUNSERE KLEINEN BRÜDER UNDSCHWESTERN Germany is implementinga new online fundraising It is an onlineshop where you can find items such asshoes, t-shirts, eggs, seeds, etc., which ourhomes urgently need. Like in a real onlineshop, you can look at different “products”and chose the ones you would like topurchase for the children. The chosengoods, you can easily donate online viadirect debit or remittance (payment viacredit card will come up soon). MartinWeissberger, a volunteer in charge ofMyGoodShop, will coordinate that exactlythose items are bought. Furthermore,Martin will make sure that your “purchase”gets to the children as soon as possible,and he will correspond in return by emailwith a photo.Can you imagine a more direct andtransparent way to support our children?The German actress Lara Joy Körnerloves the idea of direct and transparentdonations through our shop. She wastotally enthusiastic about the project andwill be the patron for MyGoodShop.The first home that will start this brandnew fundraising tool in cooperation withUKBS Germany will be NPH Honduras.A special thanks to National Director,Stefan Feuerstein and his team for startingas the pilot project. Please visit and give the new art offundraising a try! See you there.Contributed by Nicole PoodyFundraising Director Direct Mail andOnline, UKBS GermanyThis fall, we welcomed a new memberto our NPH Family, NPH Denmark.They have established a bank accountand are in the process of receivingnon-profit status. The presentBoard members are Grete Plaehn(secretary), Leif Jensen (bookkeeper)and Mogens Vibe (spokesman). Othermembers are Per Sommer, RasmusSommer, Britta Johnstone and HelleKristensen.They have already received somesmall donations but their goal isto establish 50 more contacts tohelp support the organization withnetworking and fundraising.To contact NPH Denmark, their emailaddress is: andwebsite is: www.nphdenmark.orgThey are working on translating thehome page and other documents.We wish them an excellent start!From our FriendsNPHI Board meets the Friends of the Orphans National BoardIn October, the NPH International board and Friends of the OrphansNational board held a joint meeting to discuss numerous topicsregarding building a better understanding and working relationship.Between both boards thetime frame of association andinvolvement with NPH spannedfrom 2 to 45 years.One board member mentionedthat she has been on six otherboards and that she neverfelt part of a family like she doeswith NPH. “That’s what makesus special, you are joining andexpanding the family whichmakes us very different fromother non-profits.”Since the meeting was such asuccess, the boards hope tomeet on a yearly basis.Photo left to right top: Esq., James A. Vallez, Ryan Egge, Father PhilCleary, John Smith, Father Rich Prendergast, Kristen L. Smith and AlexDaniels. Left to right front row: Dr. Pilar Silverman, Tina Wells, SusanHammel, M. Virginia “Ginger” Perry/Vice Chair, Kathy Standing/Chair,Donna Egge, Sharon Saxelby. Not shown: Claire H. Topp/Treasurerand Michael Gibbs and Hernando Manrique.Photo left to right: Fernando Gres, NPHI AssociateDirector, Miguel Venegas, NPHI Director of Finance,Reinhart Koehler, NPHI Director of Family Services,Heiko Seeger, Exeutive Director, NPH Germany,Father Richard Frechette, National Director NPFSHaiti, Dr. Michael Maccoby, Board Secretary, BernardG. Greer, NPHI Administrator, Father Philip C. Cleary,NPHI President.Not shown: Nancy Krafft Moyer, Board Vice Presidentand Treasurer, Dee Campbell, Director Major andPlanned Gifts, Friends of the Orphans SW, RafaelBermudez, National Director NPH Mexico.

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