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Brand MarkThe part of the brand that is a symbol or brand name – it may include dis4nc4ve coloring or le@ering. It usually is not spoken

BrandingTrade character –Brand mark with human form or characteristics.Ex:Jolly Green Giant,Pillsbury Doughboy,Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger

BrandingTrademark Brand name, brand mark, trade name, tradecharacter, or a combination of these that is givenlegal protection by the federal governmentTrademarks are followed by a registeredtrademark symbol

Importance of Branding• To build product recognition and customer loyalty• To Ensures quality and consistency• To Capitalize on brand exposure

Types of Brands• National Brands –owned and initiated bymanufacturers. Ex: General Electric, Heinz, andMotorola.• When consumers buy food products, they buymanufacturer brands nearly 75 percent of the time.

Types of BrandsPrivate Distributor Brands – Private Brands, StoreBrands, or Dealer Brands – owned and initiated bywholesalers and retailers. Ex: Radio Shack and Kmart,Craftsman, PublixThis type of brand can be controlled by retailers and ityields the highest profits.

Types of BrandsGeneric Brands – represent a general productcategory and do not carry a company or brandname.The packaging only describes the product –“pancake mix” or “paper towels ”Often pricedbelow branded products

What does Branding mean to mybottle project?What is your Brand Name? Do you have a Brand Mark? Do you have a Trade Character? Is your product Na4onal, Private, or Generic?

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