IPv6 Test Methodology for IPv6 Summit


IPv6 Test Methodology for IPv6 Summit

April 12, 2004—China IPv6 SummitIPv6 Test MethodologyDean LeeProduct Manager, Ixia818-444-3687, dlee@ixiacom.com

AgendaIPv4 to IPv6 Migration StrategyIPv6 Conformance TestIPv4/IPv6 Forwarding Functional & PerformanceTestIPv6/IPv4 Tunneling TestRouting Performance and Scalability TestMoonV6 Test ResultSummary

IPv4 to IPv6 Migration StrategyIntegration andCoexistence with IPv4NetworksTunnelingTranslation – SIIT, NAT-PT, BIS…Dual-stack Routers and Backbone

Key Areas for TestingDual Stack Routers will be heavily used to support:IP4 and IPv6 Packets forwardingTunnelingAddress and protocol translationNew routing protocols – OSPFv3, ISISv6, RIPng, BGP4+It is critical to make sure the DS Router is able to:Forward IPv4/IPv6 packets (forwarding test)Interoperate with other equipment (conformance test)Comply with various IPv6 standards (conformance test)Perform reliably well under heavy loading (performance test)

IPv6 Conformance TestCarefully review IPv6 standards line by line to create alibrary of automated test cases – IPv6 Conformance TestSuiteThoroughly verify every single feature defined by RFCConduct Conformance Test to assess of interoperabilityFind bugs during design cycle, not at customer site!!Provide baseline for regression testHelp service providers and network operators identifyinteroperability issues

IPv6 Technology – Over 60 RFCsRFC3056RFC3053RFC3041RFC3019RFC2928RFC2921RFC2894RFC2893RFC2874RFC2767RFC2766RFC2765RFC2740RFC2732RFC2711RFC2710RFC2675RFC2590RFC2553RFC2545RFC2529RFC2526RFC2497RFC2492RFC2491Connection of IPv6 Domains via IPv4 CloudsRFC2474 Definition of the Differentiated Services Field (DS Field) in the IPv4 and IPv6IPv6 Tunnel BrokerHeadersPrivacy Extensions for Stateless RFC2473 Address Autoconfiguration Generic Packet Tunneling IPv6 in IPv6 SpecificationIP Version 6 Management Information RFC2472 Base IP for Version The Multicast 6 over PPP ListenerDiscovery ProtocolRFC2471 IPv6 Testing Address AllocationInitial IPv6 Sub-TLA ID AssignmentsRFC2470 Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Token Ring Networks6BONE pTLA and pNLA Formats (pTLA)RFC2467 Transmission of IPv6 Packets over FDDI NetworksRouter Renumbering for IPv6RFC2185 Routing Aspects of IPv6 TransitionRFC2466 Management Information Base for IP Version 6: ICMPv6 GroupTransition Mechanisms for IPv6 Hosts and RoutersRFC2080 RIPng for IPv6RFC2465 Management Information Base for IP Version 6: Textual Conventions andDNS Extensions to Support IPv6 Address Aggregation General Group and Renumbering RFC2030 Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) Version 4 for IPv4, IPv6 and OSIDual Stack Hosts using the Bump-In-the-Stack RFC2464 Transmission Technique of (BIS) IPv6 Packets RFC1981 over Ethernet Path MTU Networks Discovery for IP version 6Network Address Translation RFC2463 - Protocol Translation Internet (NAT-PT) Control Message RFC1924 Protocol (ICMPv6) A Compact for the Representation Internet Protocol of IPv6 AddressesVersion 6 (IPv6) SpecificationStateless IP/ICMP Translation Algorithm (SIIT)RFC1888 OSI NSAPs and IPv6RFC2462 IPv6 Stateless Address AutoconfigurationOSPF for IPv6RFC1887 An Architecture for IPv6 Unicast Address AllocationRFC2461 Neighbor Discovery for IP Version 6 (IPv6)Format for Literal IPv6 Addresses in URL'sRFC1886 DNS Extensions to support IP version 6RFC2460 Internet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6) SpecificationIPv6 Router Alert OptionRFC1884 IP Version 6 Addressing ArchitectureRFC2454 IP Version 6 Management Information Base for the User Datagram ProtocolMulticast Listener Discovery (MLD) for IPv6RFC1881 IPv6 Address Allocation ManagementRFC2452 IP Version 6 Management Information Base for the Transmission ControlIPv6 JumbogramsProtocolRFC1810 Report on MD5 PerformanceTransmission of IPv6 PacketsRFC2450over Frame RelayProposedNetworksTLA andSpecificationNLA RFC1809 Assignment Rule Using the Flow Label Field in IPv6Basic Socket Interface ExtensionsRFC2428for IPv6FTP Extensions for IPv6 and NATsUse of BGP-4 Multiprotocol ExtensionsRFC2406for IPv6IP EncapsulatingInter-DomainSecurityRoutingPayload (ESP)Transmission of IPv6 over IPv4RFC2402Domains withoutIP AuthenticationExplicit TunnelsHeaderReserved IPv6 Subnet AnycastRFC2401AddressesSecurity Architecture for the Internet ProtocolTransmission of IPv6 PacketsRFC2375over ARCnetIPv6NetworksMulticast Address AssignmentsIPv6 over ATM NetworksRFC2374An IPv6 Aggregatable Global Unicast Address FormatIPv6 over Non-Broadcast MultipleRFC2292Access (NBMA)AdvancednetworksSockets API for IPv6

Sample IPv6 Test SuitesImportant RFCs customers wish to testIPv6 (RFC 2460)Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Ethernet Networks (RFC2464)IPv6 over PPP (RFC 2474)ICMPv6 (RFC 2463)Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (RFC 2462)Path MTU Discovery (RFC 1981)Neighbor Discovery Protocol (RFC 2461)Multicast Listener Discovery (RFC 2710)Tunneling (RFC 2529, RFC 2893, and RFC 3056)We implemented the test suite with 572 test cases!!IPv4 and Routing Test Suites(IPv6 & IPv4) arealso available for testing DS routers

Forwarding Functionality and PerformanceFunctionalityObjectivesVerify the DUT candeliver IPv4 and IPv6packets correctlyInputPacket headerand payloadPacket lengthOffered loadResultsHeader and payloadintegrity checkPacket lossPerformanceCharacterize theperformance of DUTin simultaneousforwarding of IPv4and IPv6 trafficPacket lengthOffered loadIPv6/IPv4 mixed ratioPacket lossThroughput andlatency

Tunneling Functionality6to4 tunnelGRE tunnelMPLS tunnelISATAP tunnelObjectivesVerify correctencapsulation anddecapsulationbetween IPv6 andIPv4InputOffered loadPacket lengthPacket headers andpayloadAddress rangeResultsHeader and payloadintegrity checkPacket lossAddress translation

Tunneling PerformanceIPv6 addressIPv4 packetsMPLS packetsGRE packetsIGP IPv4 NetworkMPLS tunnelGRE tunnelISATAP tunnelObjectivesCharacterizeperformance inencapsulating anddecapsulating IPv6tunneled trafficInputOffered loadPacket sizeAddress rangeResultsPacket lossThroughputLatency

Routing Performance and ScalabilityObjectivesForwardingInformation BaseRouting ScalabilityRoute ConvergenceRouting StabilityInputSize of simulatednetworkFlapped routes,frequencyNumber of routesNumber of LSAs/LSPsOffered loadPacket sizeResultsPacket loss

MoonV6 Test Configuration

MoonV6 Test Configuration – After Link Down

Test Result – Convergence

SummaryDS Routers will carry many new features:TunnelingTranslationNew Routing ProtocolsConformance test is critical to assessinteroperability between vendor’s IPv6 designProper functional and performance tests arerequired to verify the new IPv6 data plane of DSRouterThe new routing protocols need to becharacterized for performance and scalability

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