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When Innovation & Nature Combine - Abemec

When Innovation & Nature CombineVS 30

VS 30 BENEFITSSelf propelled, self loading mixerTHE FASTEST CHOPPER IN THE WORLDthat boasts the advantage of maintaining fibrestructure for all your roughageUNIFORMITYThe mix is homogenous and consistentevery timeFEATURESCLAMP FACE MANAGEMENTOne step operation, reduces dry matterlosses of forages & uniform loading.LOADING ALL FEED TYPES WITHHIGH ACCURACYThe VS30 is the first twin vertical auger self-propelled mixer manufactured by RMH. Based on theVS design, the VS30 has the additional mixing auger and two driving axles at the rear. It is a superball-in-one mixer for the large scale farmer or contractor. It is the first self-propelled mixer to havethree axles which enables it to carry the load according to transport regulations. The VS30 is ableto cut clamp silage to a height of 7 metres.STANDARD SPECIFICATIONT r a i l e rM o d e lV o l u m eD i m e n s i o n s ( M )M 3 H e i g h t L e n g t hBottomWidthTopH PVS 3030 3.50 10.50 2.45 3.00 270EASY ACCESS TO ENGINEFOR SERVICINGSAVE COST ַAND TIMELoading, mixing, transporting and discharge allwith one machineThe company reserves the right to make alterations which may affect the above specifications

When Innovation & Nature CombineRMH - TMRwww.rmhmixer.comIndustrial Zone SderotP.O.B 105, 80100, IsraelTel : 972-8-6891121Fax : 972-8-6899147Email : sales@lachish.comprinted 04/2008

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