School Prospectus 2011-12 - The Hollins Technology College

School Prospectus 2011-12 - The Hollins Technology College

A Welcome to ourProspectusWelcome to The Hollins Technology College. I hope you find thisprospectus interesting and informative. It is designed to give you aflavour of what we at The Hollins Technology College have to offerand what we stand for.Our overarching aim is for all our pupils to be safe, happy andsuccessful, developing as individuals into caring, responsible citizenswho are able to make an effective contribution to life in the 21stcentury. Each pupil is encouraged to achieve their best in thepursuit of excellence. High quality teaching and learning, takingplace in a safe, supportive environment provides the foundationfrom which our pupils develop.If you believe in hard work, in the pursuit of the highest possibleacademic, personal and moral standards, in the development offully rounded caring individuals with lively, enquiring minds,underpinned by a whole school ethos of care, respect and supportfor others, then join us at The Hollins Technology College.If you would like to see the school in action, please contact us – wewill be delighted to offer you a warm welcome.Steve CampbellHeadteacher“An exceptionally high regard for pupils’ personaldevelopment and well-being, coupled with a strong dutyof care, are at the very core of the school’s work andsuccess. A special atmosphere of calm pervades theschool as a result.”Ofsted 2011

Achieve and EnjoyWe provide a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum for allour pupils, delivered in a relevant and engaging way. Our aim isthat the pupils should leave our care with qualifications reflectingtheir maximum potential and the skills to continue to learnthroughout their lives.High quality learning and teaching is at the heart of our successand we are committed to providing a range of learning experiencesboth within and outside the classroom. We want our pupils to enjoytheir learning, to be excited and engaged, playing an active part intheir academic and personal development.The achievement of our pupils has been exceptional over recentyears in virtually every key measure. For example, based on thenumber of pupils achieving 5 or more A*-C grades including Englishand maths, achievement has been consistently in the top 1% or2% of schools over recent years. The large majority of our pupilsperform significantly ‘better than expected’ compared to thetargets generated nationally based on their attainment on entry tothe school.Our success is achieved within a warm, supportive environment inwhich pupils develop as a whole person. Relationships betweenstaff and pupils are the cornerstone of our success and learningtakes place within an ethos of care, co-operation and mutualrespect. High standards and high expectations are at the heart ofall we do.“There is a clear mutual respect between staffand pupils, which contributes significantly to thecalm and purposeful learning atmosphere.”Ofsted 2011

Care, Guidance and SupportEnsuring pupils feel safe, respected, valued and happy are prerequisitesto them developing into successful, confident adults.At The Hollins Technology College we are proud of the supportive andcaring atmosphere we provide for our pupils. We have a strongpastoral system overseen by a Deputy Headteacher, five Year Coordinatorsand teams of form tutors who normally stay with theirtutor groups throughout the five years to ensure a continuity ofrelationship between tutor, pupil and parents. With this continuity oftutors and year coordinators, staff really get to know pupils and this‘family’ atmosphere supports them to achieve their full potential.All pupils are set realistic but challenging targets in each subject areaand progress is underpinned by a rigorous programme of monitoringand intervention to ensure pupils know how well they are doing andwhat they need to do to improve. Assessment information is sharedwith parents and success is celebrated on a regular basis.In addition, we have strong teams who provide support to a widerange of young people in an equally wide range of contexts, including:Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, two Pupil Support Managers,Learning Mentor, Counsellor, Attendance Team and Extended ServicesCo-ordinator in addition to a large team of teaching assistants.Pupils are encouraged to accept responsibility and make positivecontributions to the school, as well as the wider community. All pupilsare encouraged to become involved in our Active Citizenship schemewhich promotes school and community involvement. Pupils across theschool are involved in a wide range of extra-curricular activities,charity events and peer mentoring. Each tutor group elects arepresentative to the Year Council and there is a thriving SchoolCouncil which gives pupils opportunities to contribute to whole-schoolissues.“The outstanding care, guidance and supportprovided to pupils reflect the school’s stronglyinclusive ethos.” Ofsted 2011

Learning EnrichmentWe believe that learning does not stop at the end of the school day,and often the most profound and memorable experiences occur inactivities that take place outside the classroom.There are a wide range of opportunities for pupils to take onadditional responsibilities in school such as School Councilrepresentative and prefects and this is supported by all pupils strivingto achieve the Active Citizenship in Schools Award (ACIS), an integralpart of their Record of Achievement. The ACIS certificate provides avehicle for recognising pupils’ contribution to service delivered to theschool and/or the wider community. Each year we raise a substantialamount of money for charity with pupils identifying worthy causes andtaking part in a number of voluntary fund-raising activities.In addition there is an increasingly varied provision of extra-curricularactivities which develop individual interests and talents including:choir, music group, clubs in history, science, maths, languages, ECOschools, Greenpower Car Challege, school productions, fashion shows,dance festivals, young performer of the year, Pop Idol, drum club,festival of music, small film club and radio club.Sport is an important part of school life, with the emphasis uponpersonal and collective achievement and enjoyment. Our strong sportsteams are regular winners of local and district competitions. We prideourselves on our outdoor facilities for sport and the outstandingachievements of our pupils in athletics at district level.Each year pupils participate in numerous visits and excursions thatserve to bring the curriculum to life and promote the enjoyment oflearning.Currently we offer a range of visits including a ski trip, an outwardbounds trip to Tower Wood plus visits to London, France and thetheatre.We have developed our global links through a visit to China andpartnership working with schools in Sri Lanka.

Partnership With ParentsWe believe that a close relationship between school andhome is vital to pupils’ success. We encourage parents tobecome involved in the education of their children,contribute to the life of the school and developpartnerships which will provide a strong foundation for theprogress and achievements of our pupils.We have a well established, thorough and effectivecalendar of activities and communications with parentswhich supports the achievement and development of allour pupils. The calendar includes: Year 6 transition eveningfor parents and pupils, Year 7, meet the tutor evening,Introduction to Key Stage 3 Evening, Parents’ Evenings forall year groups, termly reports (two interim and one fullreport), Options Evening for Year 9 pupils, Year 9Progression to Key Stage 4 interviews, Introduction to KeyStage 4 Evening and Year 10 Review Meetings. In addition,Year Co-ordinators review the tracking on a termly basiswith a member of the Senior Leadership Team and contactparents of pupils where achievement or progress isrecognised as outstanding, or if there is a cause forconcern.Our Home-School Agreement sets out how we will worktogether so that each pupil can gain the maximum benefitfrom their time at The Hollins Technology College. Wehave an ‘open door’ policy and encourage parents to comeinto school if they have any concerns.“Pupils express real pride in their school and anoverwhelming majority of parents and carers reportthey are happy with their childs’ experience. Oneparent summed up the ethos of the school when shecommented, ‘It is precisely because people keepbelieving in my daughter that she’s finally started tobelieve in herself.’ ” Ofsted 2011

The Hollins Technology CollegeSTRIVETOSUCCEEDStrive to Succeed

AdmissionsThe admission number to the school in September 2011 was 158.Places are allocated in accordance with criteria for community schools inLancashire.The following priorities apply:-i. Children in public care.ii. Siblings of children already attending the school at the time of transfer.iii. Children whom the county council accepts have exceptionally strongmedical, social or welfare reasons for admission.iv. Geographical location.

UniformThe uniform is straightforward and kept as inexpensive as possible. Parents are urged toencourage their children to take pride in their personal appearance. Pupils who fail to wearthe correct uniform may be sent home to change. Earrings, studs, bracelets and other forms ofjewellery are a hazard in practical classes and are not allowed in school. Should you wish yourchild’s ears, or other body parts, pierced, please ensure that this is done in plenty of time forjewellery to be removed for school. For Health & Safety reasons your child will not be allowedto remain in school with this in place.UNIFORM LISTTROUSERS Black "school" trousers.SKIRT Years 7–11 Knee length, black box pleated skirt.SHIRT Year 7–10 Official Hollins logo white polo shirt.Year 11 Official Hollins logo blue polo shirt.Year 11 (Prefect) Official Hollins logo red polo shirt.SWEATSHIRTSSOCKSSHOESYear 7–10 Black embroidered "Hollins" sweatshirtYear 11 Blue embroidered "Hollins" sweatshirt- with skirts white.Plain black tights may be worn as an alternative.- with trousers black.Plain black "school" shoes only. (Black velcro-fastening trainer style shoesare not acceptable). Shoe laces must be plain black.OUTDOOR COATS Outdoor coats should be plain in colour i.e. not patterned and without largelogos. No casual jackets, hooded tops or any other outer garment madefrom sweatshirt material.P.E. UNIFORM (GIRLS)Polo-shirt - black body, amber paneland white pipingHoodied sweatshirt - black body, amber paneland white pipingPLAIN black shortsSocks - The Hollins on vertical stripe down the sockin black and goldPlain black tracksuit bottomP.E. UNIFORM (BOYS)Polo-shirt - black body, amber paneland white pipingRugby shirt – black body. Amber paneland white pipingPLAIN black shortsSocks - The Hollins on vertical stripedown the sock in black and goldAll kit will be embroidered left chest and right leg with ‘THE HOLLINS SPORT’ logoNOTE: As an optional extra predominantly black track suits may be worn for outdoor P.E. atthe teacher's discretion.If a headscarf is worn, it must be either plain black or white and it must not cover the schoolbadge on the sweatshirt.SCHOOL UNIFORM SUPPLIERS: Abbey Street Shopping Centre, t/a VIJ Bros.,2-4 Abbey Street, Accrington (next to main Post Office)ALL UNIFORM BROUGHT INTO SCHOOL SHOULD BE MARKED CLEARLYWITH THE OWNER'S NAMEExtreme hairstyles can be both a distraction and intimidating and therefore hairstyles shouldbe appropriate for school. Tram lines or any other designs cut into the hair are not allowed.Decisions regarding inappropriate hair styles will be at the headteacher’s discretion.Denims and jeans are NOT PERMITTED, nor are thin "jackets", or hooded tops, as a substitutefor proper outdoor coats. As stated above - pupils must wear plain black school shoes - trainersare not acceptable (black velcro-fastening trainer style shoes are also not acceptable).

AttendanceIt is extremely important that children attend school every dayif they are to achieve their potential. We would ask parentsthat if at all possible holidays are arranged during schoolholidays. In accordance with government guidelines theschool’s policy at KS3 is to exercise discretion in authorising upto ten days holiday if certain criteria are met. At KS4 parentsare strongly advised against taking pupils on holiday. GCSEmodules now take place throughout Years 10 and 11 in manysubjects. Taking pupils out of school during term time canseriously jeopardise their results. We will only authoriseholidays for pupils in those years under exceptionalcircumstances. Pupils taking holidays in term time must catchup on any work missed.If a pupil is absent for any reason parents are asked totelephone school by 9.30a.m. If the school has not beeninformed we will try to contact you to ascertain the reason forabsence (please do try to contact us first!) If an absence islikely to be prolonged parents should contact school so thatwork can be provided.In extreme cases of poor attendance the school may have topursue the issuing of a fixed penalty notice or initiate courtproceedings.Teaching and LearningThe curriculum at The Hollins Technology College is constantlyunder review to ensure that pupils have access to the widestrange of opportunities available to prepare them for adult life.All National Curriculum subjects are taught in both Key Stagesand a number of Optional Subjects, including an increasinglywide range of vocational subjects, are offered in Years 10and 11.“Pupils make good progress in lessons and allshow an excellent attitude to learning”.(Ofsted 2011).Pupils are placed in teaching groups at the start of Year 7based on the KS2 information and our own tests carried out inschool. Pupils are taught in mixed ability groups for designand technology, physical education and in ability groups for allother subjects, which are reviewed regularly to ensure thatchildren are in a class appropriate to their ability.Key Stage 3:Pupils study English, mathematics, science, French, design andtechnology, geography, history, art, music, drama, physicaleducation, religious education, citizenship, ICT and Learningto Learn. A second language is offered to most pupils fromyear 9.Pupils’ personal, learning and thinking skills are furtherenhanced by ‘Theme Days’ when normal lessons aresuspended and they work in smaller groups on a topical theme.The full range of subjects on offer at KS4 can be seen in theexam results.All pupils in both Key Stages are provided with personal, socialand health education covering issues such as careerseducation, study skills, sex education, drugs education,economic awareness, social responsibility and bullying as wellas elements taught during tutor periods, across the curriculumand through visits from outside agencies.“Procedures for setting challenging targetsand tracking pupils’ progress are very welldeveloped and contribute significantly topupils’ good academic progress”.Ofsted 2011

Special Educational Needs & DisabilitiesWe recognise that some pupils experience learning difficultiesand we do our utmost at The Hollins Technology College toaddress these. Additional support is assigned to those pupilswho have a Statement of SEN or who have been described byparents or primary school staff as in need of extra support ormonitoring. The SEN policy and handbook provides details ofthe way the school identifies, assesses and supports pupils withspecial educational needs. Year Co-ordinators, Form Tutors andrelevant staff are also regularly updated regarding pupilsadditional needs.Where the need for additional help is identified, the school willdevise an Individual Education Plan (IEP) after discussion withpupils, parents and our SENCO (Special Needs Co-ordinator).THE ACCESSIBILITY PLANThe team of Teaching Assistants work with identified,individual pupils in addition to supporting learning within theclassroom, behavioural and social needs.The school is committed to inclusion and to preventing childrenwith disabilities being treated less favourably than other pupils.We have an accessibility plan covering future policies forimproving access to the school for pupils with disabilities and aDisability Equality Scheme both required by the DisabilityDiscrimination Act and available to view on our website. Thesepolicies are both reviewed on a regular basis.“Pupils with a statement of special educationalneeds make significantly better progress due tothe highly personalised care and support theyreceive”. Ofsted 2011SHORT TERM TARGETS STRATEGIES OUTCOME TIMELINEPhysical accessRepeat audit of currentprovisionLEIS to produce auditdocument to confirmschool accessibility planFurther develop awareness andinsight into whole school &departmental accessibility.2011-2012CurriculumFurther develop TA linkswithin departmentalplanningTAs to attenddepartmental meetingsand table agenda itemsregarding SENDImproved accessibility to thecurriculum for SEND pupils2011-2012CommunicationProvide alternative formsof communication forpupils and parentsSENCO to liaise withparents to establishcurrent needsImproved communicationto all stakeholders2011-2012MEDIUM/LONG TERMPhysical accessCurriculumTARGETS STRATEGIES OUTCOME TIMELINECreate a school environmentwhich addresses theaccessibility needs of allstakeholdersReview and adopt provisionwithin departments to meetdiversity of all pupils’ needsOn-going commitment toadapting and reviewing theenvironment of the schoolto meet individual needsEmbed accessibilityplanning into long termschool development planImproved accessibility to allpupils through whole schooldevelopment planning.Improved accessibility in alldepartments and wide range ofKS4 courses appropriate forlearners.2011-20152011-2015CommunicationImproved communicationwith established ongoingreview procedures embeddedOngoing commitment toreviewing and developingcommunicationImproved communication toall stakeholders2011-2015

Gifted, Able & TalentedPupils who achieve high standards across the curriculum or inparticular subjects are monitored and encouraged to extendtheir learning. There is a wide range of enrichment activities toallow pupils to extend their knowledge and understanding in arange of curriculum areas.A range of projects across the curriculum have involved pupilsin extension activities within school and in partnership withother local schools. Extra-curricular provision further enhancesthese opportunities in many subjects e.g. literacy summerschool, maths, history, and art exhibition at the Haworth ArtGallery; maths club, science, multicultural events. Information,advice and guidance is provided for pupils and links with higherand further education are well established.Religious EducationThe school follows the Lancashire agreed syllabus for religiouseducation. The school aims to help pupils understand, reflecton and affirm their own beliefs and values by exploring themain world religions. In Years 10 and 11 pupils follow either afull or a short GCSE course.Parents who wish to withdraw their child from RE and/or thedaily act of worship should write to the headteacher in the firstinstance. Parents have the right to withdraw their child fromthis aspect of the school’s provision but, The HollinsTechnology College, as an inclusive school, strives to include allits pupils in all aspects of the curriculum.Sex EducationThe school’s policy on sex education complies with theEducation Act (1986) and conforms to the LancashireCounty Curriculum Policy on sex education. Sex education isdelivered to all pupils at various times during their five yearsin the school through a range of subject areas. The physicalaspects of sex education are taught within a moralframework emphasising personal responsibility and thevalue of family life.Parents are permitted to write to exclude their child from anyaspects of sex education other than those elements which arerequired by the National Curriculum Science Orders.(Education Act 1993, Section 24). If parents should wish towithdraw pupils from any of these lessons they should contactthe school to talk through any concerns they may have.CommunicationIf parents have queries concerning their children the Year Coordinatorshould be contacted in the first instance. Year Coordinatorsdo have a heavy teaching load and may have to callparents back later in the day or at the end of school. The2011-2012 Year Co-ordinator for Year 7 is Mr D Towers.In emergencies the Deputy Headteacher - Pastoral, or anyother member of the Leadership Team can be contacted.ASSESSMENT AND REPORTING TO PARENTSAssessment takes place in class, through homework, end ofunit tests and examinations. Pupil progress is regularlyreviewed by classroom teachers and form tutors and parentsare informed if staff have any serious concerns. A detailedwritten report is sent home once a year, with an “InterimReport” issued during the other two terms.A successful partnership between home and school is essentialin ensuring pupils make maximum progress. In addition to theannual Parents’ Evening there are a number of events plannedin different year groups to involve parents in their child’seducation.PARENT MESSAGINGParents may be contacted through an automated messagingsystem via e-mail or text regarding school events and, onoccasions, individual concerns. For this system to runeffectively it is important that school is kept up to date withcontact information.SCHOOL WEBSITE / OTHERThe school website is updated on a daily basis, and provides awide range of information including all the latest news andevents, letters home and key dates. Please have a look at itand we would welcome any suggestions about anything elseyou feel should be included. Relevant policies for parents canbe found on the school website: forexample uniform, attendance and child protection.The governorship of the school reflects the social diversity ofthe school community and also includes staff representatives.The school operates an extended service offering whichprovides an extensive range of after-school activities.

Examination Results 2011GCSE RESULTS ACHIEVED BY YEAR GROUP 11 (147 PUPILS IN YEAR GROUP)Subject Entries A* A B C D E F G U % A*-CArt (FC) 63 7 11 17 20 6 1 1 87%Astronomy 23 2 10 9 2 91%D & T: Food 30 1 9 6 8 4 1 1 80%D & T : Graphics 28 2 4 11 5 1 3 1 1 61%D & T : Res Mat 25 1 1 6 6 5 5 1 32%D & T : Systems 27 1 9 3 4 9 1 37%D & T : Textiles 29 1 4 9 8 1 5 1 76%Engineering 10 1 3 1 2 1 1 1 50%English Language 144 3 25 41 43 21 6 3 2 78%English Literature 144 11 33 35 28 20 8 6 2 1 74%French 34 1 5 4 14 8 2 71%Geography 15 1 2 9 2 1 20%History 75 6 13 19 16 11 9 1 72%Information Technology 24 3 7 11 2 1 42%Law 1 1 100%Mathematics 144 9 16 29 53 11 11 8 4 3 74%PE 35 2 3 8 3 9 8 1 1 46%PE (Double Award) 20 1 5 10 3 1 80%Psychology 9 4 1 3 1 89%Religious Studies (FC) 134 6 32 33 25 18 12 5 2 1 72%Science A 124 1 15 16 41 28 15 6 2 59%Additional Science 99 1 5 19 45 16 12 1 71%Spanish 14 1 2 4 1 3 3 50%VOCATIONAL RESULTS ACHIEVED BY YEAR GROUP 11 (147 PUPILS IN YEAR GROUP)Subject Entries Distinction Merit Pass % Distinction - MeritBTEC Art 10 10 100%BTEC Drama 30 6 16 8 100%ICT Nationals 19 9 4 6 100%BTEC Music 9 2 2 5 100%BTEC Science 34 34 100%

Comparative ResultsGCSE Results 2011 for Pupils Aged 15:Lancashire Averages for 2010 and National Averages for 2010% ACHIEVING5+ A*-C% ACHIEVING5+ A*-C INCLUDINGENGLISH & MATHS% ACHIEVING5+ A*-G% ACHIEVING3+ A OR A*GRADESALL PUPILSThe Hollins (2011) 78.9 64.6 96.6 32.0Lancashire (2010) 77.2 56.7 94.9 32.4England (2010) 76.3 55.3 94.8 n/aThe achievement of our pupils over the past 3 years has improved considerably with all groups of pupils performing significantlybetter than expected. When compared with all schools in England, The Hollins Technology College has an impressive overall trackrecord across all measures of examination performances.At the higher end of the GCSE grades, 32% of all pupils last years achieved 3 or more A/A* grades and 18% achieved 5 or more.

The Hollins Technology CollegeHollins Lane, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 2QYTel: 01254 233500 Fax: 01254 236970 •

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